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Tales of thu Town Tersely Told.
Or. Schumacher, over S'ate bank, tl ]
The Hernlrt twice * week tella It kll.
Sheet II I lie latest, at Fvans I»rn lI
I o. "
(i. Canterbury, dentist, over State)
Rank. ' flO-tf
Mi-s Alice Duol ip is visiting friends
in Seal: le.
lir. 11 I'.. ( liiiniberlain, Rooms S. 0,
and 10. D.ibney Bock. if
M ilcolm Stcwatt left Thursday for an
exieinii ii in 1110 Fast.
,1. Kieler made a short business trip
to Seattie Fri lav iif'ernoon.
Dear I values in crockery and
glassw 11i\ ->tigale. 211 li .-t. if I
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Maxey left Fri- ;
d.iv for Poise, I lahn, to visit relatives.
IV. D ('• I tie has moved to Rooms 1,
2. 3, W ishkah lilk. Phone 2171 or 3353.
Furnished cottage for lent at Moelips.
Kuquiiy of IJnbt. Cliabut, Moelips. S2 9t
Wanted— 4.1 i>ls to en'er the trainim?
school for (inisei. Aberdeen General hos
Geo. Stalding and Glenn. Smith left
today fir .. im.nth'B fishing on Lake
For Gniney, Fxpress or Dray, call 14
A-A Sim Transfer. Your orders prompt- 1
ly tilled. II
M. Ryan, tlie well known teal estate
dealer, n.ade a business visit to Seattle
last week.
Fancy anil plain stationary, cal'ing
cards, invitation paper, etc., at Evans
Ding Go. tf
Mrs. ('. 0. Sargent and daughter, Mise
Jessie, went to Portland Fi id ay for a
ihort visit.
Miss E. Raw!, who lias been sick for
several days, is able to be about tlie
bouse again.
Crutches, handmjes, plasters and all
kinds of dressing lor wounds, burns, ere.
at. Evans Drug Co. tf
Wanted —Gentlemen or lady to do
high i lass soliciting, ill \Abeideem Ad
drees K. X. II KHAt.D.' •>., / 76-tf
The W. O. W. lodges of the county are
arranging for an excursion to Moelips
next Sundav, August 11.
Call on Dr 15 rsee, Vendome hotel, he
is the one who fits glasses properly, and
guarantees them tive years. 88 if
N. S. Richards, Indian Aeent of the
Chehalis leservatiou near Oakville. was
in the city on buainess Fiiday.
Cemetery lots fenc'osed, brick, con
crete and mason work of all kins. Jas.
McNamara. 213 North H street. 7"-tf
Department Commander John Resell,
of Seattle, visited the local camp of
Spanish War Veti rans last week.
Tlie price of ice has been materially
reduced owing to a sort of cut rate war
between the two local ice companies.
When you are sick call on A. W Shel
ley, L)i. of Pharmacy. Consultation free.
Corner (j ami Market streets, lei. 001. tf
Mr«. Judd Elliott came down from
Seattle accompanied by her twochildren
on Thursday, to visit her mother, Mrs.
Catherine L r >wry.
Work was commenced this morning
on the erection of a bungalow for the Ab
erdeen Young Men's Republican Club,
at Roosevelt bepchw
Mr. Jos. Bistofli, of the "Multum in
Parve" orchestra, delightfully enter
tained the Elks lodge, after the regular
session Thursday night.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Karshner and Mr.
and Mrs. Floyd McNair returned last
week from ijiiinaiilt l.ake, where they
had camped for two weeks.
Miss Ethel Smith, who has been sten
ographer in the Chamber of Commerce
oflice, has resigned her position and re
turned to her home in Portland.
Prof. Arthur Wilson and familv ar
rived last week from lowa, and the prof
esssor is getting ready to assume the pos
ition of principal in tlie Aberdeen High
Wm. Gobi, who obtained considerable
notoriety last >yar through his convic
tion of the ciime of piracy, resumed his
old positi on as agent of the Sailors' union
this morning.
