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Minutes of the Superior Court and
New Cases filed. List of Real Es
tate Transfers «ind Miscellaneous
Instruments Piled With County
In the Superior Court.
The following is file recoiii of business trans
acted ill the Bm»erior court, for the week end
ing September 28, IIH)7.
In re estate of Hjalmer Russell, dee'd.
October 21 tixed to hen petition for dis
J K Amsbv Co vs. (i 1! Commercial
Co. Itr moved to ft*.ii u ivnrt.
In re estate of Win II over, deceased.
A'lmiillrttirttrix i! h '.iir_■ i.I.
In re estate of CO Ami r-on, deceased.
.1 N Gwin, W T Paul nn I .1 R McDonnell
appointed appraistrs,
Tom Mpsday vs W.J Grace et al. Judg
ment for $2,8d1.75, int' >e--t. coals and at
torney fees.
B F Cam horn vs D K Crep'.'h. l'ax
lien foreclosed.
A K Graham vs Win Al inner; T E
J'arßell; Thetesa Meatjeer; C.l McNeil
(4 car's). Sxnte.
B Blechschmtdt vs .Lis ll i«i j et al. De
fendant W II ,li tl'riesaiijudued in defnult.
State vs Jack Mrl). nald. Defend, nt
sentenced to fix months in the county
Ira A 1 jewis vs Theresa Lewii. De
murrer to comp'aint overruled.
In tlie cases of A ft hi. ke, \V K Lyons,
Henry Lent/., Perry Pennyer, II W
Weatheraid and Kreii Seise vs Wishkah
Boom Co. Demurrers to the complaints
were overruled.
State v* Chas .Vlatkoii. Dismissed.
In re estate of T Noel, dec'd. fcinal
report approved.
In >e estate « f .T A B.tker et al. minor?.
O .'tobt i 7 (ixed to bear return of sale of
In re potato of Doney Tmnanlie, ilec'd.
W W Kurtz appointed administrator.
In re estate of Cha* H G'een, dec'd.
Appraisement of estate confirmed.
In re guardianship of Jack Oyer, in
i! ■mpetenl. Petition for guardian denied.
M E Carroll ve C O lunnycliff. Mo
tion of defendant for non t-nit granted.
State of Washington vm Pearl Freeman.
C>mplaint not till il
P L Camphell vs V T ami C VV Al
witrd. Foreclosure of lax lien.
State of Washington vs Kil Dolan Em
ploying women w here intoxicating liquois
are sold.
William Clmison vs Manly Clanson et
nx. Replevin—appeil.
Pl>il S Locke, trustee, vs Mich el Gold
smith anil Hiram Gitiler. Damages— at
HaHting & Norin vs I> J Garman.
Complaint. not Hied.
State of Washington vs I'eter Heme t fi
ns. l'urglary.
Sarah K Williams vs Nathan 1* Wil
liams. Divorce.
Stella I'utnam vs Carl F Putnam. Di
\t J Murphy v# llenrv T Minchin et
nx. Complaint not filed.
Real Estate Transfers.
For the wock rnnitis Septcmticr 28 comjlleil
from the records by tiie WHshuigtoti Abstract
Company of Aberdeen:
K E l'rante to C F Adams, i\}4 Its 1,2,
bl 7, Mcßryde'e add Montesano —$500.
J B Stewart to J Peihsuskie, lot 10, blk
10, Stewart's First add Highland Home
! J Haydoer to J F Harris, lots 3,4, bl 2,
Broadwav add Cosmopolis—sßoo.
K Sherwood to C E and M II Kay,land
in sec 31-18 6-SIOO.
C E and M H Kay to J Lynch, same—
H B Thompson to Franz Kiel, 10 acres
in ef£ of neJ4 f f nej'4 sec 23-17-8 —$1.
W A Hadley to A E Moore, lota 4,5,6,
bl 2, Lewis' First add Porter—s7oo.
R L Schell to L Coolidge, lot 4, blk 5,
I.nark's add Montesano —$500.
