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Published every Saturday at Seattle, Washington,
U. S. A.
In he interest of equal rights and equal Justice to
all men and for "all men up."
A publication of general information, but in
the main voicing the sentiments of the Colored
it is open to the towns and communities of the
state of Washington to air their public grienvances.
Social and church notices are solicited for pub
lication and will be handled according to the rules
of journalism.
Subscription $2 per year in advance. Special
rates made to clubs and societies.
HORACE ROSCOE CAYTON. .Editor and Publisher
"Of the dead let no evil be said," wrote
a sage many years ago, but if anything
save evil can be said in commenting on
the death of Benjamin T?. Tillman then it
would have to be said by Him who doeth
all things well. After a stormy life of
cussed ness the late Pitchfork Tillman is
now but a lump of clay. Whether his
cussedness will live after him or be in
terred with his bones remains to be seen,
but let's hope for the good of humanity
and the preservation of our government,
laws and customs the latter fate will be
its reward. Some one has said that no one
is so bad but that he or she could be worse
and applying this charitable construction of
one's life to Tillman, he must have done
some good as he traveled from the cradle
to the grave, but it is not seeable. The
man lived at variance with his fellowman
and his spectacular rise from the hovels of
South Carolina to one of the foremost men
of the country was due largely to the fact
that others used him for selfish purposes,
and pushed him along because they knew
they always had a pliant tool within the
councils of those who vainly sought to be
fair and square. Jeff Davis, he of secession
fame, was an angel in comparison to Ben
Tillman. We do not believe much in the
theory that a just God inflicts bodily pun
ishment on persons who seemingly are at
variance with His Divine purpose, but his
latterday afflictions must have often made
him regret his cussedness of former years,
but even then he was too cussed to admit
of his last convictions. One thing, how
ever, can be said, Tillman was not the only
unhung wretch hailing from the South. But
both the bad and the good are doomed to
die and we trust meet somewhere beyond,
where the lion and the lamb will lie down
Over in Tacoma last week the Republicans
of the state held a convention and though
that party had twice met national defeat
on account of selfish greed, which of late
years had gotten control of the machinery
of the party, yet those in convention as
sembled permitted the same selfish interests
to again slate it for defeat in the state and
likewise in the nation if the spirit of the
late state Republican Convention prevails
at the National Republican Convention.
The resolution introduced by Tom Revelle
having for its object the endorsing of the
idea of municipalities not only owning their
own electric light plants, but disposing of
their over-supply to neighboring municipali
ties and communities, all of which is along
the line the public mind seems to be drift
ing just now, was overwhelmingly defeated
by the corporation clackers, who had sur
reptitiously gotten in control of the conven-
tion. Had the convention polled the dele
gates present it woudl have won two to one,
but in many instances one delegate cast the
vote for forty others, who were at home. As
good a Republican as the editor hereof is
we hope that all nominees for office on the
Republican ticket, who are worshippers at
the shrine of corporation kings will be so
badly defeated at the next general election
that they will not know that they also
ran. If private concerns can grow fabu
lously rich supplying the public with neces
sities, why not the public take hold of the
necessities and cut out the middle-man's
rake off and give itself the benefit of that
If Seattle can so manipulate the elecrtic
power surrounding it to give to the citizens
electricity at one cent a kilowatt hour why is
it not be a boon for humanity? Of course
the big electric light plants of the state
are deadly opposed to it because it would
take from them their thieving profits. To
furnish current at that rate would be a
deadly blow to the coal and gas magnates
and nothing is more natural than that they
too he against such a measure. If the
Republican party entertains any hope of
ever again getting into power it had better
observe closely the signs of the times and
act accordingly. As in the past the Re
publican party at this time is being used
by the corporation thieves to pull their
stolen chestnuts out of the fire.
