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Ho for St. Louis and the World's Fair!
Will you be there ?
Unrivaled sctnic attractions. Unequalled dining car serviee. Unsurpassed in
efforts to please. Write for illustrated booklet of Colorado's
Famous Sights and Resorts.
W. C Mcßrlde, General Agent, 124 Third street, Portland, Oregon.
I Very Fine Board Is—Sawdust w
We have boards of all descriptions, sizes and JT
A styles. Our lumber is recognized as superior W
jjk in many respects. Patrons are always able to ra
satisfy their wants at our yard
Lath and Shingles in any quantity. Coal and Wood w
A Best prices w
1a PI 811 nil MPI I
*>€€€€€€€€€€€€ €€€ €€€ €€€€€€<*
I Mile ii Mi...
| Merchant Millers* L. P, H Bi^ S MANN, r Manager, !j
J Highest market price paid for wheat, sacked or In bulk. Manufac- I [
i turers of the Celebrated Krone Patent Flour. All grocers '.
i sell it. Wheat storage capacity, 150,000 bushels. ( |
Carries a complete line of
Harness, Saddles and Blankets*
Also a very large stock of Furninure and Sewing Machines.
The only combination shop in the city.
H. C. SCOTT, Prop.
Agent for Holt Manufacturing Co., Stockton, Calif.
I am prepared to manufacture anything in wood or iron. Wheelright
and Wagonmalers. Breaking carts and buggies to order. Second-Hand
buggies and wagons bought. A full line of wugon and buggy supplies al
ways in stock.
Bring in your horses, we'll shoe them.
Everything first-clasß or money refunded. «
What else do you want?
Harris Bros.,
Livery, Feed and Sale
Finest Turnouts in the city.
Farmers' trade a specialty
J. D. Baseett, U. R. Loose, R.C.Kennedy,
President. Vice-President. Cashier.
J. E. Pronty. S. Ott. James Turner. C. H. Clodius.
First National Bank,
Capital and Surplus $75,000.
Largest, oldest and only National Bank in the county.
When In Need 0f....
White River Lumber Company.
iLi Thorn & Sell null, Proprietors
t ,n. . General drayin# business.
' Orders
Faucher & Garvey P^iinf^c
are open on south side of Railroad X K\\ 111 ■*£"
avenue, Ritiville, prepared to to do
Painting, Papering, Kalsorainlng and all work in this line of business Work,
done intirst-claas manner and satisfaction guaranteed. Save vonr orders for us.
Fresh Meats and Poultry. Pish and Game in Season.
The Palace Market,
Call at our new clean quarters on Main street and be
convinced that we sell only the best meats at an hon
est price. Everything first class. We invite your
patronage. JOHN LaFRENZ, Proprietor.
There Were 50,000 Russians There
Few Daye Ago—Japaneee Under
General Kurokl Attack Them—Other
Jap General, Oku Will Not Join
Attack Now.
St. Petersburg, June 28. —A rumor
is in circulation here to the effect that
the Russian forces have been defeat
ed at Tatchekiao and compelled to re
treat northward. At the war office it
is stated that no report of such action
has been received, but none of the of
ficials in charge would deny that such
a battle might have been fought.
It is known that there were fully
60,000 Russians at Tatchekiao last
Thursday, and that the entire Japanese
army under General Kurokl was mov
ing northward to attack them.
Liaoyang. June 27. —Tne second Jap
anese army, under General olcu, Is
withdrawing all along the line, having
apparently abandoned the intention of
effecting a juncture with General Kuro
ki's army.
The Japanese report of the loss of
three Russian ships at Port Arthur
has not been made public here, though
the authorities have allowed to be
printed a statement that the squad
ron had made a sortie, and also the
news of the loss of the Japanese tor
pedo boat destroyers. Some of the pa
pers have even commented with satis
faction on the prospect of the fight in
the open sea, where the merits dt the
two fleets will be fairly tested.
An official explanation of the sup
pression of the Japanese report is that
the admiralty Is unwilling to unneces
sarily alarm the public by the circula
tion of such statements, entirely on the
authority of the enemy and in tne ab
sence of definite advices from the
commander at Port Arthur. It Is also
suggested that there has been a fight
and that the Japanese have minimized
their own losses and magnified those
of the Russians with a view of effect
ing tbe new loan which It is understod
Japan Is negotiating.
Mine Version Advanced.
