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David Richardson, promoter of the
townsite of Quincy and a former resident
here is the guest of his daughter, Mrs. C.
L. Holcomb on east collt ge hill. He is
now improving a fine fiuii farm near his
town and has requisite water for irriga
tion on the land which promises to yield
satisfactory profits. Quincy is on the
r.iain line of the Great Northern Rail
way and has a growing population of
400 souls. Mr. Richardson has been
fortunate in business ventures, always
maintaing the best of credit and shrewd
ly managing his affairs with the skill ol
an expert financier. He was recently
chosen a delegate to the Republican
convention of Douglas county.
John Vehrs, a wealthy farmer has just
completed one of the finest farm house
residences in eastern Washington. Every
thing calculated to insure comfort and
convenience has been installed regard
less of expense. The commanding new
"home is on the choice country place al
most in sight of the town, three miles
west. The structure bears evidence ol
'lie prosperityof the ownerand his strong
faith in our section of the country. M.
S. Taylor a skillful young painter is lay
ing the beautiful finishing touches so
pleasing to the vision of the passerby.
In this issue appears the announce
ment card of Fred Kembel, a rtpresenta
tive and highly respected German farm
er just west of town. Mr. Kembel only
yeilded to the repeated urgent entreaties
of a large number of leading citizens with
who felt that the German people were
entitled to recognition upon the Republi
can ticket. He is an old resident in
whom all have confidence and will un
doubtedly be elected to the office of
county commissioner to which he man
fully aspires.
The latest candidate for county audi
tor is C. E. Jay of Lind, a young school
teacher of ihe western partot the county.
Mr. Jay is a married man, well educated
and a nephew ot Rev. T. H. Fertig,
former pastor o! the Methodist church of
this city. He comes out in no uncertain
tones asking for the position. The other
prominent men in the race are \V. F.
Kcimenschneider of Billington and Chas.
E. Amsbaugh, city clerk of the lown of
Fred Putnam, a carpenter, while
working on the roof of the Gibford house
last Friday fell from the scaffolding on
his head and chest, severly cutting his
forehead just above both eyes. He is
attended by I3r. Burroughs and his
daughters; his wife being in California
for her health. The external bruises are
not serious but internal fractures have
not been determined.
The profanity and indecent language
used on the grounds and bleachers at
last Sunday's base ball game was a
shock to respectable people. A town
that gets in the habit of allowing such
practices is starting a bad precedent and
those in authority should see that row
dyism and vulgarity is confined to those
people who enjoy it. -
F. L. Frost has leased the Baiour-
Guthrie warehouse and will be im the
market as a grain buyer on his ownliook #
this season. Mr. Frost has been In the
wheat handling business for tha past
fourteen years and is therefore wrfll ex
perienced in that line. Mr. ancf Mis.
Frost will reside in Mrs. X. S. Carriers
M. H. Frahm, a lineman employed by
the Pacific States Telephone Co., while
working on connections in front H. E
Gritman's drug store, last Friday, fell
from the top of the pole to the sidewalk,
miraculously escaping being killed but
severely injuring and bruising himself
and is now recovering under the doctor's
care. j
L. E. Paskill and wife, O. H. GregnV
D. A. and Miss Laura Davenny made"
a fiying trip to Spokane, Sunday by au
tomobile, a nice little run of sixty-four
miles. They were among the fine audi
ence that greeted Maud Adams at the
Auditoriu.n Monday night.
D. S. Hounshell returned Saturday
from Butte, where he went with a ship
inent of sheep belonging to Joe Patter
son. He saw the dynamited train in
Montana which was blown up by robbers
who succeeded in making their escape
with £60,000.
Mrs. M. E. Corbett died Wednesday
evening of typhoid fever, at the farm
home, four miles south of Lind. The
family formerly lesided in Ritzville. Dr.
Burroughs was called too late to consult
with Dr. Henderson of Lind.
H. H. O'Brien, accompanied by his
wife, arrived Saturday from Lake Coco-
lalla and has taken the position of day
operator. They will occupy one of the
F. P. French cottage's on the hill.
Mrs. W. H.Tuggle is attending the
wedding of her ftiend Miss Minnie Per
shall of 922 Boone ave., to Lionel Gunn,
of Tull& Gibbs, which will be solemnized
this evening in Spokane.
