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It smacks of a good deal of bushwa to
hear a colored person profess love, admira
tion or common respect for the white man
of the South and when he does do so lie is
simply looking for a back door hand out.
If Italy would make no better showing
fighiing the world Hum she did fighting the
Huns then the good God be merciful.
It looks to us as if President Wilson will
get in ;i jam if he docs not get out of
Europe post haste.
It looks wry much like that a Mrs. Wells
will involve another bunch of Seattle police
men in another big whiskey scandal. Tnless
Chief Warren begins to recruit his much de
pleted force the city will soon be without
adequate police protection. We are stiil of
the opinion that if the average colored man
is "a liar and a thief" he has none the
better of the average policeman.
Despite the Pact the Y. M. (\ A. went with
our doughlmys over there that they might
he ever mindful of pure Christianity, yet the
Y. M. C. A. secretaries took so much of the
doughboys' dough that now those doughboys
pronounce the "V" Christianity a rip-roar
ing r;i/.zle dazzle farce.
Perhaps Bill McAdoo is correct in saying,
"Any man who opposes the League of Na
tions' covenant, is either wilfully ignorant
or a Republican," but our version of it is,
any man who favors the L. of N. covenant,
is either a damphool or a Wilson Democrat
and perhaps both.
However futile may have been the efforts
of Ed Hagen to break into the penitentiary
in days gone by, he seems now to be in a
fair way to attain the goal of his ambition.
"If at first you don't succeed, try, try
again. All thai other folks can do, why
with patience may not you, only keep this
rule in view, try, try again."
And now even Democrats, let alone Re
publicans and organized laborers, are clam
oring for Burleson's dismissal, but all these
will move Wilson not. .Just keep your shirts
on fellows and the people at the next elec
tion will remove Wilson, Burleson and the
whole dam family.
It might be well that the signing of the
peace treaty be not deferred too long lest
in the meantime the peace pact go to pieces.
[f would-be flyers across the Atlantic,
ocean will lie forced to wait for favorable
wind and weather then flying to Europe
will be as uncertain as was sailing for
Kurope. What the world is looking for now
is a craft thai can and will get up and get
as soon as the command lias been given.
With Walter I). I lines ai the head of the
government railroads there is about as much
show for them to make a respectable financial
showing as it is for the proverbial snow ball
to fly through hades. Ilines is simply the
wrong man in the right place and its a burn
ing shame thai a double dealer like Ilines,
who is supposed to be working for the gov
ernment, when in fact he is but working for
the former railroad magnates, to hold this
position. The government ownership of
railroads should continue indefinitely and
that too in spile of one Walter D. Hines.
Probably the P.-T. knows what it is talk
ing about when it says, "Italy can't quit
the peace conference," but all the same
she has quit.
That Germany will not accept the find
ings of the peace conference without regis
tering a protest is a foregone conclusion,
hut that she will be forced to accept them
is likewise a foregone conclusion. How
ever powerful Germany may have been in
the past her power has been broken and
the only resistance she can now offer is a
gurrella war.
So objectionable are the policies of Act
ing Mayor Lane to Actual Mayor Hanson
that in leaving for his Liberty Loan speak
ing tour he even took his private secre
tary with him. The mayor is playing safety
first and is seeing to it that his right bower
(officially) does not get contaminated with
the Lane virus.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wright, who live in
Olympia, visited friends in Seattle last Sun
day and to the surprise of their friends
they motored to the city in their own car
of recent purchase. Floyd has already
learned how to lay on his back and work
on the car standing over him.
Rev. J. B. Barber, the newly elected pastor
of Grace Presbyterian Church of this city
will be installed next Sunday afternoon at
4 p. m. The occasion promises to be a
very imposing one as many of the Presby
terian dignataries of the city will be present
and assist in the obsequies.
The Efficiency Club dance last Monday
evening, according to the version of one who
ought to know, was the swell affair of the
present year. ''The ladies were gowned as
1 never saw them before and they were
simply beautiful to look upon." A long
story short, all present spent a most enjoy
able evening and left wishing the club many
S. H. Stone, president of the Seattle branch
of the National Association for the Advance
ment of Colored People, has many plans
laid out for his spring drive for new mem
bers and will unfold many of them at the
coming mass meeting next Monday evening
at Greyerbiela Hall.
Dr. C. J. Allen has a home on Beacon Hill,
to which he has moved his family and in
the language of the old timer, he now lives
at home and boards at the same place. Dr.
Allen has recently moved to Seattle, he hav
ing married Miss Beatrice Clark, a daughter
of Mi 1, and Mrs. R. A. Clark of this city.
While as yet he has not set the world on
tire or even started a blaze in his dental
profession from a financial standpoint, yet
he seems to be laying a pretty foundation
for a permanent success.
