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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, March 13, 1899, Image 3

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S£' ®- ?R S>- *B flB *B
W *R x£> ' «B> S> «B «B
S> £R> ?R fR 85-. .S5- «B W£>
| i Seattle |
! Star i
S Erening Newspaper o
A\ v, i .....ip».( all .r 1 1>« I
co News -•- Worli 3
! £ (I
|- Condensed T '
Form, g"
OA 'i:• !tn the nr«!3 of bus/ a—
• pccplc. The ; tvefage ' man ;or •
\ omjri al;v;ivs likes, to : swiftly
', scan the moving panorama of the _
„ globe during the leisure half hour (|I
:r* that follows the evening mral, and
atfu-a turn attention to other mat
..-••a V,;;■■ ters. The rublbhersof the THB ,'^L
OStaR appreciate this fact and have j O
m>xleled the paper so that */ „
I ; 9 \ Directness of Statement i;
"Z-,"- Win be a noticeable feature. An ij^
(n Interesting, I ree;y style of para-
.r > praphing ttnds increasing favor in
'' ) these days, as opposed to the old >
t time fashion of ponderous "write- -y '
\m . ups" and editorial utterances. fl
/\ THE STAR will have 2«v
i -p j AU of tliß Local I
■•• A* w*U a* ika '
HH I Telegrapliic News ©•
C! Don't doubt it for one minute. ■ The
paper will not claim to be the best /^
on earth with the "largest circula- | J 1
tion"—that is, not yet awhile, but V* .
, Y_ the effort will be made to steadily fti
Dlmprmt it. In the meanwhile Vr
please remember that news "tips" f\\
telephoned to the office (Pike 1 $o) U/
f_) will be much appreciated; also^ f^»
subscribers. It only costs V.
. Two «
0 Bits 5+
(/) ;To secure The Star for -i
:■■■.■■■ "•-;';•
•i* if ¥V W • *
;. ; . ' ■ ■ ■
I* . ®-. S5- «5- S^ ffi SB |R
"* ft ft ft ft ft ft -£B
€B .ft ft ft ft ft
Chance for Ameri
can Enterprise.
T«ll» of **iouro*» agulnaldo 0«R.
net Long Control Tha Far*
• »ay Colon,,
M\v Tonic. March llamon
ltrjr« Tj»l». ■ nativ* filli'lii", M*J a '
n«im«ln<-.l cltlirn of iii« United
*!•(.». tho beat qualified I>.|».|| In
thin country to apeak on th* subject
from both point* <>f \ir«, wa* Inti-r
--vlewed her* by ji'iur corrcipoodtnt
aa to the opportunity* i-r<-««ntr>t to
Aimrl.Mii capital In the IpplM
]>Un<ti Mr. laU la alxiut 11. •«•
">«' h. i«ht. him iltUkly rrnwlna
bla< k hair,., attra. llv.- f.niur.-a, a
dark • <>in|.lr»|.iii, with ■ dlallncltve
l» rrntlrinitnly a.Mre**. *prßkln«
i:ii«li»h with a <-harmln« «<■<> i I It*
claim* to W i f»|r r»pr»Mt»laU»« of
' hla countrymen, and waa born in
Manila of a family pn>min> KM lit
ly ami commercially. < lit waa *iven
■ idml lh".r>u«h rdu'allnn, having
• r«.1u,t».l from Hi, John* coll»*>.
KncUnd., Mr l.*l« ha* »rltt.n «
mo«t i <r.'h>n*ivt- htatory of tb*
nallvx land, entitled. 'The. rhlll|>
' liii<- Utanda," whi<-h h«» been pro
i>.un..J a brtlltant Illrrary work, aa
| well aa Ihr moat milhrntk rteacrtp
! lion i>f t'nrl* Bam'a n*w mmmblomj
aver MMMMfI Mr, t.ala I. l«iur
' mit In thr Kmi al pment, lvi aaya
that ha expecta tnnn to attend lv«
i.iur .weal ward. lnrlu<llna Innati.
HI. 1...u1«. Chlrago, CI-v»Un I I >«•- j
Ir.ll IVnT»r. Mllwailk". ami olh
er weatern cltle*. . lit .|r.,r.t. tf»*
commercial a.li «iila#«># oj tb* rht|.
iM'lnre aa followat
A ir... Ofpur<«»llr.
"fh» opp"rtuntly ' for American
caplial In the Itiillrpln* UUn.l. la
Itmltle**. I apeak ccniervatlfety.
j Much ha« h*-»n mU «f th*> irral
commercial »-«l:n of Cuba ami for
to MM Ttirir <.<nlli|ully ,to thla
n«11..n ban. of coura*. caused I hero
to become b»M#r . known, t.ul lh»y
cannot h» compare 4 aa far aa tIM
I pna»lMlill.« for Kwi..pfTi.-nt arf
r..niTrt l .l in mr tialirr 'land. I
coul4 laril for h.iirn upon ihr *a»l
wealth to be extracted , from ihf
I forenta and Ihr miner*! and agricul
'ural resource* of the** \>-r«lur<*
cover**) h»«iiiir« .f tha tropic*
' **Tb* "MM ■: depoatta ' may e<iual
| thoae of ih» Tukr.n and Ih- Kl-r>.
dike ! The Hpanlarda h«ld ratlfornla
I ft»r v««ra without ■ ■ »rln« the
firecloua m*tal The Jtmtfl' ana In i
on* «hnrl y»«r after [Mi>ae«*lnn. <1<"- I
veloped mlltlona Th* uit' will l/>
Iru* of . lh# ►"' Phlllpplnea Modem
m»IH<»l« mfhi.li n-.\ marhlnery.
backed br American Mann will
ae««oinpll«h wonder* Tfi<- !*!an<l« of
l.v*"i Cebu. Mlndam, MWdlano j
and I'.inar have iiartlally ilevelop*
<-! arold mine*. The** hay* been In
<llff«T«.ntly worke«l by ih» native*.
yet h»v<> yielded bandaoma return*.
