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w Mfg! “GUS
chxtc Barnum—On Saturday
about 12 o'clock the‘ iteemor Libby It’-
xived with e puny of turn, excnnlooiete
from Seettle. Hey-day at the Queen
City. like here et the trrminnr. wu too
diugroeohlo to hove e picnic, and so the
Seattlo picnicero ebony lut Saturday.
Becket: cont-ill" all sort: of good thing
'fl’t‘ brought eloog. end the youth. beau
ty.lore_gndlovelhxeu, together with the
“maid macho-muck. tron: Scuttle. came
with Imiling laces from the crowded little
Item”. end. liter finding it nice piece on
the hill. Ito luncheon. leughcd, tellu-d.
ohookhends {or nboot In hour. and then
gathered upond deported. ,Thu elem-r
woe hora but two hours. The unexpected
visit from our social neighhon was like a
pleasant day dream, having on impression
eo pleasing that it seems u one oi thou
happy thing. too good to be real. Cupt.
Hooper of the Lincoln extended on invi
tution'to the citizvm of this place, the
little omit-eluded. to go on board the
Lincoln. and nboutrtwenty milttflrl ct‘ier
the Libby Mt the Lincoln, with a pcrty of
Port Town-enditee on board. we. undo-r
weigh. The Lincoln overtook the Libby
just a ound-MerrowFone Point. and the
two steamed elong togrther no {or u Lud
lov. when liter rounding the Libby e
couple of time-, the Lincoln ululed her
with e'g'un ond returned. She arrived
hero about five o'clock. Capt. Hooper
he. the thanks of our towoe-fulk for his
kit-dual. .
'l3,;ch Mann—The schoonrr
Clnr: Light. C-pt. Mitchell. urivcd here
on Tuuduy evening, fiftet-n days from
San lfinneincn. via Victmia. - The Clar-
Light_ discharge-d 136 tons of freight
u Victorin. and also discharged I Inge
quantity fut this pluce, and carried more
for putiel up the Sound. She brought
thm‘pom-ugeu. Capt. Mitchell has
our (bank. for the following memonnda:
Fir-tundlul ports of the pun-go had
“ton N. W. windl. Middle part light
8. J 'l'ulhor with I bury In. 03
Ca Fluttcry passed the W. H. Gan-19y.
untrin the Strait. pulsed Ihe lconium,
both bonhd South.
A Buom' Dunuxcu.—A gonna—man
Inn ‘l‘l'Diyhd n: with n swemrnl of the
number of nasal: engaged in the fishing
basin. chi: your. which com urd with
mafia! yeat‘indiculou thnlzodfish will
be apt to npprvci-t» somewhat in price.
Upto May sth. 1871. 6 vaul- Milad
{rpm 8m anc'uoo on {Him}: "angry-2
ochoonen nudd huh. and 2 schooner:
from this plaice. in all shout 1665 tom,
now on the fishing bank: catching our
next year's supply of finh. Up in MI,
61h, 1870. twenty-(our vet-sch uiled from
thin nvo pong—representing about 3800
Bit-sumo l’ESTlyENCß.—‘—whl‘n the
old Chinese wash house «as moved away
on Tue-day 0 large and hole was found
under it, emu-d by the wash water that
bed been thrown there. Those who lived
here he! summer wi.l rcmomber whet e
Mend: was Iboutthe place than, and this
mud hole was the cause of it. We would
cell the attention at the City Falhen to
the neceui'y ofprerenting n rrpetiiion of
anything of this kind under wash houses.
A gutter should be constructed to carry
the ruler of? to where it will be harmless.
\Ve ere informed that. an endeavor is
- bring mule to have the Governor- declare
the out in the Council. to whiph Mr.
Vroomm. of Senbeck, In! elected 1 year
ego, "cent. We can hardly understood
it, as Mr. Vrpomun is aid to be still 1
neidentof the Territory. It is an inter
esting nut for those who Ire concerned in
the mutter to use their hnmmere on.
Pmluld hu'been lnving 1 how at the
play ol the champion billiardia's of the 1":-
, cific, Dion Ind Rudolphe. They played
Ii: match games—Dion won them all.
Tho Oregonian makes puliculnr menlion
of the pnclieo shots of Rudolphe, which
are nid‘ to lure been extraordinnry
evidence: of skill.
