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Upwards of 1000 People Wit
ness the Unveiling of
Memorial Monument
Monday, set apart as a nation
al holiday, was perfeet in every
way. The sun shone all day out
of a cloudless sky. The air was
warm, the fragrance of spring
was in the breezes, and every
body seemed inelined to turn out
at the cemetery to pay homage
to the veterans of the three wars,
and especially to witness the un
veiling of the Memorial Monu
ment, a picture of which appears
on this page.
The following program was
its four sides—one to the veter
ans of the ecivil war, one to the
Spanish-American war, one side
to the world war and the remain
ing face to ‘‘the unknown dead.”
The stone was furnished at a
very low price by the Pacific
Monumental & Cut Stone works
of Tacoma. Mr. D. S, MeKenzie
giving the purchasing committee
a special price on the same. [
is all paid for and the committee
announce the list of contributors
following. In this connection,
much credit is due cvery mem
ber of the committee for the
work they did, and especially
should Murs. I'rank Bibbins be
mentioned who worked hard and
long for this success, which now
adorns the cemetery, The entire
ceremonies at the cemetery were
dignified, impressive, and in
keeping with the spirit of the oc
Mrs. Blackburn, Mrs. L. C.
Beall, Jr., Miss Blackburn, lans
Hammer, Mr. Wunder, S. P, Bro
kaw, 1. E. Van Olinda, P. Monroe
Smock, W. J. Magowan, J. Ther
kelson, E. Faull, Miss Sena Han
sen, . M. and 'W. 11. Hazelhurst,
Mps, Mummy, Mable Start, G, I,
MeMillan, J. Berry, 0. S. Van
Olinda, Oscar Miner, H. D, Thom
given at the cemetery, every
nmber of which was entered
into in the fullest spirit by the
multitude assembled,
5. . Harmeling, Presiding
Song, Ameriea
Prayer, Rev. Ifretz
Address, Major Sulliger
Song, Star Spangled Banner
Poem, PP, Monroe Smock
Address, Rev. Berringer
Benedietion, Major Sulliger
The G. A, R. Post then took
charge of the exercises, Miss
Jacobs draped the monument
with a wreath of evergreen, af
ter it had been unveiled by Adj.
Barton, assisted by two young
men in IKKhaki, Mr., Saterbo read
the address of Lincoln at Gettys
burg., Chaplain J, S, Markham
offered prayer and Adj. Barton
made some fitting remarks. All
the graves had previously been
decorated, and flowers were drop
ped in profussion at the base of
the monument, in honor of the
unknown dead.” The monument
consists of a conerete base, a sec
ond base of granite, and a hugh
rough ashler shaft, eight feet
high., The base is inseribed on
pson, S. S. Heath, A. Linnestad,
D. Gammell, Ed Zarth, K. Archer,
Muvs. Zarth, H. G. Ward, Mrs. N.
B. Ward, C. G. Kimball, R. J.
lall, B. J. Jacobs, Gladys and
Myra Jacobs, C. S, Morehouse, Z.
15, Covill, Go AL Tlam, Mrs. Foster,
G, AL Berry, . D, Kingsbury, B.
Steinbach, K. E. Deyo, Rev, Mor
ton, Mrs.S. Ward, Gilbert Ward,
L. Steen, Mr, Saunders, Mrs. J, E.
Day, Paul Ward, Mrs. Kate Wal
lace, Mrs, Jacobus, Mr, and Mrs.
L. A, Goodman, J. B. Dahlager,
A. L. Berry, W. D, Garvin, C. .
Van Olinda, W, I, Clark, W, D.
Clark, A. B, Cook, Captain Hub
bie Leeture, T. J. Willhight, P.
Butcher, Mrs, I, Knuton, P. Clau
sen, Miss Markham, W. Parker,
R, Miner, W. Miner, Mr, Shorley,
Garner Kimmel, Mrs. G, I, Coats,
My, Mattson, Capt. Brown, Mrs.
J. B, Corbitt, Mr, Billingsby, 11.
. Waldron, W. D. Davies, Mr.
and Mrs. 1, 'W. Bibbins, Major
Udell, ¢ N, Tford, Jack ITansen,
(!, Moore, JJ. Piatt, Horace Lov
ering, Mr. Marsh, Mrs. Hunt, Mr.
Morrisy, Tipi Okha Club, Mrs, S.