So aearch ha« been ma-.'» for tho
mother ledn. Practically all the (old
' which haa b««n obtain*! waa cur-
I fac*> depoella. The «r--ai placer de
pneilt* mnit I— worked by mnO'rn
machinery. An t'natUh enclneer
told ma thai Mm* nlluvlo! depoatta
i»i«hi l» him by 4l«irl»ln« in the
Interior of l.u«'>n contalne<l ruble*
and hyacinth*. Thera- ar» <ilb»r pre
doua itonea to b* found In the In
terior. .
rku» tor riaater*.
Turnlna: in ajtrtealture. th* pro
ductive aoll I* a.Up*! tn ernpa of
! almo«t »v-rr description. rianta
tlon life la on* of th» «rr.it Inatltu
ll.ina nf the Chlllpplne l*tan<J*. In
dl«o plant* and cotton «r ■•■■ In the
wli.|r«( Imurlan'-* Uttle labor la
required f»r their cultivation, and
the return* ar» about SO per cent,
on Inveated capital. Thr crtmln* nf
coffeo. hemp, tobacco and cocoanut*
I* carrl«l on. hot la *n*c*ptlbl* of
Immen** * development. Malte.
wheat, r«setablea and frntta nf all
klnda aeem lo ravel In tha fertile
'"My countrymen but await th* be.
1 nlarnant lnHu»<nr». of American pro
; tection. Whll* thert may b* a dl»
--affected f*w who h*v« been dl*ap
polnterl beau** their amTjltlona wor»
not rrallxod In th« ratabtl»hmrnt nf
a republlc.t the maine* wilt qulrkly
detect the difference b«t»een a ty
rannlral away of the Cnanlani and
Ihr benevolent l!''' ' "' of the
irreatrat nall»n on earth. Tha rebel
chief Ar'iin.lli <*.>»• not repre»*nt
; th* majority of th«- Filipino*—and
politician* nrr- pr. baMjr forclna: him
aealn*t hla will. They will *oon »c»
Ih' f.ll v of opprwlnir tha fnltcd
Btate*. rr»ll»lnB that lt» purpnae la
in"- »• mm
not nppr»»al'>n. Naturally anme f.f
my countrymen arc not yet remly for
all dutlea of r!Hi!»n«hli>. all the func
tlona nf atatehood. but H«doT nn
American protectorate you can edu
cate them t(» a |pr'»i»T appreciation
of thl* i||«nllv Then let III' I lie
rliln ih* que*tlon of annexation. 1
«i.. Ik from ■ per«on*l knowledjte of
|„,lh al«le* of th« *ltuatlon. The
; nilplnoo ar« nil of MKlny nrlirln,
! with I ■prfflkttMJ Ot hn\f breedn,
t,T Ht>nnli«h nr I'hlnrnn deacent, called
MaatlM*. They "■•■ Catholic* and
hrv» ha<l for renturle* tha H.-n»ni«
of ChrlatUn Influence, hnlil baaht II
1* true, by the "l'PM'iolon of Hpnn
i«h ml«rute. When you eonaUtor tha
illnndvantngea under whlnh my
country him labored for renturle*. It
I* remarkuM* It it m imt it li Na
tive tlVytMi doctor* r'ti'l other pro
taMkoaaJ men ■"■• ">»"''»• by lhl-
"I mi 1 r'iii'l I" hi» an ATnrrlcnn cl
tl«i>n 1 am proud to be n Filipino.
My icrnnteat hope I* that my adopted
rauntry mny lend a h#l|>ln» hand
to my native .n'l "
Women Workers In England.
Th« t>r«vnlpnt MM ha« MMI for
MM* tlma that the typlrnl Kftfttth
roMU i". Ikm all thlnim, cl.iini'K
'.:■ mill It h.IK been mOntlot>«(1 thut
thr t>ii«hlnc. liiixtllii. fin M bmm W
Arnitl. iin Klrl mlicht irrifllulily >lurly
tl.•' ' 111 IllklllH, tllllHllltf inllilnlt
of ha i- iikllxli ■ iiunlim. The Aimll
-1 an woman him ulau |.i OUdl I rli Imi
■-(I Hint pin. waa Ih. |>lon< 1 IM wnnt- (
>•»'» ntruimtliiiia, an.t that there am
liiulu 1T.1.1. n iim.l iirufi-n.it. gut him n
In u'iiiiii-ii In Aniirlia 1111111 attywhiiro
clan M Hi" kIuI"-.
