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Doings of County Board.
" The revised petition signed by resi- j
• dents of McQueen, Cow Creek and
Palouse precincts, asking for the forma
tion of a new voting precinct to be
known as Lantz precinct, was rejected
by the board on the ground that fc it had
no right to change a voting precinct
. after the first of September.
The petition of George Kuntz et al.
for a county road to be known as the
Kuntz road No. 429 was taken up. The
bond of the samejwas approved.'and the
road ordered surveyed on or before Jan
uary J, 1907.
The board appointed the following
election officers:
Ritzville Precinct No. I—H. E. Hill
and John Olson, judges; C. H. Clodius,
Ritzville No. 2-George tWerttem
berger and Valentine Miller, judges;
W.IK. Kennedy, inspector.
Ritzville No. 3-Henry Rosenotf and
Jacob Schoessler, judges; W. H. Mar
tin, inspector.
German-Jacob Rosenoff and Henry
Meisner, judges; J. P. Cook, inspector.
Fairview—J. S. McComb and J. B.
Garrison, judges; George H. Webb, in
Cunningham—A. O. Lee and John
Stephenson, judges; N. E. Irby, in
Cow Creek—Nesmith Ankeny and
Frank Benge, judges; C. O. Weesner,
McQueen—S. A. Fulquartz and Jacob
Shirley, judges; Robert Potts, in
Paha—Fred Albershardt and John De-
Waldt, judges; J. H. Imus, inspector. 1
Willis—W. R. Lesley and Fred Geiss-!
ler, judges; J. A. Lamb, inspector.
Tabor—M. W. Anthony and O. E.
Faust, judges; Nick Spohn, inspector.
Hatton—E. F. Bickford and H. R.
Ocheltree, judges; Fred Heinemann,
Gradel—John Herman and A. A.
Wilber, judges; Charles Schroeder, in
Newland—W. E. Lindstrum and Da
vid Crewse, judges; John D. Allen, in
Billington—H. B. Metz and Walter
Birdwell, judges; A. L. Hodson, in
Washtucna No. I—J. M. Sydney and
Charles Mayes, judges; J. W. Sitton,
Washtucna No. 2—W. L. Mustard
and F. L. Cooper, judges; G. W. Bas
sett, inspector.
Fletcher—Otis Leonard and E. Hubbs,
judges; W. F. Beal, inspector.
Lind No. I—W. A. Swarts and Au
gust Jansen, judges; M. L. Schermer
horn, inspector.
Lind No. 2—F. L. Middleton and J.
J. Crotty, judges; James Neilson, in
Palouse—J. A. Rathbun and John
Seoll, judges; A. J. Hooper, inspector.
Menno—Thomas Sapp and August
Schrag, judges; J. C. Schrag, inspector.
The board took up the matter of de
termining the classification of the
county, this matter having been ad
journed from time to time from the
July session of the board, on petition
of C. E. Amsbaugh and others for the
classification of the county according to
population as required by law. The
board having heard and examined all
the evidence in relation thereto, and
being fully advised in the premises, it
is now found and determined that Ad
ams county has at all times since June
1, 1906, had an actual population of not
Jess than 15,000 inhabitants, and has
been at all times since June 1, 1906,
and is now entitled to be and is a
county of the thirteenth class accord
ing to law. It is therefore ordered
that Adams county be and is declared
to have been at all times since June
Ist, 1906, and is a county of the
thirteenth class.
W. W. Zent appeared and stated that
the settlement made with the court on
behalf of E. L. Bradley was in error,
and after a rehearing before the board
the claims were again taken up and a
compromise was made whereby the
auditor was ordered to draw a warrant
for $44.60 in addition to the warrant
drawn on August 28th for $55.40, Mr.
Zent receipting the county for $100 in
full for labor performed by E. L. Brad
ley as assessor for Adams county dur
ing the year 1905.
The petition of Daniel Kleinknecht
et al for a county road to be known as
the Kleinknecht road, No. 426; the
same for hearing on January
9th,|l9o7,tat l.o'dock p. m.
The treasurer's report was taken up
and was found to be carrect; also that
there was on deposit in the German-
American State bank $18,423.50 and at
the Pioneer State bank $15,966.37; cash
on hand in the treasury $866.96; total
warrants cashed $34,940.53, and war
rants cashed but not presented to the
banks for payment $316.30.
It appearing to the board that an
award of $45.00 was made to Mrs. W.
C. Crow in the matter of the proposed
Newland school road for a strip of land
thirty feet wide along the west line of
section 7-17-31 and thirty feet wide
along the east line of the N. E. 'X
section 12-17-31 E. W. M. to be used as
a right-of-way and it appearing to the
board that due notice of said award
was given the said Mrs. W. C. Crow,
and that more than thirty days have
elapsed since said award was made and
that the same has not been accepted.
It is therefore ordered that proceedings
to procure the said strip of land or
right-of-way be instituted in the Super
ior Court, and that the County Attor
ney is hereby directed to institute said
proceedings, and it is further ordered
that the Clerk of the board tender to
the said Mrs. W. C. Crow $45.00 as
payment in full for the above mention
ed strip of land.
The board of county commissioners
of Adams county, Washington, made
the following levy for the extension of
taxes on the different funds for the
year 1906 taxes: I
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State general fund .0019
State school fund ...... .003421
State military fund .000106
Public highway fund .000236
Total state .005693
County current expense fund .0027
Soldiers' relief fund ,00002f>
Road and bridge fund .0001
Bond and bond interest fund .0001
Total county .002925
Road district No. 1 .002
Road district No. 2 . 0025
Road district No. 3 . 0025
Road district No. 4 .003
Total road distroct .010
J. M. Batten,
H. J. Ai.i.ert,
Fred Kemhei..
C. E. Amsbaugh,
Clerk of board county commissioners.
All memliers of the hoard concurring
it was ordered that Mr. Batten look
after the crop raised on the County
Poor Farm.
In the matter of the petition of D.
A. Lenocker et al for a county road to
he known as the Enterprise school
house road No. 130 the bond of the
same was approved and ordered sur
veyed on or before January Ist, 1907.
The resignation of O. W. Cooper as
road supervisor of road district No. 4
was accepted by the board. All mem
: hers concurring V. T. Donnell was ap
pointed to succeed Mr. Cooper.
The board then retired to the survey
fir's office and after a few minutes
private meeting returned to the Com
missioners room and ordered that
Adams county be declared a county of
the thirteenth class.
Board then adjourned.
C. E. Amsbaugh,
Clerk of Board of County Commis
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