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The weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1870-1875, June 19, 1875, Image 1

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IS wausrnm n I '
Port 'l'uwnsendflamnm {mint};
:vm ‘
C. W. [’Hummcx, Ennon.
For One \‘earwn ...‘3 00
For Slx Months.” 1 75
For Three Months‘... 3. 1 00
_.,. _ . ,4‘____‘,,_,’,,,.,__.__# _
Port Townsend,» W. ‘l'.
Tm»: A non! notslmmnflumnnv
ldflflled Io 'he nonmmothtlon nr ull
who Alt-sh! A RESERVED ASH Sll'E
I'LIACE m "mud and cum-tally anuieu
1 w *3 . , .V
.n Jom WW
Port WWW" Hotel,
Port MI". . 1-.
J. I. PM I I I m
Ind refurnlumd Ind now omnm 1h:
public every wwmmmlulnn In hehnd In
rumblhhnull mlmvuwod m nuhn‘,
pmvrmefin of W.
The analog“ Hum: u‘ uhotul lbrlho
Table. and the beat grands o! quuon llld
mun no at u an an.
Bea-um Thing!-
A gentle «man: harden ugh.
A mode“ blush. I speaking eye,
A manor Inn-w. flea ;
These lhlnp ue ham to u.
A ready land, I loving hem,
A sympathy um (rec from In.
A M] friend among the law;
That: thing m be-ntlrul um: um.
A‘mo'then pram In maul-mud,
An :33! the, a limo child.
A lnppy home, I chart-l bunk ;
These things In beam on earth.
A joyM eons, I draw snot ‘
An moon! d wlulng ht, ‘
A dly of pence, A night 0! m;
Thumlnpin bountiful and bins
A W’l love, A hodu'r's an. ' ‘
qwe- nlme. l jewel rue, ’
A cleanly loam thIUYUI not lie ; ‘
nae all-pan “Hum: In! ;
lee-mango, at all born anon.
And man: from Balm;
An an“ N bluntly“ 2
"fi'ari‘QLM‘ .45. ."" "BTEI"
I. A WV? E q .v‘
Palm—m, .1.
‘figgfuco 1n the Count of I'ulPllfitou
DAn’wamz u
1'1" w 7 p n -
arm-wrink- an momm- a Law.
qulvy, um Admiralty. Qt 'uhlnflon
may. ~ . 3‘-
canon-I m-Iu- miter-pm;
pupa-I. .ha‘ “an, no. to ebb:
' 'A new manual, mind i.
‘ New York bwght the inhlli‘onr.’
th-t “ninth. Baboon Ctoqdl',
tum. human-k on M
L6O, fwhafiuhmm ‘
{iblad' dufiug a uveu.‘ o, M
dnyl‘ 14:0,: lowing NE: York.
‘smnut m mun-dunner.
can-M way, And the uphill and
infinite yum injured to tuck Id
extent that they were confined to
Uni: bonlu throughout the rut. of
‘fln voy-go, and taught-Id inc-pun
ble '6! pandaglthovuuh 7;)!!!
n. 1. mm ~ nun-{m
099° » Ia! I. -
Ag :33 13"!“ 1;”:
ram-tons ls wluuun'. 1
Pan Tor'v'Tam? . mama-raw
JAM” C, “A"; ‘
Attorncm at hwy
rngcmog II Avmx'gn'r‘w
NMA'nyxigrnuc. _
Hy w' ” ‘ 9515 M.
Ancilm'“ ', lax-491‘ LAW
9 ympfavw'r »
OFFlCE—Upgufirggrlank of doom
“M"flw rw
J. A. lii-H N .
w“ up: o‘her‘ ggwi'oh Hafiz" ’Ol
- If!" Cnhmin'l wife than?
duruood uniptionand lb. an:
domok'wti mull-fling“.
bark to tho‘lk'finl’ bl" Mmfid.
