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The Seattle star. [volume] (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, March 01, 1899, Image 2

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E._i. wn.u.ro.. niitotfi.
» rnt «llf iikm'B tlftpl "tin la)
X, II weu*, IK. r. rnu»:.
KBITOIt, I hl>l>fi V«>.»n«B
" .>„.■ ttat per foprTit* Klill |. ••*«.
• r l»rn'i»<» .fr'. |X r.i.-n'h .1. !!'«' k
»» r»trlrl». ■)«•)> ll> adfM**, No Irw
T«laphon« *•!*•» ISO
IIUrM >•. II*? - - 11.1..1 A***;;**;
iai*t*4 *■' ih« i»«t«mi-»«nv«iii<'.^ »«hll>l
l«in. •» wm»tl-*U»» I*t|»l j
I The 8ur"« .Mmil i dlsnalchea con.
v«y the Information that th* In.
•urg-nta on the Island «>t Uiton are
•h»rl of' amnninitim. although
AitulnaMa h«a ■ small f.vU.ry at
Ma 101..-. worklnir night »nd <J«y turn.
Ing out munition* of war. It la un.
fortunate that Urnrrul Otis hat not
y*t been ahl- to N|NN the Malay
r«-h»l. powder plant and all. '•■■■ !
who!* |l«t of the •tlunUon la Ihal j
the nilplnoa ara not only nura»rou», '
but ■luhbnrn fightet*. and that Mia
doe* not car* to il*l*,an rn.uralon j
Into the enemlea' country, leaving J
Manll* threatened Otla should I"
supplied with ■ufflrlvnl troops to not |
only garrtaon Manila, but alao to .
•nabl« htm t.> •li»:<«ich an army j
capable <if acting freely, without re
f»r«m-f to . the: garrUuna of any
There l» no doubt but that Sp«>- j
kane I* all right, ao I* f(«atU*. aai '
It b-hoves til* preaa and ihe |>utillo j
her* to keep ■ that fact >cry prom* 1
Inently In mind.. Now I* the time to
InvrX Seattle capital In ■MM Im.
provemenu and to secure ill the ad
dltlonal eastern ra|4lal available for '
th* upbuilding ■>( th* city, s There la
a brUk and ■ arrowing detvtnd her*
for medlum-alted house*, > >ii'h, • >
far. h-i» not; been met. TViar the
real ratate aeencles In Beaittte ari- f
besle«ed by persons seektnx bouses I
of aix M elfht rooms, and wlUlnc I*
pay good rentals for th* same. Ml
enlargement |of I the | hnitslng factU>l
tie* of the rlty , la ' Imperatively .if
manded. Ttier" la no rl»k a'ta !
to, real estate • ImproYementa In j
i ■eattlr Every added yeai will ac«
an enhancement of value* ■
- Americans have long b»-en areas,
tamed to reading newa from London
whereta the Krtgli»h alwa>« proudly |
referred to our colonies," . litre.
, after Uncl* Ham can put hia thumb* p
la th* artn-hilet tl hla vest and
talk "our eolont.-e aa big aa Johnny
Bull, or any ; other colatrlal power,
With Porto ' Rleo,! tk* \ T'hlMppMkt*, I
HawaH. Outm possibly tuba.
the fnlted 'States will have a ■■■■]
•nlal ayatcn of no mean pretensions.
Th* California I*«i*latar* la atlll I
| wrratllng with the Renatorlal quea !
tlon. being; unahie to decide In fa- I
*or of th* worat candidate among
th* half doaen now seeking the toca.
; It would : never occur; to lh« legta*
latora at Sacramento to endeavor to
hit upon the'best'man for the Job. '
lath a proceeding would 'be, alt»
gether forelgn'to the general policy
' which they have been puratdni.
■ Seattle ran aecure a vtnr credit- 1
abl* public bull«tn« for th* SSM.6OA
voted by Congress. That aum of
money Judlcloualy eipended. Is su!9.
clert to »rert » much more attrae
"*Vtlve rue! re . than ' some of thoae
wbjrh hart h*en built by 4 tbe gov>
era trie nt In other cltlea at a coat ef
I fßllllfms of dollara, A medium
V well klghted building.' with graceful
arrhli eetora) line*, la the thing need* .
IWaMIe la soon to h»v» I do* fair. '
. •nd f blooded diga from California
and Oregon '< wilt be on exhibition.
There la nothing aald about dog*
from Alaaka. but fancier* mtclit go j
farther and fare worae. The faith
ful and Intelligent Mahlamutea are
I ■tot appreelated • In sporting circles
I for. the simple reason that they r.r
■ot known., " ■
, I»»»r wanta ; JOOO , roal f tim-k'■! ■
T". ■ won4«r la a* to what hr 1«.»...
Inc to do to th<- nilplnn* with tiios*
burk«ta7 • • ' • ■■
A Mining Editor Is Among
the Missing.
'' WEfW«">N. Minn. Marrh 1.--W. A
Parkrr, formerly of M»ton. 111., and
well known In ("hlrato. rdltor and
proprietor of th# Mirror, a w*»«>kly
paper published kere, haa been r» Inn-* 1
tn«- since yesterday mornln «-*- n ',f n - f j
I frl'nda are v.-ry rnur^^l^.^^,.
"' r*"" h%' .n 1»» rro» MM»ti
■S±2gfo£th» emplo* ot the MU..
jSip'pTcottnnMlll.. TwoyMMaro
mYrk-VT wrrr... IH- "If. Irt with
-« n . ih»r« ««v«r«l monthn »X» »lr- '
IZV'•"■ —"»' '*-"""h*^'*.
