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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, March 17, 1899, Image 1

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. IH lllllimWMHll WIIIWMI ill I ■ll'lill IMI aHI ■IIMMJW' "
f Weitkir lor la.orrow |
VOL. 1 NO. I^.
Scores Dying of Scurvy in the Cop
per River Country.
Such Is the Story Brought Down by Passengers
on the Excelsior.
r,I fr%htful atory of *uff<rln- nn 1
1 0*«U» MM brouiht to thta city by
I |>a*wmrrr« on the AaaaMr Kxrrtalnr
I *» hlch arm..! In port laat nlK»>l. Ao-
tnrJlnc to tneir statement*, mil"
men ar» known to have |x-ri»h«4 on
' VaMi-a «U.-I.r amir t^iok'a MM >lur-
ln«T Ik* pr*a»nt winter, »hil. othvra
. bare dlaaf|M»rr>l. probably never to
* return. , Sconta an* auff«rlns from
malignant scurry, ant) «>n hare til
! ready dIM of Ilia | A\*rxm-. while
others ara la th' i.m (Usv* and will
t»rt»h befor* the aiMI if Mrln«
Hit men met tl.*th tofether on the
VaMr* «la«-irr durtns Hie 1 %»t Vaak
la February. - Tbey belonged to a
party fwomi^l n«r by. Their
name* were llu<l»l|>h Klb>rkanii\ of
Lo»il»vilif, K>.. Dr. K,i««r>l U»«an.
of l.j»n». New York. Alfred All.
man. MumlUlaa Mm. r. Aajruit
ru-huitd. «'»'' A 1 .l[.b k,-rli*r>lt. all uf
N*w Tork City.
Th» trail*.' story of I heir <t*ata waa
toll to a Star reporter thi» m.^-ninjc
by r. A. O*boro«, of U>nn. Maaa.
who waa ramrHxl arar the .unfor
tunat* men at \'»!>l.«. and cam* to
tola city on th.- KxccMor.
ll«« i»♦ j rvnuMn,
; ll* •»>■•: "rh«" men went frotcn to
death on In* (Utter In »i»ht of
other m»n who *<r» auartrta— ln
a 1-1 ihrm. ," A Urrlfla wind Hum ■■■
Man Inc. - «■<! tb* tamprrarar* au
about -4• •" drcr**a l»!<m • arm
Krhar.tt and Mllltr war* 111 wtth
'th* *«urr>. an.l Dr. U«<n ha I Jf.
' t*rml to 'ft . i hem dow a| to th*
, a*a rnaat, whirr < tb*y roulii «»t
aßipplnaT " ' for ' bnm*. \ll»rm«n
and Hrhulti h«4 I int«T><l to brlft.
and th- party MaWMi .!r»c»-ln« ib*
ai< k mtn on *l«il*. While th- (form
waa at It* belsht. K. hum ■«*• out
and waa rompclted to atnf>. Kll*r
. kamp,* A Herman and l^>c%n there
upon •!»rt»'! fir i!w! -■ 'by station
: sont* [ distance' akrai!. la ; art . help,
laavlna; rV-aulia. »ho had bun - <
Into In* snow, an<t th« two alrk men.
It la »iipp«wl that tb« dnrtor f*ll
Into a irtvu»>. aa baa body waa
n*tr*r found. . The «l«b m<-ti ■»« th*
■l«d and Brhult* fro** to •l-ath
wb«re they lay. *i<om« r»r«-'n« past
»d them on th» trail. but wer* un
ahle to h»tp, a. they »«-r« iti>mwl«t>
la j the I* at atac-a of cxbauation.
Kll*nkamp and Allermaa daggered
•long the trail for abnat a mite ami
' a half and th-n : got. lost, '.klruc
down In the '„ atom a..m- dMance.
■way from ihr r • .a. ■ wn«re , they
were frosen."'- Th» bodies, with th*
exception of that .if th.- doctor, were
•II recovered within a few day*, and
fury ii al a* a*» 4..
I ■ saw th<- ■ funeral . ri.-jn wind
Into i »mp There «m a pnice»»lon
ef Ove aled». sf*««-h ; with a corp**
upon It «nd drawn by half •> doten
rrt»n. I tell you. It waa a gruesome
eight." ; •
* from other *i»fr»i It la aarertaln
«<l thai four of l/v.in'« party were
member* of an l!l-f»ta^ parly that
left New York <"lly montha ago for
th« Copper rtrer country. Nine men
formed th*' (*< l.niifl. I'r<>«|K-<
company of Kew York, fflx of them
bay» met death In the Copper river
country. Two of * them returned
•Jl«ru«te.t with the" Copper river
country." four,of th»«« fro»»-n who
belonged to It were .A Herman, Miller,
H<'hulli. an-I Hbrhardt.
