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Few are entirely fret- from It.
It may develop so slowly as to cause
little if any disturbance during the whole
period of childhood.
It may then produce IrreKUlarity of the
Itoraach and bowels, dyspepsia, catarrh,
and marked tendency to consumption
before manifestlnc itself in much cutaneous
eruption or glandular swelling.
It is best to he sure that you are quite
free from it, and for its complete eradica
tion you can rely on
Hood's Sarsaparilla
The best of all medicines for all humors.
Towne —See that man? Well, sir,
he landed in this country with his
bare feet and now lie's got millions.
Browne—Gee whiz! He's worse off
than a centipede, isn't he?
Ail signature is on every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo>Quiniiie Tablets
tti remedy that cores a cold In one day
Phrenologist—Your bump of de
gtructiveness is very large. Are you
a soldier or u pugilist.
Subject—Neither. I'm a furniture
Will Be Wei! Done.
Cuticus —What lire you farmers
preparing to do this year?
Haycede (absent-mindedly)— Su
mmer boarders, as usual.
SIT© Permanently Cured. No fits or norvousncr
111 V after first day'n .iwof Pr. Kline's Great NerVt
Bwtoror. Send tor PK BK iS'^.OOtrial bottle and treat
ise. Db.II. 11. Kline. Ltd..Vil Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa
A Suburbanite.
Mr. Isolate (of Lonelyville, 011
evening train, embarrassed)— You
may notice that nearly every suburb
anite is bringing out either a new
cook or waitress with him?
Mr. Brooklyn Borough (his guest,
critically)— You might call this a
"Cook's personally conducted excur
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any
MM of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cur-.
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O.
We tho undersigned, have known F. J, Cheney
for tlie past IS years, and bellevo him perfectly
horn -aol In all busin ss transactions and fin
ancial ' able tocarryoutany obligations made
by taelr firm.
Wist & TRI-AX,
Wholesale DrusKlsts, Toledo,
Walking, Kinnan & Mat-.vis,
Vinolesale Drug-lsts, Toledo O.
Qall'sCatarrh Cure Ist-ken n' rnally.ac'lng
ttreotly on the blood and m cons surfaces oi
the system. Prl e 75c per bo'tie. fcjld by oL
drug: (sts. Testlmonl la free.
Ball's Family Pli' r th best.
Too Many Wive*.
Mits Makeahit—lt is my highest
ambition to marry some titled for
Mr. Jester—Why don't you try the
Miss Makeahit—S-i-r!
Laxative Bromo-Quinlne Tablets cure a cold la
DM day. No cure, No Pay. Price 25 cents.
The Shirt Ws Ist
The women claim their feelings hurt;
They're kicking up a fuss,
Because we men adopt the shirt
That first they stole from us.
Doesn't Boast of It Now.
Nell—She used to boast that she
was one of the charter members of
the Woman's Suffrage Club. She
doesn't appear to be so proud of it
Belle—Oh! she's just ns proud, but [
you know, the club was organized 15 j
years ago, atid she must have been at
least 20 when she joined.
ciAnt HAallnfl
51 vw nCdllliy
nature the healing
& A WV A£* balm in the form of healthy, new blood; but when the
Vk mWW ■■ circulation is tainted with poisonous germs, humors or any
oil! effete matter, a slight scratch or abrasion of the skin
becomes a festering sore, tiny pimples grow to be boils,
swollen joints and inflamed glands often out into offen.ive slow heahng
•ores. A polluted blood is always a menace to health; not only does it keep the
•kin in a chronic state of inflammation, but every organ and fibre of the body
suffers from an impure and sluggish circulation. You never feelweM. you «e not
and never can be well until the system is relieved of its terrible load of impuri
ties. With the blood so contaminated, so deeply poisoned, ulcere, boils and
■ores of every kind are apt to become chronic and often develop into Cancer.
Sores and ulcers are most j beoame afflicted with a severe sore la* and
often caused by poverty of f rom the knee to the foot waa one solid sore,
the blood and a weak and which waa very offensive. I spent over #1.000
•low circulation, brought on on two tripa to Hot Springs, and local Physi
w ecu,..;..!
malarial poisoning, torpid induced me to try S. 8. S. I be*a» to
liver, the use of mercury, or take _ our m6 dicine, and la the ahort space of
whatever is calculated to de- aeT en months It has completely and thoroughly
•troy the vitality of the blood cured mo. My lev la a witness today as to what
and break down the constitu- 88. 8. will do when.taken reßuUrly. Thesore
♦io« ThwunlH rhronicsores has healed entirely and my health m l ,roY * a
tion. Theseold cnronic sores derfuUy . i baTe already rained DO pounda.
last sometimes for years, eat- * j, b. TAZ<BBRT,
ing into the flesh, muscles, jj oz 945. Winona, Kiss.
