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AVierdeen Herald.
rubii-tieil ** v Monday ami lhuiH«ia\
•9NO* J. CIAHNFY, Ecllt«r and Proprietor
Entered at rbe Post-otfioe at Aberdeen, W a»h..
m Becoad-clas« uiAii matter
One year *-- >v
Six months
One yet' • casl HdvßtU' 1 0
The Herald is the oldest paper on
Grays Harbor, and has a larger circu
lation than any other paper in Chehalis
cauntv. Advertising contracts are
bswsed upon this claim ot circulation,
•ad all monev due on con'racts execu
ted under this statement, will be for
feited if the statement be not absolute
ly true,
If the inspired dispatches in Republi
can pa-j" -S -re true, republican national
leaders have decided to break wi'h tie
labor lea '< T - aho have lieretofore been
(ran Iso useful to then). It is now near
ly thirty years since the republican pat
ty began te fool the labor si ntirr.ent of
the chi itry wi' li i's cry of "protection
to American labor." The protection
has turned out to be for the trusts and
those interested in them and not at all
for ft:e wurkii g i lasses ; but with a
strange fotuitv wo: lirigmen wi h their
mer en p v •!itier pail have been tod
dling a!< i g behind republicans, like lit
tle school l oys tunning after the circus
wa,»»ns a- they pass through the village
tlnnk ng the thoughts and saying the
words of the prospei'ns. But now that
the great financial interests have se
cured their tariff piivilrges and estab
lished themselves in econonrc power,
republican leaders feel 11.at they can af
ford to come to an issue with organized
l.ibor in jnjlities, and organized labor is
i< beginning to hear the snapping of their
finder' and to catch now an 1 then an
e ho of 'heir oral jocularly.
Our socia'i-t friends are said to be
p'aying a litile game with the republican
pirtv in this county, with a view to
securing tl e election of one of their iaitb
to the li gislature. Ah the storv gees, the
scheme is to place no socialist ticket in
th? field this fall, but to associate with
the dominant paitj —dining the prim
aries a r letst—so as to secure a bunch of
their deleg-tte? in theet unty convent] n
wh 'te i' • e woid will be to trade any tiling
for tbt ii canditlate for legislature. The
fact that the socialists, who usual.
name their r■ ■ kets early in the similiter,
have not v<t , ailed a county convention,
1 nds i o or to the story.
Tie recklessness that usualiy prevails
ie savii..' i-i' i erty attin.es of the wa*
once more exemplified at the blazi in
IE ist Aberdeen lecently, when mote
<latn,igei;hi.n benefit tesulud from e.tte
less ban lins; 'if jt'ioii-. It occur ted to
B'veral onlookers that it would be well
o i those occasions to have a member of
the fire department to attend solely to
the removal of goods, anil allow none
handled until in lis judgment tl ey were
in danger, and then see to it that what
was carried cut was really saved, no}
broken ti| or damaged.
The galled jade winces. When the
1) .ran gets stumped in a controversy
with one of Jits local contemporaries it
invariably trots out that old chestnut
®Vmt the Hkkald and Bulletin agreeing
On a profitable price for the citv adver
tising, calling it robbery. This for a pa
pjr whose existence depends upon or
giuizations for the purpoee of combining
t.) enhance the cost of what they have
for tale is—Aw! what's the use?
State Senator O'Donneil ie unfortunate
in the selection of lien Oppenhtimer as
a booster in this section. The senator,
in all probability, does not know the
4j:oiked reputation of the man or he
Would shun him like a pestilence, for
personal rea.-ons as well as political.
The government printing office spends
,COO, save former foreman Milo
Shanks, for spying on the employes.
W lien you get a republican political ma
chine like the G. 0. ?. at work, it is
costly and leads to all kinds of outrages
on the workmen. Turn the rascals out.
I'atteitoii, X. J- factory girls have
struck because their wages have been
reduced to *4 a week. Thus is lepubli
cau prosperity and tariff protection 'not
standiiig fat cn wages.
A good many republican statesmen say
thev are in favor of reform, but from
their antecedents and general connec
tion with trusts, railroads and other
predaory corporations it appears not
violently so. Senator Dryden, of New
Jersey, is one of these, and like Senator
E kins, of West Virginia, he stood for
and suppor ed by voice # and vote e\er\
great measure that adorns the matchless
i, cord of the recent session of congress."
"It seems to me," says this modern pil
lar of reform, "that the mental attitude
of I'residen' Roosevelt towards public
questions of our day i- a fine blening of
a broad and courageous progesfiveness
with a wise and steady conservatism that
is altogether admirable." To be progres
sive ami conservative at the same time
may be Roseveltian but hardly in unison,
any more than the attitude of these other
republican statesmen who are trying to
appear to be for vox populi and are
actually for plutocracy. Perhaps this
dial nien'al condition is what draws
ti, e se senators so closely to the presi
dent. Senator Dryden, like Senator
Eikins, of course stands pit and upon
that and the Rock of Uibralter, that pajs
him *i; 5,000 a year salary, he stands
shouting defiance to reformers as ene
mies of the state and of himself
When !*cc eiarv hoot gets down to
business on his visit to our sister repub
lics, and delivers President Roosevelt's
ultimatum that lie has appointed hint
self co'lector of debts on ibis hemispheie
for foreign nation!-, the pi-ople may not
cheer as much as the dispatches report
they are now doing. A debt collet-tor
with a big stick is seldom received with
cheers by individuals or nations.
