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Hems of Interest From all Sections
of Cliehalis Countv. Gathered bv
Aberdeen Herald Correspondents
and Gleaned Prom Our; County
Mrs. J. M. Pinnell went to Aberdeen
Monday to visit friends in that city.
Born, S.in Uy, January 26, to Mre.
Geo. Murray, an eleven and a half pound
Mrs. Jane Oswald, of Aberdeen, is vis
iting relatives on the Wynooche river
this week.
E. K. Bishop, who has been in Cali
fornia for a few weeks, returned borne
J. B. Kesterson returned Thursday
irouj a ten days trip to the Sound and
Hood's canal poi.its.
The Esther society will meet next
Wednesday afternoon, February 5, at
the home of Mia. J. A. Hutcheson.
Mrs. VV. W. Brown and daughter, Miss
Amv, returned Thursday from Long
Beach, Cal., where they spent the past
H. C. Minkler has had a fine launch
built at Abeideen. The craft was finished
last week and IB now having the machin
ery installed, r
Mrs. Edward Smith went to Aberdeen
last Thursday to Bee Mr. and Mrs. S. M.
White before their departure for South
ern California.
Arthur Todd, who claims to be the
sou of Frank Todd, tue nian murdered
at Hoquiam last August, has filed a pe
tition in the superior court here asking
lor the removal of Mrs. Ethel Todd as
administratrix of the estate and the ap
pointment of some other person to act
us c flieer of the court.
'ill following marriage licenses were
issued during the past week: Thomas A,
Tonneaon, Mrs. Mildred Louise DeVore;
Rumsey Wakefield, Nellie Murrey;
.Robert Wilkie, Marvel Keilerinan; Win.
H. Staiger, Floreua Blageu; O. H. Peter
eon, Anna B, Hansel; Geo. Hunsinger,
Nellie Vieltbaum; Isaac Wilson, Tilda
The logging crew of the Hewitt & Foss
Logging Co., at Satsop, are ballasting
•ho road.
T. A. Osborn went to the Harbor cities
Wedneuday on business, returning Thurs
day evening.
J, E. Murrey was a passenger Wed
nesday tor Taeoma on business relative
to his mill interests.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Brewer and daugh
ter, Vera, returned Wednesday evening
from their visit at Hoquiam with rela
Ralph Pernis and sister arrived in
E: maThursday afternoon from Frederick,
S. D., to visit their sister, Mrs. J. B. j
Fred Huntington, foreman of the Mack j
Shingle Company, went to Aberdeen i
Wednesdey alternoou jn business con- i
meted with the mill.
11. E. Wyndearo, formerly of Wyn
dearo Bros., well known in Eluia, was
visiting with friends Thursday and Fri
day. .Mr. Wyndearo is located at Aber
Mrs. 11. D. Taylor celebrated her 7'Jth
birthday anniversary on Tuesday, Janu
ary 20, I'JOS, Her children and grand
children carno down to assist in the cel
tieo. B. Love, of Los Augeles, arrived ;
in Elma Tuesday evening to visit his
father, John Love, who is ill at the pres
ent time. Mr. Love came by boat to
Mis. A. J. Mclntyre is visiting Seattle
,\n>l Tacoiua for a few days.
1! >rn —'Thursday night, January 30, to
31r. and Mrs. Chaa. Stover, a girl.
Charley Beall is having a house built {
on M street, between sixth and Seventh.
.UcNuir A Rogers have purchased the!
'ouainess of E. A. Willis, known as the!
Grays llarbor Transfer company. '
Mrs. Chas. A. Kamstad, wife) of the
superintendent of the Grays Harbor
! Lumber company, left Friday for a visit
in Los Angeles.
The bank-* of the county are rapidly
absorbing their clearing house certifl
icaie*. At this date $>73,503 have been
redeemed and cancelled.
Foster F. I'arker, who has for peverwl
months been in the yard ollice of the
Hoqiiiam Lumber it Shingle company,
left Sundav for Peru, South America.
A water pipe broke Thursday in the
arn.ory and belore the water could be
turned off and the damage repaired,
caused considerable trouble in Levi &
Oaer's store underneath.
Henry Wheems, of Cedar Rapids,
lowa, was in town Monday.
Mrs. Merrit Hunter left for a few
weeks visit in Montana .Monday.
Nettie, daughter of M r . and Mrs. VV.
T. Neeley, of tnis place, is reported ill.
Mr. and' Mrs. P. J. Fitzgerald visited
at the home of Mr. Geo. Braze! in Olym
pia, Sunday.
.Samuel Thompson has sold farm near
this town to G. J.Taylor. The consid
eration was.f3soo.
Mrs. Caroline Mauermanu, who has
been seriously ill at the home of her son
Joseph, is |> I'd b-lter.
Ned Ferron left Tuesday evening for a
trip to the leservation near Mabton
where he has tine farming land.
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City Fire Alarm Boxes.
Be low is given the location of the real
aud imaginary, boxes, tlie latter being
marked with an asterisk (*):
•Bax No. 4 —Young and Thomas, North
•Box No. 5— B and Cleveland streets.
Highland Home.
•Box No. 7—Terrace avenue and D
street. High School.
•Box No. B—Burrows' Dock.
•Box No. 9—Hume and K streets,
Northern Pacific Railroad Depot.
•Box No. 12—Boone and King streets,
South Aberdeen.
Box No. 15—Wilson Bros.' Mill.
Box No. 17— S. E. Slade Mill.
Box No. 21—Market and F streets.
Box No. 23—American Mill.