A I'HiiK Jii«i ixililUhed 111 Knulaml,
u|H>n i" i ■iihiil, will amm lake thn ion*
.11 Mill if hi-r. Am..mi the iiinii.-i
--oua i" iiitiHiii.ua Ml be ii"t« '1 Ih*
rollowln( '
I'Viiiliilnii anhltrcla, farm, n
|.llllllln'lK, li.lllK.TK. . ll.llllflK. mil.
lidiliira 1111.1 K.-inii-n.-ia ..linn
driver*, rab .lilvrra, |.ll iia ami lat*
t--r rarrlan Muni" rnnapkuoudly.
Tlk-ii- w 11a ii lima v ii, 11 it tlilrty-iiill..
truni|i wuuld have tarrinml any V/ 0
m»n not lii.-l In Kncland. but th*
in- .-hi raff* fur aolttni had iil'.n -I
, 111 that, ami w* may pwn are Alll
rrli-an, irlrl* valiantly miutim tlnir
llvliik a* l-'l.'i .11111. havln* ir
relvml 1.. 11 Iralnlnc un I hi- ; (ulf
llnka. ' '
Piarea County Valuation.
TACOMA. Munh 11.-Tltn annual
r«port of Ccunty Auditor \V. D C.
Milk* ali.inn i.iial valuatlno of. all
taiabla miii«i .v In the county al
W.ITI !•:«. y till Ii araa aejuaUa* 1 ny
th* I. ir.l 111 tMl.m.Olt.
< if thl. im.711. Ip real .-»!t! < an I
It li*,:u | .-rai.tml |.n.|.rrly. lif th*
1. ii r»lnta. |l».7M.nx I* loU In
rlllr*, in. hilliiK •tin. lima Ih.-i-nn.
ami $:.'«<i l.» In county lan. l an I
l.uil.lliiK« Itallruad lrak««r U
valued al 11.:.M.i<:3.
Intarattlnf Cat*.
TACOMA, ilarch 11.—Th* »u!t of
I>e**lemona, k*.in airaln»t li M
Hoffman and wife fir fat** impHf
onment on th* rhant* bI >trnllnc a
pair of iiunuTi'l earrlnn* 'mm Mra.
Hoffman'^ resldenre, »h«r> Ih* lit
tle trl -in employed a* .i h..ii»*
malil tnnllnu** la h» th* lMWlnii
feattti* at tin- - >i;ri hou*». -
Fni-nre CnndlMtlckt.
»Iom« randleallrk* from Klorenc*
ar* very pnular iu*t ii.■■> Ttii v ar*
In llu- natural rotor* of the flower*
they represent, even I<> the leavt-a of
th* foilatr*. Th* »tern I* curled over
for the handle, and candl« and ahad*
ar* arlertcl either to match th* dell
cat* (hade* «r In white, to contraat
\ with th* rlrh. • effecta. .
A* them MaMlal ar* Inetpenalv*.
they may b* itaed In quantltlea.
Th* vmaller btttl ar* m«.|- up In
a t.unch. »i'h th* < moll. n..|laili
hidden In th* centre, but In Ib*
lar»*r flower*. «uch a* mornlnc
cl.irl** or r"«»». lb« candl* nt* Into
th* «MIH of tb* blosaom.
A Fall S«»«d Him
Ni:\V TOUK. vi.i.h IJ.—Freder
ick I>ohn. V, < >.. old, of Nn, ■; rx»
vo« atrret. Wllllamaburr. a maker
rt M.f)t*l nower*. waa alone In
hi* (tore la*t nl«ht, itarklnc mim of
hi* ware* 'n a boi. Whll«- at work
hi* 1 >n><* aUppcd and brsk* th*
»how r».«. r
| Th« Steal cut th* •rterte* In hi*
w»l*t and th* wound Mcd freely.
Ihihn dkl whalh* . "iil.l la *top Ih'
flow, but throuih tb* l..t> of blood
he beeam* faint and f. II to th* floor.
Duhn'a |}>y*a>aM win. John, 1i»
corcrrd hi* f«lhi-r oii'»n» loo* about
;tm minute* later. l<v • fortunate
jrhanre the nnwvr mak.-r In f*lttna>,
: bent hi* wrlat an I fell Mi hi* In
] J'nc 1 hand.
Dr. HMrkman. the family physician,
who was called In aal.l that un*
•t.iut.Trdly Ihr weight .' th. \."ly
rrstlna* -r. th* tn|urr«l man'a han.t
•topi the ' MatrlMMJI and saved
hi* life J>r Illckman called In at
aaandate and tnrether they Injected
salt ater Into l>ehn's vein*. Thry
say he haa a chattce to recover.
"The Fortune of War.'
A rtry plain, apt ami rxcrllrnl ll
lluMrall >n of |h* popular expression
the fortlUMS of war" la the alncu
lar fait that Major li.n.rui Leonard
Woml. th* present military govern
or of |l«Rtla«o 'le CMM la n.,w In
command of hi* former commanding
Thla atranc* stat* of affairs la rl
plain*-.! thas»ls«:
Just a il- inori" than two ve»r.
a«o 'Jen. Wood was surrvon of thr
nfth r«-cuiar Inrantry. with the
rank of fltiHl. >N.i after h« ha>l
Irft thr »-rv|rr to practice medicine
In civil life In *Vn«Mn(ti.-n he waa
remembered ' " lit liy the entire /c.
gimrnt aa an ofllc*r h«» waa fnun<i
of athtetlrs. «-*peclally f .thall and
At the or>enlnit of ihr latr war he
was appointed colonel ■■• the Hough
ltii!<Ti. and f^r gallant . i.l emclrnt
service* rendered ho «-ar?.ed hla pres
ent rank and appointment.
r>nrlnit Ih. • n'lrr- war thr Kirih
waa thr only r<»iil»r Infantry thii
did not have n chance to sre *-tv
U-«, ■ it after th'- protocol had tx-cn
■ l«n<-.1 nii'l the Ili-lii - 1r... had
been s*nt home the Fifth was detail
■i to do guard duty at Hantlaao tin
.1. r '■" ii Wool.