?"uJS hi. frWM. «r«t •"*"•»««-:
l 3KT- 2*r ■»• •« n"t wllh foul
!»»•>- _
HCQOITTtO or robbery.
. vhtiil*, Wimon *•■ acoulttwJ ot
thY rh-r«- of robbln. H Clln.
; imiih In Ju4ir« r:«nn-« court y-nli-r.
5:" Bm«h inund- to carry . clrll
aettnn to th« aun«rior rn«rt 111.
rtam- ar..th.t ah. robb^l him ol
,'•: Si. ««i »«>. «oJd »««««»."
Xlondlka aloon« » few nlghti MT"
fuamer (-••«•* for Skagway
and Way Point*.
Tti« ■t»«oi«'ril*ur»d* aaliwl 1»«t
♦vrnln* for Hkn««»v n,,.l way port*.
ISnTcarVlrf a I«M W «' 5"»"7«?™
P'.Aa a 818 frMnht rafien. Among tho
ilir, n r , taklnr ""h "ieni llirK*
39««tflV iof I provl«lon«" and j i IMlilnc.
' S- 'oth'- p«»n»n»crn are \.'M
Sknirwny and Intcrmeitlal* iiorta. ,
tim I.iimn.l!! will rail at Kvirrit
imil takn im lli'.i'ii tret nf hunt', r
for th« I'arlde contmct fiiinjmny *t
r k.i ii). 'I'll. i>:i.-«.-ua-«-r llm was aa
fullown: a Thumiia. D 11 ieotl
It. T. link.-. .1. riu.l.n. ,\. 1 -i.t.-.
J. 1». Wood, A. Hmllh. T. Itrselll, l r.
J. FegMtt. J. Mndfcerg, ■*. A. H.rk
land. ii. Warner, l>. 11. Joyce, J. A.
Knudsrn, W. K. llrron, 8»m Chlch.
aali 1. K. rMsiirahr, I-:. I'.ilKm. I.
11. 1 '.■nl. 1.1 M. O Andvrvon ,C, A. Jnyne,
.Mr*. U m jDjrn 11. A. Miller, Juhn
Mrlninaußh. II Wortltam. and t«MI
ty .11.1 1 l«aa.
The nr>»K runini from Spokane
hat I. C Harrln mnyiier o'.
th« Maid of lirlii MlnlnK t'nni|iaiix.
operatlnc In the Hock Cut ramp. 1i
few <la>n iIMM rwni-.| a SO-poitn<l
sample of line lixtKliiK copper ori
from the m n.- ll was taken from
th* fa.r o( a I.' f«ol drift fn the IS«
--foot li'vel Assays from this sam
|iW> icave tho big return of .In per
..til .o|.|>..r. a val'je. of 1110.lt 1 pet
' ton. ll waa not oaaayett for gol.l
or all»er
Sttamer Pulls Out for Vie-
toria and San Franciico.
I MtMMMi Queen, nf th* I'ailflc
Coast steamship company, sailed at
rl«ht *'etoek this morning for Man
Francisco via Victoria*. . Siie l>i«il on
tmard a larire number of passenger*,
the majority being booked first claaa
IMM aleo had a cargo of ICM inns of
freight. Ttie steamer Walla Walla
waa r\i-r,-ii-.l t<> arrive during tIM
\ afternoon from r*an Francisco. Th*
Uueen'a list was as follows:; Anto-v
! Wagner. Mra. Wagner, Mrs. M. 1
Turnrr, Mr* F. Itlsriranl, Mi. J. i:.
llunhea. J. v 1. Templeton, Mr. M.
D Cremar, Mi • Uur* Ora«r, ataM
May •Vi-m.r. Mia* Milton. Fraok
Mlllnn. Mlaa t»la Milton. JoMph
iv«..|, Mrs. »',».!. Mr*. Italrh Him.
son, A!.. J itklober, V Jarabovt*.
Mr*. II 1' Wiwd, Mr. 11 W.
K.-hni. Mr. Kohni. Mr« It. KThom.
i as, Mr-. I' r. Jarkson. Mara It.
Thori • II J. Khrafe. •' A. May
berry, and twenty>thre« on'l class.
Senator Wilson Beholds
Seanle a Mighty City.
RE SO Uim l\ AI\MIK>
tntarattlaf article *a "What Tr<«<
With th* Of.ent ■•*■>
t* th* Wait "
V. 8. Senator John L. Wlla»n MaY
tribute* a -very inlereatina: «rtl'l<
to the Mtrcb number i>r Alnstee's
maga Inc. rntltled "What trade
with the Orient means to the west."
The Illustration* Includ* » view of
the harbors of H^attle and flan ITran-
The Hanator »«vt
"We have gained a foothold In th*
j East. *> ar» on the thr.-aho «i
J ■ mstly greater extension of »vi
Orient*! trade. < >ur gatna have been
mad* by the cheapness and MaMV
lence of our products, and >>y reaa>m
■f our Industrial superiority, not l>r
the mlnllgttm of new fi .•:•!* of en-
I terprlso iirnl-r (mlltlcAl proterttnn.
' Tho«« nelds are but today opened to
Ml by the a>'|iilallion of th<- Philip-
S l-iri's. K>ir. whether we h >|.| thoee
I Isliin-t* aa a i-'ony under tfe* MN
pean system.' which <S"d forbla,
whethrr w. make them an Integral
part of r».ir union, or »ff"rl to them
la) ri,.r«i. until su^h time a*
! their people ahall have •|em«.n"tt»t
r.l Ih-ir caparlty for aelf-govertf
r*.cnt. our Innuenre ther* must ron.
tlnue ta grow ami remain perman*
ently prepoa»4erant
"Manila l« the r. nl. r al th>- tr.«!
