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The weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1870-1875, April 03, 1875, Image 2

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l Mr. “C Harlin‘ of HlO lnum
[gram I'ninn,l<wnilw way in Kunr
'us in Mvurt frvm that Sun:- a
culony of Ilmut filly fallllllv'fi mail}
{of whom were \llllv'n'l" {rum the
igrusliupper plugum The”: lot?»
[non has not }9l been demuuy
‘senlr-d, though it “11l ’..nhably be'
Ein iho southern part of the State. l
er. Martin lays the llldit‘alinvll nre
Illhal fully 73.1.04! innaigrnma will
come to California this wasun.»- -
Surnmcntu Rccord [‘niuxu
7 Now. while i: is palpable ihal‘
l emigration from the grushulnper
l districts of the “'v-u-rn Stale: tul
thin coat is. in mnny respects, to
4 be commended. i: in no! I little
{lingnhr that the immignnu ullow
.lthemwlves m be cujoled by Cnli-‘
‘fomil speculum-Ito luck In umn
inking degree n to Ink. up with 1
the uid plnim md lama and-3
hill. of the mum. pm of um}
’ State. where occur dmuths—for
‘ oxnplo thou OHS“ md1869
' b which'tbo evil they mucking
‘ ”Avoid bnflnocompu-ilon. But.
then it is fill“, enough neon-mod
for. Tho immignm limp“ hit
”by publications that moot
‘ hi- “ ovary turn, iuuod b] pu
' ti. 'SO have nap-bunk lot- Ind
rm {or .10, who own, edit and
' ”I'll mapper: in Sonia-n
' (kW-nit, 'Hdi infinially u
’ W do not pay, but» Id
’ Mu yield bony m
' ”mhmhflifl“
4 v mah «Atlantic.
l ...I.: «an... m
l “Mon-thought»!-
. i‘ .' acad- ..a «hr—d
' ‘ L wail!“- M our: hr.
3; - gun-u n ding-bod
e 4 ‘dm'lmun,
:1“- ~4low
.5 ’ ‘ . 4 “a,
.\‘.R.l_§' __ r, ._ V .7 A;
“A“ ' ~. ,' Ilium
My 4. 4““
.g' ~ , 43'1"”
‘ cswffwm 233% .. :4 fl
._ V 1 22%“ .' ”wihfi
» - 33‘ 0" . - "t «guru. j
,’ ' . . ‘. -'=-‘".~‘.'z"?" ‘W‘i
,«,. >2: i"
tkl ‘
g étgns‘
‘unmnu. nan; :. 1377'
m .l’lmt‘m corn-L
“'0 gilt pluc- tn the (anwmg
from our specill mrrupoudom
“R." 'llh plelsurc. I! than of
regiun of country compurnlin-l;
unknown-“if wroxvept the report
of Judgm- Swtn, which nppmrm] in
the “'uhinghm Sundurd. in OC
tober, 1361:
Sun Bu, Much 22. 1575.
Korma Ann:
Al vary little in known of the
qriculhnl mum: of this par:
of tho Torritoryl tend you the
following which my in“: pu
do- within; to nettle on good
kid. ThQlflkhuytorivu emp
liui-b 00 Pacific ocu- Ibo-c
him-iIOO south of this
pbt Mm nhoul. ‘wo hun-
Nil“). tho ma. who,
“It-kl“ of the on.“ tribes,
w did] u tho mt
H b m Md {w
why-hip! put oi thei
FMmAwh v'.
ER”; 2;"- -h. “by. w
‘5». .‘ 1M .'
' , .133”: la.. .
*“L‘K-k-r’ :-
- . {x’ v :«w N‘ '
. .'. w; k
* 411:3}
‘=- ":2" 2,:
' “ ‘ 9.; :54
.’ wen-M
C ' ‘ ‘fzfii‘frfifi.
.: " ""‘f‘fi'im
' V 2.31%;
a g?.y.,...¢,;}'
,g. ~ M
q we ‘
it jg»: 3'“
.‘ ._.}, ; .
