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Aberdeen herald. (Aberdeen, Chehalis County, W.T.) 1886-1917, October 12, 1905, Image 4

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"7Z ■ d 1 liursday
JS . Mil proprietor
"V cnlc-en, Wash.,
Uli'Tl'lN KATES. |
. £2.00
°" C 10,1
*' x " "in »d lfto
One >* 11 1
— -
Ta% i - 4 leSt P^P 01 * OXI
Gr;iv . irbor. and has a "•geroirou-
LMinn " ' y other paper in Chehalte
countv Advertising contracts are
bised upon .his claim t circulation,
a a d al v.-v dm? on crr'raets execu
ted under this statemenr will be for
feited if be statement he not absolute
y truH
The first rcaults in the government's
cimpaien Hcdnst the packers proved two
things; that the existinu law as to con
spiracy to commit an offense against
United States la • can he enforced, and
that railroad rebates may he eradicated
by prosecuting individual offenders in re
bate transactions under the Elk ins and
conspiracy laws. Four officials of the
and Sulzberger company
pleaded guilty in the United States dis
trict court at Chicago, on September 21,
to a charge of accepting rebates from
railroads, and were heavily fined by
Judge Humphrey. The offenders and
their respective fines were: Samuel
Weil, vice-president of the New \ork
branch, $10,000; B. S. Cueey, traffic
manager, $5,0**0; V. D. Skipworth, assist
ant traffic manager, <5.000; C. E. Todd,
assistant traffic manager. $5,000. Ctisev
and others of the company's men will
later have to face the charge of tamper
ing with government witnesses. It is
true that the case did not fully test the
resources of either the packers or the
government, for the plea of guilty over
looked the possibility of fighting the case
on technicalities. The bigger packers,
Armour and Swift and Nelson Morris,
may make a better legal showing. But
this case h<s at least established a pre
cedent as to one kind of offense.
The state license of the New York Life
Insuiance company to do business in
Nevada was revoked by the state insur
ance romini-sioner on the 3d, while John
A. MuCall and George \V. Perkins hold
offices of trust in the comnanv and until
satisfactory proof of honest management
shall hav been made. The insurance
superini' iidei.t of Missouri announced
on the 4i.li that the ember./.* ed fund must
be replaced or the license of that state
would be revoked. McCall stated cn
the 4th that he will a>k an injunction
against Xevuda in the Federal courts.
A few days ago the press dispatches
told of the hold up of a passenger train
in Western Washington, and for weeks
the pavers have devoted columns of space
to another character of hold-up in the
manner in which it is don by the more
polished gentr> ot the east. The average
man has more admiration for the west
ern style. It requires more nerve and
the operator is taking greater chances.
Thos. M. 11 d, one of the pioneers of
the Ma- n- fiat-mity, died Saturday
11 jlit at hi- home in Olvmpia. For
f irty-four yi is he ha* been the secre
tary for the Grand Lodge of this slate.
H i held t! e c rd for longest service of
any secreta: ».f tl.<- world. The funeral
took place yesrerday afternoon. Masons
froiu nil p..i • i,i i; • being in at
This is an -tuin.-thiiig rta-on which a
distinguishe Isriti-.li clergyman, Dr.
A.Mr I'. fi.r reigning his pro
fessorship in ,i Methodist college, that he
"cannot be . v in a material hell and
everlasting pnysical torment." Is it
possible :' ly does believe in a
"material 1 " and "everlasting physi
cal torment"?
The no- lis patches from Cleveland
continue to inilicale that Mr. Rocke
feller's pi - agent i.i earning his salary.
The once- • xclusive Standard Oil king,
reticent an 1 indifferent to public senti
ment, appears to have become as affable
as a dry goods clerk ana as full of jokes
as a stu p speaker.
Accord n to the Newark News, Ad
dicks is to the senate if he has to
run his machine over the G. O. P., throw
everdbody overboard, and float in on the
deck of a burning steamer.