Jacobs, 8. D, Newman, (. Olson,
B. Cristmang J, L. MeMillan, W,
Coy Meredith, 1. Landers, Frank
linochs, Harry Keating, 11, God
frey, T .J. Vanllouse, J. N, Car
ver, lilisha Morgan, Mrs, Black,
R. T. MeLean, L, V, Freeman, T,
Digest of Week’s Happenings in And Over
The Puget Sound State
The majority of Kelso’s school fac
ulty will return next year,
Work on a number of new residences
has been commenced in Kelso.
Kood prices in several Spokane res
taurants dropped from 156 to 20 per
The Sumner council has called bids
on construction of a city waterworks
The fruit crop on Snake river, west
of Pullman, will be above the average
this year,
I, A. Gardner, a Skagit county pio
neer, dropped dead at the Oxford hotel
in Mount Vernon.
The rotary drill of the Standard Oil
company at Pacific beach has reached
a depth of 3670 feet,
Burglars entered the Lamont State
bank and cleaned the vault of about
S4OOO in cash and liberty bonds.
Levi Ankeny, the late Walla Walla
Banker, left an estate worth $1,285,000,
according to the report of the apprais
Fifteen thousand dollars of the $20,-
000 to be used in bullding an American
Leglon auditorium in \Qlympia has
been raised.
Wellington French, a pioneer of the
Okanogan valley, passed away at his
ranch home in Scotch Creek Basin,
near Conconully.
A survey made by Miss Smith, Red
Cross nurse, of 684 grade school chil
dren in Mount Vernon showed 54 per
cent underweight.
Unemployed men in Washington have
decreased 8000 in the last few weeks,
according to the report of the federal
employment agent. A TRA A
B. Allison, R. A. MecLean, John
King, Mr. Heilge, Chas Lever, W.
C. Whitfield, Dr. Reed, Mrs. Me-
Nair, Mrs. Houghton, Capt. Hub
bell, 11. O. ¥uller, C. J. Pyle, Ida
MecClintoek, W. C. Cliff, F.rank
Fuller, R. Fuller, 1.. C. Beall, Sr.,
M. Beall, W. M. Beall, Mrs. Gra
ham Maloney, H. Steen, N. Peter
sen, Petersen Bros. (Vashon), R.
Gerry, Louis Statelen, Mrs. C. L.
Tjomsland, Lillian Thomason, .J.
M. Slivey, C. Price, Mrs. C. Peter
sen, John Hoffmiester, Gertrude
MecClintock, George Hoffmiester,
1.. C. Beall, Jr., C. A. Barton, S.
learst, C. B. Williams, I.J.Dick
son, Fred Sherman, Starr Mer
cantile Co., C. L. Christy, Mrs. K.
W. Furbush, Mrs. I. B. Vye, Mrs.
', G. Swanson, E. R. Stewart, T.
Hansen, O. H. Thorsen, F. A.
Weiss, . Morford, C. Middling,
. A. Stanley, Mr. Gerum, Mr.
Bailey. Miss Garvin, Mr. ITart
man, R. G. Brown, Mrs. B, Reed,
M. . Shaw, Mrs. C. Deppman,
Muvs, I, M. Hateh, Mrs. K, Irene
Hadley, Lester Blackburn, Mrs.
N. I, Kearney, Mrs, J. II .Rodda,
James Cowan, I. 1. Case, . B.
Billingsley, J. M. McPherson, I,
(. Shauttuek, Clayton Williams,
i'. W, Bibbins & Son, R. S. Tay
lor, N. Hoshi, Mrs. Maude Fisher,
Mrs. Tridiga, Mik. Dowling, .J.
Melntosh, Mrs, . Cristman, Mrs.
Wadsworth, Mrs.-S. Herthum, W.
Start, Robert Hearvst, 11, S, Cor
bin, K. .J. Hall, B. . Nelson, B.
P. Kirkland, A. Norkett, Peter
sen Bros. (Cove.)
Financial Statement
The entire amount of money
received by committee was $445.-
10 and the expense of the monu
ment (including amount allowed
for setting base) was $425. This
leaves a balance of $20.10 on
hand to go into the improvement
The committee takes pleasure
in announcing that the necessary
money has been raised and all
bills paid and wish to thank all
who helped make the monument
a success,
Mrs. I. W. Bibbins
Mrs, J. 1%, Blackburn
T. Hansen
W. D. Garvin
Al Kellogg, prompt auto service
Day and night, Phone Black 832
It 1s estimated by dealers that 80
per cent of the wheat In Walla Walla
valley has been sold. Prices range
from $1.26 to $1.30,
The first colored Masonic lodge In
Southwestern Washington was organ
dzed at Aberdeen recently with an ini
tlal membership of 15,
I'rancis Chappell, aged 83 years, who
had made his home at Bucoda the last
thirty-three years, died there at the
home of his son-in-law, E. W. Stam
Of the twelve teachers who com
posed the Mabton school staff, only
four have signed up to return next
year, The others, it is rumored, will
all be married.