A»i«ii i» rt» InrludlnK Ihote ot
Brit • iiHi> and Au*tr«U*l«. Om
tra.W In Ik^ iwi'til l» a crowlnt
I,'. >nl a »<-n»r»l 'Hatriliullnc fir
pot •itbln »•*> rvach of our mar>
I ktta U .in abaolute nr>-rf<altv it
I thoM ni«fk*ta are I. be perman«
, ently m«iutain«-«l. Ilrttlsa Imlla.
AuttralaaU. <*hlna. and J»(-an Hi
annunllr rl(thty-*l( ami one-half
million dollara worth of cotton (oodi,
and more than thlrt> •■ million
dollars worth "f Irun and aterl manu.
facturce which c*n be pr-H|i|f.-! In
ih<- l'nlti-.| Hlatr* chraper and better
than In any other country. With
Manlli In our control ■■ it auppl>
depot, there would be lllt]<- dim*
rulty In -•■'•rliit a much larger
• •la- if the! trade of lhi». nmn.
tftaa With Mlanlla a* a tllairlMit.
'n« point, anua with lines of ateam>
»r» t" these rlnuntrles, lh<rr would
be «v«ry ailva^tagp In our favor,
> and tr»'l«- In thVtt quarter roul-l Ml'
1 fall to Inrr^aa* b»ith rapidly and l^r-
I manently." \
! Th«- nat'ir thei« ■p.-nka nf H«.»ttl»,
San rranflaro an'l I'onlnn-I a* th«
natural rateways , ihr'iimh which
the commerce with n « Orient muM
paaa. an'l prnlli'» • "aulinK futurr
f,r ii,..... . „a»t eltlM.
"I h»," MM Mr. ' ' >mwl, "by
thla P*P— *"•' ln lh'" pl '»«»nt flitht
\.l.i,lrnl I>«w*y <1M »l'l'-n'|,i execu .
lion on the >rvri"« flank. ,
, •S'Well." fttrnwere-l lit" wlf\ -I'm
,], wnrlKh' r1«<l to tw«r H. Thll ,
yminß Agulnaldo hi." ni*J* rt\.«nh,
[„• thl. long 'lme."-WulilJ tJß
1 "\v«ii. how AM y»< Ilk c *Njr
„ Mm ■ ■ It"- m«n wh'. t. ,
•MM l>Mk. "Chlceo '"„" Pla. 1
-hrre U »'• •>"*"•' to m"ke m""":
than to ear?«t."-Imll«n«poH. Jour.
nal. %
rtr w.'..■""..■ ' sc--s
'„ '^Vhat ar* y»" dolnr. ItMir,.;''
" "I knocked ■ rhatr «ver. mma It tt
, i ■••well >1-.. b<- ninr- mnrful. It
g.|n)»h«"t room« n<fw."^hlr«co lie
ai.n mi\i:s
Of Washington Dis
cussed inthe East.
Olv*« laittla snd AUaka • Buu»t
Mlnaa ol tha Cataatfaa
> M*ntl***d.
Th* Nr« York l*un. In It* laaur of
lhr« Uili Inatajit haa Ihr f..||,,«ln»
>•> lay ti-».cr.liii k Ih* inliu-a at Wanli-
Ington: ,
In Ih* Runwl «rnup. nmr Inln
on th tJimt N< riliirti r«nw»y, a
• ink.- ha* Ixrn mad* within Ihr past
frw i 1«»« that i'laira thta I'rtipn'y
miionK the irrat commt i-imlu ■■•»
<>f th>- Htat*. Th* »rui>* f«rr nf thr
main tunnel la now In aMM or* fully
aeven Irrl wide, that glv*a U per
rent, 11-' l-«-*ld»» ■■•lit unit allver
value* th«i awell th* iii«i to about
tu* a ion. Th.- Unini i>i..p»ny. In
1 tii» Mine vicinity,* alao haa a big
■urfar* ahowlni. mitl arr .tnf mi-fit
#fr I- in* mad* to ln*ttll a |lal;l
that will develop It m>r i*|il.tl> an 1
'itlorlly Thr Hri"h-»ni*h group
of nv>- ii.ilin> alati In tlir a*m*
I <»mi>, ha* iiiu.li- on* rar shipment
lhat fay* rrtiirna «f I 1 |»r rmi.
copper. 14 ouneea illur and It ►-••!••
Tiil« property con*l*t* of Ov* < talma
i.k*i. i about a mil* from th* rail
road. with nhiih II la cniirt-tmt by
trail. Mh»>< can b* converted Inta
a wagon r-'*il or tramway over a
go<»i grade, Ttt* <W» Uiat haa ren
taken .ut rame from th* main tun
u.l in ■ our r at development.
"Ot» rr..m th* JCO-f.. copper
Mr* in <'«»no#an ■■•■uni>. the I""
l»rty rwenil|r ill«r»iv»rr»l jr. \\ A.
Kuril. i> brine mint In «m» wlih
• view lo lh« pUcintr ■•' a |Unl on
It f.»r ronrentrattnc and rodiMlna:
th* Immrnw ody. From nln* to t»n
tfl of thla It-tlir near Ih* hawtln*
wall l> rl<-h rnoeih to alati.l In* r« ■
i>en*r of twenty-five nil**' Iran*
purtatlon. ■ i
Tli- m> it<iu<at (weaalneml y ih«
rich rii«.-o»rrl»a In HrpubUc dtelrirt
la Mlrinllr.i all over Ihe uUI Colvlll*
rearrvatlon and pro«p»<tof« ar»
r>i«hln« In from *v*ry part of tha
•lal* - - . MCE3M
"It haa >■»»!» ruat.imary among th
iuai"< on th» l'a< IIW • roaat In
m*tln( oul Uielr cwtlftcatr* la
• m|.,i. r.»i t-#r ai II per unll—
l». r. c»in« I* p«r rrni, copper «n
valued al fIV * nine* th* r<•*■•• nt rap
hi am* th*y •■••n>i>ul» at II i-^r
unit, f nublln* Ik* copp«r valu..
