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4 Weatktr (or Tomorrow ♦
0- iVAirsi ! !
VOL. I NO. |H.
Washington Volunteers Stand the Brunt
of the Firing and Capture
Two Towns.
Private Van BusXirk Killed and Private Rodney
Church Wounded Greatest Fete Since
February sth. Says General Otis
VV VSHIM .ton. March i s—(Bulletin)—War department
officials are gratified over Wheaton's^victory. It is im
derstood that General .Otls'/ppltcy is to drive the insur
ants into the uncultivated^ region before the rainy
\veather"sets;in. There they will have;nothing to i".t.
and jt is; thought I they .will; lav clown their arms. • No
attempt will be made to buy. off Aguinaldo. .
WASHINGTON; March is,—General Otis cabled the
• following this morning :
"Three thousand insurgents moved down last night
to the towns ot Pasig and confronting Whea
ton's troops on the Pasig river line. By • heavy fighting,
Wrieaton dislodged and drove (them' back, taking (our
.hundred prisoners and inflicting heavy loss in kilted and
.wounded. "^ Wheaton reports; his'own loss to be vary
moderate. .-„ He now occupies) the, towns of - Pasig and
Paterus with sufficient force to hold them."
Filiptn*» Arc Again Ho«t«4.
MANILA. March i?.—The towns of Pasig and Taqmg
Aerejagain taken I this morning -after a desperate fight
with the rebels. . The Filipino forces were completely
routed. * Pateros ,was occupied during ; the night by the
Washingtoni volunteers}- They early formed for a night
; attack; crossed the river and fell oh the insurgents/ who
had returned after being shelled out of the place.'£.
; The Washington,volunteers had one man killed; Pri
vate -.1 Van ■» Buskjrk. Private • Rodney ,w Church was
wounded." Twelve of the enemy were killed and eleven
were; captured. The fighting around Taqiiig was fierce.
Wheaton's brigade attacked' the '{ enemy, who had I con
centrated their forces, there, and routed them after most
severe fighting. ' ■.-•'•. '.
After the* battle Wheaton pushed forward and captured
Taquig.:;;;';. K : ' •'. '.';," } r ' <f' -
The ; American losses are not fully reported. Privates
Carroll and Combs of the Twenty-Second; infantry are
among the wounded. ,*'
General Otis is highly pleased with Wheaton's opera
tions, and today's victory, he said, was the greatest since
; February <>th.i Two gunboats started out this morning
to destroy all the lake shipping.
, Manila, March 19—(Late Bulletin)— Severe fighting
occurred at Pasig today;the \ enemy being routed after a
seven-hours battle. The troops engaged here included
three companies of Washington volunteers, two compa
nies of Oregon volunteers, the Twentieth Infantry, and
two guns of Scott's battery. Many of the insurgent's
dead floated down the ; river ■ since the fighting ceased.
The Filipinos largely outnumbered the Americans.
Pioneer of the Sound Passes
Away at His Home.
Captain Cha*. llopklna died yee
trriiay at bin horn*, corner of Terry
avenue and Columbia street,, ■ The
deceased wa* rl«My years old. and
on* of the i'lon'<-r» of the northwest.
He ' amr around the Morn In '♦•. dur
ing the cold m it' in- lit. . and »n
--tta*n\ In business In San Francisco
Hnd made money, but was ruined In
the fire which destroyed nearly all
the city In !««. Mr. Hopkins moved
•round considerably, and It was till
; fat* to be burned; out . In . nearly
every place he. would locate. ; He
finally Mttlaal In Milwaukee, Oregon,
•nd engaged In the lumber trade, In |
connection with hi* mercantile bull
n'-»«. and waa successful. It waa
there hr married i Lacy B. * nakrr,
daughter of Colonel B. D Baker, the
first United Htate* aenator from
Oregon. When the war broke out,
Mr. Hopkins enlisted, and bocaune of
hi* knowledge of mercantile affair*.
he waa made ntptaln and quarter
master at Vancouver, where hr re
mained during the entire war. He
th-n engaged In the hardware *»ual
•»««a In Portland. Oregon.
Captain Hopkins' Ufa was a busy
on* and full of up* and down* Ha
died M he lived, believing In Ihr Jus
tic* of the Dupreroe Ruler.
