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The weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1870-1875, October 15, 1875, Image 2

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l-Mlnr: lint lv-t '(lll‘lll 11v! llin pun-l
Pr In i>suv €30,000 wortlmf lmnllsl
if llml “-ill lu- required, and dll‘ll
(ht-y can (lociilv upon the locality
aml plan. Our itlea about. the
mam-r is to secure a block on tho
flats. have it graded m a prnper‘
lu-iglxt, and on it erect a court-‘
house, munty uflicos and jail. Letl
tlu-jail be built 11116, and that. im-;
nmliatnly, and the court-house in
proper time. “’0 hear it sug
gostod that for the present it will;
SA‘I‘I’RIHY. (X'l‘Umtl: 1"». Mn.
“Va call the Ittvntirm nf the
Legislature to the {art that at
present we have nolnw on the
statute books which gives a person
the legnl right to adopt a child as
his own. There Ire numerous in
stance: in this Territory where
ponies have adopted children,
most of them nrphlns, who are
brought up Illd educated to the
belief that their Adopted {nther and
mother are their nntunl parents,
but. under no existing llw can
Incl: ulopted child inherit proper
ty .- a Ingal heir unleu there in I
spatial gift nude by will.
he sulliciunt to repair the old jail,
but it is of the same kind of
economy that will put a patch on
an ulrl boot when the sole is All
rotten. The old jail is utterly
worthless to detain Iny prisoner
who wishes to escape unless the
County Cummieeioucrs shell case
the inside with boiler iron. The
old ret holes through which pris
oners were wontto escspe, on
be stopped up with greving pieces
Ind corks. But we are of opinion
that e patched-up jail will no: be
sculpted Eby the District Court,
and to expend money to put
mother story on the old building
will be false economy. In the
meantime we hope our County
Commissioners will not be deter
red from Acting in the clelr line
of their duty. We intend to keep
this subject before the people,
end our columns ere open to my
correspondents in {ever of e new
The Probntv Courts arthis Ter- ‘
ritory Ire :‘rmlumnly flppiicd mi
by persons wishing to adopt some i
friendless child, but the most thnti
& Probnte Judge can do under our
Inn is to appoint such npplicnnt
u: gulrdinn. But 1 ward does
not necessarily inherit the prop
erty of the gun-dim, And where,
a in the Almost. innritblo rule in
thi- Territory, such persons make
no will, the ndopmd child cannot
inherit, no mutter who may have
been the intputions of the Adopt
ing parent.
By the “flute of Mumhxueml
n.“ in 3 1867, (Chap. 324), it is
onuud am my penon any ndop:
“is! pouch if the Probate
W in ufilfiod “ that“ is prop
umb “option Ihould uko of
fal.” ‘
m , ”a.“ the Adoption of i
. M‘hl’fldwm
firmwa- ill-p, my!»
Indians! In duo" But due-
H nth. hams-u; hr,_
[V A “film 1' iii lo‘
‘ “WWW”
Wk ’
kw! ' A‘L‘K' ""55 i. ' .
-‘ a" : app-u it a:
”wig! $.82: ' ‘l‘.“
', ‘ ' ' “7M:
' _ ‘ .m '0 has
“fitting man-h- m M
*‘ -W m ‘0"
" any.» n ...:
‘ 7 ‘ Humanism
3-. , '.;~§,-¥- W
* . “Wl5O Ru 3‘
“W.“ a 3mm
,1. ~ . lhl“,
Tn: Boston Henld pool“ it
nwey in I nut-shell, :3 follows:
“It in amusing to reul two loyll
org'em, one ,of etch port, on the
’nmo question. Ono throw: that
llle‘Vlll come from the Democratic
‘pmy, and um Republic-aim
mun. reform. The other unites
it just“ plein tlnt the opposite in
the Mt, Ind that Demon-0y nd
reform ore Iynonynonu tonne,"
latter drieing the negrooe of tho
Sofia-flunk) org-flu? qei
fiffini‘hlot it W‘ Willi
womb- Mum or.
m -' id” you : panelling:
m a... a; a... $5351.:-
' ' Thole“: oil Ihould ho
W, hyJlw. To Win.
nhl'uien woeliln w-fiethoir
'Tll Brooklyn all.) Moln
uh: “Why not lot ditto
‘8“- inite ail ehoooouudoad
mm mm... mist-tb-
M!" it fin. ’Thpg‘ u-iz
it into-this farther motion,
“Hm Vim he ohm},
“MM Mite-we» of
Landau-huh "hm
fllofirieg.‘ Whetdoymthink
of it, Indie-P ~
39m, no the oorreepoodonb
hflémfimwinr' for e What
“it wConbmi-luhihiioo.
