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MI: tflxrn.' SEGUED Sf LEGAL
Minutes of llic Superior Court and
New Cases Piltd. List of Real Es
tate Tranof.rs and Miscellaneous
Instruments Piled With County
In the Superior Court.
Tit' " 1 Vnvlnis is rlio recont of business trims*
Mte<l n'li'' -in! '' '»»rt for the week eno*
ing O ober '
J A McUi.itcii'Hv va Henry Nichols et
•»1. Tax lien foreclosed.
,j a Kay va A H Limdecker. Dis-
JliSSl .1.
.1 K l.v.ius v- A W Call. Sale of real
»sta cuiilii :iic"L
C Kussell va H Kussell. Dismissed.
In re est it " of John Craig, deceased.
Healing of appointment of administrator
join .lined to t)otober 2ti.
W 'i Tlll pin va City of Montesano.
v- II B Nolson. Verdict of not
J II C 'aiucr vs Aberdeen Lumber it
iiiin.le Co. Sot for trial October 14.
In re estate Carl 1" Schroeder, dee'd.
Hearing oi iiual account continued to
October 10.
In re estate of H M Sutton, it eceased
.Sale of real estate confirmed.
J \ Kay va B Zeebuyth. Plaintiff
illowed to file amended complaint.
S W Pearson vs lv T Dabney. Dis
missed without coats.
Henderson Kyan vs J G Lewis. Dis
missed at plaintiff's costs.
Montesano National Bank vs tieo II
Arland. Judgment for plaintiff taken
i>\ default.
I C Crowther vs R T Dabney. De
fendant's demurrer to reply overruled.
Str te vs B A NVeisenberger. Verdict
■»} guilty.
State vs Linn Katon. Continue 1 over
Vie term.
E Olson vs 11 Chabot. Plaintiff allowed
do an.end by iuteilineation.
Jackson Lennnon vs Thos Williams.
for plaintiff taken by default.
State vs Ctias Tessier. Defendant
plead guilty to burglary and was sen
tenced to two years in the penitentiary.
I'eter Peterson was committed to the
snsane asylum.
Si. te vs I'rank 'Yilson. Continued to
llutob.-r 19.
£ A Philbriok vs N J Elder. Tax lien
Same vs C 11 Oliver. Same.
Kdith 1) Dent vs K L Boyle. Same.
W II France vs Mating & i'aft Co.
fn re estate of Susie L Baker, deceased.
0 0 leaker appointed administrator.
In re estate of C O Brown, deceased.
"Vili admitted to piobate.
W 11 Ogden vs Cliehalis County De
aiHidant allowed 20 days in which to tile
State vs li Oppenheimer. Verdict of
tieo Glauder vs Thos Hyndman. Judg
ment for plaintiff for #239.85.
City ami County Bank vs H 1) Crites.
State vs Chas Tessier. Burglary.
I K Moliney et al vs Craft & Son.
Vfc il Abel vs WJ! Crumley. Debt.
In re claim of Geo L Davis against
Chehalis county for extra service.
Same, C W Arland.
C W Hodgdon vs David Swank.
Jos Koch vs Fred Zaugg. On note.
Jos Koch va L I Wakefield. Garnish
N W Lumber Co vs Tbos Hyndman.
CJeo Glander et al vs Thoa llynduian.
Real Estate Transfers.
For Mie week tii'ling October 7. compiled
:&>sa the records by ttiu Wasbingtou Abstract
'uxapany o£ Aberdeen:
W Y /acherv to Amanda I! Zachery,
ids i, 14. blk 8, Moelips—sl.
F 1' Hauehaw to John Hush, lot 7, blk
Brewer's al l <' 1 ;ville —if 1 'Jo.
J -'.il >< Mauermann, lot 7.
1, Iliewiu'.- .i.'nl Uakville —.* 1
M .1 Murphy to .los Maurmaun, lot 1,
Jik-U, Oakville —$50.