It is quite the thing now for a congress
men accused bv some of his constituents
of being friendly to coiporations, or not
voting just right on tome matters, to
answer his critics by producing a iertifi
cate oi "good intentions" from President
R osevelt
Wheit has declined in price ten cents
a bushel and cotton and corn are gettit g
cheaper and vet the iepub:icans declare
that the taiitl protects the farmer.
These summer days are pretty apt to
1 reed political roorbai ks, so anything
reported of an unusual nature should be
received with caution.
Son-in-law I.onguorth will be opposed
for re-election by oiganized labor, unless
Boss can fix things for bint.
l*i ivate Secretary Loeb hasn't tooted
his horn for a week. There must be
something brewinif a' Oyster Bay.
Low Stage of Water on Grays Harbor
Bar Delays Vessels.
During tne lasi few weeks there h.is
been unusua' delay in gettinc ships to
seafioin Grays Harbor owing to the con
dition «>f the bar, and the report has
b'eu ciiculated by some newspa|>erß th.it
the cause was the roughness of the bar.
A visit to tlie entrance yesterdav
showed that this is not the case. The
bar ha; been smooth, yet five vessels
were anchored in .-outh Bay where some
of theru had been for nearly a week,
i waiting, not for a storm to abate, but for
a sufficient depth of water to permit
t lem to cross the bar in safety.
Notwithstanding that there has been a
tidal raise of over feet, the captains
iei>ort but IS or 19 feet of water on the
bar at high tide. Yesterday afternoon
and -vening the tug Traveler began tow
ing the bar bound ships to sea, and at
four o'clock had succeeded in getting off
t vo. As the tide was not full until after
five o'clock, it is probable that the five
vessels got to sea on that tide.
For Week Ending August 25, bv P. H.
Robinson, Observer.
Temperature.; r
__ __ — Weather.
'ii ® < x C
lit * .s|i
19 81 42 Clear
20 74 49 .34
21 87 50 P. C.
22 72 52 Clear
23 65 44
24 64 56 Cloudy
25 82 52 Clear
Burglar Caught.
Elm Aug. 25.—Joseph Bert, who
robbed the Montesano house of two gold
watches, chains and other jewelry last
Thursday, and the Hotel Porter Friday,
of clothing and valuables, was captured 1
today at Oakville, with the goods in his
possession, by Ales Nichols, and taken
to the county jail.
Grays Harbor Business College
E. W. BEIMFOHR, Principal -=-~ Block, Aberdeen
| Stenography - Typewriting - Bookkeeping
Complete Commercial Education l»y the Most Improved Methods. Day and Night
Fait Term Begins September 3.
College Now in Session.
Talented Young Comedian Passes to
the Great Beyond Thursday-
Augustus C. late died at St. Joseph's
I hospital Thursday afternoon at 4:30
! o'clock, of a complication of diseases,
27 yearn, 10 months and IS days.
He had been ailing for some time in
I California, and his fathei, tins. C. Tate,
whose stage name is <ius. (J. Saville, had
hi in come north in hope of beiiftiting his
j health, but of no avail, his complaints
being too far advanced for medical relief.
The funeral took place Saturday after
noon fiom the undertaking parlors of
KnvesOi Randolph, K»'V. Father Gribben
I officiating, (ius. was well known in
Aberdeen and on tirays Harbor, and his
friends were legion, as was testified at
the funeral, when even live;y eariiage
1 in Aberdeen and H< quiam was engaged
to follow the remains to Fern Hill ceuie
i tery. The undeitaker's chapel was J
i filled with flowers, some of the floral de
■ signs being the hand-omest ever seen in
Aberdeen. Tliese tributes were sent by j
friends from Seattle, Tacoma and Ho '
j quiam, as well a" those sent by his old
! time Abeidet-n chun s. The .Aberdeen
[hand headed the funeral procession,
plaving a dead inaicli to the cemetery, i
Augustus C. Tate, Jr., was born in
Brooklyn, N. Y.. and resided east until
about seven years auo, when he came to
the Pacific Coast. Inheriting histrionic
talent from his father in a marked degree, :
: ho was making a famous name for him
self as a comedian when MricKen by fatal
disease. He was f.>r several vears the
drawing card at the Olympus theater in
i this city, leaving it about four years ago
to take the leading role in a California
! company producing "The Hills of Cal
ifornia," in which he scored a marked
! success. His father has the sympathy of
; a wile circle of friends, especially in
; theatrical circles, with which he has
: been corrtected tor 3'> years, iti the loss
! of hU son, on whom his affections were
■ deeply cen'ernd.
Some Students in Public Schools De
sire Employment to Pav Ther Wav
< A nttmb-r of students in the Abe'deen
i schools each year |>av their way through
, school hv work outside of school houis.