Box No. 25 - Heron and F streets.
Box No. 27—Fourth and G streets.
•Box No. 31—Franklin School, Market
between Jefferson and M streets.
Box No. 32—Hume and H streets.
j Box No. 35 —Anderson A Middleton
| Mill.
Box No. 37 —Heron and Broadway.
Box No. 38 —Third and Broadway.
Box No. 42—llart-Wood Lumber Co.'s
i Mill.
Box No. 45—Western Cooperage.
Box No. 47—Hume and Washington
Big Comic Opera at the Grand Thea
ter February 9.
In these days of big scenic productioi 8
it is worth while to observe that "lied
Feather," the big comic opera which will
come to Aberdeen February 9th, reached
the high water mark of managerial
liberality. It was declared to be the
most magnificent and sumptuous pro
duction ever given a musical play, and
Mr. Ziegfeld has expended more than
$7-',OCO upon it before the curtain rope
on the initial performance. This season
the presenting company, which is one of
the laigest on tour, is headed by Mies
Cheridah Simpson, whose local following
is large and loyal. Her hist appearance
in this section was as Princu Eagle, in
"Woodland," and those nho recall the
physical and vocal charms she displayed
in that fanciful work, will credit her
with having made the most of the great
ual roleiu "Red Feathers."
The barrow is coming into his own.
Costly experience with swine disease,
contracted at public market exhibitions
despite all possible precautions, in
duced the management of the Interna
tional show to abandon classes for
breeding swine and open a show for
barrows only, that go direct from the
pens to the shambles. This Idea did
not suit some swine breeders. But the
barrow show has caught the swing of
success and will hereafter receive the
support of some Interests which have
been fighting it. It has demonstrated
the possibilities of such a show, and
those who came to scoff will remain
to pray—and exhibit. The perfection
to which pork producing can be
brought, mirrored In the exhibits of
this section, is among the most absorb
ing features of this exhibition.
Hampshires Popular.
As heretofore, keen Interest was
shown in the exhibit of Hampshire
harrows. Black hogs with white belts
around their bodies at the girth appeal
to the curious as well as to pork mak
ers. They are odd. distinctive and flash
in the show yard.
But it is not alone the peculiar color
marking of Ilampshircs that accounts
for their growing popularity. Packers
esteem them for their dressing quali
ties. This fact has been emphasized ii:
the decisions registered by packing
house judges of fat barrows at this
show. Each year has marked an in
crease in the number.
It. L. Bollman of Illinois was first
for barrow under six mouths, the Ohio
State university second and Atkinson
& Stone. Illinois, third. It was n beau
tiful trio which took the prizes in this
class. A deal of finish and quality was
associated with rather heavy bone and
coarseness of head. Ilainpshires made
an especially strong pen showing.
Grade and cross bred fat barrows
made an exceptionally strong exhibit.
That certain breeds cross to excellent
advantage from the feeder's standpoint
was a patent fact In this collection.
Grand Championships.
The Ohio State university won the
grand championship for pen of three
barrows. Competition was as edged
as a half dozen top notch rival pens
could make It. It was the trio of pure
bred Berkshires, all bred and fed by
that institution, which achieved this
distinguished honor. The grand cham
pionship single barrow was the mixed
bred hog shown by Goodwlne & Goo
In breeding the grand champion bar
row, from a litter of seven pigs. Is
three-fourths Duroc-Jersey, oue-eighth
Poland-China and ohe-elghth Hamp
shire. Ue 'was wonderfully made and
wonderfully fed.
These Interesting Items and Illustra
tions of a fine feature of the last inter
national show are reproduced by thi
courtesy of the Breeder's Gazette, Chi
Hog Feed Rack.
The Illustration herewith shows a
form of rack which was designed and
first used by a Mr. Davis of Michigan
for feeding alfalfa to hogs which are
following corn fed cattle. It has been
highly Indorsed by Professor 11. It.
Smith of the Nebraska experiment sta-
tion. In some humid sections it might
be well to construct a cover of some
kind to go over the top of it. The rack
may be of any length, but it should
; not be more than three or three
! and one-half feet wide, as the alfalfa
| would probably lodge in the center,
i The fencing board at the bottom
I should not lie more than nine Inches
| from the top to the ground. If higher
! the hogs will be likely to get their
fore feet into the rack. The 'J by -1 at
the bottom of the hopper should be six
inches from outside line of the corner
posts and at the bottom fourteen inches
| from the floor of the rack or eighteen
i inches from the ground.—Breeder's Ga
zette, Chicago.
Stable Disinfectant.
Whitewash is one of the ch"inest
disinfectants and can be and
rapidly applied with a spray pump. It
must be carefully strained before n-ing
In the pump, as any lumps will clog
the spray nozzle.
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Saloon Men Are Up Por Keeping Open
On Sunday.
In the police court this morning, Join
KShle, Finch Vidler, Ed. Dolan and ().
U. Vainnien answered roll call, on a
charge of keeping their saloons open on
Sunday in violation of the law. The a •
rests were made on complaints sworn t"
by Chap. Summers, C. Birch, E. Aldrich
and J. H. Ta«ue. of the Good Templar-.
The cases of Viiller, Kahle and Van -
men were continued to Febiuarv 13, and
that of Ed. Dolan to February 15.
Eric Carlson and Alex Benton weit
tilled $00 and costs for stealing
from F. J. Johnson.
Five defendants in drunk and dis
orderly cases failed to appear, and their
bail was forfeited.
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Sceue from the beautiful comic opera, "Red Feather''

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