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Lynch got lynched down in Missouri last
Wednesday and the rather odd thing about
it Lynch was a white man and the lynchers
were all white men and thus does crime
beget crime and the sins of the father fall
upon the children even to the third and
fourth generation. Retribution is bound
to follow these years of lawlessness in
this country and the innocent will have to
Buffer for the guilty.
According to the black dispatches Monroe
Trotter is now in France and is telling no
one his mission, and if that be true then
what can he accomplish while there so
far as the colored man of this, country is
concerned, but if not actuated by selfish
motives he will be able to fill his brain with
much valuable information, which can be
of invaulable service to the readers of his
It was proposed some time ago to dis
band the Seattle Negro Business Men's
League on the grounds that it had ac
complished little or nothing during its ex
pensive existence, but the proposal did not
even receive a second. That was some
five months ago and since that time it has
not had a quarter attended meeting. En
thusiasm without determination does not
get you very far from the hitching post.
An Arkansas colored man was thrown
into jail because he had all of $800 in his
possession, charged with ''having too much
money." Had he not have had any money
then he would have been thrown into jail
charged with not having any money—a
vagrant, with no visible means of support.
In the South its next to impossible for a
colored man to please the fastidious foibles
of the white man.
Back to the farm is having its day in
Seattle among the colored citizens, and, if
those who have gone do a hundredth part
as well as they think they will do, no
more shortage of food stuffs will have to
bo reported for the Northwest next year.
We are with you brothers. Go to it.
An anti-lynching bill has been introduced
in Congress, which will never pass, and if
it does, it will never be enforced. This
lynching disease will have to be worked
out of the system rather than out of the
hide before its ravages can be checked.
Down in Java a volcanic eruption re
cently took place and 15,000 persons are
dead as a result thereof! In other words,
Java has had a volcanic Bolshevist out
Liberia is charged with being ninety per
cent ignorant. The reptiles and varmints
have doubtless been enumerated in that
If Henry Gregg is as successful in snar
ing jack rabbits as he was in snaring dogs,
the tAventy-one years he worked for the
city of Seattle then Mrs. Gregg will be
able to can enough jack rabbit meat in
the course of a season to supply a goodly
part of Seattle with the tasteful morsels.
Gay Paree seems to have so charmed
Uncle Sam's chief executive that he just
cannot tear himself away. Well, Aye have
heard it said that others have gone and
done likewise.
If Ruth Garrison is crazy then why want
her evidence in the Storr's case. Ruth has
been the same as acquitted by a jury and
now it looks very much like Storrs will
be treated equally kind.
Advancing colored folks is not often done
in Seattle, and if James Weldon Johnson,
with his matchless eloquence and logic can
succeed in having' it done then off comes
our hat to James Weldon Johnson.
Unless Germany gets busy in signing the
peace pact it begins to look as if she will
ha\e to get busy hiding from the Allies'
firing squad.
South and Central American citizens are
largely Negroes, says Senator Reed. Thank
ye sail fur de information.
It begins to look as if President Wilson
is going to have trouble in giving to the
world the long expected millennium his
prolonged stay in Europe to the contrary
notwithstanding. It is now threatened that
in case he U. S. senate refuses to back
him up he will be a third term candidate
for the presidency, which we truly hope
he will have the audacity to try.
And now Senator Reed would have you
believe that the "heavy, heavy hangs over
your head," is nothing more nor less than
that time worn bug bear "nigger dom
Who is foolish enough to kill the coal
man, though this be June, will probably
have to explain to Judge, Gordon why
that apartment house was not heated as
the law requires.
Getting in bad with the newspapers,
especially the Star and Record, seems to
be a pleasing diversion of Chief of Police
Warren. Wonder if he "jest nachurly
luves" to see his name in print?
Turkey will have to go some if she hopes
to discount the cruelties of the United
States practiced upon her colored popu
lation in her (Turkey) Armenian atrocities.
In declaring his presidential running
"behind him," President Wlison is voicing
the sentiment of a great majority of the
voters of the United States.
Of course "boys are needed to work on
the farms of this country, but very few
of them plan to work where they are
needed worse.
