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♦ Weather for Tomorrow ♦
VOL. 1 NO. 17.
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111 •■ ■
■■ *
Burglar Nippers in |
His Shoes. :
I• : !
< li k\»\r, TO T'JE DCTKfITO j
--■■- — ':
till the Mima cl Party Cray Wat •
Arratlaa One* far Smoftlag '
Opium ! i
-_^ „ i
P»f*» dray, all«jr»>) to Ik- one of i j
I the ct*ver«at huu»e breakrra on the |
Inorthw-tat,; «■< arrealet! by < ttetee- >
live Urrttllth U«l nl«ht Th» de- i
tn-dve* have U«'u on th* lookout i
for Ony for arrcral days i>a»i. nn.l i
he «a» arrval I In a B*eon<l avenue i
drug atom iant night. When March. |
Ed at hwl-iudftt-t*, a nuni! of ;
thir;\ . oalltwr «-orlrl>ljjt>». »»• i
•ral amall ni.-a. and. » nota book
were found in hi • iwaaeaaloa, \« ;
■|;,,i Dray'a akaaa sere aMurvhed, and a
j;i pair, of burglar*' . nl|>|wr«. aaed for
turnin* keya from the outalde, were t
found .In, them. An >».tilrr-«a had
I be«u wrin»a dawn r by Omy. whirh I
( r»a-4. "Ha»*»n. I! >» M,i4l»->n Mull,*
aad .>n lllllilM In lb« <lir«^iiiry It
>■■ foun=l thai It waa th* addrtea
of Albert Ilanaca, th* }«w*ler. • »rar
la oa» at its* i>ni watch waa ar
,^r*at*4 by ORlcera ««-r» an 1 Cor* |
brtl for .nil. inn a Ctrl Into * Kr-.m i
1 atrae.l [ l.»l«inK , h«uik- i about a", year ,
\ a«n, and tearhlnx , her ;• In ; anvoke .
.-Vopium. Thvr ««•«• given «*rnl»
, tour .la>« in Jail by Juattcn tiucereotl.
.which »aa fn«l"Wrnl a heavy Hay
. U»f Cor opium amoklng at that
Shot • Machinist at Shagwiiy
land Then Suicided!
Th ■ «t«Tnrf Uunitii bringa imvi i
of a ■kootlßat affray at fka|*ir on
March; *„" ■ The ;<ri(i. ip«la In th*
affair w«r« Tnoiruu Outan. a barb*r, j
and W. M. Wray. a ma. hlnUt. 1 to* I
lalier b»ln# th« victim ■ - t- * •
Thf ak«€>lln« eerarrtit In !»u*«n •
barb«r ahep.' l>u«t«n and Wray.wer*
dam r»nnpanlon». and mtrtiv% In I*
th« t»-«l ,'t IrlHi'li. liii(»n'» mind
la aaJd to bare b«cum« unbalanced
of lal* On; March '. vvray •surwi
Duiran'a ahnp aa<l l'«MI«n a«k»d him
to ■in him !a«irt«'nvpo»y.;-, Wray ,
r*fua«d la do an. whl atartad tn l««va ,
tß*> plar* Aa h* r«>in"he«l IB* dnor,
r>ua-an >!r*w a revolver and «r»d at,
Wray, th» tnifWt takliur ♦*!'«t near
the hurt. »<maillns him mnrtally.'
tniran h-n ' p!«'-»l ' ho' «r«i>'O - (<>
hla b«ad,aod hl«w ,hla brain* nut.
Ur«T «v tikPti 'to a hospital,
, «h«r« be died. -,-*'■
" . ' - - t . i" * . • ' "
The bis ■tearoer. i'orwmauirh. of
ith« Kmpfre Tran»i»>rtail<in «m
--pany, which M rro-nlly a»rur«d by '
th- luvcrnmnii *» a - transport,
Balled from Han Pranrlaro la*t Sun
day for Manila. Th* Con«maua-b
rarrieiJ a lars> '■•r».. but »II waa
Bolther aoldh-ra rot fr> Uhl. . II wan
* tanr* herd of : niul«a. taken from
l!n< 1- Ham* atabl«yard«.« Th« total
number , was . WO.;' Thirty : aoldler
t*amatera.< thr*» hoapltal «l«war<la.
and a vrltrtnary lurtnni were tha
only paaa«n«rra on tbr mau«h.
An Old Man Relieved of All
I His Money.
An a«ed «tnpl» from the »a«t '
ram* into. th« city on : yeaterday**
orerland train. and wer* *ml to lh«-
T*»l»r dock to wait for the depart
ure ut th** steamer Wtal* of Waah-
Incton for Whatcom tait ereninc In |
the m#*ntlm* th« <>! 1 irmtleman had i
road* the acqualntanco of a f tranctr i
who rrpr*««nted - himself to be i
prealdont of a Whatcom bank. The
nil centtemao had but ll*.. bat tni«
he "MUlna-lv liMfK-4 ilw "banker"
until the latter ' found a friend In
the 1t.11.-y block." A <-h»-k was left
with Ih* wlf* of th* old man for (
'a»^urlly.' whll* Ha «rmm|nnli"l ihr •
bum.i man to %he '■ littley tilVtt.
Tber* thfllatur. 1«» lh» old man
standlnt; nn th**f>rtiwd»d aiilewalk
while ha went upstair*. .
'^v After waltlnaT for half in hour the
\ * old man became aJarmetl and a<-
J>* * ccsted a reporter of the Star who '
•'■ was paulnff. lt« was Informrd that <
I his money was lost and «a« rui.|<-11:
I/at k to th« wharf luat In time to
* catfh th* boit for Whdtcom..