Chief, of Police, Heed decline* to
ttate how he In to aw the' ten extra
m*n «rrm,r«| him hv , he . itv rounC || j
Monday nlfht. Jfl» r>—ol for not
telling-. th» public In th«( th« thlev*»
and thus* read th- newnpaprti am
rlo«<» nil iinylm-iy. | (l . Intrnda i" I
pr.»«:t tht outlylnc dl«trlct MM li M
Itrnton hill, l*** Union. IK-neon bill. I
Walla Wall* addition; inn whethrr
he will place ■■■•in In uniform Ik not
known. ,
Steamer Will at Once Return*
the Anacortes Run.
The stearntr Hay City, which haa
been undergoing repair* at the Bt»t •
■on * Post mill. will probably re
sume her run on ih- Bound tomor
row or next day. The steamer haa
been thoroughly overhauled from \
keel to truck, and haa received »«>v
eral Improvement*, the moat impor
tant of theae being * new bolter and
extenalve repalra to her engine*.
The exterior ptanklns along the
»id.<-» ha* been removed and replac
ed by new. The hull haa also been
repainted. Among other Improve
ments I* a itrong searchlight, which
ha« been placed on the roof of the
pilot houie. The Hay City run* be
| MMMi Seattle and Anacortes, Kalr
haven, and Whatcnm. Hlnce repair
! Inn. her route him been covered by
j the steamer Qeorge K. Starr, j
. Considerable work In the way!of
spring Improvement* la being map
ped out by Hi.- "limit Htrrrt Kail
way company Thin line has already
the smoothest roadbed of any line
rnnlng out of the city, but the man
ager Intend* la Improve the service
even more. Old tie* will be replaced
by new on**, and the bed leveled
wherever. n-- "-unary
An ofrli-lal of the r-m'l atatetl this
morning that the company had re
ceived, bids from eastern enr com-
I panics for new cars,' but no contract
for cars baa been made yet.
Old Hoi »mll»'t thin mornlnr over
the wet |.tfll< of the . «i-.iih>-i
■ >li■jiiirtrii'-nt. ll* mnllirl ttrontlljr, In
I fa- from hoiiiou (« norland. un.l
wh«n Ihr n.».n lumh hour arrived.
•M "IIH al II
nl.a.n.i Hnlu-lnu > hail ■ brou|ht
bis umbr*lU i.i th« nfSoa for active
•on Irr, but when In. observed thr
*vld«nt' intent an.l purpoa* of Ilia
ami h* qulrtty jilac-ed Ih* .ii i|. !,. ..in
•f slaht iii a back closet, and I.atari
ralculallnna on th. w*ath«r f.ir
Thursday, • |
"W* ahall ha\r (alr.wtathtr to>
night," said h. , "and probably rain
tomorrow, with southeast «in,i» I
It will ba i>it><-i'Vr-i that Kit word
**l>robabla'!. la it ill|l..|iiiilli : Ilia. I
linn In Hi t»rw.i«i, and >. h..11i. I It
lulu* or not, the prvOlcllon will ll.it
hr wry far wrons.'
The ihli' Marl.m I'litlrolt, arblrh
Was rori-nlly libeled hi Dm .lir-rirt In
1 ti.h.if .if parti** Instituting a .nil
I suit, ha* >h. n r. |.-«>.-. l from custody,
TliU waa i)>p|« on a supersede** hend
I of ItSuO, 111..1 by limn. ...ti and ""htl
- rod. Th.- f'liil. „(t will shortly bv*lii
' loading hn i»i«ii for Manila.
The Vohnii>rf« .if America will
1 celebrate fll. Patrick's > day - by a
i itaii'l aharnriH k social. In * lh»
evening a mmml .iml tlt*rary pfO
vmm will b« glvtn. Tti» ladles <.f
tl>* pcMt will sert* a lunch. •'
r»inln»«l, (h<> ■• . <nrlhalt>l dealer
, who h«» Im .n a Un« nnurr In in.
' criminal court* during lhi> i>««i two
, wreka, and wha.wa* recentlysr*»
, ■ rrr.tr 1 hy.D*t*ctlv* Mrre.tHh .... a
' charg* Bf i-><!>!uk stolen * toali,
was \ hmjnd ", •••"■< for", trial In
t.*i<- »ui«rlnr <miil. tiv J.t-ta-r <*ann
I ttiia morning. ~ ll* » 111 answer lo th*
' rharrr >'f having MM article* (»■•
I l.n»tn« to IU« * MrKnbrrta in hi*
j poatemkm. •
, Bo.ton Man In th« Klondike
' Writs* Horn*.