Th- ■'•• y at
Tw«i' M lat «*..|.f i
Only one of the Seven who remain
ed in the r..unlry Oawiaji II"' of
Uronklyn. hi" c«mi> onl alive. H
reached here on the n*<f Utnr lajit
night. Kick with acurvy, und hp will
go on bom* "i*« aa conn *» he la
able M ■!•> no.*
Another paaaenstrT on the Kxeel
«lor waa D. A. Caiihln, of Hrraiiton,
Pa He h:i» been at Valdea alnre
lint H<-|il<-tnlK'r, and ha» aeen many
pitiful alghta. "I no« of three
other men who have been frown to
death on the clarKr during the
pri>a«nt ■winter," »i!d he. "One of
them was named Crunln. and anoth
er. Hmith. 1.1 • no« know much
about them, font there, la n.i manner
\ i. i ..... ■■< »■■«« y.
nf doubt about thrlr death*. Tile
acurvy la all", vary bad. and la car
rying 'iff many trletima. The men
Queen Regent of Spain Dis.
solves the Cortes.
HUMID, March 17.—(Hulletln.>—
Th' -in. ■ n r*K*n» »llind<l the |war*
treaty today.
; Madrid, m wh 17. — The quern
has #l«"ne<l th« lwr« dlminlvlns; the
corlt*, * fin 'Mii. ll thr iipw parlljimt-ni
and «uthoiiiln(t Ihr paymrnt of ar
rruri of i>ny tf> th» repatrlatwl

Th« Bpaniah m»v«rnm«nt hail ron
r liklml a luvn Of 35.000.000 |.i-ni-l:m
Hi, thn U ■niklni? h»ii■-.• of I'ntuljo.
Th- mi»n«y w«» handed orer .j»»»ter
•l.lV, Mnd Will*h« 111 Viili 'I tfl |.nylni(
th« arrears ilu« in th« Hpanlnh tmops
who h«v« strved rttt.Cuba. -
lIWHiIH IIHIUHHiJIPH" Illil Mam J MlUlffltLJJ - • - - - - - - • • ' ' ■ -■■' • ---...-.
' JLxlJii &jjjiVJL U-J-Ej iolAiv.
I I I Pj rSPiA I i jPj ki I r\ \\
* ft ■ v A fv. y Ji -^i -^—■■>- M M.. Jl -^ Ji. ~v 7 M -A —m. M> m •
h*va jtrntj- of r«-"vt, but It It not of
thp rlKht kind. Th*r» la a lark of
frmtt ntvt*l>li)» ami rannr I
Homo inrti *bah.tie been ri.nu
j tun vt*t>roiuly all »l»ii'r an >lrlck>
rti with Mini, ».i that It cannot •»•
j«. t IN .1 to ;«■ k of outdoor *■<■ i
■111 nut ■*• any »■«!•• of gold In the
country, •«»•! ao far aa I i-uuM Irjrit.
no ;,•■ h»» ri.unl bi.II up In ll> In
trrtor bark of the «U. I. r A Bum
bar of |>ru#p«ct buloa h»»» hern sunk.
will* of them lv tmlrmk. without nr
\<-ailnc » »iiu,-l- color. Hull. thorn
la no tcliin< what (nay !■» then*, it
la auck a dllUcutt ■ .utinn Pi prva
i«i. Aa for ni.\ I would not «<«
back then- for all uf Ik* fUI In
Al»«k» Tbt-r» ar* about *•» aaaaj
now In the CtHipcr river rvclon. and
nianv of tbvra «i» ready to roroa out.
The !'«■ lO< Whaling company la ih«
only lint running boat* to Valdca
now, »n.| liaa rcfUMtl to lak« minrr»
away who could not pay their faraa
of Si) rarh. Tbcr* ara mm now at
Val>l»a •uir«rlo« from Ihc acurvjr
•ho •-„ <ann»l tear* b«<eaua* thr
■iramlxuii will not tarry them fr**.