Hep Life for Her Hair.' J
vi£ nATTI.K CKWT.K. Ml< '< March
H.-Mlm llal*ll" Kth." ti:i'l IVnllac* ,
dtrd t-ilay of brain f.-vcr. mvulllns;
from an unusual raumt.* Ith* boast- ,
ed of a mawlfWnt be* ' hf hair,
which, when unbound, dmcndrd nl-l i
moat to her f.-«■». and of whtrh (■■<*■ i
was naturally «.nif»b« vain Itsji
*•!*:! ■ however, becam* unbearable j
• and i Htm '■ her to suffer from con
tinuous headache. fthe> would not
ronarnt t>. hu 1-•<• tt cutoff and finally ,
he waa attacked with the fovcr lh*t
i UP IN skagitlounty I
Sedro-Wooley and' Hamilton '
on tho Boom. •
"In no part of the state Is the Rootl !
f««llns brought about l»r (ho return I
of prosperity so worked as up in '
k' 6ka«lt coiinty," sail f.-n. <n O. Ket- I
I v<'>lm:Af*ih* RktKit'County--Timt« t
ymiterrtjy. "fiKacit oimnty Is r»r»b- I
ably tba.-Mche.t In^tent and v.- n
i l-'t.v of reanurrra |>f * any of the
liik'l rounttre In Waahlnglon.
li.'iii I .do \\ i iIK'J In lh« h<>ad «t
iiavlEullKU on tit* Hk.i an i Im..
yond t>> th* huiiiiuli HÄ( Hi I'unuil.*.
ati-etche* a, vast, country l« wl:.;h
ih»r» in.' million! of IV. I of tli» Kami
Umber In th* world] thousand of
acre* ■I ih.- bed agricultural, hortl
cultural ami alack ratalm Ism II In
Hit- «i-»l. ant! Hi. mineral ihkkiii-
Illtlfa of thta union ar« dnipl) in
ralrnlaMi Wo have golU, »tlvi>r,
copper, Iron, coal, atlwatoa, ochre,
•ml «ul|ihur In tlila region, an-l In
paring quantities »T«n one of thrm.
iv..|.!i- nrc fnm I..\milii« thai they
d< not litti' to go lon far oft frigid
cllm«a for * Klondike, Tin- atate uf
Waahtngton pot****** within her
own l><<rilrr« r\«Tvt»>ina that man
■ -.11 aek r.ir htf well-belug or Ilia
ury, ' Th» ftkailt river vulley ha*
mini moat prodigal at gift* In
offer iturn* who ara peeking a com*
rortaMa living. "
Th«. .Mini* an.l lumber ml!!»
hav/atartml up a*aln after tba u«u.il
nlnlrr* *u>|"-i»l>>u. am! an all run
r.mr full blaat. !*rlr«a for »t>iimi--«
w*rt navar «■> cikml, ami aa • oun<
aenuvnra tha ■ktiurl* manufacturvra
•r» nrarlmt broad »mil< • There
•rv about « .l"«»n mill* of thl* >
kind and nln* l»«Klnit . »i»p« In our
Immediate tlclnlly, »J>'i Bedro.\V*«ol
i.v la th* banklna town »n.l bualnesa
hr,i4qu4rtrr« for all th«*« Induitrlea,
Th* town la crowing railllv in.l
■übatantlally. W» have U>r*e rail
roada and a aUambOAt llu-. M that
In tha matter of transportation factl*
ill.*. our town txerla «very i-U;« In
th« Mat- except Realtl*. ana la thi.
im»hln* lawn only are, *• wUliit«
to lake a«cQn<l pita."
Fell From a Steamer Then
In a Gutter.
An omfloo* M*M>D«*r on th* Fly
tr assisted \la holsUnr tha : Ban*
plank when that «l«"»r l«n.l«l *»
hrr A:*k «l • ■) l»l *v* nttUt.'afUrr
whkh ''• ht. : promptly. turobl*4 ovtr
board. II- • I nick , th* dock Under
* •ouixttna thump and rolM
ihpuuirh to* narrow atiai* between
the «tr«tiwr and Id* dock and '•'!
Into th* water.- ll* rant* up quick*
ly an. .-isr<l hold of ■ pile. :
i Tit* deck hand* thru urwl a
rnpa anil h*,ul«-1 him on •■• the dork.
l<ater on lh.-T«*n wok f«uni *t»tl<»<* -
Ins In the «uit»r »l Kourih <•"■!
James »tr>-«-!». Bom* men pawln* by
assisted him to hi» *«>» awl stoml
him up a*»in»t a lamp t«*!, «h*ns
he skill. bo w«ul I remain until •>
car ram* up III* hill \\« the <••!.!«
•>•• broken. aixl no cars rmn ->ur
las Ik* client, <*>* unfortunate mao
■ntwi hay* »ad •> •""« *!«»
. Th» ataamer' !j»ura.l» alltl (n
pott last »*.nin« (mm •Ska*" •> n» 1
war port*. HIM had on buar.l J •
tare* number of n«»-ra. tha in*
jority beta* from ' Kkajrway. Th*
steamer bring* iwwi that th* colJ
la v»ry **r*r» at tfkajrway, Ml that
miKh suffering ;• «-in« OH am<tn*
people iruvriinit on th» , trail* «n<l
Urine In-lh* lnlerlir. Th* ho*
f.ital« ar» mM to b» frowd«J with
poop!* •ttnVrtnir from fros«n band*.
farva. finerra. and to**. Many of
them : «r» malm»d for Ufa. Th«
Lanrada bad a ronrh trip la th«
Mound, but It «v devoid of rvvot.
