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slight chance of coming under the wire
ahead of Hanson had not C. J. France an
nounced his candidacy, but with Griffith
and France in the field, neither has a
shadow of a chance. Now, let the men and
women who have Seattle at heart, lay aside
their differences and throw Ramsay in the
fight and then give him a united support
and there will be nothing to it.
Boston Holman died January 2nd, after
a lingering illness. He was one of the very
active members of the First A. M. E.
church of this city and was more or less
public spirited. For a number of years he
was employed as door man for the Arctic
Club and was highly respected by its vari
ous members.
Robert Johnson of Seattle, is visiting with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Johnson.
The country about Cle Elum is more or
less flooded just now and greater danger
threatens the settlers in case the dam at
Lake Ketcheles breaks, in which case the
whole country would be flooded and unless
the settlers moved rapidly many would lose
their lives. In case of such trouble, how
ever, the big whistle at the mines will give
the signal for all to run to the mountains
for their lives. Those whose houses are
thus far above high water mark are doing
all they can to relieve the suffering. Mrs.
R. H. Taylor has with her during the high
water rush, T. H. Walker, Johnny Mitchel,
Robert Marlett and Mrs. H. Thornton, who
has her fine Jerseys with her.
Mrs. R. H. Taylor is a member of the
Red Cross of Cle Elum and is the only col
ored woman hereabout that does belong to
this organization. Recently she carried a
sack of home-knit socks to the sewing
room of the Red Cross and her name was
put on it and the sack was set out for in
spection and it was highl vcomplimented by
Jack Johnson, he of world pugalistic
fame, is said to be a candidate for mayor
of Barcelona, Spain. He is now a Spanish
subject and is very popular in that city.
One day last summer two small boys
were playing near the country road. A
young lady approached them.
"Little boy," said she, "can you tell me
if I can get through this gate to the pike?"
"Yes'm, I think so. A load of hay went
through five minutes ago."
Mayor Gill has had another close call
and yet he is still right side up with care.
Gill is simply a lucky dog and it is better
to be born lucky than rich.
Tf the world-wide war accomplished noth-
Some men's heads are so soft that a
shadow from a brick wall produces a seri
ous impression.
Washington for the County of King—ln Probate.
In the Matter of the Guardianship of Clarence Hay
don, Irene Haydon and Richard Haydon, Minors. —
No. 9188. Order to Show Cause on Sale of Real
. E. C. Haydon, the guardian of the said minors,
having filed his petition in this court, duly verified,
■praying for an order of this court for the sale of
real estate of which the said minors are seized, for
the purposes therein set forth,
And it appearing to the court from said petition
that the personal estate of the said minors in the
hands of said guardian is not sufficient to pay the
claims against the said estate and the expenses of
the administration thereof, and that it is necessary
to sell all or a portion of the said real estate of the
said minors to pay the said claims and expenses
of the administration. And it appearing to the court
that said petition conforms to, and is in accordance
with, the requirements of law in such case made
and provided. It is ordered by the court that all
persons interested in the estate of the said minors
appear before said Superior Court on the 10th day
of December, 1917, at the hour of 9:30 o'clock in the
forenoon of said day at the court room of the Pro
bate Department of said Superior Court, in the City
of Seattle, in said King County, then and there to
show cause, if any they have, why an order of this
court should not be granted to said guardian au
thorizing and empowering him to sell the said
real estate of said minors, or so much thereof as
may be necessary to pay the aforesaid claims and
expenses of administration.
It is further ordered that a copy of this order to
show cause be published at least four successive
weeks before the said 10th day of December, 1917, in
Cayton's Weekly, a newspaper printed and published
in said County of King and of general circulation
Done in open court this 13th day of October, 1917.
The Science of Government
The Hope and Dependance of the Human
Copyright 1917
(All rights reserved)
Great Epochs and Great Events
There are some great epochs that have
taken place in the progress of events in the
history of the world since the establishment
of the petty kingdoms of antiquity that is
marked by the rise and fall of great king
doms anad empires. Some of these epochs
are already closed and others are still in
progress. If we give the matter our serious
attention we shall discover two separate
lines of progress and development in the
known civilized relations of mankind that
have followed the race westward and that
more particularly concern the Caucasian or
white races of man.