•V V Farrell to Katie Farrell, ne 1 4 ' of
t\\ ' 4 .n.d lot 3, sec .il 19-1'J —$1200.
E A Truitt to N W Lumber Co, lot 5,
H'k 16, Campbell's avid lloquiam—sl23.
County Treasurer to C H Wilson, tax
Xcl lots 21 and !2, blk 3, lots 11, 17, IS,
!' blk 4. l'ortland add Aberdeen.
f> Newnham to l'olson Logging C'>,
aw' 4 ' of ne'4, nw' 4 of nw'j' and p'.j of
avv'4 sec 35 21-11—*1500.
J 1 L Andrews to l'olson Logging Co,
w'of sel-i sec 35-21-11 —$10J0.
K A Phil brick to Poison Logging Co,
of *w l -4 sec 20 21-10—$1500.
J<jß Rowland to C II Burdick, lots 4 to
13, blk 00, Niuos add Cosuiopolis—sooo.
Sheriff to M >rtin, sheriff's deed
n'.j of 8\v 1 4 ai.il .-'.j of nw' 4 sec 29-17-9—
J E Calder to l'a'iline McCann, lot 4,
blk 2, W & H plat Montesano —$1 0.
Anna Kriek-on to I. A \strom, lot 9,
blk 5, B \ D add M. .n'oano—sooo.
John Damitio to K A Melette, lots lit
to 24. t>ik 8, Benn's Central add a tier
d »(mi —$700.
Annie Smith to Wood Lumber Co, aw
sec l*ls*o —#1600.
J 1' Kyan to Wood I.umber Co. lots 3.
4, 5, (J, 11, 12, sec 2 15 0—#2500.
W W Anstie to K 1? Benn, e'.j lot 10,
blk 44, Aberdeen—#looo.
K lln ishaw to Alice He Pew. cjuit elm
n*.» of of Be 1 4 sec 20 18 (> —$50.
County Tiv ,«urer to «7 K Calder, tax j
deed lot 10, l»lk L\ Have's add Montesano.
Herman MuHer to O M Kellogg, sw ;
sec 14 10-7—#3000.
1 s 11ai moo to (ieo H Ditchings, lot 2,
and sw 1 j of nc'4 sec 17-20 12, except
ritfht of way—#2o 10.
Geo 1! Keegan to Kordney Timber Co,
Dw'j see 2, ami und, 1 ., interest in nw sec
.12 10*7—#3000
(ilenn Peterson to .1 S Ingram, all blks
A B and C and blks 1, 10, 11; also lots
1, 2, Li. 4, 0, i». Hi, 17, 18, blk 2; also lots
7, 8, blk 4, l'ete.son—#l.
M Landgren to t! II oinmerciol Co,
lots (1 to 10, blk 11. Coamopolis—#lso.
Fred Hewitt to Hattie A Hewitt, quit
claim lot in TSenn's Cottage add Aber-.#5.
S Benn to C I'. Uoss, lots 17, 18, blk 15,
Be 1111 'a Central add Aberdeen—#2so.
1> \V Clark to Kiiima Swedblom, lot 3,
blk 8, Campbell's add Hoquiam—#22s.
Mary I! Beck to Hugh Armstrong, lots
3, -1. !'ik 1, l'ureka add Klma —# 5.
Hugh Arm: trong to S \V Gaskill,
same— #05.
A Benner to II K Unlet, riglit of way
fir hauling logs across w side of ne sec
27- i 9
J \V Uav to Van Hagey, of se}#
sec 2>i-18-5—#250.
W li Lowrie to D Madison, aw, l 4 of sw
see 218-5—#200.
A l'olson et al to N 1' Ky Co, strip of
land 100 feet wide over ne.,'4 sec 24-20-
same to Same, same over w,'a sec 20*
20 12—#20 J.
J A Arland to Trustees Norwegian
Lutheran Congregation, triangular lot
north of Wynooche street from lot 1, blk
I, Arland's add Montesano —#85.
Fred Vocli to O A Bergland, lot 17, blk
54, Nitns' add Cosmopolis—#Bs.