."u. »*» th. Out It I. b«d 10, u,. p.ti«,t »
»a ,-it.iu, to kw.
etc It is an antidote for the severest forms of Blood Poison, as "ell as the
irritating humors that cause the eruptions and sores that sap your very lifeand so
greatly disfigure you. S. S. S. is the only guaranteed purely vegetable blood puri
fu»r it rnntflins no mercury* potash, arsenic or other hurtful drug. It cleanses
the'blood and purifies the circulation, thus ridding the system of the impurities
thlt the sores feverish and painful. At the same time your generaf health
KundeJTe tonYc effects of S. S. S.. and the skin become, soft, smooth
SSheTlthy. If you are troubled with boils, carbuncles, sores or eruptions of any
Sort, write our physicians all about your case; don't risk vour ownjudgment
when you can get medical advice from experienced doctors free. Book on Blood
Wholesale Boots & Shoes
87 and 89 First Street, Portland. Oregon.
Telephone, Oak 1391.
_ , . . _. - Catalogue Furnished
All Kinds Carried in Stock. noon Application.
Frog Showers.
"A Cornell profes-ov says that frog
spawn can lm carried up in the at
mosphere and hatched out in the
"Hy gum, you bet I'll carry an um
brella the next time I go out."
Handicapped by Science.
"I understand that he has long
been n student of political economy,"
said the visitor.
"He has," said Senator Glucose,
and his economy in politics has kept
him out of office. Ht thinks he can
be elected without spending u cent."
Our Nation's Wealth.
Hold and silver are poured abundantly
into the lap of the nation, hut. our material
wealth uimi strength is rather in iron, the
most useful of all metals, just as the
wealth of a human being lies in a useful
! stomach. If you have overworked yours
until it is disabled, try llostetter's Stom
, ach Hitters. It will'relieve the clogged
I bowels, improve the appetite ami cure
constipation, dyspepsia, bilotisness, liver
' ami kidney disease.
Easier Job.
Mrs Cobwigger— Poor thing, she
tried to reform her husband and
Mix. Dorcas—What is she triyng
to dt) now?
Mvs. Cobwiggre — To reform the
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
iruggists refund the money if it fails to eure.
E. w, drove's signature is on each box. 25c.
Wafer Drinkers.
Lady—Bridget, did you give the
gold fish fresh water today?
Bridget—Holy St. Patrick! Have
the cratures drank up the whole
bowl of wather Oi gave tliim yester
Piso's Cure fur Consumption is an infal
lible medicine for coughs and colds. —N.
W. Samuel. Ocean Urove, N. J., Feb. 1",
Each in its Place.
Willie—Pa, is there any difference
between a violin and a fiddle?
Pa—Yes, nijv son; If you hear it at
a concert or an opera it's a violin,
but when your next door neighbor
plays it it's a fiddle.
The Beat Prescription for Malaria
.Thills and Fever is a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic. It Is simply Iron and quinine In
a taateleas form. No Cure. Mo Pay. Price 50c.
Not Hungry, But-
Young Bride—Why, Charlie, you
do not seem to be eating anything
this morning. And I got up early to
make these biscuits for you.
Charles —No, dear; I don't feel at
all hungry this morning, to tell the
truth. Your biscuits are very nice
indeed. By the way, I wonder if
there are any of those dog biscuit left
that I bought for Nero Friday.
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnslow's Booth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use tor their
children during the teething period.
"What do you think of that whis
ky?" asked the host.
"Well," said the guest, smacking
his lips as he sat down his glass, "it
reminds me of a good story."
"Let's have it."
"Oh, you misunderstand me. I
merley wish to imply that it's worth
When von take Grove's Tasteless Cbil! Tonic,
bccause the formula Is plainly printed on every
bottle showing that it is simnly Iron and Qui-
Dine is a tasteless form. Mo Cure. Ne fay. Soc.
The Reason.
He—lt's strange you members of
the Vassur alumni don't hold class
She—Not at all. You may as well
ask a woman her age as to ask her
what year she graduated.
Pnt a Hungry Rear to I li«ht After a
Battle ftojrul.
The calf, having nursed sufficiently
and feeling his baby legs tired of tlie
weight they had not yet learned to car
ry, laid himself down. On tills the
cow shifted her position. She turned
half round and lifted her head high.
