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T<l3 HE*M-t>isthe Most Widely
Read Paper on Grays Harbor
Taft Boom Coming Prom the White
House. Roosevelt Dominates
Everywhere. Calls War Between
President and Railroads a "Tem
pest in a Teapot."
[Special Correspondence to the llkrald.] |
Washington, I>. C., April 0. — The i
things on lap at the nation's capital just j
now seem to be the springing of presi-!
dential booms and the president's war I
with the railroad managers.
The Taft boom seems to be the only ]
presidential boom that shows anything
like a growth iu the ranks of the republi
cans, antl it comes as ftraight from the
White House as anything that ever came
from there, Roosevelt simply dominates
Ilis party and bestrides it like a Colossus.
He is IT, and everything he says must
co or something will bust. The party
leaders stand aghast at everything lie
Buys and does. They get tongue paralysis
and wobbly in the legs like a young calf
every time he pops his whip or wields
the big stick. The so-called leaders of
the republican party are the woist set of
political doughfaces I ever saw. They
allow Roosevelt to completely dominate
them aud run over them like they were
a lot of pigmies. He is now setting up
his own candidate to succeed him, and
there is no one to say him nay, apparent
ly. llow have the mighty fallen ! Think
of what would happen to Roosevelt if
there were still men in the senate like
Conkling and Blaine, and Kdmunds and
Thad Stevens and Zach Chandler and
Oliver I s . Morton. Why, they would
bend him over a political barrel and
spank him with u board. They would
convince him at one sitting that there
were enough brains and power and sure
enough men in the senate, and that they
would not submit to his dictation as to
laws or candidates. The first time he
whistled for the grizzly the grizzly would
come. Alas! the giants are gone and
the pigmies of congress are i tiled as with
a rod of iron by the greatest fakir and
fraud in American politics. Every other
newspaper correspondent here would say
the same thing if he dared to do so. He
does not dare. His paper is edited from
the business oflice and it would cost him
liis job. I defy the whole outfit, and the
country press of the country is now the
only place where the people can get the
If the republican party is satisfied to
sit down and allow the president to die*
tate who it shall and must vote for at the
next election, and also wiite its plat
fo'rm, then the democrats can look on
complacently. It is a family row anil is
no concern of ours. If they are so weak
kneed as to allow him to walk on their
necks it will simply add to the gaiety of
nations in the next elections. Let it go
at that.
The aii-ciillet! war between the i>resi
dent and the big railroad managers is a
tempest in a teapot. It is all sound and
fury signifying nothing. A lot of these
railroad buccaneers, who got all thev
wanted out of this administration last
year when the railroad rate bill was
passed, just as I said thty would when
the president laid down and allowed Aid
rich to have his amendments put into
the bill and when he went back on Bailey
and Tillman and Chandler, have been
over hero putting up a poor month to
the president and talking through tlie
administration papers to the effect that
they have been begging the president
not to sit 011 them so hard it would mash
all the water out of their stocks. What
they leally have been doing is to beg the
president, after patting him on the back,
to get the state legislatures 10 go slower
on them and to advocate in a message to
tiie next congress that all transportation
shall be declared interstate commerce
and shall he placed under the control of
the Interstate Commerce Commission
Xliey have got that machine grabbed,
and they know it is an easier matter to
control it than to control all the state
legislatures. In other words, they are
assuring the president of their support of
lii 9 iuea of centralized government, thus
eliminating the power of the state to con
trol and regulate their own rates of
transportation within their own borders.
That is the combination between the
railroads ami the present republican ad
ministration to emasculate the power of
tho stale governments that the people of
this country are up against, and the
sooner they take cognizance of that fact
the better prepared they will be to beat it.
CIIAS. A. Edwaiuis.
Tlie Herald la tb» moat widely read
paper on Dray's Harbor. Wise adver
tisers know It.
Believes Farmers and Other Tax
payers Will be benefitted by Crea
tion of Grays Harbor County
Politicians Alone Will Complain.
Chchalis Will Oct Along.
I lilllTOß 111 I! M I); —
! As a Chehalis o.unty farmer, 'whose
chief inti rem in polities is to vote for
! wh.it I consider the tiest men, and pay
| taxes, I have listened to and rend much
I about the division of Chehalis county, I
J yet all I have eeen or heard so far lias
been a fight of politicians. The ordinary
taxpayers—who font the hills for all mis
taken—seem lo have been lost sight of in
the contention for a few offices, or con
trol of party.
