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criptlon price, $1.50 per year: alx months,
$1.00. No aubecription taken (or
lets than six months.
red at the Poctoffice at Ritzville, Adam*
:ounty. Washington. for transmission
through the United States Mails as
Second Class mail matter.
Early to bed, early to rise,
Work like a cuss, and advertise.
'hen trouble is brewing, keep (till,
en slander in getting oft' big legs,
> still. When your feelings are
t, keep still, till you recover from
r excitement, at an; rate. Things
: differently through an unagi
d eye. In a commotion, once, we
te a letter and sent it, and wished
liad not. In our later years we
another commotion, and wrote a
; letter; but life rubbed a little
>e into ui and we kept that letter
ur pocket against the day when
sould look it over without agita
and without tears. We were
we did. Less and lees it seemed
issary to send it. We were not
it would do any hurt, but in our
>tfulness, we leaned to reticence,
eventually it was destroyed. Time
c wonders. Wait till you oan
k calmly, and then you will not
to speak, maybe. Silence is the
; massive thing conceivable, some
s. It is strength in very gran-
seph Jefferson, the dean of the
irican stage, ia dead. A great
r in many role*, his fame will rest
cipally upon his work as Kip Van
kle. By his masterly impersona
he has brought tears and laugb
-3 the souls of millions, and by
urity of thought and purpose be
lemonstrated that vicious habits
ot necessarily follow a stage ca-
His life on the stage was a
jl of virtue which has raised the
i to a high degree in the popular
1. So overshadowed by his great
lent was his ability as a painter
it is not generally known that in
latter avocation he attained a de
of excellence which places him
ig the most famous of landscape
ayers. His superb genius as
- and painter, his pure life, both
3 and stage, have endeared him to
learts of our whole people.
i Oklahoma justice of the peace,
erly of Arkansas, was called upon
rform the marriage, ceremony,
is his first attempt and he was at
9 to know how to proceed, but, as
Chickasaw Express reports it, he
to the occasion. He commanded
ouple to stand and be sworn as
vs: "Do you each solemnly
r that you will obey the constitu
]f the I'uited States and thecon
;ion of the great state of Arkan
nd perform the duties of your
to the best of your abilities, so
you God?" The couple nodded
t, The judge continued: "Then,
le power in me vested by the
g arm of the law, 1 pronounce
man and wife, now, heucefortb
orever, and you will stand com
d until the fines and costs are
and may the Lord have meroy
ur souls."
Milwaukee banker has defaulted
i extent of a million and some
undred thousand dollars, because
lowed the leadership of John W.
in his attempt to corner the
wheat market. This man was
f the foremost financial men of
>untry, having served one term
esident of the American Bank
isociation, and his fall naturally
ts widespread attention, but of
lousands who have traveled the
road to ruin and dishonor notb-
II be beard. When a business
once yields to tbe allurements of
lation be is taking the plain
towards a heap of trouble.
. he gets along far enough to mix
tensively in a wbeat corner the
es are that a failure more or less
ificent is looming up in the not
itant future.
: News would like to see Port
send grow and become the groat
ft and mart of commerce its po
gives it the right to be, but it
< that its water bonds are not a
- or safe investment of tbe school
the heritage of all the chil
f Washington.
most powerful singls individual
world of finance and commerce
ited to be Henry H. Rogers. He
worked for $1.16 a day, and
he enters a brokers office takes
t bat. He ie a little fellow and
an iron grey moustache with
>rn curls.
statement that five American
obiles are sold abroad for every
iported into this country shows
hen it comes to epeedy proposi
'our Uncle Samuel is about the
thing on tbe Pike.
James Hyde stems to be in the
Lehr class. In tact, they may
ly be described as two souls
it a single thought, two heads!
link as none.
Lewis and Clark lair opens
lay, June 1.
Wheat in the Future.
Secretary of Agriculture Wilson is
endeavoring to wake the farmers, par
ticularly those in the West, to the ne
cessity of the rotation of crops. He
insists that the production of wheat
is not keeping up with the increase of
population, and that the time is not
far distant when it will be necessary
to import wheat for home consump
tion. His statistics show that, de
spite the increase of the area of new
ground in the West, devoted to wheat,
the decrease of the area devoted to
wheat by the older states, and the de
crease in the average yield, combine
to keep the total product down.
The 1904 crop was 552,399,517 bush
els. That crop was smaller than
those of five other years iu the history
of the country, and it was exceeded
as far back as 1901; it was almost
equalled in 1884—twenty years be
fore. The annual wheat crops of the
United States have exceeded 400,000,-
000 bushels in every year except four
since 1878.