, . Th* Tloaten Herald of recent date
Ma thr following in say relatlr* to
.. a ii.*i«*iuui now in th* Klondike! •
"W. l« - lval|.<u. >H.i waa well
; known lo |<alrona of ih<- llnalon *,
Main* m Ikw.i •••■'it «i wiiifh™.
'I Itr, and later »l Win. hr*t»r hill
; ami won waa at on* Urn* rmpl'frA
In th* awttchlna* tower at Ih* N-riti
' atatlon, ihia city, la In th* Kl<tndlß», ■
"A l»iii-r r<>.-ntl» r~..l\«*l In wi».
, <-h*at'r (rum Mr luilni ultra aanw
ln!»r»»llin. < 4<rt4lla as lo In* manner
' In ahi, i> h* an* M* nnns#nln«. Run
IVa*. |.rn|K>a«i lo winter,'
Th' MM atalm that ihor ha)
rlear*<t two lota at lUrn|<art 'Mr tt
timber.* » hi< h furnlahr<l lh«m with
wood. A cabin km «r*<ft»«l , from
locs cut, two. ml Ira un - th» , ri\>r.
ratr<l ,down and' •■«< k»"l ut> • fifty!
font bank to th» lot, Tti« NIMIMI
la amall. with a w*ll-chlrik*d raof of I
pAIrH mv» rr I With a la»rr of rn-Mia, '
anolhrr of birch bark, and then on*
nt dirt. Tl»*r» la a I-t. in fr»n«,
lni!"><"l with •mall ;, {poles. They
wbtpaawed lumber/or ftoor*. window
and door ii«lnn, and two doors,
one of which Is a storm door, for
the porch. . Th» Inside walls were
hewn,'whit* blreh l>«rl- »•• in k- 1
to the ' riling and a Tuknn stove w*a
InteO'leit to furnish heat and a way
to conk. ' •**
"A storehnuse was put np on posts
to k«-*'i* do«« away from thr pro*
visions. The aanltary condition of
the camp waa also amply provided
for. Ther* wet* Mo e«Mna In In*
locality, and more were going up
every day when the letter was dated.
When the cabin bad been furnished
with whltrwond tables, chairs, and
other convenience, Mr IUII.iu and
hie companion got out another set
of building logs, and a ond cabin
will be erected In the spring.. They
have purehajwd two claim*, on* on
I.llllr Manook, am' >hr other on
Chapman Crrek. These claims were
to be worked during the winter,
Mr flallou says his aalmon net was
a big sure***, he having caught
many nah. and profited by selling
them. Moreover, he says hr can eat
the greater part of » twelve pound
salmon In a day. The letter states
that Mr 11•>11 •• >i and hi* companion*
-Mr » Mr. Budl of Winter Hill I*
also with him—llk* I.':.- country and
the life they art leading.".
The ladle* of Palm cirri*. No. M
Woodman of th« World, wilt give an
i entertainment and danr* In flank* 1*
hall Monday rirnln* Mar- h M
Mhiil»t« and friend* are especially
Relatives of LlnamanCallahan
Live in St. Louis.
lirliTilvi" Mi-ri'illth I thin morning
received a liUgrurn of Inquiry from
Chiif of Police <-mi>.i.i..ii. of HI.
I.m\ii«. In retard in John i ill,il, in
the llnr-mnn who warn killed yester
day. The telegram atat*a til* father
la Jailor of Four Court* Jail, and
wishes I" know moro In regard In
I the accident. No funeral arrange,
Bill have 1...it tnnrlc- yet. a* the
body may be shipped I. i»l
Active Brotherhoods Inaugu
rated at Skag"ay.
HK/ViWAY. Marrh 7, — Ijutt
i>v<'iilii(c ft new li<>iit'vuli'iii »rdi<r wu
■urrmnfully InauKiiratnl, (tarllnic
off with a large m(rmh«ri<hl|) and 1111
--der moit favorable .ii^i.i.m The
ordor I* known v thi Arctic Mrnth
trhoixi, The Initial meeting »-.m
held lust •vinlriK. / mii, in-ill Inn nt 9
o'florlc, Ofllca were elected, and
a InrK* numt>*r nt candtdatpa | wer*
admitted jo a memberdilp.ln lli<
order. The temporary otil. rill .1. . t
■■•I were: Chairman, TV W. K"<rna
worth: treasurer, M. V, Mali. sec
retary, 11. 11. -n.ai lii i . guide, K. K.
Mill, . lyler, I'.:.K. K. in. second
••■■i. i. A M. M,iMiiii-l
Tin' following well known .Itlima
of NkiiKn.iy compos* tilt* member
shl|i ui> In data: 1, M Johnston, J.