Viewing the subject from my stand
point, I can see nothing but cause for
congratulation for this end of the county
in the withdrawal of Grays Harbor. The
portion left as Chehulis county has a
fairly good road system, including
bridges, that has cost hundreds of thou
sands of dollars; a court bourse that will
answer for years, and is entirely out of
debt with a handsome cash balance on
hand. This being true, we shall be nice
ly equipped to keep step in the inarch of
progress with a very low rate of taxation.
On tiie other hand, if the county re
mained as it is we should have to help pay
for roads, bridges and other improve
ments that are now demanded in your
part of the county. The required im
provements there will be very costly,
and Grays llaibor being the most popu
lous,that section would control the coun
ty commissioners so as to secure such ap
propiiations as asked for, while we sit up
here, hold the hag and pay when called
Chehalis county w ill have an area of
about 540 square miles and a population
of over 12,000, anil in my humble judg
ment we sliail get along admirably oil a
good deal less money than at present.
The fear that the county will he weak
politically—although for that 1 don't
care a whoop—is not so well founded. I
notice we shall equal Thurston in popu
lation, and very nearly in area; more
than double Mason in population, with
its U93 square miles; nearly double Paci
fic with 'J25 square miles. Chehalis will
lead Asotin, Garfield, Island, Kitsap,
Sun Jnan and Wakiakum counties, and,
with its lich bottom lands and splendid
timber is destined to become one of the
populous and wealthy counties of this
wonderful state.
Chehalis County Fariikr.
Kluia, Wash., April 8, 1007.
Prepare This Yourself.
For those who have any form of blood
disorders; who want new, rich blood and
plenty of it try this:
Fluid Kxtract Dandelion, one-half
ounce; Compound Ivargon, ono ounce;
Coin pound Syrup Sarsaparifla, three
Strike well in a bottle and take in tea
spoonful closes after each meal and at
bedtime. Any good pharmacy can sup
ply tin' ingredients at, small cost.
This is the perscription which, when
made up is calh'd "The Vegetable Tieat
inentby others, the "Cyclone Blood
Purifier." It nets gently and certainly
does wonders for some people who are
sickly, wesk and out of sorts, and is
known to relieve serious, longstanding
cases of rheumatism and chronic back
ache quickly.
. .Make some up and trv if.
Salesmen Wanted.
Three salesmen for our new county,
township and railroad surveys of Wash
ington. L'tiose surveys are a splendid
compilation of facts, figures and draw
ings, and of wonderful value. Counties
and towns are fnllvjindoxed and popula
tions of each are given ; railroads plainly
shown, and distances between all sta
tions also shown ; congressional districts
outlined and numbered. A splendid op
portunity for energetic men, Hand, Me-
Nally & Co., Chicago, 111. 50-3t
"Pneumonia's Deadly work
had so seriously affected my right lung," j
writes Mrs. Fannie Connor, of Rural
Koute 1, Georgetown, Tenn., "that I
coughed continuously night and day and
the neighbors' prediction—consumption
—seemed inevitable, until my husband
brought home a bottle of Dr. King's New
Discovery, which in my case ptoved to
be the only real cough cure and restorer
oi weak, sore lung." When all other
remedies utterly fail, you may still win
lin the battle against lung and throat
I troubles with New Discovery, the real
cure. Guaranteed by Evans Drug Co.
' oO.canp iI.OO. Trial bottle free, t
Itoad Around Aberdeen
HI nil' si ei<( JSridu;e Oyer
11 iini|>( ii 3i ]>s Opens
nWilson iionil
lo Pnget
Stale Road Commissioner Snow visited j
Aberdeen Monday afternoon, to view the:
progress made on the ►tat.; road along
the Aberdeen bluff, and expressed him
self highly pleased with the woik and
the rapidity with which it has been
The piling is all driven, and Saturday
night will see the plai.k roadway finished
unless delay i 9 experienced in procuring
lumber. The building of this road is a
monument to t'-e wrong judgment of
the knockers, who for years contended
that piling could not lie driven there.
No difficulty was experienced whatever
in driving the piles, and but 1,300 feet
required sleet shoeing.
