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Vashon Island News-Record
The Vashoo Island News, establighed June 17, 'O7,
The Vashon Island Record, established Oct. 26, ‘lO,
Consolidated December 18, 1019,
Published every Friday &t Vashon
(Vashon Island), Washington,
e e s e
FRED F. NOYES, Foreman
Entered as socond class matter, Oct.
26, 1916, at the post office st Vashon,
Washington, under the Act of March 3,
1. *fi'
LR -;
i ,_:_‘:*.3:'::"
ps ":::.41:
‘II’ /'.o-nn"
PP (™
‘F",‘flr 2
Fdomd ///
1 pledge alleglance to my Flag, and to the
Republic for swhich it stands; one Nation
tudivisible, with Liberty and Justice for wll,
Fourth Estate
T HERE was an old geezer
And he had a lot of sen
Ie started up a business
On a dollar 'n eighty cents.
The dollar was for stock
And the eighty for an ad
‘Which brought him three dolla
In a day, by dad!
‘Well, he bought more goods
And a little more space
And he played that system
With a smile on his face.
The customers flocked
To his two by four;
Soon he had to hustle
For a regular store,
Up on the square
Where the people pass
He gobbled up a corner
That was all plate giass.
e fixed up all the windows
With the best he had
THIS committee feels that the people of
Vashon island enjoys and is benefited
by a Chautauqua, but also feel that they do
not realize the terms on which a Chautauqua
is secured. The guarantors are held responsible
for the sale of
This is exclusive of the admissions paid
at the gate. We therefor urge all who think
the Chautauqa is a moral and physical bene
fit to the island to get in and
Buy a Season Ticket at Once
And he told them all about it
In a half-page ad,
1l soon had ‘em coming
And never, never quit,
And he wouldn’t eut down
On his ad one jit.
And he's kept things humming
In the town ever since,
And everyone calls him
The Merchant Prince,
Some say it's luck
But that’s all bunk—
He was doing business
When times were punk!
IPeople have to purchase
And the geezer was wise—
He knew the way to get ‘em
Was to ad-ver-tise,
T HERE'S hardly a hiteh yet
in the Haryey-Harding hon
eymoon, but it looks to some of
us old timers as though ‘‘the
rift within the lute, that by and
by will make the music mute’’
between the President and the
Ambassador to Great Britain had
already set in,
i Col. Harvey is starting out.
like the parvot, to talk too much.
\Hv made a speech a few days
ago which brought his LEnglish
listeners to their feet in applause,
but it has brought the Americans
!\vhnm he is supposed to be rep
vesenting to their feet with
clubs, bowie knives, and words
vou'll find only in the bible.
| Among other things, the ““Col
’nm-l" told the Lnglish that
America was supposed to have
|;:mn- into the war to save I'rance
l;nui England-—but such a state
ment was false, he said, for the
]n-ul cause of Amervica entering in
[vl,‘- war was not to save world
| democracy, but to save “‘our own
necks.”” Somehow such a state
ment doesn’t down with us semi
savace Americans—for we have
[been led to believe by such
|clear-headed and high-minded
[nmen as Mr. Wilson, that we went
[into the war to save a world’s
ihlv;l]s——-flml we firmly believe
1999 of the war workers of
America will back up such an
ideal. At least President IHard
ing followed the IHarvey pro
nouncement with a modesily put,
but sweet-toned affirmation of
the Wilson |'lll|«'q*|\'illll. Weo side
at once with Havding, and most
strongly rvesent the Harvey ides,
Nor are we alone—as demand
has come for the vecall of Harvey
from men in every walk and
position of life, Representatives
m Congress, Senators, Clergymon,
and thinkers and idealists from
all scetions of Ameriea demand
a vetraction by Harvey, who has
already been. rebuked by the
folks at home,
This man Harvey is a fly-by
night, lMe is smart—but too
smart, g konows too much for
one man, but not quite enough
for two, and that spoils him. He
was the original Woodrow Wil
son man in 1912, Wilson was
eleeted, and Harvey couldn’t run
things in the Wilson administra
tion, so Harvey sneaked out of
the counsels of the democratic
party. He worked in 1920 for
Mr. Harding, which was all right,
but he should not have been giv
en the biggest and ripest plum
and the next thing we see of him
Harvey's head is turned too high
an dthe next thing we see of him
before his final leap into oblivion
will be with a monocle in his
eye. He is a sorry representative
“American,” Thus far Harding
is 0, K.
N OW is the winter of our dis
content on Vashon-Maury
made glorious by the ripening
strawberry, Would we could
write a fitting ode to this berry
which grows to such size, beauty,
and deliciousness on these islands
We have picked the strawberry
in Pennsylvania, we have grown
them in lowa, we have hought
them in the Black Hills of S. D.
and we have sold them in the
state of Idaho—but these islands
is the first place we have eaten
them. Elsewhere they appealed
to us as sour, seeded, hard-cored
colicky things which had to he
endured, like any other evil, for
a few days each season. But
Jimminy crickeis—the berries
that grow here are as much above
the berries that grow in the
stafes we have mentioned, as Mt,
liverest is higher than the Dead
Big, symmetrical, blaod-rec
sweet-all-the-way-through, = wit
the boiled-down essence of al
thousand pleasing flavors com
bined just vight, They are u(md]
right oft the vines; they are im
proved somewhat by stemming
and covering with sugar for a
few minutes; better still made
into a short cake—but 0, Boy—
if you want the humming-bird |
tongues of Bean Brummell beat
forty rods, just select about a
dozen of the wormal Vashon
Maury berrvies, Pile them in a
pyramid, the base resting on a
seven inch plate, Let the pow
dered sugar drift into the cracks
and canyons, like snow settling |
over the erown of *““l'he Moun- |
tain.” Then start several little
mountain streams of pure Jorsoy'
cream flowing down from the top
of your pyramid to its base—
shut yourt eyes and open your
mouth and drop one in, and Mil
ton’s Paradise Regained becomes
the real thing,
P. S.—Use only the Vashon-
Maury grown berries, for the
best results.