8u It now happens thnl Col.
Wond's old colonel Is <in r his com
mand, aa also art) other offlrrra »> ho
used io rank him when he was only
a captain.
This Is Ihr way thr world moves
up and down.
la mil. h truth In tli.
• nynur thut "He »b.< takM your i I
tra i".i i v pjmq
Study Business Revival.
vi .a ft >RK, Man ii II ■ ;.o r «r
I'alah, aaalatant adllor of the I.- -
Htatfal, a financial Journal, win a
■ .-• ■ i. Iha Can 'i lar Luoaala,
which arrl.'l fr"M> Uvarpool yra

i.iiri...".' 1 '-. r»" \\r
■aid, "i« ■ .ti ni
nf \n,.i. in i i .-j II i 'l >.. ••> in in
nd much uncertainty in i •
|O th<- ri'i.li tiill.''! .if iMirlneaa r*-
In Urn ' mil A Htataa, and un
mm thli f'.-'hu: of doubt i» ran
Kngif 111 innv (liiht rl
Amarlrftn uilll'i Thl« hualneaa
rrvlvnl nin\ I>. Him nrwl ioit>*tiiiitlnl j
and « I it la. At nil ■
tli.it la my iwladnn her., iii mak"' a
Klll'lv nf Ih" • ul.|. ■ I mil! T.i r. |. .i I
upo i it ■•
Mr. I'.iN ftnl-l h" WO>M r<"nmln In
thin rum,try iiimiit nix wi>cki. Aimnpt
Hi" rllii-H v. Ml' b h« Inli-ll'lH in vlKll
Hi" ; ■ -i m, I'lillii'l) l|hl.i. linKliiifirn,
\Vii«lilihimii. rhl' in-.-. I'lttthurK, HI.
Ijoiil* an<l Sin I'Vnnrlnrn. Th§ i,,i
Inn, "..■■l-"i nii'i Irnn, Ihft Impori nnil
iln- Minorl im.i" ntiil in rallrnnii
nyntcmn am mihjrrl* In whlrli In l«
rhlcllj' Intrroitod. .
Student* In Franch Farca.
CIIAMI'AONn. 111., llnrch 13.—
Students 111 Hi-- Ki.'ti. h depnrtmerit
of the University of tlltDola iiuv.'
their annual Krenrh plaj 'ii the unl" i
vernlty tonlKht, chooslnir Mollere'*
f«rf-e. "A I'liyslclnn In Hplte of him- I
m if" . ■ v v ' -.., •
Sternwheel Boat Is
m\ to rut: num. mm*.
Portl.n* 1 Mm Will Tafea a Knock
Down fataal Onar Whlla Pata
la • Short Tim*.
*-*»*«•■ aillh || In hive 11 ni-w «tnam>
<t. a iwtn uliitrr to th« farnou* Yu
k..n at*«tn*r, th* WaW* Irvln«. A
Portland mm will put lha alaaaMf
.hi ilir lak*. Th<- Otjagaalaa of Hat.
■rdav haa the rollowlnc to lay r«
irardln. thti IU» boat:
! ■■..j ' B. v Hp*nr*-r. of thU city,
will |»ay* f..r Alacka nvit Week with
another • kri.H'k-'liiwn" ili-iimr,
which h« will \»k* to i,iki. Allln. to
I.- iiim-.I In cwrryliK mall and r>a*scn
■•n on the lake. Cap!. Hprncer I*
or* .if th* f*w m^n »h.i mad* mon*y
out of la* Klonotka without dl«
--«in» any Hold out of th* «n.unl ll*
Irfi Portland about a ymr aco with
a "knock-down" i'.im>i (the Wllll<-
Irtinri which h" <"arno<l over ih«-
Mkacway trail an.i put tofether at
I.ak» llrnnett. Mh. waa ir.lv r.r
bwaaaM ■• *<yin ■■ ih< Ic* broke up,
anil, ' —in« ths iiroi kaal In |i,<- n.-ll
a* writ a* the hi-*t 1...ai. .hj an tin
men** hu*lne*a. K|^n«.-r *.>t bark
all that *h*> had n*l him on flr*t
l*o irl|.« ah* made, nnd then ran h*r
down i" tMw*an, h«*rr- h* »utd her
for tll.ooo. which waa mur* than 111
i«« more than ahf rr>»t r*a<ly to run
at llennett.. He th»n retttrnmt t<.
I'oriliiinJ. nrrlvln* lati- la*t *ummer.
\%*hllt* h* waa *ut>erlnt*ndlnjr th«
bulldlnir of th* wmie Irvlnir « party
of B»*l»m *|MH'iilal>tr*. bound f.ir
Ala*ka, l*t a contract la Juaeph
Huppl*. who waa 't<4nc work f»r
Hpencer, la bull I an *i*ct duplicate
lof it> Willie Irvine for lh*m. Th*
boat waa built, and In knork down
•hap* IM ■MMMa' '■ aboard the
•learner* Oarnerock and Btac-hound,
whii'h had **i'-h an unfortunata ri
perkno 'ft the Wa*hln<ton coant.'
