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The Story of a Medicine.
Its name—"Golden Medical Discovery"
was suggested by one of Its most Import
ant and valuable Ingredients — Golden
Seal root.
Nearly forty years ago. Dr. Pierce dis
covered that he could, by the use of pure,
triple-refined glycerine, aided by a cer
tain degree of constantly maintained
heat and with the aid of apparatus and
appliances designed for that purpose, ex
tract from our most valuable native nio
dlclnal roots their curative properties
much better than by tho use of alcohol,
so generally employed. So the now world
famed "Golden Medical Discovery," for
tho cure of weak stomach, indlgostion, or
dyspepsia, torpid liver, or biliousness and
Kindred derangements was first made, as
It ever slnie has Mien, without a partlcla
of alcohol In its malre-up.
A glanccVajAtteJiiU list of Its Ingredi
ents, prlntea bottle-wrapper,
will show that it Is tnacta from the most
valuable medicinal roots\found growing
In our American forcstSJ All these In
certs. T,earners ft .in wrltem nn
MtlliClt Who fprnmiTieml them t y y
A little book of these endorsements na3
been compiled by Dr. R. V. Pierce, of
Buffalo, N. Y., and will be mailed free to
any one asking same by postal card, or
letter addressed to the Doctor as above.
From these endorsements, copied from
standard medical books of all tho differ
ent schools of practice, it will be found
that the ingredients composing the "Gold
en Medical Discovery" are advised not
only for tho cure of the abovo mentioned
diseases, but also for tho cure of all ca
tarrhal, bronchial and throat affections,
accompanied with catarrhal discharges,
hoarseness, soro throat, lingering, or
hang-on-coughs, and all those wasting
affections which, if not promptly and
properly treated are llablo to terminato
in consumption. Take Dr. Pierce's Dis
covery in time and persevere In Its use
until you give it a fair trial and it Is not
likely to disappoint. Too much must not
be expected of It. It will not perform
miracles. It will not cure consumption
in its advanced stages. No medicine will.
It will cure the affections that lead up to
consumption, If taken In time.
Juvonile Natural History.
"Papa." said Harry, lufant phenom
enon, aged ii.ue. "will you give me in.'
pocket money In advance? I want t«»
buy a book on moths."
"Certainly, my boy," said the retired
colonel. "Here's a shilling for you. 1
am delighted that you should take such
an interest in natural history."
That evening all the old colonel's
best friends came to diuner.
"Now Is my opportunity," reflected
the proud parent, "to show these peo
ple what a clever boy my son Is. I
shall have him In at dessert time!"
So Ilarry came In with the pears and
pineapple, and In loud tones the gal
lant colonel remarked:
"Well, Harry, did you get your book
on moths?"
"Yes. papa." answered his son."
"And what Is It called?" pursued the
delighted father.
"Oh," said the unsuspecting phenom
enon. "It Is entitled 'Hints to Young
Moth-ers!' "—London Answers.
Hiding His Ignorance.
An official of the department of jus
tice said In Washington of a rumor
brought to him for conllrmation /by a
"This rumor springs from ignorance,
crass Ignorance of the law. I am sur
prised that you should have credited It.
"The originator of that rumor is as
plainly ignorant of the law as a cer
tain schoolboy was of French.
"This boy's father said to him one
night at dinner:
" 'Well, how are you getting on with
your French, my son?"
" 'Very well, thank you. sir,' the lad
"The father beamed with pleasure.
"'Ask politely In French for some
peas,' lie sakl.
"There was an awkward pause.
" 'But, father,' said the boy, 'I don't
want any peas.'"
Meeting Old Neptune.
An Inmate of Sailors' Snug Harbor
in speaking of the ceremony eonnecteil
with "crossing the line," when Father
Neptune presides over the Initiation or
the men who have never crossed the
equator, said:
"I got my Introduction to old Nep
tune while I was In the merchant serv
ice. I got my lather and shave aiul
ducking thirty years ago an 1 helped
initiate many seafaring men and lands
men since then. With hot tar handy.
