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Opinion of New England Papers on
Ohe Acfion of Derby, Connecficuf.
New York Posf Believes Ohe Peo
ple Can be TrusOed Oo DeOecO So
cialist Fallacies.
T e town of Derby, Connecticut, has I
barred Jack London's books from the '
public library, and requested its inhabit- j
ants to boycott all magazines containing j
his Btoiies. This is due to the fact that
-Mr. London in his recent lecture tour is 1
said to have made several anarchistic
remarks high'y derogatory to the govern
ment. This action on the j art of the |
town of Derby has provoked considerable j
pre?s comment. Toe Brooklyn Eagle
■evidently gives small credence to tie
supposed pernicious influence of Lou- j
don's remarks, saying that the writer is {
uot an anarchist, but a socialist, and j
that he sliould be judged not by his pec j
sonalitv but by his work. The majority
of press comment, however, is decidedly
against London, and the Rochester
Democrat and Chronicle makes a quota
tion from one of his recent lectures
which would seem to account for the
preponderance of unfavorable press j
"'When I write to a Socialist, I stat I !
the letter with the phrase, "Dear Com
rade," and i close the letter with the
phrase, "Yours lor the revolution."
That is the practice among 400,00b so- 1
cialists in the United States. There are |
throughout the civilized world 7,000,0.10 i
socialists, organized in a great interna
tional movement. Their purposes are
the destruction of bourgeois society, Un
doing away with ownership of capital
and with patriotism; in brief, the over
throw of existing society. We will be
content with nothing less than all power,
with the possession of the whole world.
We Socialists will wrest the power from
the present rulers. I?y war, if necessary
.Stop us if you can ! All capitalists nry
bad and all workingmen are good."
When a man raves like that there is no
•danger of his securing a very influential ,
following; but recent developments and
events have shown that in nearly every
community, certainly in every city,
there are a few persons who can be won j
over to anv program, however vicious or .
dangerous, that more brainy lunatics can
formulate, l'robably there is no danger
of Jack London making an attempt to
shoot a president or blow up the capitol
at Washington with dynamite; but his
denunciation of socidty, of the constitu
tion, and of the state may stimulate
some fool, fanatic, or criminal to assas
sination or arson."
The comment of the Manchester Union i
follows the spirit of the preceding, re- |
marking that "the people have arrived I
at a point where they demand something '
like decency in an indivi lual, regardless i
of his mental attainments:"
"Jack London is comparatively young. ;
It may be that his literary success has |
turned his head. He this as it may, a
man who publicly, and with apparent ;
pride, tells an intelligent audience that j
lie is an anarchist, and that he is in
favor of overthrowing the government, i
deserves not merely to lie rebuked, but j
to be ignored. If a man should come I
into any law-abiding community and
suggest the murder of some person, he 1
would be given a quietus forthwith, j
Why, then, should the plaudits of the j
reading world be given to a man who is
confessedly a believer in a doctrine which
advocates lawlessness and wholesale j
murdet ?"
A protest is made by tlio Xe.v York
Evening l'ost against the imposition of,
arbitrary individual standards upon •.bo;
readers of Derbj Neck:
"Tlio sure way to convert people to a >
political heresy is to put a ban on the
propaganda and make martyrs of the!
missionaries. If history has proved any*
thins, it has proved that. On the other
band, the way to keep men's minds sane j
atnl wholesome on these subjects is to
allow them to read and discuss to their
heart's content. Tin' books by socialists
are, after all, tliu one irrefutable argu
ment against socialism. If the people
cannot be trusted to puncture the falla
cies which abound in these entertaining
discourses, the case for constitutional
government is, by that very fact, hope
lessly lost."
leseiv iosu
To our many friends and patrons we
wish to state that the report being circu
lated regarding our closing out ot busi
ness is erroneous and uncalled for.
We aie doing a good business and
appreciate your patronage. We are here
to stay. Yours truly,
Maxey & Co.
The Ladies Take a Hand and CasO
Nearly One-half of Ohe ToOal 436
Voles. Weatherwax and OOarO are
Elecfed Hands Down. All Building
Proposi lions Carried.
The line weather .Saturday afternoon
had considerable to do with running up
the number ol votes east at the school
elections to 430- The ladies were inter
ested, and turned out in force, easting
neatly one-half of the vote. Had the
weather been stormy the lady vote would
have b en much lighter, although more
interest was generally manifested in this
election than in any previous school
election in Abeideen.
Carl S. Weatherwax ami Waldo W.
Hart seemed to Oe the prime favorites,
Hart receiving a majority of 170 over C.
". L. Huberts, and Weatherwax 195 over
It. N. Moody, while It. E. Foy received
Hi votes.
The following is the vote in detail:
For ttnee year term —
Waldo W. Hart 297
C. I'. L. Roberts 127
Hart's maj irity 170
For two year teim —
C. S. Weatherwax 297
It. N. Moody 102
It. E. Foy 10
Weatherwax majority over all 179
The special questions submitted were
all carried with but slight opposition, as
will be seen by the vote:
For building new school house 372
Against " " " " 15
For purchase of site 325
Against " " 37
For issuance of if 20,000 bonds 441
Against '* •' " .. 27
Doctors are Puzzled.