The Herald twice a week tells It all.
Th 1' Moines Capital talks of the
difficulty of revising the tariff, but the
Capital is wrong. Revision of the taiiff
wou! : c casv. The difficult part is to
secure the consent of the eminent cap
tains i.f industry who profit huuely by
reas n ' e present tariff.
Up to date th» printers have given a
demonstration of ho a to conduct a
strike without resorting to violence, and
the indications are that they will have
to keep it up. I'he printers tight with
their ' : -—which will exp'ain why
they usually win.
President MrCtill -'thanked tiod" for
the pari lit* ha i in the campaign of 18!" i.
All the world id familiar with auother
itentlenien of the pflrae class who went
up into the temple to pray and "thanked
God that he was not as other men."
"I am not in favor of tariff revision
at thin linn:" Bays Kepreeentatfve .John
Dalzell. We do not believe Mr. DalzellV
position would be misrepresented by
adding to his statement the words, '"or
at any other time."
Senatm Depew should at least explain
how lie happened to be satisfied with a
measley $'_'0,000 a year, from the Equit
able, while "Andy" Hamilton was get
ting $235,000 in one year from the New j
York Life.
The president has run away from tariff l
revision, an issue he forced two years
ago. He has backed down from his
special session intention. Now what is
he going to do about rebates?
It may be that Castro has decided to
postpone his invasion ot the United
States until after he bus whipped France.
We can breathe easy for a while any
Those insurance magnates who worked
so hard for sound money are now finding
that it makes infernally too much sound.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to<'>ife K. W. Grove's signature is on
each ty* : .»c.
Two Damage Cases Against the City
Are tompromiscii. An Arc Light
Ordered at Washington and Mar
ket Streets. A Hose House at
Heron and F Streets, Etc.
The city council occupied the council
chamber in the new city hall for the first
time last evening. The room is well
adapted for the purpose, and each coun
cilman is provided with a desk. T T pon
taking the ch r last evening, Mayor
Lindstrotn was presented with two
A resolution was adopted giving the
room in the city hall known as the police
court to the city library.
The matter of a police court room was
referred to a special committee.
The clerk was directed to write the
Pacific Bridge Co. for blue prints of the
Heron street t.ridge.
C. V.;Loy offered to make pictures of
the city officials, to be placed in the
council chamber.
Mrs. Catherine l.owry made applica
tion to erect an iron building on the old
site of thi I'ii ic hotel. Referred to the
building committee.
A similar ugliest by the Glosa Steam
Laundry Co. was also referred.
The a- -e.-sed.valnat'on of the city was
certified by, County Auditor Campbell.
An ordinance was introduced provid
ing for a veneer building district, which
was referred ,to the building committee.
A street light was ordered placed at
Washington and Market stieets,
E. C. Finch was allowed for street
crossings built in South Aberdeen.
The West ii Slade Mill company asked
to sprinkler system with the
city water main. Referred to the water
committee with power to act.
The street committee was given an
other week to'report on the sewers.
The damage cases of Hermans and
McNeil were ordered compromised, by
paying them $'-'12 and $300 respective! v,
A propsition by L. L. Maley to furnish 1
a room at Heron and F streets for a hose (
house, was accepted.
The matter of a cement floor in the
fire department stables, was referred to
the building with power to act.
S. W. Pearson offered to put up a $500
check to secure the removal of his shack
in three weeks. The council would only
allow ten days. j
Fine Job Printing at moderate prices.
Herald Printery.
Roosevelt fOk
The above photo represents the largest "Roosevelt" Elk ever
mounted in the state of Washington, and probably in the United
This Klk was killed in the season of 1904, in the Olympic
Mountains, near Quinault Lake, and weighed alive about 1200 lbs.
He stands 9 ft. 6 in. in height, has unusually heavy antlers with
12 prongs. The cape is 9 inches long.