~ Wan-1 _ -
V T.,: ”3:: '
: . : Ail-fa 6.": b:
.‘.; ‘ - , r,,' ' y . 1 ‘
:111'-'x'r‘nl: 7-,“ ‘ "x. .
~ZWW’ WW— "“I
‘i .. ”#9:!!! lion-c u to
, ..hfimhwhfibruw‘
fr ”Mhhulmad
any Without ruin-y
'- a III" how w ‘- shy
Z' . ”lamb-g:
nib. win-f u H- Hut
"_ ~ f‘l‘lfiu-fifihfi
-2 ', .
3;: Stunt ”blah
: ..'" h— ” .411» In;
.12“, and! tint u
m _ unman
‘i ‘. *3 fit
1”“ "_ _ . in)”;
if... ~ d ‘l'-figurines coco
.h} uwmlihh
- ‘ shylu ‘ arme
' '«m’u .2.“
i U
\ ,‘ ‘
‘ ‘ KnLlqUu-Hh‘o;
1‘ 80* ha fat Agnoddrink
' - I", cm! to 1 place
lino/u in on links A liv
ing that becoming : turf to
some mbcb.”
Smßmunla.—Tha Sm Frui
dloo Eminer reports consider»
bl. nativity in lhip-building in Ind
m that city, and enumerate:
”In ten or twelve schoonen, a
briguud smm louure yacht, I"
of which no tog» finished within
in d- I. At Lb. Orionuldock
the guilt: Mtil Sunni-hip (gem
b. i t t
"3.3:.“ “813.5".331522
E’s. York in mu'omund brought
uound on the City of Peking. It
in nwly read for llunching, Ind
in intended [it the Company's,
one. A new tug is 1130 building
for oan Guam. to be called m. ,
IMonmh, which in only uniting
for her muhinpry to he put in.
* Wmlw‘l’ol Tan-Irony
JUDGE i.}:WIB.-——So much having
been uid deprecntury tutiwimr-g
--rity of this distinguished jurist by
the preu in vnrious portionl of
the Territory, it i! but just
:hltsome contnvening {nets should
Ippelr .150. Therefore, disclaim
ing pgrtiunlhip, we nuhjoin the
resolutions Idoptnd by thi‘ mmn
ben of the bar It “'dla \anla.
I! which pilot: the Judge has re
sided during his ofiicial cueer in
[hit District, I 8 iliuatntive of the
sentiment of those among whom
he in best known:
Resolved, Thu we reg-Ird the
Ippointmem nf Hon. Joseph R.
Lewis to the oflice of Chief Justice
of the Supreme Conn .ouhe Ter
ritory ugdjnlt "gm! 0 . uric:
Resolv . Thu in putmg with
Jud” 1"“ we hereby expr 53
our nppncintion of hi. nanny good
qualities both A: n jun-int And I: n
, Iy Tow-9h and It".
\\’. G. Graves awl Dr. Spur.-
hun, who han- lwen on trill for!
murder in Musing the death of;
Min 50 hi: Uurnhnm In! Decem
ber, n firockville, Can-dl, were
on the 30d: ult.. mnlenred to be
lunged nn the 23d of June next":
Gaze: for seducing the Victim,
And Spuham for producing an
A bill ha! been passed by the‘
Michigln Legislature to meet the
Civil Rightsl i”. It provides thnt
hotel keepers. mill-«Md compmias,
“'3th owner: Ind others may
[1 ide ”par-u Icoomodltiom
for In] clul of personl ohnox
ions to other cmtomen Ind pm
Spock] Treunry Agent J. D.
EVIIII left “'ubmgum on the 28th
(or the purpose of making certain
inventigniom u to the man-ge
ment of the revenue unico on
the Pacific Coat. ,
‘ Ruched. Thu he curios wit'
him our kindest wishes for hi- fu
mn pr ,Iperitg in life, whether
upon th bow: or in tho w-llu of
privl‘olu' .