These epochs and events are comprehend
ed as follows:
First:—The settlement of Abram, the pro
genitor of the Israelites, in the land of
Second: —The delivery of the Israelites by
Moses from the bondage of Egypt, and their
establishment in the promised land of Ca
Third:—The complete establishment of
the Babylonian empire, and the reign of
Fourth:—The birth, life and death of
Jesus Christ and the establishment of Chris
tianity in the world.
Fifth:—The Reformation under Martin
Fn+ner and others.
Sixth:—The discovery of the Western
Continent, a new world, and the declaration
of independence, and the establishment of a
new nation, under a new name and title, the
United States of America.
Seventh:—The French Revolution, and
the rise and fall of the Napoleonic dy
The great events that have marked the
most important epochs in the world since
the dawn of recorded history, are noted as
Ist. The establishment of the Hebrews, or
Israelites, in the promised land of Canaan.
2nd. The birth, life and death of Jesus
Christ, and the establishment of Christian
ity in the world.
3rd. The establishment of the American
It may be of interest to know that Abram
or Abraham, as he was afterwards known,
and Nebuchaddnezzar, were both Chaldeans
from one of the provinces of the Babylon
ean Empire. That in which Babylon' was
situated. Abram was selected by Jehovah
to be the head and named Abraham, the
father of a race which was to be raised up
for a special purpose.
And Nebuchaddnezzar, being the head
was appointed to represent a great system
of world activity which was to endure for a
definite specified term; and include king
doms and empires of vast extent and great
powers and authority which should rise and
fall in the progress of tremendous contests
of military struggles in which each in turn
should become supreme upon the prostrate
form of the other.
The great purpose and end in view by the
creation and appointment of these two
separate and distinct systems of activity,
were one and the same thing, the prepara
tion of the world for the setting up and es
tablishing the kingdom in the latter days
that is to endnre unto the ages of the ages,
devoted to the true worship of Jehovah.
One represented the head of a race that
was to be raised up for the special purpose
of introducing into the world a knowledge
of Jehovah as the true God of worship: and
by means of this knowledge overthrow the
entire system of idolatrous worship. The
other represented the head of a system of
forces, the purpose of which was to so con
duct the affairs of the world that the entire
systems then existing of world powers and
activities together with idolatrous worship
should eventually be utterly destroyed.
One was called God's people, because they
they were to, and did, represent in a spec
ial manner, and act as a medium by which
a knowledge of Jehovah's commands and
directions would be, and were, made known
to all the nations. The other was named
Babylon, because Babylon was the great
center and head of the systems of idolatrous
worship, and was the representative of those
powers and systems of activity that degrad
ed mankind to a slavish serfdom in support
and maintenance of a royal and nobility
class among the peoples and nations of the
We must not, however, flatter ourselves
that these systems have yet been destroyed.
They are just as much alive, just as active,
and just as effectual in their operation now
as then, though in a modified and mixed
form. We are now actually living under
mixed systems of idolatry and Christianity.
By the birth and life of the Christ the
design and purpose of the establishment of
the Israelites, according to the Gentile be
lief and understanding, was enlarged and
so extended as to embrace the whole world
of human beings. And the true worship was
more fully expounded, and more extensively
introduced. But the world has accepted it
only in part. It has only partially received,
understood, and acknowledged Christ's mis
sion. It has even made in many respects
attempts to improve upon Christ's expo
This is shown by the mixture of Christ
ianity and the Babylonian systems that now
prevail in the world; and no denomination
is exempt.
The world is still engaged in idolatrous
worship, and is still acting under the Babyl
onian systems though under different names
and under different forms. But it is still
wood and silver and gold, wealth and pov
erty. Tt is still royalty, nobility and suf
fering humanity.
(To be Continued)
The young bride had clearly formed ideas
on industrial questions.
"I will give you something to eat," she
informed the tramp who appeared at the
kitchen door, "if you will get that ax "
"Oh, I shan't need that," the tramp in
terrupted in a reassuring tone, "my teetch
are all right."
Job work in the latest and newest styles
turned out in this office.
Now Occupies spacious and elegantly
furnished and equipped
And will be pleased to meet old and
new friends
308 Washington St. Frank Smith, Prop.
Main 4930
President Secretary
209 Fifth Avenue South
Phone Elliott 3763
In Surgery and Gynecology
has removed his office from the Marion
Bldg. to 221 and 222 Seaboard Bldg.,
formerly Northern Bank Bldg., corner
Westlake and Pine. Tel. Main 1185.

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