Faucher & Garvey have been awarded
the big contract for painting the new
opera house. They will begin the prelim
inaries next Tuesday.
Miss Bertha Pettijohn, deputy county
auditor, returned Friday from Okanogan
county alter a week's visit to Mr. ana
Mrs. L. R. Kusler.
Ceo. Bauer of the Ritzville Hardware
Co., leaves Saturday with his family for
Soap Lake where they go for two months
Fred E. Robbins, mayor, was mingling
with Spokanites Saturday, combining
business, sight seeing and pleasure.
Miss Alice Jay of Hillyard, came down
Monday and was a guest at the Dorman-
Chargois nuptials i uesday.
Chris Krehbiel and Augustina Wolf ot
Lind, were granted a marriage license
The New Bank
Day after tomorrow, Friday, July, 1,
1904, the new financial establishment,
The German American State Bank of
this city will open its doors to the public.
The location is in the splendid new fire
proof building just nearing completion
on the corner of D and Second streets
owned by Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 1.. Tinnel.
The new money concern is capitalized at
$100,000.00 and incorporated under
the state banking laws. The fifty pro
moters are ' local business men and
farmers whose combined wealth is large
in the aggregate making a very reliable
and trustworthy enterprise which will
doubtless gain rank and prominence
among the strong financial houses of the
Evergreen state, of which the Pacific
Northwest may be justly proud. There
fore our little city can be justly pardoned
for pointing with pride to her local banks,
all being officered by men of means,
ability and integrity, guaranteeing a safe,
sound and conservative management
which have ever held the confidence ot
our people, and, indications at this time
are that they will continue to enjoy the
same degree of confidence in the future
as in the past.
The board of directors consists of some
of the solid people of Adams county, and
those chose to serve for the first year
are as lollows:
C. H. Clodius, John A. Thiel, 11. E.
Christensen, J. I. Ferrier, J. C. Gillett,
B. F. Berry, J. J. Dew aid. Henry W.
Thiel, J. F. Collier.
The active officers are: I'rcs, C. 11.
Clodius; Vice Pres., John A. Thiel;
Cash., 11. E. Christensen.
The institution will do strictly a bank
ing business and will have three distinct
departments, via: commercial banking,
savings department, and a fine fire proot
safety deposit vault. They have a mod
ern up to date set ot tixtuies, and the
best burglar proof safe made.
President of the new German Ameri
can State Bank is a resident o! nearly
twenty years standing, a >oung man of
integrity and honor in whom the com
munity reposes great trust. He is a
heavy tax payer, a German descendant in
nationality, has a wife and family .and
lives in a comfortable home on the wester
ly outskirts of the city. Mr. Clodius is sec
tory of the board of education.
The stockholders of the Pioneer State
bank held their annual meeting last
Saturday re-electing all officers. The
capital stock was increased to $100,000
to be in effect after July Ist. This stock
is fully p.iid in. The officers of the in
stitution are: Pres., N. H. Greene; Vice
Pres., C. E. Shipman; Cashr., O. H.
Greene; Asst. Cashr., W. H. Martin;
The board of directors are: C. E. Ship
man, B. L. Sutton, C. O. Greene, W. H.
Martin and O.H.Greene. The date of
institution was March 18, igoi. The
bank is housed in its own building a
handsome two story brick covering lot 10,
block 5 corner Second and E streets.
Patsy Clark, ranconteur, globe trotter
and erst while proprietor of the Model
Bakery, returned Monday from a five
month's jaunt around the map of the
United States. He completed the circle
by an extended visit at the World's Fair.
Most of his time was spent in the sunny
south starting at San Fransisco he
journeyed through Arizona to Hot
Springs, Arkansas, also visiting his old
home in Ohio. He expresses ins happi
ness at being home again, in the fairest
state in the Union.
Rudolphus Pizzaro Smith, he of Maso
nic fame, returned from the Grand Con
clave held last week in Tacoma. He
left for the ranch Saturday night taking
little Bryon Gilson and Harold Fassett
out to the big farm for a uhile during
school vacation. While away Mr. Smith
visited Portland and a number of minor
points near the sea coast and reports an
enjoyable trip and a pleasant and profi
table meeting of that King of secret
orders, the Masonic fraterniiv.
