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Aberdeen Herald.
P ttilisbed "vci \ x onilay and Thursday I
■mo. J. <!\KVBvThiliMr and Proprietor !
Entered at the Post-oflßce at Aberdeen, \S ash., ]
M second-class maii matter j
„ *2.00 '
One year * I
Six months
One vt ir, cash in nil*, h tier ;
The Herald ie the oldest paper on
Gray? Harbor, arid has a larger circu
lation than any other paper in Chehalis
county. Advertising contracts are
baaed upon this claim ot circulation,
and all money due on contracts execu
ted under this statement, will be for
telted if the statement be not absolute
ly true.
An Indianapolis editor, !• red L. Purdy,
was sent to jail recently and mulcted
in the sum of to boot. The charge
was contempt of thecouitin which the
criminal judge who sentenced him pre-
Bided The lonhnipt consisted in criti
cising the judge on account of his persist
ent demands that the chief of police be
indicted for political activity. allien
one grand jury failed to indict the chibf
other jurors were called. After thus
"packing the jury," as Purdy's paper
alleged, the chief was at length indicted,
but afterward the indictment was set
aside as null and void.
Ernest Bross, editor of the Stir, was
before the same grand jury that ended
in the Purdy trouble. Bross is known
on the coast, having formerly been edi
tor of the Oregonian.
The unpleasant tangle arose shortly
after the recent republican convention,
in which Alford, the judge who sen
tenced Purdy, was defeated. Purdy's
paper, the Sun, has opposed his re-elec
tion in a sane and effective inauner that
eeems to have left a sore in the judicial
Of course the matter will not worry
Purdy very much, even if lie has to
serve the sentence, but it should give
tlie public a number of moments of sol
emn thought. Has the time come in
this country when a newspaper cannot
criticise a court?
Lately there has been what almost
amounts to a general and concerted
movement among politicians to curb the
freedom of the press. Legislatures, fear
ing exposures, have adopted laws wholly
contrary to the American idea of popular
government, freedom of speech, religious
affiliations and the press, and in certain
sections judges, goaded by unfriendly
criticism, have contrived various means
of striking their enemies. It is true that
incases >t i- perfectly proper for courts
to act, but it is most unusual that drastic
action is justifiable against reputable
newspapers, yet such action is not un
The "muck rake," about which many
unfair things have lately been said,
along with much that is commendatory,
has never done better service than it is
doing today. The piess of the United
States wii" in v. 1 more cleanly and hon
orable t; :.t present. That is the
very reason for Hie attitudes struck by
some of ih" leu'i-i itmes and courts. The
newspnp. i' <| t say arid do things
now t! ' u sy w il l iiot have risked a
few years ago, and the result is a clean
ing up t.ll along governmental lines.—
Tacoma .News.
Writing 011 the food question in the
June delineator, Mary I tinman Abel
makes llie statem.-nt that "Dirt in con
tact with food is doing more harm tlinn
all the preservatives anil coal-tar colors,
(or in the popular understanding of that
word, dirt covers dnst and all that is in
it; all that results from contract with in.
sect or otl.er animal life, and whatever is
breaking up into simpler compounds un
der the action of bacteria, or what is de
cayed and diseased. The tubercle bacil
lus is known to exist in street dust.
"The Hesitation of Ciisella," by Edith
Macvane, is the title of the novelette
wLich opens the June number of The
Smart Set. It is a charming Btory, the
scenes of which are laid in France; the
period, however, is modern and the story
is of an appealing character which will
win for it many admirers.
The American lien, pluming herself on
the eulogy recjntly delivered upon her
usefulness by a congressman, has now
entered the lists as a trust buster, Four
teen million two hundred thousand eggs
were recently shipped into Chicago in
one day, and the beef trust ia said to be
taking notice.
According to the American Protective
Tariff Association, tariff revision "at the
bands of the republican party, seems to
be a long way off." "Seems" is a good
word. Cut the democrats will be called
upon next fall to do that job. i
Knox says congress can regulate rates
but it must be careful not to regulate
them too hard. Knox, knocks with
gloves, as it were.
The explanation department of the
canal commission lias the dredging de
partment !■ .'. ' !o a standstill.
"There is but one effective way to
break up the trusts, anil that is by re
vision of the tariff," truthfully observes
the Daily Bulletin, and we rise to con
gratulate our esteemed contemporary
upou i's belated realization of a truism
we democrat have been pieaching for
10, these many years.