Wb*r» lhrr# «»r« hun>U»'l» of pri»
pectora In th« mounlaioii «f Wanh
inKtnn ln»l jrtar proap*cUi>K f"t Ibla
m»t*l. ihrr* wl!| b« tliauaand* IhU
•<■ aaon Thn» will alao I>» IMIW '■'
r •—I i-«»ln* mlim op*n*J, up, but
unfortunately no ameitera autubl*
for ihe , re<luctlofi of tbla I laM of
i>r*. • - •" '
■ In roaa rlv*r dl*trt<;t. nln» mile*
from th* OnM Northern railroad, a
•trlk* wm rerenily mad* In a new
dtMovtry, ihe or» a;i<iiaT f> |-er e*nl.
cupper, li told and ♦> allrer. T»i«
led** la from M to IM feat wld*. with
rii-h t-ay*lr*aka of Tnofh : hl«her
valu*. To rvach thl* property and
make theor* avaltabl* II would r»
nuii» tb* i naUllilliH of a bran, h
railroad of als ml!** anil a wlrv
tram of lhre« mll»»
■Th« Ileckler river copper mine*,
hl<-h local capltallata overlooked.
were mapped uo by Indiana people
from K>ti Wayn» about two wee»»
ajro. •■ai Ihene men havr »mc» been
offered aMt the amount they paH
for Ib* ITWa)
In Kiu«r!i n dlatiict h<ir.lr»d« «f
abandoned propertlta «r» now belns
relocated and aol-l «t tood prlrea.
The r»t.iilMln« of th* Mnnle Crtatn
railway la brlnslnir thla ilUtrlrt rap-
Idly to the front asaln."
Iflailv* t<> Alaska ih- Bm M|n
"The llrlen liar company thl*
week a*nt 1M ounce* of rotd to the
t'nlti-1 Mtatea a*aay ofil<-« In rVattle,
the reault of th* la»t run on the av
erase "tt of th« H'lrn Hay cold
mine*. •
, "DuririK Sh«.»a»t w*»li ih*r« ha»
been a Biampa*!* from Wranfel la
the mMi;»rv atr*«ma »t ih# rHlck
cen. from which th«f* »r« reported
atrlkea In rich placer «r«i'ind H«»
-<»«l hundred elalma have been 10.
roted and *om« «nld haa been taken
out, but th* extent of th* new dla>
KlnpT« la n<>t v»t defined.
"On I'orrupln* cr»rk. alnns Ih*
I>altoi trait, where the fli«l .11■« ..v.
cry of amid waa mad* In Oa«aW>
Ual nnl ll?<0 taken out per day l>y
lhre« men. ovtr 100 clalma *iuv
alnr* been tnkan up by Amarlcan
miner*. Thc»e dinflnr* «re In Am
erlran territory and ar« aa rlrh aa
any found In Ih* Nt>rltiw"Hit
■ it la Mtlmatad that thare ar* ?°"o
men alone th* trail In th- vicinity
of Ijtk- Mennett. th* mal.rlty "f
ohi.ni iran aolm tn AHIn lake
mlnea, but learning nf Ihe paaalnit
of Urn ••«• luxlon ait, th»y nr<- now
|„-«ll,-'lii« iint In nil probability will
remain on American »01l r.Uhcr than
tak'- ihancea In AtllB."
How tho Soldiers Regard
Admiral Dewoy.
Following «r» *xtr«cti from • let
i, r >l:it• -I J.ini|«'ry Ulh. wrlltrn h»
A. H riUtemmi. n |irlvnt« '.n the »lc
tinl port>» «lHtloni><J at blockhoii»»
No. 7, Hantn V'»«. n autmrh of Man.
lla, the outpont wh«r«i lh<' flrnl N* i
lirnKku re«lment w»» atatlnnrd nri'l
wh.r- the 11. rii .f r«tbruary llh b«.
«an. Th<- ltt|«f l» *<I<lr»iii>eil to *l
frlrml rmploy*4 '. In I tht Vfwtarn
■ I'nlon mill ■
| "T»« nlithu «io Thom»i flmlth.
*f?iriiJiMr. »•«• n»UrVeil Ny two FIT
r I '•in, wHu «n»nUi"l up to him mil
tf |lMi»jt» f»" with, n maeatt Thi> i
.I. Vy.n run nnil Hmllh, pI.K-fcjr boy,
1 '" > »ni| flrrd.' Th» ahotl
'' ' -ijput th« r^n«»r\'« who f 'Hl ii -1
_.M»|T'"" '"H'' Smith'told htn
„ 7_ I that th»re »m tjvo of
„ „, unlit (hut hr ha.l «h"t nt
Jtm »•' hfw '!"■ "thrr
-foCft- ' half iin hour
' "'' llw>" unrt In Hip
„ n«r- -fl.-jul.
[i 'h? After
J tw* ha
I .. r*'- iii n i tiff-*
kin* i»'ih or hin aaasllanti
"1 tak* mi linl ofT 1. Hmllh, th«
miiw aa.'l ill't »hll I ran «rrn*»
Dewry >%1i.,-i I nM liim with two
Isillk* oM I iv in t'avltn.