A New Orleene dilpetch uyl‘
diet Genenl Augur, in commend
ol the Ten- border, wle‘nphed
to Fort Brown wknowx! there
In my truth in the rumors of
mid- And murder: by Mexican.
Be In informed of I thmunod
“tack on Browmville. And that
some nncheu bid been rob
end burned. [my deprednione
hue been committed dong the‘
rivertbove this point 0! late und‘
never-l per-none hue been killed.
W. B. Bird'- reeidence, near
MM, Md” wubnrnedon the
uh Ink, and two children perish-‘1
ed in the films. ‘ x
The Sentry of the Treasury, j
(II the Milk, directed Tree-m‘
.M§P§9|F.' to via-4M (m- the;
; UponSns‘ ' ' l (the!
people ere mskiug good wages in
skinning deed csttle. They heve
s quicker process then is ususlly
'emfiloyed; they tie the hind of thei
“deed mime] to e stake driven into
the ground, out the skin sround
the neck snd rip the hide open
down the legs and slang the belly,
then hitch s span of horses to the
skin st the neck,end in e minute
it is of. Two men with e spen of
horses un mske ‘2O s dsy In this
The steamer Alide which hes
been nude in m in st Sent.
tie, has rersgilomg'l he’r. old route,
ndeéoommnd of Ospt. Olney.
M the 11th inst, Capt. R. B.
Rent", who hd in chug: the
weaken the U-etills repi wss
drowned. For s number of years
he hes been Gnu-pd es surveyor.
dnflsmsu end engineer on venous
nflroeds in Oregon sud this Top
», ‘l‘ev “Nd! emcee closed
the eontrmtwithlherflsWelh
sud Cdnnbhfiixu Reildeom~
d- Oenpdfch‘sen of 025,000.
7- won) in 1...... w ‘or
i.‘ guafewnsssd tens)
W L ” ' ""
J-fA‘floht eases of M
- , ”J an
«25w, “rifle-We
' I. . 1 "M“
v m ‘°-""
5": 'f S? :N& .ucww Co.,
E' .4? ":fi- '3" "" Wig
Mil-. 92? ’. “ i, ‘K
wt ,‘ a“ aof
L y H; "WM
'7' J- ; “:- whim
nveilhble currenc the bnlnnce of;
the Tmaury £1,458,0001egn mpg
den, And to ounce! Ind destroy}
them, the Amount being 80 per
cent. of the Addition-,1 elrcuhnon I
issued to the anjonnl Banks the
proton! month. ‘
United States Treunrer Spin
ner bu resigned, to “In! fleet on
July lat. It is understood he
pruned uron the President the
necessity or hit retirement.
It it stated Poeitiroly thu John
C. New, Oahu: of the int N -
tiond Bulk of Indinnepolin, And a
fine-tier of local pronmence, has
been tendered the nppoinhncnt oi
UM'M Tenant, to luc
oeed Gen. Spinner, tint while he
. Pk“ ‘ 6 W
my? ‘9 no abouts:ll
Th: 35-h built portion lof the
W in, Penn-flunk Inn
We» hurdle memory of
dud» , may" ' or
H- :53" ,
Woodhull indie-tether
‘4“ . m t
"an: . abut-gum
and M “thank VI.
:2... W. . _-
i' h | “I
?. tyre-mm
l! M. “'3“.
I‘, Wi’ . fihWH-Ile
a hm%‘qn
- " ' ‘ ’- ‘ '- loud
..,” . 3“. 111-:0.
z ,4; , In; ten-1N
f“! -. “and mi
’ f-‘ ' clip-u
--’uuuh~u unite-net.
