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I am an American-w Prejudice:~ofir Postwar Battle
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._._..: d—Ne‘fixJpnme/zeépéople fiei/dgiom Tani—“flawed E;
VOL. XXVI“ ‘— NO. 58
Owgoaliszm. Whtmannerofmareyou
The Northwest Enterprise contributes this issue
to the NAACP membership drive for 1945, throughout
the Northwest. We urge every reader and friend in
Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Yakima and Bremerton in;
Washington and Portland, Oregon, to track down your
local solicitors, and get a membership card and seel
that your friends also get one. .
We are going to need the NAACP more than ever
before, following the close of this war.
For Your Financial Security
We urge you to invest every dollar you can spare
in Mighty 7th War Bonds.
To Safeguard the Four Freedoms
Every Negro organization in the Northwest. Re
ligious. Fraternal, Labor, Veterans, Social or otherwise,
should make a substantial contribution to the 1945
NAACP drive for new members. Cost what it may, every
adult Negro in the Northwest should hold a membership
card in the NAACP. Stop, Look, Listen to the aftermath
of York! War I. Put your NAACP on guard and keep;
It t m.
FathewSons Banquet
P. 8. Barnett. chairman of
the Activities Committee of the
ant Madluon Y. M, c. A., In
nouncea that plan: for the an.
nual FathomSom' Banquet to
be held on Tuuday. Juno 5. at
7:30 p. m. are well under way.
A committee of ladies headed
Jone We“ 24w!
Just a Few of the
Widest Selection of
Records in Seattle
Bring Another Drink
If You Cen’t Smile end Soy Ye5..........4....King Cole Trio
S. K. Blues, port I & 11..................‘.t.....‘...Pete Johnson and
Joe Turner
Johnson & Turner Blues
Watch That FwePete Johnson
and Joe Turner
I Wonder
Mellow Queen Roosevelt Sykes
Cole Heet, Worm Feet
Over the Rninbow Hank D’Amico
Twelfth Street Reg
Milneherg Joy Fletcher Henderson
(Collectors Idem)
Swingin’ the Boogie
Just e Little 81ade"....................‘._N‘.‘.._.._M0dern Music Co.
Art Tatum Trio
Mm Lou Williams
Seuttle'a bottling Record Store offers you
I complcte stock of
Listen to the BORWELL RECORD Program
every MondAy ntfllt, 1141280 I'. M.
Hear the latest windings by your
“‘71:: But in Rama”
1903» 3rd Ave.
Across from the Bon Marche
EL. 54“
by Mrs. Ernest Whlto wlll have
charge of proparlng the meal.
The Glrl Rourve Club lrom Qhe
Y. W. c. A. wlll supply the
waltreuu. Reservations for
this event are now being re~
colvod at the Eu! Madison
Y. M. c. A. The dinner wlll be
held at the Mt. Zion Baptist
favorite KIM) artlntu
Hrs. 10 a.m-10 p.m.
Since 1040 nearly 250,000 Ne
groel. largely from well states as
Tens. Louisiana Ind Oklahomu.
have poured into the dam
are“ of the West Cont. Prior to
lhls migration. Negroes concil
tuted only IV. per cent of the to—
tal population or the raglan; but:
they conltltute more than 10 per
cent of the 2.000.000 migrants
who have entered the West Coast
since 1940.
or ten major congested produc
tion areas In the United States
which show a 49 per cent increase
in the number of Negroes since
1940. five are located on the West
Coast. The percentage increase in
the number of Negroes in San
Francisco between 1940 and 1944
has been 827 per cent; in the
Portland-Vancouver area it has
been 487 per cent.
Since 1940 the number of Ne
groes hes increased in Los An
geles from 75.000 to 136,000; in
San Francisco from 4800 to 20,-
000; in Portland from 1931 to
22.000: in Seattle from 3789 to
16.000; in Vancouver (Washing
ton) trom 4 to 4000; in Bremer-‘
ton from 17 to 3000.