Th* icovrrnineni i>tru.-r Ibcr*. itiaa
: llrumt. baa »>»» «ll la III* i-'«.r In
belli «»t Um> sick men •■<•■ if th*
[ ..wintry, tut he Mr* that hi» l>«n!>
ar* tied, ami thai h- cannot do
much, not bavin* rnuner nor »um
j tirnt authority. HanM> m. k own
hat* au>< «•«•.».•.! In mil! tin away, «■
Brown went security Id Ihe nl.Jtif
boat peopl*.
MaaMwa («•!« ntK«mtM.
•"Th*T«. bar* been ■ number of
men up at th* rn»J "t the "'ofipar
ami Mi In th* Mount Drum 'li»
--lrl<-«. • « ..ntini.r,! Mr.. Caahln, "but |
I do not know -ahat they found.
TH»r» w»r» rumon thai ihf Mount
Unim cvptoren round »"M, i-ui there
bar* r—»n ■» many tunx-ra that it l«
iliirVuii ■•• hvlit-vr anrtbinc Mr
r»ll«-r I* thai lb« r«-i<»ru of « ■!-! <!■»
mv*rt«« In th- uft» -r iv.j.iwr roun
try at* Ilk* tli.M)* at Vaidm — th
»ork of lrr«i>«i«ili|« «n*n. Th«
winter kit »»*■ a enni|«ratlTrlir
mill on*. •■ ik* *a»w •»• only an
•r. i d«*p. Titwmi in niiwr a>inl*ra
It la amtrl la hair* rvarkMt nftrwa a&d
tvrntjr f»«t on ih> slarl*r
•Th* i:i(fl>li>r ami Wak-viti arr
the only boat* now rmllliui rrrnlarly
at V«!<l<-». - Tb*r* la no.arardtr of
provlalona there of certain klada. but
tr**H wgtHMii are aorely needrd."
s To* paaae ngera an Ik* Klrrl.lT
•tat* that bo party of mli.«-r» baa
yet rn»«i from th« • ".-■pr-er river to
tit- Kuakokwlm, and that i).' •■51..1.
l> true *r>iun>l Mount Wranjrrll la yet j
practically unknown. Th. Wranccll
'■•untrjr la on* of the moat Intertat-
In* for many ri-a*..nn. .if any part
of Alaika* It li Mt>l that M white!
man haa ever i! •■ •■•! foal upon thei
■■taTanilr vi.i, »n.> which wait mm«-»l ■
aft»r th* lliron VVr.na-- II of ItumU, |
and yet llm |M>ak la presumably lh«
hlcnrat on IB* North American con
tinent. Of th* mineral in.li- >n«
In the n»-i»hb-.rh'~»! very llttl* la
known, but Ih* «r«>t'«i' »i fornution
I* regarded »a favorabla.
' A T.i« «f MwtH.
!A ttory of mlavry ami wrath la re
lated by Mr Chaa. Paul llarrlrim .n
of *"*>' 'ft "••"' ram* down Mj
the Knrl<i..r "I n»*-r «»nt
■laaaTHC RinMM "I never w*nt
throuich «urh an exp*rt*nr« In my
life, n»r muM I haaMtM lueh a i>ir
lure of kn<H and wot bad I not
wltnnwed l! with my own <•*<•:"
I ■aid Mr. ltarrin*<»n Ilnn4i..|«
lan 'lylit* «l •< ur\ v. and there la no
, triune bow many arr rlthrr frox-n
to deatb or fill Into th* crack* and
rreflrra In Valdea Ctarlrr. II I*
aaf* to »ay that Ivrenty-flv* out at
.■ gam, I'm that ajg In I Wan will nvvrr
"•W out «caln. ! helped bury
»«v •■!!<■•• n poor frllowa. annw* <if
, (in m my best frl< nl». and I can ll II
.you It a .i« a sod ril'lii. Colnra nf |
K"lu.' Tin r<- la n-i a also of colnri
to am.Mini to anything, and th*
country antimd Copper riv» r ha« j
I".n thoroUKhly pr<w|iectpd. You|
i '<i*t it" nny«ti- wlttmut liM.llnif a
1i.11.> .lur. arvl you will always iln.l .i
party ahead of ymi. That ■ ..unlry
la m fake, pure and ftlmpto, and It
I* an nutraajroua •hatni< the wa>- ttu>
trnnirpnrtaUon rompanlpa are mli
kadlnß the people. W* hay* n rt-v
rra tit.ill y- of one of lha Irx-aJ'com
in i* • on board ''i.ntlnt; down, ami
he tried to p#-fi»iJ»'l»- 0* to im>.ni th*
wiuntry: but hut racfjmtloni raua<^l
■ ahower ol In.Uitnani .!.«!«.
which might have amounted to
omethlng m.ir. Ml Jet for him If
he had rontlnuml 1.. urge th« matter.