Lost—A lady's go'd pin. between G
and Fourth and the Grand theater, or in
the theater. Finder will please return
to Mrs. T. S. Hill, 417 North G street,
and receive teward. tf
Capt. S. A. J. Dorn, deputy customs
collector, lias been elected to represent
the local camp at the annual encamp- j
ment of the Spanish War \ eteraus at j
Spokane, August 5, G, 7 and 8.
City School Superintendent 11. M.
Cook, who returned from Seattle last
week where he and family spent their,
vacation, is busy preparing for the re-jp
ening of the schools, September 10.
$100,000 to loan on improved real estate
In Atrerdeen, Hoquiani and Cosmopolis.
Aberdeen office, MS South II street,
phono £501. Hoquiani office, 512 Kigliih
street, phone 120. VV. 11. Umb& Sen. tf
An au'oniobilc from Seattle passed
through the city Friday, en route for
Moclips and beyond. Tuis is the first
motor car to pass over the road, made
possible by the building of the bluff road
:it Aberdeen and the bridge over the
llumptulips river. It is said that hun
dreds of automobiles in the Sound cities
have heei. waiting for the opening of this
road, the trip from Seattle to the sea be
ing one of the most picturesque in the!
Or. Schumacher, over State bank. If
Dr. McNevin is in Montana for a few
wpeks on business.
Harry Lund is building a if-100 cotti.ge
in South Aberdeen.
Mr. anil Mrs. Oho. 15. Hopkins are
rustic iting at Copalis.
Miss TiUie Nasnac went to Tacotna
Fridav evening, on a short visit.
Dr. F. K. Lane, Dentist. Hayes A
Hayes building. Telephone 177. tf
A complete lann<lry plant was added
to St. Joseph's hospital last week.
Pocket knives, k'i- ois and ail kinds of
manicure goods at Fvan* ItrngOo. tf
Mayor France was conlined lo bis home
by an attack of rheumatism last week.
I'r. I). I'nc has moved In liooms I,
2,3, Wish kali blk. l'hone2l7l 0r"353
Harry O'Pell is moving his residence
from Fast WUlikah street to Chebalis
For (inrnev; Fxpress or Dray, call 1-1,
A-\ Star Transler. Your ordcis prompt
ly tilled. tf
The Royal Neighbors of Anvrica will
have a picnic at Fleet ric paik tomorrow
Vine llnnter arrived last evening fiom
South Prairie on business, and will leave
to return this evening.
Tell 1 >r. Berne, Venilome hotel, all
about voni - headaches, slolnacb and eye
troubles; lie cures them. 88-tf
Ciiv Attorney Tagg.irt and Mrs. A. .1.
Stewart returned last week from a visit
with relatives in Olympia.
1 Kii /i'ne McGillicnddy, ami George anil
j Alfred Dean left Friday fur an outing in
the timbered legions of Oregon.
1 $5 down and $5 per month will buy a
j lot at Roosevelt beach. l.ols $25 to *75
! each. Will Lunning, !lt> SG St. tf
The Grays Harbor Trades & Labor
Council is arranging for a grand celebra
tion of Labor Day, September
Frank .Manning, 14 years of age, un
derwent an operation for hernia, at the
Grays Haibor hospital Saturday.
Cross and Madison, two Aberdeen boys
were fined $25 at Moelips Fiiday for liav
i ing gold peanuts on the pievious Sunday.
Residents of North Aberdeen com
' plain of some systematic chicken thieves
! for whom tlie police are diligently look
j i"g- '
Mrs. I) H. Mullen and daughter, Mil-
Idred, of I'mtlaud, are visiting friends in
jibe city. They will remain here seveial
| days.
' Mrs. Ellen Rogan and Miss Kate ac
companied liy Master lvogan Jones, went
to M oelips Situida*, to spend a few
days on the beach.