The buiztdenta. Capt. Sinclair, here
tofm under license. took cut a— register
yeeterglny. and left here in low of the
scum tug Gall-h. for Nannimo. where she
will load ml for Honolulu. From llono
lulu she will proceed to Melbourneuhrnce
luck. lo Honolulu and then to Pugvl
_Two or three lndinnswho but] been ex
tracting spirits n little too freely from .
jug were put inside of flu city jng thi‘s‘
inch. tnd they were ulbsebuently as aux,
ion: to pay {or having the jug emptied ~
thgy were inlha first place (Q fill it. Ye
noble red nian carelh not for, mom-y; but
whisky be likrtln mucbly.
A Now Counc'ron or Gasman—We
loam from 1 source entitled to some Credit
that W. L. Mush-11. of Philedelphil, has
been Ippointed Collector of Contoml‘ of
the Puget Sound District. vice M. S.‘
Drew. removed. The person named is a
member»! the Penney-Inuit Legieleture.
Ind probably I fricnt! of Secretory Camo
ron. which would account {or his appoint
ment—Olympia Iribune( IV. I'.)
Whatever the new oficill may be he
cut be 13) more eficient. «fable end cour
teous thur. Mr. Drew. whoeo remoul we
exceedingiy regret; It. mile to In that
when the Government gr-tl a good Ind
tried oficer like Mr. D.. it ought to re
‘tu'm him—Clay!” County Journal
(Imam) '
Friend Eiboeck Inn 1 correct concep
tion of the uitultion. “'3 an glut! he still
remember. hil frivnds in the “New North
west," and Ilso that he cm put in I good
word for them. We no ntill more happy
:0 ant». Invent, that the upon. of Mr.
Drew's rcmoul Ivan groupdlru.
Sumo—The logs (In: were lout from
the boom ofl' lhe entrance of Port Discovs
cry Bay Inn week nearly :11 Wenl
uhore, and Mr. \Vooi informs up tho! lhe
loss will not exceed 8250. At one time
it w,“ thought that the whole [mm In.
gone. Khich would hnve incurred a loss to
the mill compuny of nbonl‘ 83.000. besidu
the inconvenience of brain; without log: n
a time when they are puticulnrly needed.
“'0 are glad to know thu: llle logs are not
lost. ,
Lofl in Al. Peltygron". Additon to
the town an in demand. I’c-opln go and
lea lhu location. inquire Iho price und
plunk the “dough." u tin-y don't wont to
In» the chance of a bargain Don't wait
until I“ the best location: are dhposcd of
before you secure one.
A NEW BUlmeo.——Capt. Fowler in
preparing: uite, on \Voter street. for the
election of I new buildiqg; we unden
stand it in to be 32x40 feet. and one story
high. It is being built for a business
house. ‘
A Csn'urx-n'.— Over fifteen hundml
dollsrs have been subscriber! to the fund
for the Universalists' Church at this place
“'0 sre toid thst the site for it has been
selected, if not secured. and that its erec
tion in I certainty.
The Clan Light will go as far up the
Soundu Sleilscoom..whcre she will dis:
chug. the last of her freight. sud then
will no to Nansimn to take in n csrgo of
cosl for Portland. Oregon.
The revenue stnmer Lincoln left early
yesh-rday morning for Alsah. She nailed
under special instructions from the U. &_
Special Agent. and will be sbsent shout
thirty dsys.
The County Commissioners met ngsin
this week. and after transacting some
business. adjourned until Monday. 22nd
There was I dance It the Good Tem,
plul' Hall on Tuesday evening given to
the oficerl of the Linculn. on the occasion
of their dqutture for the North.
Owing to an unusull press of adver.
lining mutter. our news spice in necessari
ly small. \Ve Ihnll mnke up for what is
lost. next week. _
'l‘ha welthvr this marning promisvn fair
—it in hard to gell what it will be when
these lines meet eyc of Ihe public. it but
be-en making such npid changvs lately.
Seven! 0‘ our merchant. have ul‘ded
1";er to thrir stocks lhia wee-k. and ofl'cr
new inducement: to those who wish to
purchase. ,
The For!» Qnoln‘ high-lad Int high:
from Pm Ludlow. bound for San Pram
cisco will: lumbtr. r
éep. Steinmetz ndverliuqs’llghch (or mlr.
and given beer ch the tide: A quiet place.