Neptune's crew often took liberties
which would not be allowed on board
a man-of-war. The skipper used to
look on from aloft, but ho was blind as
a bat to things that he did not wish to
see, and the men knew enough to make
no complaint. I know that I was mad
clear through at what I got. but I con
tented myself with taking it out of the
next man."
Net Up to Date.
The evidence had shown that the
brick which a careless workman had
dropped from a scaffolding ♦.went\
feet above the surface of the ground
bad fallen on a man's shoulder anil
broken a bone, but the Jury decided
that the victim had no cause of action
The falling of the brick had no neces
sary connection with the accident.
"Gentlemen." said the Judge, "I nev
er heard of such a verdict You utter
ly ignore the existence of the law of
"That law. your honor." answered
the foreman of the jury, "Is so old that
we decided not to consider It. It's ob
solete."—Chicago Tribune.
The Brightness He Saw.
A man who died recently lti thf
north of England and had boeu living
a dishonest life under the cloak of re
llglon, wishing to pose as a good mail
to tho last, said to those around hiui:
"All Is bright before 1110!"
"Aye," said one of those present,
whom he had swindled out of a sum of
money, "an" in abeat ten minnlts
theau'U be near enoof to see th' blaze!"
—Manchester Guardian.
nun ouoTATions
Retail Market Reports Corrected
Weekly for the Herald.
Ribs 15c
T-Bone 20c
<".bucks 12}se
Round . 15c
B jilini! 8(« 10c
Prime Chops 18(«20c
Lens 20c
Slewing 12^e
Prime Roast [email protected]
Chops [email protected]
SMisage 15c
Chickens 22c
Fancy Wash Creamery, per roll. 80(<?85c
Cii.ii«ee Creamery 65c
Freeh Ranch A 30(ff30
Potatoes, 11> l^e
.Sweet potatoes,li> 5e
Cabbage. li> 2r
Onions, lb 5c
Carrots, lb. 2c
Parsnips, It. 2c
Turnips, lti .... 2e
Lettuce, bunch 10 •
Cauliflower, head 10c
Celery, bunch 10c
Apples, box [email protected]
Applet, Hi 5r
Bananas, doz 30.'
Kins, bulk, tt> 8 -
Figs, Fancy California 10r
Oranges, doz 30
(-•olden dates, lb 10c
Walnuts, tt
Pecans, tt> 20c
Brazil, lt> 20c
Almonds, tt> 25c
Mixed, lti 2oc
Lemons, doz 20c
Fancy patent, sack $140
Choice patent, sack fl 25
i Salmon, tt> 12}-2C
: "almon trout lt> 15c
i Halibut, lt> 10c
| Smelt, H> 10c
Perch, It. 10c
J Flounder, 11. 10c
; Oysters, qt I'mc
; Clams, gul 70c
| Shrimps, 11 20r
, Crabs, eacl 12^c
Hay, per ton, Yakima timothy $2")
Grain hay $1K
Alfalfa ... $10
Oat», per ton, Eastern Washington. ..$32
" " " Western Washington. .S2O
Rolled oats, per ton $33
Wheat, feeil, per ton $3">
; Chop, per tin $34
] Shorts, per ton $27
j Kiiin, per ton $2~>
i Middlings, per ton $30
| Corn, per ton $37
Moneyback means that
the tea is good and well
worth the money.
Can't mean anything
Your frrocer returns your money If you don't
like Schilling's Best; we pay him.
Poor Critter!
"I hoar that your husband Is critic
ally ill, Mrs. Tiff?" said Mr. Gummey.
"Yes, he Is. lie criticises the doctor,
and he criticises the nurse, nnd he crit
icises me. Oh, he's critically 111, all
Poor Soldier.
Bill—lt is said that Alexander the
Great when on a campaign ate the ra
tions of a common soldier. Jill—And
did the poor soldier get nothing?—
i'onkers Statesman.
Jock—l mi) afraid that If I ask you
to be my wife you will treat my pro
posal as a joke. Molly—But all Jcfces
are not rejected. Jack.
The Bohemian.
"Ah, once a bohemlan always a bo
hemlan!" exclaimed the unsclssored
joet "A bohemlan never changes."
