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Unless the signs of the times greatly deceive the
student of passing events, especially in this country,
the aftermath of the late world war will develop the
question of: Is the United States of North America
fully capable of self government? In the North the
capitalist and the mechanic are in a rule or ruin fight
for supremacy and in the South the whites and the
blacks are all but ready to fly into a fight to a finish.
If therefore, all of the above elements become active
in trying' to enforcs their respective forms of govern
ment, it will then be quite apparent that none of them
can prevail and governmental chaos is bound to fol
low fast and furious, which would mean the gradual
falling to pieces of this once magnificient govern
ment and perhaps the same become a vassal or tribu
tary to Japan and Mexico.
President Elect Harding is now in the throes of
making up his official family for the ensuing four
years .which very thing has caused all presidents
elect of this country much mental worry, if not
actual agony, for it often happens that the president
on taking charge of affairs is forced to keep a clos
er watch upon the ambitious and refractory members
of his official family than he does of the opposite parti
sans, and so, Mr. Harding is making haste slowly in
selecting his cabinet. Cliques and clans are already
laying wires to defeat Mr. Harding's renomination, and
in ileu thereof, nominate some one of their number
for the presidency.
Much is expected of the new year, the first
month of which is now fast fading away, and that too
almost from every angle of the civic affairs of this
country. After the fourth of March the Republican
politicians expect the Democratic politicians to be
turned out of offices, which they have so religiously
held for the Past eight years, and many, if not all of
their number, be given the places thus vacated by
the unfortunate Democrat*. The working men expect
the Now Administration to put the idle wheels of
industry once again in motion and thereby give em
ployment to the idle. The colored citizens expect this
to be the year of Jubilee for them in the passing from
power one hostile to their uplift and the coming of
one. who will know no man by the color of his skin.
Any legislation either local or national in its
nature) having for its object the prevention of aliens,
and that too without qualifications from owning lands
in this country is a splendid move in the right di
rection. Foreigners, who acquire lands in this coun
try, do so purely for speculation and by no means to
help build up the country, and the citizens hereof,
aro not in the business, using the vulgar vernacular
of the street, of fatening frogs for snakes. Our citi
zens are not only working for themselves in the de
veloping of the country, but for, their progeny and
they are no L willing to add value to the holdings of
aliens, on which they can profiteer at the citizens
For more than a century the question of
whiskey or no whiskey in the United States has been
the burning issue and while no whiskey has been
written upon the statute book, yet the question of the
hour at this timo is, shall the law be enforced?
Breaking the prohibition law weighs lightly upon the
minds of many of the alleged law abiding citizens and,
like the moonshiner, justifies their actions, in having
been robbed of their personal perogatives. It is bad
enough for alloged law abiding citizens to drink
liquors in the dark, but it is little short of a heinous
crime to serve liquors at a public banquet and doubly
so when served in places where such shoulld not be
seen even in wide open saloon days.
Paris, France, se?ms to have had more automo
bile accidents last year, in the shape of passing autos
hitting pedestrians, than any other city in the. world,
the sum of 40,000 persons having been struck, many
of whom died from their innjuries. If other large
cities main'ain the same ratio of mishaps and ac
cidents then it would seom that the automobile in
vention was, and is, a menace to the present civiliza
tion and far from being the much heralded elixer of
life everlasting. Automobiles are still more or less
a luxury, confined for the most part to either the
idle rich or the half strainer, and the question arises,
if so many accidents undeir present circumstances,
what would happen if the auto was an ordinary util
Despite th:< fact Uncle Sam has developed into
the world's banker, yet he himself seems to suffer
the periodical outbreaks of financial distress, probably
due to either over-speculation or wreekles i ex
travagance at times when conservatism should pre
vail. The pendulum of the financial clock always
recedes just as far backwards as it does forwards
and that too despite the fact that men of affairs in
this land of opportunities have the reputation of be
ing the shrewdest business manipulators of the civ
ilized world. There seems to be mo reasonale excuse
for the fat and lean years so common to this coun
try and in the future they should be eliminated and
the get rich quick man should go way back and sit
]Januar,y to the colored citizens of this country
not only brings its new year, but it likewise brings
to them the pleasing memory of the Emancipation
Proclamation of the immortal Abraham Lincoln, which
unshackled four million of their ancestors and bade
them to be as free as the white citizens who formerly
held them ts chattels. Even when pracitcally every
vain and vestige of the once prolific African descend
ants in this country will have been lost and a great
mongrel race will appear on thei scene substituting
both the white and colored citizens January will then
have its soothing memories.

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