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Taste, Quality and [Novelty
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buying AT OUR STORE results in the delight of the folks at home. We place at vour disposal APPROPRIATE GIFTS for « v«-ry m'.-mber
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Nlmiles of the Superior Court and
New Cases riled. List of Real Es
tate Transfers and Miscellaneous
Instruments riled With County
In the Buperior Court.
The following In the record of tiu«lrie»»triiu»-
• rte4luthe Huperfor court for the week end-
IriK November ■'/>. \WI.
In re eit tale of J K McDougall, dee'd.
Wheeler. A B Hol'oway ai.d I)
VV Fleet appointe 1 appraiacia.
M C Soule vh Town of Ocoata. De
murrei to complaint nuatained.
John CMapeset al v« Minnie G Mi pea
et al. Iteport of referee approved, Dale
ol realty confirmed and decree of dintii-
Lotion aj^ned.
J A Livingaton et al vh If I) Crawford
«-tux. Judgment for plaintifl for $80.20
and coata.
Tito* Rotten aon va Aberdeen Lumber
<* Shingle Co. DiamiaHod at plainlilf 'H
C iHtH.
Thi) following cbhch were Het for jury
trial: state va l<ouin Dec l'J; VV
VV Kurtx va Aaron Hay, Dec 21 ; Same
v* Harney Neieon et al, Dec 21 ; J A
Moller vh Niagara Fire 1 rib Co, Dec 23.
A A Hull vi- Arthur Naglc. Demurrer
Andrew Semmen va O L Crain. Ob
jection to jurisdiction of court overruled.
(y'ity of A ta-rdei'.n va Jli Kihert. Sale
of realty confiiuied.
II li McNeil va Nat Lumber (lu. Same.
Tliom White vh Larkin I'roa. Dit
ri)inaed at plaintifr'a motion.
In r» entale of K K Learned, deceaued.
.1 .iitnai y 0 fixed to hear petition for xale
of really.
Chan Veyaey vh I Smith «t al. De
fendants demurrer Hiiulauicd.
A J Aihloihoii ut ux, el ul vh Mury
Jii Ik*'- Action oil dubl.
Haimi vh (i L Nclhoii. (iiiriilHliinont.
K Htruun hikl Louis Kiminiliulli vh H h
Jor luu. Almliur.t of from King
r>tut» of vh l<ouiH Kouul.
'1' M vh JoHDpti IS Dubnuy ut
lit. Action on piomiHHory nolo uml ut
May II l'uttou vn (,'liailon K I'lUton.
K W 1 toi infolir va J It Cozino unit .loh
I) Brown. b'oreclotturu of tux lion.
Kil H (iolilnmilli vh M «iolilamiili uml
lloniiult. Accounting ill |iurtuor
hli1 1> uml rocoivor»lii|>.
Real Esluto Transfurs.
Pitr tint with eliding Novi'iiilirr .'til, ooini'Uuil
from iiid ri'ciiiilh lit* Uiu Wmiiliiiikioii AliHiruct
Do.n puny of Aburiliuiu:
tstalo of WHHliiii|(toii to U I Hull, oyt
tor plmii tinu ilmnl, DH.HII ucres ut hw point
Unmg Ihluiiil in sue 18-1(1-11—1123.
.1 S (iridium to K (i Kililin, n L's It of n
1(11 ft of w II It It :i, uml h Hfi ft of ii 101
It It I, l>l i! 7, (Joilectoil plut Klmii—ss.
C W lloil|;iloii In K Kuh/ycku, It lit, I>l
fit, Onlurio uilil 11 o>| inn in—
A Dihlldi' i't ul to It Dialler, It ti, lil H. r >,
VV .* It i-iecuinl mill Almnloen—slo.
Slioriir ("liolmliH Ooimly to I! K Oau
tlioin, cortilli-iili> of milu timloi foioclon-
u r*, »ec 31-16-10—$138.
Hannah Zet-buyth to City of Montcfa
no, land iri hik 1, Kyl«-n Second a<l<l
■ MoiilHcatio —11.
