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Published every Saturday at Seattle, Washington.
U. S. A.
In the Interest of equal rights and equal Justice to
all men and for "all men up."
A publication of general information, but in
the main voicing the sentiments of the Colored
It is open to the towns and communities of the
•tate of Washington to air their public grienvances.
Social and church notices are solicited for pub
lication and will be handled according to the rules
of journalism.
Subscription $2 per -^year in advance. Special
rates made to clubs anff societies.
HORACE ROSCOTC CAYTON. .Editor and Publisher
Entred as second class matter, August 18, 1916, at
the post office at Seattle, "'Vash., under the Act of
March 3rd, 1916.
Office 303 22nd Ave. South
Though Cayton's Weekly is of a limited
circulation, yet numbers of white persons
have talked to us about that report from
Georgia, which recounted the patriotic
(Georgia) act of that mob that hung a col
ored woman by her heels and cut her open
and then joyfully stamped an unborn baby
into a pulp, which fell from her stomach.
Nowhere in the category of crime eithe*
in a civilized or a heathen country has a
more heinous and nausiating offense been
committed. Think about it, men by the
hundreds from Christian homes and from
colleges and universities assembling and
treating a female human being in such a
manner, and the barbarians of the Fiji Isl
ands are angels in comparison. No, no the
citizenry of this great nation can not be
awakened to the enormity of the crime and
all because the Avoman's skin was black
and her executors' skins were white—the
old Dred Scott decision in its most violent
form —the colored person has no rights or
feelings that the white person need re
spect. Were the perpetrators punished?
you ask.
Not only were not punished, but neither
the governor of Georgia nor any of the
county officials made any inquiry into the
matter and in all probability the latter
were all present at the gruesome ceremony.
We have read of many horrors perpetrated
upon the Jews in Russia, but never one so
diabolical as this and We look upon the
Russians as more the barbarian than the
Christian. A more foul and infamous blot
never before appeared upon the pages of
history than this and if the perpetrators
and the accessories thereto before and after
the fact including the governor had their
just deserts they would be lined up and
shot like so many howling hyenas, just
what they are. May the Avenging Angel
be moved to slay such barbarians, hip and
thigh, that the fear of God may be put in
to the hearts of others who approve of such
After reading the above screed, yon may
form the opinion that Georgians are wholly
bad, but not so. In fact we doubt if a
majority are bad, but the good ones are
afraid to combat the bad ones when the
colored man is the bone of contention. The
following from the Atlanta Constitution
shows the good side of the Georgian.
"Now is your chance to settle your Ne
gro problem," suggested the Kaiser, half
facetiously, to Dr. Davis, soon after the
United States entered the war.
"If America insists upon coming into the
war," he went on, "why doesn't she send
her Negroes across and let us shoot them
While not being influenced by Wilhelm's
suggestion, we have sent our Negroes
"across" —some thousands of them, at any
rate —but to date mighty few of them have
been shot down by William and his Huns.
■Our Negroes needed no urging to go.
What is more, they seemed to dread not in
the least the boasted fate that was in store
for them. Since they have been over thert?
they have not shrunk from their duty, and
while their duty has taken them into some
of the very places where the Huns were the
thickest, surprisingly few of them have been
shot down.
Probably the most plausible explanation
of this lies in the fact that a Hun cannot
shoot well while running! Especially while
running from the target!
In other words, in every engageemnt the
Negro troops have had with the Kaiser's
outlaws the latter have been put to rout!
Our Negro troops have to date not given
one foot of ground.
Just the other day Negro troops drove
the Germans helter-skelter out of a French
village, and rescued several French civilians
who were being held prisoner there. And
the rescued Frenchmen declared that the
Germans were thoroughly surprised to find
themselves confronted by colored Ameri
cans —of whom-they stand in dread by rea
son of an idea they have that "the Ameri
can Negroes cut off the ears of their pris
Soon after they got into the fighting a
group of cornered Huns treacherously yell
ed "kamerad!" and when taken prisoners
opened fire upon the unsuspecting captors;
and now, it is said, the Negroes fight all the
more fiercely in their determination to
avenge that piece of cowardly German de
ceit! And who will blame them?