Sgt. John J. Allen
Wins Bronze Star
FORT LEWIS. Flrst Sergeant
John J. Allen of Seattle waq
awnrded the Bronte Star (or
“merltorlous conduct In the per—
formance of outstanding service
against the enemy" In Northern
Territory, Australia. In a cere
mony here recently.
Col. Geqrze W. Glllette. com
mending the engineer training
section. presented the award to
Allen. who now In "top kick" of
a Negro training company here.
Hle wlte, Betty. lives at 10'.’ let
Ave. N.. Seattle.
After one and one-half years
of business in your wonderful
and thoroughly progressive city.
Mae has decided to give up busi
ness and wishes to take this time
to thank hen-many, many cus
tomers snd invites them in lm
mediately to select the BAR
Spring suits and costs that have
Just arrived from California and
New York. Make no mistake,
iolks. these garments are all wool
and of the latest design and style.
Absolutely top quality merchan
dise that MUST 00 NOW with;
little respect to price. i
703-05 Stewart
Near Bu: Depot
MA, 9021
100 Pct. WOOL SUITS, $lO T 0 $lB
Gabardines, Serge, Tailored, and
Dressmaker Styles
W $39.00 and $59.00
We Must Be Out of the Store Soon
Wadnesday. my :3. 1945 Pin 5c Per Cow
‘ Curiously enouth, anti-Nmé
feeling lncrenlea on the West
Count on one xoea from the south
to the north. While the lat-not
absolute increase has occurred in
Los Angeles. the Impact of the
migration is moot Iharpiy out
lined in Portland. which has be
come the major West Coast tenf
aion area. 1
In 1940 Portland called itself
”a city or ram." its populetion
85 per cent White Amen-icon.
Viewing itself as a transplented
New England community —— the
Boston of the West Coast—it re
sented the invasion of war work
ers In general and of Negro min
grants in particular. From the in
ception of its war boom. Portlnnq
has made a. concerted effort to
eegregate war workerl in de-‘
mountable or temporary hoului;
(out of 18.678 units of war hone?
ing only 458 represent permu-1
nent housing). 0: Portland'l 20w
000 Negro migrants, 15.000 live
in temporary war-housing proj
With the exception of ‘the So
attle area. Negroes are generally
placed in "island!" of segregatlod‘
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Just to Remind You
It takes men and money to win
wars. If fanaticism of Japanese
impeis them to fight it out. she
is doomed to destruction—even
though they have to be destroyed
one at a time. A white soldier in
quires: “Is is fanatiicism or is it
Attention Quadroons. Octoroons:
When traversing Officer L. New
ton’l best about 12th and_ Jacks ,
BL, better. prlmp 'ui) \ylth hi 3,
brown or dark face powder. Un
less that officer has been sent
back to school for further in
struction. he ls likely to arrest
you (or disorderly conduct it you
enter any of those places of busi
ness operated by Negroes.
There’s going to be no race
mixing on M. beat. He said so
himself. He must be a disciple of
Adolf. But he is so dumb he can~
not tell a. colored woman from a
white woman unless she is dark
brown or black.
Pittsburgh Courier. Chlcalo
Defender. Kansas City Call.
Mr. A m e:- lo a n , Amsterdam
Stu- News. Negro Digest.
Northwest Enterprise. Pacific
Coast Negro Directory for sale.
Mrs. Josephine McCl-nven, Sole
Agent for all Negro “tel-stare.
274 20th Ave.’ l'hone Pu.
0902. Seattle. Wash.
last Rites Given 1
Charles M. Taylor By 1
Veteran, Ellis and Owlsl
Lu: men were given Chu-le-
M, Taylor 11 Angela: Hora-:7
Monday mornoon, dlroctod by
V. F. W.. Elkl and Owls. Cromw
tlon followed.
Taylor. born in Hon-ton, 'l‘ex..
and for the put 2‘ yearn n reli
dent of Wuhincton. we. well
equipped in the world of indul
triel experience. being 3 proficient
teller. blacksmith, "(on body
builder. a plumber llld electricinn.