Mrs. .1. It. Kvans will enteitain tlie
j thiid division of the l'lesbyterian I.adies
! Aid society next Wednesday afternoon
! at her home, 42.1 West Hun e street.
Deputy County Attorney YV. W. Boner
is preparing for a visit in the Kast, and
Attorney Dan IVan-ad will fill the posi
| tion during the absence of Mr. Boner.
r. M. Dauch li«h laid the foundation
f.>r a i)(i00 cottage in South Aberdeen.
Mr, Dauoli fßvs when the cottage is com
pletcd it will tie one of the neatest in
I tint part of the city.
The hoard < f county commissioners
will fit as a hoaid of equalization today,
tomorrow and Wednesday, to rectify
ar.y eiror« in the assessment o f property
for taxation this year.
Mr. atul Mrs. Fred 11. Green, returned
hist week from Saginaw, Mich., where
tliev were called some months ago by
the illness and subsequent death of Mr.
Green's father, C. 11. Green.
A $1,000 two story residence is being
erected for Cns Dninbrow:-ki, on First
and Alder ft reels. This part of the city
is being rapidly built up, nearly all of
the houses neing of the better class.
The Wi>hUah liver is blocked with
logs from the boom to the Forks to the
serious inconvenience of the farmers
on the! river, who depend upon the
stream to get their produce to market.
Mr. and Mrs. ('has. K. Drake, 118
West Wiehkah street, were most pleas
antly sui prised last Thursday evening,
when u number of the Kasteni Star
lodge trooped in upon them. Somehow
or other the lodise learned that August 1
was ttie 16th anniversary of the mar
riage of Mr. and Mis. Drake and the
party resulted. Refreshment ivp'e
served and a general good time enjoyed
hv all w ho had the fortune to be present.
For the Beach
All kinds ot Reading Matter, Face Creams, Candies, Etc.
TEL. 911
Cor, Broadway and Heron
Dr. Smith, Osteopath, 7-8 I'. O. block.
Purses and hand bags at Fvans Drug
Co. tf
Geo. F. Nye is recovering slowly from
an attack of la grippe.
Dean for 1 est Tea an Coffee. Phone
1411 I n prompt delivery. tf \
Miss Bertha Farner, of Seattle, is vis
iting the family of C. F. Cork.
Dr. A. S. Au-tin, Dr. O. K. Austin,
office in Haves it Hayes Bank Hldg. tf
A very good assortment of olliee sup
plies and blank bnoks at Kvan> Hiug ( o.
Mis.K. T. Craw ford and baliy ret urned
Saturday from a visit with re'ativis in
Razors, strops, mugs, pnni>s, and nil
kinds ot shaving conveniences. Fvans,
Ding Co.
T. >1 Howard has puichased the in- 1
•erest. of Kd Dolan in the South Aber- j
lU'IMI llOtl'l .
Andrew Woli! was brought in from tlio
i)si .v McCiinimoti Inking camp >at
unlay with a broken leg.
Mrs. Louise K irslmer and laughter, |
.Miss Z mri, leturued last evening from
a visit in the Sound cities.
Jim B iwes' Colts defeated the hlma
base Iml! learn at lilt ("trie p;uk in this
city ye»terday. Score li to I!.
Miss Kva \'an l'laagh.of I'aHle ('reek,
Mi di., is visiting Aberdeen, the guest ot
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bendetson.
J. 11. Rowland and son went to Roosi -
velt beach this morning to join tlie fam
ily who are camping at thai place.
A .1. West left for Taconia and Seattle
tliit* morning. While away he expects
to purchase a lot of logging machinery.
Miss Dorothy Uirton went to Moclipa
Saturday, to join her sister at the house
party being given there by Mis. (i. B.
Mr. an 1 Mrs. A. \V. liaikley and Mr.
and Mrs. F. J. Becker relumed Friday
evening from an automobile tour on the
I Son n i.