Closing of the locomotive department
of the Great Northern shops at Hill
yard from May 23 to July 5 is an
nounced. About 400 men are concern
ed in the orders.
Centralia’s home products education
al exhibit and strawberry festival will
be held June 15 to 18, under the joint
auspices of the chamber of commerce
and Women'’s Civie club.
The first carload of supplies for the
new public health service hospital at
Walla Walla has arrived and the build
ings and grounds have been turned
over to the health service,
Auto polo matches will be a feature
of the state fair at Yakima in Septem
be, according to Beriah Brown, special
state fair agent in the office of E. L.
French, director of agriculture.
‘ A campaign has been started at
Aberdeen to market $30,000 worth of
stock to finance the proposed Loyal
Legion of Loggers and Lumbermen
cooperative store in that district.
Topographic surveys of the proposed
Columbia Basin {rrigation project,
which will water several million acres
in Washington state, will be made this
summer by federal and state officials,
At a meeting of the Washington Hay
Growers' assoclation at Toppenish it
‘was decided that the growers of Ore
gon and Washington will establish one
central agency to serve as sales head
An examination of the books of John
F. Hemenway, assistant secretary of
the Trades Union Savings & Loan as
sociation, who committed suicide at
Seattle Monday, shows an alleged
shortage of S2OOO.
Initial development of the Skagit
river hydro-electric project by the Se
mitle city light department will cost
approximately $11,000,000 and will pro
duce 37,600 horsepower, according to
a revised estimate.
Nation-wide search has failed to give
any clue to the disappearance of Mrs.
James E. Mahoney, of Secattle, rich
and 72, whose husband, alleged ex
convict, 37, is held in the Seattle jail
on a forgery charge.
The body of David . Corn, killed
at Chautecau-Thierry July 19, 1918, was
buried at Sunnyside with military
honors. A squad from the marine di
vision headquarters at Portland fired
a salute at the grave.
The state highway board has started
two condemnation suits in the Lewis
County superfor court here to obtain
right of way for a new route of the
Ocean Beach highway leading up the
Chehalls valley westward fram Che
Ward Taylor and Johann Krabbe,
two Bellingham high school boys, were
given a reward of $256 for discovering
seventeen cases of whisky cached near
Doe Bay, Orcas island. The booze
was hidden under bushes, where the
boys happened to be looking for botan
ical specimens,
Enthusiastic over the possibilities of
the Columbia Basin frrigation project,
sixty Spokane business and profession
al men, headed by George A, Phillips
of the Spokane chamber of commerce,
made an auto trip in which was seen
about one-quarter of the land it is
proposed to frrigate.
~ Dr. Enoch A. Bryan, ex-president of
‘the state college of Pullman, will be
commencement speaker at the college
June 16. Dr. Bryan is at present state
commissloner of education in Idaho
with his residence at Boise, The bac
calaureate speaker for Sunday, June
12, will be Dr. Sherman, a minister of
Annunal - State Convention of
Washington branch of the nation
al league of postmasters, to he
held at Burton June 15th-16th.
Wednesday, 10:30 A, M,
Called to order by President
Song by Audience—America
Invocation—Rev, T, 8. I'retz
Address of Welcome—P,
Monroe Smock
Response—Pres, W, . Taylor
Appointment of Commitiees
Audit, Constitution, Res
Picnie Dinner on the Beach,
Wednesday, 1:30 P, M.
Called to Order by President
Address l\‘"])l‘ux:‘l]'n“\'t' of
Scattle ', 00,
Address—Postoltice Inspector
Paper—What a Business Man
Fixpeets of the Post Office. ..
W. Coy Meredith, Burton.
Address—', W, Backus, Asst.
P, M. Tacoma, Wash.
Paper ... Looking Forward
General Discussion
A drive about the island, ar
ranged by local Postmaster,
Thursday, 9:30 A, M,
Report of State Seeretary
Report of Committee on Audit
Report of Committee on Coun
Report of Committee on Res
Eleetion of Officers
Lleetion of Delegate sto the
National Convention
Selection of Next Meeting
Mrs. Ifred lox was born in
Copenhagen, Denmark in 1858,
and came to America in 1883,
In 1885 she was married to
Mr. Robinson, he passing away
two years later she brought her
aaughter west to Scattle where
in 1892 she was married to Ired
Ifox, coming to Vashon in 1895,
where they have made their home
ever since.,
Mrs., Ifox was confirmed in the
Ltheran church when a girl and
always lived a good christian
life in her home, where she was
a faithful and devoted wife and
mother. She was always willing
and ready to help any one who
was in need.