W T Mcßride to K D Stuller, lot 9, blk
30, Aberdeen —r 1.
1' Secor to Wil 1 banning, so 25 ft lots
11,12, blk 82, W & B Second add Ab-.#l.
1) Madison to Wood Lumber Co, sjj of
neJ-4 and njg of se'4 sec 23-21*10—#1.
C A Rust to C A Kust et al, trustees,
quit claim lind int in sec 8; lots 2, 3,
of nwl-4, and sjj sec 9; lots
5, (i, and 8w' 4 of sw' 4 sec 10*15 4; also
nnd 1(i int 111 lot 1, ne ! 4 of BW.I-4 and
of sw'4 sec 14 ; lots 4. 5, ti, 7, "ec 15-16-11;
lots 5, ti, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, sec 4 18-11; lot
3 and sw'a of sw l -4 see 28; s!j of sw'-a
and s'.j ofse '4' seo 20, and e}., sec 32*19-
Th js Pearson to Kordney Timber Co,
n,'i of nel 4 sec 32* 10*7 —#5.
C K White to (i H Com Co, lots 4. 5,
blk L, Cosmopolis—#!.
M iscellaneous Transfers.
W L McNair to A I) Sones, sat mtg Its
1, 2, blk 12, Martin's ad 1 Elnia.
C E Williams to II F White, mtg lots
10, 11, blk 28, lloquiam—s3oo.
J A Stanfield to Ernest tiuaiff, sat mtg
lot 5, blk 40, Ontario add Hoquiam-f339.
A S Fife to John Cooper, chat mtg
building lot 0, blk 51, lloquiam—ssoo.
W F Cooper et al to F W Thurber,
clijit mtg stock and tools—s3o3.
A Dahl vs Craft & Son, lien for labor—
O L Aubol to K Durney, mtg s : tf of
ne'- 4 sec 23, and '.j ol nw'- 4 sec 24-21
11—$12 0.
J N Wilder to Jos Mauermann, mtg
luts 1.2,3. blk 4, Luark's add Mont-$350.
N.it'l Bank to E K Bishop
et al, release of ch it mtg machinery.
Montesno shingle Co to Montesano
>tate Hank, chat mtg machinery—ssooo.
Geo Geissler t j D C Simons, sat mtg
w 1 j of -w 4 sec 35-18-8 —$1275.
D C Simons to F rtVlekind, mtg w}j
of nw l 4 sec 35-18-8—51250.
Century Furniture Co to Columbia
Theater, Co, sat n n .-ale.
Coe vt Brady to F, \ Boatman, chat
mtg stock drugs, etc —?i"SO.
Nelson vt Bennett Co to R S Jackson,
assignment of j idgment against Nelson
A Brecht.
S W I'earson to K I" Dahney et al, re
lease of at aehment lots in biks4l, 42,4 ,
45, Aberdeen.
K r Dabney to S \V Pearson, mtg e} 2
lot 5, blk 42. Aberdt-eu—s32-'.
W B Mack et il to Public, articles of
incorporation Stanton Land Co.
Chas Veysey to PuMic, atiidavit reviv
ing notice of mt« executed by McFadden
& Met'all.
U S to Annie? ni'h ' W dsh), receiver's
receipt sw' 4 *ec 1 15 6—sl2.
Helen E Moulton to fuog Luud, mtg
The Boston The Boston
Of Merit for Less than \ ou'il Expect to Pay.
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tested and best known makes. Our rapidly
increasing business in this department is proof.
Women's Dongola Kid
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Cuban and military heels.
Solid leather throughout.
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Hoys' Stone Wall Shoes.
Seamless, extra well made,
solid as a rock.
Sizes 12 to *2 1»59
24 to 5 1.80
Here is another snap. 45 Misses' and Ladies
COATS. Trimmed and finished throughout. Colors —
Tan, Brown Black and Fancy Novelties. Sizes 14 years to
all sizes for ladies. Regular $10.00 and $12.50 07 QQ
quality, at each Of luU
You can do better at
lots t>, ", lilk 45, Nims' add Cos —$100.