Mr th* tlmr the two wrrckrd *tram
»r* w*r*> tow*d barv to. port, th.
aeaaon wia 100 far »lnn- -I f»r
mwh to be done In Ala*ka, ami th«
Raitern Company *iM out what re
malMd of their boat very cheap. on 1
etamlnatlon of hi* purchase, Hpen
' rrr fn<in<t but v»rv Ilitli- mlMlnc.
and It did n.i l»k. Mr. i<u|>pl' <-r>
i lons to >uM'ly th« part* ne«de<L ami
I the rrafl will n* In readlnea* to ahlp
n*«t Maturday.
Ttw- dimension* r.f th» boat arr
l^-i.alh M f»«l; beam. 20 fe«t. drpth
of huid. S fr»l « Inches. Hhr I* rqulp
l« I «sitb m*tne* 7V» liwhe* In diam
rter. ami t»-ln»h atrokr. and with
a ItoWrta iv-tutx- tx-llrr. «'«p
tain Ki»encrr «11l tak* a crew of
carpenter* with him from Portland.
An Artist 0««d.
Nl \V TOniC. Manh !».—Michael
Anif' Woolf, an artist, wpo waa
said i" be lh* originator of humoroua
l—n and Ink skttches In this cnun
try, dl»>t from hrari iliaraM at thr
h<in>» . f hla sister at N > <!? Tuinam
avrnu". Ilreoklyn. early y»»terday
mornlno'. ll* was born In I<«ndnn
<: »Mr« g ( o, Hi- came to MM
country «hrii |»"|yr >-ear» old. In
early manhood hr waa an him, and
frequently apprarrd In the old
Cheatnut 'n.«t i Philadelphia.
When 11 y«ar» eld hr studleil art
ll« became fam ,r his p< n an.l
ink akrt. r>»» about M yaars •■ > T
Na»t was hla friend an<l co-worker.
Mr. Wootf combined humer with pa
tho* In hla pictures. ll* was fond
of akttrhlng poor children, and hi*
clever sketches aoon became known
aa "Wooir* Wa.lf»." ttrcently hi*
studio ha* been MMMMI In West 23d
Mr. \V..olf nufferrd for two yesr*
from heart dlaraar ll» waa p*t!«
oualy 111 for t» week* (>rtr-Jln« hl«
death, lit naver married. .
Naw Railroad* to Ofcanogan
LOOMtlt Wash., March Jl.—The
Bpokesman-nevl«w correspondent In
ililn to nay (hat thla t>«rt of the
country will not be to *.M*td 1*
tn.ntha wllhctut a mllroad
Thnt a road will b« built fi..m tUf
pttbUi la the Okanagon rlvrr by
J.mil.iry I*l. imo. In nn« assured.
Kroni thr Okanosan I*" route* are
uii'l- r li«. uaa|..n •'»■• illnri to I.<h>.
ml*, iin-ii op Ida Blnlohtkln lo the
International lino or following thr
Mlmllknmrrn rrom Ita Junction with
Urn okanogan Ihtmiith to Mount
('hapacra, thrn c.own thr Blnlohekln
to i imli Concully nr,.| lluby, thru
ilir iikli Hpring CotlM* and out by
nay of Itrrwutrr. following UM Co
luoibta riv»r to <"h"l*n
Th" road from Itepublle win no
doubt run up th» wnt branch of the
Han Poll to Hi' i)knn>Kin, thence up
Hi Sliiillkani'Tii rlvnr. .
A party from r*lttab«rg l« (»t th« ,
prrn-nt iliii" Kolng over ■ line fol- j
lowing U|> ilir Okanngan from Hrew
■t«r, t.r a few ml'e* northeast of
there to ii I'ulnt almost r«»t "f I<on
mil", thencn up aii'l down Urn Hlnln
h. kin A gentleman oonnecteil with
tba miiliir la i|m oorraapoa4aat'a in
fnfinnnt and MM In whom hi> hna
full rulih In hli" atatoment*. The
prediction la vrntur«'il thnt bMMI of
rtv« \..>i« Okanogan county will be
hrttrr auppllc.l with rallronda than
1 nnv county tit MM Mate, and alao
that It! mining Interests will go fur
to j.li..- lh<- -t.ile rlnlit vi» iitn.iitK
ih«- heavy |i'"ln. .-i« of precious
A ii|ir.«.ntn'lve of tho Canadian
I'nclflo I■ I' I'll' ll'- < 'I'llll'llMV la rx
jiniti'il In aoon to arranii- for hla
company comlnn here. It will prob
ably 'Mm' 'I'iwti from Camp M. Kin
ney lliioiikli Twenty Mlli'. Hldley'a
nnd "in 1., I«oomls nnd probably to
Seasick Without Going to Sea.