Dyer two but“ peneae- will
hope-n arm‘s»! my. willin
elnde reproeenhdrel of every
W at m We; thq‘e
wil be .WJd'fllilo Bodou
ine from'Ar-lfiltl'om; to rep
menhflro utilise! “county.
“maul-ma dmoduiu,
‘iil 50mm my.
Nile undlih Rod let fill 5.
brought ova in will, all the
primitive prooe-oe of ln'lption
ind cultintion will he explainod
and “hunted with mtin Agri
'cultunl implements; the monu
futuru 3nd mtiquitieu of the
country will be fully ropneentod;
learned scribes will exhibit the
proeoee of writing in Arabic on
perchment; mm:- nnd Inu
bondnen will exhibit the product;
of town and country, while the in
terior life will be mutated in
detAil; soldiers will dieplly the
uniform of tho Turkish Army; In
‘ Anbic band will perform the n:-
tiousl music; Ind whnt will be of
l more interest then 11l to the!
Iclowd, o troop of doucing girls!
5 will illuatnte the recrutione wdl
'diveruitieo of the harem. A ro-i
mlrhbla show it will prove with-l
nut Ilmilut.
Folifit,“ no ch agi- ‘
0" m !“ and b IHL
H; M “1 fits
W“ h db. thank
dhqbufi boundedn
afau' ' new an.
q”?- wlbll apps-rid blow
7-1-4"! 9|!- arm- 'O, km
all in “Child In unleash-d
“by m din-dig mph: to
it,“ ch requibd tum. We
‘9' In, none co I decision
1 Jon some [in [or 39-
th. Lei-lulu. We
3‘ r the tho finch
voryllwrt. And if the Commiuinn- ,
an Gaby-akin; the Ware
‘1! "My to nine funds on
Mt, m to build tho jail,
threw! be nothing done foe twol
y." to come, when the next
W neon.
lii not material for the Com
.i-‘oun todecide at this time
pond building. Let them Ink the
Ware to grant them power
by hwto iuuo County bondn ml
the amount of twenty ‘bounnd!
be required to erect the proper .
hllding. ll’ the building doe. not '
out over ten thousand doll-rs, or
even less than llut, so much the
l By Tolognph and MaIL
l Advices frnm Collingwnod, Can
adn.of the I'Zth inst, state that
vow-r six inches of snow hnd fallenl
‘the night pre\'iuus,aml that it I'ns‘
_still snnwing. ‘
’ The agricultural hull huilding,
for the Centennial. at I‘hiludx-l-‘
phin. about one-third r‘mnpletml.‘
was blown down on the 12th inst.l
,Eight laborers were injured, seven;
seriously and one fatally.
The N. Y. Evening Post of the
12th, states that trade is better
now than at any time since ”73.
Rev. Thns. Ryder, a Baptist
preacher of Nottingham, Eng.”
was found dead in his bed in
Haltford,(}onn., at the. residmve'
of Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe.
whom he was visiting. l
The report of the treasurer of:
the Petbody fund shows the totall
Imouut Ivnilable for appropria
tions tn educational purposes tobe
There was quite I large attend-L
nnce at. a woman suffrage meeting
held in Boston to consider whxn.
iflny, action should be tnken at‘
the uppronching election. :
An “tempt was made at Potts-‘
ville, FL, on the 9111, to des‘royl
the la West. Brookside breaker, 1
owns? the coal and iron com-7
Bony. 'Ble bllckamith shop, {anl
om, carpenter shop And oili
homo were burned down. |_
President Grunt Ind part have
rammed from Color-do Indystart
ed on the 10th for Washington.