At the time of his deeth be we
the owner of Beale Hotel. 40?;5
Main St.. and other real flute. ‘
He in survived by a widow. Ml
rle Ttyior ,Selttlo; ; sitter. Mn.
D. J. Turner. widow of the lute
Mr. D, J. Turner. pruident ot
the Fax-mon sute Bulk rad
mayor of Boley. oth.: two broth
era. Capt. J. B. Taylor. retirOd
mail clerk, Hon-ton. Tex. ud‘
Henry C. Tnylor, in churn of
training men's uniforms, New
York City.
The Rev. i". Benjamin DIVII
and the Rev. Jud-on Swuncy con
ducted the int rites by scriptural
readings and music and long by
Mrs. Kreiur, Mn. Goodie and
Mrs. Bettie Alien.
Short ritualistic nervicea by
Veterans of Foreign Warn, the
Elks and Owl: ended t lervice
which was followed by cremltion.
We are profoundly thankful and
highly appreciate the kindueu
and sympathy in our hour of he
reavement. as well on your gor
geous floral offerings from friends
and orgoniutioul.
' We much npprociete the tutor
nal spirit in life and in death of
the Veterans, Elite and Owls.
We are grateful to the Men of
God. the Rev. 1“. Benjamin Davie
and the Rev. Judson Swancy. for
comforting words. and to Mrs.
Kreizier. Mrs, Lillian Good end
Mrs. Bettie Alien for their sweet
message in song and music.
Mrs. D. J. Turner, uister, Boley.
Capt. B. Taylor. brother, Hous
ton. Tex.
Henry C. Taylor. brother, New
York City.
Rev. R. D. Holmes
Taken by Death
BY R. T.
Rev. B. D. Holman, former vl
- of St. Philip's Epllcopnl Mis
sion. died at a local hospital utter
a brief illness.
The parishioners of St. Philip’s
Mission cherished their man of
God, and deeply remtted his
His coming seemed Inspiration
al. The little mission grew In prea
tige and attendance. Transferred
Newest Puttorlu for
Spring and Summer
9 0
Full Lino of
Men's Hosiery
Gilt-Edge Cleaners & Smart Shop
611 Jackson Street -:- SEncca 9450
Radio Entertnineu Direct from Chicago
Engagement Indefinite
Cooks. Porter: and Waite" Club, Black and Tan
4041/; 12th Avenue South
For Reurvntionv—CA. 9989
What Else Is Necessary?
Crud cf 1 Ilack American
Let none condition or diminieh
thet feet with my vepid prefix
thet would bring me to my coun
try by e eickly hyphen. America
is e birthright l SHALL NEVER
BE DENIED—tor i em the eons
of her rive". the breath of her
winde. the rode in her eerth and
the eerth round her mote.
. . . Old Glory'e etere ere eet
egeinet e field dyed from the
eweet of my black brow - my
heert'e blood end my soul's white
heet are in her stripes,
The thine i AM NOT i have
the will to be ee eeen ee men will
free the way. IUT in time i eheil
he everything, even by the long,
here “are.
All my life Democrncy. no free
to polar men. ha been a herd
touht thins. full of hut men
uree. unbltttuten. lnoupenhle odd
und demon: but I shell never. an
ion; on I an voiced. surrender
the! tmtlon l have gained nor
retrent from my determlnntlon to
atteln the whole of It. for De
mocracy was my childhood drum.
the flex-cent yearning of my me-
Jorlty. and the hope of It In the
lency .l bequeath to posterity.
ple n A B c or one and one. I
went EVERYTHING every man
wente. I went earth and 111 and
eky. I went tenke end ehlpe end
plenee. I went treetore end plowe,
lethee. flu and the levere to the
wheele, typewritere and calculat
ore. I want health, hepplneee, edu
cetlon, equality, opportunity, Ilber
ty and Juetlce. I went room In
the Inn—l went the hroedneee of
trevel without the nerrowneee of
Jim Crow. I went elxteen ouncee
to the pound, three feet to the
yard, a valid 0 on the hellot,
free epeech, honor and reepect. I
went my kneee off the around,
my heart out of my mouth, my hat
on my head.
