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MIM MIM a«)»»»»l I
Wi'.thrr for Tomorrow ♦
VOL, I NO. 10,
Filipinos Are Powerless to Stay His
Course arid Flee to the
Another Fight Reported in Which the
Insurgents Are Worsted.
WASHINGTON. March 14. —(Bulletin) — Otis
, this morning tdvbed 'the «\Var. Department of the ad-^
nces made yesterday and.todaynyWheaton's brigade.
He says; that the insurgent loss was heayy,\vhile our
killed: and wounded will. aggregate thirty-five, most ly
slightly, ounded. The insurgents made no determined
stand. Two gunboats captured considerable 1 property.
' Americana Still Advancing.
MANILA,* March 14, —General Wheatbn's. men Slept
, on their arms List night, ready for service at a moment's
noticedvThe troops were:early astir and eager for ilu
fray, which" canie tooner than anticipated * It was? be
lieyed_ the rebels .were massing for ■ an: attack near the
Pasjg church, and when the order-to advance was given
" the rebels began firing.
The Twenty,-Second infantry, which led the column,
t werejcaught unawares, but the volleys' were mswered
in short orderV The rebels gave up the fire for several
minutes, but gave way to \ therrapidity and accuracy of
the fire which I they met. and the Twenty-Second in
fantry continued the advance; while the gunboats shelled
■the jungles.
; MANILA, March 14.—(Late Bulletin)— General Whea
ton shelled the enemy out of Pateros and Taguig today
and occupied those places. The rebels made a strong
resistance. /,/,..,;■
,:.k required .vigorous-shelling and a brilliant charge by
\ the Fourth cavalry to dislodge the rebels. ', One Ameri
can was killed, one seriously wounded and four slightly
wounded. ,Thousands of , insurgents :returned^to^Pasig
today, but 1 were ; speedily driven out '■ by. the gunboat.
The rebels suffered severely in killed'and wounded in
this action and seventy-four prisoners were taken. The
gunboat is now destroying all the vessels in Laguina de
Fortification Sita Condamna
MrtWfcHWß^ aW*P>( ' 'O ■«U-I I* " 'ililtlii>a^. llln|ijrjmifjf
- tlon Proc«adin|».
▼ht ron<l«mnaU'>n proceedings In
ausuraitd by ih« government for th«
a«-curln« of tltir* to Unda on wntrh
tn build tli* ecatemplated fortlftea
tlona at Port' orrhard. «i*r» '? com
pleted **" yeaterday ?In th* Federal
court.* ,Th<i Jury fixed vatualloa
of th* land at tM,WML Tb*V« ar« «7«
. aerm all toML Til* value of In* land
, In Ihe tatlmallon of Uia government
«■ ll» i<»> .-.,.,. . ■,- . ■ •-. ' '
„ Captain ; Harry Taylor. If. H A.
klxi it In chart;* of th* Puset aound
i tine* tlon*. « and . AI tornejr, Oay,
coaniel for the i i<»>rnm»rit. think
ih- value of Iha laod* estimated by
l)i Jar> aa rather hl(h. and ar» of
th« . opinion , that th» lovirnmfnt
may heatlate la ar< •ptl>>( the land.
Th* |iillll>mil. II la un<l*rnl»od. la
n»t ■;:«<•«! tu buy th« land at th*
pric* fixed »v the Jury.
Tha Warehouse Trust.
J*RW TOlUC.*Mareli i l4-<Jurdon
111. H'>rf'in wa* elected pr*al<li-nt >r«-»
terday of the tlruoklvn Wharf and
W»rfhno» company- : »hl«h con*
Irola tb« warchoua* buetneaa tn
* tirooklyn. Thomas A. . Mrlntyr-.
wSki hu b«<>n i>r*»l(l<>nl. declined rr■
•■lecilun on the frround thai he muM
not «lv< rn«<iKh tlm« to the bua|n*aa.
. II- wri •■!«•< led llrat ■ vlc« proaidrnt
and hnlrrnan of the executive rum
mit <«■•. William A. Naih. president
of the Oan Kxehange bank, who haa
been i«cond vie* president an'l th«
, tri-aanrrr. retired a* tr«aaur<r. and
.Warren It. Null tv elected trfa»
ur»r Hamuel Taylor, Jr.. wti made
■KflaUnt secretary. ■ >
raonal rounly taxe« ar* now
overdo*. lh« data of rti-li'iuon< jr b*-
Inr Hank ». Ab^ut f 114.100. whlrh
repre««nta nearly T."i per cent, of th«
peraonal tax r,t ih« ■■.unty. *a« pal<«
up to th« h'.ur for rlmln« on thai
datf. Itelated taxpayara ars tnkluK
a'lvari(«it<- .rf the ili-lay n«-M««ry In
< preparation '>r th» dellnaoent: ll»l.
*hl'h i-.lli take aoma time.