Sandor Aloorn, of Miuiuippi,
Ina telegnphed to the Attorney-
Gen ml to the effect tint. seven]
of ¢§e dispo’tchel mining to the.
disturbances in tin: Sate In with
out;~ foundation.
Mood md Sanka mYou to
chin-o {hooklyn nnz I:vil begin
their, mvivll work 'in that city on
October 31“. They will hold forth}
in the skutinryink, which has I‘
(mp-city for 8,000 pet-lons. i
G, W. Pemberton wn lunged
06E, Bth ln Chm-lea street all,
My!” mo murder of giro.
M' [ll.Bth m the 2H
m H. m little wound,
without being mild or in:
difeiept.‘ Iri- death wu inma
hnobm.’ "Tile execution occupied
mo'iour, who the‘bodyE‘VM glw
#393 “a,“ : 3. ,
vmm wait-by “an. 'ofli
tan-of fit Edd-h look. in the
Km Mr Rhoda _ Inland,
Ind“: {rand‘ncopnonglven to
Mby in city «Iliad es. ’
u. man-on; in the Bhutan:
bag one a San Francisco, foil“-
tmd dminiflrlfion upon the el—
m of J. H. 'Blnnuborg, db
dapn "u: fianelu
' on of n. n
menbo'gthe '35:: sad the do
uill Ire unfit for publication.
The nlbunoement of I lerhy
nvlow ol'Gen. Shannm’l em
oir’l ndo molded; from odd-l
record- of wu- dopntlnom.
bu mulled Walling-ton. It will
nuke . volume In large a Shot
auhrln. 1:“ Access alto-:3?“
II at t rpoeo 113
IN. oomplluiofauwu given at the
muons "am It in
by Gen. H. V. Boynton, 3nd will
noon be issued. '
- Mimi-haehe “ashamed
| ‘n u m
‘ uedgh‘tnl: wag-non fig :5.
, recent. robbery of the United
inflow: s°'%7'mg
‘ =- ‘ i. smin 1
htvo indict-noun, one etch
'mm, end emu-lenient;
‘ Win. 11. om'three radioe
‘ meefi; gnnl' lemeny, reciting
‘ Itolezrqnny Ind receiving en
heul money; J. W. Brown,
! three indictmenmreoeiving, cou
, coding and nmmgfing no conbeal
. dolen my. . ' ..i .. .
. “AMI... sum. bepnifl'N‘evr
‘ Yorkiethe nnme of the We
minn’l‘weed to neover 93 -
; alleged w hue been- {undu
‘* lend pad on eix wemnte certi
fied Eg'l‘w'eed, ind which forms
‘ the p cipd nilegnfion in the wit
, thinet Peter B. Sweeney. ~ b
‘11: e Bunkhof Philndel his
, hues-ngeedWencervelgehni-lged
with WW in the Ab
duetion o Cherie, Rose, to eeven
yen:- in die penitentiary It. Lolita
oonfinement end I fine of one
You»; Westervelt received the
_ eentonoe eelrnly. ‘
w The iron Propeller Merohnnt,
l which leh'Clnmgo in." 'week {or
‘ Bulelo, lining on bond 30,000
, bushels“ eel-mend 1,300 inn-ole
I of flour. struck a sunken rock on
lancine reef, Ind sunk in nine
‘ fethome of wner. The Merchmt
l wu one of the finest bone in the
Anchor line, end In: mking her
‘ first :rip of the season, which ec
:counte possibly {of the bad man-i
'egemcnt of rho vessel. The den .‘
l-. inf-l |Hnlil liuu c minljuil in King
I.» ”.13: |vl~~4-li.
'i‘iu- :m m n‘gulnu- the sale nfegg< by
“right um loil.
An :x.t tuunwml an arr rplativv to
«rim-4 and puui-luneuu \“rfi referred.
(M. i2.—(‘mnu-il. Mr. Hoover pre
cc-nlui a nu-nmrill, :Lnklng for the es-
I'lhll-hulvntrvf .1 wwkiy'mnii bemtvn
Ulvml i 1 and Kmniirhi’v. Muwu county
.‘ir. Isr:ul~lm\\' inrrrxllm-d my not to
auwlul an art. in nlafion to the quar—
‘uulim- nf n-s-cis. Referred to com‘ on
‘ )Ir. Ilwm’r I'nfrrxnwod an art to In<
‘rorlmrzflé llw city at 'l‘amma. Passed.