' Mme-h, n. 0,.- cb. m
‘l’ V ”N- m
ginkgo, In- San
, v“ '- expoeed to
“I%“bfl _a- Wed
ml “I“ on
n 8 . tint-ans: Sh “the
MINE-g M dist our
6!“ W H" wheel
h-e'el than In, “pilot hon-e
gt. “flycmmwm or
u tune a '-
\ nil-continue! Cape thtery,
and jail then the n'nchinery
%m’-;, and Capt Thorn
in ‘ down Manolo-I And.
out than: Malawi“. hy broken
. on.
m...» ‘.. ...c. ......W :2:
but throwtho skill end hi -
Ire-of elect-I, the Mohon
.21in Intel} in port The 3'5:
unmofed bonnet, New down
chimnepete. -
Cowmznm.—A Snohomiah cor
respondent of the Intelligenoer
.- s thnt nonl rspruentingl
oofony of gored“ have beenon
the Snoqudmie river buying npé‘
finches, Ind everything I pean‘
fumble {or the speedy mttflment‘
there of n colony of hurdy Swedes.‘
szn.—Tbe rumor that we gun I
some "wrecks :[goof the schooner;
Ontario. 0! Sin tun. having Inn-n
u n<~l|~d a. "plum m h... nun-ax
‘93:". W“; Nae
pen on L
him tech named,
MH- eppeenneein Seattle-
P'flfifl mend {sebum look
- M-threeeeeteneu—vhede
he!!!“ uflvedetlele-e hub
X , Penile md‘ . .
m annual. ‘.m' h running
leg-Indy but Inge m pad-g
huge. ”he m heri
peepdenpa-u meet thekagh
ecu-go of barley fro- Sm
he-ieh eon-Vb the Tum:
'l‘- Pon Gable uml‘he m
ay; an douhkfiua
A nilroed h co be extended
be. Welh_Welle b Weinberg
we. to: a» Ihe named as.
meg Walk-Welt Ind Wellnle
in low e 3 Pudend sinking ehip
nent when nvigetion ie open on
the upper river.
éuee h eonrtthie week Kid
been“ is w Mined
fifth." 11. no United Shie-
W bung ' no: to In
dian'a; meequen 1:11 thy-diet
menu In: guns-mad, 1.1? than
pus“ ‘ 0' ' '5 we <
eune, he let loose. It ”.r.-’39
Revised Sumte- of the United
Stetquneke it nooleue to unto
Indiana, due? in en Indien coun
try, Add thin I not considered u
. Thin lew will quite‘reduoe
the bulimia of ee-eofthoeoum
hemfter.—-—O|ympil Tremoripl.
. W
A u-n'uboy, the non of Mr.
Thu Phillipe, In toned by A
wild steer thet we. being driven
through the street'ierzterdey. Afior
the eniunl had wn the boy
iover in heed ithtumed to gohfo';
‘him ' , but! e uero rue e
in wig hie hone en'sqreoeived the
enact of the deer. He WM le‘
cured bye lueo the! he had gored
the horse. The little boy, onu
nnely, we not seriousli hurt——
smm Berber: Press, 151 uh.
51"” I‘ll!“ All. I'Am.
'l'ln- nwh-Nignml will nukn
Liberal Advances
A“. -
( '0 NS] (1' N)! E X TS.
Ami all-«Id Inanv and all
‘ Business entrusted to Mm
} .\s Auvtiunvur,
’ With We“ and Dino-ten.
" V
'Lflflk AT THIS.
noon-numb: m m ”5.001
mmmmmm 80w“
lon Dog-m Donny m. 20.00
“I'mm “ an no as
A mu nun-r or
Hon’l a; Boyl' Clothing.
And Furnishing Goods.
Velvet, 8111 111 Cullen m.
MIG-ill Anni-sud
Jun 100-Ind pr Ina-mu Lo- Angela.
m “11......
W “All",
Anna min, rom- mummy.
Domenic-to ”Tun-cahtlonmml
The hi” of .\‘mtu- So-nator (‘OIP.
01' New York‘ in nllr-w Mrs. Tiiton
[n (951”): was «iv-feared. It turns
nut that it was fumed by Tiltun'n
lawyers, but 0 posed by the
‘ Bovcher plrty. who probably fear
ed the conse'menms if she wore
subjf‘cterl tn :n vrose-oxnminntion.