Court Red Clover No. ISO C.
of F. atG. A. R. Hall.
Thoae who -i>i<-rt<l«'l th« entertain
ment Id a. a. 11. hall la«t nlicht. ara
profune In '.srala* 'of (h« ladle*
of Court Clover No, IH C. of r. a*
entertainer*., > The folio-win* i"'
irraro w»n rendered; Vlollaand i.i»n<i
aoio. «v. Laaier and Mra. llitthway;
\.i..il «.,!„, \ji,, Katherlne • iii-i.
recitation. Mia* Ada II.II; aolo. Ml".
McDermott; Scotch Cum-. MIM Roaa
Frankfort; vocal tcio, Ml»» Tennant.
Army Sita Lands Condemned
by tha Government
Th* condemnation auita brought by
th* government to «r. urr tlt!e* "to
lan.ta for Ibr nm f<irl!fl< allioa »i
I'ort Orchard..came to an end yes
terday. Almut «7I» arrr* . of Un 4
1 wer* rondtmn. - an4 w*r* apprais
*<J by th* Jury al IM.tfti Till. Is
thought to b- esresslvely hi«h. and
aa it Is not obligatory on th* part of
1 government to arr*pt th* lands. 11a
trlrt Attorney Oay i. of the aa4aloa
thai tbrr* will t»e *om* healtaiion if
Indeed thr altr I* accepttd il alt.
The land had all been appraised by
government ofrlrlalai. ho bad In
structlons lo «iv» ibr highest mar
ketable ■alMa : , \Vilii»a*»a for Hi*
landowners swor* to value* two »n I
Ihrrr tlrtiri those awsrded by th*
Jury. Th» verdict wss a compro
mise between the. government values
snd those of th* landowner*.
Martin Rodtr reported to Ihr sheriff
, thst he had been rot.hrd on Kundsy
of fine In bills, whllf aaleep In hla
eabln at Van Aaselt. ll* ■ .i.r. a
' man named Hold of dnlna; lb# deed;
■ that himself and Hold hud be«n
■itinklnir lo«»ihrr Juat before he!
mlaar.l hla money. Itode I* a yiun* I
frllow. and la an employe* <>n a
milk ranrh nrar hla cabin.
.—,— (
Quaan City Good Roads Club
. to Oat to Work.
The Queen City flood lio.ida club j
will hold their annual nn-.'tlnit thla j
I rvrnlnic at *:Jo"o'clock. In the chain- j
brr itf rnmmrnii room*. In the llnller
t.uiiiiitiK Th- aaatnaaa of taa even-
Init will br the ' Ir' M"n nf onuers ar..|
ths taklna* of aatloti on the r>'|i»i'a
recently aiibmltt. b/. lh« different
■ rnmrnll *•
m-U. .
' Plenty of Them
WAHHINOTO.y, March 14.—The
I number of appllcatlnn* on fllr In Ih*
war drpni trnttil fur nfit."lntni-(it aa
, second lieutenants in the army ap
r.n.xliniitia W.SM There are Just 1"!
of thrar places to be nil"! Hi- dntn
for thr examination of applicant*
haa not yet been fixed, l>'ii It has |
'been determined i" follow tha *iun« j
kind nf examination aa prevailed j
last May tvb*n appoltitm'iiiH were
made f"r th* war v. llh Ppaln.
ttaatnar City of Ba it- sailed early
tills tuorrilm: for Hkaßviny Ihi wna
heavily I'.n'li-'l with paaa*nß*ra and
freight. Tli*. steamer was billed to
leav* at 11 o'clock last, ikhlhk, »>ui
>i:\TUi:. WAHIWSQTOy' TUKMI>AY i:vi:\l\(i. M \ l(< n M, 1890.
th* Mlllnt waa .tpontd until thi>
morning-. >" * * •"-**.■ ,
Capt. J C? ]iunt«r, o( th* *t«amer
lays off ihi» trip, having be»n auaii
« M».-nt|i.|, Th* Beatil* gn#* 'north
In vhars* of \V. ,\. Cvtmell. Th*
pansenirer tlxt W,l* ai. follows: Mr*.
J. 8. \ Inlnp. A. H Hun; C. I:. Jftn**,
Jam** umiy. ■ 'inn i. . '\Vue«. Oia*
Moewla. Mr*. Tr»fn. W.'K..t*t«r*on, ■
W, M. Mcttlrr. ii, Joseph llulUr.l. 1.
N IMW ii. Pulton. Win. Pultun.
Mr*. An.li-r«nii, Harry l>anl*l*. I.
Coons, W, ||, Atkinson, K. M. An
chms, T <■, li. alii n. Mr*. U H.
MrCnrniack, I) A. U..1..M...11 Ii W.
I Markw*ll. J. X fanu-l II il it.