U S to E F Campbell, patent sec
K F Campbell to W E Johnson, eeJ-4
sec 12, and of ew'j sec 13-16-B—ss.
W E Johnson to C H demons, same
W II Mack to A L McLeod et al, und}£
lut in Its 15,16, bl 60, N P add South Ab.
er.leen —$10
A L McLeod et al to W 11 Mack, und>£
int iu its 13,14, bl 60, same add—slo.
R Chabot to E A Cole, It 12, bl 2, Riv
erside add Moclips—sl7s.
F Cny to C 70 acres in sec
3-17 6—54500.
Mrs L M Bennett to J C Franz, all blk
31, Amended plat West End add Aber
R L Shelley tu K ; helley, Its 7,8,
bl 1, Haves' a id Monlesanc —$600.
I, McTacgart to 0 L Brown, njjf of lot
226. Hofiuiftin cemetery—slo
ti O JL.Oi 10 E W Mi : , quit claim
Its 5,8, lil 6, Lewis plat Porter —$1500.
M Rena'd t.. M .1 Parker, quit claim It
3, hi !>, Karl's add Ili'tpiUm—*so.
W S Hameislev to A II Newell, lot 8,
l>! 8) W \ it .i..» H'ld .Alter—slo.
L Conl tn IC E Prante, lot 4, blk 5,
I.nark's aiM \lonteaano—slo.
Treasurer Cneli .lis cuiintv to W (|uen
nell, seS( of nw 1 set: 34-17-8
S m Cop»la>>d t'i Fd Rodney. Its 10,11,
'ii 12. P. & I) add Montesano —$300.
.1 (i Lew Ir to .1 Mc\la"iers, Its 3,4, hi 4.
Le«|j.' Klisf attd Pintei—sloo.
.1 MeVtasier to G G A McMaster et al,
miMtees Churi h ol Christ, lot 4, blk 1,
Lewis Kirst add Porter—s3o.
C Delhnvier to P R O'Connor, quit
laim iie'a of of nivlj sec 19-18-9-S4O
Ma'ti ' Walter to K Coy, lot 5, bl 5,
• Yrrected plat El ma —$t>oo
t- II Westphal to A II Westphal, lots
■i.i',lo, bl 12 li mi's Central add Aber
ieen -$10 ).
Treas Chehalis County to P C Shine,
Hi lols Oiiiiinal amended plat Ocosta and
77 los in Westpoit Beach—sßG7.
Sirne t> Same, 30 lots in Peterson and
11 lots in Westpori B-acb, and all blks
1,7,1d,1it 18 20. 38 to 42 and 44 to 47, and
22 Its ill Cheballs —$411).
S true to >»tne. all lilks 2 4,(5.7, and 105
Its D ean View add Ocosta, and all bl 48.
On.inal pint amended Ocosta, and all bl
ISO, and 11 Its in bl 70, Westport Beach—
S iine to Same, one unnumbered blk
and Its 1,2 8, hi 9(3, Chehalis —$10.
Same to Same, all blks 48.49 T>o, and
58 to 03. and 67 to 72, and 70 to 78 and
94.95 and 28 lis in Chehalis—sl37.
Same to Same, 117 lots and blk 39,
Rune to Same, all blks 28 to 32, Gulden
add Westport Beaci l , and 94 Its in Peter
son—if 330.
Same to Same, all blk" 14 and 17 to 24,
and 20 Its Grand A;my add and all blks
9 lo 13 and 15 to 18. and 22 to 25 and 27,
and 45 lots in Golden add West port
B'.'hcll—s 201.
Same to Sume, 12 Its in Bay View add,
and all blks 1,5,0, and 9 to 12 aw 1 35 lots
in Grand Army add NVestport Beach-$244
G 0 Lemcke to Pacific Investment Co,
n}■£ bl D and lots 210 5, blk G, Peterson,
.•ml 113 Its in Weetporl Beach—s7B9o.