W. Iv > ii, \Vr»ton j l"'i)'llt>y. O. O.
flrowne, .lanira Cesaford. A. I.
iln tiry. I>. MrOulre. Harry 11.
Tharher, \N'm. Chaan*y. Terrene* I*.
Ilenntay, n. J, While, Frank I.
Hhaw. T Htrwart. T M, <'atu|itlr|i.
Capt, IJ. W. Johnson, I. A. i»hran.
A H. llryant, P. K. Kern. C. H.
Mondy, Marlon i:. Kievrna. Chas. T.
Haake, In Whitney, Hoiit C.
fmlth. J«d«a Win,, K. W. Adam*. A
8. liauithk A.. M, on. Ju.1,,.. Hunt
br*<l*. In Mahlon r. Hall. James A,
Nettles, A K. Maynard. K. W.
Partisworth. BrtMM r. Miller, O. ■•
However, a larg* number of can*
11.101.a wrr* (..tarnl who could not
ba Initiated, ..»tn« In the lateneaa
.if th* hour, and numerouc Mi. i
prominent rtllaena of "'* city (■*.••
' signified ilirtr intention of Joining
U-.r order.
~ Another meeting will t>« held this
eveninic, *t which Him- all other a|.
I li.anla for membership will b* In
j ttlate.l. Thr a*rvlres of I*. X, Kern,
th* Jeweler, were serurett I.i make a
design for ■! l»at'"r 1., be worn by
Ml member, Me«ara. Hlllltll IMM
and Jnhnenn were utitM.ltili il a* n
committee on entertainment. ' Mr.
II C. Hmith tendered th* order for
liquid refreshments for the mevtln*
thl* evening.
A Chicago Fiends's
' CirtCAOO. Mar h 11 -Th* sausag*
| IM>« August iw<krr, *ho baa ba*«
! In ]ail h*r* (our w**k*« ch«rt»d with
: mur<l^r:r«t hla wlf<-, ha* made a con>
'...!..■. in which n* i aaya . thai h*
1 kin-! Mra n«-k»r by *trlkinaT kM
on th* b*sd with a hatrhn In Ih*
kit hrn of hla h.iiw Mr tb*n rut
th* body le r«*c**,and boiled it in
a lara-* kill. Aft«r walrhln« th*
dlatntrcratlnn of lh» rvmaliia (or
s*v*ral hour*. whrn nothing waa Ml
that rra*tnl>l*d a human body, Hvrk
rr says he took *ha>t remained and
born#d Ulna- r*4; b»t *!«**,', th.
flr* baring horn |.r»t>ar».| by him
Tb* komi which woal4 not burn »•
t«irt«-.| on Ih. i ralii* (far.fals Imwim.
! **tt»v»n f'«'a .4 hon*. part of Mrs.
%'iKiiat Mr- hrra body, w-rr# found
this mornln* at a plat* Indicated by
th* murderer, '
Quean City Good Reads Club
In Session Last Might.
Th» annual m«-**tlng of the Queen
«'li r Good Ko»4 rltlh «aa h»M !•••
night in in* chamber of commerte.
The different committee* reported •
nislderable work don* during the
ve«r. The rlul. has emp»n.»ed t«J<« 41 !
v follow*: Conatrurtlon, iniDKi
eurveytog, lit. Improvement and
<!<">, T. <••>!!»r-ll. chairman of the
; Ahaiwe committee •in hi* report.
• i»i».! thai «' Urn lime of his an- '
! pointrnenl In April last year, the
j - Hit* <*•• In fMMuMnlon of twelve
miles of hlcyrle ; paths Het«»»n
April an<l Julr • thea» fMtihs wrr»
ovcrhaulod and r»nalr*<) at an »i-
I»nao of r»«> Thry ha»» also ho*n
k*pt nprn and In (nod ahapt durinc
th» pr»«*nt winter at an •*i>»n«« of
♦IT! up to K#t>ruar» IS ronstrur
lion work has b**n don» as follows
An a||ir>mi h from Plk« atrwt to
main t <>>*> »v»i-m at a tost nt MM
K«at I^ak* •mm through th*
pmp*rt)r of In* Kvattle <"<>nstru<-t!<n
< ■ mi'«nv «*■ widened si an eipena*
of la■»:■<• the Green I^ake path waa
built, •"•tin* ITo* and the return
I |«th from Walla Walla addition, 1
coating HOO.