The ma mum- i'ypungmn’n
21y“. old, able. to take his 59‘.
Eat ignonntot flag pious-d mB
- Johan-adorn. The woman
thed‘niéh‘fltd "Chapman-nit" out,
velpéffiz'fip, f 35 ,‘ héfiqnpiniw
kind as wai‘ . ad 16¢“th
fink-thud 'lm phofinmu the.
ridge ud mug. eon-a- of
, a; fluid, £159: Wagon?
[ m 3; tor infirm (sky-aw:
L which then-u; ”WW. vi»
r lam gun-and nhipbod buy an.
L the uphin’lnwilo, win 0130 H
”[3:9sth with jg: khan, Will
ducted m 8 .yegoql van. in vdu
lhk maddy'uto flu ports!
limo- Aym. , A pun- an:
m 1!!! ha («I Dun-Inn Lavinia-l ‘. “
‘TWBWW 6'25, “We.
mag“! i=7 ”I“:
. 10%_ .36 ?V&¥°'
j g Efichu‘,. , "‘
DR. 0. 'V. CAI-”Mr "
: Mgm it, 1.”
DR, m.,,- 4 RUM
Wm Praw- WM when! "Id
thou! ”mafia runny.
, - "'I w:
11.8. Marine Hospital.
7' ‘1! ‘A
_ 'pfiEQéiéawP”
X "'A" ”Hum
‘0 ‘ My u! .m > .
. w r-- - t u no on
3.x. "' = v-W‘
: . . M 1“ l-Ing‘flfil. $.R‘
. ...V. ‘ ‘ IV
”"715”3 v.:f» ”TILT-“. 5
713““. .
‘4“. . 1.5" &- ,7
2 am
. . tag-b ‘ v-IL
-mnmvs ‘
E 5; cffifiifia's’r
“WWW”, , U
w. W.
V . ...
'rr .
”my: r
flFa‘. NN IE,
n-gzgewgumvw ”"
Al so‘clock Liliana] o‘clock PJI. 1
"Dumb; um: IDA mm m Ind Imm
Pun To'nmd. w—l! ‘
nude up Mr heron m‘mm. ~.
his I: the ID!!- ~ v
MA. rm ~oth hon
up I N and. pig}. ihnl tb gul
ledu ‘lll‘d drift: of no» 00-“.
Cqfiltock iiivgr fining! in! and
ed by thinned. of M: which 0,118
min.“ .811“ m 39. ill
unda- any cimmm- 'B
with 1165‘th b’ld‘ hi“ gain!
in m ss3ng arm. ma m
ih'o'fiecny "' Wu. hm}
on are rehab! the miner’l lunch:
a.“ Winn. men! law In
Ari 911131qu And but digit din»
um {M their hull. Mail.-
which do, um down in» a.
level. with them, the pine. of
meat, mind ‘uw~ lich
thou-“dim“ , noon _,
ohbilvb were {hand remand
or dam-13m}! Here the m up.
in.’|hdiiki‘flle‘vdtm whiohpoo
Ibqgig m of ‘ may
" “Ghana . to
m . and“ lukewarm '31..
{em om .ho’bdno- bola; piokod
dorm nob-t a. mud any
in" In; Bonn.» m up And
down (be thin, lulu the fimben
and hold bank a. my mm
of tie big bonus.
I —’—-—o—o-—-———-
The “up“, of iron to be used
in tho'ood‘trncfiai om. Centen
‘ nid building. will wt. About
6,000 tons, of which now dun
: five-sixth will be wrought.
Devoted to General Intelligence and Promotion of Home Interests.
PORT TOWNSEND. W. T., JUNE 19, 1875.
mm mm or rm: nomAm.‘
m o: 1... run.