As the killing of Klk in Washington is prohibited by law for
the next ten years, this specimen is sure to be good value.
For sale by
Aberdeen, Washington.
Athletic Association Gives Entertain
ment Today.
The entertainment loving public will
have an opportunity of hearing one of
the most remarkable men whoever ap
peared in Aberdeen on Thursday after
noon and evening at the Congregational
church. Mr. Charles K Phipps, of New-
York lily. He is the only palm whistler
in America, and gives a remarkable,
artistic demonstiation of musical in
genuity, different from all other whistlers.
The wonderful possibilities of the mando
lin will be demonstrated also. Mr.
Phipps is a music I humorist and mimic.
The program fairly teems with original
novelties, artistic and eccentric.
This entertainer will appear for the
benefit of the Athletic Association of the
local High school, and it is hoped that a
large audience will be present at both
concerts. Mr. l'hipps has appeared for
a few moments before the High school
as-embly and demonstrated his ability
to i ntertain. The afternoon conceit
opens at the evening concert at
8. A mi-sion to children in the after
noon is 10 cents; in the evening 15 cents.
Admi sion to adults at each concerts is
25 cents. Remember the day, Thursday,
and the p ace, the Congregational church.
Cures Winter Cough.
.1. P. <lover, 101 N. Main St. Ottawa,
Kan., writes: "Every fall has been my
wife's trouble to catch a severe cold, and
therefore to cough all winter lon<_'. Past
fall I jot for her a bottle of Horehound
Syrup. She used it and has been able
to sleep soundly all night long. When
ever the cough troubles her, two or three
doses stops the cough, and she is able to
be up and well." 25c, 50c, $1.00. Sold
by W. B. Paine & Co. t
by Chicago wholesale and mail order
house, assistant manager (man or wo
man) for this county and adjoining terri
tory. Salary $20 and expenses paid
weekly ; expense money advanced. Work
plea-ant; position permanent. No in
vestment or experience required, Write
at once for fud particulars and enclose
self-addressed envelop. Thomas J.
Cooper & Co., 132 Lake street, Chicago,
Illinois. 7-lOt
Full of Tragic Meaning
are theße lines from J. H. Simmons of
Casey, la. Think what might have :e
--sulted from hi- teriible cough if he had
not taken the medicine about which he
writes: ''I had a fearful couuh tha dis
turbed tnv nighi's rest. I tried every
thing, hut nothing would relieve it. until
I took I'r. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Ccughs ami Co'ds, which
completely cured me." Instantly re
lieves and permanently cures all throat
and lung diseases; prevents grip and
pneumonia. At Red Cross Pharmacy.
Guaranteed; 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle
free. m
New Cure for Cancer.
All surface cancers are now known to
be curable, by Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Jas. Walters, of Dutlield, Ya., writes:
"I had a cancer on mv lip for years, that
seemed incurable, till Bnrklen's Arnica
.Salve belled it, and now it is perfectly
well " (imranteed cure for cuts and
burns, -"k: at lie 1 Cross Pharmacy, in
(her own cti i, •t • every subscriber. Feautiful ml.
ored lithographed plates and illustrations. Original,
latest, arlutlic, exquisite and strictly up-to-dat*- dwv i.a.
tN£ \
Prp««trmkintc economies, fin ry w< rk, h"tiMl ! 1 ■ •«,
Short et i»i - current topic*. ♦■?<•. hu m ; • t day#
Only &*»c. yearly. Lady agt-uta wanted. bvud lor term*.
. For ladies, misses, flrtrlf ftod little ehlldreti. That oer
-1 tain ityli-h Lie " effbct hot attained by tha aMr nnr
otfier patterns Have no equal forstymand perfect tit.
Xanllv pul together Only 10 ani II oente each-nooe
higher Pol lin nearly e»ery eity and town, or by mail,
ia t*r tbem. Absolutely very latest up-to-daia rtyla*
115.14 C WHI lltk •tr**t. .... lew Terk City, ■- «. |
The Herald twice a week tells it all. |
$1.50 In advance.