"It, him. 2 '
Arrival: at the Cosmopolitan hotel-
i _
For the. week ending May 10th—-
Gh Mnnrm. Peter Lnndl, P Fnrguson. E
Lethfli 'Lagemnn. C Sullivan, W Murphy.
C Nelson. Peterson. Jas Arlhur A Borg-
Itrom. H‘Balclu . Anthony Frrnch. Gus
Yelligun. Emil Cline, E idio- Wands. Jno
Carter. Clln Anderson. L H \Vhitehv-unv,
Swinolnilll ; 'l‘hos. Downie, Cnpt. Len
zino.Gro W Duwns.J A Smith. C E P
Wood. John Curnillec C W Thompson. E
LJonol. Than Donn-Hy. J Labinlnn. J
'Bbornton‘BkSprimon, A H Flint-Im-
HJ‘ Rave. A Henderson. mchm Dunn.
C ls‘ 'l’owl. Thnl Ramsey... A. Abernc'hy,
J Lvlhn-d. H'melv. C E l’ Wnod a;
Indy, Wm Taylor. Cnpt Len-ino. N C
Busby, \Vm Houghtun, . R Scorer.
Importnntto Shim-tern.
Tnueunv Drunnxr.
Waeurxorol'. Much 29, ”70. :
Cousc‘r'on or Currant—Sir:—~Thc
varioun enmiuationn Ind reporte made Ii
reference to the ahipmnt of merehnndtz
between American ports on the Pacific
via Victoria; B.'C.. latiafy the dewrtment
tht the method at pmeut in nee. ofcotd~
in; and sealing package-optima not afford
full protection to Ihe Rercnue. You are
therefore authorized and directed to abol
ieh the Iyetvln of cooling and cordin’paek
ngne ahipped from your port to American
ports on the Pacific via Victoria. B. C
You will herenfter require all ahippern ol
merchandioel'rorn your port to American
ports on the Pacific via Victoria, B. 0.2 to
fumiah duplicate ahippt-rs' manifests
thereof. netting forth the name of the
shipper and of the vessel, and the date of
altipmt-nt, and describing the marks. num
bt'tl. \'lll.ll} and destination of ‘the mer
chandise. together with duplicate invoices
of the name—one copy of melt manifeat
nnd invoice to be filed in your Custom
Home. and dupliu-tca thereof to be for‘
wnrdcd to the Collector of the port ofdes
tin‘ation. such Collector beiixg required to
make an examination of at least one in
rrery ten packagea of reel: kind nn‘i de~
ecription ot tuernhnndiae no verified; but.
if you deem it necessary for the protection‘
of the Revenue, a greater number ehould
bu examine-d. in order to uncertain beyond
any doubt whether the shipments cor
rcapond with the invoices.
Public notice of the change of regula
tions herein directed should be given
through the press. Similar inetructions
to'thu forog tingjill be iasued to the Col~
lcctors of the Dintricts of Oregon, San
Francisco and Alaska. '
. I um, wry respectfully.
Ciao. S. Bourwuh. Secre/ary
4 Bub]...
» -——/
An occnlioual corrgnpondent his fun
uished us with ilnolollébing filter, which
will b» intervstingh the lndi . \Ve can-'
not. touch for the Coll'a revolver; but as
Z. Z. is quileposiliva on that point, we
«up: it and Ike Iylgnph too: '
Emma Anuus :—Some of your readers
have expreu‘vd a wish that we should say
semething about babies. It is a wry ten
der subject and will have to be touched
very carefully or it will give offence. They
are a Very valuable institution. at least in
this Teni‘ory. When our Ya ‘ies meet
they are the first subject before the Board.