I Hi" i.r III' Interesting sights nf the
Dtnlna Paris Kxpoaltlon la tlw mare
nriimii. UN Invention of M, Hiiro I
.1 \i. m Tbt> kin la to glvo Hi,
seeker nil. novelty thf opportunity
to take a real steamer trlii without
loaa irf tlmit or itrenilh. |i I* In
r*Mllly tin ofTshnot <.f il»- eyelornma
"IU';ll 1i.i.l *uch .1 run of |•. ii In t 11/
a f»w >mm uliif . In ii. marvo*
r»rti(t «n« I'DilmikM fin i,r,n,,i a real
•Inn in it—ati-ami-r rhalrn, •tatrriiuniVt
liiilik: riMmi. l.i|il«.\ ili . all I ill
Ih-Ii alii to Ih* t.< M> f lint I In- Voy.
• jit U really Kiiyinir tcoodliy to i"i
iii llincii for ii lone hi-n Irtfi DM
riiinum klmuii Urn Am k. InoklnK IM
liilklrijc. ariitiiKliiK th« 'I'-lulla nf Ilia
mm*, — fir r«-i-m to — which If* tht*
itini- ililnif, bo I'Hyi liiiliikl'lx any.
II) an iiik<mil"w> nrriiHKi'tin-nt of
Ilinntilnr ry th* Vllll'.tl* lll'.VlliH-llta
i>f n lilk il tri.-r |>tlll1li( mil to m-.t
nri- ■■*>■• tly liiilimli>-1. (JM MM <-v«"i
l.i- m-,iHi( k If c'i»|im,|. Th« |ilun«i«,
lli<- »>i<ik.\ tin- rin-i'vury, llif up ami
d»Mn, fur* and aft iii'iii"ii» »'■■ all
tllviii Klili RiuiilliiK KIMMM Ily
■ml by il>» »' i'iih y In Kllli l'< rhnnx*.
Ih.- ilty nf .I.|.,it In loft 1,. Mn.l
iin'l a nrw "ii»- ap|M>ar». Rum. iiiim i«
tin- 1.-..' ii|.pi-iim (-. atop, nii'l Ui.
■ii Ih* imxir of iiui.iiiiK iiii- crowili
of nlKliiin-fm. Hi" Ii I. rMtlllS K"ln»
ami nimlna" Ol l.*-lMlfil travrlrra ami
ili'l-uriliTK onra ar* linlt«t»il.
In lh» mari-orama hl< hlaI" Ho
mi .-•Ml.lili.ii ih.- boat la luppniwii
1.. tUrl from Mamrlllt-ii. an<J In turn
AIkI-ik. N.i|ii.« Vi vi. hikl Omhnmi<
ilnopia ar«> 1., i..- vUltwl. BmMm
th* iw.vfHy 'if th» MMMtiMM! th*
M..11M11- ii«v..'-r will havi> an "P
--l«.riiinl'y to i.l.lmlii an ■reurnt* vb-w
of ihf • HI. rmiiii-"l an'] tho country
of thtlr I.m 11.. 11.
Troubla Ovar Clauds Ryder.
€XH.r*AX, Wa»h., March II.—A
dl*i>ui' aros# ■• k r*l (lav* «co !•• •
twrrn tin- nfflcera at Whitman coun
ty and J. W. U'lUlaiim of R|>okanr,
a(Hiit f..r Ihi- Children* Hom< Ho
<i«>iy, ovit tho po**4»»ion of Claud*
HyiifT. lh<- f-yrar>old iwrn of John
iii'iir, who waa recently ronvUtml
of r«|w vii.m hi* .Inurhlfr «n<l I*
now In jail awnltlnc th* action of
th* court upon a motion for a new
trial. ,
M. H Turl'T. of Thornton, l.r.iiitht
th* child to Cnlfax «nd aaknl the
court i.i lik" chart* of him. Th»
cnurt turn«^l him o»#r to (hi- coun-
%r roremlulonrra ami »nd they '!•
tlv*r»d Mm l<> William*, who tnok
him Ik Oarflrld. Later John H'*l«
--•on. rka i« the f«ih*r of th* late
Mra. h i-r. telephoned to Sheriff
Canutl. aJklnc Ihut th* ■ hll<l b* re
turned to him. a* h* hai known
nothlnc of the l>"y Iwlnc tak*n away
and dr*lred to keep the »hlldr»n all
toc*th*r. . ll* »l»l»d that h* had
the other children ami If kMM
were dmlrrd they could be >wur<i)
Hh'iift Canult telephoned to Wll
lUmi at Oarfleld, and ',!«• latter fin
ally a«rwd t.. Klv* up th* rhll.l. nl
though >:• prote»t»«l «lr.>n«l> The
»h'rl.- Hfiii to tlarfleld nrvl brouxht
the- iMII h*< k and he will be de
livered to hi* «randfalhrr. who I*
ri|.irir<l her* tomorrow to rM him.
Il>-M>r 1« «lltl In J«ll and maintain*
• *tolld ailenc*. rrfu-itiK to talk. It*
a*k*d for lobarr.i today, »nd whrn
J»llrr <?urry sol him a, itandar<l
hranii h* nhnok hi* h«-ad an.t n-f«f»-l
to reeelv* It ll' marked out with
hi* f!nr*r« th* *hap* of th* Ui «n
another branJ, hi. h the J«ll«-r got
fur him.
"The.Woman* Woman."