A I'earton to 8 Benn, quit claim lot 5,
bl J 4. liertn'H Central »d«l Aber —$1.
h iienn to A Fearaon, It 7, bl 13, tame
Same to K O Oilenmn, It 4, bl 72, W A
H Second add Aberdeen —$230.
(i K Lackey to F McMurray, It 8, bl 1,
Highland liotne, Aberdeen—l4.oo.
'Ifi-bhurer Chehalia County to F K
Jontrii. Itn 1 to 5, bl A arid ll« 1,2 and 4 to
7 ana 9 to 11 and lota 14 to 22, blk 1, and
ItH 1 to 22, bl tt, l'leaaant Midge add Ab
erdeen —143.
H F Fox to K F JoriM, lot 2, blk 39,
iJfsnn'ti plat Aberdeen—s2ooo.
C Carlton to J I'acka, bl A, South
.1 II Kutherford to J 11 Haynea, 43
acres in nee 12-17-B—s7ooo.
N Dineen to IJ Mattaon, lot 8, blk 2,
Mooney'a Corrected plat MonteHano-$320.
N VV Land A Improvement Co to J II
I Dabney, Its 6 to .'lO, bl A, Depot add Ab
erdeen —$1.
V Anderaon to G O Sjolaeth, lot 10, bl
14. Karr'a Garden add lloquiam—sl2so.
Treasurer Chehalia Coontv to C Grin
wold, It 8, bl 0, Hrewer'n add Oakville.
W II Hindi to J C Mt pe», referee'a deed
nwJ4 aee 20-10 11 —$000.
Treaaurer Chehalia County to N T
Looimh, lota 2.4, bl 10, llumptulipH and
llumptulipa l'rairie Gardena—ss.
M Holt to K S Goldiuiith, lot 2, bl 7,
North Aberdeen—slo.
K S Goldsmith to D M Howes, ItH 2,3,
bl 7, bttino add—slo.
C Lowell to K I'lund, ItH 1 to 11, being
all bl 33, Weatend Aberdeen—slo.
Samuel lienn to A Atideraon, lot . r », blk
7(1, li A VV Second add Aberdeen—s3(jo.
Treaaurer Chehalia County to / M
Schofield, land in aec /i-17-7 —$1.
Same to It Sluhha, lot 8, bl 1, I'helon'a
add Monteaano—slo.
G K Maria to T H Winhton, quit claim
ItH 5 to 8, hi 2, Maria' plat SatHop—sloo.
J A Karr to T Kllia, lota 1,2, blk 10,
Karr'a (iardon add llcj<|iiiam—s37o.
Samuel Benn to K J Vail Tanntl, lota
17,18, bl 1, lienn'a Central add Ah —$230
II A Finch to li Kinnainan, nw'4 ol
nwj'4 ol and wYi ol nc}£ of of
a *<4 nee 20-18-11—$020.
T A Oaborn to J It Dodge, It 22, hi 7,C
i A W add Klma —$60.
! K S Avey to F H Vance, lolh 0,0, bl 14,
VV A I', add Klma—s4oo.
G Noell to E D Staplea, lot f>, blk 50,
Original plat Ocoata —$200.
K W I'vlcm to MonteHano Lumber A
Mfg Co, <|uit claim It 4, aec 7-17-7—sl.
Truaanret Chehalia County to Same,
land in It 2, Hec 7-17-7 —$1.
It VV Mowery to VV C Anderson, lot 3,
hi 0 Maria plat Sat Kip —$100,
Jamea O'Donnell to I'uhlic, declaration
of homeatead, lot 0, hi 82, VV A 11 Second
add Aberdeen— $1000.
Cliuh Veyaey to II L McLain, u'.j It 4,
bl 0, llay view add Aberdeen—s27o.
VV II Shlelda to A M Shields, quit dm
It 24, hi 13, North lloi|uiam add Hoq-SI.
A M Shielda to Lumherman'H Hank,
lliii|iiiuin, quit claim Maine —$1.
M II Clark to C 8 Shank, ll 3, nee
Miscellaneous Transfers.
I l; (illdileu to E I, UobitiHori, lln
I In I, lil -1 Krttnce'a mid Alierileen, mid
IntH 1,7,H, mill in-'4, net-7, and inv'4 of
BW.'i hot 8-24-tl!—|5(l0.