E A Vlelette to John Damitio, mtg lots
li) to 24, blk 8, Benn's Central ad I Aber
Harriet Overton to F \V .Manuel, con
tracr of conditional sale stock of liquors,
etc, in Westport Bar—sßso.
Mrs. Overton to A C Giraid, con sale
piano—if 150.
Christina Russell to Hjaltnar Russell,
bill of sale interest in Stockholm saloon,
Aberdeen Masonic Building Associa
tion to Public, notice of increase of capit
al stock from $15,000 to $25,000.
Lewis Brown to Isaac S Harmon, rel
of intg lot 2 and s} a of ne l -a sec 17, and
sw '4 of 11W4 sec 10 20-12—$ti00.
Lewis Brown to 1 S Harmon, rel of
tutg same—ssoo.
W Jacka it Son to Win Breen, con sale
Same tc H S Kress, same—sßs.
M II Arnot, trustee, to Hariy C Heer
inans, power o' attorney to release mtg
[ on land conveyed by East Hoquiam Co
to M II Arnot, trustee.
R S Jackson to Nelson & Rrecht, re
lease oi judgment in favor of Nelson,
Bennett Co, on lot in Benn's Cottage add
Gravs Harbor Lumber Co V' W J Gor
don, lieu f r material building on lot 19,
b k 54, On add Hoquiam—sl92.
Olynipia Brewing Co to 11 R McLeod,
sat mtg lot 3, blk 52, Hoquiam.
Vulcan Iron Works to Hamilton Bros,
I conditional sale engine—$2315.
Hamilton Bros to Vulcan Iron Works,
I chat ni'g lons —$2;>15.
Eusrene Ilile to Gustav Kalk, satisfies
L 1> 1100 l to C T Wooding, assignm't
of ni'g executed by .1 F Kyser.
CT 1 ooding to J J Green, sat mort
g ige— 4 >o.
J R Cioss et al to Public, articles of
incorporation Gloss S'eatii Laundry Com
Martha J Estes to Chaa E Estes, s«t
Nelson & Shaw to Public, notice of l"g
brand Diamond A.
A J Romans vs Chas Martin, lien for
laDor iot 7, Ui& 12, lluq uaui—>_J.
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A J Romans vs H Phelps, mechanics
lien It 0, blk 28, Campbell's add Ho-Fll.
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anteed. t
following letters remain uncalled for
in the Aberdeen pnstottice for the week
ending Oct. 10, 1905.
Brydou, Hugh Martinson, I.illie
Bennett. John McCabe, Robert
Curtis, K B Nelsen, Gust
Charpie, Artnand Nelson, Earick
Dineen, Anna Nielgou, II B
Fird, E H Nielson, l'eter F
Griffith, John S O'Gorman, Joseph
Gray, Lnella l'ailer, F
(lines, James Khines, George
Keyset', Mrs J Smith, Mrs li
King, Mrs F B Tuttle, \V J
Kimball, l.ester Turnliaui, 11 M
Lake A Hop on Wig?tad, Hans
I.et'lair, Harry M Wilson, John
Lombard, Grace Wright, V, M
Leind, Minnie Wollekar, 11 C J
Lyons, Ethel
i'ersons catling for these letters will
please say "Advertised."
K. I'. Campbell. P. .M.
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induced by a friend to try Ballard's
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cured me sound and well. It was a won
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DR. PARENT'S •'»- 1W Illus
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columh:a medk al institi'tk,
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copy of your booklet and vour home treat
ment question blank. S Siuo
J. M. Lupton, Mgr.
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107 HlOrl •' 1 o
Ex-Receiver United States Land Office
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Land Office Practice
Reference*) Capital National Bank, Olrmplai
Washington S ti >ual Bank, Heattiei reonlei
Savings Hunk,
415 Pacific Block Seattle, Was
W)l. VA K (i L EU.