A man's auto and fill that goes
with It.
But I ehall not choooe this dark
hour to roaent the past. My etar
today shall ehine away the lash
and chains that illuotrate my epi
taph of yesterday—that i may‘
bond the breadth of my ehouldera
to FREEDOM'S WHEEL and lend
my ocarred hut mighty hack to‘
hear thin day'e unwanted eroea.
tn thlo grave hut glorioue preoeht
l ahall cry out for the fullneu of
an American'e right to the Com
mon Defense of America.
And when the clouds and fire
are gone and the bright tomorrow
comes. an it must. i shall leave
the modest shadows with pride,
anticipating no" Utopia. but de
manding with all my soul the ful
fillment of my eternal prayer that
the morow's dawn will come up
with the glow and thunder ot a
true Democracy'buratins with an
American's right to life, liberty
and the pursuit of happineés for
all Americans in all America.
My God. my country. and my
race shall always be my stairway
to the stars, and I SHALL NEV
—Jamea 'l‘. Logan
to 1 larger field, the little mls~
alon mourned the loss of a. much
loved shepherd_
The death of Rev. R. D. Holmes
was a shock to the little band
which once looked to him for
guidance. and wish to share the
son-ow of the bereaved wife and
little ones in their hour of lone
Clunod ind Blocked
To Your Individud Style
“Ads Our Customers”
When the over-nen- con
flict ends, we face an in
ternal wu- - unless racial
and religion. tension. are
The architects of pace, uti
ering in Sm Funclsco thi
month to blueprint a better world,-
probably have never heard the
story of the Negro girl who was
uked by her tencher to nune a
luimble punishment for Hitler.
“Paint him black." was her bitter
suggestion. "And bring him to
This has been a war of libera
tion [or oppressed peoples all
over the globe. Yet within the
borders of our own nation. one
third of the people—the minorities
who constitute our secondclaas
citizens—are still behind the harb
ed-wire (ence of prejudice.
Hatred and suspicion divide
America. On one side. generally.
is the white. Protestant majority.
0n the other are the 11 million
“sub-Americans" of different races
and colors—Negroes. Mexicans,
American lndians. Jaapnese. Chl~
nese. Filipinos—pins the 83 mil
lion Catholics and 4,600,000 Jews
who. because of religion. are
sometimes shut out tron main cur-‘
rents of national life.
The powder keg of prejudice
unit- the overt that any do
tonute conflict. When reaming of
wet are off end demobilization. re
convenloa and luyoofle disrupt
the notion. trouble is expected.
llaoritiea will not enily accept
“discriminatory iii-chorus." Mer
chants of hate will exploit the
Can the United States. dedicated
to the proponition that all men
are created equal. ward 0!! post
war cateetrophe? An important.
timely book—One Natlon. by Wal
lace Stenger and the Editors 0!
Look, to be published this tell
by Houshton Mitiin—aetutely an~
alyzee the state of our prejudices.
in the page: that (allow, hesed
mainly on One Nation. hook diag
noeee this insidious illness which
afflicts all America. and suggests
some possible cures.
Thesé Are the Evils:
Segregation . . .
Pover t y . . .
' Underlying our prejudices.
whether racial, religious or cul
tural, is fear—the tear or being
overrun, changed or diluted. done
out of our jobs or social positions.
Thus prejudice is a. defense of
our particular status one, our
“pure" race, our “right" i'sith. Too
many Americans who should know
better shy away from people who
appear to be “different" and de
liberately or unconsciously wall
them off.
Segregation—Sham. of Democracy
Probably the most common
symptom of our malady is segre
gation. The South's Jim Crow
caste system, at odds with all
democratic principles, separates
the Negro on trains and buses,
excludes him from parka, hotels,
restaurants. beaches and schools
frequented by whites, seats him
in a “nigger heaven" balcony at
the theater. Even in our armed
forces. Negro enlisted men are
often kept apart.
