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R Big Bargain
i ji.cau . ————■
ir \ j
4 Room Cottage on F,St.
$300 Cash, $1000 Terms
F I! »
ttmmm jj
s We tliink this a remarkably good
jl buy, as you can always sell
I same at a profit , •
Office Open Evenings
ji 104 W. Heron Street
items of Interest Prom all Sections
of Chehalis County, Gathered by
Al" rdecn I'erald Correspondents
and Gleaned Prom Our County
Claude Antler, of Vesta, and I). A.
?, trkef, uf Art' - , were both North Kiver
visitors at Hie county seat Thursday#
M : s- Gemgia l'earson of Aberdeen,
warn • up Wednesday to attend the gold
ne l il contest held here that evening.
The seventeen sawmills located at
Aberdeen 'fnnuiam and Cosmopolis
•iave viilu.'d by the assessor at
tSOli, (>:.>().
Mr. an-! Mr-. 1.. Trask of Aberdeen,
and Mis. H.-rper Trask. of Ruston, La.,
were t; e „■:•. is of Mr. and Mrs. K. G.
'Trask Sundfl".
Mi- .liil. tne down from Oakville,
aatur, . r.di- ve Will Miller at the
S'ortl -ii l-.s : ii-stiili m, the latter
Tvent hif wedding tour.
J. .1. Johnson, the well known logger,
iiasfoiiow--.it!.- sample of the famous
Tom Johnson, of Ohio, and bought a
jreat big r ■aiV'.-r touring car.
The niarriiiL"; of E. S. Isenberg arid
Miss Louise Leisner was quietly! cele
brated here last Wednesday. Thejhappy
oouple left Thursday for their home at
"White Star.
J. 1 Calder returned Saturday from a
rip e<nl of Jthe mountains where he had
been after cattle, lie brought back a
dne herd and turned them out on the
Hlockhotw ranch.
The fireman nf the construction crew !
an Uk; Humptillips county bridge lias
report<i,l ihat tbn brides will be open to j
ravel w'Mii" ten days. When this oc
»re th" rnu'l from "Seattle to the Sen"
\ I L ■ an accomplished fact.
A. .1. A. McSperitt went to Aberdeen
jn business Wednesday.
E. S. and Chas. Avey and John Ent
ity wont to Olytupia, Tuesday.
Jolia liattman and Mike Woods went
So Mouti'suio mu business Monday.
Mr-. Ira Urn came up from
Iberde.n Wedm sday to visit relatives.
Mrs. Florence Ware come up from
•loquiam on Thursday to visit her sister,
Mrs. W. il. Nay.
Mrs. M •••;• l»;1 ir.d who ha* been vis
iting her (v.iUßinSj the Strubels, left for
Portland Wednesday.
L. 1 Wakefield and wife have returned
rom tlieir sojourn at Tokeland, Thev
.-eport a pr.a-ant time.
Mis.-. K.a.i, of Albany, who had been
/ieitiiiK J. It. wlmstead's family at Sum*
.uit, left for boon Wednesday.
John Hartman returned Sunday even
from his irip to California looking as
Sough ha had enjoyed himself.
Tti 'sday a'ternoon, Mrs. E. C. Kibbe
arassupiiied by the arrival of her old
riend, Mrs. Keller, of Ellsworth, Wis.,
■whom she had nut seen for about ten
Allison .v Avery ate pushing the work
an their n"w el"'?tric power plant on the
Cioquallum. When completed they
will have one of the best plants in this
}arl oi tire feiate.
I Ik* o.ik\iile Mill Co. shipped three
i car loads of shingles last week.
! The gas machine for the I. O. O. F.
ariived Saturday and has been installed.
Airs. T, J. Hall, of Sharon, accompan
i ied by her son, Denny, is spending a few
! weeks vacation at Westport.
! Martin Holman of Cedar Creek, is
| having his farm house newly painted.
J, E. Hanson is doing the work.
11. L. lieaver is clerking in the Union
Trading Co.'s store during the absence
of Mr. Neeley who is having a vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. G.J.Taylor of Monte
sano, came up in an automobile Tuesday
j and spent n few hours greeting their old
j friends in this place.
I Saloons in Oakville have been closed
1 on Sundays for several weeks, the coun
| cil having passed "ii ordinance to that
; ell'ect and which has been enforced ever
I since.
I\. F. Lytle left Tuesday on a business
trip to the Sound.
Harry C. lleermans 'eft Tuesday for t)
two days' visit at Olympia.
Mrs, W. E. Beckwith of Olympia, is
visiting for a few days with Mrs. 11. .1.
0. A. Kellogg and wife who have beer,
enjoying the sea breez ss at Mocltps, re
turnei home Tuesday.