No other, subject can be introduced until
the mental and physical condition at all
the babies known are disposed of. '.not
even the terminus at the N. P. Railroad
has any claims for a hearing until the hm
bies are laid on the shelf. Babies are of
quite an ancient origin. "they were at
the landing of the Pilgrims and, agreeable
t.) Hoer and McCanley, they ham been
known in England lor six or seven hun
ddd years. They wet. in Greece and
Rome at the time of their'grestest power.
but there was not as much vs‘uid about
them as about their wars; And there is
historical proof that they were seen in
Egypt about the time the pyramids were
bni t. When we leave written history
and search geology, we must believe that
the antiquity of babies is nearly as far
back as man‘s. Some of the most learned
geologists have phtced the origin of babies
at the time of the tertiary period. It isl
not fiction when we assert that thousands
of years ago, on the bank of some river.
under a tree loaded with fruit or nuts, the
first baby introduced itself to her uncul
tivated; um-ombcd and unn-lolhed mother.
When the will mother heard the strange
voice ofth little stronger. and saw that
it mowd ca\td had life. she sprang to
her feet and fled to the forest. An iufiu
enou that she knew nothing of—a law of
which she had no knowledge. stayed her
steps and turned her face toward the place
she had left. She returned very slowly
and cnutiously. and when she neared the
little stranger. she examined it very close
ly to see if it had not a Colt's revolver or
some other deadly weapon concealed
about it, and then she took it in her arms
amfpressed it to her bosom. for she had
the instinct at a mother. She lost no time
in telegraphing to her husband what had
happened, and desired him to return home
on the fill! tynin. Notwithstanding this
primitive mother had no Oregon (tunnel or
Irish diaper, yet this first baby lived and
grew. - The parents ot'this baby balichd
it to he a remarkable child, but like
many babies of the present tiny, we have
no account that it grew to be an adult of
much notoriety. We have great sympa.
thv for all habit-ti. knowing that mz‘lt of
us h .ve once been babies and some at us
an- babies yet. Z. Z.
The wind I. t« lperod to tit-lord IA-b;
otherwise the delicate omniutioh of women could
never bur up under the nefqro trlnll which it it her
lot to endure. A: - menu 0! cumming her
finngth. and bringing her ufely through the dim
cultiel Ind churn '1 Ihich the in by ultun the
heireu, no med cine ever prescribed It eonpunble
m Du. \VALKIIL'I ons'ruu: lezou. Brrrnu.
In 11l derlngementu of the femlle system it restore
nguluity, and promotes phy-ie-l rigor and menu!
u urea-nu. ‘
ToMe ”’.M “Wadmdl‘grt
Townsend Lodge No. 6. F. g A. 11. :
Tie undersigned Committee, appointed to (Ir-R
resolutions expreulve o! the {cell-.1 of thin w
on the deceue of Brother \\ illilm Henry lleke,
Riv-“fully eubmit the following:
\ "an” it a.“ pleased the Suntan Annu
ilor or the L'nivene to remove from our mink: by.
elth our eueemed Brother, \V. 11. Blake, Ind
When” our duty as Masons, I! well us our in.
clinetiom. prompts us eo-shev our relpect If our
departed Brother. and our limpethy with hie be
ren-ed widow. orphans Ind re :tivel, therefore beit
Remind. That in the deceue of our ku Brother
W. H. Blnke our Lodge hu loot u leithful and re
epeotcd member, an: fret unity I true Need. the
community en esteemed citilen end the willow end
0 h-ne a kind huh“ and (ether.
ed. The: in token of our respect to the
m r of our degarted Brother, Port‘fovnnend
'59. G. F. x A. M. be luiubly drqni in
moirmng the usual time.
Resolved. Tint .1 copy of these rewlutione, under
lcnl, be sent to his \vrdow Ind orphuu, and Rho
to the local prcu Ind Mannie Mirror {or public--
tion. D. 0 11. BOTESCHILD.
OED. V. CALHOUN, £oom.
“Irish-o Kollce.
ST. PAUL'S CHURCH—Rev. Mr. Inublck will
preach "on Sunday, morning and ova-lug.

“ BORE .
”T: $317.53}qu w. I‘. on the m. inn, 6“ the wife
of Ram. While, Run, a daughter. '
In thiaAnliGQn—tmth hm" of conluxnption, W.
11. Burn-t, mutin- u! Kent. Englmdnged “your.
[l' Boston pnp’or: ple no copy.