Bht brought th» f..1!.>»1n« p«»»»»
--«rr»: K. A Keynald*. « Folta. »- M.
Cannon. 11. P«i« ■'••. A. tlamlllon. J.
Vmr4r. it. J. nay. P. llrrnnan. o. ■•
I.l»»nl-T*, O. II Umllh, C 11. 11-.th
.l. I |ir«n«..n. J. l>ri».-ll C. H«U
h*n*r*. *. !»i.i>ttit. W. A. luymaker.
P.'Manr*. U t>. I .Mil-. B. llNlcy.
\v. itmith. C I.*n«-. 11. Dulllvan. D
Clark. W. H. I'arwnn, II Uajrm-nJ.
11. O. N..nlln«. t. 11. «ll».ii J. l>
MrKlnny, <• Yotin«, Ml« Tony
!-.«- 11. H«rrl». M. M, <r«>.M. >"
> L Aldrwh. aY 11. Hydltk. J. A. Jonc»,
J. lln-.fh I. T. Pl»rf«». Ik N. K«n
n«y. J. Murray. O. t-a*'-ln. <' 8. Piar
-1 rln«">n. A. Uoblon. on.l fi.rty-«l«ht
accond elate
A Itttrr waa received thla morn In*-
In Ihlt city from Turn KcOl *•">
of ft-Oni-ffn'ir Mi'in», who U
with bis fmhi-r In Alarka. In which
the atattmenl I* mad* that forty
thr»«- mm are at work on their
eUlm* on Munook rrrek. but that!
lh« (MM are not proving ■'» rich
•a anticipate!. TV latter la written
from lUmpart City. Tom MeOraw
•aw* the weather !i»» be#n vi-ry
cold. averaging V) Atgn** below
**r°' " —_—_
Steamer Utopia Sailed Last
Night for Alaska.
The- »tramtr ■ Utopia, which h»»
been urerhaullnit for a«vrral wwki
pout, nallrd laiit ••v.-nlriK tat Hk»«
way a practically www vewwrt. Blit
ha* tx-«n much •lt»"-'1 In app««r*nre
from th« l't'>|'!< of old, th« pilot
hnuM and > iit In ■ room •'"« I"
--r«|p<l on « now ur>l"T d«cli innicn.i
of on th» lower. 8«v»t»I ad>lltlnnal
room* h»v>- »'»" b««n added to
Hi* psni'nK'r accommodatlona. An
electric IlKht plant and a powerful
aearrhllßht ■)•'> \>-Un- prfivlded. The
bollara and machinery have nl«.i re
ceived iKitn* Improvement*.
The Utopia had on board about
thirty iia»«ena;«ir« and n Inrwe freight
. irs" Captain Jennen wnnt north
■0 commander.
StoU to Get Whisky.
KBW TOniC. M ■> li I«—While at
tending in- aervic* In St.- Aicnoit'a
church. In ll.iy i -• i •■<-• nrooklyn,
yrattrday mornlna;, Mrs. ROM Hat*
IwrtKnn, of HO Deitraw ttwmrt, wan
relieved of her pocketbmik contain-
In* |«. Bhe promptly rc|Hirted her
loan at tIM Hutler atret-t polli ■■ »ln
tlon and an hour later " drunk"n
piiconer. named Mary MHTlay. who
h.i» no aettled home, wa^brouirht In
by I'ollpeman >*rawl«y, who 1.un.l
her in the 'vicinity of the thurrh.
lira. Halbertaon'a mlauli pocket
book, containing all the money will)
,i,, exception of «7 e«nta, waa found
In k- i poaa»aalon. After aecurln*
tha v kotbook Ihe i»i laoa I evident
ly matt direct *> Hi" neareat aaloon
■ v m tj»«j<»« tf *■ * «■* k drunk.
noii shoots n wnm
Took Their Victims From a Georgia
i Jail in the Dead of Night.
ATLANTA, < 11., March 16.-—A special!dispatch to the
Constitution from Palmcto.'Ga.. says that the town was
in the hands of I mob of infuriated whites last night,
and that nine negroes chaffed with arson were shot
down by the mob at a o'clock.
Later details are to the effect that the mob wore white
masks and entered the town while the residents waft
asleep, They rode up to the jail where the,negres were
confined, overpowered the guards and took their vic
tims outside and shot them. Some of the wretched
negroes begged for life, while others were sullen and
defiant They were huddled together in a vacant space
and the mob fired a volley, killing six Instantly and
fatally wounding three others, The shots aroused the
town, but before any. of the residents could reach the
jail the whitecaps had ridden away and escaped recog
Im • •- Itement prevails In Wmetto, as it is feared
that the negroes wtU riM- to avenge the kUUng <>f tin
mers. fhe ajovernor has been asked f<>r troops and
will probably dispatch seven! loniianlai to the scene
wtthoul delay.
Italian Mob in Colorado Pillaging and
Burning Property.
Denver, •. March -16.—Early this morning t?o
soldiers left for Lake City and Henson in response to an
appeal from the' Sheriff of HinsUale county, who wired
the governor, tluit he was uriable to preserve order, in
those towns owing to the Italian miners' strike. The
sheriff states that the miners have secured control of the
camps and are burning ; and pill.iginn tho surrounding
country. They threaten to set fire to the Ute and Ulay
mines if the owners adhere to the order refusing them
wotk. The sheriff states that when he left Lake City
the skies were red with the blaze from a great confla
gration, and he • fears that the miners have destroyed
much property.