Vihhi, II A. s J, llr« A." K. in u.-kT,
M>« I<U Hrnun. It. il™ie» I,
Urucker, P. K. Kinwr. C. ii Klnsey,
K. li< iryimn. P. l< .\ hi|.hr«.i Mt*.
Whltehead,.»*. Ii 1 »-i It. Hupun-
Uka, P Crwkahank.lt. M. An.l»r
--»"•». W. il>..|«-r. C. D. Mroberl, I*
11. lU«.r. M A. otirii Mr» CktH
bavtdsan. t*. T. Ituachmann, Mm. A.
t'. William*..\v, I,un**r, It, .\Utnn
• '.», iW.-iur. A. Ilrarkelt. Mr* A, ,
lira k.-u and daughter. N, M. Mtnith.
J. 11. t'.U.tl. MH...*nlh.il, J. 11.
Orifftth, IV. Mu. h-11. M»»-» l<mu
burger. Alexander Haakr. llr», f.
K«-mp|.\ J. 11. Fouler. iW*. v\ \l
"Lewis, i*. I. p«vt»r, CO. aat«#. and
J. ». Vlnntng. .-.--.-.
Nicaragua Qulat Again.
WAMIIJKrTON, March, H.—l>!»
-l-«'i ■»»•• Ift vlvi'tl at the iMa 'l"l*«rl-
R'sl I »l.i\ i.i of tiM restoration «t
n'-rt»iii| conditions In Nl«ar»jru<t ful
l»i» turf th- surrender ">l the rebel Cot,
!!»)'• '■ ,Th» f.'i*n nrr«. principally
A'ltfrliaiK, »!>.. «.-»• .mt«*»<l In tint
' fi-txlli'.ii sr« being permitted to «n
out hi j th* country., and iu> r« ha*
lEotn- la th* I'nllrtl Ht*ti-« «t Colom-
Ma. Vl f » «ur*t>r. I'l-.ii-l Blair* con
' aul il Ha- Juan del Xorte, nir»y
town), tetecrapha aa fatlma
t.j .». Pjmui..!». of th* Marietta.
arrive*! from I ntucQWii*.'' flrtmrt*
Iteyra March I for «\iloraM». I'rv
nltitl.>n rn.lr I; ••M»r |>r»»«ii* «t
Htu«n*td». All f.-r*len*r* ai Blue-
Arid* -n««f»d In In* r*-t nluti.nv t" ■
jvlaualy •otltlrd la prnlM-tlen 0* the
consulates, Uft with) pawporta .*n
M.i h J for N*w •>rl*an* t«lu»
--ttetd* rnnimrnr unii.Urrupt^l." ,
.-. Mr. ClaatT. t'nKr.t Ki»t» i-.aular
aa*nt at Itiurfirida. t»i»«r«fh«.J:
| • '•fimii'iii . ti-».p* took peaceful
pnaa**»i'>n t.; li..m». rrxiing r»v..iu
tIOO. All forrjgnrr* r*rvlv>d th«lr
paaarwrt* ■>r»l >artr.l from mia
p«rt t |ai ■ mm- r» at thla |>ort
muni. I . . . . ■ ..; t ,' , -.;
| :. Ch«rl«-« Leucikl. U>« aaltor who »v
br..u«ht h«-t* Hun4»r Fort
. liUk. mirTxrtnir from t«jurtr* r«- '
, rHit't by falltßC fro'n a B1 ll' '!.«(
yeaterday altenuxm al th* Pr..»i,|.
»nc« h»«plt*t. 1 iMwth »•• t *ua-<l by
n«i..i.- of thr ikulUjt Ho wa* un<
, ronacloua >•» i<» 'h# time of * hl»
, d*«th.t :, ,:-,_.; •■a. T-.,,,;.-■n--i't :
■;; Naval : »eidimi ' toard. '<';
' WACHIKOTON March »H— Tha
fallowlna";board of Vlattora to tfta
t'mir I fltatta naval »d.rn> at An
anaporti. h»«-n m pnlntMi Th*
Hr\ Jarami Urn», Juliet, 111 th*
rter.' Alexander MfKay HmUh, of
\V»fihlnsl«r» D «•.: i!-»riii lf«r.
r '«..r. -• ■"••!, Jam** 11. Itrown
ing-, \'v li-int«». \« W. II HaUte,
KprincflpH »■•«.; J J. Mrr»r.!y. 8u
I'aui; Frank J Pymmee, Han Kian
Db i'«nt morning tHu ChrUtUa
. l;jclr^v-t<rrr» will h-iIJ tpeviiU pral**
wnrlrea In toa IMy fn*£Ulat ' 'uuajf *ji a ■
tlonal churvtw eommenctrm »l " 1»
o'clock., All the oth«r r*ttgtoua fra
ternities of young »■» >>'!• in , the
city liavc be»n lnvtli-4 to partlcl
Unlucky Staamar l» Still Un
sold at Honolulu.
Thr itnimtr City of Columbia ap
p^sra li> b« (till |<ur»u*<) hy I>*.l lurk.