There is a prevalentjnotion that on
account of the taking up of new lands
in the West the total wheat area of
the country is increasing enormously
year by year. That is not so. The
whole acreage has not increased ma
terially in the last six years, and last
year's total area was smaller than that
of 1889, 1901, 1902 or 1903. The
largest acreage ever sown to wheat in
this country was in 1901, but even
then the whole area was only *boutJ2s
per cent larger than the acrenge of
nearly 26 years ago.
The average yield for the whole
country last year was 12.5 bushels per
acre. This was a lower average yield
than in many preceding years, but it
was just about the same as the yield
of 30 or 35 years ago, for instance,
Secretary Wilson says:
"Wo are studying the crop rotation
question in the northern belt of states
from Minnesota westward to Wash
ington. Wa have found two or three
good crops which may be raised in ro
tation with wheat. One of them is
Russian vetch; another is Turkestan
alfalfa. These grow on soil where the
rainfall is very light."
Mr. Wilson's statement as to acre
age yiald of wheat may be supple
mented with the remark that the
yield ol wheat per acre in Great Brit
ain in 1901 was 33 8 bushel*. The
average yield in the United States in
the same year was only 14 5 bushels,
and that was considerably above the
average for other years.
As wheat has been grown ia Eng
land for a thousand or more years it
is evident that the big average yield
there must be the result of processes
which can be followed with profit in
the United States.
Irrigation has been the aubject of
various meetings in the southern end
of the county during the post week,
big ineetiugs being held in Wash
tucna, Kahlotua, Connell and Pasco.
The government board of consulting
engineers decided that the cost of the
Palouse project was too great for the
present, and have reported delay on
the work. The citizens of the im
mediate neighborhood are endeavor
ing to bring enough pressure to bear
upon the administration to have the
project pushed forward immediately.
The proposed plan would irrigate
thousands of acres of suuthern Ad
ams and Franklin counties, which at
present, to a great extent, is the home
of the jack rabbit and sage brush.
An interesting exhibit in the Mines
and Metallurgy building at the Lewis
and Clark exposition is now in course
of construotion. A miniature mount
ain is being constructed for tbe pur
pose of showing methods of coal min
ing in Washington. The mine will
be tunneled, and a miniature car will
run around tbe mountain and through
tbe tunnels. The mountain is thirty
foot long by twenty wide and is fif
teen high.
Portland Fair Rata*.
Ritzville, Wash., May 5, 1905.
For the Lewis and Clark exposition at
Portland, the Northern Pacific Ry. will
will sell tickets at the the following rate:
Ritzvilie to Portland and return, good
for thirty days, (14.95. Tickets on sale
every day May 19th to October 15th in
clusive, continous passage both ways.
Party tickets, one fare for the round
trip, (11.20. This ticket will be good for
ten or more people going and returning
together. Same selling dates, Mav 29th
to October 15th inclusive, good for ten
days from date of sale.
Organized parties of one hundred or
more, individual rate of fare for the
round trip will be made, (11.20, limit
seven days from date of sale, continuous
passage in each direction.
Individual coach excursion tickets (not
good in sleeping or parlor cars), will be
sold from time to time during life ol the
fair at very low rates. Particulars as to
rates, etc., covering each excursion, will
be duly announced from this office.
Children ; to 12 will be furnished tick
ets at half the above rates.
1.. E. Paskill, Agent.
Will overcome indigestion and dyspep
sia; regulate the bowels and cure liver
and kianey complaints.
It is the best blood enricher and invig
orator in the world. It is purely veget
able, perfectly harmless, ami should you
be a sufferer from disease, you will use
it if you are wise.
R. N. Andrews, editor and manager
Cocoa and Rockledge News, Cocoa, Fla.,
writes: "I have used your herbine in my
family, and find it a most excellent med
icine. Its effects upon myself have been
a marked benefit. For sale by Thiel
Drug Co.
Adfertile in the News.
Well improved ranch, a bargain; 400
acres, one-half in spring wheat, miles
from Kitzville. Apply to F. C. Henne
berg, lock box 4, Kitzville, Wash.
The City Council has or
dered me to collect the water
rent promptly the first
day of each month. If it is
not paid by the 10th of the
month a twenty per cent
penalty is to be added. If
not paid by the first day of
the next month an additional
ten per cent penalty is to be
added, and the water is to be
shut off without notice.
Kindly bear this in mind.
G. E. Lovell,
City Clerk.
The following Ritsville town warrants drawn
upon the following fund of said town will be
paid upon presentation to the city treasurer: .