"No, not even his collar," replied the
practical man, who had met a few bo
hemlans.—Chicago News.
Waytide Communing*.
Wareham I.oug—Wot started the hard
times anyway?
Tuff old Knutt—We did, ye ole fool!
We wus sufferin* with 'em long 'fore
anybody else caught 'em.— Chicago
Locating the Blame.
Father—Why, when I was your age
I didn't have as much money In a
month as you spend In a day. Bon-
Well, pa, don't scold me about It Why
don't you go for grandfather?
) Yes, YOU'RE the
J) man we mean,
jgi You're always talk
?/ ing about the harm the
ijL tJf trusts are doing. The
[ J country's going to the
Jv| tinwi demnition bowwows, you
ft I —"/ say, because of the un-
L_7 li/ \ curbed trusts. Rich grow-
[» ing richer, poor getting
M k~if if ll\u| poorer. Used to be that
Aw. /W"* fiflfekh. a poor man could go into
Iftk \W business for himself in a
1 modest way and make a
wffißs * good living. Now he
mO&CI must become a clerk or a
\ roustabout or a hodcar
/\ frier for some corpora
*—k _ \ \ tion —some combination
that has grown to be a
Goliath of bigness, that
' ias devoured the fat of
the land and is still gour
mandizing upon it, till
there's not a scrap of
V bone left for the under
That's your line of talk. You're still handing it out, and
you're proud of it.
Well, now, let's see: Are YOU a trust buster YOUR
Didn't we sec you rtalk up to the postoffice just now
and mail a letter with the' address of a city Mail Order Store
on the envelope ? Hey ? Didn't we ?
Don't you know that the Mail Order Store is a trust —
one of the most dangerous in the crowd ? Don't you know
that it is secretly and silently and slyly closing the doors of
opportunity to the young men in country towns and small
cities like ours ? Don't you know that the Mail Order Trust
is collecting the patronage of town and country people by
the mail route, thereby cutting down the patronage of the
smaller merchant, the local man who is trying to build up a
modest, independent, antitrust business?
I )idn't that ever occur to you ?
X. B. (which means note well): Why don't you trade
at home instead of helping to build up a trust that hurts your
home placc ?
A Memory Test.
A fi»x)fessor of mnemonics had gonf
to lecture ut or near Canterbury. Aft
er the lecture was finished he had to
wait for his London train. It was a
most comfortless day. and he retired
to an Inn for shelter and refreshment.
To pass the time he began to exhibit
his feats of memory to the yokels In
the inn parlor, and one and all were
thunderstruck except the waiter. There
Is always one skeptic In every com
munion, whether of saints or sinners.
Po what he would he could not miti
gate the acrid smile of acid incredulity
of that glol'ltied potman! In the midst
of one of his most dillicult feats the
whistle sounded of the "Only train to
London tonight!" and he rushed off to
catch it. lie caught it at the station,
and his reputation caught it in the Inn
parlor, for the waiter, coining in with
some ordered refreshments and find
lug hlin gone, pointed to the corner
where lie had boon sitting and exclaim
ed. "Silly 'tn.ibug. lie's forgot his um
brella!"— Young Man.
Modern Chemistry.
The foundation of modern chemistry
was laid in the beginning of the eight
eenth century by Ilales and Boer
haave. In 177'J Priestley published his
researches on air. having discovered
oxygen, ammonia, etc., thus beginning
a new chemical era. Priestley was
ably seconded by Cavendish. Lavoisier,
Chaptal and others, and with the open
ing of the nineteenth came
the brilliant discoveries ol' Davy, Dal
ton, Faraday and others, which placed
the science upon its present solid foot
Coming Out.
Next week fashionable Flora was
"coming out," and her proud mamma
was so excited over the fact that she
proclaimed It, metaphorically speaking,
from the housetops.
Even the charwoman had it
"You will be pleased to hear, Mrs.
Moore," said proud mamma, "that Flo
ra 'comes out' next week."
"Well, mum," replied the worthy
washer, "I am pleased. An' so does
my husband! How long did Miss Flo
ra get? William got six months!"—
London Scraps.
Legend of the Mistletoe.