Whn purports to be I mleJ
ment of the manner in which Gen. ‘
Polk was killed, Appearing in I:
review of Shaman”- “Memoirs,” in ‘
which theGenu-Il is audited with
Inning ordered the fatal Ihot, ir
thus corrected by In eye-witnen,‘
5110 one of Gen. Howud'. Inf:
, On Jun. 14:11:, Gen. Hound
and M left their hmdquuuu
(a the front, when Stanley’s di
vipion of Honrd’l (fourth) Corp:
had broken cunp all I'm unil
ing tho alder to attack Pine Moun
‘nin. It wu jut um lum-in.
Amileor two in retro! Hund
vmco Howurd m'el‘ Shim; but
the mutation bemoan this I
did not heu.- How“ and I“!
joined Sunday and out on 0:.
mafia run vici'of Pinololr
himmd u we “lan
cub-3% M’ Bil-Icy 0-
dnim : . h -
Bonsai, do you use thump ‘
up there on the crest of the Input
ain? Thunder wbé they to!
We all brough. our fieldM -
to lac-{upon the poinl inflated,
'nd could plainly mthmpu
‘ lona aundingh from; affiliate!
hrs-sticks, Ind I iii-get gmup'in
‘ the butk-groungi. Shula? ling:
gutodthti fo‘wnhobbolpdtq
drive them nods: com. Horne},
‘ who bu] “muted that ppm-Imps
Bishop Polk I“ in the put},
_ made no objectimi, whoa Shaky
‘ tnrnod to Capt. Simon-on, bi:
', chief of await) tho tennis
' Sim, .n’t ”aiming
' put I_shot into {but group, sud
‘ $.39. bishop . ‘mng‘mm
’ ': I‘ll Hy, uh Simon-m 5 Mimic
. ipply, .nd Sii'y aagmopaaooii.
‘ tin. ‘ A fhm'mum W 5 I“;
i den of a» m lugging my
' 6.. uplinbored itchih’yen'cy
‘ “apatheuwm. ' $1!
9.9. id; 9.11... ‘9‘ _.d
wmw-W offihmp
r Simon, whitey-nu.“
n 0... Linutonun, lac ...-hf“;
‘ Bowman—d . '’-
‘ .. d new: war» mm»
0!: EWJW'W'F in?!»
' groan-Indra abundanc
‘ ting"! abduu'whfib
«White. :JS‘WT‘ZOP ' «a. 3.3;. m.
(A [ft-dam
has fighting” than him:-
SIM Owi- Mam
o" Hownd‘n aignd‘ 36m “‘8
,on air hone beau-T mm m
Confedq’ ~_ nu nip-1' », . “:69“qu
' omen hwinmwum
' Mountain And taught a», won-dc
’ Gwen] Polls 3‘. uuod; i Wiv-ha
'. lofihl “anew tun
‘ed to Emma! and Stanley's-d
l unlined: ’ t
”rm-M :- ans-a?! l \
WM}! 'oxchi'upd Baird, M 73
hbrprohd tho ngul' oom
£11,! ».
You; Gang-fl; Show that
‘llo'd film. he no oigulmg‘ ’ it
dong tho lilo. ’
Th MIC! of an M who
v. 30 autingjohginmtlym
ed. and for,» mt m Ipoko.
Th; new:
‘ ' all. t M has Ellen.
Just thafilnonm caught tho
words, Binhop Polk is killed!
He was lighting duo gun, and,
win; his ‘oyu tlm gland feu
fully. unkind:
.Wju in tin, Leonard?
Bishop Polk is killed! Your shot
did it.
Simomon'l bald dropped u
d» mgwhem it rated Ag:
mont. The: mining his cyan, he
exglpimpd:_ _. __ _ _
Thank God! Yawn-d 7 they
killed ‘my doc bmthu; hve‘
killed u Lieutenant-Gaunt} Ind‘
Amuenged! ‘
The enemy wu so demonlizod‘
tbs: be "mounted the mounuin,‘
md In]! An hour sfwrwuds wel
M?“ the Ipoc when Polk
‘fellm In the ground shined
vith h‘u blood.
? A son! Bums.