Zltll! XfIIRT!! f(|(|((!!!
Exclaimed the Surviving Filipins as
They Fled.
MANILA. March if..—A battalia <»f the Twentieth to
totry advancing from Pasi^ this monyng encountefed
more than a thousand rebels erttffached at Cainta. A
i foiioui-d, tin- btsuefenta (Utpkaytng mnitder
able stubbornness, but a splendid charpe on the part of
the [ ns icnl them flying from their trenches and
the town w.is Ctptured in sliort order. The Ann
•a.is one ni.tn killed and seventeen wounded. The
Filipino loss was very linvv, but cannot be computed
Boy Seas a Murder
Hart and a Jury h*ld an Inquest >•■»•
terday In tb* raw* of Mr*. Krnm in
1 r.ii.tf'lrr and John iiixin. brr
In 1 :ir.lt. who were kl)l*«l nn the < \ I'll.
Inc of rV'iruaiy 1«. at 414 I UM K.-v
--' *nty-sl«th strn-t. by Uoor«* MIX >l
" >t, the woman's husband. He had
I] Juki returned from serving five
months In J ill for Tallinn to support
| his w'.ti « ln-n tho crim* was -in
mi 11. .1 His 10-yrar-«ld son, Willie,
who was the only witness of III
' shunting, t»»tln>il .iK.iinai him..
'. i '■< pi tint In with a revolver,"
he said, "and first shot Mr. CKMIU,
1 who «>• *!>•< I'lnjr ■•, th* ta.bl<>, and
then shit mamma."
Th* Jury returned a verdict hold
; Inc PnnzrKr rrspnnsltite for the kltl
' Iwr of Ms vlf.. ami rjneltx. And the
' roro.n«r rommlttrd him to ih"
Trnnbs without hall, i>enillnc arllon !
by th* r'liml Jury.
i — -v l
WABHINnTON, M«r«h I*. — The
navy department tin* ordered the
' <■ minor CTblca*o in brlna home John
Hhcrrnan, who «;m taken 111 whllfl
i rrulnln* In the West Indies. Mr.
Hti'-rmaa In reported, to be vrry
fertile thin nfternnnn.
Cable Expert Btiari.
MIAMI. Fin.. Jlnrrli 1«. — Captain
Trotl, tho euhmnrlno rnhlo ■pert,
who actnmtpllfihfd tho m"»t rtmmrk
ulili- fentM In laying drrp ««ra rabli'a
or any man of his Him-, I* dead.
John McDonald, the teamiler who
would not wear rlothe*. »«■ th«
mnrnlna; (!n>-.t 140 and . DM by Judy*
• "inn In the Muni. rnurt. II .
attorney* ray* notice of appeal, ami
\l I ■• n lM'l ball wa* rlxed IIM raah.
: 111 lining th* man, Judge Cann said
that In th* community whera he
fUI MMI Ijf hailed from Ih* people
would not have waited far th» court
tn art, but they MM hivp at rung .
the offender up with a ■■•!..
Dugan Support* Moot.
KIR VOIUC, March Id.—Collector
Hugh I MiKiin. whn apruna° a xurpripi
on Hi" li' ti<" t -itl' imlltli In .1-1 -
Dry City during the ikMi •• nf t<rad
j (f Hotiert l>nvl» at I<«hchimnl m-v
--; <ml i-.-, kK ago, by announcing him
| •■•IT aa a ran IMati ■•• the nomlna
' tlnn fin mayur, .in I mi afterward*
1 called off In- Mr. lxvln. «li'ti. : the
petition of Mayor I'dwanl Hoo* for
a renomlnatlon yenterday. Mayor
llimii will In' the .mly ••iiniiiiimr at
Hi. open piimarioi. and hi* nomina
tion la MM I
Remains of John Calahan
Shipped to St. Paul.
Ponney A hi. mrl received a nil
grnm thin morning from A. K. Ward,
grm>r»l fftipertntpndent i.i iin- (Irral
Nnrlli'Tii railway, ilint'riiim 111 I the
rcinalna nf John Callnhnn ii,. ahlppnl
to HI I'mil, I lit* iiii<l<i tnki-in' bill to
be forwarded to Mr, Ward. Calla
h«n la the llu«man*wha fell »i»i>
frot to hi* death Tiirn.lu v from a
li>lr|)hono pal* •'< the rorner of l'lr»i
avenue and l.'nlveralty atr**t,
Oallahan waa v |<< I nt.tiHi friend of
Xiii«i intniiipui Ward, and the lalti-l
In ile<>|i|y arlt-ved over • 1.. llnamM •
iii,iiii...i> I .|. MMH - Mi Clark will
forward the remalna from hi Paul
lo HI I..Him for lntcrm«nt. Hi. I."Mia
being tha home of the dead man*
Frank llermanaon brought null In
tha aupfrlur court yeattrday a«aln*t
Krneat dllmar. lo reonver ilamagea
tor fala* mi! ila.iuniriil nilmer
had li. i oi..n«.M «ii.pi..i March •
on a warrant * charging him with
having rniuealed a «i..i.-n hlryrl*.
lly 'In" arreat lierman*»n lo.i |M 0
wnrth of pride, and %M*> worth of
bualnrta lima. Irr. • ■
Pope li Falling and Losing
Hit Mimory
ll'i.Mi:. Mar. hl€ Th» P»i<*'a ro n .