Thna. 11. llardln. chairman of the '
rlichi and way* committee, at*led
that there waa now a slate law malt- '
Ing It a misdemeanor to destroy i
bicycle path*. They would auk 'li
mn In appoint >|>e< lal i»'ll •■ In
apprehend mla<*reanta who do this
kind of work
! (leu «*. Cottercll annnum eil that
II was propoaed to build a path to
Magnolia Muff. II would coat SUM,
I and If a return path waa construct
ed, the cos* would be double Judge
Burke waa In favor of It. Mr U«r
dln moved that th«y build the path,
and It "■>■ unanlmoualy decided up-
on The following oltlc^ra wtre
elected! Prealdent, <»*<ir«ii 11. King;
flrat vlre>pre*tdent. W. 11. Parry;
aecond vlre-prealdent. P. Allen: third
rlre.prealdrnt. Dr. P..' W. Wllllif.
fourth vice-prealdent, I*rofe»«or W.
T. llabcocki treasurer, It. W. Con
nor. *ecrel»ry, A F. Tourrlllej board
of director*. Will I? "Parry, A. T.
Tourvlll- Ira W. Connor, '•-". H.
Kin*-. 1' W Little, <lfo. K. Cotterlll,
Oeo F. Mill. hum. W. F. in.Nilrk.
F. W. llurlburt, F, 11. Harden, and
<in, 11. Piper,

At the Sonlllf heritor thin rvrnlnit
Nance O'Nell will pr.-a.>nl 'Majtda."
Unlink of "Uiiy MnnnnrlllK,' aa prr- '
vlnunly announced. On Thum<lny
•vrnlng the new "Final l.ynni•" will ;
tM «lv»n, anil ' M»«da" again on
Friday rvmlim. "f!amllle," Ha pur- j
trayed hy Minn rVNell ami her com
puny. la a runtrfill production.
Mian Illiitvln- si „.|,i,i,,i h|i|i>-iiik
Mil" Mill evening Hi the Third av
enue tli*nlnr* In the play of "Inico
mar." Tliurmlny. I'rlday. and Sml
iipliiy i-\<'iiliiK" ah" "111 proaent
"Th' 1 T.n'l\ of I.yon*." I "The K|>ldrl
and • I.- Fly" will hi« the attraction
at i| • thratre n'"*! week.'
By Eating Canned
nif mi.i> com ok iv(i 11^
H*ar» »am« Highly asfisstlanat
Tettlatenr. rrom Majar
H-;3iiii*. ' '
< I|K-A'!fi, March li-Th* Miles'
court of Inquiry thin morning heard
th* Irallnt.iny of Major lillaa. of the
Third llllii>4.. «rho *erv*d through
th.. Porto MM campaign. | ll* Iran
ll*d that tht ranneit ti.-ff was unfit
In rat. and t poisoned , many of hla
men. Liberal Injections of morphln*
failed to rclltv*i> tkilr •ufTcrlnca
Th* meat, ha said, was > dirty , and
stringy, disgusting lo look upon.
Many cases wer* filled with mag»
iota and had ;to b« burled.
The Chrlatlan mission and *>eattl*
Hnhi-I hsv**f)tted up a rmdlng room
at lot Washington street.? Th* room
will contain msgatlnet, n*wap*p«r*.
•nd other ln>*r»«llnt reading mat
trr Tor th* prevent the room will
hr open onjf from I? o'clock noon
till • p. m. ■ Thin Is a moTement for
Ih* benefit 'if sailor* and seamen.;
- Th* Rhode* Mining company ha*
b**n Incorporatr4 *l with fa? capital
•lock of i;i.»» Th* at»<-k ta Aw
ld*l int.. T*M »hmt*» >at II" fully
paid an-! non iii»miM> -■ : rt|c«tt
Payn*. John II Mia. C D Rhode*. '
Th»o rorby,^ and t»,Wm. ) Waldrop
arr thr Inrorperatora and trust***
(or on* year. ~ *•..» .■,'. ', ";
"BB^- —"•• ~ '-■■'
Fireman Oaorg* Wilcoi Mat
a H»rr*m Eaoaa*.