On* ihlnr I ■ ■><• any In favor if Hi.
rnunlry la, tlMt them la n.. danger
..r Hi;irvltiK. <«a there In lota of Rruli
left by . ,»,,... |. H« who l.nvi' th<>
roiintry, a Kr>«l many of | 11. 11l with-
I nut having rrnsard Valilea glacirr."
Future Plans of Western Cen
tral Labor Union.
liana ar« being p^rfmrU-i! wherrby
Up Wml/rii <Vnlml 1.i1'.,i union
will h.ivi- quartern of tin own. It
la iir.M».». i to i-riTt a liiillilliik fur
Its m Mi ami "■ ■ ut««i» y. ami ■<•
11. l.« will in- iriiMi.-.liiii-'lv drawn up
Inrtirporatlna; !<■■ union, a atrp n>-<
--maary In nriler to il ii'l< rl i such
a pr'UMMltlon.
A building • Miiiiiiiii.••• I, i- nlrraily
be«-n <ipi<nliiii'i|, imil Is at prMMIH
• •rimmlnß the f »i<l for I «ultal>lo
nits »n which to build. •
The Quwn City Oomi (to i la club
h»M ft .■ tinn In City Comptroller
I'nrry'a ofllea litft, cvrnlnir. The'
i null. « ihalnlKim biryrln |i. ■•. i.l-.I by
Sirli'i r A llurlbiat «<» -■■ ■.pi. •!,
ami lit* k h>-. I will l» .iii.).,u.» .1 uf In
mmii- in .inn. r lv be .1. ■.■(•!• .1 U|»m
1.1(. i. ami Hi., in..ii. v <••< !■. ■vi I will
bo |>ut In th fund for ronntrurlliiK
ih.- M ii.ii..|u Hurr blryclo imlli
The matter waa 1.-'t in •!■•■ lim-ln
of <:.-.•. r. Mi "titi.uit. wh» ulll ilraft
a rlii'iil.ir lellif u-i m>; for »mi:.«
tlona frum th» nir,,,,,. i * »< to «lil.-li
la thai b<-*t way tit .tin..,-.- «r thla
wln .I. All iiiiiiiuuiii..i:i.iii« r< liitliK
In thla mill, r ahoultl It in.illi ■) not
l«lr I Hem M..u.|,iy. t>. A. I", Toiir
vlll#, arrreUry, IK3 Twenty-third
Th* quoatlnn of muting a writ
of h >!■■ a« rorixt* In th« Van Alitln*
<*••* Will •'«• »u<"l i.mUy lit: UM |
iupiviM tnur). Mr«n. ttor* AI
Kln'i'iir-l. nn-l attftrney tat Sir*. Van
Al.lt!!." and JmSit.. \vin-i<a and
Jimlik it .n»i.l ■ ".-u Van ,\l*tln»*« at- |
l>n><-y for : OlTmMa. , Khoutil '•'■•j
rourt irfn*«« «.• (r*nt th» «m nf
habpaa • >r|.i:« I,»u Van Alutlno Hill
tin back to Salt, Jut whnt »tr|M
will !>. taken t ■ e«t h.-r out afiUn
ara not knoan.
Steamer to Run Between Se-
attle and Honolulu.
Hi«■:»"„ l IVirt Atlicrl. now tn Aui
trallan »«»« r». la to run 1» i»<■■ n
Mvatd* and Hawaii In III* Inu-rtwls
Of th* |iittlalt-Anv-ir|<'.«n Ht<-am«hl|>
f.'Ripanr III* tin • r»t.» «l that ah*
'la to operals |v rmai'.i-nily OK la*
MdtmluM route »'it ih" (UnxiM la
taken nff to run I»im"i S<atll* «n 1
HI, M v >v*"
Th« Iv.rt Albert 1. aaM to be a
fln# Urii<- v>»*>l eat«*Me of carry-
In* «ar«.« in th* neighborhood of
«i»« i-»» dead weight. Mw ha»
triple rt|-an»l>in «ltM«, , and la
•all to b* \iery *i-r—
The Itdltah-AnH'riran .cowpany
aim Intend* i-'iitini another Mwm
•r on In* N*all Hi Ultbanl route.
ta oiwrat* tn •■•nu- ■ i«'.n with th*
Oarnnn*. . .