•Ini. la not <-n<i>u>a«ln« ■ ll* (how*
alcna of «<nUliue<l weaknraa, and
waa pruatrated laat night. Then I*
no Imminent danger, but haaty linn.
itni aent to phyaltlana i aita*4 ay
|.rth. nfl.'n. li la »U!rl that th*
t*»i>e la I -ing hi* memory, j
Mart** Mint 0l«.
HI NO HI.MI M..t.h I* — Martha
liar* vita Infwmed} Ihla mornlnc
that llovrriwr ltoo**«elt will not In
i. i' i. . with . her « death*,' aenltnr*.
The mian * wept when told «>i
omal die. itlh*< «iii probably be
electrocuted on >Monday. •
M. 11. tld'tlni. ill. »a» ftlvcn a
five year m nl—ra about a year un,
haa not abandoned hop* of ..I.lain
Inn *a : r.'\.r»*l of , J ilic ' Moure'a
Judgment. About a month ago n*w>
ram* from «>l>inll« . that I thr lav
|<r»m* i 'Uirt ha<l •u»ialti*<l Judge
M- •■ aril Harding'* appeal vtu
iirnifi Through, hi* attorney, W.
r llaya, h» wilt rtiov* the •uf>r»Mw
; court for • rehearing of hi* appeal.
A Drunken ■•;.
Ni:\V TURK, Mar>h l« —A ran*
nt bora, (tarrying «■* of Ihrlr num.
h«r. attracted ■ th* attention of •"■••
Herman Hi-»4r taut nl«ht ■) i:i«h
liriii »tr™-« an I IMvrml-t» drlv*. 11.
ttartvd for them to lnv««ll«»lr. anil
<h» boy* dr^<|>*4 th- helplea* on*
■ltd n<M. Am»iu!«iifi- Miiryron Cnlc,
from Hill— l 111 l H<-*|il<Kl. found lk«t
III* boy was drunk. ll* »« d*latn*d
at Ih* ho»i.n«l. ll* MM '•>•'■ thai
b« ■•■ «'h«rlr» PranrU. II r**ra of
• «.-, of |M West Mlitjr-wvpntli »lr»»i
but r>jar Ila My «b*f* h« «•.( th.
liquor, ■„„>.-. ,*>■;■■ i -> ; ; : ■•
Obnrrtrt IKUlabarr »"l»int>ly pr»
--.li<-t. thai Itiicht and loriwrro* it
•HI ' probably" lain Th' "pr»b.
ahl» ' rain prediction ««• ma.i* for
i»Uv. Ttw «fatbfr,cl*rk la «p|-«r
fniir workln's a bunco «»n>» on th«
ob**rr*r,:, for thine* f»av» not hr*n
what !!>•*■ im^-ip laf*ly at th* w»«ih
•r ctfllr* lateljr . ■ An an rnrty hour
tbl* morning th* <>ti»*fv»r Ihu*4 lb*
following »>r><M"l«:
. Th* ■inrtn ar»a n»ilr»<J j"i«Ur
ranllnu«d It* . wnithcrly ammnl
alone th* rnaat. ajtbouch matin*
very (lowly, having ad*anr«d it*
renter from latltud* 41 In latllud* •'
Thl* aouthward movement r.f •■>*,
low." «hlrh ha* r»m,-.| «Ii»» w*atb>
«r over almoat th>- whol* of Wa*h*
tnicton and north, m '<r'«°n. ba*
been very forlunat* for California,
bringing to th* »tat» a *«rr alMa
dant rainfall, which •■•• MM*
urfrntly nnd«t
MAN'II.A. M»rrh 1« -From 1'.1.u
th« viilnrlous Am«rii«n i.«it«u >«
ptir«u«-'l th» «fi«mir t» TaTtar, wklrii
waa taken «nd burned . Th* Ab»h ,
■ ana then r«Ur*4 la •'»« T%»
t»ft.H.lh l<Mt la* kl»*4 ill INt-
Iron woundnt. IV kIIMI ar* Of
porrni JoanM*J »n I l*rtvaal M- A««» j
Jud«* Auittaj t»»a »i »-<a»i « ikU
momma M ■« ••»• *•• »«•!!.<• •*
the pear*. ■ , II la n»i ka»«a> t-i
when ho Kill MtiiHl. hi* •-- .lu*i««
hut probably nut before ttH> "'•' ■■?
June. »W\. l*«al tteata *•»•
bren Plnidllns tat laM tNMi'
tnrnt. Only em* e>tli*r aiaw* vat
mvntlonnl. that of l> II MjiaUla,
who waa norelKataal by i".^bb-.i».b.b- i
.r Hi nth Ju-i«» Amu* ••• a*
pointed an r.r«i t>«ll»i by • »■•'• ' r
two to ■a. rnm:nto«uir.e»» •■»*•
and lloyr* tut t»rtin* him
Mfiil l."^ " l'l| I 'I »l ""r
At Omaha l«nii|ii«i ,
OMAHA, March 11 — n». «■ ••
rourt of in'i'ii'» '"I!" Up *■*• t tn>-
Ve»tl«atlon her* Imtay TH • •'.!'
er portion nf tb* day «a» ■**>*' ■ »»•
to the ln*p*-< twn >.l !■•■ l.m > Ml
' Wit in »•-« -» 111 a* •aaaMaval '«>■ I
j thla afti'tniMin.