It «i recently atated lhat «hr h»1
been told to Captain Kvana. if Hono
lulu f«.r ftton ljtt<-r Information
from Honolulu, however, la la tha
•rftrri that'the, aale haa hwn de
! n.ir*.l off by ths tiii»r|. r lourl on
account of certain technlraiUle*. an4
that Captain Kvxna haa lak"n the
' matter lj»f'ir» the aupraffia court.
: Another mlafortun* whlrh l»«ft
th* aleamer, occurred after »b* hr»l
, Mink In lh»- harlH.r of 11110 and waa
roi»><l Wif *aa t..\>.'i la Honolulu.
hut waa >iir<iiv fled up «i"i>«»i.i- the
dork before lllwln of the rr«« «#re
plaaterrcl un her. whlrh '••«lll!»>1 In
I the Rl.iitTi.r'N being* Hold at auction.
I The monnjf rrilifrt by tha *al* of
I the vrp.ri was nut enouch to pay
| th* w-.ik'-k at .rl »f th" crew. Th*
'men. It l« aal<l. claimed that n rnln
tak* had b«en m*aa In th* rnlvrrll*«>
--' mint of the aale. A Chlnea* ayndl-
Irate made an affidavll alatlrtK thnt
It w«* wllllnir 1.. blil ttooo f»r tha
ColumMa The I.M'hr of the aymil
rafp, Sk Konn. It I* said, atatnl that
ha iinlvc'l al the advertised |)larp of <
i sale st the Kprrlfled time, but found j
| that the steami* had been -.ii prior ,
t<> hi« arrival, othrr partle* rnada j
»f'l'tn\ it 10 the *amo •■ffi'ft, *o th*
aale wna declared off.
■ ■
The committee having the matter
In ihiuc of selecting a tnnnngrr
for thi Baatfl*. I'l.-HtniK liouae, la
I hoal<-»rx.| with nppllriintf f«l Iha
| position. The place ha* been held
Irv lienjamln I'ettlt, h'. recently
Kilward \v. llofilnaon, s*n of Capt,
W. W. Holilniinn. of lbl« i Ity. has
lipcn nppnlntpd ti sconrt lieutenant
In thn ITnllad Htntes nrmy, awonl
; Ing- to n private rtlspntch from Wash-
InKton, ii «'. r*celvcd laal nl|tht In
this city
Mleorß-n H, Young, f..Mil"tlv chief
«l.'««i.| un ii,. Yukon river strain^
era of tln> i , i,,ii A v lah Trana
i>tii latl ii cfini>tiny, ha* pm n.llv lout
hi* n.,nn'i> llr haa foiKotti .-i Inn
mi . mid hla past lilfL.i lie
came into 'police hr*.|i|U«l I.ml I
night iimlri ill" iiiipiraaion that hi
«aa being puraii' 1 by twn men, who
w»nt*d to kill him. - It la Mid that
wbll* In Alaaka h« (truck hi* hi-ad
WMiim a. door and broke >%. hi..mi.
ui»l lii the ini'iioi nf hla head.
it.• lailempnrally held at hrafltfim
tira. .It la thought t'>al hr may r*.
. i.tn.
11l m
■ ■ "■ i
. ■, ■. ■ ■ --■ ■; ' - ? f -
Atlantic Liners That
Are Missing.
All mi HUE «he ihim\
!»u Hya«r*< aa« flftj llvas* *na
■ »1 000 000 Worth *f a> r>a .
art* la»«l»a* '
«n i —
.VHW TOIIK. March 14—Cal.ula
lioa b*a»l on a *tat*ment made by
the Uioyda. rtveal* Ib* f*i t that at
I pt*a*t*t th*r« arr nln* (teamshlp*
txiund *i ro*» tbr Atlantlr from th*
I fittaxt Stale* that ar* overdue In
*u<h an i-»l«.nt aa M render rein
auram* Imposilble, This m«-«na Ih*
proliable lus* uf J> llv»*. and about
IJ.wt.uiM worth of pro|».rtv All tb*
tnlMlng vessel* Irft port In January
wotn the «ir«t storm pf*v*ilrd Th*
miaaina vessel* . ar* . tb* Allegheny
City. Wskeftald. Croft. (Kira. P«*t*r.
Lauchton. Mlnl*t*r Maybark. nui
on, Port Melbourne. j«< •* .-
— i mi-iaa——.a—
S. a T. Clactne Railway Co.
j Need* a Terminus. .
Tb* fU«tilr - a f Tacama • Rlectrle
llalli.ir «m|.inr h»* encountered
■ formidable obaUal* In til' iStaln-
In* of a rraaafßß* from th* city
leaajnrll f<>t thr flraltlr t.rmlnu* of
th* road. A ilMir In the tity con
■tltutlon provides that no bid for a
railway tranehls* ovrr th* streets of
tb* city can br g'*nt't. so long aa
th* bid I* less than t per cent, of
th* groM .arnir.g* of thr i>«,d Thi*
m*an» that th* company would hay*
lo (iv* to th* city 1 per imt of th*
hu*m*** In and oul «f Healtle, and
ala. the business.don* la Taeoma.