To a lesser extent. Filipinos and
Mexicans on the West Coast are
barred from "white" restaurants,
segregated in theaters. Chinese
are apt to be confined to “China
Advertisements [or resorts or
for the sale or rent of property
often stipulate “Protestant Only"‘
or "White Only" or “Gentile Only."
Restrictive clauses in property:
deeds, agreements among nelshfi
box-hood associations and real-l
estate agents set up the equlvalentw
74/1095” 3min. ,
Expert Cleaning and Finishing
Hats Cleaned and Blocked
Repairing That snmm
Ladlu' Garment Alteration.
By Experloncod Druunnkor
We Carry a Full Line of
of I. “No Don M” Kl
nun-t the mud. m m
time-housing project: no likely
to entertain“... in North“ out...
colored mm In. boo-o
wane. tithe! Mm. *
Iy-producu: Dion-o. hum.
One effect 0! phylleal w
tion in slums Ind “MM"
ls overcrowding. which In turn
produces poverty. m. m;
crime and Monaco. Hm. om
such element“, m u m
disposal and flu mm It.
generally hum.
Illness of almost every kind is
pronounced in the Bisck Belt!
of virtually every city when Ne
groes have settled. Puesmonis
and scarlet fever. for instance.
hit their highest Desk this”. In
fant mortality among Negroes in
Chicago is twice ss hill ss it Is
in the rest of the city. Allou
the Hispsnos (Sunnis-Austi
cans) of New flexico. the misr
culosis death rate is shout three
times the nstionsl rsts; in ass
Franciscos' Chiustpwn. it is thus
times the city‘s sisrsls.
In supporting sect-suntan. as
One Nation points out. Austria is
subsidizing socisi evils. Whoa
disease in slum. breaks swsy ssd
come epidemic, whsn ssti-socisl
behavior crested by slum living
turns into a crime wsve, or when
race tensions explode into riots
and bloodshed. the entire popula
tion pays the bill.
Wanted: Elan] Open-nines
Reinforcing the fencing-in pro
cess. economic discriminstion re
sists the efforts of our sub-citi
zens to rise out of their “elm."
A number of business firms will
not employ Catholics of Jews. The
South recognizes “white men's
Jobs" and “nigger jobs," the let
ter being the sen-vile. the low-mid
and the unpleasant. Thirty-two
labor unions either exclude Ne
groee or shunt them into Jim
Crow locals. Hute strikes hive
broken out uninst hiring end
upgrading of Negroes. in the
North as well u the South.
1 Highly trained Chinese and
Japanese lulVe been forced into
menial Jobs. Mexicans Ind Pili
pinos generally have been con
fined to back-breaking migrant
labor. Although the men-power
shortage and the President’s Fair
Employment Notices Committee
have rec tly tended to 'even up
work“ “agar-mamas. «lime
discrimination persists.
Schools Are Hand-Manor”
As with jobs and homes, edu
cation is offered to some minority
groups only on interior or sepa
rate terms. Certain colleges and
professional schools have "quo
tas" {or Jam; and the colored
races. The system of separste
schools for colored children. pro
vnlent in the South. shows signs
or spreading to the North. South
ern schools for Negroes are
crowded. inadequately equipped;
colored teachers draw salaries
lower than those of white teach
ers. Mexicans in Los Angeles and
other Southwest communities
have similar educational hand
The Luv. Too. la ProJudloed
lnevitabiy, ieni discrimination
has become port of the pattern
of keeplng the nub-American “in
his place." Police protection for
minorities Is frequently n farce.
“Law and order" too often I!
applied to the ruling cute, clul.
color and faith. When hoodlum.
attack a minority groove. victim
rather than ngxreuore ere jailed
““10: protection." Voting pro
cedures like the poll to: in seven
states, or direct intmidntlon It
balloting or registrntion pineal.
rob Negroes and othen of their
(Continued Non Weak)
Beauty Salon
Call MA. 9398 for Details

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