On the other hand, according to a
foreign naval attache, tbe admiralty
admitted that Rear Admiral Wltsoeft
(the naval commander at Port Arthur)
lost one battleship and two cruisers,
but in the absence of details there was
an inclination to believe that the ships
struck mines, the admiralty not be
lieving, in the face of the lessons
taught by the injuries to the Retvizan
and to the Czarevitch, that Admiral
Wltsoeft would have remained in tbe
outer roads at night, thus inviting the
dash by the Japanese destroyers.
In high court and army and naval
circles, where the report of the Port
Arthur affair has been freely circu
lated, the Japanese version is received
with considerable reserve.
The officials do not attempt to dis
guise the seriousness of and the far
reaching consequences which might re
sult from the loss of three of the Port
Arthur warships, but they profess to
be more Inclined to believe that the
vessels were lost In open fighting rath
er than as the result of a torpedo at
tack. Should this be the case, they
say, the Japanese could not have es
caped without material loss and the
crippling of one or two of their battle
ships, enough to assure command of
the sea to the Baltic squadron.
Fleets May Be United.
There is much speculation tonight
as to whether the Vladivostok squad-
Ron might not have gone out and per
haps be on the eve of Joining the Port
Arthur fleet. A telegram from Vladi
vostok, dated June 25, which has been
received here, does not mention the
squadron, but it is easily conceivable
that such mention might be suppressed
for strategic reasons.
A general tension is evident in the
city tonight. There are many rumors
afloat, and every one is realizing that
most important news may be expected
at any moment.
It is reported that a serious land
fight has taken place near Tatchekiao,
in which the Russians were defeated.
No confirmation of this report iB ob
President Roosevelt Announces New
Washington.—A sweeping change In
the cabinet of President Roosevelt has
been announced officially at the White
House. The following appointments
are announced:
William H. Moody of Massachusetts,
attorney general.
Paul Morton of Illinois, secretary of
the navy.
Victor H. Metcalf of California, sec
retary of commerce and labor.
The resignations of Secretary Cor
telyou and Attorney General Knox
have been accepted, to take effect on
July 1.
Must Hide Their Nakedness.
Cleveland. —Concerning the order
that the members of the Negrito and
Igorrote tribes at the Filipino exhibit
at St. Louis should wear more cloth
ing, Colonel Edwards says that the or
der was not the result of any com
plaint of lnsufhcient clothing but sim
ply to eliminate a feature of that ex
hibit that had been exploited too
Washington Swelters.
Washington.—According to the wea
ther bureau figures Washington was
the hottest place In the United States
Sunday, the thermometer registering
a maximum of 94 degrees. In Boston
also it was very hot, the official tem
perature being 92 degrees.
Avenged Insult to His Wife.
San Francisco.—Harry Radcllffe,
night clerk of the California and St
Francis hotels, shot and killed An
drew Reilley, a hodcarrier. The ahoot
Ing was the climax to a fight between
the men over an Insult to Radcliffe'a
wife by Reilley. J
Sporting News.
Blue Eyes, a bay Ally, owned by H.
Sheridan, won the Seattle derby Sat
Peter Maher was knocked out In
one minute and 4u seconds by Jack
Williams at Philadelphia.
Miss May Sutton of Pasadena, Cal.,
Saturday became the national woman
tennis champion by defeating Miss
Elizabeth Moore of New York.
Joe Walcott, colored, the welter
weight champion of America, won the
decision over Mike Donovan of Roch
ester, N. Y., in a 10 round boxing bout
at Baltimore.
Chicago won the Olympic national
collegiate championship in the meet
held at the world's fair stadium, with
a total of 70 points. Princeton waß
second, with 60 points.
William Heer of Kansas, a profes
sional shooter, from the 20 yard line,
won the concluding event of the Grand
American handicap shoot, breaking 98
out of a possible 100 targets.
Colonial Girl, 6 years old, owned by
Otto Stifel of St. Louis, running in
the name of C. E. Rowe ft Co., won
the $50,000 world's fair handicap at tne
fair grounds in 2:09%. The eastern
champion, Hermis, was second, three
lengths behind.
In the race for big yachts at Kiel
the schooner yacht Ingomar, owned by
Morton C. Plant of New York, came in
first and Emperor William's Meteor
111. finished third. The emperor was
an board the Meteor 111. Cornelius
Vanderbilt and Robert Goelet were
among his guests.