This perrenlate I* more than the
company feela tt**tf cvmf-eunl lo
pay •,.: ' - i'- ■■- ,- - ■- ■ • •
TV-.'!au*r bnw*<r»r.do»*not apply
to ratlrnada. and Ih* omiMinv >*n
• •rat* th* pa vln« of the franchU*
by running Ita ears alow railroad
avrnu* In th* aaro* t way. aa trains.
This it>..v> would Involve dlfncultlts
for tho company, but It appears!to
be th* onl> couraa U»«>' can adopt.
Decrepit Spain Still
n vivf EID it (JE.miL OTIS
*r* Tiaubiad leetut* tHa •merlotn
o*n*r*l Won't l*t Tti*m l*a
• gulnalaa Manaf.
MAntllD. March M— Prrml»r Bll
vela snd War Minister rolavlejit
held another lonfrrrrnr thia morn-
Ing rrnrng Oeneral Otla' order
fcirhi.Mlnv negotiation* lo secure th*
release of Hpiimah pi laonrra In Iliß
I'hlllpplnes. In addition to an ap
peal to th" powara on th" mattrr,
ftpaln will alau m-ml a protest to
\i aablnicton
■ ■
M.\l>ltl!>. Mirih M Thi Kfivern
mrnt la i i-piruiK the appaal i■• the
pnwers against <leneral Otla' ar<ai
fnrbld'llna* tlatlona r..i a raa
som (or the HiuuilKh prisoners held
by the Klllplnos.
Furey a Bankrupt. .
ni:v\ vni.'K. March 14—n.«t>rrt
ii Furey, nf llrnoklyn. a aaJooa
keaper, and >< aon of Wllllnm A. Ku
rey. commlwloncr of Jurors, MIVil I
prlltlon In hsnkruptcy In the Inltrd
Htnt.n dikitiict court In Hro.ikl.vn
ycnl.ir|.i\ Ilia llHbllltle* are ai-hrd
iil.-<l at lll.Hi.M Ills aaarts consist
of n >oilt of clothes. Amnng his
rri'illlora are Contractor Itohert l-'n
rey, hi* uncle, Bfc Fran'la iViii-k"
and the Bacred Heart academy.
Cfltlß In Jap Cabinet.
TOKI ill Mnrch 14.--It i' re
i>ori."i today that tkart hna been n
<rtals In tha Jaaaaoaa i iUmI ia4
ilmi th* minister of flnimir haa re
A liir Flrff.
.Ni;\S lIItUNHWIOIC, N. J . March
I M.~-A fire, whlth Iwgaa In Ui.- hi,ii.
I of Appleby « mi -i dpotuwunii, t*n
mill from i'i-re, aliout t o'clock tlii«
"I I,inf. <|iali '„.1 nln* Imll'llllgK.
ui'iu.|iij« tht store In which It urtj
iioii" i !.i. iidlnc* formerly used
a* a ■iiiirT f.i. i..iv and Ihr** un...
cupied tioua**. Th* building* w*r*
all the property of L'-wnaid r' Ap
plaby, n( ,N«« Viitk .ii ■;•
Planm for tha Canaut.
WAHIIINOTON, March 14.—''No
appointmanu In th* c*n»ua force
will b« made at |>re**nt," say* «•*•
• lov, W. n. Miu'i«iii. tlrartar of tha
next census, "I hupeto g*l tli or
■anlialtoa atart«d b> April I. The
mo auparvlaura will not It* sppolnted
befor* December I next, but In Ih*
ii.linn I s will 1., wlertlng tb*
i"ii« *x|<«rts »li,» will l»i« charge
of the iletalls. Thi >-!i'i • .>ll .ii due*
not in-Kin miitl June l, IMfl
"At I' •>' ».000 ni'-t 11..1-. will
lie required., We, will iHi'Upy thla
auiniiirr and next winter. In plotting
the l'nlt"d ; States Into gi-ogi »phl< al
division* I -ii'l | •übdlvlsWtis and as
algnlng.lha iup«rvlsor* and enum
erators I. their respective district*.
This will b* r*all> Ui* first work w*
atell aa." .',■.. „i j, , ■:.-,.,, ... ;-
Hi" law: dlt>-.ia t that th*.census
shall ii- taJtea In Alaaka snd iia
wall. .v.i' lilon has I "•in made
yrt all .itt what la lo rt* donr "about
I'm to Itlco and tb* rhlllpplnr*.
. „_-, -_^_-..._ i : ; .;.:
Saved by tha fender.