Mrs. Claud Harris, is reported by Dr.
W. H. Olds, as recovering nicely at the
Spokane hospital, as a result of the sur
gical operation performed by Dr. C. P.
Thomas on the 18th of this month. Her
husband is constantly by her bedside
and all rejoice with him at her convales
Henry Klaas of Spokane, is one of
this week's business visitors.
Will Build a Warehouse
F. A. Williamson, representing the
Standard Oil Company was here Satur
day and perfected arrangements for the
establishment of a branch concern and
distributing warehouse in this city. Im
mense sieel tanks will be erected for the
purpose ot carrying coal oil and gaso- j
line in bulk, and a full line ot staple
goods in packages. Bulk gasolene stor
age is supplied on account of the large
and growing trade for this product for
pumping and other power purposes. At
no other point in the inland empire out
side of Spokane, does the demand seem
to warrant such a step by the company,
and upon a personal inspection of the
field it was decided that the expense was
justified considering the revenue derived
and the steady increase in shipments to
Lind Locals
Samuel Hutchinson, was in Spokane
Monday on business.
I)r. J. VV. Henderson and wife cele
brated their first anniversary of marriage
last Thursday, inviting as many as possi
ble that attended the wedding, one year
ago. All "flinched" away a very pleas
ant evening.
The final preparations are being made
for celebrating the glorious Fourth.
Everybody must come. See the posters
and find out whats' doing.
A. S. Kelsey, a prosperous farmer of
Hatton was in town Monday.
F. 11. Haupt and family, after spend
ing a luxurious two weeks vacation
among the Couer I)' Alenes are expect
ing to be with us when we celebrate.
What will prove to be by far the best
product of Lind Dramatic club, and to
be rendered on July 4th, entitled, "A
Vagabond's Honor," is now ready and
everyone should come. Grand ball after
The Eugene Knox Concert Co. enter
tained an audience at the First Congre
gational church Monday evening.
To Subscribers
The News job department has the fol
lowing offers to make subscribes. We 1
will print 100 sheets of paper or either !
letter or note size with the name of your '
farm and your name as proprietor and I
?oo envelopes, high cut well gummed,!
6% government size with return, your j
name and address lor $1.00. Elegant '
visiting or name cards will be printed
one line, 50 for 25 cents, 2 lines 50 for 35
cents. Be sure and state size of cards
wanted. In all cases cash must accom- j
pany order. All orders will be turned
out as promptly as possible.
Have you (lends, mortgages, insurance
polices, or other papers that you care to
lose? If so, we advise you to rent a safe
in our fire-proof vault. Our smaller
safe will hold a good many papers; also
v a few articles of jewelery. The small
safe cost you only three dollars per year.
We invite you to call and investigate.
We have fitted up a comfortable room
especially for customers use, a cozy
place where they can meet there frienda
for business conversation.
Capital $100,000.00
Model Homes
owned and built by Benjamin Roth,' con
tractor. Both arc in the northerly part
of the city, near the Centennial Flouring
mills. The upper one is the family resi
dence and the other is occupied by Max
\V. Jennings, the merchant tailor.
At the farm .home six miles of
town, Tuesday. 21, 1904 to Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Thiel, jr., a 12 pound son.
To Mr. and Mrs. Peter Koch, at
the country home out west of town, Wed
nesday June 29, 1904, an eight pound son.
both reported by Dr. F. R. Burroughs.
J. J. Joyce the plumber keeps the best
garden hose for sale.
1 have ten head of No. I milch cows
for sale. 1. W. Cooper, Washtucna.
For Sale—Barbers complete outfit at
half price. Address this office.
For Rest—Rooms with private table
board. Mrs. Georgia loHssoN.DSt.
Parties desiring to send laundry to
Spokane will find a basket at the office
of F. P. French.
Buy the White Setbv Washer. The
best washer on the market today. King
Mercantile Co.
If you wish a homesttad desert land
claim or cheap wheat land address, F.