Mr. Blake resided in this Territory since 1857,
And was for twelve years light keeper ltDungeneu.
m. fun-ml, which look place on Sunday, In more
numeromly attended than any that lan occurred
here before. A wife Ind {ouriitde children mom
(or I loving husband and kind father. V
once, N 9. M Front Mn“, .
rommxufi .OREGON.
; REAL ESTATE in this CITY and
EAST PORTLAND, in the most desirable
‘loculities. emulating of LOTS. HALF
i STORES; also,
L “IMPROVED FARMS. and. valuable
uncultivated LANDS, located in ALL
i'plrts of tho'S'l‘A'l‘E tor.SALE.
REAL ESTATS} and fuller Property
purchased fut Cun- spoudvnln, in “fig
CITY mid Ihmughbht lhé STATES Ind
TERRITORIES, with great carn‘and on
trnixaacléd.‘ ' - ‘ ‘
AGENTS of this OFFICE in 111 the
will rocuive descriptions of FARM PRO
PERTY lmd forward the lame ¢o~the
above address. , l7zis
r 6577” WM. ROSS’ £7
coin-:5 - SALOON
Water Street. Port 'Tawnseud, W. T..
(Adjoining Hutings' Storm).
Tongues; Pigs Feet, Pies, Clkel,¢tc.,otc.
9' Open Day, and Nighhfl 24:“
. F"if“'j'£i“’ ..‘. 3'04: .
I 9 Montgomery St. South.
Gnnd Hotel Building,
SEND F 0? olflamaats
S ::‘ -' V
Rolesch (Id .c 00., A grills.
HASTINGS an 330.,
Port Towilsend, W. 'l',
’ DRYGO 0D S ,
5'5. ‘2. :EPJES‘.
800 'r 8 m
l g”), 0E S ,
H a r d - W‘a‘fr e},
(3ROCK E R Y ,
LIQU 0 R S .
Produce Bought and Sold.
Fresh Sea]; of 1870;!
A 353»: the ‘
Universal Family 580%“
Bonk-w"! Coma of WI!" Ind Alan- M
. Port Towsunn, W. T. v
J. J. Hunt - - Proptiotor-f;
rl‘ms WELL-KNOWN AND wmt row 3
~.. “a: muzznnumwmw
30::- In and, bpt’nnd wcll "um-Md. '._
> The Table J :1;
1 ' 'mn 15.4 mm»... Vl.‘
c:ndb:-p,:oc:‘elguin my. mm; ouryou who |m.
dined nit unite- in recommending ' ' II."
The Excellent and inl-Coolwd Diana. ‘
Ma. BAR [nun who duiro on any ‘ ' ,
_ ‘ \ , .i ‘. 7
Wines, Liquors and 013 m
' l b 3 Th 1- l a:
3:. flomfi‘é finely-m. fin:£.?a'ii..a I
oat-chef b the home. in whlcfi h on of Phil-'-
Into oty ”font-pocket V_ P .
mama Tablet. 3 -.,- ’
i ' .‘ .‘.fi,’
Stilts of Rooms f~r Palomar;
John T. Norris; . <4.
Wholenh)!“ Rah“ Dnlerin . 'r I I
Stoves, Tut-Ware ahd Metal!“ ‘
—nv-= ' 1! R
TDI. Copper and Sheet Iron - "flaw!"
11-10 mm“: done wingue'ameu and My: 0
Hal for III: the Celebhud Wham ;
i ' ' -':
Th only, “on. for which I Gold Rudd tum
ed at. an Pu'l Expo-won. Iw. .
snot on Water "mt, two doon cut of the?”
Flora. Yon Townsend, W. T. _. ! '
._I I _lfl‘ ‘ .
Pour Towmnxn, W. T., ,’ > ,_ ..
Wholesdc sud new beam in ; . "
Elm, Etc. .' , .
We Call lapel-l Amt“.- ' '
ToOuthw ~-
Puget Sound Cured Wffl
Wehmohnquomqmwnu-n.‘ ,-
Our Paige's Defy Competition};
_ , ~
CHAS. H. LARRABL'E. > . .' '
Counselor, Attornoé
—“"‘ .' :
Proctor [II Admiralty,
ontm w. 1.. _ 19" ’-
Tm; IMPROVED than: arr?»—
u furor"! Cooking Stove—ha" until” {
"Iv, View, at I. F. SIIEZHA."S.

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