She leaves one sister in Den
mark, her husband and three
children, Mrs. H. S. Gibson and
Gertrude IFox of Seattle, and
Arthur FFox of Vashon.
To the many friends whose
beautiful floral gifts and sym
pathy has been a comfort to us
in the loss of our dear mother,
we wish to express our deepest
thanks and appreciation.
Mr, I'red Fox
Mr. and Mrs. . S. Gibson
Gertrude M., IFox
Arthur IV, FFox.
The many kind friends who
have helped in time of need, in
the way of ¢lothing, fruit, canned
and {resh, and vegetables, also in
many other ways, special men
tion of the Cove ladies wha made
and presented the beautiful Jay
ette. We feel as if great eredit
is due Mrs. Toulicy as she gave
cight weeks of her time in caring
for the mother and babies, We
all know that life depends on the
kind of care one receives, We
feel as if Mrs. Touhey is deserv
ing of at least $25 more although
she was not expeeting any renum
eration excepting doing good for
humanity, Several made and gave
bedding which was greatly need
The entire amount of money re
ceived was $89.25 and it was all
paid out for necessities, SSO go
ing for two pair braces furnished
by Dr. Rieh for the twin babies,
The Vashon Rose Club gave
$lO, the Burton ladies aid $5, and
names of other personal contri
butions and amount given may
be obtained of any member of
commitiee by any one interested,
Signed by—>Mrs, T B, Allison,
Mrs, A, J, Marsh, . M. Smock.
A Start Was Made Last Sat
urday by a Few—Next
Saturday Again
The tract of land embracing
five aeres, just west of the pav
e highway at the Gilbert cor-
ner, and which has been set
ipart. by the State of Washing
onas apublie state park, is to
e improved at onee, under the
lireetion of the local superinien
lent, Ifrancis M. Sherman. Pur-
sant to noliee given in this
paper last week a number re
sponded last Saturday and work
e like beavers to get the traet
cleaved of underbrush and other
wise in readiness for use. On
peconnt of mo o electrie lighting
facilities, it cannot be used this
vear for the Chautaugua grounds
but it is planned to have it in
readiness for next season. Supt.
Sherman says a considerable sum
of money has been set aside by
the state for the improvement of
the state parks, and a share of
this will be coming to our Is
land park as soon as we are
ready to use it. The state will
bear the expense of a big, ade
quate fiveplace, proper latrines,
md otherwise assist us in mak
ing this site a really community
Those who turned out last Sat-
nrday were
Supt. 1. M. Sherman
B. P. Nelson
Irank Carlson
Mr. Van House
. Erickson
T. lansen
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Williams
Herman Deppman
S. J. Harmeling
‘\!l'S. ]A. A. \\'ixc
~ The Camulos Club served free
coffee, and undertake to furnish
a hot lunch next Saturday. Also
coffee. This club is co-operating
with the Commercial Club in the
work of improving the tract of
land. Tt is requested that next
Saturday everybody get on the
job as carly as possible. Bring
with you a potato hook, or a
seythe, and even a couple of
cross cut saws will be needed.
Mr. Sherman will set you to
This is one of the finest tracts
for a park site in Washington.
Much eredit belongs to Hon.
Clark V. Savidge, state land eom
missioner, for his quick work in
setting this land apart—it being
the first tract turned over by the
state for park purposes. Mr,
Savidge is a good friend of the
island and by our showing the
proper spirit and enthusiasm,
much support may be depended
upon by Mr. Savidge in getting
the land converted into a beauty
spot. 1t will alko be an ideal
camp for auto parties, while
touring the islands. Remember
next Saturday, and show up with
vour hook as one of Vashon-
Maury island boosters and back-
Dr. 100 N, Me Holland and
family, of Olympia, were on the
island this week looking for a
location. Dr. Me Holland has
heen an osteopathic doctor in
Olympia sinee he left college in
1908 but through a visit to the
islands last summer fell so in
iove with Vashon-Maury that he
resists the call no longer, and
has decided to locate here. e
says the Me of his name is Irish,
the Ilolland part is Duteh, but
that he is Scoteh-—so there ye
be, Dochter, but vemember our
climate is so healthy there is but
little doing here in your line.
I'or a business eduecation inves
tigate Success Business School,
Seattle, Wash,
I'or shingles see W. V. Covey,
Vashon, The quality and price isß
right. Phony 223, )

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