P C Shine to Pacific Investment Co,
quit claim to certain lots and blks Bay
view add, Grand Army add. Golden add
and Original plat Y\ es.port Beach, and
in tnwn of Peterson and town of Cheha
Same io Sen.iahmoo Kealty Co, quit
claim to certain lt« and blks in Ocean
View add und Original plat amended,
Ocnsta —$1.
K E St John to Town of Oakville, lot
8, bl 5, Oakviilt —$50.
C T Griswold to O E Bennett, quit
claim Its 3,4, bl 17, Oakville—sso.
J E Calder to W H France, part lots
12.13,14, bl 2, By lee add Montesano-S2OO
F F Smitti to <i F Karshner, lot 4,
mill Its 5.6, blk 4, \V' & B aihl Aber—slo.
1, Kaishner *o Samp, It 2. bl 0. E & M
add Aberdeen, and e 35 ft lot 4, blk 4, W
& 15 add Aberdeen —$10.
G F Karshner to I. Karshner, e 35 ft It
4, hi 4, W Si B add, and It 2, bl 0, E & M
add Aberdeen—slo.
R H Rons to A I? Temple, land in
nw}£ of nv.l4 sec 35 18-5—5600.
Geo McVay to II H Ross, Its 11 to 15«
bl 15, W it 15 add Elma—s77s.
II Chabot to M Davis, It 11, bl 2,River-
Bide add Moclips—slso.
K 1 Z mberk to W M Baker, lot 9, blk
16, Corrected plat Hoquiam—slooo.
E Lee to G Joppich, nw 100 ft It 6, blk
27, Corrected plat lloiiuiam —$700.
M Johnson to A M Steadman, lot 5, bl
10, South Aberdeen add Aberdeen—s9oo
Isaac Stevens to W E Bcaing, quit
claim sec 34-19-9—sl.
M Murphy to B W Hays, Its 7,8, bl 7,
J W Scott to G J Damitio. und)a int
in It 8, bl 2, E & M add Aberdeen—sl.
J W Scott, guardian, to Same, same-$l
B 15 Ferrier to W L Christopher, lots
7,8,9,11, bl 11, South Side add Ab—s3so.
Miscellaneous Transfers.
Katie E l'rante to Public, affidavit af
fecting title to 1,2, bl 7, Mcßryde's
add Montesano.
O K Shrukrud vs Ira Huston, lien saw
J A Mapes to J P Doyle, land contract
Its 9 to 12, bl 26, Benu's Central add
E E Stafney toC Peterson, eat intg s 40
ft Its 1,2, blk 11, W & B add Aber—s4oo.
Jasper Fry to Lumberman's Bank
Hoquiam, chat mtg saw logs—slooo.
C M Capps to J Lynch, mtg 2 acres in
lot 1, and aekt of sec 19-17-7 and
9.60 acres in of ne>4 sec 24-17-8-s3uo
H J Hughes to J M Miller, notice of
defense to chat mtg.
O L Crain to O A Myers, sat mtir lot
11, bl 4, Benn'a First add Abei—s2ooo.
F A Hazeltine to W II Bowen, sat mtg
Its 1,6,7,16,17, sec 32-16 9—5300.
F A Keasal to City of Aberdeen, bond
for performance of sewer, district "B"—
W A Hadley to A E Moore, mtg sjj of
sw'o sec 14-17-5—51350.
J Joyce to J 1' Porter, assignment und
}.< int in log brand "J M B"
S H M iller to Public, affidavit affecting
title to It 2j, bl 14, North Hoqniam add !
C Hattabange to F Coy, nita 70 acres
in sec 3 17-S—s2soo.
0 1. Grain to F Cos, land contract s 100
ft It 1, bl 25, Original plat Aber—ssso.
R Manke to T E Foreman, land con
tract land in nw?4 sec 5-17-7—slooo
G H Nehf to C Ij Matson, sat mtg
of sec 5-16-11 and Its 47 to 50, blk 4,
N 1' adil Son'h Aberdeen—s6so.
A S Hodgdon to C M Gillman, sat mtg
of sec 27 19 12—5104.
Olvmpia Brewing Co to F Rebotzki,
sat nitg Its 7.8, bl 51, Hoquiam—s4ooo.