T»>. rlrarliut h«« «• rnmratttr* will
rmbahly nnl <<»!-ir and *l««t a
maiiU'r to aitntxl l!rn)iiTiin |vt
; lit. rnicr.wl. It la !>■ ll> »< lln bsnk*
In* rlrrlMi thai C.H. X .' nm till
h- II ■ f .»vi>i. .1 »n«. Mr. Kr»n>i« la
aaMMaiit ir!!. r of the l*u«vt I*<m»».|
S.lt["»al bank, nn I on* "f ilka tIMWt
«•«!- rl a. . nmil.nla in IB* tilf.
A Building Trades Council Is
Organized Her*.
Th- «u'.J.,. t of « )!<tiM!ir Tr.l-1. ••
counrll haa farthe|>a*t ltir«« monthi
been thn chief topir t'T dl»cu*»ion
In ihr r<>..■!!•.* of the Wrirtrrn '"■n
[tral Labor union. It- ■;•*• '• 'ii.«ttv,«
j from the «Ufff rent (rail* • were
|.t...ni at Its* !:■<•• onif« iini hum
j finally bound theroarlv** |i«:rih< r In
last t.rFonU ill n !■• t■«• uivi th*
Itulhllnir TtrtU •>■ r, .iini-il. v. 111. h shall
>i* un •• r the, Jurl*dlctlno of the
nviirra iviiir.ii Labor union.
\> th* l*al m .-f'tiK A, O, Rl«h*rt
waa .!,.(.• i pmldeot. and Marry
Hal* wnl.il> «»l lr< ■>>>■<rT. A
Joint ntrmberahlp card win be -to
«.i. I to all Ir,ilr« rrpre*en*4.
Camm«iuini the Dr»t r>f April. tn«-«l
--ln«> «ll> !"• h.-l-J inry m !ir tilKhl
bi tb* w. •'.. ru Ontral l^abor union .
ball on Thlrtl «««MM.
Negroes Threaten to Avenge
Their Dead Fellows.
PAtJUITTTO. n>., March 17. — All
la quiet >>■■ r«> Itilc murnlnK after >■••■•
trr>l-iy'« • »' <'• ■<;■ -lit i iu»>.l by th*
■ho»tlnK "f niii- mi"»» ■ Tini'i «
arrlvnl lint night. ar>4 tin- tnorn i«
pr.i- ll' ill/ uml>>r marital law. Tli
nilllUry tn ir.l la to !••■ k<|.t up .i»
iiiit" la t.i. ■'< ! ->r now 'ti ri' I
that Ihi* vnn»i wilt rnu.-i' 'f.iil.l.-
Hllt'liy lih;!,! after lit. ». "Hi. rI. H ; at
their church. i
X ;ndikor Duffy Robbed in
the Tenderloin.
ii. i.-ii Clayton nnd 1.11110 llnin.l.l.
•rruaed "f rr»Miln« Jnmfi* ImfTy, a
Kl'iiiiik'i. of lirv have l« .-h Klvn
a preliminary rxamlnnllon rx>fnrn
.Iti'l.- Cann. lmlTy nrrlvpd from
Al*t"k/i on thr> l.iiii i.l i >\'i'.li'i »•! i>
n lull i. and w<iu liUJn'tiHgiafj t» ih •
tendrrloln. He » timile thn »(•■
qunlnlnnro nf I !•--;»•- Irn women. 11.
rarrlnl a m»nry l>"lt, and wna very
willing t'l dimilny lila mil of Mil*.
Tli. > I- ri a (AliNin m ' went to Hi..
■nun nalimn Vkh«rc* I>uffy firdprr«l
drink.' 11 •- li.tl run nut of amnll
. hi. •• nnd went frrllng In hla toll
for .i hill, iuhl dl*<overi>il hla lohk,
The in.it(• r i»«« r»-|»>rtM> t« the BO«;
|lri\ nnil th<> t»i wmnen BfTtatad.
Imii!m.: tbf. pxitmlnrttlnii Jti'ltr'*
(••inn rallad mi** n.iiii-i i btfora him
:i M.I Hiil.l;
"Nuiv. didn't ymi ateal Ihnt man*
money 7"
"I did not," xlio nnawered.
Mi'M Clayton wax dim■liui-u «l, 1. 11 l
Mlhh Hi.ill, II wua held In fIOU ball.
Cut. in Railroad Fare*.