The completion of the steel bridge
across the Humptulips river, the con
traet for which has be"n awarded by the
county commissioners—to be finished
August I—will open wagon road connec
tion between Grays Harbor and l'ugct
Sound, and already inquiries are received
from antomohilists, asking if they can
travel from the Sound to the ocean beach
iu their machines. The following recent
letter from ex-Mayor J. T. Ronald, of
Seattle, may be taken as an indication of
the use this road will bo to this section:
''Friend Carnisv:
"What kind of roads have you down
in your country? A number of us are
thinking of taking our families to the
beach for a few days during the summer,
provided we can go in automobiles. I
have heard that we cannot go all the
way through in an automobile. Yon
people in that country aro standing in
your own light if you don't make good
roads, for the reason that thousands of
people would visit your country if they
could go iu automobiles. Kindly let me
hear from you concerning the accessi
bility of your country for automobiles.
"Respectfully your friend,
"J. T. Ronai.d,"
Seattle, April 2, 1007.
Bitten by a Spider.
Through blood poisoning caused by a
spider liite, John Washington, of Bosque
ville, Tex., would have lust tiis leg which
became a mass of running sores, had he
not been persuaded to try Bticklen's Ar
nica Salve. He writes: "The first ap
plication relieved, ami four boxes cured
all the sores." Heals every sore. 25c
at Evans Drug Co. t
The Piimous Cabbage Patch at the
(irand Theater.
It would lie impossible to imagine a
moru welcome theatrical attraction for
local amusement lovers than "Mrs. Wiggs
of the Cabbage Patch," which comes to
the Grand theater tomorrow night. The
nan.e itself is a synonym for all that ib
bright and cheerful,optimistic, charitable
| and courageous in a woman, albeit there
[ is sounded at times in thin play, as in
the book, the world-old note of pathos
and pain which conies home to us all.
The eaet is the same this season as last
j with one or two exceptions.
Prominent Young Business Man of
Aberdeen Joins the Benedicts.
F, M. VVylieand Miss Nora C. Walker
were united in marriage in the Episcopal
church, Tuesday evening, Key. F. F. \V.
Greene officiating, only the immediate
friends being present.
ill'. Wylie is a member of the Aber
deen Manufacturing Co. and has for a
number of years been connected with
business enterprises in Aberdeen. He is
a leader in society circles and au all
around good fellow.
The bride came to this city about two
years ago as matron of the Grays Harbor
hospital, and some months ago, took
charge of the City hospital, and during
her residence hero has made a host of
friends. After a short wedding trip they
will be at home to their friends at Fifth
street and Broadway.
Gentle and Eflective.
A well-known Manitoba editor writes:
"As an inside worker, I tind Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets invalu
able for the touches of biliousness natur
al to sedentary life, their action being
gentle and effective, clearing the diges
tive tract and the head." I'rice 25 cents.
Sauii>le6 freo. Evans Drug Co. t
Five Hundred Visitors Attending the
Conventions ot Two Orders Are
Entertained in Aberdeen, (irand
Parade and Reception. M. E. Lucas
Elected (irand Overseer.
The Grand Lodges of the A O. U.W. |
and Degree of Honor convened in this
city yesterday morning, the former in !
the A. O. U. W. hall, and the latter in
the Masonic Temple.
At 10 o'clock, (irand Master Workman
E. Sipinbach called the lodge to order
and after the rod call Supreme Master
Woikman Will M. Marvis was intro
duced, and after a few remarks handed
in a resolution from the supreme hody to
be acted on by this one. Committees
were appointed and reports distributed.
The report of the G. M. W. showed
that the past year has been one of great
importance to the order in this jurisdic
tion, not only 111 the amount of money
expended and invested, but also that the
grand lodge was re-incorporated, so as to
meet present exigencies.
The renort showed that death claims
for the year had been paid within four
days alter the proof was passed upon by
the finance committee, the sum paid
during the year being $152,01)0. For re
lief of other jurisdictions the sum of to,-
700 was paid out, leaving a balance in
the treasury for 1900 of $50,835, not in
cluding the reserve already invested.
The report further showed that the grain!
lodge had sent $1,000 to the San Fran
cisco sufferers and $1,100 to charities
within the state, all of which had been
donated by thu different subordinate
The membership numbers 7,361, anil
despite the fact of the strictness of its
medical examination, the increase dur
ing the closing months of the year shows
that the order is gaining favor with those
who want safe insurance combined with
fraternal benefits.
The afternoon session was largely taken
up with the election oi officers, the fol
lowing being those chosen for the com
ing year:
Grand Master Workman—L. M. Sims,
Grand Foreman —A. M. Baldwin, Spo
(irand Overseer —M. E. Lucas, Aber
Grand Recorder—J. 11. Homer, Seattle.