The Illirni< House of Repro
sentatives I") ~‘ rainrted b a vote
nf 60 (0 fit vi. \nnlte bilhnppro
pristing SSM ‘ t I‘ for the comple
‘tion of the Douglas monument.
‘ A meeting of nilroad men wu
'hold in Philndelphia Last week to
arrlnge the dE‘Wz-ultin-s between
the Union And Kansas Peqific
Railrond comparl ‘3 shout the Col
-lundo business, Ind to prevent the
‘lhuilding of penllel road: through
Ethet Sate by the Union Pacific.
‘I Plymouth Church hold. morning
1 n er-Inootin to tieion help
‘Endyutenfth {gr-theirputor. No
one psyl "or Tilion, And he he: to
‘nly for he urea hon Jun cofi'ee
‘porter-hgue‘nufn, hie-need oyu-
lent, Ind luck 7 edgy-5575;61-
hi. upomd tint :- noon u
Gen. McCookhu obtained com
mmd of the Do mom of the
PM“ the Inn mun-(«eh will
he tun-fend (Ln Club: to tho
Bllck Hills.
A eovin Crown, N. Y., recent
], give birth m four fine hodthy
Indium And Minnesota have'
jult refund to pu- compuhory
education Inn.
A china of Utica, N. Y, bu
been three times mrriod to tad
twice divorced from the lune '1)
Over 10,000 voters were diu
qunlified from rods in Emu-ed
It the Int municipfelocdoul, an
account 0! their tun being in
Irma. ‘
1 On. of damned. pioneer! of
Cdifomin in Kan Brown, used 9‘,
now residing in Birchville, Nan
dA paint},
A bill-0f:.41.025 h- bou pre
nnhd to the Brookl 30;“! of
Supc'rvloon {gr neon- fumhbed
the jurymou in'fih'n Beecher-Timon
one. ‘
The next Congress will be llm‘j
fimin I good men. eere without‘
I lingle member chic Wuhbum
The Cherokee Advocete men
the‘ the Indieu Territory hen sulf
ered Mr loeeee end he- more
deetituh (milieu, from droutb end
gun-happen, then either Kenn
or Nehru-h.
The Bee ety- Secnmonto bee
now fully 20,000 pnletion, end
is therefore enfidesoho I free poe
ml delivery.
In (“imam snowy? tlwo
an 3 men nun e or
{as Ice? He bed “ween halted
dollar thHI 5: anti-e. H:-
bonee were discovered the other
d- . end fie uoney we: found :1]
«L .
Ir ileeid the: Beecher beg"! to
Mfy on the 29th. The New
York Sun in waking of it leye:
“M at who on
ase-indenting “drawing ' to.
N “UM eon-until.
WW» ' :d .'lll
_ ‘o n y in
nu ' '..“. Illa“! of the
Gospel who he M the
“I. at Beech: {or tony
yen”, will, under en, cinem
meee. eon-it when“ '."d
wilful pain-y. If MC '3 un
looelt we he. m in die inhe
renthee all power of truth, to
believe the! He ihmhh will be
nede m evi
deeee. mitotic heed, be
h paw-u belle" he till
“:3,“ wv-i-eéed in the-jewel
M ol the tide conne
_Mm ,_
Steamship Co.
m 'n-nrcu A mamas
Porn. A! Mal-0":
7*; My. m ..II ”I.
I.“ “ “ l 1.“ an.
'..-:5 may. nun um m 1
'm “ " gun].
I.“ “ “ than I.
I ones.
“gr-m a...”
I"‘ 1‘
.- ”hymn“
INA“ ml) WHY I!
Eihmc—' mo- M
h .w
.d W h and a
m""“':§fimfi 'm'LL .'.,
luv-IL I. 9 man-- all no in!