Word hri* Ikpu pacelved lh.it the
(Irrat JJtirlln-rn ratlmnd will inukf
llx leCond CHUM pMtWUtW rile« of
»XI nlnjllnr 10 lln.«e riirrcnl tjß ttM
Mher «.rm«t lln«i. Thia will nindy
In polpta on the rirpion Hnllro.id A
Navli-itlon, Ihn Huo!c.in« Fulla *
NiirtVirrn. and In the Kootena.l
ruuniry. The Irjjntr semnd ( Imm
i.in- to Hicub |ilot«» «v« (I4#.
Fatal Train Wrach.
TOPKKA,* Kaa.; March 17—The
ll.wk Island Imlti wax wrerked near
M.|-«ll.l.l |M| Ml..|||l| Ml,. killed
and twrnly-Mlx Injur. .1.
"Tonight . and tomorrow fair
wcainer. bcnunlnK cloudy i..
morrow." la th« wralher |r»ll. ih.n
made by Obaervrr Hallcbury. Fair
umiliiT I* i iiiiiil aiau for Kant
.l ii WniiiiltiKii.ii,
Guests in a New York Hotel Caught in
a Fire Trap and Incinerated.
Thousands View the Fearful Holocaust, but
Are Powerless to Render Aid,
WWW TOTIK. Matt h It. — Tlm>
wiifiwtr h< I'l la burning, and a <>rr
■I li«*a have already town kMI. II
I* l« lit »<••» that «>l>. ihr in.- I*
out It will b» Mind that many t*r
•on* tutrr lir*-n lmrnr.t. Wtirn til*
ftpr brokvout II sained Isra'l»«r With
wonderful ra|>Mlty. «nd aurata un
it>« Uf>t»r llMri »<■» caught in a
trap. A numt-r J»nii»<l fr<>m win
dun m-»i.ii* a •!>•- aim <l--ath on
lb« l<-* panmu-nta. The hold la
M ■ nun of flantra, an4 in* llr*
rtimml ar« un»i>!r to mMI it.
Th« tmiMinc la certainly doomed,
on I lha nt* l*>prt>adltwc< Th- r.r*
m*n *r* werKlrjj M»'' Tj(J»ii». but
It now looka «* Hi •'•«■• lh« «h..W
t>l«rk will ■'• up In *f»ok« and
Th» «>rl«ln at lh» flr» la unknown.
I Wnrn in* Or* w-a* dlarnvi-rrd »n •■!»»
of MM <«ntral floor*. In* '"fr»4onk
>li!l»<)i. and «■!■ v«i-r »h«ifl» MM>.
[•4 •■ channel In draw ttM naim-«l
upwar<l and In an MaWMMi »t».n
llnw tb* «hnt» upt*r portion of lb«
*truetar»"»»»-«"«*"»tWn«*»na»a' »l
.h-.tltiit. r.katlnit r*d «fi<*i« of fli*.
A ntiml>*r of wom»n w»r* •••n a I tb*
| upper window*, and m»n ">ul<l I-
Rebel Chieftain Discouraged and Many
of His Troops Want to Lay
Down Their Arms.
MANUAMarch 17.—(Late Bulletin)— Company G, of
the Washington volunteer regiment, took about a hun
dred and fifty prisoners today.. Most of the prisoners
had disposed of their arms. The.same company also
seized some ammunition. .'..,:::.... ',*
WASHINGTON, March 17. Manga idirfCM hdicatl
that 1 crisis way be rcuchrd it any timr. md th.it hot*
tiltties will soon ceas*, The towywhi are; reported to
. 4ntoi capitulating. Agutnakbiaknown to
: iti'. discouraged President McKinlev lus been
Informed of the situation.
MANILA, Match 17.—(BulK-tin)— The (nsw^ents htve
occupied T.iytay ami strongly fntronc!ic>l themselves
. a gonpoal shelled Bwiangoman; driving the In
surgents from Hit.' cit\.
i.i;n\ ,l: Col.. March IT.—The la I
li-nt i..ii« from l.nk.- City am to
ii,.. . rr.-. i that the Italian mlitem «re
Ktlll Mrrri-'»ln' and .1 -11. lilt A
■poetaJ train ronveylng troop* ar-
HOT HI'HIN'IH • Ark.. Miirrh 17.