The Tenth lowa congressional district
republican convention refused to com
mend President Roosevelt for appointing
Mi. Shaw as secretary of the treasury.
The president and secretary may settle
between themselves which is the victim
of the snub.
The steel trust has announced that in
spite of the increased demand there will
he no increase in the price of steel rails,
the tiust being willing to accept about
a ton more troni American consumeis
than they receive from their foreign
The bill prohibiting insurance com
panies from contributing to campaign
funds is likely to become a law, but the
policy holder who imagines that it will
also clip the grafter's wings, has another
guess coining to him.
Congressman Towne is delaying the
promised exposure of the President, and
there is a suspicion, that, after another
look at the famous Koosevelt smile, he
decided to examine his data a little tnore
The papers are now printing the pic
tures of the San Francisco heroes, but so
far they eeem to tiave overlooked the
man who insisted on paying his hotel
bill while the building was falling down.
It would be a great joke if Engineer
Stevens would have the canal completed
before congress decides whether it ought
to be on the level or below the level.
Mr. Garfield denies that lie promised
the packers immunity. Doubtless ttiey
were deceived by Mr. Garfield's con
It took the pure food bill four years to
come to a vote in the senate. Senator
Smoot need not begin packing hia trunk
just yet.
The man who preaches that the Ameri
can nation has become heartless, will
not find himself very popular in San
If the republicans of lowa are telling
the truth about each other, it is surpris
ing that more of them are not In jail.
That Chicago grand jury indicted John
A. Cooke thirty-one times and then
stopped. Perhaps it got tired.
The czar might get points from Speak
er Cannon, on the absolute control of
parliamentary assemblies.
School Warrants Called.
County Tieaßurer Taylor has called for
payment the following school warrants,
upon which interest ceased May 19:
Hist. — fund. War. Date issued.
;;—gen OK Jan 27, 1900
s—gen 493 Feb 8, 19j6
o—gen 1180 lan 27, 1905
7—ge 114 Mar 23,1900
B—an 188 Mar 5,1H06
9—ge -'2:5 Apr28,190(5
11 —ge 209 Jan 25, 19.i5
12—ge 207 April, 1900
13—ge 110 Nov 18,1905
14—an 212 May 4, 1905
15 —gen 181 Apr 9, 190(1
10 —an 90 Apr 0,1900
18 —ge 33 Feb 7. 19)0
19—ge 190 Jan 20. 1900
22 —any 190 Feb 3, 1900
20 —ge 131 Apr 28, 1900
28—gen 2284... ; Mar 31,1900
30 —gen 400 Nov 30, 1904
32 —gen 83 Nov 3, 1905
37 —gen 121 Mar 30,1900
41—any 53J£ Feb 9, 1905
45 —gen 240 Apr 28, 190(1
47 —ge 134 Mar2o, 1904
48 —an 335 Feb 5, 1900
49 —ge 15 Sept 25,1905
50—ge 128 Feb 22, 190".
51 —,je 130 Jan 22, 1906
54—gen 202 Feb 14, 1894
56 —gen 101 Dec 20, 19j5
62—gen 14 May 17,1905
04 —ge 133 Apr 13, 1900
05 —ge 20 Jan 20, 1900
67 —any 35 Aug 25, 1905
09—gen 63 Jan 26, 1900
70—ge 37 Dec 22, 1905
71—ge 11 Oct 24, 1904
Of Pour Daring Aerialists Secured by
Norris & Rowe.
One of the most attractive and endur
ing features under the white tents of a
circus arena is that of the aerial bar per
formers. Even when the horizontal bar
act is performed upon the ground it holds
the undivided attention of the audience,
but when these same horizontal bars are
placed high in the air and the same diffi
cult and dangerous feats are accom
plished, then the act becomes of more
absorbing interest. Norris & Rowe, by
long experience realized the value of
having the most skillful and renowned
artists that could be engaged to perform
this act, and so when tbey had the op
portunity of engaging the Pour Picard
Troupe they quickly grasped it and ac
ceded lo the demands of the large salary
asked. That their judgment in the
selection was good, is evidenced by the
praise of newspaper critics and the thun
derous applause that greets the act in
every city played. The clean lim'bed,
graceful acrobats, flying through space
and accomplishing seemingly incredible
eatß upon the elevated bars is most
atscinating. In conjunction with the
great host of other acts, Norris & Rowe
will present the Four Picard Crotheis
here Thursday, May 31.