Ju*t about thl* llm». »h«i l*nt
lirln** aolltud* "a <lrm" or MWln*
partlM of unPnilt.-l numb»r *n«1
th* rrntlrr ft. tha thr<-»dl.«r* but
fa«. InatlnaT topic of "thr man « w
man' nrefal Bp K«<-r .rl.i.a will
■ c ihat ah» la a prrf.-ft flirt.
that II takra morr ■ harm and nol.ili
ty to br • noman'a woman, rml a..
n X.. i > t* PMMai anl vuui
»ara nprn: th»»r nrr only allnsahota
whkh nrv.r brln« ilown thrlr «ira»
Venu* waa thr flral man'a woman,
even aa Juno Ml thr flr»t original
woman's woman. You will al«i i»
--i member that thr lattrr had reason
tn hr Jealous." Ir.ipatra. Judith. 1.1
llth. l>»lllah. Helen .'f Tr"> an 1
. Mary Qurrn of Hrota were all men*
; women.
"Kalr and frail!" riclalmn »M»
who can't unravel thr mystery. All
! were good |.».kln«. . but no more *o
than mary othrra who nrvrr get a
•rend glance. IJrnrath purrlna;
sweetness each on* haa on Indoflt
ablr will. .1
Runner* Laid Mslda.
I'AWAIiK. D. f*. March IJ.-Ord
•ra wer* rrcrlv<xl hrrr from the
headquarter* of the Columbia stage
line to begin at one* stopping all
hi»k.-» In ti.ia city over nlicht, In
•trait of |.ullm« throuxh to Colum
bia, aa ha* been thr ruitom for
aome time paat,
For aeveral ilaya pa»t the weather
haa l><" n Hill warm and thr »un
haa ral'I'll) tn-lt-1 Ihr lanre <inan
iltr of anow. A* a reault all fr. iKhl
waftons iin'l atnea are on wheel*
once more, and will doublleaa n"t be
put lon runners a«aln thla season.
The. roa>l» generally have beirun M
break up, and alr»aily travellnc Is
tiritlnnliiu In iret bad In aome placj*
i.n.' day thla week the Kettle rj»r
waa found to have rl«--n \i InchJVln
U hour*. II 1* not thought, lioaVvr.
that UM water will irit hlrh emmuh
at this time to delay operation on
rlthrr th* 250-foot dam or the 10O«
--f,,i C. I- H. railway brldire, on
whlrh work I* now lielnr actively
pushed by ItanßH of experienced
workmen There I* yet considerable
snow In town, Mil not un much as la
usually found hrr« at thla tlmr of
y.'ar .-;-;,
Contrasts in Taffeta.
Necktlra and stocks are now ma.de
of jitaln ti-n.iu In two contraiitin*;
I rolors, so 'hut there la one end of
on« color with a loop of thr othrr
on each side, biiil the atock showa
one of ih- |W« color*.
I'lnln taffeta combination)! In
shirt waists aro also seen. One of
the most Ktartllna: combinations In
in itreen wllh n crrlar. The yoVe,
ctitTi* and stock are made of MM col
or, and UM l«"ly and sleevea of UM
oilier, while UM necktl* la of tin
combination, half of Ih.' atrolnir In
each color.
. Her Class Eye.
CmmiKKATI, O, March 13.—The
attorneys l.,li.vt> that J\i.lk" l>n\l«.
I who la in the divorce urt. will cant
out the I'l.-i of ilk.- i«-r Krnus,
of. I M.Ml'Ktn avenue, who wants
a divorce fioin Mrs. Krails boiiiuar
she hni« h Klaaa eye, n concealed fact
I until after Ih.-lr tniri ißtti'.
I M Krnus' iitt.n ii. la ready to
i...vi. an order from UM court In
draw ni' mi entry KimlHlnlnK a, de
murrer to thla unique plea. Thr
court's comlnif decision will menn
thnt when ii mnn marries h« ac
r»pts his iii i>l.- personal poMMßloaa
whether nntural or tin.-lnl.
As the rait will stand after this
plea, lira Krnus will have clear anil-
HiK against Krniia unit-is lie la üblr
I to raltn another plea.
t iron I hoys
A Corporal Writes a
Letter Home.
hot alii Tin*: nut tin; mm
Praalett rifhtlnc, and Bafora Hl*
Lattar Arrival) Raws of Hla
■•Inf Wounded Can*.
f ACOMA. March ll—Frank WIP
•on. . »-r.iK'-iiit of ( .<>i|. .■ ltl T«r-i».
ma. l» In i»rt-i-ii of » l. tt»r from
Corporal K. A. Johh«»n, of Compan/.
C, Plr»t Wmblncton vi>lunt««ri.
which ciirrlc* much of irii»i<-nt io ih«
l"'<i'l"? of Tacotna. Corpora! J.hn
••in »■« ihot In'lb* breaat durlnf
ihc nirMlnt at Han I'xlro Matall,
■ l»»t Tu.».|.,v. mi-nli'in of «ihi«h vnm
ma>l« In tlie |,nt--r» Tli» lMt«r
I nMm • ' .
"Mnnlla. Jan 10th, IM».