Water Works Fund—Nos. 513. 514, 515 and 51fi.
Interest on the above named warrants will
cease on and after May 12.1905.
H. A. ALBERT, City Treasurer.
Office at Ritsville Trading Co.'s store.
Notico is hereby given that pursuant to an
order duly made and entered in the Superior
court of Adams county, Washington, on the
sth day of May. A. i). 1905,1, the undersigned,
administrator of the estate of Christian Fech
ner, deceased, will offer for sale at public auc
tlou at the front doors of the court house in
Ritzville. Adams county, Washington, at the
hour of eleven o'clock a. m, on Saturaav. the
3rd day oj Ji*ne, 1905, to the highest and best
bidder upon the terms hereinafter stated, ail of
the followiug described tract of real eM'ate sit
uate, lying and being iu Adams county. Wash
ington, aud described as follows, to-wir:
The south half of the south half
of action thirty-five (35), iu towutliip twenty
(20), north, of range thirty-two (32) E. W. M.,
being one hundred and sixty acres, more or
The said land will be offered upon the follow
iug terms, and all bids received will be noted
and reported back to the Judge of said Court
| for examination, to-wit:
First-For cash, less the mortgage for $800
aud interest thereou, which purchaser must
assume and agree to pay.
Second-For fl.OOOormore cash, balance to
be paid within one year and secured by a sec
oud mortgage upon the premises and draw in
terest at 8 per eent per anuum, purchaser to
assume the |800. mortgage and interest uow on
said land.
All bidderstmust be prepared to pay at least
fifty per cent ot their casn bid, at the time of
bidding, in cash or certified check, and uo bid
will be considered unless accompanied by said
sum. Any and all persons can becomu bidders
orpurchaaetsatsaid sale, and the sale will be
subject to the confirmation of the Superior
Dated at Ritsville, Wash., May 6.1905.
AKDKEAS JANKE, Administrator.
Zent & Lovell,
Attorneys for administrator,
Ritzville, Wash.
In the Superior court of the State of Wash
ington, in and for the county of Adams.
Andrew J. Harter. plaintiff. vs.T. L. Childers,
and the unknown heira of Mary E. Childers.
deceased, wife of T. L. Childers, also of all
other persons or parties unknown, claiming
any right, title, estate, lien, or interest in the
real estate described in the complaint herein,
The state of Washington to the above-named
defendants: *
You are hereby summoned to appear within
sixty (60) days after the date of the first publi
cation of this summons, to-wit: Within sixtv
days after the 10th day of May, 1905, and du
feud the above entitled action iu the above en
titled court, and answer the complaint of the
plaiutiff and serve a copy of your answer upon
the undersigned attorneys for plaintiff at their
address below stated, aud in case of your fail
ure so to do. judgment will be rendered against
you according to the demand of the complaint,
which has been filed with the clerk of this
The object of this action is to quiet the title
and remove a cloud from the northwest quar
ter of section eight (8), township fifteen (15)
noith.of range thirty-four (34), E. W. M.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Suite 421, "The Rookery,"
Spokane, Washington.
Land Office at Spokane Falls. Wash., I
May (». 1905. f
Notice is hereby"Riven that the followinir
named settler aas tiled notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before Alice C.
Freuch, U.S. Commissioner for the District of
Washington, at Ritzvilie, Wash., on July 1,
1906, viz-
who made homestead entry No. 11973 lor the
sw«4 section 18, township 18 N., R. 88. E. W. M.
Ho names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous resldeuce upon and cultivation
of said laud, vis:
Joe Patterson of Ritzvilie. Wash.
Joseph R. Svanda, of Lantz. Wash.
Floyd B. Bennett of Lantz, Wash.
Custer P. Davis of Lantz, Wash.
HAL J. COLE, Register.
In the Superior court of the state of Wash
ington, for Adams county.
lu the matter of the dissolution of Davcnny
Brothers, a corporation.
Notice is hereby given that the stockholders
of "Davenny Brothers," a corporation, with
its principal place of business at Kitzville,
Wash., have filed a petition in this court pray
ing that said corporation be dissolved and dis
incorporated, and that Saturday, the 24th day
of June. 1905, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. in.,
has been fixed by the Judge as the time of
hearing said petition, and the same will be
heard upon said day at the court house In Ritz
vilie, Washington, or as soon thereafter as may
be convenient to the Court, at which time all
persons interested may appear and contest the
grauting of said petition.
Dated at Ritzvilie, Wash., this 15th day of
April, 1905.
[seal] Clerk of said Court.