‘ The New York correspondent
‘of the Concord Monitor thus pus
10‘ before the Iye of the render in
lwmmio View, some of the ud
‘r'dut {entan- of the Brooklyn
rNowfilnt the suicide mania is]
aging, surprise is expressed that
the Brooklyn jury bu esctped.
Then poo: fellow- lnvo served
five months and not. one has killed
himself. Win: in ntill more 19-
tonisbing, no other of the parties
have followed Che fullion. They
Ire too buy killing each other.
The m victims in the one an
the women sud children. Ml
the Milieu of tho jurylnon. which
inlan- insane” on “Magda
e poi/emu help laying ban an;
of no: Jan-u} Nut, duo Til
hno hail]. including fin bountiful
daughter Flaunt, jut budding
into wont-hood. Bb. In no.
{lrina from} the domufio wreck
and ms wow W
‘ I's rim u.‘ no be an.
‘moth' __ whommoofthe
,Atp‘nunc du' .bxokuj dov'm,
‘ . I)!anny 'sl? libfiiing'luhive
um um [Wm-M mum.
antennae brothu‘ mm; any
yet bé fihe inmatp of n ‘lunzh‘o
uylujn, Ind my think now he in
putt", inane. 0n the Beech“
side of the house tbonio'n grown
up and muriid daughter, thowife
of a populqr @l9ng!) in tho in
terior at New York SM». 1118 A
half sdoun much of whom
ball the dim-Momma Ma
any. PborMi-s. Beecher om
pa. W Wind“; 8!»
it‘t murmurs-n! pow-11:1
lmhdudnoudnn ”do“.
Suh- necn eh m mid-g
for-ore dun (our you-I‘M
unlit; em on to: W:
Jod'astié life. 51800 the m
jui- brokbn on his hpd, Ibo I!»
W mahuo‘it. . 1: Buck:
bl pun-0d mini! of broom
m nan-3' how wopld' h",
bag fig” his. 110:0“ng
1 W h- ,WVWMI,
growled-Um with 0‘ Band:-
fi anon, and chit in Midi!“
”the sprrowsvof 31:61:99. V' £6O
-hm v‘vondmd ‘ any ”a
B'o'echer do'ea not go crux with
fisdoublo Agbny, bht the mi, yet
b. "but! In itinimind lilhe
h} bola tucked in domestic
_ jißul unto men in Brooklyn
“will “fitmmghwi .
gum Radamoymnuwr
‘Wo reply flntfdauut people do
’nbtvnctolinchm. Inn
P‘Wh‘ sl.Bin “13W”
dope-ed u ili thin unlunky city.
HM m blot in 11l dimtions.
‘Bntm don Ind played, in
jimmy ammo. Most of thin in
1(1qu the disgnco Ichabod to
‘tho Beecher wall.
Bonn or Em The
Boudofßrohn Itfin Francisco
In" dooirlod to acumen! u
moo tho emotion of I building on
Pillow-oat. Toninfundlfotthe
pun-pon- they will all thy Id
ditlonll ult- in tho Bond gt
025.000 ouch. Seven-l prominent
cupialiuu have shady-rugged
low. It is expected did. wlgen
die building is completed to misc
die pric. of m to 050,000.
“I. Bond will hue in 311 shout.
0700.000 in the fund. The rent
of the building tie “tinned at
05,000 per month. The building
will be of the finest cluncter. l
Crazy Home, the bravest and
most skillful soldier (ml-the 03;“:-
In Sioux, in “audio guud over
the Black Hills witgn [urge force
of Inn-ion, while the chefs are
dlgkoring with the Gornrnmcnl
o cials It \Vashington.
rm. 2 '
. . m-
Ono Inth. nut m.;,...: on
End: sw_m..-i . 00
"an“ 1&1me :’ “‘
loolumn. puma...” .. ....” W
“ column. per woman... ....... I g
‘4 column, ”rug-nth. ..._... y__
Tnnsien‘ Minimal. hint.