Supt. 11. M. Cook, of the ciiy schools,
and Principal R. B. Kellogg, of the Hijth
school, are veiv glad and anxious to a--
sist students in this way, and often a e
as'<ed by citizens to recommend or name
: students who desire such aid l'ros
: pective students who desire such assist
|ance and citizens having housewoi k or
other employment are lequested to make
j their wants known to either gentleman
At the present time Supt. Cook has a
call fiom one of the best homes in the
■ city lor a girl to assist in the home anil
attend school, and is looking for a stu ,
ent to fill the p'a.'e. OS 2t
Official Report of Meeting of Board
Held Last Saturday.
i The board proceeded to open bids in
] respjnse to the advettieed call for 'ame,
and awarded the contra't for the travel
ing of the Emereon road tu John Ihle for
f1.70 per yard, and the clearing and
grading of the Kirkpatrick road to Peter
Hunley for the following priciS : Clear
ing, 4S and 3 4 ' cents per lineal foot;
grading, dirt to be moved 100 feet or
less, 33 cents per cubic yard ; lumber in
place, *26 per thousand feet.
The first turned contract to be com
pleted August 1, 19j7, an 1 the other to
be completed November 1, 1906.
The board hereby creates the voting
precincts of Moclips, Tulips and Axford,
with boundaries as follows :
All of Township 20 S R 12 West.
All of Townships 18 and 19 North
Range 11 West.
Sections 2, 7, 18, 19, 30 and 31, Tp. 19
N of R 9 West, all of Township 19 X of Ii
10 West, Sections 3 and 30, Tp. 20 N of
R 9 West, Sections 25 to 36 inclusive in
Tp. 20 N R 10 West.
Board adjourned till Monday, Septem
ber 10, 1936, at 9:30 a. m.
Fine Job Printing at moderate prices.
Herald Frlatery.
Aberdeen I'nlrrlaking Parlors
406 « r . Wishkah St.
Lady Attendants
PhntlPG Office 675
VIIUIH3S Residence 424
I Northern Hotel
New Management
Table supplied with the best the market
Clean, comfortable and cosey rooms
Kate* reasonable
416 East Wishkah Street
Aberdeen. Wash.
<i. W. .JOHNSON, Mniingnr
M .nnfacturers of
Mattresses of Every Description
Spring beds, mart>esses, cushions, etc.
made to <»der, reiiovati-d or repaired.
Woven wirn springs restre'ehed,
making tli -rn as gmid as new.
All work guarantied Pricts reaionablc
JVliteheil BUg 322 E Market
R. W. Hilligoss
G-sneral Contractor
Kspecial'y equipped for build
in;.' - Streets. Sidewalks,
D 'des and Bridges
Street improvements attended
to for non-residents
:i(M> West First Street
A. Benson
Fastern Shoe Repair
Ladies' and Gents' bo>ts and shoes
made to order.
Repaiiin/ neatly and promptly done
S»ti-fa-non guaranteed or money
409 East Wishkah St.
"The Husr with the Velvet finish" i
Wide of your old carpet
Artistic Rag Rugs Rag Carpets j
K'igs 110 ii <>'d Chene-lle Portieres
Silk Portieres, etc.
H rite f.ir prie- list
975 Harrison St., Seattle
The King
J of all
arms |H
M which will ab
stipation, ma
|H laria, kidney
tMate*' bladder
For Sale By
All Druggists Grocers and
Liquor, Dealers,
t are easilv selected at our store. We al
♦ ways carry a larye variety of HAND
We are now showing* a new and beau
{ tiful line of ELECTROLIERS.

If We have just received the newest de
'X signs and largest line of CHAFING
;f DISHES ever shown in Aberdeen.
| ♦
| Burnett Bros.,
| Seattle Aberdeen Chehalis
The proposition we make to the people of Chehalis
County on Savings Accounts
We Are Here for a Square Deal
No account too large for us to handle,
No patron too young, nor deposit too small
to receive our courteous consideration.
Start With Us the Opening Day
A Safe, Reliable Institution
M One of Our Po:ket or Home Siz» i Metal Banks
Superior Stoves and Ranges
Arc the BEST
Good Bakers and Last a Lifetime
H. L. Cook & Co.
Hardware Dealers. Mill and Losing- Supplies
Ship Chandlery and Building Hardware.
314 E. Heron St. Telephone 1551
Successor ! VN:t lUi-s,' •
Mew and Second Hand Wheels
Bicycles for Rent
Fishing Tackle. Gnus
Pistols. Sporting Goods
Gunsmith Locksmith
Expert Repairing- of Intricate Machinery a S^viahv.
306 South CSt , Lumber y e | > 3445
A long list of satisfied patrons Is th«
leading advertisement of the Herald
Prlntery. From a car ticket to a full
sheet poster. We ask to figure on your
A twlce-a-week transcript of tlie hap
penings on Gray'f Harbor—Tbe Aber
deen Semi-Weekly Herald, f2.00 a year.
$1.50 In advance.
Fine Job Printing at moderate price*
Herald Printery, * '

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