"Abnut ii-ii .i.iva mil mia.'ir and
,*i\ I'll'rrjt i;iin- i haar to a till*! TIT*
' »er«-itant nii.il twlrr, Iml ho itl.ln't
draw hla in.iii Tit. thlrf ran lilto
j on* of thi" huta. \V wmilinl Ih*
plure, 101 l nary .1 itiMfi Wa a*rer<
lulnr.l Ti>'i It waa too Ut* Hint Ih'-
Klllpliaj had run In lli«- hut. Joint..l
out Hi.- ark way ati'l swam linn
(he i'.i«i>t rlvrr, a roihl part of ii.*
way uii'lrr water. They are pretty
'Jill.' of the Ii •> 1 her* t -.,t | |1..«
fiiTlu home. He wa* tli kli-il lo death
and aald; 'I knew I'll r.l aoinethln*
from hiiiiii- aoiti. thlnit lhat'a icoihl
to rat ' when he opeiKiit. >.!*3- i.-.«
behold t« ii iil-r boie* of i nnn< aal
iiioii and ten cana of i ii ll»il lieef.
Jewhli. 11. look every ian and
tin. them llflj.. Illr rlvrr.
"At home he wa* fotul of canned
Million and t ,iriii 'I l.n r, ■•■ hla folk*
lIMNMM It would Ih- a k.mhl thlna
for him. They little knew how much
of th.it atuff a anldler >•• i» In thn
i army. Kvery othrr ni^nl I* *aliii>*ri
rice, corned In i-f or bean*. I am
thankful t<> I'at Mm fat Hi* If*
■on* I i.-. .i>..| al hla c*tal>ll*hm*nl
for III* maattratlon of tieana."
Thi» Is Not tha Time to Bor
row Money.
\*H!NiST«>N. ' Manh I.—Th*
fa< that r'tary Oag* rrmalnint
with the i>r»alil»-nt *«m>- tlm* aftet
th* meeting; uf th* cabinet waa nil i
Jnurrc"! bkvi- rU* to a rumor that a
1 consultation waa being li»M In re>
gard to an laaue of bonJ*. Th* *r<
retary, after h* came from th»
Whit* llouae. nal<l tn a reporter:
"Ther* la no proposition to secure
a loan on gnvernment air.nini at
|pri»nt. and we ar« no neceaatly for
•in h •■11.. i. What HM fulur* ma?
ring forth I cannot aay, but w* an>
tlclpat* no bond luue. Th* expen*
**• of th* government ii" bislna
\ w*ll |.r.n i.|r-<l f..r at I'Mvnt. the
I|aoaoj»V) derived annual! fr.-m the
war reeenu* being autßctrnt, with
other rourcea of Income, in meet all '
"If It wvr* not for tha nlrtll|ilal
•d In' rraa.-.t rii^ntri In inne«-tlor
with in* army an I n»*y •<• ahould
■*t a'.'<n( >iry cli. but, for lh»
prpaent. rcaourre* ar« lnrr*aaln«
rather than dlmlnlahlnc. ahd Ihla la
not Ih* tlm* to talk of borruwtna
i..-.H"> . „'• f- ■
William K. V»nd«rbllt and
Nls Fiane*.
Ni:\V TOItK. Marrb 1.-«.vl.ty la
*«ry rrai'lntia In WilUam X V«n<l»r- :
hilt. t*<i an.l hla flan.r*. Ml.« K»ir. ,
•nl la lavlah In b*ato«al a| Ita ai>- j
proval of In* [.pinprilvr union.
Th- youni i..iii.!» ar* b*ln> frt»<)
' ami rr,irr!«in'! t>y niimtMri of N**« .
Tork'a *iirtu«lVf art.
pM«i|.|y Ih- J.-Illri! an<t ni'Hit nor-
I•I rnt*r(alnm*nt In honor of thra*
I two youna* r»r|l<- waa a trip r^r*nt ■ |
ly irl*»n by th# K»war<t W»bl> ramp |
In ih- Adlron<l%cka. It waa alao In
h.Ti"r of Mia* H|i.an» a roualn ot \V.
K. VandcrbllU jr. and Mr. Ham
mond, wb»M» marrtac* will b«> r*l*<
braird tb» day aflrr th» Fair-Van
dvrbtlt mMiii Th* imM Mi
N»w York f^ri'lay *v»nlnc In f*v»-
I private rar* on a aprrlal train. '
Thrr* wrr* fifty or rn'irr In th« p«r. '
ly, Afi*r an r'ah«»r%ff dlnnrr on
flunday n:n* "camp wa* broken" '
and th* party atarled Ml th* return
tun for N*w York.
Colored Troops Won't Reach
Chicago in Time.
IPsH h»a h**n r*r'lv«l >rat< ntar
at army hradouartora In th- I'uM
man hulldtn* that ih< lr«n«|.
Cheater, which la to convey th*
' n.hth Illlnola from ctantlaa-o t«
Newport Newa. h*» been delayed,
an<) Urn rectment will n>>t land till
i March 10 or I* The colored troop*
Will be quartered at T-iileraalla.
l>liteenth and I>earborn *trret*. un
til they are mustered out.
TattvriutM a haa been enquired PM
in* lU|>nh;i< an • n».ini.n "ii Marrh
7th. and the work <>f ntlinc It up
will not b* comm*nci>il unlit after
that time. C \V. Colehnur haa been
awarde<t the enntract nf oiiina ut I
the l.nllilln« «n.. •.w I for the ..lor
ed boy* until they are mualen .1 out.
Hunk*, I lir.— or fnur tier* lilkli. mill
jhe run?'"! about lIM wall*. In the
, center will be plared the BjMMal table*.
I'rnvlMon* will be made f..i i \ti men.