An art In (-«tnhikh n imnlofliee It
('olfnx “a: pascal. '
; .‘lunerx' relating to Tr-rfllorlal lusti
;mxions wuw to come up on Friday.
1 An act relating to 3mm: In hiand‘
‘cnunly WM pasied. i
‘ An :u-l Intmlnml by I-‘rtni I‘M!
to better provide for the malnmmlnue‘
of common s4'hools in Jefferson mny‘
An act tor pm: limp In Island
wunty. n‘fvrrui (0 mm. on agriculture.
thnrill! praying for n pun. ofllce;
at Oak Harbor and for I semi-weekly}
mail from Seattle to Wnlln Wlliuand‘
:Bking an approprintion to improve
the Cmviltz river mm pasted.
Mr. Pickering introduced an net up
propriating money to hulhl a mud
mm the 51:00:11”: 5:: raferred‘
Io com. on wm n m . '
‘ Adjourned till Friday morning.
‘ ##—
l Local [tel-I.
1 —£———
‘ Wonnnrx Ire bIL-II en upon
the new hotel bllfll .y 7‘ saga]
‘ ’I‘III Territorial 141““!!! chnrhnxl‘
the steamer Favorite and proceeded on
gainsilalrlw dvk‘léetln Penllfglflr’y' on
I cr'el u: , Inn syumnt
Steliiacoom' , and tho-0 P yn So
ltt e.
‘gurs of Hu'x'ivu- rm-f Inn-u [nu-n
lmintml out by the gnvrran-m
alnlmrilios and the ])r4‘~fi, and um
loss the vvssvl hcvaum unman
ngnnhlc thr-ro van lu- no reason
for the disuslur.
I Judge Donnhuc. of New York.
has gruntr’d nu order sunvtinuing
tlm r‘nnrlusiuns rr‘m-Ilml by the
tEnglish stuck and bondholdors of
tlm Erin railway. svnlm-cr tn cun
ll'vr with Rom-iv" Jt'wett. These
It'4hll(‘lll.~lt)l|s are that the bund
‘lwhler. whnm imvrcsts are in ar
‘rnnrs, should have a voice in the
expenditure of the not varnings,
and that foreign stock and bond
holders should have some repre
n'utatiun in the board of directors.
and that the receivership slmuld
be terminated aswou as possible.
The Central College was dedi
cated at. Nashville on the Bth inst.
The national Congress“ Mex~l
im nmt Sept-Huber llithJor the"
firat time lllhlt'l‘ the politicalY
regime. President Lornlos dc Fi-I
jfltlfl on opening the suisinn snidz‘
\Vc may congratulate onrselvesl
upon the umlv‘viatingr progress ofv
lour institutions; our relations,
"with friendly furcign powers are?
jsatisfi'nrtuqv. A ministry to (hel
‘kiug ()I'Spnin has again been uc-i
icredited: a treaty adjusting the’
jboundury line between Mexico,
Illd Guatemala will soon be con-’
icluded. The election of members ‘
{of the supreme court has beam
iheld, Ind the result units the
cunfirmntion of Congress. Feder
lnl district courts are to be reor-l
Iganized, and the subject of public
educntion will receive special ne‘
tontion. ()rdinlry payments of
the ndministntion, civil Ind mili
tary, ue mud» with reguluity;
peace prev-i1: throughout the re
public; interrlnl improvements are
fling on, end the harbor work: n
and“, Tunpieo Ind Fronten
m prim-sing“ The President‘-
Ipeech in well received. v
Tm; Red Men‘s new ball. ln Bar-
Lhrnp‘s buildlug. corner \Vulllngwn
nml Frnnklln su. lurmwly escaped de
lay-noun" by the on the nlght a! an
‘llth Ills!" from In lmperfecl kerosena
lamp. . ‘
‘ Goon sz‘.—lluereexlm no longer
any doubt nbom the enalon u a steam
sur-mlll on PO3l Torment! fly. The“
,projvct La mltnrlng and from}
'51:!» Indluxlom Ibo ankrpfho h
curled out I: n only thy. ' ‘
THE steamship Pmlflc mule thln port:
on her mum from Twomn Thumb ‘
evenlug. We and from ”sll
manly mm“ It. mm. that M
on boaml 80 pummel-I, ”(lulu hops.