. • - ■•» *r Jlß*Vt"<t*» :•■ : '«" ""
(leorc* witfo*. who i( ni*ht fir*
man in the Ilurkn, building, bad a
u/nt* ••• <•!>• horn «fMklajl nt(r*><
about 10 oVlorfc. He »aa rnirac'd
In rlranln< a»me machinery above.
th* hotiM*. and II la thought, over
root* by h»ai. fell from th* platform ,
b*Mnd th* > b«U«e».r*,Tb* i night en.
glneer and hla aaalalaiit dkl not Im- :
mediately know of the amd/>nt. but ■
aa *oon aa ha'waa mlaaed a a*ar«h
waa Inatituted.j* Il*,wa» found un ,
ronaolpua whrrr he bad fallen, dan- ,
geroudy near mm* machinery. J li*
waa taken to lh« Pleven* hotel, and
Dr. F. M. Carroll tummoned. Dr. j
i Carroll think* Wilrm will he out In!
a f»w tan unl«aa C4ni|>llcat">na Ret
In : i "W-.'5-»,* >.* :
An alarm of fire waa turned In from
bos U. Ninth avenue - and Te*ler
way thla morning.""" Th* chief ml*
underat.»wl the rail and drove with
all had* 1.. Ikii U." which I* at Pike
and Flr»t avenue,";. The fire waa In
a r**ldenr« and wa* extinguished be
for* the department arrived.
Bidder % on Cedar River Water
Plan to Ba Aidad.
The board of publW* works have
decided to provide for the aervlcea
of a man fienton with : official
title of escort " Ills duties will be
lo show bidders over the. ground of
the prop -a*-.! Cedar River water s>a
tetn. City Thompson left {
this morning for ttenton to make:
the |iro|M r Hirsngementa for loltn
liik a ainMon to the •ifTt.-iwl aaeort,
«herr he can be found by l>: I'■ ■
Several local ■ pn>a|>e< live blddera
have be«n In the engineer's office
this morning Inoklnif over the plan*.
The dividing of the contract Into
four aub-dlvlalon* will I give local
contrartnra a chance to hid. Many
rontractora could not give a bond on
the entire contract,' but could furn
ish bond* for one subdivision. ,
An Af«d Man Narrowly Cs-
oapa* a Terrible Death.
W, Collla. an aged man from Fre
mont, waa atruck by • Front alreet
cable car at th» r.irn.r of Pike
atreet and Hecond avenue la*t even-
Inic. He waa plckrd U\i and carried
Into Harrington'* drug atore, where
hla Injuries were attended to. He
received a cut over the ey* and aev
•raJ amaller hrnlaca. / Mi Oolll* la
very old. an<l did not *e« the car
approaching. . Ilia Injurtra are pain
ful hut not neotaaarlly aerloua.
The n»w KV*nln« train of th« Den
ver A Ilio Grande railroad will hr
uin operation! In about a link con
necting at Portland with tho North
'll, Pacific, train,' leaving Portland
at »a. m. Five new roiiih-s and
a illmliik car and biiKiMK* car will
tn ik" up iii,- train „
C. J. Hlrrple, ; freight and |Mi»Kfn
«<t afciil of the Southern Pacific,
and Thomaa A, Oraham. rx-frrlKht
and i':i»» niirr a(«nt of that line. Ifft
for Victoria thin 111..1111111: on a tour
of Inaprctlon of that part at t»■ --•
road. Mr Graham .will k» H.ilui»
'in v to flan Franclico, to aaaumc> tin
dUtIM at III! new ;, location. III"
It is this way, you know ■
You Need i Goods
Our larcr slorc Is brimminK full <A goods you need. Our .
prices well, you know about them, or you should kn-jw. t
Hoy.rhrilr) Hirlwirt and Kilchrn F«r«ll«r« 1216-1217 Seoad Av««*l *
h<ad>tuartrra will b* at Han '■■»•
''a I . ,
r»t*r llardey, central ac*nt if lln
ItsM 1in..1 > A Ohio railroad, la In th«
illy from Han Kranrlaco, on official
bu*ln«M. .
M II Anthony, who ram* down on
th* Collar* Clry, aaya lh»y iaaa»"l
(hr l>lrl(». and thai ah* <»«• high
and dry on th» rofk*.' The Cottar*
City took ' aortic of th* : |>amarnicrr«
off, but mom of them preferred to
remain with th*ir r'"»l» Afn"nnHt
Hi- i.iii.i waa Mr. linlli-y, of th«
Northern hotel, who la mklnr up a
l"iit> to i..i11.1 hi. boat on I-«H«- At
lln > - i '.;
1 Th* labor bureau in tliin illy haa
r*c«lved, through Comtnlaalnner
iimiii, a letter of pralac from i. M.
'is. hi. of Han Finn, in Mr.