A Made-to-Measure
Blue Serge ||g||^
of single or double-breasted $ mjff t V IWM
design, is the most conser- | jMfi.'.f // |j KS
vatively correct expression | ||j |I
of refined lasliion in dress. KWfjjj I ||l
Nowhere else can you j|W i|| /
find such a coinprehe isive KM ®|l
collection of models for M (MIMTIiO .
Spring and Summer as in
our complete series of hand
some tashion plates speci- scientifically tested for col< r
ally designed by the leading ai ,d textile strength; beau
custom-tailors, tifitl worsteds in new gray
__ shades; fine cheviots in plain
and fancy effects; the latest
B. STERi* & SON tweeds, flannel - cassimeres,
Exclusivo Custom Tailors c c ~ ,
1 lie fit, finish and tailor-
NEW YORK j 0 p OU] . custom-made
suits is of the highest grade
possible. Nothing is neg
whom we represent here. lecte(] to make the BEST
Nowhere else can you garments money can buy
see such a superb array of and vet our prices are liard
exclusively smart fabrics ly more than half those of
from which to choose — other fashionable custom
splendid quality serges, tailors.
Let us take your order at once
for the 30th of May.
116 South G St. Aberdeen, Wash.
additional local.
c. C. Hillier, a cousin of VV. B.
Fetterman am! prominent citizen of
Cooi>erstown, l'a., who lias been making
an extended tour of the Pacific Coast,
left this morning for his home, after
visiting a week with Mr. and Mrs. VV.
B. Fetterman. Mr. Hillier visited Ab
erdeen 16 year* ago during the boom,
when he invested in realty in Aberdeen
which he still owns.
The farm dwelling of Mr. Becken
hauer, on the N»ushkah river, was to
tally destroyed by fire Friday, together
witii a number of incubators and chicken
houses. The house was occupied by the
sons of Mr. Beckenliauer, who have no
idea how the fire originated. No insur
ance had yet been placed on the house,
but Mr. Beckenhauer will rebuild at
At the meeting of Womer of Wood
craft Thursday night, the following offi
cers were elected: Guardian neighbor,
Mrs. J. M. Bowes; vice guardian, Mary
Crawford; adviser, Mrs. Hever; magi
cian, .Mrs. Michaels; attendant, Mrs.
Jones; musician, Mis. Grace Lewis
Saurborn; inner sentinel, Mrs. McNa
niee; outer sentinel, Maude Lewis;
managers, Airs. Pearson and Mrs. Coons.
Vessels Coming and Going and Loading at the
Saw Mills.
The Rchooner Philippine is loading at
the Union mill for Honolulu.
The schooner R. C. Slade is at the
Slade mill loading for San Pedro.
The schooner W. G. Watson is at the
Union mill loading for San Pedro.
The schooner Comet is loading at the
American mill for Santa Barbara.
The steamer Centralia sailed yesterday
from the Slade mill for San Pedro.
The schooner Mary Dodge is at the
Wilson mill, loading for San Francisco.
The schooner William Olson is loading
at the Bryden & Leitch mill for San
The schooner Saucilito arrived in port
Thursday, and is at the American mill,
loading for San Pedro.
The steamer Santa Monica arrived in
port Satuidav, and is loading at the
American mill for Santa Barbara.
Tho schooner John C. Meyer sailed
Saturday from the Aberdeen Lumber &
Sningle mills for San Francisco. On the
way down the harbor, the Meyer ran on
the mud flats, and had to wait for high
tide Sunday to get off and put to sea.
for Week Ending May 19, by C. H.
Robinson, Observer.
| o*o
Temperature*'" § T
j"~a i j Weather.
s » 5m £
• 2 a) "3 <S —
! = I 111 l
13 tW 44 .20 Cloudy
14 5 1 ) 48 .33 i "
15 55 43 .78 "
10 58 40 .15 Part Cloudy
17 55 37 .12 Cloudy
18 58 37 .21 ;
10 59 47 .05 ] Part Cloudy
i * ' i
■- --V.:h~. "v "" ~ . " '' ;
♦ -
Aberdeen Undertaking Parlors
406 E. Wishkah St.
Lady. Attendants
Phnnpc office 575
r IIUIILIJ Residence 424
Pictn re F* reime
Pictures F" ra lTiecl
promptly at
bottom prices
all countries, or no lee. Wo obtain PATENTS I
THAT PAY. advertise them thoroughly, at uui ■
expense, and help you to success. B
fiend model, photo or sketch for FREE report H
on patentability. 20 years' practice. SUR- I
Book on Profitable Patents write to H
803-503 Seventh Street. I
While Seattle Wins Almost Every
thing at Athletic Meet.