' Carter M«rria*« ■■mlnautf.
ciiii' x 1; Marrh !•— Mayor lt»»
--iia<>n waa r»nomtn*t*4 by lb* f•• ■»
orratlc €..n*»n<'.-n 'Mi a/l>f»""a
Joo M.dill I* D.atf.
(nilCAnO, Marrh ll—J* \i t
editor of th* Trthune, aY < » , 11. .
today at Maa Anu.nt.i. T««a« Hta
death wa* entirely ur»»i». t ; i a*
Medlll'a rnndltlon *■■ nil *■**• I
ed perloua. He bad at •■ a. lisa all I
Two •i.-iim.r» aal!e<l Ihla f r. n...«
fnr Hi. norlh. They wer* the Km .i
lon and th* ivii«i» City. Tiw> vi.
1 NT I'd 111 I from Orraa -t« a at « M
O'clock, having on bnant a •«>«» I
iuiihlht of paMenfrr* and a be«ty
fr«-l(tht rar»o. Th" ma>i»rtty of the
|ph*«. nfii - were bounilafof l>»« . .n
Th. riirnlii.ii. Captain Uuewna,
hkllpil Hi I i.'i-tn. K. t|i>r ra—rajit
Hkl .<hc ii
f. i. Mia. U. Harllua, Mlaa Uwla
We have wild this m<>*> r (or ■■»», and cm
|MfMIM them fully.
$2.75 $3.00 S3 SO
1216-1217 ••••■< *«•■■• 1
Martin*. 0, .A. Werntwra;, A. A.
<l|'-nl«T«, A. H«»<ly. CharUa »
('•tii|>t»-11, Mi* Campbell, I'eler
faiiktati. W. n. King r.M. ..Hi
Him- In the ateerags. •
Th« <-.ll»|r. i "It y had la* foil-."
I iik- |>.i»*< ncria A li < lUrt, M
llelmtck, A. Marka, N. " Moore. \V.
II Moore. T. M Jarcua. A M. IW
11. Ki«t.-r, II L ii 11m •' II
Metrarh. \''. K. B-»lh -li» Mar
HiTli.n. Mlm Mary 1 ,r•»•. M
Phmlt. baaMa Mmllt Mr* lluller,
Mia* N. a'Duiinrl. II A. Muckman.
Mra. J. ■> lllrmlngham, T. Tellfaen,
Hi i■>> H.HI, Mm Hill, <>»• |{ork>
wall. It Murrlaon. Mra. l-i.ullt ». C
Clark, Mm Clark, J. C Ortmiha,
l-iiiln llanaen, I. T. Ambler. J. V.
Kennedy. W. T. Wataon. C. It !'«■«••
ham, II it Crdshton, K. W. I'avla
Jr., I. ,W. I>«U* »i . Mra. W. A.
Turner. W. A. Turner. Charlea Kk-h.
r"r«->l Iliililitiiwui, !• A Mrltajr, M.
I*. Montenmery, Mm W. W. Karle,
W. A. llrlKliinu.ii. l»ula 111... and
fifty i "Mil i-taW.
Nan* O'Kell rontlrmra lh» uttrar
lion at the Seattle, theater, and
Illanrhe KioMari a! ih<- Thlni at
enue theater, lloth houara ha«a
been enjoying an eireptlonatly **■*•)
reaeful >„ ih> run.
Mlaa VMM appeara Ihla *»»nin«
In "New Ka.l I.rnn*," and Miaa
Mi.-I.1«ri1 In The IjiM» <<f l.r fn>» "
*J«iorilay rl»»»» th* fn|«ff»fnmi •' '
Ml** iiNiII at th» Seattle, »n-1 • as
of Mia* Ktuddard at tl» TTiifd •»•
I mm.
along THE Wharves
•steam collier Vtt-gfw-* out ffi.i
li.»-)ln« mal at IH* —m<* »»a> ■.
tonight. Nil' will then pr»a«Mjr a.
for I'm r'r«n<i«to.
Colllvr I- Un«« t» ii»hM i#
Mil Hunlar »ltk coa.l !■• »aa) *'%*
l ctaooi.
Tv« !■!«■■ Oat* win »> *•»!
I lea*» lUiianUr rot a«rta am <*• ••
Inlty of Hunter'a fear. »!•»»•
T»« I>i«i «irn. '«lii—<■< '• mm at
Ike n»h r«n»«»t«« «• tha knrvf
foun.l. ••» ««lln« at tM •«.!*
bunkers tMa momma*
, •Mm artMt •- 1» MM •«• # •
ekarctiur m load ml *«* at t» ew»
4ark thla awMU, 11 —>l ■» fram
HtMjn-1 porta.
■clMMee Artkvr II ••• —i ami»
lot • lead .4iw* •<«** at i»* •lim
• tor 4«t k.
l!rtll«!» iMr «keatMtfetaM ia **«*>#
•H» law alaivatar ta*i*a «* «»•'• M
Waat <w,m. ■!■ •—■> •» a*.
r»itr.| Ki—l m

The i..« tiaeaaf, mt Urn »■..«-,
|t«wa4 Twa»~«i «mt#**i a »e*i ••»
etiwrUM) t<» Irav* '* T»» a—a»t «*
dar »>• 1»«»»» *a> fc».«« •**• !»•
itutwf I>u^o, K«n«( *»»«>• *c
a*4 •«*>»»# if m it*»u.4 !•>•' •*•
ah««M »mih kwm ««t* UNi l ' •
iaaM« W ia>* --»• • Mai*
Uc« •■*»• twM tna tlw *«***« •»
• ■»> >*«• 4 >*m** *■■» •»•
• r r»»fst t t«r» ,"■ »* r.