Innzruon, nut be Emmy-nu by th
e. . ‘ I
can lug—u muw_ ,
NO. 17.
A- lva-WT” nosed.
Sam Butmmorth died in San
Francisco a few weeks ago. H 0
was a remarkable man in mmy
respects. Accomplished, hand
some and courageous, he was very
popular with those who knew him.
“'hen Dan Sickle: killed Philip ‘
Barton Key, Butterworth’l nuns ‘
was telegnphed tram one and of
the country to the other as the com- ‘
paniou of the murdered mm. But,- ‘
tertgnh’s first pnctica wu luv.‘
‘Whéh quite - yOung mm he wen‘
to Mississippi, Ind wu popnlu
there until the bnvoo and dualism
[ofthe shoe decided am he must
be killed in ordertohe unwind.
A picked dull“ culls? him,
«insulted him, Ind Bufiwbflh
want to the fluid with n in“
crowd“ mud, only | few of when
ver'e'with the Ylnkeo inkydét.
Tho principal: won both M
with s revolve: in hand, up‘ydvp
in a... sac M 9:“) pore
a Tia-mum?
‘3 ‘9“ W“- M I”, - i »
fm a» 1..., In». M ’33:;
was» and drum slams} nyolv-
W“a ’9‘- “W >.
.In F , If '
my“ fimf 33W ”#1::
team pistol... fie $3“!
They hold Arno! ‘ _
VII“ "941%; ”Wv
pm MWLmeTf-{Afi’q Q
m n lynx-53*: WWI"
Tho silverware for the GI.“
Plbce Baal It Sm anuno’ ‘ ~
cost 860, ,md noon it: led
tum is quite g novelti’jfi’fllo ‘
shape of diver tep- c'u, Witt '
{our oc‘mpvtmontl {Dr u an :-
diflgreut kind; of “3,th vii”,
be let befon thehgge/u’a u flu ~
hblo‘,‘ withncll'ding m RM”:
tint they any help fienieln’l‘o” '
the lefllndfiotid: In It"
the China. Min. , I ;
Ici- mggmedfia for ' ,
use! idaufifimfioqwtofiflk ‘
his .‘oy u ‘ .
mm "W- ware-m x:
on. in n' I 3"
llnk-aliqu- “MID-I 340" “V‘-
'lhlmflimWJ-‘m 'fl‘ ‘1
50839943. 1’ M Wm:
M m M i I.» .. 224
“’9! man!
a. my “a,” ~37 my"?
._ L 6” gnaw $Wr"
*' =. vwad:
up. “unflflmWQm
Ikwlofifilllnnlxgo Mime m
A I .. ,
jolt 73:11:“!wa m:
":Vh ‘. z' ' ‘1 9&3)“: ..J'fn
ounbuk .
2M», u. “fin-.32“
; ' ‘w ' an
gho no “in: s“th
flaunt“ thm'flm
‘u‘z‘ .4. int/‘3. .o‘Tl} a) 7-“?11! s'l;
waist mm ma! ‘ ‘
{adieu-d “‘Mu‘ WW
‘m. U” E in...
lam-lips; ' . 7 1
‘ um]! just union 1‘ ,
figment, Thonvfll‘ , A "I
at“ ”5.35.,“ /;
.Mflh’d a f} 10 Myra)”
, ammimmw
2363“.”M ‘Zz. ”Wrfi
wicked“! 3' ' ~
We , 1:? puma”, 'anwflu
Bdmrwuth utmod to vflgfl;
Yuk 0‘ "PM“ in a» M
d the, kw, but being 5. m
ludggot‘ Inch. grid: h who-int;
'nflurj‘md misfit-zlotincé of 1-9:
struflvnvL ’'o .0” .g 4 e ‘1
h. "“3: Mmm
mafia-9d aide-Aha?!" ‘ Xx},
WM!- v-m «913321;:
“b‘M‘lUi‘l. W‘Qlfifitp.