Sheriff Chehali# County to Public, cer
tifi-a'e of appointment of I) 1 Harrier to
be deputy sheriff.
William Holland to M S Ilailey. chat
frit it horeee, wagon and harries*—(so.
| Henry Louckc, Jr, to I'ubliu, declara
tion of horr.eitead, lots 1 to 6, blk 8,
Karr'n Garden add Hoqniam—(l7iXJ.
C M Vernon to M M Wakefield, tat
oatg lots 7,8, bl 11, Corrected plat Klrna.
J J Kmley to C 11 Vernon, rntg earne
K E Shields to F Hewett, chat rntg
office furniture, law library, etc—(2so.
W Phillips to W H Abel, chattel mtg
horeen, w agon and harness—(2so.
A Diitler et al to K Diitler, bill sale
household furniture—(l<).
A Calmeli to Aberdeen Brewing Co,
bill rale stock liquors, saloon fixtures,
K S Goldsmith v« M Goldsmith et al,
lis pendens suit for dietributiota of prop
erty personal and real as per itemized
description in complaint filer] for record.
Gray* Harbor Sheet Metal Worki vs
K Zelasko, lien ii 60 ft lota 7,8, blk 44,
Original plat Aberdeen—*oo.
Standard Houee Furnishing Co to Mrs
M A Johnson, con saie furniture, etc—
Sheriff Chehalis County vs J 15 Dab
ney et ux, notice attachment real prop
erty, lt« 1,2, bl 13, lienn'h Central add
and Its 7,10, bl 42, end It 3, bl
40, and a 08 ft of e 10 ft lot 11, and 8 <>8 ft
ll I'.', bl 45. and n 33 ft lota 11,12, blk 40,
Original plat Aberdeen—(3'Jß4.
A Button to It II F'leet, mtg Itsl to 14,
blk 1, Goodell's add, and lot 3, bl 1, Lu
ark's add Montesano—sßoo.
K 8 (iribble to l'ublic, affidavit affect
ing title to It 25x120 ft in bl 2, Byles add
Wrn 1' Book vs Chester A Congdon et
al, judgment of dismissal, cause No 2148,
II I. Miller to N O Wheeler, sat mtg
J Fournier to J F Bennett, chat mtg
horses, wagon, harness, etc—s4oo.
J II Busing to F II Cross et ai, bill
s.tle Busing shingle mill machinery, tim
ber contracts, etc —$(>BSO.
M Hokanson to V Anderson, sat mtg
Nancy Cox to l'ublic, affidavit affect
ing title to lot ID, blk 14, Kari's Garden
add lioquiain.
Wynooche Lumber Ac Shingle Co to
l'ublic, certificate of increase of capital
stock from $10, OIK) to $25,000.
First Swedish Baptist Church ol God,
lloijuiam, to l'ublic, certificate of elec
tion of oflicers.
Same to American Home Mission So
ciety, loan mtg uw 00 ft lots 1.2, blk 24,
Corrected plat Hoquiam—slooo.
Hanie to Same, gift mtg game—s4oo.
K K Co/.ine to W C Hoe, mtg its 11,12,
1)1 13, North Aberdeen—sl3o.
A II Harrison to I' Andrijaupvitch, sut
chat mtg saloon fixtures, etc—s3Bß.
J F Bennett to J Fournier, bill sale
horses, wagons, harness, etc—sooo.
State Board Tax Commissioners to
Public, certificate of receipt from C W
lloilgdon, administrator of estate of
Sarah M Wilson, dee'd, report of assets
and liabilities and payment of inherit
ance tax on said estate consisting of lots
2,3,3, and »}g of sej£ sec 18 20-7.
Grays Harbor Lumber Co vs K E
Hand, lien lot 8. bl 14, North Hoquiam
aid lloqiiiam—sl3o.
W lionahlson to O V Strickland, sat
mtg u of BWV4, and w. 1 J of
lie 1 4 of nw'4 of bw!-4 sec 20 18-ti.