J. James, Ritzville, Wash.
A good new two seated $250.00 family
carriage for sale cheap. Inquire of W.
J. Bennington, Gritman Block.
For Sale—Several milk cows fine
milkers. Same will soon be fresh. Call
on or address W. S. Egbers, Ritzville.
The First National Bank has a suite
of room to rent for business purposes.
Good location, fine light and cheap rent.
The new bank building now nearing,
completion will have the finest business
room in the city. The floors are to be
covered with cork carpet and Inlaid
Linoleum for which the King Mercantile
Co , have secured the contract.
Those expecting to run harvesting and
threshing outfits this season should call
j at The Model Bakery and learn why it
I is cheaper and more convenient to buy
bread than to bake it.
' The King Mercantile Co., have the
largest stock of inlaid linoleums, oil cloth
carpets, couch covers, portiers and rugs
ever shown in a city of this site, and
prices that defy competition.
The First National Bank always has
on hand land script for the purchase of
government land. By using the script
the purchaser secures complete title
from the government without any re
quirements of residence.
Before going to the St. I.ouis Exposi
tion, call on the King Mercantile Co.,
and get an admission card, admitting
you on board, "The Great Ship Majestic."
and entitling you to all the courtisies of
The Great Majestic Range Manufacturing
Co.—King Mercantile Co.
The First National Bank has money
! to loan on improved real estate in Adams
1 and Lincoln counties, whether deed or
I held on railroad contract. We make
loans on lowest terms, with or without
commission; light expenses; no delays.
Correspondence solicited.
I desire to announce to the public that
1 will furnish fine sand for building pur
poses at cheapest prices in town. Have
also on hand plenty of good, first-class
brick and all parties desiring to build
will profit by seeing me before purchas
ing elsewhere. John Sponci.ek.
Geo. W. Clous, optician from Spok
ane, will again visit Ritzville, Friday and
Saturday, July 1 and 2. He will be found
at H. E. Gritman's drug store prepared
to examine eyes free of charge and to
give perfect satisfaction in fitting them.
If you are in need of glasses or wish
leases in your frames it will pay you to
Notice to Contractors
liids for the construction of a school
building for district No. 5 Adams county,
Washington, will be received by W. C.
Moore, Riuville, Wash, clerk of said
district up to July 9,1904, at 10a.m.
Plans and specifications can be seen by
applying to the said clerk. The right to
reject any and all bids is hereby re
By order of the board of directors No.
5, Adams county. Wash.
Attest: W. C. Moore, clerk.
Notice to Contractors
Sealed bids will be received by the
undersigned clerk of school district No.
80 for the building of a school house in
said district. Plans and specifications
are on file and <.an be seen at the office
of the county school superintendent W.
I. Lansing in the court house at Ritiville.
Bids will be received up to Tuesday,
June 21st at 1 p. m. The right to reject
anv and all bids is reserved Dy the board
of directors. Bids to be left with the
county superintendent.
Otis Robinson,
Clerk school district No. 80. P. O.
Address, Otis, Adams Co., Wash.
Notice for Bids
The directors of school district No. 5
of Adams county, Washington, will re
ceived cash bids for the one story frame
school building, (approximately 30x40
feet in size) belonging to said district, up
to Saturday July, 9, 1904 at 10 a. m. Bids
must be sealed and directed to the under
signed. The right to reject any and all
bids will be reserved.
Dated at Kitiville, Washington, June,
>0, 1904.
W. C. Moore,
Clerk school district No. 5 Adams
county. Wash.
Geo. Spanjer and wife on their way
home from the World's fair were stopped
yesterday at Quincy, Ills., on account of
two of their children coming down with
smallpox. Mr. Spanjer was hurrying back
to begin harvest.
The odor
of? the
f-fadc ■where R
A the SJoxrorj A |
ufl * ~ ~ 11//
I AN ART STUDY given | 3
mm - with every 25c purchase
If you have to snatch a quick lunch
why not try it at the Union Cafe.
It is no trouble for us to cook you a
square meal at any hour of the day. We
make a speciality of short orders of
every description. Our table has the
very best that the market can afford,
and we are here to cater to those who
appreciate a good substantial meal.