It's unfortunate that the United States
authorities deem it "for the good of the
service" to send IT. S. soldiers and U. S.
colored soldiers across the waters to fight
for the flag. There should be but one brand
of soldier leaving our shores and it should
be unadulterated simon pure United States
soldiers, sheared of all affixes and prefixes.
Sending two classes of soldiers is often pro
ductive of curious and perhaps, frequently
misleading comment as to the treatment of
the weaker class. In another column hereof
the War Department has been forced to
issue a bulletin defending its attitude to
ward the colored soldiers in France. Under
Gen. Pershing we do not believe for a single
minute that the colored soldiers are exposed
to any greater degree or extent than the
white soldiers, but so long as this damnable
practice of segregation is tolerated the gov
ernment will always be on the defensive
as to its treatment of its colored soldiers,
one Emmett J. Scott to the contrary not
withstanding. The present administration
has been, is and always will be, hostile to
the colored folks and it will do nothing for
their uplift more than it is forced to do.
Coming from the South as does Secretary
McAdoo, its as utterly impossible for him
to be fair to the colored soldiers as it is
for one dressed in a celluloid suit to pass
through hell and come out unhurt at the
other side. Let's all be Americans regard
less of our color or condition, and let Uncle
Sam send U. S. soldiers to France and elimi
nate the "colored soldier" brigade. If
Chinese, Japanese, Indians and every other
darker race can be classed as U. S. soldiers
and fight side by side with the white sol
diers, then why not the colored man, who is
even more patriotic than half of the white
But a few weeks ago the white women of
the state held their annual session of the
Federated Clubs of the State in Seattle and
from the daily reports in the papers, which
was always very elaborate, they made many
long steps in the right direction for the
human (white) uplift. Last week the col
ored women of the state held a similar meet
ing in Seattle and they too, made many
long steps in the right direction for the up
lift of humanity (colored), hut of their ef
forts four daily papers were as silent as
the grave, and so far as the daily press is
concerned, it is ever silent on the good
things colored folk endeavor to do. Had
the chief of the police thrown half as many
colored women in jail or driven them out
of town, owing to being habitues of the
underworld, the four daily papers would
have filled half of their front pages with
the account. In other words, its the crimi
nal colored persons and not the law-abiding
ones that attract the editors and reporters
on daily papers. But it's the woman phase
of the situation we set out to discuss. If
those white and colored women were work
ing upon the same idea, the uplift of hu
manity, why not meet as one body? The
white women giving the colored women the
henefit of their long years of experience—
handed from sire to son—and the colored
women, the white women the trials and
tribulations of fashioning of a happy-go
lucky people into a careful, painstaking one.
It may he policy for colored and white wo
men to have local separate organizations,
but it looks very much like straining at a
gnat and swallowing a camel in having a
dual state organization. The world is
undergoing a great change at present and,
in our opinion, its the Divine purpose to
wipe out classes and former conditions and
to see men and women as they are, without
regard to race, color or creed.
Judging from the press reports the past
week at the front was ours and the Allies
are still traveling the winning road. Uncle
Sam now has a million men in Prance, who
aer doing things in good old American
style, and we would not be surprised if
the reverses the Germans have heen meet
ing for the past ten days is not the begin
ning of the end. By January the Secretary
of War says, "We Avill have two million
men in France," which will mean that the
Allies will begin a sweeping spring drive
all along the line and unless the Germans
are able to put up a hundred per cent
stronger defense than they have as yet done
they will be forced to retreat and do so
at a terrible loss of their fighters. Its
now a fight to a finish and the Allies will
be satisfied with nothing short of the
ignomious defeat of the Kaiser or their
own utter defeat. As we see it the dove
of peace has been shot and, as said above,
the fight will continue until Bill Kaiser
or the Allies are completely exhausted.
Germany had hoped that she would be able
to crush the Allies before Uncle Sam could
get there, but in that she was sadly mis
taken for your uncle is there and with
bells on and "believe me" those bells are
ringing loud and long.
VOL. 3, NO. 4

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