Chicago is more or less perturbed over
what is to be done with the colored folks
who are flocking thither in large num
bers. Give them such work as they can
Yesterday's memories caused tears to be
mingled with rejoicings—tears for the dead
and rejoicing for the fifteenth amendment
More court house is wanted in King
county and that too with Ruth Garrison
in the pen—how funny!
Uncle Sam's N. C. 4 has flown across
the pond and thereby beating Johnny Bull
at his own game.
Having cleared over $19,000 last month
Seattle's street car system looms up as
some investment to read about.
perform and such work as you want per
formed and the question will be immediate
ly answered and the problem satisfactorily
solved. The reason there is a Negro prob
lem in the United States is because the
white folks will it.
Eat your breakfast in New York and
your dinner in.London is going some, but
that's what's coming.
May, according to the weather man. has
been some wet, and yet it been no more so
than has our supreme court.
Hawker flew away, but he didn't fly
back, which cost him $25,000.
John Burroughs, the naturalist, was talk
ing about Germany.
"It's dangerous to confabulate with the
Germans," he said, "for they're too tricky
for us. The Germans are the trickiest people
in the world.
"A German at a dinner party took in a
lady whose name he didn't catch. During
the fish course he saw a man who had
showed him up the week before in a crooked
business deal, and he muttered to the lady
ferociously: ,
11 'Do you see that man to the left of the
epergne? "Well, if there's one man on earth
I hate it's him.'
" 'Why,' said the lady, 'he's my hus
" 'Yes, of course,' said the German, 'That
is why I hate him.' "
Mrs. Ghostwalk had got the spiritualistic
craze, and got into the habit of receiving
HP C T All CM Dentist. Examination free.
L/i\. l^. |. /ALLHIN, 211 Globe Bldg.. Ist and
Madison. Office hours 9to 12 a. m., 1 to 6p. m., Sun
days by appointment. Residence 1830 24th Avenue.
East 6419.
HR IT R mnDCD Dentist, 362-3 Empire
LTV. T. D. \AJVJI EJ\, l?ldg, 2nd and Madison.
Special appointments for evenings and Sundays. Of
fice hours 8:30 to 12 and 2 to 6. Main 6093. Resi
dence. East 5056.
CAYTON'S WEEKLY wants two columns
WAI IKJLS O WEjILfILI of classified adds
made up after thtis style and fashion. Kates very
reasonable. Beacon 1910.
quets cheaper than you can do it yourself. Stone's
ice cream leads. East 275.
PFRA7TPR Ueal Estate, Insurance. Collect
• * i\r\*-.lLil\ ions. 316 Pacific Hlock, Seattle
Main 4554.
messages from the departed when she ought
to have been getting her husband's dinner.
Hubby protested, and then he acted. Tn a
week slie was cured, and his friends
"How did you do it?" they asked him.
"Oh," said he smiling, "T got the craze
too, and every seance we went to I got a
loving message from my first wife—see?"
Gen. Leonard Wood said at a dinner in
"A new soldier is always nervous and apt
to make mistakes, but this is no sign of
cowardice and soon wears off.
"A new soldier was having his first ex
perience at night duty. The password was
' discount.'
"As he paced back and forth a black
figure suddenly loomed up before him.
11 'Halt! Who goes there?' he challenged.
" 'A friend/ was the reply.
" 'Advance friend" said the soldier, 'ad
vance and give the discount!' "
"Our opponents have always got a flip
pant answer ready," said a congressman, in
an argument. 'They're like the waiter in
the cafeteria.
" 'Waiter,' said a patron, 'there's not a
single oyster in this oyster soup.'
" 'Well,' said the waiter, flippantly,
'what about it? You had cabinet pudding
yesterday, but you didn't find Josh Daniels
or Newty Baker in it, did you?' "
Two Irish soldiers were digging them
selves in. One, a six-foot giant, found him
self handicapped by the shortness of his in
trenching tools and he continually paused
to straighten himself and ease liis back.
During those pauses his comrade became
"Mike," he asked once, "what wild ye do
with a million pounds?"
"Add four inches to the handle of this
shovel," replied Mike.
Puts the Best
on the Market
Phone IVlain SOBO
You Are Welcome
To Spend Your Leisure Moments at the
Cigars, Tobacco and Soft Drinks.
Courteous Treatment
1032 Jackson St.

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