Dennis llaggarty, an old time resident
of lloiiuiam, arrive I here Tuesday after
noon from Vancouver, B. C.
The family of Dr. 11. C. Watkins left
Tuesday for Wilderness, where they will
spend their summer vacation,
Mias E. I'auno, of New York City, ar
rived here Tuesday night for a month's
visit with Mr. and Mrs. Frank 11. Lamb.
Mrs. Mary l'rice, of Minnesota, and
Mies Helen Taylor, of Montreal, are vis
iting their aunt, Mrs. I>. E. l'erkius, for
a few weeks.
Harry Linder returned to Moclips on
Tue»day. He expects to have his new
shingle mill there in operation within
the next twenty days.
A Bargain.
Anyone desiring a set of the Encyclo
pedia Britannica in library binding, con
sisting of 31 new volumes, at less than
cost, will do well to call at 'Jl)0 Summit
street. 92-2t
Health Is Worth Saving', and Some
Aberdeen People Know How
to Save It.
I .. .r ( 1 I 1
Many Aberdeen people take their
iiws in their hands by neglecting
;■ i l.idneys when they know these
o; .'an.-: ni'iMl help. Sick kidneys are
responsible for a vast amount of
suffering and ill health, but there
is no need to suffer nor to remain
in danger when all diseases and
aches and pains due to weak kidneys
can l>e quickly and permanently
cured by the use of Doan's Kidney
Pills. Here is the statement of an
Aberdeen citizen who has reclaim
ed good health by the use of this
August Carlson, living at the Ger
man Hotel, West Heron St., Aber
deen, Wash., says: "I had so bad
an ache in my back that I could
hardly walk about or sit down at
all. 1 was terribly weak when I
got a box of Doan's Kidney Pills
and used them. The pain disap
peared and I was again all right.
1 had taken different kinds of med
icine before this for my kidneys but
nothing ever did me any good un
til I began using Doan's Kidney
Pills. 1 am thankful to say they
cured me."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the Unit
ed States.
Remember the name—Doan's —
and take uo other. tSO
Success of Bpokane'« Arbor and Clean*
ing Day Movement.
To clean up a town and keep It In
good shape the following scheme, 'fol
lowed for two seasons by Spokane,
Wash., has proved very beneUclal to
that city and can be adopted In a
measure by any town:
Forty thousand uien, women and
children, Including fourteen hundred
students in the high school, participat
ed this spring in the special arbor
and cleaning day movement originated
In Spokane a year ago by the city
beautiful committee of the One Hun
dred and Fifty Thousand club, says
the New York Tribune. Mayor I-'loyd
1„ Daggett proclaimed a civic holi
day, and from early morning until
the sun dipped behind the west
ern hills captains of financial, indus
trial and commercial institutions, min
ing kings, lumber barons, professional
men and laborers worked side by side
with their wives, sisters and children
In making Spokane as spick and span
as a new pin. How well they suc
ceeded was shown by the fact that
nearly every lawn was raked, the trees
and sljrubliery were pruned, alleys
cleaned and vacant lots sown to grass
and flower seeds. The last named
work was given over to the children,
to whom were presented 20,000 packets
of garden seeds by Mrs. IJ. Well.
Henry 1.. I.ilienthal. formerly city
engineer, was marshal of the day and
had under his direction a large number
of teams and vehicles lent by the cor
porations and private individuals,
which hauled refuse to the municipal
crematory and the dumps outside the
city limits. Tree prunlngs, leaves and
other debris were destroyed in bonfires
lighted In various parts of the city
under the direction of the lire depart
ment. The organization of the forces
was the work of C. Herbert Moore,
chairman of the city beautiful com
mittee, who was assisted by a vice
chairman In each ward, In each of
which there was a committee of ten
residents, one representing each pre
cinct. Every block In the precincts
was represented by a captain, and In
this way every part of the city, even
the outskirts, was looked after.
In addition to the general cleaning
work, patriotic and fraternal societies
planted trees in the various parks,
naming them in honor of the grand
and supreme officers of the various
lodges. The Woodmen of the World
and their auxiliary, the Women of tho
Woodcraft, planted a number of trees
near their bungalows at the Spokane
Interstate fair grounds.
"People In Spokane displayed more
enthusiasm In the work this year than
they did a year ago," Mr. Moore said,
"and we have reports to show that not
a single block in Spokane was neglect
ed. Everybody worked, and the man
with the hoe, rake and shovel was In
evidence from morning till nightfall,
tho result being that the city was
beautiful and clean. It is proposed to
have this day set aside and to make It
a civic holiday every year."