•raw . tohk. .March H,—Mary i
Itaitlf y, ■■■ ■ ii a old. arid her lroth«r. |
Joaeph, T y*arw old, w hll<- on their
way hoinr ■ from ■ ai-hi*l yesterday,
atartnl |v era** Montlcello avenue, I
Jersey i'iii. In fr..nt of a trolley ear
of th.- Newark tin*. ,Th» girl w.t«
• aimbt In ih. findrr i«nd <airlrd In
II down th* *trr*t about ion ysrd*.
U ii. ii sl» w aa llftrd out It waa dis
covered thi' she hat not be«n In
tarea. ■ f ■' - • -
1., laanrer *»Ual<ury pr*dic t* rain.
i.hil vralhrr. and o«rlhw»«t wlnda
tm lonight and totnorraw. F..r tiir
rnal" m tmrtlon of ih«- atat* hr pro
I'hr. Ira cool and fair >»*ath*r.
But Not by a High
■ •com* Citlaeat Maw Arratl Ctary
Maa Tha» ooat Km* J.
W. OarUaht Tal*
J. \Y. Oerlarti, a itcamhoat man
»*ll KBo»n on tha Pacific rua*t hii
gull* an exciting np*rlro< • while In
Tacoraa one d*y laal week. ll* waa
nut awar* »f th* fart that th* City
Of n*«tlnr ha.* a tot<-* cf cltlxena
patrollng Ita •lrrt-t* r*«dy al a mn
ment's notice to arrest anyone they
dnn't know. Pur iu,h is the case ,
•Ine*. the. nwnv , Oartnit h..1i1-u(.a
•tartled the good pvopl* of Tacuroa.
Kr. darlaaa was waiion« up Pa
< in. avenue, when b* met a aailor
fn*nd and stopped for a f««r mln
utes' talk. During th- eonversatlan
the mt.jrcl of hold-ups an-..- up, and
' the aallor told of a friend who had
1 luat been sentenced to thlrtv da>s
for daring t'> be In Tacoma. aa thr
BaMaa knew him not At thi* Junr
. ture a big man appmached them,
land In a, gruff voice, asked:. . -4,■«
"•ay you. do you live here?"
O*rlarh replied that h* did n»l |
'.'Where do you bang out?" was th*
n*xt question.
Oerlaeh aald something about
' lianciiia out" on somebody's i l"ihi-«
Urn -
"You earn* with me," said the big !
! man, and he lal.t hold of Clerlarh's
coat taltaj Oerlacn protested, but
In »Bin, a.> nuajiy concluded that the
thine to do was Irs glv* th<» big man
a good American punch on the J»«.
I nn.l he did. Th* bIK man drew from
hla vrat pocket a police whistle, »n \
blew it so loud *v*ry poUcwroaa In
town could h»ar It A city defec
tive answtred the csll Pa i|lll'kl>'.
Orrfarh believes h* muat have drop
ped from th* aky. - In another set
ond th* four mm had etarted fur
aoltaa headquarters. Itefor* they
had gone far, however, '1-rlnrh met '
a, well known T«™m« merchant,
whom he knew, and. al roura*. waa
ralaaaili After matters had been
nplHlnrd, th* big man apologised,
(lerlach aaya.lt was the Mrat tlm*
he was ever taken for a crook.
sAt the "t^altlr theater tonight !
Nnnce i • n>ii and b«r«*ottl*n( com-
I in| will present "Camllle." The
ilr.-iiiin entitled "The Ji»w-p»a" ■ M
pri>iicnte<l last .-v.-lllTir to il IlirK. io I
npprm-tntlve audience. mi« O'Nell
a* the Jewess, deserted by her Inver.
won a number of encores for h<>r
pnwerfnl d'-llnratlnn of the charac
1 The Third n\on'ir thaatar will
prewnt tonight Ingnmar. by Mlas
I linn, h.- fltmldard and h»-r large
company of artist*.
Naw Chief Clarh.
WASHIN'OTON. March M »ohn
i C. Pcofli-lil wii appolnleii ch>f ' Ii k
in Hi, >mii department today t" »in
rep'l Mr. Tt»*»4ali , who haa beciimp
ii major In the iirmy.
Tha Pope I* Worse.
Hi'Mi:. March H— The Pona i i-i
night had a r«n«wal of fainting- nta.
___„. |.i_aT_ii _T-glf f'*TffllH' _~ ' - #'4_BB__F
" The World doe-, not rcmire so much to
be informed mto i>e peailadxt.' 1 Espec
ially la this true of
Monitor Ranges
There is Over One Thousand in use in Seattle.
1215 1217 Second IfMM
A Lineman Dropped
Sixty-five Feet
lillokC KIS ItVk \M» Ml»l LDEI
S«nsstl*nal Fsta of John OslUhin,
' sn Cmploi* of Ihm Suntst
T»laphon» Comp.n,
John Callahan, a. llnrman rmpioy
*d l> Ihe HunaelTelephone "in
|>anjr, I'll n.iiy-nv* feel from it pole
iht» iwinlni and waa Inaiantly kill
ed.' Ilia n<- k. «hi.u|.lrr», and l>«' k
were- brokru, and the left »l>ir of hla
fam . cruahed. , Callahan waa ; v
Mrintrr In the, city. * having MM
her* but alx weeka, and • Ulmrd Bt.