In the old Norse legends "Baldur, the
beautiful," was killed with a branch of
mistletoe by "Lokl, the mischief
maker," who hated aud envied hiiu for
his popularity. The gods in sorrow
heaped curses upon the offending mis
tletoe. Suddenly appeared the God of
Love and begged them in future when
ever they saw a piece of it to give each
other a friendly kiss in token of love,
that his spirit might live. Since that
time and from this has come the cus
tom of stealing a kiss from any one
standing under a branch of mistletoe.
v_/ v w v w v v
Paid For the Supplies.
A story said to be characteristic Is
;o)d of a certain judge. It seems that
when he convened court at one of%be
towns on liitf,circuit It was found that
no pens, ink or paper had been pro
vided, and upon inquiry it developed
that no county funds were available
for this purpose. The Judge expressed
himself somewhat forcefully, then drew
some money from his own pocket. He
was about to hand this to the clerk
when a visiting lawyer, a high priced
Imported article, brought on to defend
a case of some importance, spoke up In
an aside plainly audible over the room
"Well," he remarked, with Infinite
contempt, "I've seen some pretty bad
courts, but this—well, this is the
The old judge Hushed darkly.
"You are titled $2."> for contempt, sir'
] Hand the money to the clerk!" lie said
j and when the pompous visitor line
! humbly complied he continued.
"Now. Mr. Clerk, go out and g.M
j what pens. Ink and paper the court
| may require, and if there is anything
! left over you can give the gentlemai
! his change."—Harper's Weekly.
A Genius at Excuses.
I "While I was stage managing a piece
! some time ago," said a theatrical mag
! nate, "one of my show girls showed
' an Independence of spirit which was
! superb. She was always late for re
j bearsal. Her excuses were great All
j her friends and relations had a series
! of maladies which were remarkable in
their number and diversity. She nurs
ed them all until they naturally gave
up the ghost. About an hour was
enough to bury most of them. Then
she caught .on to mechanical devices.
Street cars were Invariably late—just
i as late as she was. In fact. Then In
turn came certnln Inconveniences in
hotels. The elevator was continually
sticking until finally came the denoue
ment. It was In Philadelphia. The
siren did not appear until nearly two
hours after the proper time. 1 looked
at her and waited. The excuse came
" 'Oh,' she panted, I'm so sorry, but
they are repairing the stairs at the
hotel, and I could not get down until
they brought a ladder!"
"I recognized genius In that girl."—
I Chicago Record-Herald.
Muiio In Battle.
The first use of field music of which
we have absolutely authentic Informa
tion was at the battle of Bouvirtes,
that village of Freuch Flanders where
the French won three victories, Fhllip
Augustus defeating Otto IV. of Ger
many there In 1214, Philip of Valols
defeating the English there In 1340,
while in 1794 the French defeated the
Austrlans at the same place. It was
at Bouvines In 1214 that trumpets
sounded the signal for the victorious
Freuch charge, the first authentic In
stance of a command given by a trum
pet call.
City Library and Reading Hoom
Open from 2 to 5:30 and 7 to 9:30 p. n
Sundays 2 to 5:30 p. m.
Visitors always welcome
MRS. J. M WALKER Librarian
Allien™ You' Need a Specialist
Consult One of Wide
We are just now completing our
twentieth year as specialists in men's
diseases During these years of
close application to a single class of
ailments we have originated and per
fected the only scientific and certain
methods by which these diseases are
cured If we accept your case for
treatment, a cure is but a matter of
a reasonable time.
We guarantee every man a life-long
cure for Varicocele, Hydrocele,
Blood Disorders and Skin Diseases,
Prostatic Troubles, Piles. Fistula,
Loss ot Vital Power, Kidney and
Bladder Diseases. We especially
offer our services to those who are
afflicted with weakness.
Our H(] OflV I'ulecs
Guarantee: ' ,v/ rn » Cunii
Our methods are up-to-date, and
are endorsed by the highest medical
authorities of Europe and America.
Hence our success in the treatment
of Men's Diseases.
We cover the entire field of ner
vous, chronic, deep-seated and com
plicated diseases.