Inna. an m:- In Par"
‘- P. h mg I- a In.
3'3 .33 Rum”.‘2:..“t
ha - fin h, d tag-dun—
nu nl‘ ..'-nu... 'M b:
m fil 'g LII] h“- M
%' .r.-ran
ml u"“m""'""m
CHAS. I. Pnllfl, Innis".
.___"L'_____- _ __,
To Steaming _Bufldars. ‘
it t: (1. I. fiv‘u lam r
. < 1
mam» mm:
3:3"- HFE’FF’ “'-
mam-.2“ I ‘
flfl’kk‘r w’m" mamas:
at 11. nova-nut ”3‘o3?!va
W Mdm Ma.
Administrator’s Notice. ‘
Nmfiah‘mmfim“..fl¥ \
‘bo Prob-u Court affine- wnty Ad! I
saw a ..‘-"...mmmm ‘
lint in: by [lva u m luv dl-
mum semifinal-rower
hum A uun IOLL
lawman-arm um mm. or «corn
‘ % bun-dumb u, m. H.
"w pvnfimmm
amt mama}:
‘;_ ‘l‘ n! mi.
:- 63' OA‘E
V ' ’ nlt
Boot and Shoe
s'ron E.
Tone noom‘
Cheaper, than Ever!
Whldby Islam
+/ f
Y .4, ".. ‘.. :
_ r’s { -
‘ ~ ; .. a I?
‘ Sloop W. H. Twilight
‘\\ll!..l R_rl'\' Tm»l Hm‘n' m 1“ 5 1 V
'..! mum-w um - :-.‘v‘
{runnnmurng vutl. 1. I! I Am!“ .I" r‘i 7”,
[nr : null-«xii.
‘mm: TnE‘u-x‘<l.un“"u; . r. _‘x
" T]'.l‘¥lflh[n|vr.‘. My 13x
r - .\nnm.»r«l»n «uh n 1. Txllmxs
u I“ luv allt'u'h"! "-
«m \ n WHRHLR .1 “Ls-saw
Steam Ferry.
The Mamet
5.5;: FA NNIE,
lAumm WM": ...”..MASTER.
\LEAVEs Pun-r msxovuw Iron
‘ Tnhy'n main“ duly -
1 Also‘dwk AJL and 1 o'clock P...
’Lmnmh‘ [3:21:30 n7l? to ad a?
W. .I. \VA1T1‘..........Muur.
every Iona! am! Timon
memoou for
MS. a.
Reunnlng on Twain! and anuv
“hex-nouns. Ind procmnn. to
‘ ”Calm-1M0...
Tub m ”worthy In",
hum burn lhomthy named In
m: Mush m.
“nullmxndladnm. Every
econ will!» buxom-m
{ln FAVORITE In fine: In at]! II In
”inhuman I hand
‘0: or :- yon .
P. B. IKOKE. Purser.
I Jlnnlryfifll. - M
0 Pocket ammo Table. Ina-st uylo
\\ Ire (_‘mhinus, AlmoSL m-u. n ith Cues.
Bridguk Clamps~ and ['oo] Board and
Balls, for sale chap :u.
with 740 lbs. thrcequuner Inch
(.‘hlln. tor nlr by
Wner 'l‘nnh. mr Mic by
ua for Lida Ind Chfldnn, m
sale by 8011136111” _& 00.
"linampmmw w,"
met an
M 1101‘“!!le CO.
luund Gold Ham Ear Ring;
Bra-u Hm. Hagu- “SIT Bmm Ind
Odlnr Inflow. and m W-njm
Mimi by
Drag Good, ‘ s,
’ M
Ladies. Jackata.
N U B I A. 8.
£59., &0.
Al Alanine 0'
nooxs FOR cmmnm
China Ware Vases, to.
George Storming
WET»? ms: mama
0L1) RAID mun . . .
Wmhg’o Saloon
SEW uuum- or
Fox-own & Dome-“o Cull
m CI bond
wmm €3.79”

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