I»ut> aa l>l>- ll'itlK' . ll' «v al>out
thlit>-tIM >rara old. and uniuarrlrd
Tla» mornlnf Callahan and swver
al ' other linemen were employed
■ 'riming «iif« rm Klt»i avenue.
•'allshan and Carl I'bHpa. aon Ml '»
Mayor l'hrli-*, «*r* on lh« HUM
ituH arm. »lxty-fHr fert abuve (ti*
Cround. on • pole In frual of the
IHIUr nolel, 1 »hlli- other * linemen
were about l«-iie«th. Al »It o<l'>ck
'allahan and I'helpa »t«i to coma
down. . il>rl|» «v a lltlla above
hi« tvmpanlon anil did not ac« lb«
«tioip ii«c-'l) A tlnrman on the
Kroun.l •«>•• that Callahan'a i limh
era h.-M tl(ht, bill hla han4a (lipped
and I.c fell , backwarda. . r*«llnt
hlinwlf dropptnx, the,' man ) thrrw
hla wcliht |M 1 trom'tbe pole an4
fell In a horlcontal i>ualll.>n towards
ihe atreet Mkf trarka .When «b-ol
forty '.-ri above , the " (round ,b«
•lru< an American j Dtatrlvt. com
l-atiy wlro, which reached . acro«i
til* atleet in Ihr top Of the Old
buUdlnf- . Thr wire turned th* man
around an<t thrn broke. Callahan
ronltnulnc hla downward fllcht bead
ft!at. atriklnc thr atreeyCn hla head
and ahouldera., /
I'helpa .11.1 down ttre pole quickly,
but ■■"•• or two otbtr* were at the
*tde <>r ||m • ru»VJ man before ba
reached the botyim. Callahan waa.
till hrrathlns. ll*.waa lifted u|. !
! and i>la<wl ■>!» the aldewalk, where,
! hr itfimrdlai«l)r expired.
hum tbe time h* loal hip hold un
til he ttruck the atreet.' Callahan
ntver titiire.l a won) or aound. lie
road* no outcry of any kind.
,v« far aa known. Callahan h«a no
family and no money. II la aald
tbat at one time be played Uaacball
In Ki>n>» City.. Me , flrat p«»«ed
thmusn Sfjittle a year a«o. on hla
way lo Alaaka. He returned »l»
«teeka aco and secured work aa a
lineman,with tbe Aunaet Telephone
company. He did not aay he waa an
exi>erien< lineman, but hla foi»-
man aald he went abt<ut hla work
like an "Id timer, and that he knew
hla bualneaa. " •
"You raniuii fay It waa rareleaa
mil," aald * lineman thia morning.
"Ilia halt-In were numbed, for It waa
•old up on Ihr pole, and he loat hla
«rlp. that waa all."
Callahan'a l»«l> waa taken to Ihe
undertaklnc r<«"m». of Itonney . A
Xt>-wart. whef* Coroner Hparllng
later r»«rahw»l Ihe remalna.
Steamer Comes Back From
Alaska Point*.
Steamer Karall»n. Capt. Rolwrn.
arrived In port l«»t rv<-ntnit from
i-kamvny and way points. Sbs
hmuKhl down a large number of
paaaengera, moat of whom »rr» from
Skn«««> Wrancrl. and Juneau.
T!i" Parallon reporta a rough trip
down, huvliiK encountered atormy
weather and heavy . MWItonM
Bh.» brought no newa <if the l>hlK<i
', (1l»ii«i r. Imvltic panned l>> the isKit
where I'll'" went aahore'- before It
i occurred. Conrtderable building
work la aald to be Ki'lng on at
Haln.n Mliulon. riana are now on
foot for building n l.uxr wharf at
that iiliii i' Thi Karallnn brought
I down the following tuiMenKeri: J.
Mi-UiTKiiry, I. J.ihiu«..ii X Murphy,
H Mllla, J. 11. Haaa. W*. Mcl>evUt,
Q Ithodns, C. Intli M. Jainra, J
feott, \V. Trelghend. J. Union, t;
Mclteth. A King, It. Will. . 11. I' Xl
lt.. Mm. Kllla, Mr. Derm, 11. 11.
IliiEh.». Jnhn Mrllnn. J. I! Qulnn,
W. .1 William*. I'nuik 11.-. ,11,1. i: .1
UnMw In. I rtrownlee. J Tliomp»on.
;n. WlMiiini". C. H H»uttli John
Sinlih. C. J. Bonnci. C, S Wlnchell,
Mm Wlnchell. Jamea Wllaon.