— Thi> mayoralty rontpul here look
..ii a i mil-: 1.100.1 vmi ii yi-cl.-r.liiy.
rrmilllriK '•! lhi> uVntlt of llm- rti. n.
unit lh«< ««rliiuii wiiumlltiß of two
rithrr*. K^elln* linn i" 'i' running
.lilrli ,i, i . ulmtnati when »hot»
were exchanged In : i .tit dI ii..- cltjr
liiil liftw««ii Thou. Tolpr, who la
, 1,1, | of pollen .1 ■ I'ml rlty do
tpftlvi', Thim. r OoilMi I->' ■■ «cr
,., „,,1. linn ..ii. li4s, Hnd Hhorlff Wll
lliuiiii and lii,i two MM on the other.
'Iniconiar" will li« |irf«rnir I by
• tit r*M**°AHiH pnolw*-' ■* IVfi^k* 1*
•lult. Tti»M««', M■r^^ **, ltr<Mr|li>
•t.c'.S^h e,t ||,« !**■( i.MI Km >l«inn'* =
*•'•- t«r.iu <I»»fia, **. f rtnit«, «■
** ''wiwr, f\ f*m» rt#rf f^tmm n»*,t
w. T»trvf>«, .», ?!. \<nfl< •»• Mlw**
•>*>•»« l«£l «.«!«.•, m*** mm n.,
II'»M M«rrh 17 ,Mlh.n»h th»
Tone hat ral>l»i (mm ii. «xtn>m»
wx«knr-«i'o( iwo day* airo. hli vital-
It) la irrailnnlly .Ilntliilnlilnn, In
Koieral kla rareM Illnea* la believed,
to Iw ilia t»-Kiiiiilnfr or th* end. Mia
h»llnr»», howtrcr," retnatnt cheerful,
and la cater to re>um« hl« regular
ditliati »-, + r ■*•■*'*'
obiwrvMl franli-ailr ronnlnir about
from room to Mom. H#vrral tn*n
and woman Juini"!. other* could
b* >"n nt window* «aivlna thrir
arms lir*('riuillr. , Klam**;, would
(•an train ta« windvwa about lh< Ir
hmda, and thru ta*y would (Ink
back out of il|hl In hr burned in
rind.-r». * * Ml* , lhi>iuuui(]* | »♦> . (hi
mrrMa b»lu«r j war* •trick**
but i-i»»rl«aa to reader a»»laia«<».
Tb* cnnlaln~l viral him
dred tt"<». many <>f «h«ra Iran
•lrnta. "Tbo.hot*! rr#l»l»r was r*«
ru«] |,y th» J-.11.r, and lhi» will I
tn« moan* 'of l<t«oltf ylnf and ay
rrtuniinit for many- peraona who will
I* found to b« mlaalns. Th<- polk«
will not civ* oat th* name* on the
r«tlat»ftiiml"t>i«y.; hav<- had a
r>wn to'tav*4(lc»te tbo luaa for
th*nu» lira .,,, „ ,
I IflW T<'K^<, JUrrh IT. — <lAt»
llulltlla.) — Tli# -majorltr of !•»•
( ■«*•!* »'» «MM« and rhlMrrn
Many of ttnrnvafpnarrd at thr wln>
(l»wa and l»rt"l Ih* paopl* In lha
• tr«—-!•> to ■■%■•• 'h»m. ". A aoor» or
■nor* JuinjK.J, alinhlln* on MM hull
of tb* i-»i.|J» halsw. Tbo Windsor
la immt in ritlna.
rived ilil« mornlnit. and a deUeh
in. hi will b» uln'rted for Bantoa thin
afternoon to drtunnd thr surrender
nt Hi. iiii-in If they resist a bat
ll.' I* rxpertcil to fnUIC.
Win ii I hi- drlnic crmrd It wn> found
that l/ouli llmklr m nnnminliHt/iiit.
Mini baon •l«ln. > »ln<> Tiil.i, Hurl.
.;.,1.,. him! John Illlmim, conn of
tin' «hriift, Ht»-«r» aii<l one othw
in.. II wrr* wounded.."
(lovesuwr Jin»<*^ w«« mimmnncrt
,i. I orrlved «iri4B»- -• >D< this morn-
Ing i.iuliiK Hliniff Wltllnma Mil
•..Mini <• id.in iiiultT iirri'xl Al
r .tit: ii IntaiHM t»clttimnl pr»v«ll»,
no further iroiibl* it •#i'rfhcn<led.
High and L_ow Rric©
Tell the Story for 181)9.
1215121/ Second *«•■■•
We have a larcc stt>ck to choose from, and the price
is right. It will pay you to ill on us . . . . .
STAR PAINT CO. Third , -ggJgihs
Th» Krttiah torpMlotmat dMlroyer.