The Spokane team now leads the Pa
oifio National League. The games be
tween Boise and Spokane the first week
in July promises to be very interesting
as it will be a race for first plaoe in
the league between the two leaders.
Big delegations of rooters from all
parts of Idaho are expeuted in Spokane
for the two games on the 4th of July.
E. J. Confarr of Livingston, Mont.,
broke 292 out of 300 targets, a won
derful record, at the opening day of
the Sportsmen's Tournament of the
Northwest, at Pendleton. The new of-
Seers are: President, Maurice Abra
hams, Portland; secretary, Moses Win
ters, Portland; treasurer, A. C. Culll
son, Portland. Portland was unani
mously chosen as the next meeting
T. B. Ware of Spokane won the indi
vidual championship medal by break
ing 50 targets straight In the first
9hoot he tied with Nauman, Stillman
and Palmer. In the shootoff he took
another 25 straight, while the others
fell down.
High average in the three days'
shoot was won by Confarr, the crack
shot from Livingston, with 94 >4 per
cent; second, Ellis of Seattle; third,
Sheard of Tacoma; fourth, Nauman
and Chingreen.
Saturday's War News.
Admiral Togo reports that on Thurs
day, In an engagement with the Rus
sian Port Arthur squadron lie sank a
Russian battleship of the Peresvlet
type, seriously damaged another and
also damaged a cruiser, the Japanese
fleet being practically uninjured.
Thunderous cannonading at Port
Arthur, both from the land and sea
sldeß, is reported from Chefoo.
Indications are that two Japanese
armies have combined and will soon
attack the Russians near Haicheng.
Sunday's War Nawa.
Togo's report of the torpedoing of a
Russian battleship near Port Arthur Is
confirmed. An Italian paper hears
that over 700 men went down with the
Two huge armies face each other in
southern Manchuria, and the approach
of the rainy season makes imperative.
Liaoyang believes, a battle beside
which the preceding engagements will
appear as mere skirmishes.
Monday's War News.
St. Petersburg hears a rumor that
the Russian forces, 50,000 strong, have
been defeated by Kurokl's Japanese
army and compelled to retreat north
, Qhefoo is led to believe that sounds
of flrlng beard there are from a naval
battle southeast of Port Arthur.
At Llaoyang the news Is spread that
General Oku's Japanese army Is with
drawing all along the line, being un
able to effect a Junction with Kuroki'g
Tuesday's War News.
Three great armies,aggregating 800,-
000 men, are ooming together in Man
churia. Knropatkin is oonfronted by
the forces of Oka and Knroki and an
engagement is expected at any mo
Japanese hare secured strong post
tios along the Llaoyang road and the
Russian position may prove untenable.
Late details show that Togo deoyed
the Rusisans fleet out of Port Arthnr.
Vladivostok squadron will be held
in port for several weeks for repairs.
George Cole Wound* Two Noncom
Leavenworth, Kan., June 26.—Two
men were killed and two seriously in
jured in a street fight with revolvers,
the result of a quarrel between two
harvest hands. The dead: William
Hammond, farmhand; George P. Cole,
army deserter.
The wounded: Charles F. Seeley,
newspaper man, Minneapolis; Joseph
Emmett, Idaho, Jane 28. —Thomas
Hamilton, proprietor of the Idaho meat
market, was shot to death in front of
his plaoe of business by Albert White.
White gave himself up at onoeand was
placed in onstody to await the arrival
of the sheriff from CaldwelL The
shooting was caused by the alleged at
tentions of Hamilton to Mrs. White
Entrance Still Blocked.
Toklo. —The detailed report received
from Admiral Togo of the preparation
before Port Arthur which resulted In
the sinking of another Russian battle
ship shows that the entrance to the
harbor at Port Arthur Is still blocked
to such an extent that it is impossible
for the Russians to maneuver.
Little White Girl Identified Him While
Nooie Was Around Hie Neck —Hang-
ing Followed—3ooo People Preeent—
He Denied Guilt to the Laet—Makes
Statement to 200 Negroes.
Eupora, Miss., June 27. —Starling
Dunham, a negro, wanted on the
charge of criminal assault on the 14
year old daughter of John Wilson, a
white man, near Bellefontalne, two
weeks ago and attempting to criminal
ly assault three young ladies named
Dunn near this city, all during the
course of the same day, was hanged in
the public square here Sunday by a
mob. The noose was placed about the
negro's neck by the Utttle Wilson girl,
who positively Identified him as her
assailant. The negro was then placed
on the tiack of a black horse; at a
signal from the leader of the mob the
little Wilson girl led the horse from
under him.
