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in Stewart's Highland Home and Park Addi-
A tion lots. «
L People are awakening- to the fact that
some large manuiacturing plants will very
soon be located up the Wishkah riverj-which
will mean an addition to that part of Aberdeen
ET of 500 families.
S Better pick up a couple of these lots
25% Cashf balance easy terms
Office Open Evenings
104 W. Heron Street
items of Interest From all Sections
of Chehalis County, Gathered by
Aberdeen Herald Correspondents
jnd Gleaned .Prom Our County
J. B. Kesterson is back again after a
iw weeks cruise out in the big timber.
Dr. F„ C- Story has bought a fine 200
acre farm just over the line in Mason
|Mies Genie Story returned Monday from
j few days visit to Mrs. Eula Brown at
Andrew Lindstrom, of Aberdeen, was
in the city Tuesday looking at some
,property which he intends buying.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Lougheed, of this city
■went to Oakville Saturday, where they
were the guuals of Mr. and Mrs. 0. H.
Mrs. Eli Brumbergand Mrs. Beaumont
Apple went to Aberdeen Thursday to at
tend a reception given in that city by
Mrs. J. i\ Morgan.
County Treasurer G. J. Taylor was
jailed to Leamington, Ontario, Tuesday,
to attend to family matters requiring his
presence at the old homestead.
The fcl ooners Mary Dodge and Allen
A. are in Port this week from llodondo,
Gal. Both vessels will load at the Mon
lesano Lumber & Mfg. company's docks
tor Southern California points.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wagner, who
'have lived for many years in the North
Siver country and recently sold their
ranch to S. M. Kegley, of Olymnia, left
Tuesday on a visit to tLeir old home in \
Ohio. This is their first visit east for 18
gears and they anticipate a very enjoy
able time.
Mrs. James Glancy returned Thursday
from u visit at Montesauo with her sister
'Jlrs. Cl'Uimons,
J. E. CaUier, the Montesano real estate
atan, was in Lima a few hours Wedues-
Uy nioi ning on business.
Miss Louise Reynolds left Thursday
tor Olympia and Tacoma to spend a week
Kith friends and relatives.
Luther Byles was slightly injured at
(he White-Star camp Thursday by being
uit with a flying chunk of wood.
Mr*. Hugh Fleming left for Tenino
Wednesday to be the guest of her daugh
ter, Mrs. V. C. Kibbe for several days.
Joe Vance built au addition to his
frouse, and an automobile housa on the
.'»ar of l is k i 3 last week.
The Arm of Dunn & Dunn civil engin
eers, of Seattle, Wash., were in El ma
Wednesday getting in line to see about
liiying the sewer system.
Inez Virginia Cox, nged 3 years 4
months ii'id 10 months, daughter of Air.
»nd Mrs. \V. L. Cox oi I'orter, ditfd last
Tuesday, nfter an illness of less than 24
!iours. 1
Iddie Ferron went to Lebam Tuesday.
G. S. Kendall, of North river, was in
4>wn Saturday.
Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. Homer Watkins,
*son, Tuesday of last week.
T. B. Bull, who resides on a farm near
lis place, is reported seriously ill.
Arthur Fitzgerald and John Voaper
killed a deer on Cedßr Creek Saturday.
Allen Johnson, who had been visiting
friends in town several days, returned lo
Elina Monday.
Wm. Wood, a well known citizen of
Raymond, was in the city over Satuiday.
Quite a number of local sportß took in
the prize fight at Aberdeen Thuraday
Mrs. W. F. Cooper and son left Satui
day morning for Seattle, where they take
the boat Monday for Valdez, Alaska.
Chief Thos. Soule of the fire depart
ment, has been presented with a very
expensive watch by his aunt, Mrs. V. N.
Workmen broke ground last week for
the new residence to be erected by Sid
ney M. Heath, on the corner of J and
Fourth streets.