Sickle- Infinity” ‘. L 3 Index
fie: .‘bm “ hm: {l'2 awn
dileovgnfi hgo‘zhmth
V.I "u... .. “2. M‘
Wag.“ “‘_.club"ho§.o“.u-g
harm M. ”Ind I 'm" 1
hi! fiend Bifiafiwg 7:29 ‘
at weighed Mythic-90 no use
m ’wa'iiehomw!
influx. Don't haiku. After
dnt nevu- lee haw uvor
bun-ands! than» it, (or you
M" M W 0;
‘ Siokhl mufl’hb-houc. o|-
umibbfio who anuu'uw. .d-
"1Q...“ '
' 'fiybfilfifib‘!‘ ‘ms H,
«a W 465 -
W“' I', L; '5
5m 11? ’fl 2'3““... 9—5:“ .1: '
Mi’i-"fi' 4"?“ - ~om
E. , _ flan
aufufifi, - 3» ‘1 m} mm}
r reaming»; gnarl.-
lElmirs, Nunfifiébmfpr;
} -f. . . ..I’. ~ 1 93.!
‘ Th- V """Coi‘M " “i“
.3 Jasmin-,9" was“.
Wm‘nboflb’y ‘ " “~21
:compf a...» tank, ' ~
Wary little «ta-Mm in; ,
intlhe “WE'i’fWhhw ‘
{"3“me W 2 ,3,..
, In anus. Dbfic'tfiguij”
Chi mam of g"
vino. -Rohldhudlyuuudtb+
public nunonui‘stluldw‘
Win-ho m n cool-ad
W s.“er “.39.
‘He Inlhdpnt “find big. 1“
than lb, “01¢th
gm of an m tub. wand
hi! Win! In ,hw
in thq ham owe-i... th W
dd. nun-Hunk u‘ "5.1,
nddra-od Key when Wall»
ed up «d bus-- 3- nhooc. no:
Manon-11y m-nded. in “8994
and m can-ind but i) ‘0 dub 4
home to-din. Backward: '9‘
lminadighlymoonud at both. gr‘
necessary, And of having dcuinod
Kay until , Sickle: could numb: 1
him. He stood by Sicklol until
eh. lum roam“ ‘0 hi- guilty
wife, And dun ordered him no"!
to communicate with him I‘lil.
md their men- ondod I: kinda.
Hil duth wu melancholy. H. 1
Ind, “cording to his belief. a tu» l
me? on his liver, Ind his Ibdomen
'wu twice out open to find the;
plum md relieve him. He died of
the afioct of then opentioul,
'lenving behind him respect.
111 w _ 111-n
ohm at. JP . A Isa
'“ ‘ . Ilia“ a" 5‘ .3
‘ ' it'd ' "rd-W
mm» . .39; W ...
3"“? ”mg,-
um. . m m
thob'ooh sud was. S
firengcy. Ind may“ lag iii,
w not lain" ‘ Obi
furé'dquid-n-xbc at: m.
l “...;ch .mmym 1:-
A Sioux again; .1“; mi.
up: Win-u lg Champ? m
expnu brought us My m.
of the fine“ specimen- of "old
country. The pimd loath-d
oonhin Wto m .
Minor; from Colgndo 9.:de
ni- uy they never saw specimen
of oqunl 7: Inn in these oountrieu‘.
The qnlrtz wu obhined from n
rtyoffive who had boonin th-
Ewk Hill. boron Much last, but
were obliged to come out u sllO
Indima were so troublewmefihey
could not safol rennin. They
say (hum are mifias of lnlgM likv
1 Qhr: srvv‘cimr‘ns Ihl‘y brought.
0 __.__...—-
I It bu been aid that forty son.
‘raigna placed upon every "no in
§the Bible would not roprpsent the
‘money mnually opem for intoxi
uting drink.- in England.

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