'The bußdlns. after the men arrive,
will lie In charre of Weut. I'rlce. one
of M.i Walnmrlicht'a aaaaMaata In
the bunka I. be .r..i..l will i»
placed clean matreaiica. pllloma and
The Klirhth redment waa atatlon
ed for a time at Hantlnga, hut was
later lent la flan I.uls I'otmil.
"Bo Ih* lady ■n»a«te.| you at one*
when you *»ld you had n*iv<»l with
m P
"Ye*. ah* *ald Ihnt any rlrl who
could atand you three month* muat
l»* an anitel."—KUcjende I'.intter.
"There's two rentlemen plnlnar for
you, pretty lady." »ald the fnrtune
teller: "but \<>\i won't pt*l either of
them," she Bdd«. m> Urn pretty lady
passes by without Miippttiß.—llnr-
I" >'» llariir.
"Why ilo mv cnnslJer him such
a remnrUalilc m«n?"
"Oh. he nn'-e wrote an annnymnit*.
Interview on a Qucallon befnre the
people without aarrlhlntc It to 'i
.i,.lnenl infin Mho objects to the
use of his ilium- for obvious rea
. BMM ' " Clilim:. I'oat.
I)e Hmnrlp— Wny <1o you peraM
In buying < loll."a At Initallment
_!>■• Hurpa TIM y alwaya try to
33JT*^yr flrr ir*u?vffgitf* "l r*"*rt f '.*t>-%..[,, <-.«*,y^ ':': ■*/,'&'
Installment* ore pold.— York
Wnllare— I Monder what th<>
Prenrh will ii.. If lJreyfua (hould br
proved Innocen*.
Kerry—l'robably cut off hi* head
I for havln* ifiiuli such a fool of
them.—Clnclnnatl Ktmulr*r.
"Thln«s *ecm to bo romlnir my
way nt last," muttered ARtilnnMo a*
Ih* Ani.-iliitn i:unni-rH grit down to
work'wlth tlnlr iibi • curnry.—
f I.li.hia rtrror i -*; _..
vi m\) plea
Goes With the Court
At Minook.
H«n rt*m Tusait TalU Cia«rlaaaa«
• f Mlnlnf la »h* «r*tl*
Kdward BarU Ke*ley, who la In
lh" etty from the Mlnnok mlnlna
district. *0O mtlaa from Dawaon,
wai clerk of th* rourt of Camp
Wood worth,- a a*tti*ment In thai
inuntry. and ajao did •■nri>- rovern>
>ni>nt aaaaylns. ll* *l< ther* (our
teen manth*.
Mr. K*elty aara that when th*
' Klundlk* bnom l.i..u«tit mliirrp In
Mf. number* Into th* rountry,
many of them b»ln(c de*|>rrado*a, II
Iwimt nerr**ary t" hay« aom*
form nf government. ll* hrln«»
down with him th* bylaw* drafted
al • railed meeting hilil In May
\Ve*t'a ar*huiia* «an Urtuber til.
('. M. In.nn wa* eltvlrd preald
tng judg* utid J 0 Manner mar
• hal. and a MMMN of aeven were
appointed tn draft th- bylawa and
I govern the court.
Ttir ...Hit thua *al»Mlahrd haa )u
--ttvlli-llon of all orT-ni-* a««ln>t
l-uhtlr ordrr. and all dlapu'^a.
Tb* punishment for m-..-<>r I*
"death r hanging, arut the plea of
■ .Ifil*f«nar ahs.ll not apply eicept
In a «-a*»- where th* taking of life
of th« attacking party waa th* only
avenu* of raiap* for the party at
t*. k.d "
r r aiaault *lw»n«y -«»•• laahra
■il-.li th* bar* bark and . i|.ul«l..n
from thla «amp »ltbln twrnty-four
hour* from tlm* of a»nl»nrr. and If
found within riflr mllra of th* <-aim.
•fi»r rtaaonabl* tlm*. th* unw pun
lahmtnt «hall apply aa for Ihr flrat
■ All otb*r offrn*** ahall I— pun
iahed aeconMn* to thrlr gravity. In
th* di*cr*tlun of lha> ]ud(r
rh- aalllng or ilvlna of liquor to
lh* Indian* ahall be pun'ahabl* by
llfty Itahra on th* bar* back, and
• iputalon from rimp"
The Juda-c wm clv*n "«*n#ral Ju
ll' lal p«w»ra." th» marahal ai.|->int
•d drputlea. who had [i-.*« to ar
i»at and detain perwona and etrcut*
th* court* Mntenrwa. Capital of
|th« rourt'a aenten'-ea Capital of
(run. trlala reqm)lre<l Juriea of
twelve, Ihree-fourlha beln« aufnrtent
to raturn a v*r«l*t. Jurla-llrtlon
coven a . "■!■ of fifty mllra from
. «mp. and '•hall «overn Camp
\v..»d*>nrih'a m*mb*r* beyond aald
llmlla." Tb* el*rk of th* court kept
a reftfter -t rltltent and atrurk
I them off when they left perman
Sanno >• luy. the K. C. 4 W.
KANttAX <*ITr M« March I.—A
■•Hroad with ttactly aiityal* and
i f.-tir-<in» hundredth* mile* of track.
r«t« nalU *<-r*rs of Iron and oth
er apf>urt#nan» haa been sold l>r
ihe Kanwa City, Tnfwka * Weat*rn
f^ilrwail company l»t»" Alrhlson.