Mr. and Mrs. Webb Graves left Friday
for Sheridan, Oregon, where they have
been called to the sick bed of Mr. Graves'
brother-in-law, Lee Bogue.
A telephone message Friday announced
the serious illness of C. H' Pealer of El
ma. Mr. I'ealer had a paralytic stroke
Friday and has since been unconscious.'
Napoieon' Bonaparte.
showed, at thej battle of Austerlitz, he
was the greatest Leader in the world.
Ballard's Snow Liniment has shown the
public it is the best liniment in the
world. A quick cure for Rheumatism,
Sprains, Burns, Cuts, etc, A. C. Pitts,
Rodessa, La., says: "I use Ballard's
Snow Liniment in my family and find it
unexcelled for sore <chest, headache,
corns, in fact',for anything that can be
reache by a liniment." Sold by all
druggists. id
Grand Theatre
Friday, Oct. 18
*/- - 3Ka^ t
Carrie Leonard
Alice Sher
in the
"Mayor of Tokio"
Woman's Ways
The Woman Who Will Not£how
an Interest In Others —Originality
Sure to Attract Attention — Be
ware the Latest Color. :: :: ::
I "There are enough kinds of dlsagrec
| able people In this world to suit every
body," remarked the cynlonl woman.
The bachelor lifted his eyebrows.
"Had any experience?" he asked.
"Yes. You have heard, of course, of
my being made editor of the Uaiubow
Magazine. Well, If I do say so, that is
rather an advance for me and some
thing one might be proud of. When I
told my friends they nil patted me on
the back and congratulated me most
heartily—that Is, they all did but Mrs.
Disagreeable. I know she was sur
prised— more surprised than the others
perhaps—but she would have died
rather than give me the satisfaction of
Beeing any expression whatever on her
"She merely said 'Ah!' in the same
languid tones she would have used In
answering a question about the
weather,. but her eyes said plainly,
4 "You can't get a rise" out of me,
young woman, no mutter what you
"Horrid thing!
"Haven't you ever had an experience
of that sort? You buy a new and ex
pensive Paris hat and ask a friend
what she thinks of It You know she
Is Impressed; she cun't help It; yet this
Is what she says: 'Oh, Is that a new
hat?* as If she thought It was your last
year's rainy day one, you know."
The bachelor smiled. "Well, I can't
say I have had the experience about
millinery," he said, "but there Is a cer
tain friend who has known me from
boyhood, and your remarks translated
Into the masculine certainly apply to
him. Yes, I guess your type of a dls-
agreeable person Is a pretty common
one. It has only one Rood point. Ilow
lt does take the conceit out of ine!"
The cynical woman frowned. "I
would rather keep my wholly Innocent
and pleasant conceit, If you don't
mind," she replied.
Batter Than Beauty.
Origfcnllty Is not valued enough
among women.
How many girls' schools teach It?
Arer the principals not anxious, on the
other hand, to turn out as many care
fully finished replicas of the same
model as possible?
And yet originality counts for more
than beauty. Men are the most con
ventional creatures On earth ill regard
to their notions of womankind, and
yet how soon the modern man tires of
the type of bud one sees by the dozen
in drawing rooms.
That reminds me of a story I read
once of a mother who had a very
plain daughter she wished to marry
well. Realizlnc» that the girl had 110
chance compared with the other pret
ty girls in her set, she Btarted out from
the very first to give her a reputation
for originality, and to this end she
dressed her in .•» Paris frock of golden
brown mull for her debut instead of
the traditional white.
Urown was the girl's color, and tlio
odillty of the tiling made a lilt. From
that time on her reputation was made.
So much for being a little different
from other people.
A Fashion Hint.
I don't know if this is the place for
a fashion hint; but, anyway, this is the
If you can only afford one suit I beg
of you don't have it of the glaring
color craze of the moment. What I
have suffered this summer through be
ing almost continually with a woman
whose main standby was a suit of
"orange peel" brown no one will ever
know, and the craze for purple this
fall warns me that my eyes will be
made sore with tailor mndes of that
esplosiva tint worn morning, noon and
night regardless of circumstances.