Boot- end Shoemaker
The repair shop at .(KIT'S "'SHOE
SIORK is omv .ion' in 111 v t*hari:i". I
an) the plot. Bhot>m tker, my work is
first, class a 1 : t ■ pr..;>'s .110 ruht.
Postofli ;e Block.
Call ami StM*
K. P. iokTHR
Choice In ' ~f
Freeh Candid -, >■ i ;i» and Nine.
2! . So. Ft \o.Td Wash
,4T' ■
i*\* >
I'm '
•Jhi* .|' •• :m -W-- 4j
Estimates, Plans and
Specifications Furnished.
Aberfleeii. Wasbintrton
of Washington for Chehalis County.
W. G. Hex, as Executor of the)
Estate of Jennie Dipinan,
T5 Plaiutiff, - Suramous .
Charles Dipmau, I
Defendant. J
The Stste of Washington to the said Charles
Dipman. Defendant;
You a»e hereby summoned *o nppepr within
•ixtv days after the date of the s rviee aud
publication of this summons, to-wit: within
sixty <lavs after the 9th dav of October, 1905,
aud defeud the above entitled nction in the
above entitled Court, an answer the complaint
of the plaintiff, and serve h copy of your ans
wer upon the undersigned atto-ueys nnd plain
riff at their office bel w stated, an i iu case of
your failure so to do. judgment will be ren
dered a.aiust you according to the demand of
the complaiut which ha« been filed with th«
clerk of said Court.
This aetiou is >«n action by »he pi intiff to
foreclose tax liens in certain real estate in
Chehalis Count}, Washington, held by the
plaiutiff against you, tne owner of said real
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
P. O. Address. Olymnia, l"h ston Co., Wash.
Office Address Suite 4. Bvrne Huilding.
Last publication Nov. 20, l'X>s.
Reward will He pai l fur trie AC
rIMBKK CI T I'TIMi (ill foil.iwilis; ' It'SL'l'i txid
iamln in Ohehali* conntv :
Two. 18-11: Sec 1, v 1-J of 1-4. s t-j of sw 1-4,
niul sol-i tec 12. 'it? l-i sec v■■ 1-2 of 1-1 sec 10;
-I'.' 11: u 1-J of ne 1-1. se 1-4 of u< 1-4. mid sl-2of
sec 12.
Twp. Nw 1-4 of «w 1-4 sec .S; e 1-2 of PC
l-l. sw 1-1 of sel-4. lot 7. an 1 >•.. 1-1 of sw 1-4 sec
, t>: n 1-j of ue 1-4. uw l» mu lue l-l of sw 1-4,
set 1 7.
Iwp. 1 n-9• s 1-2 of ii w 1-1, n 1 of sw 1-4. sec 5,
: se 1-4 mi- is; set- 20 <» 1-2 of s- !i 12. and SW
1-4 sec 2b: e 1-2 see 30; mi ne l iec 42.
i Iwp. i?eo 4, >1 2 s t . f U. t;, l « 1-2 of
1 nw 1-4 sec 14. ne 1-J of ne 1-4 s 1-2 .»f ue 1-4, sec
2u; ne 1-4 aud s 1-2 of * e 22
Twp. 17-7: Nw 1-4 s. • T2
' Twp. 17 5: E 1-2 »ec 34
"1 wp. ;9 SI 2 sec 2; vl2>f sw 1-1 sw 1-4 of
l "* * ee 4: e St '< *11 vv 1-4 M l Jr.
30 9; E 1-2 of nw i . i fsw MMO
-i 9V 8 * Bei • 0 ** w ' * n 1 e Bec
! ;li 1-". se« S; n 1-2 of se » ue 1-4 of »w 1-4 sec
f »:nwl-4of nw 4. aud swl-l - ' *w 1-4 se<
A, i u *-2of nwMsee 2V;an i u 1-: of u«. 1-4 sec 30
< Twp. -20-10: Ne 1-4 sec 22.
liKORUK L. Fi.sir» Jeuoit, \lichiuam
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