The remarkable recovery of Kenneth
Mclver, of Vanceboro, Me., is the subject
of much interest to medical frater
nity and a wide circle of friends. He
says of his case: "Owing to severe in- j
Hammation of the Throat and congestion
of the Lungs, three doctors gave me up
to die, when, as a last resort, I was in
duced to try Dr. King's New Discovery
and I am happy to say, it saved my
life." Cures the worst coughs and colds,
bronchitis, tonsilitis, weak lungs,
hoarseness and lagrippe. Guaranteed at
Red Cross Pharmacy. :>oc and $1.00.
Trial bottle free.
Lecture by P. 11. Scullin,
al Methodist Church
This Evening.
The Industrial l'eace meeting to be
held this (Monday) evening, in the M. K.
church, has created a great deal of inter
est among our citizens, and especially
those who have paused to think of what
the future must bring forth if some just
and wise plan of national scope, satis
factory to the people at large, i 9 not
adopted w hereby all future labor troubles
can and shall be settled without strikes,
boycotts, blacklists and attendant evils.
The plans of the National Industrial
Peace Association, which Mr. Scullin
will submit to the people of Aberdeen at
tonight's meeting, are so widely en
dorsed by the unions, employers, asso
ciations, manufacturing and commercial
bodies, that there seems to be no doubt
of their merit and practicability. It is
therefore to be hoped that every em
ployer in this city and vicinity and every
business man will show their employes
that they take a sincere interest in every
ell'ort to improve on the past and present
industrial conditions by attending this
meeting; nothing is more discouraging
to the workingmen than to find that
their employers are indifferent to their
mutual interests. It is also to be hoped
the workingmen will turn out in force,
and by their presence show they are ever
ready to give their moral support to any
movement which will allay strife or lay
the foundation for a blighter and more
peaceful future. If we refuse to see or
hear, then indeed will we never solve
this most important of all problems—The
Labor (Question. Let us at least show
that we desire peace by attending this
important meeting tonight.
P. H. Sci'i.Liy.
The Best Cough Syrup.
P. 1,. Apple, ex-I'roba'e .fudge, Ottawa
Co., Kansas, writes: "This is to say
, that I have used ISallard's Horehound
Syrup for years, and that I do not hesi
tate to recommend it as the best cough
syrup I have ever used." 25c, 50c and
sfl. Sold by Shelley's Drug Store, m
By Martin E. Robinson, of Chicago, at
Ohe;congregaOlonal Church, Thurs
day and Friday Evenings, March
S and 9. A (irand Chorus of Sev
enty-five Selected Voices.
The rehearsals for the coming produc
tion of the sacred opera "B"lshazzar," at
the Congregational church next Thurs
day and Friday evenings, give promise
of the greatest musical treat ever enjoyed
in Aberdeen. Resides a chorus of 7~>
voices, Some of Aberdeen's favorite
soloists will be heard. Reserved seats
can he had at l'aine's drug store.
This sacred opera is a most vivid rep
resentation of times ami places which aie
now occupying the thoughts and labors
of the world's greatest archeologists. The
story of Helshazzar equals in its intensity
and dramatic interest Shakespeare's
greatest mastei pieces, and does historic
ally for the Jewish people what the hard
of Avon has done for his Anglo-Saxon
ancestors. It tells how, on the day of
Babylonian magnificence and profligacy,
the miglitjr monarch Relshazzar gave a
great feast to all the lords of his king
dom and polluted the sacred vessels
which had been stolen from the Jewish
temple in Jerusalem in the days of Neb
nchadnezza. \\ bile the wild orgie was
at its height and while they drank wine
from the holy chalices, a blazing message
of warning appeared upon the wall of the
banquet hall, which neither the king nor
his wisd men could read or interpret.
There was then brought before the king
the comely Jewish youth, Daniel, who
was able to read in the mystic characters
the doom of his heathen captors, whose
mighty walled city in that same night
fell into the hands cf the Persian army
and the great King lielshazzar was slain.
Always Keep Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in the House.
"We would not be without Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. It is kept on
hand continually in our home," says W.
W. Kearney, editor of the Inedpendent,
Lowry City, Mo. That is just what every
family should do. When kept at hand
ready for instant use, a cold may be
checked at the outset, and cured in much
less time than after it has become settled
in the system. This remedy is also with
out, a peer for croup in children, and will
prevent the attack when given as soon
as the child becomes hoarse, or even
after the croupy cough appears, which
can only be done when the remedy is
kept at hand. For sale by Evans Drug
C' • in
Firm Attitude of Atloting Agent
Archer has Good Effect.
Moclips, March 3.—The trouble with
the Quiuault In ians is about settled,
although there is still a chance of an
outbreak. Two escaped Indian convicts
who have been making the reservation
their home for years are said to be the
cause of the trouble, and any breaks by
them will mean their arreßt.
Agent Archer is iriven credit for the
way he handled the trouble-makers.