Keep the latest color shriek for after--
noon wear at least, but not for mar
keting or general living purposes, I
Restoring Picture Frames.
Soiled gilt picture frames can be Im
proved by brushing them over with
linseed oil, which Is then wiped off
with a soft cloth.
Dress Goods New Fall Shirt Waists
afld Waistinqs t ' lC newest > nobiest and most desirable
styles at prices never approached at this
Now is just, the time to buy your material season of the vear
for dresses and waists. The reduction of
prices is tempting, and the variety was ~, , ...
i. , ri rrench flannel shirt-waists 111 all the new
nevei arger. Scotch and tartans plaids, worth $2.00
40c Worsted plaid suitings at 25c $1.48.
French flannel waistings, dots, stripes and Shirt "Waists, at $1.08, made of silk
Persian effects, at 12 1-2 finish madras, also linen, in white only,
. . , . , , satiu stripes, stripes and floral effects and
Fancy Madras waistings in dainty checks embroidery fronts, worth $2.50 at ..$1.98
and stripes, worth 50c per yard, at . ,39c
$1.25 Chiffon Panama in navy, brown, black /\ ■ i • C* •
and cardinal, at 98c Ulir U 110tWeUT Sect 1011
75c French Wool Batiste, serge and Panama, offer extraordinary values in men's, ladies'
1,1 all the fnll sha,les 59c and children 's-the largest and most com
————————————— plete stock. All new and fresh. It will
Blankets and Comforts w y "" t0 investißa,e '
_ _ . Men's $2.00 genuine Cooper's jersey ribbed
At breat Savinos underwear; covered seams, steam
shrunk $1.25
10x4 cotton blankets in tan and gray; 75c ,
value at per pair 55c Men s $1.25 heavy wool Scotch ribbed under
wear $1.00
11x4 Cotton blankets in gray, fancy borders, ,
$1.25 value, at 98c lens Wright's wool fleeced under
wear 65c
$1.50 Silkaline Comforts, full double bed
size at $1.00 cn ' s 75c Sanitary fleece lined and jersey
ribbed underwear 49c
n • • ol rv «< Ladies' 40c jersey ribbed fleece lined under-
Bargains in Shoe Dep t. wear, at 2 5c
Boys' and Oirls' school shoes, built to fit and Ladies' 75c Oneita jersey ribbed fleece lined
built to stay, the kind that makes the combination suits at 59c
young lads and lassies hustle to wear out — Ladies' $1.00 fine Cashmere wool ribbed un
our prices during the sale at $1.98, $1.69 derwear glove fitting 75c
and $1.48. Ladies' $1.25 Sanitary Australian wool, jer-
Ladies' fine vici kid shoes, in Balmorals and 'f ribbed » nderw ear, steam shrunk,
Blucher styles—medium, heavy and welted
soles; neat fitters, stylish and excellent Boys' and Misses' Jersey ribbed, fleece lined
wearers, worth $2.50; our price ....$1.95 underwear, all sizes at 25c
You Can ITITTTI Fl fl oTlfl HT Wc Se »
Do Better [jjjj tjUMUN ®
To AH Our Subscribers
The Great
American Farmer
The Leading Agricultural Journal of the Nation,
Edited by aa, Able Corps of Writers.
The American Farmer is the only Literary Farm Journal published.
It fills a position of its own and has taken the leading - place
in the homes of rural people in every section of the
United States. It gives the farmer and his
family something to think about
aside from the humdrum
of routine duties.
Within the Next Thirty Days We Offer
Two for the price of one: The HERALD
The Leading Grays Harbor Paper and THE AMERICAN FARMER
Both One Year for $1.50
In Advance
This'unparalled offer is made to all new subscribers, and all old
ones who pay all arrearsjand renew within thirty days. Sample copies
free. Address:
The HERALD, Aberdeen, Washington.

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