As she did so a sense of peril was borne
in upon her tine nostrils. She recog
nized It instantly. With a snort of
anger she sniffed again, then stamped
a challenge with her fore hoofs and
leveled the lance points of her horns
toward the menace. The next moment
her eyes, made keen by the fear of love,
detected the black outline of the bear's
head through the coarse screen of the
Juniper Without a second's hesitation
she tiling up her tall, gave a short bel
low and charged.
The moment she saw herself detected
the bear rose upon her hind-quarters;
nevertheless, she was In a measure sur
prised by the sudden blind fury of the
attack. Nimbly she swerved to avoid
it, aiming at the same time a stroke
with her mighty forearm, which, if it
had found its mark, would have smash
ed her adversary's neck. But as she
struck out, in the act of shifting her
position, a depression of the ground
threw her off her balance. The next
Instant one sharp horn caught her
slantingly In the Hank, tipping its way
upward, while the mad impact threw
her upon her back.
Grappling, she had her assailant's
head anil shoulders In a trap and her
gigantic claw cut through the flesh
and sinew like knives; but at the des
perate disadvantage of her positiou she
could Inflict no disabling blow. The
cow, on the other hand, though mutilat
ed and streaming with blood, kept
pounding with her whole massive
weight and with short, tremendous
shocks crushing the breath from her
foe's ribs.
Presently, wrenching herself free, the
cow drew off for another battering
charge, and as she did so the bear
hurled herself violently down the slope
and gained her feet behind a dense
thicket of bay shrub. The cow. with
one eye blinded, glared around for her
In vain, then, in a panic of mother ter
ror, plunged back to her calf.-Leslie's
Popular Monthly.
Charming; Wife of the Peruvian Min
uter at Wawhlngton.
Mrs. Calderon, the wife of the Peru
vian minister at Washington, Is a com
paratively recent addition to the diplo
matic set. Her husband was appointed
to the post less than a year ago, and
they came to Washington from Europe,
where Minister Calderon had business
Interests. Mrs. Calderon has seven In-
tores ting children, who speak Spanish,
French, German and English with ease,
and these, together with two nephews,
visiting her at present, constitute a
crowd of young people of whom she Is
extremely proud. She Is a typically de
voted South American mother. The
Calderon residence In Washington is
on Massachusetts avenue and Is one
of the most popular gathering places
for old and young of the diplomats'
Concept on Wile's Grave.
Out of respect for the memory of his
wife, Jesse Mitchell played twenty-sev
en pieces of music over lier grave In
Plttston Cemetery. She died a year
ago. The strange concert was witnessed
by a large crowd, among tliem a num
ber of boys who Jeered at Mitchell.
Others guarded the bereaved man as he
sat upon the newly made mound and
played the Scottish bagpipe for an hour.
—Pittston correspondent Philadelphia
North American.
Science Versus the Hot Pest.
One of the professors at the Pasteur
Institute In Paris has discovered a mi
crobe that breeds a pestilence among
rats. Specimens of it have been tested
on farms and In warehouses with suc
cess. In one-half the cases the whole
colony of rats was destroyed; In other
cases, the number was greatly reduced.
Thus science will take the place of na
ture and the occupation of the cats will
be gone.
A True Story.
She (reading lazily)— Why Is It that
this newspaper calls Its column
"Through the Microscope?"
He (lightlug a fresh cigar)— Because
of the—(puff) prodigious enlargement
requisite—(puff, puff)—to see the point
to most of the stuff that appears under
It.—lndianapolis Press.
When n mother looks at her boy. It
must often occur to her to be thankful
that soap is cheap. '
Love lu a cottage is nil very well
as loug an tlie flour barrel isn't empty.
Citizen—l)o you believe that tbe
constitution follows the flag, my
Soldier—My constitution followed
the flag to the Philippines und its
there yet.
Cholly—l have such frightful head
aches lately, the doctor thinks per
haps there's some foreign substance
in my bwain.
Miss Pepprey—An idea, perhaps.
Police Magistrate—The charge filed
against you is obstructing the side
walk. Are you guilty or not?
Tipsy Flannigan—Pardon me, your
honor, but they wor two sidewalks.
Two of a Kind.
"My daughter," said the city vis
itor, "has a fine touch on the violin."
"I dunno how that may be," said
the country relation, "but my Mary
Jane, thar, is llail Columbia on a
Entitled to It.
Client—Uy what right nro yon
keeping tliat $5,000 damages you re
covered for me?
Lawyer —Didn't yon tell me in tlie
first place that all you wanted was
Jg V° u can al vays smell a "dead
a costive-looking facc.
J 9 lk W/| His breath knocks you down.