Easy Way ta Make a Garden Path At
In my little garden on a fity street -
the straight v..ilk that leil from the
gate to tlii" t'r-mt sti>:>j> looked hope
lessly unattractive—just a straight ce-;
meut path with tli# grass on each side,
writes :i cerri poiulent "f the Oleve
land Main Dealer. Ten cents' Worth |
of nasturtium m cda changed il so i in.li
that it changed tl 10 appearance of tl»o
whole j.rmvli'ii.
I useil the many colored dwarf vari- ,
ety. It grow.-; literally of itself. Plant
the seeds in shallow holes, water well, '
and the plant does the rest. It is prac- ,
tlcally free from insect enemies, and a
few plants will produce blossoms
enough to supply the house daily for
the season. A pretty way to use them j
for table decoration is to cut them off *
short and iloat them on a shallow glass
dish or even a saucer. This way they j
make a dainty little lied of yellows,
cinnamons, maroons and orange in tin' j
center of the table.
Wheeling Women's Good Work.
When the Women's Civic club o'
Wheeling, W. Va„ adopted the sugges
tion of one of Its members, "Let us
cease talking and do something," It be
gan to accomplish tilings. Among the
achievements to its credit is the placing
throughout the town of 100 wire waste
receptacles which have been put
under the supervision of the board of
public works. As the people of the
town have become educated to the use
of these receptacles the streets have
become very much cleaner. The club
has also been instrumental in having
the antispitting ordinance enforced.
Another rc alt of which the civic club
is very proud occurred when it suc
ceeded in having enacted and enforced
a pure mill; ordinance. The observn
tlon of Arbor day and school garden
work are other matters to which the
club has Riven resultfui attention.
Why Village Improvement Pays.
Make the country towns more beauti
ful anil the desire to leave them l'or
the great cities will not lie so great,
says the Los Angeles Times. In spring
time tiie ilwcllers In the cities till"
with longing to the country and t!i"
country town. They long for grec
fields and sin :in? liil'ds, and hnpp\
suburban town whose people I,t.
made its streets shady, its appear;;
attractive, for to such will ean;e
pie who add to the ommim ty's P.e
and prosperity. From ail ■> ■ meme
view village improvement pays. It
Alls up v:i ant houses, it iucvwis. s the
value ef . air property, it educates
your boy and girl, and It will make
this world a pleasautcr place Ihan you
found it In the past
Clothing Special
f ■■■■-——| Gentlemen,
I A Chance of a Lifetime
i SI2.4S Splendid Press and Business Suits in
I the stylish mixtures, lijjfht and dark jjrey,
!.#( VVv A Gripes and plaids. They're made ri<:ht; they're
Mfi" Cut riffht. They're worth every cent of #18. Any
P|t\ size in either single or double breasted sack style.
Men's and Boys' Furnishings
Men's Balbrijrjfan Un- Men's Soft Dress Shirts Boys' Negliyce Shirts
dervvear .
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Men's Work Shirts Boys' Bib Overalls Boys' Golf Caps
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You Call TTTP nnprpflltf We Sell
Do Better H K \ I Ug||=_ r ropsy
at 111JJ DUUIUII Hosiery
J"T"MIE younfi- men of this
JL town realize that
thev mav lust as well have
the kind of clothes that are
made fiii them; that's why
we're getting so strong a
hrV. <>n tin' trade of the
no I .> 1 >\" voting fellows. We'd
likr to lit one of the new
suits on you and point out
"the difference" in style—
and then say to you "//<?
difference in price over the
ordinary kind of clothes.''
203 South G Street
Between Wislikuli and Heron
If you want to
Advertise in newspapers
anywhere at anytime
call on or write
E. C. flake s Advertising Agencj
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«Ai>3 CALIF.
Young I.adies to
Li -n r n Tele pli o*n e
Inquire at
Telephone Office
The harm that coffee has done brought to light
~ o
Golden Grain Granules
vku***.4w»-tmwyiamrm-. i.»iiirrr hwiwom—m———i——rawKnrtaw ***————i
This wholesome, rich, food drink'takes the
place of coffee, but it ; 'builds up" instead of
"tears down."' It's a pure grain drink, sim
ple and natural.
■ still use old style material with
| V g"o°d effect. What we use is the
best for each job we handle. We
know how to produce good work
$flj and insure you the results of our
i j best efforts.
|Good Printing 4pjjj§T
the 11.-raid I'rinUTV ha> a I. J'
hobby—it's Good Printing.
No job leaves the office that isn't at the top notch of per
fection —particularly Stationery. That's where lie] gets in
his artistic work—that makes] you feel a certain pride in
writing a letter on Herald Printer_v work.
Never any chance for a "kick."
408 E. Wishkah St. Telephone 3541

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