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Monday, January 4th, 1909
Henry Miller presents
nrv • _]■ _
"The long awaited great American play." —N. Y. Press
by Vaughn Moody
As produced at the Princess and Daly's Theatres
a.id Academy of Miiiic, New York, for more than
.">OO times.
PRICES 50c, 75c, $1.00, and $l., r »0.
Seat Sale Saturday, 7 p. m.
By Henry Miller's Special Company
at the Grand Theater Tonight.
"lin. circai L/i»»de, vVilliam
Vaugn Mood's extraordinarily suc
cessful p'ay, which has been declar
ed by nipny critics to set a new high
mark in American drama will ap
pear at the Grand theater tonight
for an engagement of one night.
Simple announcement of this fact
will surely create a "run" on the box
office, s lid an inrush of mail orders
for seats, for this widely heralded
play p ovided one of the attractions
which »11 discriminating patrons of
the tarter throughout all America
are awuKing eagerly. The career of
"The Great Divide" has been epoch
making in American theatrical his
tory. Here at least is a play which
is splendid literature, great drama
technically, and at the same time,
fascinating to the spectator, and of
a-most unprecedented commercial
value. It. has been called the "long
awaited 'great American play.' "
Undo jdly, it is as big in concep
tion and broad in treatment as the
picturesque portion of the far west
in which the first two acts are laid—
the Rocky Mountains, the great di
vide between our east and west. The
different, roles portrayed by the two
leading players are most human and
sincere, yet dramatic withal. A su
perb company has been provided, and
the production is precisely the same
that won such unprecdented praise
during the COO nights run of "The
Great Divide" at the Princess and
Daly's theaters, and Academy of Mu
sic, New York.
Grand Theatre, Monday, January 4th.
Scene from "The Great Divide."
"Babes 'n Toyland Comes to the
Grand Theater Next Wednes
day Night.
"Babes In Toyland" comes to the
Grandrrrrbgkq bgkq gkqj kq akqaqq
Grand next Wednesday night with
practically a specia 1 train for three
modern coaches are required to han
dle the company and two of the larg
est baggage cars are used to trans
port the great quantity of scenery
and effects used in the wonderfully
picturesque story so cleverly con
ceived by Glen MacDonougli and set
to music by the peerless Victor Her
The company is complete, and its
chorus is one of the most attractive
on tour. The music is of that sort
that lingers, and there is a vein of
comedy that blends excellently with
the spectacular.
The Celebarted Comic Opera Comes to
the Grand Theater Next Fri
day Night.
"The Alaskan," one of the moat
convincing comic operas thiit has
graced the stage for many seasons
and one that was last year accorded
a tremendous success throughout the
entire country will be seen at the
Grand on Friday, January S, when
it will be given by John Cort's splen
did organization of principals and his
famous beauty chorus. This opera by
Joseph Blethen, Max Figman, and
Harry Girard has easily earned the
tirattd i iicatre, Wednesday. j«n. o
| >' ' -««*!. V -
f fr\ -i , >•-*. -V- -
yp 1 V*
■m K Ip, .
''U Sg tlllXall
"Babes in Toy land"
distinction of being strictly original
from both the composers as well as
the authors' standpoint, for certainly
it possesses far more logical dram
atic conditions than are written in
musical presentations of the present
day while the music which-is at all
times bright and catchy is of a tune
ful yet high order.
Unquestionably its success of last
year was well earned and for its sec
ond season, while there have been
changes made in the cast and new
faces are to be seen in the chorus,
still many of those who scored before
jire retained, among them being Ed
ward Martlndell, the "Totem Pole
Pete" of last year, whose rendition
of that splendid number "My Totem
Pole" was one of the great hits of
the oprea.
The business done by John Cort's
musical success, "The Alaskan," so
far this season, easily proves the
high standing of this attraction in
the opinion of music loving people.