•aa »•!* traa» MM f*a*ef na«i,»ißH.
iiji M«ax»» ••••••. l»w»Htt ••-■ •
TIM rmm>»tmm -« .»«•• '"•«•» •».
■Mia* ••»» ••• '■■* •••* Ml M|
r™,« *»»» «»» »•**•>••*• a**WNf»
a t»« a»«*t» aa» «ni» t***^ »»
.h. **•<(>• rMHUHi« »iain>»
mm *m t»m #***•» •♦»!»« »••
»*9* Tfc» (tmtrnt ••■■»# ***»*>■• i ,fg#w|
»>» IH»»«*» * ••• »•■« •">■•
Un<t>l ■■« i—t»»HM II «*rt i ta».
to? Iwra— *f <»» «a»»»r« «# •*»
i...i».. H* W .»!—»< to* "i\v
«■ •»• ».- «i ••• * — ft; Mm
1| IHI 4 «•»- «MP*WI ■»■! l« M •«»
MltOT "V* * *"#•"
Mo* »•*• nwMI . • ••*».»! «**
«f*m •■* lii4iM4 Mat nfwrt
■MM ••»• •**«#
lv it »^i*.rw •« friar* of
Wat** U'«#v4 *(*••» •••»( •-«■ «•
!** I a urmtr >*■« M* » Mil la r»«!»
t.. .■ i m mm »mafcin
W H hra* l«w r»»»», aM ».
i*p> «!#■*• •>• •*» t««itk a<*# «f*
ai «*• -.»•••
RI«4MHat tt«€« Rl»g»*
TIM !«»• «•• '■ '- ♦ !>• KMHMt
trM «f f •■»•■*•• Ml •»■• »o»R>t»
■*v* «•-• •*•• tluK at fc»w»t» «»r»«4
■>«•• la ««aa> IBM •••»•» T*l>»a» •■ -
• i!»l»>"-« «1 •*■• «I*M« til .f }.
V..i.« •» .™ m»ana> Ttwf a««'» k<t
• «>ilW I* «M •• »t«t»* »».»H
• •At llwt ««|M »a>» ••« »iw» a><«
•tea* ••« •*« HMt ••«. T»«. f*f
***** M* i lit a* < m« « i>l> a*4
i>i. ti*r«k»«* >»,- f >»,• *,« wmft^imi
tlMl IN' » •»!• M»i <Hit la la* <(at t««
«a t.»!.>- I>..*-., ut;*r J*a- X,
ITtlMkin* Sakicrtpti*** '• '
Tileptiont Bub«crlp!if«« »• X
Rlko ISO •
PUIC'K <)\ I < •
Sne*)wal<*«i« Fall* '»n '«••»•
party Want a P>»•<.*■ •»•
Th« aino<ia«lot<« ra)*> r-»i» ■ •->-
I r.anjr ha* *t«4 • »M»kj>» »***-. tk*
Hoard of I'm mi- v ••• •-•>!« 1•' ■
tfii*»i. >■ to erct a »i*fe»#i * i:wmm^» •
I rim If »«r«i T*e emUßv/af Ik*.
I t»wawi*ii< e«t»««» t» •• f-<v ia>e
Kiartlna f»a» • amaaw |a*«w s IN
I Baal **4» *4 a»n Hi ■■-* m »«.'H.
running Inn M« ■■ • m »• '*•
north aldr »f ».•<•« •> f !*»•••
.•i atonaj r.»i. • »» ■ 1^ •• • -• <t
aide af fn-#«4*»MMI «•«•*»*. «*»•»*
puwth «r.t-» ••■♦ .. .•»,!•( • . ■ ■ «
and arr«M law** •«#•»( «« a »••
«|.|.r>.ilii •»!»?» ».. w* . „'*..* » ..1
and aiciml «»«■»■> !/»»♦»• an^ft
Hirnvih law «i»« j ■=••«<» » w»« ••■•
Her«n4 a*e»«»ea • • (Ik* «•!» «*» a*
nprtna atre^
Tfcla avkvar «« •» «Mac aff brtrh
and rMMM aw* im if|»« f»ve f»-«
111 dUimMe* Tte i*iM «M •»-.«
--r.i«t|..B« a>e **• «"(»• •«•»•»•>*.
and •«! a- i*.lw»mtf »• ««►• kna)»l
of »■»«> »•»»■« N» tawM-tWaa a* .
Man -■ ih. >t. - >*»— east I
nu4* «t •• »v«« .»•>• ti'< • • •
e» »«■■ «>-»» aeat iia) «»««i«iwml
nMMHltoa* rw t»UM* ••• •»•»-
Ml kv C, M. li-»" »*a»«ifaal *f lk»
• ••ra*»-»o* il Thl»«e».
it ■ rrmm Mk*** !«-• e«»»
•f IkIHH ►>*• Wtl !»■'«*•»»■ -*rj *«
• Oft M Ik* tit:'** •!!»' *Mf«»
M>:ll »>»■ »*-..» i> m l»r»» * j • •«* •
r.fiw *' »•*» « ' aaat »-• ■• !• ,' ••
kr*»n *■•■•-•• •- ■• IMMa* »*> **** •»•
i *»ff•■wsi .!...•-* *#** kap*a 1 !.»*-'••
t ■>« A imwunjn a«i «»» *■■■»%
--: tmaL fc«a»*4 • la »«■«• •• «aa»«'v
I m #aaia •*• *%aF ■ • a«ja in*'l
I t« (ft* pat*** «»;ei*.-v« f* •»»«'■
aave -*• }*\\ *«
roclk'vltoed IT
•jII »*f»t*fi«f Ua. »t S«W«I
§•4* » It •«♦»•«?