Felix Crane, at one time alleged king of
the Seattle underworld, who, if so, was de
throned, but had backbone enough to keep
his mouth shut, seems to have a double
shadow in Los Angeles in the persons of
George Henderson and George Brown, al
leged kings of the Los Angeles underworld,
who, so goes the story, promised to turn
over to the campaign manager of the mayor
of that city $2000 per month for police
protection. The mayor is now being tried
for accepting a bribe and Henderson and
Brown are the star witnesses in the case.
The colored man may not be able to attain
the position as king of the Upper world but
he oloms up like a flashlight in the darkness
when it comes to being king of the under
McCant Stewart, from many years a well
known attorney at law of Portland, Oregon,
but of recent years of San Francisco, com
mitted suicide one day last week, so comes
the report from the latter city. After leav
ing Portland he lost his health and subse
quently his eyes failed him and between the
two ailments he became despondent and
when his sight was so far gone that he could
not read his morning paper he ended it all
by blowing his brains out. He was a very
brainy man and stood high in the legal cir
cles of Portland and San Francisco. He was
the son of the famous T. McCant Stewart,
formerly of New York and he was a chip off
the old block.
The following item from a local San Fran
cisco paper tells the tale, which is as fol
lows :
Learning that he was going blind, Mc-
Cant Stewart, a Negro attorney, scribbled a
note of farewell and shot himself in the head,
Monday night, in his office at 381 Bush
street. His body was found on the floor
by business associates yesterday morning.
The weapon he used lay on the floor beside
him. 1 On his desk lay the note: "I am
going blind. My sight is gone. I can't
see to read. Poor Mac. I can't stand it
any longer, so I cashed in." Stewart was
forty years old, a son of McCants Stewart,
the former Attorney General of Hawaii, and
a graduate of the College of Minnesota. He
is survived by a widow and 14-year-old
daughter, living at 2544 Slitter Street.—
San Francisco Chronicle, April 16th.
Periodically one or more men in Seattle
start out to set the world on fire and end
up by themselves being set on fire finan
cially speaking.
If a delegate is sent to the Tenth Annual
session of the National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People in June
next we suggest that the delegate be S.
11. Stone and the alternate delegate be
Mrs. Nettie J. xVsberry of Tacoma.
Another instance of "when thieves fall
out" is to be seen in the chief witness
against the mayor of Los Angeles, now on
trial for accepting a bribe. lie openly ad
mits that he has been promised immunity
for telling the whole graft story and fur
ther admits he is doing so because the
mayor and the other "big ones" refused
to let him be one of them, though I sot
my share of the coin." Play with a puppy
and he will lick your mouth.
More than 56,000,000 acres have been
added to the country's aggregate crop acre
age in the last ten years.
Credits of $85,000,000 to France and $25,
--000,000 to Italy were announced on the 3rd
by the Treasury. The total advanced to the
Allies is $9,008,999,340.75, of which France
Ims received $2,702,477,800 and Italy $1,
It takes a minimum of $50 a month to
provide a family of two adults and three
children with sufficient nourishment, at pres
ent prices, according to Miss Aubyn Cliinn,
food expert of the Department of Agri
Warning of the spread of Bolshevism
among the Negroes of the United States is
contained in a report submitted to the mem
bers of the Union League Club in New York
by the committee appointed to study the
spread of Bolshevist doctrines in America.
The railroads showed a net Federal in
come of $19,350,354 during January, 1919,
as compared with a deficit of $3,570,209 in
January, 1918, according to official Govern
ment figures. The standard return appli
cable to January is $55,331,013.
Some figures on railroad capitalization per
mile will be interesting, in view of the prob
able nationalization of the British railways.
In 1013 the average capitalization per mile
in the United States was $65,861, France
$150,439, Germany $120,049, and the United
Kingdom $274,027.
The Interstate Commerce Commission has
reported that the casualties on American
railroads during 1917 resulted in the death
of 9,567 persons and the injury of 70,970.
During the previous year 9,476 lives were
lost and 66,982 persons were injured. Acci
dents on grade crossing of steam railroads
numbered 3,673, in which 1,777 persons were
killed and 4,356 injured.
The Chicago Water Works System, which
has always been cited by municipal authori
ties as evidence of their success, furnished
another strong argument in the report re
cently furnished to the City Council. Dur
ing the year 1918 the water system had an
excess revenue over expenses of $3,003,200.
The receipts were $7,625,142, while it re
quired only $4,621,941 to operate.
"After 162 years of British Christian rule,
the Indian nation is in a starving condi
tion," was the assertion made by Dr. N. S.
Hardiker, associate editor of Young India,
in an address before the Friends of Irish
Freedom in S.t Louis. Only 1 per cent
of the 815 million people in India are able
to speak English. "Over 150,000,000 peo
ple in India do not know what it means
to have a square meal."
On February 1 the total amount of mort
gage loans closed since the establishment of
the Federal Land Banks was $168,213,931,
numbering 71,204 borrowers. During Janu
ary 5,678 applications were received asking

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