Topeka A Hanta t> railroad ayal»m
r.ir II A warranty deed ronyeylne
th«- property traa ftl«-1 In lIM MWatV
recorder's cfflr* ye*terday after
, on It* fa.* Ihla aale tv-am all the
marka of a remarkable d»sl. but
j hen It la taken Into ronaideratlon
' that the f*anta K» mmiunr haa aa
■uimd eiaelly II 4T».»»ft In mnrtca
«> o on the property. It I'Mmmi much of
IU r*markabl*n»aa. , Court onViaU
declare, thai . It' will r»<tuir.. th..';«
»n«la of >1«llara to par I hi- recording
reea on the mortgage nmenta, a«
under th" l»w aarh tsrure |..t|Tr
must be n<*<l In *v*ry rounty
through which the purchaalm road
p*«a*a The m'irti«»« will he filed
In the ofT.re of the recoider "f Jack
•on rounty. Mlaanurt. thla morning,
and |n the county recorders' ofllc*a
In <-a-h af ih* nlhtr counties In the
several *tat>-a through which th*
Rants. Ke »vat*m op»rat»-» aa aoon
a* pnMlblP
T||« newly purehaaed r.al runs
from Kanaaa City la Tnpeka. Kan.,
via I^wrenee and ll»iii>iay It eon.
liecl* with the Hanta fe system's
track* at T.>p4-ka. an<l h»a been uaed
for irar> by that road. The rind l»
»<ibJ<Mt to the»e : liens, which the
Ixiylnc roriJi>ratlon muat nreda a«
One tnnryna*-. dal«1 No^mber -.
l«7». »>y the Kanaaa City. TofWka ar
\Vf«l«rn. T.i rrmncla 1 H t'eabody
ami Juarnh Nlfkeraon. aa tra»tee«,
la aecure an laaue of flrat mnrtKace
7 per cent, bonda' of th-- iomi-a.ny.
due In I*> 3. There la now 5554.004
uutatandlnß and unpaid <>n thl« <1.-nl
I One mortijaii* dated toher I*,
t»7», by the Kanaaa ("Hv T..|.eka A
We«t»rn. tu l.ucl.n O, I'rnt!. a* trus.
tee, lo aecur* an l*»ue of Income
bond* of the- company, due In 1»<XI.
There I* StOO.OAO still outatanilln*
nil unphld on this deal.
One mnrtmne dntcd January t,
i»i«2, by the Kansas City. TbpatM *
\v. ttarn. to the Hostnn Safe Daewi
it mid Trust company, a* trtattaa), to
ni.f ur" hii l»»ue nf a*r.<n<l mortKnn"
i'ond» of the company, paraMa In
1»22. t) nil druwlna- « per cent. Ther-
Is «7(t"..nf10 .umtnndlnir ajtd unpaid
on thl* ilcnl 'in the aame date there
waa alas I lien placed In favor of
the holder* of the bonds known as
"the Kansn* City, Topekn * West
ern railway I'oinpnnyV « per c*rt
ii.imls. psyable In l«in," on which
there la KSO.OOO atlll eiut«lnndlim and
unpaid. .
The aggregate amount nf these
mot lirnirea. which in.- t>urchi«Hlnii
road n»aiim*a. 1a11,47*.0<n. Th* war
ed by Kdward P. Rlpl*y. president
of the fanta I'r rompai.v. »n«l wa*
attested by R. Wilder. secretary.
The n«w «i««mer l*loni>l«. built by
Ih. Im: Conner Tr«illrn; Tiuiik.
lini (n (lon | company I for Ihr Juneatt
I'.irv r.mipnny. pr..V«.il>h leave
tnmnrrew for juntau. iHlte h*i been
i— ( ,v« fgr •«■ t»l rtav.
pant, tlllt Waa drl»*''l
The Klitaul* U to »-i v- M ■ f-i rr
ilwnn ni.i'i ,i line l.i-i».rii Juneat
mil i>miikUii laUnd. Htin will r«
north from H.iilll.- I:, rhar«e •>'.
Capt. I'harira M«'<lrcK'". 1.111 will *"
MMMMM l>v Cspt. lllihrll- ii,"l
h'-r arrival tlx r • •
Thf • frnm.«r la a utmnfly built
vr«rl or Tt ton*. Mlie In ■><> f.•■ r l""f.
anil II f"l l..mi Hli.- I* mil ■■•.
• Ikm'-iI In arry murh rroliht. Hh*
la i.riivMrri with Hrotch mniln" Jxili
rip whlrli n|irtair« 14 trlulß ■ |ih f'. •
*lon rnilni*. unit armllng Hi" '"'■«'
throuuh MM »ikti*r «l tin- rat» >t
■ Imijt 11 lin'itM Tin- 1...1!.-i» wrrl
mailc IV Muran llron
Tin- liimt la handaomrly rurnlah*
Inal'lp, an rlrrtrlr Unlit |>Unt I" ">
unt «r lh» riiiivriilrnra a. Hli* iMTM
■ cr*w »f riihi iin-n
A No.tl Ballet.
NKW V'i|!K. Marrh I.— A nnvi^
ballot waa a fi-atur*- at th» mvi I
tilki-.1.i.f rnlrrliilririo hi given bj
Mm Ptuyvoawnt >■'!► on th<- *v<> «
l<«-nl, and rauiwit a. a<*naatlon. Xlvi
profeaalonal »l»ni4-in, lir^nafiS u<
Drradrn rhtna »h#i)h« >r<li"a»i-a I w»n
• moni ih<- rllv*"rtii»f*nii-nIM ami call*'
forth iirarty ai>|ilauar. l,Hrn|t« wrr<
Inwrrtvt and 1 nil.l—l llcrhta *iti- fo
ruaai-it on Ih'- danrara. * Thl* la th"
Mrat tlmp a ballrt haa turn 111110.
durod ■■ an Kiitrrialnmrni In n i-r• -
vat* houM In NVw York, allhoUKh It
h«» hail aomc viikum In I'arln.