/LjA He drags his feet.
A \fx) Listeners to his talk turn their
1 JrM fll heads the other way.
J i HJk His breath poisons God's pure
He ought to keep clean inside?
—that means sweet breath, quick brain, swift moving feet. You can't feel well
and act well with your bowels clogged, sending poison all through your body.
Clean them out gently but thoroughly and keep them clean with CASCARETS
Candy Cathartic, and you will find that all bowel and liver ills and the nasty
symptoms that go with them are quickly and permanently
25c. never
all druggists SOLD IN BULK.
pallia after eating, liver (rouble, fallow complexion .tailor aXKIu la It. world. Thl. fittwiaM >mr of
and dlsslneae. When roar bowel* don't naoje NH* pul merit. aa< oar >w« toetfoalal. WiWii IMttui
larly ran are lelUni alek. Con.ttpatlan killa Mara will Mil CiKAHTI abMlately manatee*
people than all other 4laca.ee together. It la a 1* "
■tarter for the chronle allmenta and Una yeara af K« 1 ailaa gg
inflkrliif that eome No mart.r whal t!i ul Ae eaiaty b.i t. üby aialL or «sedranUt Ana
alia you, atari taking CASCARBTS to>dajr, far you wk« ,n ■■r.kaml it, aad ae* year baiTlbr both
will never get well and be well all the> time until w«»
you put your bowela right. Take our adyteet atari **>•- irtll aal«kfcWtowa|a rea wlll^Mtteaay
sJi! I .?*fSr."fsifirssdssar " n ,fc *° ,ui *
No Doubt About It
Out of Place.
He Saw Two.
I IA :■ Tho Kind Ton Have Always Bought, and which has been.
I to us© for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
a, and has been mode under his per-
AV'cgcfable Preparation for As- ■ sonal supervision since Its Infancy.
slmilatinglhcFoodandßcgula- ■ Allow no one to deceive you in this,
ling the Stomachs and Bowels of Tj All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" arebut
|B|g||H|n|B|ay -I Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
jMMHgyßßßggyi B fnfantt and Children—Experience against Experiment*
PromotesDige3tion.CheerPut- j llfi. _a ■_ A
nessandßest.Containsneither ft VVIIBt IS vAd I UIIIM
Opium, Morphine nor Mineral. ■ . ,
mot Narcotic. !■ Castorla is a harmless substitute lor Castor Oil, pare
-1 goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups* It Is Pleasant. It
I contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotlo
Jknpttfounrsmmmrmi |B substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
\ I and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
juluusa- I I Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
jjEZmi'. \ I and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tho
I I Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep*
1 I The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend*
notour sTo&MaSte 1 GENUINE CASTORIA always
I * B«tr« th. signature <rf
Facsimile Signature of j| f j _
MWMMM, xhe Kind You Have Always Bought
J l„ ÜBe For over 30 Years.
Beat possible to build. Hint material. Host pro
portion. Hest finish. Lightest running. Seventy
years' experience. 1M MOH KI.»V
NTAVEH Co., Ist and Taylor Bts., Portland.Or.
DDII6OI AM Kill® Lice on Poultry. Ton
rllllwOlMll paint th« the
I irr If 11 I to fume* kill till- lice. Hens
VfIHuHDI fclWt IVlbkElt feotl
yon. Price. 50c and 91.00 a can. Sold by dealers.
nflN^J#9 Gentlemen' — 1 Am a breeder of'flrnt-c'ass Sll-T.ace Wyandotte*.
Jim Btl V I won neanor your I'IIUSSIAN LIQCIDLICB KILLER _as nspecial
M pr. niium at the St Pau 1 Poultry Show of 1800, and find it Is all
n(rht Thero are govern! KM ler^a^ju
Id Just the thintr'for lice on hops, and is wori h fl 'vo times Its cost
12. *1. lloweu, Coust Agent, Portland, Ore.
Her Handwriting.
Brown—Hullo; what's the matter? ,
Green —O, I'm in 1111 awful fix. I
proposed to Miss Gray and have just
got her answer.
Brown—And she's refused you?
Green—l don't know. I can't fad
her writing. I
mm, Ensilage
Fer onhe market-
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
Foot of Horrlion Street.
Can give you the best bargains in
Ruggies. flows. Hollers and Kngtnes,
Windmills and Pumps anl General
Machinery. See us before buying
Summer Resolutions
THK® Keeley Cure
Sure relief fiom liquor, opium and tobacco
habit* Send for particular! to
Keeley Institute. * 0v 1 d J.% 4 &
You can alvays smell a "c!ead

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