Over 3000 persons, white and black,
witnessed the hanging. The lynching
was as orderly as a legal execution.
After being assured that the negro was
dead, the mob cut down the body and
turned it over to relatives for burial.
Dunham was captured Friday near
Vienna, Ala., after a running chase dur
ing which he was wounded twice. He
was brought here tonight by the sher
iff of this (Wilson) county and a large
mob met the train at the railroad sta
tion and an effort was made to gtit the
negro, but officers spirited him away
and carried him to jail at Walthall,
six miles from here, where the party
was again met by a mob of determined
men who said their Intention was to
burn Dunham.
The officers In charge of the negro
succeeded in prevailing upon the mob
to give up this Intention, but only after
promising to deliver the negro to the
mob this morning for execution. There
was a strong sentiment for burning,
but this was overcome and the lynch
ing took the form of a hanging.
Dunham stoutly maintained his inno
cence to the last and denied that he
bad ever seen the Wilson girl. He ad
mitted having visited Dunn's place,
but denied any bad motive. His last
remarks were made to 200 negroes
who were assembled about the place
of execution, Dunham telling them
never to go about a white man's house
when the women were at home atone.
The three Dunn sisters, the eldest of
whom is less than 18 years, witnessed
the lynching from a distance.
The lynching occurred before the
governor was apprised that Dunham
had been brought back to Mississippi.
Railway Passengers Are Pinned Down
By Wrecxage.
Madrid.—What will probably prove
to be the worst railway disaster in
the history of the Spanish railways
took place in the province of Tordel.
An express train, running at full speed
caught fire between the forward pas
senger and the luggage cars.
Before the engineer could be
fled the train was running on to
Entrambaquas river bridge and one
the couplings broke. All of the ca
were derailed and three of them fei
into the river, drowning all of the oc
cupants. Tnlrty dead have been tak
en from the train and 20 others froL
the river. It Is impossible at this tlmi
to even estimate the number who have
lost their lives.
The scenes at the wreck were of an
indescribable nature, many of those
who were killed being held pinned
down by wreckage until slowly roast
ed to death.
Baseball at Spokane.
The schedule for the season at Bpo
kane Is as follows:
Butte—April 26, 27, M, *9, 10, May
I; May 17, 18, 19, 20. tl, It; SapUm
tier 6. 7, 8. 9, 10, 11.
Salt Lake—Hay 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 ■
30; June 22, 23, 24, 26, 26, 27; July
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; August 81, September
I. 2. 3. 4, 6.
Boise—June 1, 2, 3, 4, B, <; June 80
July 1, 2, 8, 4, 5; August 9, 10, 11, 12 j
13, 14; August 28, 24. 2S, 26, 27, 28.
Opposed to Chinese Labor.
juuauueßUurg.—The announcement
that Chinese labor Is to be given
preference In an endeavor to solve the
labor problem here has caused con
siderable unrest among the native
tribes, and an uprising Is not unlikely.
Buffalo Man Drowned.
Buffalo, N. Y. —By the capsizing of
his canoe, Frederick J. Miller of Trus
cott ft Miller, grain merchants, was
drowned in Park lake while thousands
were nearby listening to a concert.
Portland, Ore., Jnne 28.—The White
honse, the oldest and probably the best
known pleasure resort in the Pacific
northwest has been destroyed by fire.
It was located on the Willamette river
near Portland.
Silas—What is old Rube so hot
Cyrus—Why, an artist asked ft he
could paint his cows.
Silas —That didn't hurt the cows did
Cyrus—Yes, by heck! He painted a
sarsaparllla sign on each one. —Phil-
adelphia Record.
Approaching the great centers of
population the quantity of dust held in
suspension by the air Increases enor
mously. According to Sir James Crich
ton Browne, the air of London contains
ISO,OOO proportional parts of dust to
Palis' 210,000, while in Argylshire,
Scotland, there are only 200.
Actress —Really, Miss Gadabout, you
should come and hear my daughter
sing. People hang upon every note.
Miss Gadabout —H'm! She must
have great powers of execution.—Bos
ton Globe.