All who witnessed the opera last
year easily remembered its tuneful
numbers, as well as its beautiful
scenic and costume outlay, and the
announcement is made that for this
year there have been any number of
new features added. The cast has
been materially changed, but amoung
the principals of last season will be
seen Edward Martindel, who again
enacts "Totem Pole Pete" in which
part he made a tremendous success.
A twice-a-week transcript of the hap
pening's on Orays Harbor—The Aber
deen Semi-Weekly Herald, $3.00 a jtr
91.50 In advance.
Mozart's Outbreak at an Opera Per
formance at Marseilles.
Moznrt, bring once on n vlr.lt nt
Marseilles, went incognito to henr the
performance of his "Vlllnnella Rapltn."
He hud reason to be tolerably well
satisfied till in the midst of the princi
pal aria the orchestra, through some
error In the copying of the score,
sounded a I> natural where the com
poser had written T> sharp. This sub
stitution did not Injure the harmony,
but gave a commonplace character to
the phrase and obscured the sentiment
of the composer.
Mozart no sooner heard it than he
started up vehemently and from the
middle of the pit cried out in a voice
of thunder. "Will you play P sharp,
you wretches?"
The sensation produced In the thea
ter may be Imagined. The nctors were
astounded, the lady who was singing
stopped short, the orchestra followed
her example, and the audience, with
loud exclamations, demanded the ex
pulsion of the offender. He was ac
cordingly seized and required to name
himself. lie did so, and at the name
of Mozart the clamor subsided and
was succeeded by shouts of applause
from all sides.
It was Insisted that the opera should
be recommenced. Mozart was Installed
In the orchestra and directed the
whole performance. This time the D
sharp was played In its proper place,
and the musicians themselves were
surprised at the superior effect pro
duced. After the opera Mozart was
conducted In triumph to his hotel.
The Thirteen Chicks.
llow difficult It Is to pick out truth
or fiction from apparently straightfor
ward recitals of the actions of animals
is well shown In a communication sent
to one of our foreign exchanges by a
inan who lays claim to long experi
ence in breeding game birds. lie stat
ed in all seriousness that only two of
his pheasaut hens had hatched out
seventeen of the eighteen eggs placed
tinder each one in the nests. "It is a
curious fact," he continues, "that both
hatched off on the same day. an<' each
hen Immediately killed thirteen out of
her seventeen live chicks by pecking
their brains and laid them in a row in
front of her, each exactly in the same
way. I shall be glad to know whether
such a singular case lias ever been
noted before."
So shall I; but, at any rate, in this
case at least, thirteen was an unlucky
number for both the chicks and their
- '• *
Bids will be received by the under
signed clerk of the Town of Cosmo
polis, Wash., up to 8 o'clock p. m.
Wednesday, Jan. Cth, 1909, for the
building of a wagon bridge on First
street over Shingle mill slough in
said town. The contractor to fur
nish the necessary material, work
to be done under the supervision of
the street commissioner and accord
ing to plans and specifications on
file in his office; work to be paid for
by warrants drawn on the street
fund. The successful bidder will be
required to furnish good and suffici
ent bonds to complete the work
without unnecessary delay, and ac
cording to the specifications.
The town council reserves the
right to reject any or all bids.
w. s. Mclaughlin,
32-3t Town Clerk.
Wednesday Jan. 6
Victor Herbert
Glen MacDonough's
Greatest Musical Success
of the Century
An Augmented Orchestra
Cast of 20 Principals and
The Best Singing Chorus
Ever Seen in a Road Organization
as played
Prices: 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50
Si at Sale Tonight, 7 p. m.
Friday, January Bth
JOHN CORT presents
Last Season's Greatest
Success in Comic Opera
with a great cast of principals
headed by
Edward Martindel
60 - People - 60
This Company,,, Carries
§« r\ •> this afteri*
ItS UWII " undertaking j
MeDermoth officiating.
Prices,l In advance. 3.0 a year,
Seat Sale Ti.

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