Agents Wanted—Ladies preferred—to
canvass Aberdeen for ti sure seller.
Liberal terms. Address T. W. Secor,
box oil 1. »3-9t.
Win. Ziogler returned from an outing
at West port, Saturday morning. Wil
liam is sunburnt and feels good for an
other year's hustling. —
Rev. F. F. Greene returned 011 Fiidfty
from a trip to Portland. He reports
Mrs. Greene much better and he expects
to bring her home in the near futuie.
t Another residence is being built in the ;
West End addition, the cost being :|9OO. I
I Mike Whwascick, the owner, plans to I
make extensive improvements 111 the ,
way of planting small fruits on his prup-j
Mr. and Mrs. John Renney of Denver, I
i (Jul , who have been the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. A. D. Wood at Cohassett, caine [
up to Aberdeen today, to spend a week j
with friends before Mr. Renny returns
to his heme.
Piles are being driven for the founda- j
tion of the new Presbyterian church on 1
' the corner of First street and Bioadway. j
| It is the intention to rush the frame of |
; the building as fast as possible so as to
| have it enclosed belore the wet weather
! sets in.
| Meadames J. S. Gu 11 n and S. E. Riker
j entertained u large party of lady friends j
I Saturday afternoon. Notwithstanding!
that this is the beach season many of j
I Aberdeen's society dames were present, |
some of them coming homo to attend 1
! the function. j
M'. and Mrs. R. L. Bowers of Spokane ■
! were the guests of Geo Me Fad den over 1
Sunday. Mrs. Bowers is a sister to i
Geivgo, and Mr. B nvers, who ha* charge I
of the A inei lean 'l'ohacro Co.'s inteiest j
in Washington, is nn ins annual . vaca- j
tion, tnd is taking a hre.it>> ot fresh air!
j in Aberdeen. \
! Mi-s Eva June and Mr. Ralph "spauhl '
j jng were tnairied Satuiday evening at
itiie limna prepared by Mr Spanlding on '
| North Fstieet, Rev. Dr. Whitfield OHI • j
jciatiiig. Miss.lone has been one of 1l e ■
i most popular teachers in the city schools !
and Mr. Spanlding is bookkeeper for the ;
I Vulcan iron woiUs, and both have a host 1
of friends, who wish them all possible!
joy in their wedded life.
The sewer pipe in the trunk line is laid
almost to Fourth street on the Hats and j
jby tomoirow evening will be laid to the :
hill. Three blocks on the lull is com- 1
pleted and in about three weeks the!
whole of the trunk line will bo finished, .
.when woikon the cross sections in the !
| alleys will be commenced. This means |
1 that sewer connections in this district
can all he made befote the wet weather 1
.Clearance Sale,.
MUMMOTanaKm r *imau MnvsaMrama
c s-.-wj*t x anaa
Friday and SaWay Specials
One lot of Ladies' Shoes; sizes All Odds and TOnds Children's
-- to ,): value 11 P t0#4.00; sale price j Shoes and Oxfords; sale price
Si.6o i:) SHc
Postoffice Block
hour diunks were before Judge E. 11.
tox this morning. They were each as.
6essed the usual fee and went their way,
Mrs. R. F. Cnmininps, mother of Mrs.
W. G. Powell, has arrived from the Fast
and is at present the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Powell.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Dole, late arrivals
from the Fast, have gone to housekeep
ing on Third anJ D stieets and have de
cided ts stay in Aberdeen.
C. H. Poncaster has'lie contract for
putting up a warehouse in Fast Aber
deen, for I. B. Callison. The ware
house will be located on Heron and
Newell streets, and will cost $4,500.
Mr. and Mrs I. J. Leonard of Mont
pelier, Vt., are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. G. Powell. Mrs. Leonard is a
sister of Mrs. Powell and she anil her
husband will make Aberdeen their perm,
anent home.