Grand Receiver —J. H. Babbit, Ta
Grand Outside Watch—l. M. Lock
hart, I'ort Townsend.
The evening session consisted entirely
of a social character. The event com
menced with a street parade, after which
the published program was rendered, ex
cepting that Mrs. ri. M. Anderson took
the place of Emil I'fund, and F. Spain,
of Spc.kane, took the place of Grand Mas
ter E. Steinbach, Louis Hart, of Seattle,
being added to the list of speakers.
The program was an interesting one,
each of the musicians being encored, and
the speakers frequently applauded. The
I banquet, which closed the evening's en
! tertainment, was described by the visit
ors as the moet elaborate that had been
j tendered the giand lodge in many years.
Di:<;i;i:i; or iionok.
This, tlie ladies' department of the A.
j i). U. W., was called to order by Grand
| Chief of llonor.Mrs. W.Claik.of I'.elling
; ham, when .Mrs. Daniel Gillies, of this
j city, was introduced, and welcomed the
visitors in behalf oi the local lodge and
citizens of Aberdeen in an address that
was received with much applause.
I'.iet Supreme Chief of Honor Mrs. N.
W. Bush, and Supreme Chief of Honor
Mis. Mamie Clark, of Oregon, were then
introduced, after which Mrs. Clark re
sponded to the address of welcome.
The repoit oi the (irand Chief of Hon
or showed the order in a flourishing con
dition, with several new lodges added
during the year.
During the year $9,000 had been paid
in death claims, and the cash on hand at
the present time is $13,000, with a total
j beneficiary of $90,000.
I The afternoon session was devoted to
1 the hearing of reports and the dispatch
; of routine business.
Just Because
your cough is only in the throat and
doesn't trouble you now, don't think
that it needs no attention. When it
has not had much of a start is the time
to check it. The slightest cough easily
leads to l'neumonia, Bronchitis and Con
sumption. A bottle of Ballard's Hore
houtid Syrup will cure that cough. The
price puts it within reach of all. Sold
by all druggists. t
The long- waited for shipment of embroideries has
at last arrived. These jfoods were shipped from St.
Gaul. Switzerland, on the 15th of November, 1906, ar
rived in New York in the early part of December and
have jlist arrived, after being on the road about live
months. We admit we are late, but anybodv that has
ever attended our previous embroidery sales will admit
we are the acknowledged leaders of fine embroideries.
Tuesday, April 9th
our doors will swing-open for the GREATEST EM
BROIDERY SALE that Aberdeen and the people of
the Harbor have ever attended. You are cordially in
vited to inspect the greatest array of dir.ect importa
tions of Swiss Mull, Nainsook, Lawn. Organdies, and
Long Cloth; at
4c to $5.00 per Yard
Ihe fact that this sale comprises nothing- but new
goods, all the latest, newest and daintiest designs,
among them the very latest out "Under the Bamboo
I ree, and the great special prices of this sale should
speak very forcibly to the ladies.
Here are some of our great bargain offerings:
♦1.50 value embroideries for 6') c
75c embroideries 55c 30c embroideries 21c
65c " 4') c 25c " 15 C
75c " 43c 20c " lie
50c " 39c 15c » 8c
45c " 33c 12ic " n c
40c " 29c 10c " 5 C
35c •' 23c 9c " 4 C
You ought to attend this great sale at
hi. J. wolff tmm
Overstocked Big Cut
Boys' and Children's Suits
at One-Half Price
Ceo. Fisher
41 I East Heron St. Aberdeen. Wash.
vV u is necessary to have some attractive
ff feature.
every woman
cannot have a pretty face, but she can
pOij have pretty teeth.
V / I make old teoth like new, unsightlv
I' / Bunas attractive, and replace teeth too
1 far gone with new ones.
V % Come in and get my free advice and
1 estimate.
Room S Dabney Block
Office hours 8:30 a. in. to B]p. m. Sundays 9 a. m to 13 m
v -.-v TV TV'P v -PVVV
Launches for Sale
Two new Launches, all ready for installation
of power.
One 30-foot, torpedo speed launch, S to 20 11. P.
One 19-foot fan-tail stern launch, 4 to 7 11. P.
The lllow Pipe Expert
at the
Aberdeen Sheet
Metal Works
Advertisers Who Would Accom-" t '
plish Results, Realize It**
No. 61

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