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There is a growing sentiment among the
hciicr thinking white folk of this country,
I li.il ii would he to the best interest of the
"oveimneiit if there were a few members
lo Congress [tailing from the colored popu
lation. IT this is to he a popular or "demo
cralic" government then all classes must be
represented. In our opinion both Bourbon
ism and Standpatism are going to fall by
III.' wayside at the cnclusion of the present
war and the masses take a turn at the wheel.
May perhaps they will make a mess of it,
hut they cannot make a much worse mess
of il than have the classes. Let the people
To do his hit, Charley Wood, King Coun
ty's efficient purchasing agent, wants to go
"over there" and if he does not it will be
no la nil of his. There is one thing certain
lie will do his duty and his whole duty
whether over there or over here, and we
truly hope he will be given an opportunity,
his fifty-six winters to the contrary notwith
standing, to lend a hand to winning the war.
In pronouncing the Americans "war mad"
the Germans are very much like the old man
that was too blind to see the barn, but could
distinctly see the pigeon sitting on the barn.
Pluck the beam out of your own eye Herr
I Jodie before trying to pull a mote out of
some one else's eye.
In the death of E. B. Wishar of Rich
mond Beach, Washington, the editor hereof
loses an ardent admirer from a journalistic
standpoint. Though a retired newspaper
man lie always called for any publication
with which we were connected to be sent
regularly to his address. Mr. Wishar was
an ideal citizen and though ripe in years
lie made himself useful to the end.
Democracy seems to have made some
slighi headway in Maine at the recent state
election—that is to say, the Democratic ticket
this year jjot a few more votes than did the
Democratic ticket two years ago. Maine,
however, is still as safely Republican as
is .Mississippi Democratic despite the fact
the 11 mis within lynch and burn at the stake
all colored Americans who attempt to vote
in Mississippi.
In the controversy between the Union
Record and Clarence Reames the public has
no way of judging which one has lied, but
the preponderance of the evidence seems to
be against Keainsy.
11 \v;is only lo get a drink that the Ger
mans took a stand, but the Allies wouldn't
even stand for that. "The way of the trans
gressor is hard." so sayeth the Bible, and
the Bodies now realize it.
The Republic;!n who would vote for a
Democratic nominee under the belief he or
she was promoting patriotism even in times
of war is a bigger fool than Thompson's
colt, which swam the river to get a drink.
Begin at your first opportunity to vote the
rascals out.
Some one told an Irichman, who owned
a horse, "if you will curry and rub it one
hour each time you feed it your horse will
only cat half as much." After thinking it
over the Irishman came to the conclusion
thai he would curry and rub it two hours
at each meal time and he would not have
to feed the horse at all, which he did, and
was surprised at his horse dying. If "Col."
Hawthorne has everybody in the United
Slates to rush to the cities and towns to
work in factories because they will only
have to be employed four hours each day,
won't all of them die of starvation for who
will make the hog and hominy for such
idlers to subsist on. If the colonel ain't
crazy he talks just like it.
The "also rans" are now explaining how
it happened.
If Henry Ford, who is a candidate for the
United States Senate on the Democratic
ticket in the state of Michigan, said the
things that the P.-I. says he did, then W. D.
Ilaywood himself is a no more dangerous
citizen than is Henry Ford. If an I. W. W.
would make such utterances he would be
sent to prison for one thousand years. It
makes all the difference whose bull is gored.
As Gen. Pershing's natal day approaches
he seems determined to give his friends at
home something more than an army title to
celebrate. Use's alright Mistah General and
we will sing so loud to you on your birth
day that you will almost hear it "over
there." Hit 'urn again.
Despite the fact he made a masterly run
in the City of Chicago for the nomination
of United States senator for Illinois, Wil
liam Hale Thompson went to defeat at the
hands of Medill McCormicck in last Tues
day's primary contest. Thompson's vote
showed him very popular in Chicago, his
critics to the contrary notwithstanding, and
if he wants to run for mayor to succeed
himself he will have no trouble in being
nominated and elected. If McCormick does
not beat Lewis three to one at the polls
in November we will be much surprised.
The directors of the Puget Sound Trac
tion, Light and Power Company have ac
cepted the offer of the City of Seattle to
take over their street car system in Seattle
for fifteen million dollars and it is thought
that the city will be in absolute control by
October Ist next. No move that has ever
been made by the city officials has met
public approval so generally as this and it
is hoped that there will not be a single
hitch in the transfer.
.Mayor of Seattle, who has succeeded in
bringing the Puget Sound Traction Com
pany to his figures for the City of Seattle
to take over the street car system and its
belongings for $15,000,000.
By Leroy Huron Kelsey of The Vigilantes.
The blatant claim is often made, with brazen
That German wisdom and research has made
the world advance;
But when we start to itemize the things of
greatest worth.
That benefit and comfort bring to people of
the earth,
We do not find them emanating from Teu
tonic brains,
Although they quickly utilize whate'er an
other gains.
The telegraph, the telephone, the engine run
by steam;
Acetylene and kerosene, 'lectric lights that
The ocean cable, and the wireless, and the
The motion picture, and in fact the common
A\[ these would still be hidden from the
races of mankind.
If their disclosure had depended on the Ger
man mind.
The telescope, the microscope, the antiseptic
The anaesthetic for relief of pain from every
The principle of vaccination to prevent dis
The decimal and metric system, which we
use with ease; —
All these were given to the world by na
tions now at war
Against Teutonic doctrines, which we heart
ily abhor.
Our aniline for dyeing, and our rubber vul
canized ;
Our automobiles and pianos, both so highly
Electric cars and air-brakes, and the soft
pneumatic tire;
The plate-glass in our windows and our
fences of barbed wire;
All these were ne'er discovered in the land
of braggard Hun,
Although they try to fool us as to what
they've really done.
Machines for reaping harvest and machines
for threshing grain;
The cotton-gin, the submarine, the bird-like
Machines for sewing clothing and machines
to count our cash;
Machines to write our letters, all so neatly,
in a flash; —
These also might have never come to bless
the human race.
If other folks had waited for the Huns to
set the pace.
E'en implements of warfare are not born of
Prussian hands,
l^ut they employ inventions that have come
from other lands;
Percussion caps, torpedoes, smokeless powder,
And nitroglycerin or shrapnel, all so deadly
in a fight;
The rifle or revolver, or the quick breech
loading gun,
While widely used, were none of them in
vented by a Hun.
The Germans are mechanics, and are skill
ful in that line;
They copy some one else's work, and often
do it fine; —
But when it comes to doing things that
never had been done,
They simply are not in it, and no laurels
have they won:
They talk of German "kultur" and they
boast and strut about,
But their big achievements are their pretzels,
beer and kraut.

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