Zent dt Lovell, Attorneys, Ritzvilie, Wash.
In the superior court ol tbe state of Washing
ton. in and for the couuty of Adams.
N. H. Greene and O. H. Greene. Plaintiffs, vs.
Daniel M. Klemseu and Daniel M clemsen
and Ltna Klemseu, wife of Daniel M. Klemseu,
and Frank W. Godfrey and K. A.Godfrey, his
wife, and also all other persons or parties un.
known claiming any right, title, estate, lien or
interest lu the real estate described lu the com
plaint herein, Defendants,
The State of Washington to tbe said Daniel M.
Klemseu, and Llna Klemseu, his wife. Dauiel
M. Clemsen, Frank W. Godfrey and K. A. God
freyl, his wife, and all other persons or parties
unkuown claiming any right, title, eslate. lien,
or interest in the real estate described in tbe
complaint herein.
You and each of you are hereby summoned
to appear within siity days after the date of
the first publication ol this summous, to-wit:
within Blxty days after the filth day of April,
1906, and defend tbe above
entitled action In tbe above entitled court, aud
answer tbe complaint of tbe plaintiff and serve
a copy of your answer upon tbe undersigned
attorneys for plaintiff at their address below
stated and in tne event of your failure so to do
judgment will be rendered against you accord
ing to tbe demand of the complaint which has
been Hied with the clerk of Baid court.
The object of Uie above entitled action is to
remove a cloud or apparent cloud from plain
tiffs title to lota nine (9) and ten (10), in block
thirty-six (8,0 of the Northern PaclHc addition
to the town of Kltsrille, Wash,, and to have
plaintiffs decreed the rightful owuers thereof,
and to the whole thereof.
Zent & LovaLL,
P. O. address Attorueys for I'lalntiffs.
Kitzville, Adams county. Wash.
piAbate notice.
In the Superior court of the Mate of Walking
ton, for the county of Adams.
In the matter of the estate of Katherina
M. Kanzler, deceased.
Notice of •etilement of final account.
Notice is hereby given that George 11. Kanz
ler, administrator of the estate of Katheriua
M. Kanzler, deceased, has rendered and pre
sented for settlement to. and tiled in the Su
perior court of Adams county, state 01 Wash
ington, his dual accounts as such administra
tor, and that Wednesday, the luth day of May,
1906, being a day of a regular session of our
said Suj>erior court, to-wit: Of tbe May ses
sion, 1905, at lu o'clock a. in., at the court
room oi said Superior court, in the city of
Kitcville, in said Adams county, has been
duly appointed by or said Superior court,
for tbe settlement of the said final ac
count, at which time and place any person in
terested in said estate may apper and file his
exceptions in writing to the said final account,
aud contest the same.
Witness, W. T. Warren, judge of our said Su
perior court, and the seal of said court here
unto affixed, this 24th day of April, 1905.
Clerk of our said Superior Court.
Zent & Lovell, attorneys, Kltsville, Wash.
like the man at the helm of a vessel, al
ways should have his eye on his money;
should figure to
The bank is a great help to him in this
way. We are always ready, too, to give
any advice that we can in any investment.
Bills that are paid by check never have
to be paid over again on account of your
losing your receipt, because you have
several ways of proving it this way.
Glad to see you and talk it over any time.
I v I
and liis work does't mean bread only.
Bread is the "staff of life" and the
backbone of his business, but there is
something else.
come in to make up the whole of
what a baker does. All these have to
be well made and properly baked to
be wholesome. If you buy them of
us you're assured of all this. And
what's more, you don't get dyspeptic
food when patronizing our bakery. It
don't cost much if we supply you.
C. E. PRESTON, Prop.
Application Nos. 2736,2711. 2754, 2755, 2757.
Notice is hereby given that on the 3rd day
of June, 1905, at the hour of two o'clock in
the afternoon, on said day, at the door of the
court house in Admns county, Washington, the
following described school land will be sold at
public auction to the highest bidder therefor,
to wit:
No. 2756—The sw»4 of Section 16, Township 32,
K. W. M,, containing 160 acres, laud appraised
at |2,40(M)0, improvements appraised at $190.00.
No 2711—The nw^ 4 of section 16,' township lb,
range 31, E W. M., containing 160 acres, land
appraised at $2,70000, improvements appraised
at #192.00.
The swJ4 of section 16, township 18. range 34,
E. W. M., containing 160 acres, land appraised
at 12,720.00, improvements appraised at 1192.00.
No. 2754—The net* of section 36, township 16,
ranged, E. W. M., containing 160 acres, laud
appraised at 12,100.00, improvements appraised
at $196.00.