O'Neill hold* th* labor < union of
Pratt!* very high In hi* rateern, and
I* greatly Interested In' th* plan
whlrh ha* be*n carried out to fur
nlah work for the unemployed
Catherine Weber, daughter of
■ Frank Web«r, died at her home, Mil
*>rond avenue, Man II Remalna
i at Ilutterworth A Ron*' undertaking
. parlor. • ■
The funeral of Ann Wallace will
he held from the 1 r«*lden«». m
Twenty-fourth avenue anuth. March
II Interment in Calvary remet«ry.
The funeral of A Andrew waa
held from the family r»eld»nre. IZM
Minor avenu*. at t p m. thla after
'- !.!♦»-»•• to wed m »re laiued today
for lUrry O. Martin age 44. anil
' !)erlha , I >>••>*. age : *'. i both. of
•eattl* Henry lirn«n l/i*m>n. age
0, and Marie Pauline ■ Union. age
IS, both of Heal Me
Th. Rainier Kargain Hnuae .-••m
--pany made application , thla morn
ing to Judge Moor*, tn the auperlor
ronri. for an order to declare th*
corporation dlaaolved. < The hearing
in art down for April I*.
<-«-.i H~-k*rm ha/i brought nit
In th* auperl'ir f nun to re. -.ver on
* not* *l«n»4 fcjT Andrew Uauragart.
n*r anil Minnie fla»m»»r«n<"r »Ma
«ife. In favor of n*nrir* Kala^h Th*
dff*ndanta havinc failed !■• appear,
Jurtgmrnt by default waa ail«w«4i Id
ih. »urn of I*ll IS. inrlu lin« lnl»r«»t
and ITS roii». . „:
An i «in of Rro from , th*
•' >!<■ IlalNr, '■••him hull 1ln« at noon,
mullnl In ihf fir* department- b*-
Inc called out. in* damM' •>■
vfrjr « «i." . -
Mr 11. I. O«arr, forntallr, con
trtcllnir frelcht agent for ih«- Great
Northern railway, haa recently b*en
appotnled traveling frelcht ajtent for
tn* cam* rompar.* Mr. <S«-«ry has
Juat returned from an extended trip
around the Hound, and reporta a
irmeral l>u»ln<-aa activity In all the
Hound eltlea.
John Madl»y. the, rraiy man who
told hla IMMN to Detertlv* row
er* some dava a«n and aak«d to he
larked up haa afaln been arreated.
Con*tabte Nelaon. of «'«( Seattle,
brou«ht him nv»r today to »<-» what
ran be, don* with him. He will have
hi* hearing before Judf* Cann thla
The auperlntendent of public build-
Irwra h«a hern netlded of th* poor
condition of the Fremont flre de
partment home, and will tak* atep*
t.i have the MMMfI repair* made
at wire
Mount Bahar District Will Be
Booming Vary Soon.
P. D Willis, of Whatr,.m. Is In '
the city, and predict* n pr"apert)U»
soaann In mining for Ihe region at>ont
| Mount Hakrr
\\ c hnve some of Ihe best mines
In the west about Mount tlak«r."
said he. "ami had It not l»m for
ihr Klondike exrltement and the mar
with Hpaln. which itintrart.-.i piihllc
ml.nllon. Ihe people would have
henr<l of out inlnep before this. Ite
pulillr Is having a mining boom Just
no«. hut as soon as the snow Is nut
„r !„,• f.tothllls. you will hear some
thing dn>p up our way."
Mr Willis M\> that Ihe people «t
WhMti-om are enjoying an envlaMe
commercial prosperity, and thai Ihe
agricultural portion of the rounty
expert a season of goixt rr<>r>»
High License Law Effective
July Ist Next.
The local cuatoma houao haa re
ceived notice from the United Htatea
Treaaury department to the effect
that on .Inly I the Alaaka Uquor law
gnea Into effect. Thin la known aa
Hi. high licence law, and will do
an.iy with the regulation* now In
force, whereby no liquor waa al
lowed to t>e Hhlppeil Into Alaaka. '
The law will provide that whole*
ifilr liquor '!•- 111 numt pay a ll
cenne of tiOOO. The retail dnitlera
inual pay an amount according* to
the population of th* tonw or city,
pitch n* a place having InOO Inhabi
tant*, a license of 11500 mint he* paid.