■ob Burdette to Marry
Wealthy Widow.
notabl* wrddlne will Mfjajf at I'a
aa<l«-na toward ttM vU'»*' of nrtt
month, whrn Itobcrt J. tlurdrtt*. th«
prraf tiri-hniixirln, tiiarrlrft Mra, I'
C. llaa»r, i.f that •in it will b<> Urn
third tlm* that Mra. Ilakrr will l.uv
■on« to th* altar aa a brld.<>. ll« i
rinl huaband waa I'ri.rt «».ir Whii-I
<T i.f lh« I'nlvrmity tt Hmithi*rn
California, who i)|f<l nlmut l<-n v«r>
■CO. Ilrr a.<ond huabanJ waa I'r»«
'■■> C Itakrr. Mr. Hakrr mi r*>
llri-a lawyrr from Krntucky, and a
wldiiw^r when h* arrived at I'ajia
•lt-na. Whrn h* dl'd Mra. lla,k»r rr
rr|v*4 nrarlr 180.000 by tho «i!l <,t
her latr hualiynd. Ilurdelte haN
known Mn Itnkrr for wm yrara.
l^i*t tummrr h>- waa her iumi dur-
Inc a vlalt to I'awHtlena. when the
love matrh waa rorm*<l. Bh* haa »i.
• ellent buatneu qualltlra, and look*
after her eatale rloaely.
Mr llurdette and Mm llaker hay*
a«ina who are about elcht«*en years
old. Thrjr ar<- reported to he .l-ll«ht
r-l with the matrh. Mr llaker Irft
hla -!.,. o. 120.000. When Mr. Hur
dette'a lecture tour rl«*ae« In th* rant
he will bo dlrrclly to I'ajMdena and I
or-rupy the pulpit of the Klrat rrr»
hytrrlan rhurrh every Hunday until
he b*«lna hla lerture tour In th» fall.
GOING \ortii
■ ,
Alaskan Headed for
What tk* l«<Uai of th« latarlar
*•*• ■••■ o*l«if Thar* la
tha War af Mining.
J r Hauacaren l» In the rlty from
the ICant en routn to the Koyukuk
mlninti rountry In lhe> Arctic circle,
th>- farthrat north Inland mlnlnic dla
trlrt in the world. He cam* down
from that country a*ver%l month*
n«i>. and l» on* of the fe-.v whJte.
men who ha»i rrturned. thouich IMW
miner* went up there la*t aprlnit.
llauararrn haa a map of th* Are
tlr circle re»lon. which la the only
map of that country ever made to
•how all the (mall creek*, hkn and
mountalna. It waa made by K. It.
<'hapman, who *pent aeveral ye«r»
■■"■or *ome year* |.««»." aar* aun
raren. "Indiana havi» l»»*i-n brlnitlnK
(lit »old dunt at the rate of SIOOO |a
II "i a >-ar. Ua»t yenr we went up
there with the Indiana and round
many tocatlona whkh paid 15 cent*
to the pan. I am now taklnii hy
draulh- marhlnery up there. Borne
wh» mile* alone the Koyukuk river I*
Tramway bar. a ral»r<l table land.
where we hay* 110 nrr»-!r Wi tirlni;
water over the rllff Hide. build an
apron on the rllff aide and n ululre.
and throw tlti< water airaln*t th«
«rav*l. which will run off down the
•lulea. We hope to depend on Kr.iv-
Ity alone, but miiy u*e mitrhlm t v
"llydraullra will evi«itunllv be the
rrneral manner <if mlnlnK In Ala*
ka. thoueh Hint pannlnir will al
way* be done on thr mull rreek
ilalm* A« yet there are no hydrnu
llr marhjne* In Alaaka.
"I would not mine In Canadian
territory under any clrcumatanoe*.
■tnrr th<> nilrn lnw paaa*4. You hay*
to K't n prrmlt for .virythlnK. In
"iir Koyukuk country we air frr.\
and the g-il'l. though not an plrnll
ful a* In th« Klondike, l.i worth *1 •
an ounce. II Ik Quite c«Mir»e. We
isi-t there by I ■•■it alone the Koyu
kuk river."
Traveling i
Bags, •
1 I lIIIlVo. :
stro""r H "y rop cr">* Hou», lr> th. s y>
1 >
£% ' \
Tlib '
Seattle *
Eyening Newspaper |
loaUlalsi all »f tka
ll<-aiaialß( all Tmll I
ews -« Worlfl
Crisp, I
'- \ \
Uipinl to the needs of busy r
(w>f/k-. The. .'.••!.■•• man or
Mnan always likes to swiftly
Stn the moving panorama of ttie
during the leisure half hour. 5
- during the leisure half hour
ttvtt follows the evening meal, aad
tbm turn attention to other mat
tai. The publishers of the Tr€
: SUU appreciate this fact and have
ridded the paper so that .
Directness of Statement
m ■ ■ -\ I
■Mfl be a noticeable feature. An r
intm-sting, breezy style of para
j:nfliinp finds increasing favor in I
tla» days, as opposed to the old- I
tiat fashion of ponderous "write- \
ups" and editorial utterances, ;
THE STAR will have* , I
Al Of# Local I
A* well M "■•
Don'tdoubt it for one minute. The
p.ipcrwilt not claim tone the best
on earth with the "largest circula
tioa"- that is, not yet awhile, but
thedfcrtwill be made to steadily
improve it. In the meanwhile
please'remember that news "tips" ■
t<l(fkDned to the office (Pike 150) {
will Ir much appreciated; also
.■■uhjeabcrs. It only cosU I
Bits ]
*■■''"*§ ■ )
Ti secure The Star for .
one: month
I' *'Jk *
Tpi—iVX ITT"

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