■ i»nr Krlendi-I pron .1 to writ*
t» you «h»-n I Trnct\*\ Manila. I
will now »<-n<i ><iv a f«w l!n<-«. P«r
don m<- f«r not wiitlni aoontr.v It
1« two ninntha *co today «lrii» w«
ram« a«hor« and w#nt late <|uart«r»
and W» hi*- now a'.adonnl not far
from th» Inaurcnt lln*a. \\'» arc do
' Inic outtKitt duty nnd In nuutr
plar«« our runr*la arv watklne pott
■ alonfitd* of th« lii'uricnta' iruar'l.
rloia «nou(h t'i »i •■■ to one another
but a« lh« Am»rl'an« «r«- not on
• iWlnjr t. rm« wjth tha Inattritenta
thi ron\rr<44itlon between th*« Innur*
tent tu.ir.u " and ■ thr Anwrlrta
ruard* I* aomewbat limited and tht
laniraaire u*ed I* very roar**. \\'«
I »'■ <■»•>••' tlri« to have'trnuUe Ith
the li|a*k fellow* at any time. liar*
been cto*e!y ronflned to quarter*
*lnr* y- arrlv.d h»r» on that ar.
<-ount. Wf «r» not allowed nutalil*
of the h»»rln(t of the','buicle. "ur
rtflea and ammunition are alway* Iq
: readlnn*. M.whigcttl to arm* l«
: •ounded we «r» r»aily at a momenta
notlr* to defend th* (lac that waa
, ralard ovrr th<- <ity the 11th day of
■ Aiißupt laat. llflnjr quartered <i« w«
arc, rlo*e to the aj|Bj>, we will b*
drat In lln», and you <-an bet you*
K*«.|Ml'Hi (or %(. ma 1.1..
boot* that w» will civ Airtiln*Mi>
• warm repept lon. * We nr«> toM thaf
»<• Invc 70,l<*> nntlve* ti. flirhl •n't
I da not think that th<- Americana
can put mnro than 18.000 or 17.00*
m*-n In thi- nvM now and with thnm
odda •hr>- mt*ht make It lnt»r»«tln«;
f"r u» Hut *i> are wllllnc to try
ih'm on« round »nyv>-ay and I think
that If we dlaotrd Que«n»berry rolea
and ndopt th.- Dewey-berry rule« we
an lick them The American troops
here ar*» In very rood health, con*
»ii|>-rlnit the warm climate, the low
and ■wamtiy land and the filthy
condition of the city Only three men
have died In our regiment »lnce w«
arrlvnJ here and with the exception
of a few cases of smallpox and ty
phoid fever the regiment Is In good
• The natlrea are. aa a reneral
thing, ■matl. Their complexion la
dark—not ton dark, but a little
shady. fome of the women are r#ry
"I aha>!l nnw close, but will writ*
airaln soon. Olve my regard to Chief
lt»i> 1 ami the boys I know and ba
aure to write soon. I remain y>ur»
."Com*. r. A. JollN'Sns.
•t;omr«any C, nrnt Washington
volunteem. • Manila, P. I- Eight*
army corps."
The envelope containing the abov*
la countersigned: "A 8oldler"s l^et-
ter Company C. First \V««hln|tton
Volunteer Infantry. 8. C -thtveil.
Flr«t tJeutenant" It carries one of
th» old-style J-cent >lunp«, the poat
cinee department having evidently
unloaded its oM itock on th« boye
In blue fighting In th» Philippine* or
■I'lnir garrison duty In Cuba or Por«
I . Rico.
Doesn't Black Shoes Herself.
Mn<. IMni Mnswell, of Knnaaa
City, who han earned the *ohiio,uef
>f the "woman bootblack." owing t(|
he own unl'im- method of raining
money for charitable purposes,
wrlf<» to ilv Herald protentlng
against current description* of her
a* actually perfnrmlnii the labor of
blacking shoe*. ,
Mr*. Maxwell does not black shoes,
Thl* task abe Irares for the r^tullf
bootblacks whom i«h<» employs,
whili- ihi- superintends. About twa
years iiro Mrs. Maxwell conceived
th<- notion of opening bootblacklnc
parlors In busy parts cf Kansas Cltr
on certain days, the proci»f<i« to go
to charitable Institutions." Sho eaa«
lly •■nll«t«'<l the support of prominent
micli-tv women of Kansas <"lly. who
»tifinl>M a« chaperones
In thlß way men were Induced fo
palrnnlie th,. booths The Kmcral
custom « «■ to pay all the way from
25 cents to ItO for a shine, lanra
sums were realised Encouraged by
her success In Kansas City, Mm,
Mfiit«»*ll carried her Innovation toj
St. I^ouls, t'hlraK" and other went'
em rltleo Naturally she obtained]
irM* publicity, but not all of th«
pren» notice* pleased her.
•"I fully appreciate th« value of thu
advertisement T gtt." ahe wrttpti,
"nnd realise how essential it la to
ono who solicits In publlo for her
missions, and am grateful for every
line, as It meann dollar* to helpless
one. rrhore In a very pretty story
nnout my work, how I mined 14000 In
ten months: of gifts of property
Mmountinir to over |300<\ of personal
gifts, of my selling Mowers and so\i
venirs In hotel rotunda*. Over JSO>
was ninilo In Omaha In this \nv In
seven weeks and 160 worth of flow
ern, and distributed among Mm poor.
1 ii.Mi.t my cause before MiajM
nnil conventions, anil establish mv
. shoe "hltiltiK stands In all sorts of
iiiih'.ul of places, reaping harvests
.1u.1i.l linlr ornaments are very
l>r. ttv and |i|ituri'«nue: ns, for In-
Ktnnre. thi- livvrloil bat, which Is nl
most mystic niul wicked-looking In
Its dark Jeweled body mill billllant

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