WATC!!: : k rL
\\\. carrv the "»tock «■ f \\ntcln *». I'iatnonils
an«l Ji'Wflry vwr brought t<» 1' ir 1 ►«■ »*. V tlaim
that no ileaU-r «-aii sell yon a reliahk article at a lower
price than ours
Burnett Bros.,
— are the best
Good bakeis and last life time. Sold by
H. L. COOK 4 CO.
Hardware Dealers. Mill and Lopping Snvnlies,
Ship Chandlerv, vid Btiildinp Hardv
"V--' October,
; 1 ' » V H" it" ehillv right* ami m< riling*,
VuMi 'l\ ftl i/ /«•-*'*' makes a lightweight overcoat rerv wal-
/ d \' J. /if ft \% I (MM. Yon ||m Will til M ittimv
1 I 71 I • 7 • Ml fabrlon MfMetollr wlwlnl hr the
;j I jj ' wfefjLJa j )7 , two tno*t popular '•■». HwdiMtMl
.'I J I fs V'l Sy anil the l'he»!erfie I VVV have already
JL\ ii .. .ji Jl I * made pome exceedingly hanl->ni- gar-
T' j ' ' ( T'l V I merits of tlieae modt-io. ..ml w»* feel ao
J I 1 I V j ; pro (id ami our •- an' -o well
f■' ■ I fj W 5 if 1 pleased that we want to make manv
* ti " 418 E. WISHKAH ST.
llil'iJWL to~*± ( ) your vow—o'al'v or n wit — that yoi>
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j t>x "
H i ' Telephone 1701. - ■ v»AMI
, . LcVo - Sold Evervwhero.
Mmßwi cum
about the purity
anc * exce " ence of I
■ V rirf «=r frorn ear, - v morn umi| I
I nijrht an<J the liquor I
% justifies the crowing*, ■
fIJOHN O'HARE Agent ll
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Use In time. S iby druggists, y
Notice to Stockholders.
To the stockholders of the Union Mill
You and each of you are hereby notified
that a stockholders meeting of tiie Union
Mill company will he held at the mill
office of the said company in the City ol
Aberdeen, Countv of Chehalis, State of
Washington, at the hour of 8 o'clock p.
m. on the 16th day of October, A. 1).
l!K15, for the purpose of voting upon the
question of increasing the capita! stock
from $40,000.00 to $i>0.000.00.
I'ated and signed at Aberdeen, Wash
ington, this day of 9th of August A. It.
1905, by the undersigned, being a
majority of the trustees of said Union
Mill Co.
Union- Mill Co.
By T. L. Douglas, "j
J. A. Mapks, i
J. B. Karshxkr, j' Truces.
J. G. Lewis, J
Last publicatiou October 15. t
S. W. Johnson Transit r Co.
Transfer and Express
First Class Livery Rigs
403 South F St.
Ho*lyn (on I
Telephone l') 3
Residence I'hone 4< »7
The Illinois Central.
Maintains unexcelled service (rmit thw
WMt to ilie east ami aoath Making clow
connection* with trains of all Iran". n
tinental line?*, pMMonn are given tb#ir
CIIOICB "1 routes to ( 111. Igo, |oQ |# a
Mt*mphiß ami New Orleann, an. I tl.rouw'fi
ttinse points to the far east
I rospective travelers desiring informa
tion as to lowest rates ami best route*
are invited to correspondence with the
following representatives.
. , B. If Tki'mbltl,
Commercial 14_» Third >treet,
Portland, Or.
_ _ . J. C. I.INOSKY,
Trav. P. A., 142 Third St., 1' n.and, Or.
_ Pai*L R. TiioMrNON,
Agent, Coliuan Buildiutg, **eauiv W*Mb>

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