North Aberdeen Shingle Co to l'uhlic,
certificate of list of officers.
Phillips A, Shields to Public, certificate
of log brand "B R 10"
Grave llatbor Commercial Co to Pub
lic, certificate of cattle brand "II"
Malone Shingle Co. Klma, to Public,
certificate of articles of incorpoiation,
capital stock $5000.
1 II Bower to S K Bowes, mtg Its 1 to
3 and 7 to 12, bl 1, and Its 7 to 12, blk 2,
L J VVeatherwax add Aberdeen —$300.
1) VV Ditieen to II Campbed, real es
tate contract, Its 1 and 10, blk 88, Cor
rected plat llcquiam—s'.ooo.
C McDonald et al lo M Cameron, lots
10,11.12, bl 0 and lot 1, bl 5, Toledo, and
Its 23,24, bl 22, France's add A her —$1.
Same to S I\ Bowes, lots 23,24, blk 22,
same add—sl.
J A Moller to C Roedler, Its 5,6, bl 13,
L J VVe-therwax add Aberdeen—s2so
Paul Pinits to J A McNiven, lots 7,8, bl
31, \V & B i;dd Aberdeen—sl.
H B Ham to () E Bennett, mtg
of hw>4 sec 34*10-4—5400.
L Scliatz to E F Rowe, sat mtg Its 1,2,
bl 178, Coriecti'd plat Hoquiam—s6oo.
I* 8 Locke, trustee, vs M Uoldsmith
and H Gibler, writ of attachment lot 10,
and a 97 ft Its 11,12, Original plat Aber
David Crocker to Lenora D Crocker,
power of attorney.
U A Taylor to K H Roes, sat mtg land
in nw sec 35-18 6.
A B Temple to R A Tavlor, mtg land
in ol n»J4 see 35 18-6—5200.
R H Ross to C C Combes, mtg Its 11
to 15, bl 15, W & B add Elma —$275.
O Rogers to E L Koehler, partial as
signment mtg It 7, bl 46, VV & B .Second
add Aberdeen—s2soo.
W M Baker to K I Kimberk, sat mtg
It 9, bl 16. Corrected plat Hoquiam—ssoo
L Capelle to Cliebalis County Bank,
Aberdeen, mtg land in blk 19, West End
add Aberdeen—s2so.
L Sihatz to Will Lanning, land con
tract lot 4, sec 32. anil pLo of s« J4, and
of sec 33-20-12—53000.
Aberdeen State Bank to F Fowler, eat
chat mtg two donkey engines and outfit
, Same to Same, same, saw logs—s22oo,
Ellingson & Egge to O Carlson, bill
sale one yarding engine and outfit-$1755.
M Cameron to Public, affidavit affect
ing title to Its 10,11,12, bl 9, and It 1, blk
5, Toledo, and Its 23,24, blk 22, France's
add Aberdeen.
•I J Thilbrick et al to A Anderson,cbat
mtg inerry-go-round—s6oo.
Ryan & Kimberk to W C Jenkins, bill
sale liming int in stock and business Ab
erdeen Electrical Supply Co.
Cily Fire Alarm Boxes.
Below is given the location of the real
anil imaginary boxes, the latter being
marked with an asterisk (*):
*13 >x No. 4 —Young andjThomas, North
*Box No. 5— B and Cleveland streets,
Highland Home.
•Box No. 7—Terrace avunue and D
street. High School.
•Box No. B—Burrows' Dock.
•Box No. 9 —Hume and K streets,
Northern Pacific Railroad Depot.
*Box No. 12—Boone and King streets,
South Aherdeen. *
Box No. 15 —YVilson Bros.' Mill.
Box No. 17 —S. E. Slade Mill.
Box No. 21—Maiket and F streets.
Box No. 23—American [Mill.
Box No. 25 - Heron and F streets.
Box No. 27—Fourth and G streets.
•Box No. 31 —Franklin School, Market
between Jefferson and M streets.
Box No. 32— Hume and H streets.