,• ' The change of barber shop hours,
which took effect today, will not advance
the price of shaving so that the fashior
of whiskers may be delayed for a time.
The change in hours reduces the hours
of the journeyman barber three and one
half hours a week.
Judge Lanning has a nice law point to
decide in the case of the Aberdeen State
I Bank vs Nellus. The defendant claims
exemption hv rea°nti of being tb» bead
>of a family, and, a« sncli, his wanes a'p
' immune irom garnishment. The faniilv
does not reside in ttie state, and the
p'aintifTcontendg the law of exemption is
for the benefit of 'tesidents of the state
only. The judge has the matter under
j advisement, while counsel produces ad-
Ulitional authorities on both sides.
Vessels Coming and Going and Loading at the
Saw Mills.
The schooner Halcyon is lying at the
Bui rows mill, orders.
The schooner 11. C. Slade is at the
Slade mill, loading for Tasmania.
The steamer Mayfair is tied up at the
United Stales mill waiting orders.
The schooner Llldlow sailed Friday
from the West mill f'>r San Pedro.
The schooner t iolden Slioie is loading
at the HMtde mill for Oiivmas. Mexico.
Tlnwehooner Kdward |{. West is sti'l
I iocl np at I he Slade mill, awaiting orders.
The steamer Tiveton sailed Saturday
from r tie Hart-\yood mill for San Fran
The harkentine New?hov sailed from
ilie Slade mill yesterday for (inymtis,
The steamer Grace Dollar sailed yet
terday from the Burrows mill for San
The steam r Dispatch arrived in poit
Friday, and is loading at the slade null
for San I'edro.
The schooner Watson A. West is on
the Lindatrom marine railway, for a gen
eral overhauling.
The schooner Acme arrived in port
Friday, and is loading at the Hart-Wood
mill for San Francisco.
The steamer U. C. Lirulauer arrived
in port yesterday, to load at the Union
mill for San Francisco.
The steamer Santa Monica arrived in
port Friday, and is loading at the Ameri
can mill for San Francisco.
The steamer Coronado arrived in port
Saturday, to load Bt the Anderson & Mid
dleton mill for San Francisco.
The schooner Svea arrived in port
Saturday night, to load at the Hart-
Wood Mill for San F"rimcisco.
The schooners Chas. F.. Fait and Zam
pa and Jessie Miner are lying at the
American mill docks, awaiting orders.
The schooner Chas. R. Wilson is ly
ing at the Wilson mill, waiting her tarn
to go on the ways at the Lindstrom ship
yard, to he calked ami receive a general
; Aberdeen Men and Monev
mm * ADerueen
Keep Aberdeen Money in Aberdeen
Aberdeen State Bank
; General Commercial Banking
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent
Corner Heron and H Streets, Aberdeen, Wash,
r E. J. BRADLEY, President C. W. MILLI2R, Cashier
Boys* School Suits.,,
Every one guaranteed to wear. Having
' too many on hand, will sell them at
greatly reduced prices
GEO. FISHER, 411 E. Heron St.
T0 BE ttkactive
'' ' 8 net ' essrtlv 10 have some attractive
every woman
cannot have a pietty face, but she can.
"aSEi Hy|S[ have pietty teetti
-/# J 1 make <>M teeth like new, unsiglitfs'
T« J pn us attractive, and leplaco tietli bio
I Jf far gone witti i.ew ones.
V % Come inianil|get,iny Iree advice arafi
1 estimate.
Room S Dafoney Hlock
Office hours 8:30 a. m. to S p. in. Sundays 0 a. in to 12 in
Latest Spring
Only Exclusive Tailor Made Ladies' Suit House
on Grays Harbor.
3(>3 East Market Street.
The HERALD Gives the News
New and late patterns in
Styles to Suit Your Fancy
Prices to Suit Your Purse
Tea, Coffee and Crocery Store

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