A number of High school pupils ac
companied the Ab rdeen athletic team
to Seattle Saturday, to witnrss the an
nual interscbolastic track and field meet,
at the university grounds. This wa9 the
first year thai the Aberdeen High school
participated in the meet, and the fact
that they equaled the Spokane team and
excelled those of Rellingham, Ballard,
Wenatchee, Olympia and Ellensburg,
was sufficient to b'ing the boys home in
good hn i.or.
Following is the Aberdeen team:
Stewart, Leo Johnson, Con Mctiillicnd
dy, L. Beckenhi ner, Knapp, Madison,
Shipman, Cross, Phillips, Dan McGilli
cuddy, Whitfield, Matzen.
The scores made by the different cities
represented are as follows :
Seattle, 78; Tacoma, 10; Centralia, 15;
Everett, 12; Walla Walla, 5; Spokane, 3;
Aberdeen, 3; Ballard, Bellingham, Wen
atchee, Olympia and Ellensburg, 0.
Stop Grumbling
if you suffer from rheumatism or pains,
for Ballard's Snow Liniment will bring
quick relief. It is a sure cure for sprains,
rheumatism, contracted muscles and all
pains—and within the reach of all.
Price 25c, 50c, $1.00. C. R. Smith, Ten
aha, Tex., writes: I have used Ballard's
Snow Liniment in my family for years
and have found it a fine remedy for
all pains ami aches. I recommend it for
pains in the chest. Sold by Shelley's
Drug Store.
Wearing Commencement Time
Soon parents and friends of coming graduates
will he looking tor gift suggestions. There is,
without question, nothing better suited to this
purpose than jewelry. We are showing some
new and fancy designs in
Brooches Collarettes Necklaces
Hat Pins Scarf Pins Buttons
Crosses Waist- Sets Buckles
Novelties Rings Fountain Pens
Burnett Bros.,
Seattle Aberdeen Chehalis
That S. K. Bowes will buy your house or your lot,
or he will sell them for you.
Small payment down—monthly payments.
Some good bargains in houses 011 easy terms.
CMcn Bart. Hice 1 catinii, gooa market, easy lerms.
214 South G Street Telephone 7UI
But One Price for All
Some of our competitors allege that we sell gocds cheap
er in Cosmopolis than in Aberdeen.
The fact is they are sore over their inability to meet
us either in prices or quality of goods.
The youngest child can buy of us as well as the
shrewdest old bargain hunter.
A Square Deal for All is Our Motto
New South Aberdeen Store
R. E. FOY, Proprietor.
Superior Stoves and Ranges
Arc the BEST
Good Bakers and Last a Lifetime
H. L. Cook & Co.
Hardware Dealers. Mill and Logging Supplies
Ship Chandlery and Building Hardware.
314 E. Heron St. Telephone 1551
BILLY McDONALD. Proprietor and Manager
Vaudeville Show House
On the Pacific Coast
» Dancing Every Evening •
Copletely Equipped and
In Connection
"The Rng with the Velvet Finish"
New Idea Ruas
Made of your OLD CARPET
Artistic Rag Rugs Rag Carpels
Hugs from Old Clieneille Tortieres
Silk I'ortieren, etc.
Full information upon request
975 Harrison St. Seattle
Largest exclusive rug and. rag carpet
factory in the northwest.
City Library and Reading Room
Open from 2 to 5:30 and 7 to op. U i
Sundays 2 to 5:30 p. m.
Visitors always welcome
MRS, J. M. WALKER' Librarian
Bicycle Shop
Bell Brothers
Quick and Durable
Large line of %ires in stock
Wheels for sale and rent
SOS South F St.
Druggists' Sundries
Perfumes, toilet articles
and stationery
E. L. K. riMMACf
Quality Drui; Store
304 E. Heron St. Tel. 59g

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