No. 2755—The s« l 4of section 36, township 16,
range 23, E. W. M., containing 160 acres, ap
praised at f2,400.00, improvements appraised at
No. 2757—The of section 36, township 16,
range 32, E. W. M., containing 160 acres, laud
appraised at $2,400.00, improvements appraised
at 1196.00.
Said school land will be sold for not less than
the appraised value and subject to the improve
ments situated thereon, and as appraised by
the Hoard of State Laud Commissioners in the
manner provided by law, a statement of which
is now on file iu the ollice of the auditor of said
Terms of sale are: Under contract, one-tenth
to be paid on the day of sale, and one-tenth an
nually thereafter on the first day of Mareh of
each year, with accrued interest on deferred
balance at 6 per cent, per annum: Provided,
that any purchaser may make full payment at
any time and obtain a deed.
'1 he purchaser of such land will be required
to pay at the time of sale the appraised value
of any improvements or valuable material on
such laud in full, iu addition to the one-tenth
of the sale price.
The above described school lands«re offered
for sale by virtue ol an order of the Hoard of
State Laud Commissioners, made on the 20th
day of April 1905, duly certified and on file
iu the ollice of said county auditor.
County Auditor.
Dated at Ritzville, Wash., this 26th day of
April, 1904.
Iu the Superior Court of the State of Wash
ington, for Adame county.
White Kiver Lumber company, a corpora
tion, plaintiff, va. Chris Hiller, defendant.
The state of Washington to the above named
Chris Hiller, defendant:
You are hereby summoned to appear within
sixty days after the date of the first publica
tion of this summons, to-wit: Within sixty
days after the 27th day of April, 1905, and de
fend the above entitled action in the above en
titled court, and auswer the complaint of the
plaintiff and serve a copy of your answer
upon the undersigned attorneys for plaintitT
at their offices iu Ritzville, Washington, and iu
case of your failure so to do, judgment will be
rendered against you according to the demand
of the complaint, which has been tiled with
the clerk of said court.
The object of plaintiff's action is to obtain
judgment against you for goods, wares and
merchandise sold and delivered to you betweeu
the sth day of December, 1903, and the 29th
day of July, 1904. in the sum ot $121.26, and for
plaintiff's costs and disbursements.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
P. O. Address, Ritzville, Adams Co., Wash.
In the Superior Court of the state of Washing
ton, for the county of Adams.
In the matter of the estate of Henry Kanz
ler, deceased.
Notice of settlement of final account.
Notice is hereby given that George H. Kans
ler, as administrator, with the will annexed,
of the estate of Henry Kauzler, deceased, hat*
rendered and presented for settlement to, and
filed in the Superior Court ot Adams county,
state of Washington, his final account as such
administrator, and that Wednesday, the loth
day of May, 1905, being a day of u regular sen
sion of our said Superior Court, to-wit: Of
the May session, 1905 at 10 o'clock a. in., at the
court room of our said Superior Court, in the
city of Ritzville, in said Adams county, has
been duly appointed by our said tsuperior
court, foe the settlement of the said final ac
count, at which time and place any person
interested in said estate may appear and tile
his exceptions in writing to the said final ac
count, and contest the same.
Witness. W.T Warren, judge of our said Su
perior Court, and the seal of said court here
unto affixed, this 241b day of April, 1905.
[SEAL] GEO. F. chkuftenskn,
Clerk of our said Superior Court.
Zeut, & Lovell, Attorneys, Ritzville, Wash.
United State* Land Office,
Spokane Falls. Wash., April IV, 190.>.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3,1»78, entitled "An act for the sale of
limber lands in the states of California, Ore
gon, Nevada and Washington Territory," ah
extended to all the Public Land States by act
of August 4.18%, Ben jamine fi. Gillespie, of Ritz
ville, county of Adams, state of Washington,
has this day filed in this office his sworn state
ment No 796, for the purchase of the eU
sw'4 and lots 3 and 4 of section No. 30 in
township No. 18 n, range 37 E. W. Mand will
offer proof to show that the land sought is more
valuable for its timber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish his claim
to said land before Alice C. French. U. S. Com
mihsiouer, at Ritcville. Washington, on Satur
day, the Bth day of July. 1905.
He names as witnesses: Peter Louis Nissen,
Henry Krah, Jacob Snerley, Joseph Hallett. all
of Ritzville, Washington.
Auy and all persons claiming adversely the
above-desbribed lands are requested to file
their claims in this office on or before said Bth
day of July, 1905.
Hal J. Cole, Register.
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