C3IH?AOO, Miili'h 14.—The head
leal rorpw of v man wa* founil In
the lake .thin morning. DMO cut»
fmmil <v evrry Joint Indicate tiS»t
the body haa been mutlllted In ord
er that II mliilil be doubled up l«to
n amull compaaa, and thua be mure
eaully <-iirrii-<! t« the lake.
Fatal Train Wrack.
K(»IIT WOHTH, I>x.. March 14.—
A Trxaa PaclflO fr.licht train wa<
ni-rkril ti.nr I.l I'huo Ihla morn-
Ing. Hti'l MM "ii'l a man steal
ing ■' ride were killed. The brake
man was Injured.
!♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ >♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**>♦♦
Telephone bMbtcrlplltint Id %
rim i: (iv i: < '
-**Un«*i >m*nt I. l. ll out, 't'hinir SU'.a «
«IXB Ut.ttK >"M f ' I" '■
Sunday, Muroh 12th
Tku l-'«m«u> Voiiiiii Tr«K«wll«*itn««
>i|.|Hjrle-! by * flmiiK CdnpMf.
Hsportoirn Of Pl«y»
' I
■ MofKlav. '
, |! I t( \« I. - ' lllw*f.
Wll'V MANNlilklXfl " "OtIVM TWUT
l'D|>uUr MlnMli 'V, 8»r, *V.
Wall on Kale MaluMif
' "• iluunemrnt, Jnhn W. lUpd»
ThurMtay. March 23d.
Afunuxm »n 1 l-.i tuioz
"The Star- /^^•w
and Stripes lV^b
Forever.' ■Pf®' p
soisv MkA
ins HAM) "sfi^^
M«u>< H»<»w Davl*. «ot'r»no: '' '-
olhy lluylr. vU»linl«t»; Arthui ITyor,
' li,.nit.oi •■ llirlwrt <"l«rk>-. corn«i;
' Kranz 11.11, fluecelhorn.
(Ul« at seats . opens at Hanson's
jewelry store next Monday, M»r<h
10.' ♦ o'clock. ' r
I'riiTi-ioc.. II 00. anil II M
False Alarm of Fire
in Paris.
•nelhar lllu»tr»tlon of th« CiclU'
•I* French Chiractar-Uit
controlibl* »udl*nc«.
J'AniK. Mar. h U - Al frlghtfu
panic twrurrwl in the cjypmae thea-
ter durlnf the performance laat
night. " ' Women became hyalerlcal
and men rrlet] "flr«!" A ninh f"r
the door followed,; and In the Jam
In the baloony.many persona IM
f0r...! over tbe ral!inif« and were
aerloualy hurt In the fall. Several
women and children were • ruahe.l
to I death • In the orchestra. The
alarm was baseless. V
Collidod In the Irish *••
UVRRPOOU' Mar.-h 14.—The Uril.
lah'ateamen Paatnet and Hector
collided laat nl»ht In the Irtnh aea,
the latter «lnklti« The crew la re
ported to have been saved.
The Canadian I'aclfir . railroad
t!<-fce» offl< r on Flret m«nuo In re
ceiving Mm« Improvements. The
«i«ll» are to be nrwlv papered and
friKmp.l. Tin- work has b«en cotng
on for several daya, and the offlce
had the «i |*iir«ntf thia morning i>f
b.-lliK vlalted l>y a small cyclont.
A B. Calder. traveling passenger
agenta or (he «'anadl«n Pacific rail
road, la In UM city front Tacoma.
it. C Kline, K>ncral traveling
agenta of the Wabash & ParlHe
railroad, with headquarter* at Mn
KrßiifliK <-. I* In the city. '
, The funeral of the Inn sailors who
died yesterday, will be held at Iton
ney * Btewart'a char*'l today. The
servlcea wll b* under the aiispii <•»
of the Pacific C«>aat Hteamahlp union.
sti-Hin collier I.rl«n«w la 1..«.11nf
I coal at the ii'iitli bunkera. Sli« will
take on about ?M0 tons. She K<>«»
to >,!ii Kranclsca. .»■.„ -:",
81-hoonr-r Marlon sailed from Dal.
I ii.l yesterday wlili lumber for San
s. li.Ninrr Charlea H. Merchant ha»
i arrlveil at llnllard from Han Kruii
dace. Bhe loada lumber for S.m
i Pedro.
Tu* Reaoluie will leave on the 17th
for Sk>|«av with two acowa In tow
on* belnK loaded with lumber and
i thi> other with powder for the Skag
uay Hallroad company.
Hhlp Stannard la taking on a »hlp
ment of lime at lloache Mrbor,
»iii arrive ii. I.- In ■ iihort titn.- for
a ■•!«" of ■•n.-i.il nii-i-t li.iikllk*.
M> ftmu to Honolulu.' i
'•, » J. K. Boyden waa nloncxM*
i»j« *>*4laun air«-»t bunkii ■ thta

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