50 cords salve bolt: and so Inns of fen
eml melflmndlalw sultan-n. gin
Eur Vlvtorh.
Our thanks In due Mrs. Dennison
and In. Dulpnlno for than hlnd my
uwmbnnau'ol the prince". ' Nu only
ant-a. but thrice hon than thlr ladle:
mul- ‘hd the hurt: a! mull-worm
dlaL-Iplnl of Plum.
Tan-looping. .i- o
Alembg‘l Mn’nzdo'gin
mm - é ' ‘ '
‘ Tu: 'Wr‘nv‘d
hero on Friday nomi , bringi
‘0 cont of [3B. “my (or «E
Manda! mum,- ‘
A Did “I“ ”In.
I his mum. '
Oct. 7.——'l'here was but little businen
unnamed by the Council May. The
following In the Council Standing
Mnl Relations—Hoover, Ping.
dim—9 Boo?“. Pickeringßmd
'_ . .
W 5 Hallows—Pl 5.80 m .mlnn
fir’lzuinD—Ph .B'tlaone, liked!“
Wflé w. ' ..«‘
.‘Pflnflng—Hmvt’hhn; 3003‘ ' .3
i-WW. 07-
"int“ Mun-“ Pickering.
Enflm-Boode: Pickling.
sauna 'nuknng,_ Pickering.
:cmugmm. m. .
Public .Gm lap—-
111-n. Planting, Boone:
Tu W Conical“! o! the
”JR-lb wu
nth, Lyndt. Kelly,
Ngmmcmmfi mam,‘ Buch
"mm-é a... m
n— In ,
m lulu. W . V
Liar-r? naming-a Grounds
-llmb. mnblly.
lining _nnd lining intense:—
"if" xeny.'shmm.
mama Feast-ll multim—
(l:ls:3l time}; lowland. Ringer,
I 111 I‘ll-I-CI‘I‘M
Elma Emu. Wimpy.
n—Douunit, Abnm Ring
"):de nunu N
__ , cw.
wgmlm .. .
A most fri N Ind tull‘rlfv
fray oceans?“ Whit. '
Nov-(h, lut mouth, beaten two
men _by the lumen of Jackson And
Beck. The former ”rind recent
ly from Arizona, Ind the litter
ha been A raid-n: of White
Plnln- for n few months koepiug a
«loan. The two Ind I quarrel,
Ind while Book wu mudi in
his door-Why Jholnon plung'o‘g n
keen-edged oightjnch bowie knife
to the bin into Beck's ids.
two clinched, 4nd I “we moonin
ter ensued. Jackson win his
knife sud fut-Hy subbing geek,
who, horror ungooodod 111 free
in him f from Ink Ind nn
Ibiut 60 innit, when“ Jur
aken by when, who wu unu
ing hi 3 _victim wifh n bloogry nnd
miixm'""T§m—.w'"" Impy. Hugh...
Kally. Scott. Cook. _
Road: Ind .Blglnnyn—Nowland,
m Haw wm'Cook.
Eng-maul Bub- lly. Millet.
“med Bills—mum, Abnm,
mmm‘ mus—Hum " Hunting
.Wm, min, Arm...
Gmwllutlfflmll.’ “m 11
Rules. O“P* v odgcfi
Knoll. Kan. My 1 .. y
«MlL—m-my‘hflnm In a
(‘ouucil mu the Introduction by Mr.
Room-r. o! an Act to Incorporate (ht
dayol'l‘mu. which was rew-
Commlm on Federal ‘Bduhns.; idifi;"'&i«7§i§ 'b'; 5
under- could iuhtfqto¢olkldr
Ind done: his work—be hid given
Bock five fun] lube. A‘ thin
'unmre . man named Brown .