Box No. 35—Anderson & Middleton
Box No. 37—Heron and Broadway.
Box No. 38—Third and Broadway.
Box No. 42—Hart-Wood Lumber Co.'s
Box No. 45— Western Cooperage.
Box No. 47—Hume and Washington
Lest We
forget—Baby is restless, can't Bleep at
night, won't eat, cries spasmodically. A
bottle of White's Cream Vermifuge never
fails to cure. Every mother should give
her baby White's Cream Vermifuge. So
tnano times when the baby is pale and
fretful, the mother does not know what
to do. A bottle of this medicine would
bring color to his cheeks and laughter to
his eyes. Give it a trial. Sold by all
druggists. t j
Fine Job Printing at moderate prlcet
Herald turnery.
Afflioted with Sore Eyes for 33 Years
I have been alllicted with sort* eves for
thirtv-tiiiee years. Thirteen ye*rs ago
I became totally blind ami was blind for
sfx years. My even were hailh inflamed.
One of my neiti'ibor* insisted upon my
trying Chanr><*i lain's Salve ami g.ive me
half a box of it. To my surprise it
healed mv eyes and my siubt came back
to me. —I'. 0, Earls, Cvnthiana, Ky.
Chamberlain's ■'atve is for sale by Kvuns
Drug Co. t
6rand Theatre
Thursday, Oct. 3
"* v
Jessie Bushley
"In the Bishop's
City Library and Reading Room
Open from 2 to 5:30 and 7 to 9:30 p. in
Sundays 2 to 5:30 p. m.
Visitors always welcome
MRS. .T. M. WALKER Librarian
Night and Day Gowns
that bear the marks of wear and begin to
assume a faded and passe appearance may
he easily renovated if brought to us. Our
system of Cleaning and Dyeing garments
of all descriptions has met with the great
est success because it does not injure in
the slightest degree the most delicate
fabric, hut, 011 the contrary, has a ten
dency to preserve tlieni while giving them
a brighter appearance.
Grays Harbor
& Dye Works
109 South F St. Tel. 2141
Always l T p-to-T)ate
Eight room house on the school
house hill FOR SALE. Will make a
nice home.
I have some lots Ivinjj close to the elect! ic car
line on easy payments; these are good investments. If }ou
wish to sell your property for cash, come and see me.
S. K. Bowes
With Patterson & Locke Co.
214 South G- St. Telephone 791
The National Photo Company
J. ANTONIUS, Manager
All work is dpue up-to-date in real Portraits, Views and in
teriors. All studio work the same either sunshine or rainy
days. Please call and be convinced.
11l W. Iloron St. German Hotel llhlg.
When Your Eastern Friends
doubt your tales of this country, send them
Photographic Views
500 views of the Grays Harbor country for sale at
MacKenzie's Photo Co.
Opposite P. O.
Successors to A. INGEBKIGHTSEN
Bicycle Repair Shop
Sporting Goods of all kinds, Fishing Tackle, Guns and
Pistols. LAUNCH UTOPIA for hire for hunting and
pleasure parties, etc. Tel. 122. 206 South G St.
§ Blood diseases, ulcers, sores, swollen glands,
varicocele, kidney and bladder troubles,
rectal diseases, weakness, lost vigor, pros
tatis, hydrocele, contracted and chronic
ailments cured to remain cured.
Men : Refuse to suffer longer on promises of others. If
in trouble consult us today. If honest and responsible you can
pay fee when cured.
If you rnnnot cull 1130Vt Pacific Av»„ Tncoma.
Write for self exiuuinutloii blanks 100 Marion 81., Seattle, Waxli.
IS COMPOSED of the people in this city who
have not been reached, or influenced, by
your advertising.
Every person who moves into the city is a
member of this club. Any member of this club
is willing to drop out as soon as you GET HIM
The money you "save" by curtailing your
newspaper advertising campaign IS THE
\OU ' CLUB —and when, through your liberal
patronage, ''your branch" of the club grows
YOU Will Go Out of Business
The HERALD Is Ready to Help You
Abolish Absolutely Your Branch
of Club

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