T O county commissioners, city
commissioners and council
men, school directors, port dis
trict commissioners, members of
metropolitan park hoard and
Township officers:
Gentlemen: I am firmly con
vinced that the, fundamental
principal in taxation is equaliza
tion of tax burden; and that the
matter of high taxes and low
taxes has little, if anything, to
do with systems of taxation.
Fvery government, state and
governmental agency having the
authority to dispense public funds
and power to levy taxes, is con
trolled in fixing the amount of
its tax levy by the amount of
funds necessary to defray the ex
penses. In other words, the only
way to reduce taxes is to reduce
public expenditures.
With our many new gbvern
mental functions and numerous
disbursing and tax levying
agencies, the tax burden in this
state has become almost unbear
With a view of striking at the
root of this matter, [ desire to
meet in conference with all of
you, or your selected representa
tives, at the Executive Office in
Olympia at 1:00 o’clock p. m. on
Monday, June 20th, 1921, in an
endeavor to climinate the unnee
essary expense and particularly
all avoidable expenditures from
next year’s budget, so that every
county, city, school district and
other tax levying agenecy may be
able to make some reduction in
the levy for next year’s taxes.
We are striving in this state
to eliminate expenditnres so as
to insure a very material de
crease in the state general fund
tax levy; and if we can make a
corresponding decrease in all of
the tax levies we may be able to
satisfy the public that their con
fidence in us has not been mis
placed and that we are respon.
sive to publiec demands.
Sincerely trusting that a good
ly number may be able to meet
me in Olympia on Monday, the
20th inst., 1 am,
Sincerely yours,
Louis I. Hart, Governor.
. /¢Qr‘
4 AN
L\ N
7 )
o\ ior
1 o y
Mahncke !
Diamond i
Carries . :
Confidence ||/f7x S
With W)
It \
[R3 <
FI& ne[ce &Co
_° 9014. Pacifie Ave. - i
Pat rm:;:;n\:'—;nl vertisers first
an unvarying standard of worth and quality in
Globe A-1 Feeds
All compiled with a thorough understanding of chemical
and nutritional values of feeding stuffs from a scientific as
well as from a practical standpoint, and one so formulat
ed that they provide for the greatest symmetrical growth
in chicks, and the most continuous egg production,
Having demonstrated the value of Globe A-1 Feeds on
Vashon-Maury Islands, we are handling a full line.
“ . . .
Aviation Quality
S b . P . ~
upmarine rrices
[res. (e
- § 1120 Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, Wash.
They Sav That,
% We quote present
il and pre-war prices on
;' various lines of
goods in this House.
Shirts that were
a dollar then are
$1.25 now:
% ‘‘Shawknit’’ stockings
* that sold for 25¢ then
# scll for 25c now:
B Leather gloves that
8 sold for a dollar then,
| sells for $1.50 now:
: Summer underwean
N that sold for one dollar
B a suit then, sells for
$1:50 now; we are seiling
a much heavier and better
@ fabric in an
§ ‘‘Athletic’”’ union-suit at
B $1.25 this year than we
) sold then at one dollar:
A knitted athletic
8 union-suit that sold
m for a dollar then,
sells for SI.OO now:
Khaki Trousers
are selling this year
ot $2.00 against
B a pre-war price of
B $1.75 and Corduroys
B are now a dollar higher
§ than they were in 1917:
B Clothing, broadly
speaking 1s SIO.OO
higher per suit than
in 1917.
| Dickson Bros. Co.
Tacoma, Wash.
[4‘?3“25 AND
@éfi&r Fruit Boxes
H. Steen Mill Co.
Phone Black 173 Vashon, Wash.
I'riday, June 10th,, 1921
il i
& i
B b
8 Chicago Dentists charge [
lowest prices because they
want the great advantages
@B of modern scientific dent- [
istry to be available to [
P every one. ]
i Remember that no charge B
B waatever is made for dent- B
Bl ol examination and if your
&8 teeth need treatmen, this [
B 8 tccth need treatment, this [§
i clsewhere.
&4 Come in the next time you B 8
B 2 arc in Tacoma, for free [
P 2 examination.
Don't Pay §
I All Work Guaranteed 15 Years §
i We have been in business 59
B continuously in Tacoma for 17 Jeß
years at this same location. 3§:
| Est. 1904 Dr. Douglass, Mgr.
Open Daily 9a. m. to 8 p. m.
K Sundays 9 a. m. to 12 m.
Y 11241, PACIFIC AVE. ¥
Pianos Tuned
Now is a good time to have your
piano tuned. F. C. Shanahan,
Dilworth Point, P. O. Address,
Vashon, Wash. 19tf
—Have you tried one of those 3
flavored ice creay bricks at Fur
bush’s? Take one home.
—Reaq the Classified ads on page

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