Anyhow, as upon numerous other occa
sions, when the TTun kaiser belittled our
Negro troops to Dr. Davis, and laughingly
boasted about how his barbarous minions
would "shoot them down," it is plainly to
be seen now that he reckoned without his
No, not all Georgians are had, as may be
seen from the following resolutions passed
by the Georgia Division of the Woman's
Committee of the Council of National De
fense :
"Whereas, The colored people of Georgia
have shown an increasing consciousness of
their share in the issues of this war: and
"Whereas, They have responded liberally
and loyally to every demand of the govern
ment of the United States, not only in the
valuable service of their men as soldiers,
but along every line of production, con
servation, investment and contribution;
therefore, be it
"Resolved, That the executive board,
Council of National Defense, congratulates
the colored people of our state upon so ex
cellent a showing of Americanism upon the
part of their race; and that this board offers
to any organizations of colored women in
Georgia who may express a desire for them
to the chairman, such instructions for war
work among women as may come to this
committee from Washington."
fJermany may have reasons to keep up a
stiff upper lip, but we can't see it.
Georgia is composed of an odd mixture of
white citizenry, as may be seen from the
following news item:
"What J. L. Carter, who lives in this
county near Fellowship Church, was charg
ed with saying to two young men some
weeks ago was: 'Yon had better desert if
you go to the army and serve with the
"lie was arrested by Deputy United
States Marshal Wardlaw hist Sunday and
released under a $1200 bond. Yesterday
morning he had a hearing before United
States Commissioner -John Printup and the
charge against him was promptly dismissed.
"It appeared that what he really said
was: 'I might salute a nigger' officer once
if ordered to do it, but rathern than do it a
second time I would go to the Germant,
who have white faces even if their hearts
are black."
Had a colored man made a similar re
mark he would have been pronounced an
agent of the Kaiser and either shot or sent
to prison for a thousand years.
If there is no law, whereby persons mak
ing such statements as did Electrician Green
to Mayor Hanson, one day this week, can
be punished, then the next legislature should
see to it that there is one. In short, for
eigners talking to our public official as
did Green should be declared undesirable
and immediately deported. This is a free
country and we should endeavor to keep it
so, but it can not be done unless such un
desirable foreigners as Green, who stands
up in the chief executie's office and em
phatically informs him that his union will
dictate the policy of this municipality, are
not muzzled. We repeat such skunks should
be deported at once if not sooner as undesir
The deadly forest fires have been getting
in their work in Western Washington in
good shape for the past two weeks and
much damage has been done to standing
timber. Soldiers from Camp Lewis and the
Vancouver barracks have been dispatched
to the scenes of Ihe big fires and are do
ing valliant service in slowing the fires
down. Some years ago when colored sol
diers were stationed at Fort Lawton, Seat
tle, and Fort George Wright, Spokane, Ihe
Northwest was besieged with forest fires
and the soldiers were sent out to fight the
fires, and they did such excellent work in
Idaho and Montana that the settlers almost
idolized them when the danger had passed.
After that nothing was too good for the
colored soldiers on the part of the civilians
living near where they were stationed.
Yes there was organized in Seattle an
Effieiencsy Club, which started off with a
swing and swerve that made the natives rub
their glasses and look long, but it died, and
as did it, so has the hundred and one other
clubs that have been organized and so will
the most of the clubs among the colored citi
zens. They seems to delight in homing
clubs in order to have something to mourn
Small as is the salary of the county clerk
of Kin^ county, George Grant has set his
heart on the job and h;is already begun his
campaign. Just how they make the job
pay so well is more than we can say.
VOL. 3, NO. 17

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