Id iriofori- i.'F.i,|.nl» In AlM>ki<
liu\.' olllilnlly t•• •• 1 > «l(li"\it tlv In
vlKorHtltiH ''lli'<" watrr, " bat pitmty
111 aiiiiirily al"uva amuKflfd Into
hi- Mrrttory
1 ♦•♦»♦♦♦»♦♦♦»»•♦»♦♦♦»;
Taltphone Sub»crlption» U X
♦♦♦•♦»♦♦ •♦♦♦♦♦4*
Alabama Receives
A Visitation.
A Number of P*r»ont Reported to
. ■• Injur.d In Various L»
fIIHMINHHAM. Ala.. Mirrh II-
A tornado p*aa< <l throuch Dim ra
tion todar dolDf iitimrnut damace.
In the suburb* of the , city many
building* wet' blown down and a
number of u»T»i.ii» Injured. Th*
property lot* In the city wilt reach
|.Vi «wi RrporU from ouil>ln( <!!»•
Irki" ar* (lowly rnmlnc In. Indicat
ing that the tornado Kpread HÄ« v««.
tsilon far and wld*. : Th* t*i»-«!r«r4
wire* are down, hence detail* art
A new float, or boat Undine, i* >>••
Ins coaairucted at th<- flreboat dork
at the foot o{ Madlaon «r«l
Th» ateajner Kxrctalsr, of the Paci
fic sir am Whaling company, 1* »«
--!•»• i-l to arrive ;Mr > lime from
Alaskan porta Th* i:*c»l»!nr come*
from i all ) th*,poria bf|»f»n |Dutch
harbor and mm*- Bhe will alan hay* I
'all'-l at i Port Void** and. Orca In ..
tit* Copper Htm- counlrv. and »111
protabljr brine tome "buotrd* min
ers who have l»l<-a of woe In tell.
Bteam rolll«r l*n>«rea>n arrived ye»
terday from San Kranclaoo. Bha
|.>ailm coaJ (or the urn« t-oit.
s v ■ .1 <r Maweema nail* today
from Itailard with lumber for San
ixlro. .
Ship Marten Chllcott was towed
down ta the Arllnrton dock this
mornlnsY where, »he will betin tali-
Ins on her r»ra;.> for Manila.
' Flshlna- schooner Admiral P»wey
Is ntllnc out for a rrulac at the Cap* *
Flattery halibut hankn
Steamers Kar»llon and Cottas*
City are scheduled to sail tomorrow
for Alaskan ports. -
Workmen are en*a««<l In repair-
Inn I he ellp of the Waal Seattle ferry
b.<»> The old timber* are being
taken out and replaced by new.
The Kiichi'.n boathouae. which
wa» recently n-nv>ve<l to the *llp
near Mey#r'» F\»h cannery wharf,
hap been to«rd back to Its original
l.Kiiion n«ar th« <ire«t Northern
trrvtle poulh of Ainnworth * Dunn'a
T»i« Hablmno «a« ooallnK today at
the ».Mlth bunker*.
A. H. Calder. traveling r>n«.nirer '
Mrent for the Canadian Pacific rail
road at Tacoma. Is registered at •
the Rainier Grand.
John !•:. MrMlllln. mannirrr of the
Roche Harbor Unit- company. In at
th« Scuttli».
R. It. n«wen and wife, of Everett,'
are registered Hi the flutter Mr.
ll»wen I* ilntemlrtit of the Cap
cade division of the O. N. It. R.
W. Brockam,'a prominent mer
chant of Btanwood. la (topping at
the Butler. •
W. R. Morsann, caahler of th*
Black Diamond, arrived In the city
ycntrrday. anil la registered at th*
Dlller. "
John B. Taylor, who operate* a
• tilnitl'' and lumber mill on Lake
Washington, has petitioned th» .
hoard of public work* for pcrmla
lion to erect a tramway on Thir
tieth avenue, between Fremont and
Florence atreets. The recent bIR
slid* near hl» mill linn blocked the.
panitaice up, and he wishes this
tramway to haul lumber over. Th«
tramway will be twenty foot wide,
and the cut which will be made
across the street •la to be. covered
with planklngV He wlihea to be
(tranted the rla-ht of way for rlftron
years. The cam which will be run
on the tramway are to be operated
by a cable'system."
It Is »<ate>l that before th«
i> . ml. was launched «l nelfast, a
cnmpetlnir company hud srlven or
ders for the construction of a ateam- ,
er which will exceed evtn the enor
mous proportions of the new White
«tar liner. All the details of the de
sign are belnar tot out. and there It j
little doubt that In the course of the
next few months Die contract will be
let.—From the lili luliißham Tost '

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