With a little firmness lie succeeded in
convincing the Indians that mob vio
lence would not be tolerated for a min
ute where tiie lives of the government
employes under his command are con
Afflicted With Rheumatism.
"I was and am yet alHictedwith iheu
matism," says Mr. J. O. Bayne, editor
of the Herald, Addington, Indian Ter.
ritory, "but thanks to Chamberlain's
Pain Balm am able once more to attend
to business It is the best of liniments."
If troubled with rheumatism give l'ain
Halm a trial and you are ceitain to be
more than pleased with the prompt re
lief which it afford?. One application
relieves the pain. For sale by Evans
Drug Co. ni
Free Lecture - Industrial Peace \
——————————————— ——
General Secretary and Manager National Industrial ;
Peace Association, will lecture
in the Methodist Church. FREE. No collection
taken. Ladies especially invited.
The Nation is Under no Obligation
Oo Admit Anybody That will
Injure its Own People. Welfare
of People of Greater Importance
Than Commerce.
For several years various pretexts have
been resorted to in certain quarters in
the hope of cultivating a sentiment favor
able to a material change, if not actual
repeal, of tlie Chinese exclusion act.
This agitation has now 'aken on serious
proportions and is supported to s con
siderable extent by the so-called Chinese
boycott. In the opinion of the Ameri
cans having some acquaintance with the
situation in China this boycott was not
instituted so much in the spirit of resent
ment as for the purpose of bringing pres
sure to bear to secure a modification of
the exclusion law.
In the opinion of well informed men
the excuse for this boycott will be re
moved whenever it. shall be demonstrated
beyond a doubt that the American gov
ernment will not yield its position in
protecting the American laborer from
the death dealing competition that will
coine from any material change in the
exclusion act.
The Chinese question is one that
effects the entire country, uot the Pacific
coast alone or the laboring men alone.
It is true that the Paciiic coast would
feel the evil effects of Chinese emigration
first, and it is also true that the laboring
men would come into immediate contact
with Oriental labor, but in its ultimate
inlluence the subject touches all parts of
the country and reaches all classes.
The question is whether we are going
to buiid up a strong independent, up
right and patriotic people and develop a
civilization that will exert a helpful in
fluence on all tins world, or whether we
are going to be agieedy, grasping nation,
forgetful of high ideals and concerned
only it. making money.
Asiue from present-day i retexts,
Chinese immigration isdefended by those
who E)elieve that ' universal brother
hood" requires us to welcome to our
shores all people of all la::ds. This iB
the sentimental argument advanced in
favor of Chinese iinmigiation. There is i
no more reason why we should construe |
"brotherhood" to require the admission
of all people to our countiy than [there
is that we should construe "brother
hood" to require the dissolution of family
ties. The family is a unit; it is the place
where character and virtue and useful
ness are developed, and from the family
a good or evil influence emanates. It is
not necessary nor even wise that the
family environment should be broken
up or that all who desire entrance should
he admitted to the family circle. In a
larger sense a nation is a family. It is
the center for the cultivation of national
usefulness. A nation is under no obliga
tion to the outside world to admit any
body or anything that would injuriously
effect the national family; in fact it is
under obligation to itself not to do so.
The influence of the United States will
be much more potent for good if we re*
ma : n a homogeneous nation with all
citizens in full sympathy with all other
citizens. No distinct race like the
Chinese can come into this country
without exciting a friction and a race
prejudice which will make it more dilli
cult for us to exercise a wholesome inllu
ence upon the Chinese in China, not to
speak of our influence in other nations.
Cured Consumption.
Mrs. B. W. Evans, Clearwater, Kan.,
writes, my husband lay sick for three
inontlis. The doctors said lie had quick
consumption. We procured a bottle of
Ballard's Horehound S.-rup and it cured
him. That was six yeais ago and since
then we have always bept a bottle in the
house. We cannot do without it. For
coughs ami colds it has no equal. 25c,
50c and $1.00. Sold by Shelley's Drug
Store. ni
Our customers appreciate that we
handle the very best and most re
liable goods,a nd sell them for less
than our competitors sell inferior
Geo. J. Wolff
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Express Piano and
AND w p urn ' ture
Drayage Moving
Latest Styles
S0B ' Hiiiiiillou i,,l( ' Oordoi
business men
regard the matter ui wearing perfectly
V! ;y,l ,7V- ~f\ \J/A \ tilting garments as one of paramount ini
'lif portance. The prosperous, successful,
Pi r well-to-do man is never "slouchy" in
either his business dealings or in his at
~ V \\i Vi(T I 1 tire; therefore dress yourself as you con-
I k~\ \ J ■ ■j| "*- r " dut a successful comm >rcial venture on
—-*M II \ aiv »§"•"" good, sound, sensible principles, tiet
•M 11-i' uii- - vo,lr clothing made by Anderson anil
~ \lf 1 < J yfj look as prosperous as a successful man
Zelasko Furniture Co.
S. J. KOLTS, Proprietor
General house outfitters
Second liand goods bought and sold.
Agents for Ostermoor Mattresses.
415 E. Wishkah Phone 1601
Our Removal Sacrificing Sale
February 15
H*- 9 3 "/J
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No. 50

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