Goodwill, Hanson & Co to l'ublic, cer
To All Our Subscribers
The Great
American Farmer
The Leading Agricultural Journal of the Nation,
Edited by an Able Corns of Writers.
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tificatu of log brand ''(■>"
C Johnson to A L Fife, bill sale saloon
fixtures, stock liquors, etc —$4500.
Same to Same, lease lower story bldg
on sBO It of lot 12, blk 411, Original
plat Aberdeen, for 5 yearn at $150 per
A L Fife to Columbia Btewing Co, chat
mtg saloon tixtuiea, stock liquors, etc—
•Same to Same, beer contract to Due 1,
C Leavitt to K T Dabney, sat mtg n 50
ft It 1, and n 50 ft of It 2, bl 43, Orig
inal plat Aberdeen.
J A Booth to li Kinnamati, asst mtpH—
C K Holmes to E C Chatisse, bill sale
blacksmithing outfit, etc —$750.
K E Merrill'to J A Booth, chattel mtg
horses —$200.
Lincoln Creek Lumber Co to l'ublic,
certificate of log brand "Bar 5"
Muscular Fains Cured.
"During the summer of l!»03 1
was troubled with muscular pains in
the Instep of my foot," says Mr. S.
Pedlar, of Toronto, Out. "At times
It was so painful I could hardly walk.
Chamberlain's Pain llalm was rec
ommended to me, so I tried it and
was completely cured by one bottle.
I have since recommended it to sev
eral of my friends, all of whom
speak highly of it." For sale by
Evans Drug Co.
Of the two offenses against the body
tindereatlng Is more immediately dan
gerous than overeating. It saps tbe
strength from the start. Sufety and
sanity may lie In discreet selections of
food based on personal peculiarity's.
They are not promoted by absurd the
ories.—New York World.
Hatching It.
"Mr. Gibbons," said the teacher of
the class in rhetoric, "point out the ab
surdity in this figure of speech: 'At
this time the Emperor Frederick hatch
ed out a scheme,' etc."
"It seeins all right," replied the
young man after some reflection.
"It does? • Explain, please, how ha
could have 'hatched out' a scheme."
"Well, he might have had his mind
set on It."—Christian Register.
Pimento, a durk colored berry, Is the
size of a pea with the remains of the
calyx attached and possesses an odor
and flavor resembling a mixture of cin
namon, cloves and nutmeg, from which
fact it derives the name of allspice.
While an inferior variety grows in
Mexico and parts of Central and South
America, Jamaica Is the only country
In the world from which pimento Is
Had to Do Something.
A cabby was brought to the police
station for having hit oue of his fares
over the hearl during a dispute about
his payment.
"Couldn't you explain to the gentle
man without hitting himV" inquired
the magistrate.
"Yes, sir, of course I know I was
wrong, but, you see, I hud Jumped o2
tUe box, and I couldn't do that for
nothing."—Nos Loi.*irs.
Plenty of It Hus Been Done Right
Here in Aberdeen.
Cures that last are cures that tell
To thoroughly know the virtues of
a medicine you must investigate the
cures and see if they prove perman
ent. Doan's Kidney Pills stand this
test, and plenty of proof exists right
here in Aberdeen. People who tes
tified years ago to relief from back
ache, kidney and urinary disorders,
now declare that relief was perman
ent and the cure perfect. How can
any Aberdeen sufferer longer doubt
the evidence?
C. J. Campbell, carpenter, living
at the Grand Central Hotel, Aber
deen, Wash., says: "I can just as
strongly recommend Doan's Kidney
Pills now as I did three years ago
when they removed a swelling over
my kidneys and greatly strengthen
ed those organs. Ten years of hard
work, change of climate and drink
ing alkali water undoubtedly
brought on the trouble. It went
from bad to worse despite every
remedy I tried until a friend ad
vised me to use Doan's Kidney
Pills. I procured them at W. B.
Paine Co.'s drug store and they cor
rected the action of the kidney se
cretions, removed the swelling and
cured the backache. I can conscien
tiously recommend your medicine to
others, for I know of none other
to equal it for the back and kid
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the Unit
ed States.
Remember the name—Doan's—
and take no other. 5t5

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