Consultation fee
If you cannot call, write for
Symptom Blank. Many cases can
be cured at home. All correspon
dence confidential. Call or Address
109 Marion St., Seattle, Wash.
1130 1 a Pacific Ave., Tacoma, Wash.
if you want to
Advertise in newspapers
anywhere at anytime
call on or write
B. C. Pake's Advertising Ageacj
134 Sansome Street
Aberdeen liukrtaking farlors
40G £. Wishkah St.
Ladv Attendants
PhnrJPC Office 662
r llUnt;s Rcsicionne 424
M. ANI'K'H, Prop.
Food pre pan ihi I as it is at home
Waiters attentive to every want
Meals 25 cents and upwards
F Stri et, between Heron and Wishkah
Te eplione 544
promptly "din F j
&11 countries, or no leu. We obtain PATENTSai
THAT PAY J advertise thom thoroughly, at oui ■
Send model, photo or skotch for FREE report S
on patentability. SO years' practice. SUR- I
803-SOS Seventh Street, 9
St Luis let Sloe Repair d
Half Soles and Heels, Sewed Work,
in from 6 to 10 minutes, for $1.00.
408,'* East Wishkah St., Next Door to Herald Offices
Daily K*i--ii' ' •*-.) v m-•! Sunday
In Effect 30, 1908
Lhhvp \t>er<!eeii ! ! M o'e-aiio SlMi*
way pointr «• 7 n« km! li' in.
Mniite«ar.o (■ "■ Aheitleen ami'
Whv point" Ml !l a Hi. ai 11 4 p. In.
Leave Aterileen 1.-, 11cqiiiain at 11 B.tr> .
Leave Htqiliain for Ant-idi-en at 11 :.*S>
Leave for .Motile-.itio at 7 a. to
Leave Mnnlesano foi West port at Ita.m.
I.eave Aherrleeii 10' \Ve.»lp>lt at 11 ft. m..
I.eave Mnquiam for W •—lt oit, 11 :l?0 a. to
Leave West port fur Atiwdeen, 1:30 p-. n> .
1 W0!o) trains.
At AB r FDEF hi
112 PoitlawL Taroina. Seattle
am! all points i-a-t 8:45 a. tEr
28 4:*?> p. ir»„
I 27 Modi pa 2:50 p a.
0 " 8:15 p. n»„
128 Oeosta 2:50 p. nr.
A I!~lT VI "
j27 " " " ?:50p. it
! 9 Portland. Tacoma, Seaitle
am) all point* east 8:15 p. Nx
12 From Mnclips .... 8:45 a. m.
127 From Ocosta S:ksa. tt».
28 Moelipi 4 :35 p. n>
Dining cars on all Main*
H. B. ELDER, Agent N. P. Ry.
A. (4. P. A , N. P. lty. Co.,
Portland, Oregon.
Aberdeen State Bank
Coi'. H?ron ard H Sts.
General Commercial Banking
Safety Deposit Boxet for Rent:
President Cashim-
Hayes & Hayes
(Incor porn k<l)
Aberdeen, : : : Was r-
Transact a general banking business.
Foreign and domestic exchange** bought ar»i2
Taxes piid for non-residents*.
Always ready to discount good local mill pape;r
OFFICE HOURS—Open at 9 o'clock, clost »'«.
3p in. Saturday, cl. se '2 j>. ni. Opening
one hour in the eveninir. from 7 to 8.
Steam Laundry
J. M. LUPION, Mgr.
Aher«leen Sie.-wn l.anii.iiv w equi|>pp&[
willi latent iri |iiovi'(l Uiitnky machinery
maiip. hihJ iliii- as it'.d.l wo. kae can bt*
turned out anywhere.
Iftlp' ll i'm M 141111 J-f iTTfip
Fred Kediiiffev
Shaving and
Hair Cutting
Vi'Tppr HRlher Shop
21 Heron St»nut
Have Yoa Housest
For Sale?
Want to realize more money on "
them? Paint them with
Best Prepared
Paint !
It makes them Sell Quicker
and for Higher Prices.
lUacliafferty & Sods.
311 E. Wibhkah St.

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