Lgummwkhlfn h(101m wall I i
c r . y 1.~ "I In:
Beak: Wugh' mm, king?
envied to Juhon, And in
m knife which ha ma “.5 -
:pon himulf, plun it into
when? ' in '
mu .7 %‘ Egan.
that gain; “psi-nod from Jack
. Till .—LI . , .Id
v. 10» pm.
gm lean trluuphln OMO, lowa and
haw-n! 1 j- .'
3¥;§‘3&£fi‘3{:;::::s::;:;s’ ”3’ 3
In : ..........,,‘........ . I: ‘
W ...‘::::::::::::;:::::: an.
301'! d :mll‘lmm..- 1. ‘
m3”.m"'"‘u°‘::::::::::::::: :3'
Baby “ .lel.
3.1.... m“ gray: 4: .
2‘s“"Huz‘m““";.tzzzzz E
own-gum 15:33:: {32%
$334.3" u::::::: “535 '
Mimfifii‘f‘ffl.‘fsx:gzz a
$33.3..J:::::::::::::::::;::?“'°L3 ‘
Hid-.dfy,v1........u.~....... é
mm, “ 7 A
m i::::::::::::::::'.::: “no”
Sh thdxlmlw
...;h n, V h 01.......... l ll;
INA? "--":.':.'.'::::.“.:::itt “a :
.Conn, [men “ nou‘
| 55 ”“3." "3:3: -* :1
Eng-r. arm-1196. V Emu-”...” 15010 ‘
f .. "Mn? r "8
In the Home} . Mr. Illlier pm had
I menorhl pay-inf In SM“
09!: Burton mu ”my, which In
"ii?" regent-h "mun-:10):
w? ,mu 1 and .fi.
gnu lnhnvd wthe Connymlmo on
can. -
AWN" lelndluuo the maintenance
ofCommon Schools in Juliana“ county
nnd'nu net for the pmcflon o! shcep
Eu Xslnnd Bounty were read: third lime
and passed.
Cunnikmbk dlmlon mm but over
an act for the minimum: or Ping
twang: _ A ,
Oct. tin—House‘ J. W. Potter [utm—
dmutblll No. X. In ad. to provid- n
syaum [or mmmon schools. The Nll
is nlenglhy one and embrucas every
thing inn-pry for the «abutment
of. ulpeflor Ida»! nylwm in this Ter
ritory. 11. was read twice and refined
to the cum. nn adulation. with Instru
donl to have 100 copie- printed. _
Mr. Hod prenatal a memorh‘
In mnfimm In Colu
bh rim. mung munch chum
are I serious bunleu to the people or
Eastern Wuhlngton Ind retard Bettie
mt. Ind alumna. hustle: milling
the prlee a! wheat. which Is now only
45 (aunt! : umbem mun Wslla‘ {
y n. n. newm put in w. lowa-cud
‘for lmldcuul printing.
OuJi—A. s. Hughes tantalum
‘ln an to "peril mac: to pmvide means
' r a“ "
IM“ hoods.
:BX-PACIPICfmm m rmcw
The Loafing-1:22;; Calh
3mm; 313 mm,
‘ Pioneer'Bakeyw
‘Stock for Sale!
. 50 TELL" run—you sun. con
i Cowu. .toerc.
l Two-four Oldn,
'ror-hhy ' ' . v ‘
Iwm'm... W ”I";
ltHous’ahold Furniture,
! One Top Buggy,
Garden Utensils, &c..
m: ml w ' -‘ '
I”; B. P. ”“51”,. I’
Am. _ _ .
House forSalo orloßont
mmnwa.lm.mm n.
’ . wom‘;“'
Till, {Non-Mada; 'xoV"pn£.n
loom mm mire on lp.
“hm“ . A t . L l
a” Influx-u Ill]. told-r. Ind Inni
”Wt: '7
‘ ~ ,
am 2351111: 'xggm;
M tomlnnryl-nqlufirx:
“film‘wmumm mm Ind
’ I'mhto'hc m Mum"
nflflwxma'w W"
In. “lard. '
mu CAP!- l-l'll. 0! IRS
Rim wanna ”mm
Ell-MN: “tutti-2T M can at by.“
.....°"..."".....M ,wwwwa
sump-nu. «Mam.
Ew%"w§s§% “mu
unrqno. wlll In any chm
m a cu. WI.
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