When hungry give us a call, and let us
prove that we can satisfy all the wants
of the inner man.
F. J. Van Buren,
The pimple unfer merited
juice of nelec'ed Mew York
Concord Grape*. It i.i with
out Antiseptic. I"iiih
in a food, h nutrition* fluid!
| for both dick mid well. In
valid*, e*pftcially fever pa
tient*, find it not oftly pal
atable, but appctixing mid
ntretigtheniiiK. It can be
taken when medicine mid
other food* are reject ul.
PRICE Vnn |,|!K wl A " T "" 111 K
Kentucky Wine &
Liquor Company
p. o box 342. 'piionk 4il.
Our bombardments cal
culated to make at much
noine and create aa much
joy for the hh
any that can be had, are
to beaoldat lowest pi ices
with Pioneer S'ate Rink. There is
nothing complicated about our meth
od. The office boy can deposit or
draw money, purchase drafts, money
orders, etc.
We have perfected our system so
that all business involving the pay
ment or transfer of money, issue of
notes, drafts, checks, and transactions
of a similar nature is done exfieditious
ly and without the possibility of error
Sprinkling hours.
On south aide railway track. 6 to 7 a. m. and
7t09 n. m . on north aide railway track ? t<> 8
a. m. and 6to 7p. m. All bone to be kept dla
cooaocted whan not In uae for aprinkling. ,
Nine times in ten there is 110 need of baldness.
There's plenty of warning; hair loses lustre, begins
falling, dandruff increases. The time to decide
whether or not you eare to he bald is when these
symptoms show themselves.
OUR OWN HAIR TONIC is a reliable and
effective remedy. It will not grow hair on a billiard
ball; but where hair has fallen out and a spark of
life remains in the rjots, growth will be quickened
and stimulated. This remedy vitalizes the roots,
tones the scalp, stops the falling out, hastens the
growing in. Price 50 cents.
Druggist and Stationer
Watch Your Tickets
series Lemon Yellow
ColorMandrine The winning number is
The winning number is
_ II the above is not
127 presented within 10 days
. the winning number is
Jf the above is not pre
sented within ten days 56
the winning number is [f neither number is
1438 presented within 25 days
the winning number is
Remember each series calls for
a complete dinner set and each 10
cent cash purchase entitles yon to
one chance.
The largest line of DRY GOODS
in the Comity.
All the swellcst summer novel
ties and SILK importations galore.
Our GROCERY stock is fresh.
In the City of Kitzville
at the Present Time is
our Complete Display of
niv>n n 1 'VW?
Is steadily growing the result of
our constant attention to the
branch of our business.
J. M. ANGP.I.I. A. W. AKfiKI.I.
Cornkk Randolph ani> D Btkkict South sii.k
Horses and Harness
can be brought together satisfactorily.
Our harness is made to fit, made to wear,
and made to look well. It is really
made to sell at slightly higher figures
than these prices but that's our business.
has never been sold cheaper than- it
can be bought for here.
Even the lowest priced goods are not
without style.
W. R. Peters.
, A partial list of a number of slightly
used, rented and second pianos for half
their usual price
i Sherwood, large size, walnut rase f 168
j 1 Milton, walnut 102
, 1 Brinkerhoff, walnut, medium, si/e
good tone _ 190
1 Kic< a & bom, mahogany, beautiful
intruement 200
1 Bailey, mahogany rase 21$
1 Hinze, walnut, medium size.. 222
| 1 Whitney, oak rase, large size rented
8 months with good rare 237
1 Wegtnan. a waltnut u*ed a iiule over
• \e.ir ... 240
1 Wheelock, mahogany, good tone 24s
1 Kimball, mahogany, good tone 200
1 Crown, medium size, rosewood case 260
1 Weber, walnut, small size 320
All these pianos are guaranteed to be in
perfert condition and a free one years
exchange agreement accompanies each
KI!*1 l'.*l Itrlf—We *»hlp pla
110s Picryu lirrc fcabjeet lo ap
proval. ir not *nti*fartory
I'retglit boili way••
605 6o7Sprague Ave., Spokane.
U. A. MHIDINQEM, Manager.

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