Hk* *a« **'<!»>•« ?«*■;♦• too**.*"*
•Ml «•> ** *••>,•* *••• ft— #• »»
«■*<•* ##ifn »*•«» (■!■ < «x ■aft^aatJalf
•4 •»%»# ,Imm «# «*»*• •»**•.■•.
w« aMB* atJ'PMHk *» ie* *»*!•*» **•)
*«H mwJ.' b» •»«• <Hm> ••<•*••
' ••»»**. f H naaj» •» .%,»•«» «»■*•.
1 wci taaM If ••* *•*■«.*--* * *-Va» "•
t«» aM ft Mm fa*-I*W4H* t# %•"
■-«»l HI II 111 »,!« ■ ■■ 1«-T
••»■■•■»*,» «,>.-» jf 'tr«n»*ia
* f*»»if«*ii iii'iif iK'i—kiiiwir »<aw>»
•» immjit^mm •»«*♦ wiipwaj imiw>*i
•n *k»,(^«a» »#«* awajNt^af ta«ra>»
■«« *4(Z \~+* tta i1«!*»« •« «r •
•» ■-V# *■*»«;#**••* •iWt **»***•••'
MX •«»< > 'h m p V w»« tat wM •» aatM
•• ■*•#> **»• «•*"* *« »** «a«••»»•».
«r*'«*t »«*••» t* »a»«p:**» i«B
*• •■•»«■•*■*• *<ia> »i»n«^a «• *^«*
»- - •BMt' *t t» »-»r»«»* •»»•■!♦*«
i*» a-fHkc »* •%»J^i.**f **■>**• «<
**> W •eoNnwiet «• «v***» ***
kM#«a «<IWe ••* H>re*a » l*e wnm**
*..}«*.«e.a »• ♦«••*#'■.*•• at *" <-•
•a**** Ad »»• «»ti«B4rT««»«» «*»«*»ia
••• • ttcvart *«»tiwa»Uf
•t llfftr P»f.
■»!—»■—■ »'«<■• • >••»«« r». r-* »»
*•♦■»■»• «n.U« ■«M •* «f few »r»«»«
--»»••»-. •«« ••»• kM *■•« 1 -■ II * •""
•*! k* r.<«i(,*l »H*i* • »•• 4»»«
*%• »,■»-«•«•••» • ti *»• • '• !•»•! •»
« IM • .m •« !-«• <W rtw ►- • 1 i.
t t -mm tmwttnf %»»* fc^r»«.™f mp», *«4
Iks ••• » i» (».'-«•«-« « •> • »••'
Tiw«* **»■«■• *■*•• •»«^» »»•••• •♦
MM «'••> I. r .«», «f • »« ■«■> • l» •
(.hmtmi >Mr » ■'• •" '-• >■ <
k«r« DM* tIM fe« ««M Uk* •**'■•
*t Ik* »*»•■• •• «lks t»*t''lK'* <••
nnmm win i» »t- «•>•« -.•»•■•
«Ml Virginia T«l«|»li«tt0».
KKW TOMS, M*rr» »• - ,»fn«r«.
11. •• m «4a IfcifuMi ■■»■ «■»■ «■*•*•«
*••<*• <s«»»-» t« Hr»<*tt» »«*#♦•
««V !•» Ml HtJMS*«td« »«Mr»JOHai !*•
f%n*f>t« t. ■»!>•— r**mp**» tmm
•»«U!S* l»» MfMt, («'ii# Ml #»*
--• •»• •»•»•• tlr.« |« ••• "» Ik* Mista
•mxa* •« !••• !t-« fc»u» TW •!»•;••
«*i»M» •*• '«•«• kv t*t|Mt«r« «*»■»
»-•«...»•■ II l»i'l >"■"■• T>»
»!li|i.»l *1 ■•• '••« tIUI -•,!■!
■• • «'••• \ 'Itnii • •»!-•••' ■« »••
•« •«< ••«.. ••>• ••• •>■- ».w»f*l*l
•«k UM M •* Ik* »UM» «# »>••
twk awl •> «« ■<• f:«i. »s »» to Ir.
• -«'•*' T •■>• 4rt>«tai>< » *i ••■> «
tmliirtl «•»" lk« •■"!.» .. i »«
mi » Him ■ <»•- •*" v- » ■ •
•a 4 M«« irtwtt ft******* ' mi ■—.
i --ix b • »• > •••' i> t.
Til* a«Urtl« Ci»«4ltl«».T
!«»»«• 4.•»•!.•> •»•«<»«■•• Kmtiktm
< I -» *kl>* tarfl IO»rhi«l»* »»M •»«■
--«.» •*«* ■• <UM«**t»«t- •«l»«til*^,
fc«« •»■ '•' • » < «N4 ■- v 111 *•»•»•
«w*»«rt»ii» **»■•»«• >k» •»•••« 'f
I : ««
t'Mit'A*^ Miff* I* — r*»ft»»»
IV— »• «»»i-!V •••». «»»"■«- 1.
T>tMM ttk*4t«tl
Hit l|k< Html" Mil «•
Mltafi mn.4 i« »«»■«, ••*••».
IllltlV', I «• ii."U I »
Khxf ■ Nl'n.i a n h ■ « I »««1-

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