1 Edgar Dewitt Gllson, i|
Real Estate ('
Notary Public ' [
List your property with us. it ( I
you have any for sale, and we (>
will find a buyer for you. Estab- j I
iished 20 years. ('
11 Secretary and Manager of the ' [
j. Gilson-Thiel Opera House. *.
j | Put Your Money in a Home. ] \
| It's the best savings bank on , |
!the earth. The cashier will nev- ( |
er run off with it—it will never ( (
"go out of business." You've <)
got it right under your thumb— , |
6 no one can take it away from ( |
11 you. There it is—a shelter in j )
I) the time of storm. You'll have ( |
I» a place to sleep if you don't have | i
(» anything to eat—and surely < I
f that's better than having no (I
! place to sleep and nothing to
eat It is always something on ( I
which you can realize ready (I
money. 11
;; ....Ritzville 11
j! Steam Laundry, \\
v Clason &. Bennington, Props. |'
(J G. W. CI son, Manager. { >
(I For first class work, call on ns. t|
jj Local agency, Gritman's Drng store, < |
. I Laundry called (or and delivered. ] j
. | Gentlemen's laundry vepaired. .
( | Ritzville - - Wash. | >
John A. Pe icook Office room:
A .. v \ ell .*. 804 Fernwell bonding.
W. H. l.udden SPUKIMX.
Peacock, Wells ft Ludien,
Attorneys at Law.
Will practice in all state and federal courta.
We nave alio hai many ) ears experience in
land oflice matters and will give prompt atten
tion to land contests, tit'es and mining law.
Land scrip of all kinds for sale.
W. D. McCollom,
Contractor and Builder,
Estimate i furnished. New eliop near
St. Paul & Tacoma Lumber
. Co', wood yard.
r», •
Mi •••AO liUk Ul Wuiu.
Practical Plumber..
Jobbing promptly attended to. Second
Street, two doors east of-Pioneer
State bank.
Qeneral Draying
and Delivery.
Orders promptly attended to. Charges
are reasonable.
M. W. *"'
Merchant Tailor
Finest suits made to order. Cleaning, pressing and repairing.
Latest Spring and Summer Suits.
FINE OVERCOATS. G Htm an blook.
Ritzville Electric Light Co.
Leave all orders and complainta at office second floor of the Pioneer Btate
Bank block and the same will receive promt attention.
C. O. GREENE, Owner and Manager.
Pullman S!eepL~g Cars
Elegant Dining Cars
Tourist Sleeping Cars
To— 4
Chicago, Washington,
Philadelphia, New York,
Boaton and all points
East and Weat.
Through ticketa to Japan and China,
via the Tacoma and Northern Pr-ifle
Steamship Co. and American Una.
Through Tickets to
Bt. Paul, Mlnneapolle, Duluth, Fargo,
Grand Forka, Crookaton, Winni
peg, Helena and Butte.
Passengers must get permits (or
local freights 57 and 68.
For information, time carda, mapa
and tickets, call on or write
L. E. PASKILL, Agent
Rltivllle, wash.
Ass't Gen. Pasr. Agt,
226 Morrison St.,
Portland. Oregon.
0. R. & N.
ToSalt Lake, Denver, Kansas
Gty, St. Louis, Chicago,
New York.
Ocean steamen between Portland
and San Francisco every five days.
Tickets to and from all parts of the
United States, Canada and Europe.
For particulars, call on or address,
D. HOUSE, Agent, Waahtucna.
J. M. Kauffman,
House Safety guaranteed.
% 1 have all necess-
MOVUIg ary apparatus and
Is My machinery for trans
D,, • ' porting large struc-
Dusiness turee on short notice
.vith neatness and dispatch.
Excavating; a specialty.
Charges Reasonable.
Hotel Ritzville
Sebastian Ott, Prop.
Everything New, Cosy, Neat
and Clean.
All service first-class.
Headquarters for Commer
cial traveling men.
Sample rooms and suites.
Leading Hotel of the Gty.
See the
The Ritzville Ice company is pre
pared to furnish artificial ice in
any quantity and deliver it to any
part of the citjr. The water from
which this ice is manufactured is
twice Altered, making it absolute
ly safe by sterilization and purifi
cation for any use.
-cave orders at Davetinv
Bros, store.
Jas. Schiewe & Co.
Estimates given on all kinds of build
ings. All work promptly attended to.
Mill-Back of N. P. Depot.
Carriage Work and General Blacksmith
♦♦♦ Chas. Ebener.
L. M. STARR & CO.,
Contractors and
Buildersj* j* jt
Carriage Painting and Repairing ia our
Corner of ■ and Hamlaek Stnvt

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