Vlra«o, MM "' '••«• raitett vrMWl* of
»n-r elm in th- world, at«»emr«l In
i.i thl) lii>r»Kir at 1 o'clock lhl» nft.r
noon •!.■! la ln-'l up al th« (lot buoy,
art'l * 111 »•*■ ■"■ until Man<l*y
i'.i|.t«ln Ode Hats* la In «iriim«n<l,
in) the rMMt will t>» hirr* until
Monday. t^aptaln (Ma Rales ii in
• .mnmo'l Her (onn«c« la .T«0 MB
The Vlraco him \»--n out • >>■'
fi Ml lJ<r«rpaui, and ha» •>"" i"«h
--ln« ■ crut*« armind tin- world, tak
ing In In. Urlil.il roloDln In thla
country, and ala« In MM Orient.
Ml«« o'.Wtl arix »r.-l hint rv.nltyr
In "N»w Raat t,ynne," and In lh»
dual i him of l.n'iv I(abr|
Van'" and Madama Vine was a r*v
.lmi.'ti T'»«t»l«« "i»«1 tomorrow •til
clom> her iriKiK'mrnt al the Seattle
inanrh* <>tnddard will appear at
ihr Third «r*nu» theater Ihm MM
Inc and tomorrow evenlnc In the
**l*df of l.>'>ti» tomorrow'« |'l»y«
rli)«ra h<>r «i«»«<-m»nt In rVattlr
Th« "Bpl<l»r and th« Fly" company
MM ■! Ih.- Third avenu* Hunday
f(oau and hU band «IH be at the
Armory on the afternoon ami even-
Ins of March a. Th» aolnlata ar»
\l.. nee** I>ar»«. anrrann. Ml»«
Dorothy lloyle, vl..|inl»l«-. and Mr..
Arthur Primr. trombone.
Th* Ifnltrd Blai»» Treamry de
l»artment ha* re*>enlly Iwraed a »tat«
m<-nt of the nnmtMT of freight euro]
•ntertnt Mm United Malm by way at:
Canada, en ratlta to imlnta la tha 1
Dominion. Tl>» fl«Tirea for the year
|*M »h«w a total of I«,M* cara rnt-r.
ma- the United Watea. T»l« in<-iu<»« •
HTI *ara •uterine at Vanreboro,;
We. i
According to the table, U* rar«
entered at Pad Tnwn»»nl: %#1 at
lvmMn«, N. I« : «•• lit Port Huron.
Mkh.; "•« at Newport. Vt .tT at
n.ni. '.«i- -v VI.: CM at Niagara Talla,
and «*7 at Detroit.
Woodmen Pay a Widow in
Double Quick Time.
Mrs. H. H. Peters received t»n«O
Insurance front th*- order of Wood
men today. .Her husband was an
employe of th« Union Klectrtc com
pany for snrns linn-. and died In !»•
Ancl<-». <"»'. where h» has been
for several months. IVters waa •
member of H»attl» Camp No. O. It
has Just Iwn seventeen dsys since
the certificate of death was signed,
ai»d th» money Is hire from Denver,
Col. '■"{'■■
Klrum collier Troereso sailed laat
••vrnlnir for San Kranclaco loaded
with a cargo of Ilia- Diamond coal.
Tun 111-hard llolyoke was cnallns;
nt the aoulh bunkers this morninK
■M towed th» bark <>r<«nn to Port
Townwnd from the Cap*. The
Orejcon comes front Honolulu.
Th« fir* boat fnoqualomlo went
■lawn to the south hunkers this
inornlnjr for a supply of. cool.
Collier lannw In receiving a new
mil of paint. fiho 1* i-»|iwt«l to
Mil Funday night for Ban Francisco.
S. h.H.n. r K-lna Watt* was ■Hi" -
charging ■> ''"•'' of "ril «'""l <hl« ,
morning at th* White Ktar dock.
Sh« ruin » from Mound port*.
Th» staamer Oroyhound laid over
her mornlnit ami noon trips to
K\rr«n ywtenlay, on account of the
heavy swell running In the harbor.
Along th« shore the wind was quit.
. ..in,, but as the (Jrryhound I* it
lone, narrow boat, lUt-bottome-d, and
drawing but In the neighborhood of
four Irrl of watrr. th» ««r<-ntii f«»r.
<m Ito allow h*r to rent ur*> out. The
•... > li'iinl went to Kverett on the
•\ I illriK trip. ~.i f .
■^•••■llel'n Bay <101.1 Mlnlnir rom
pany h»n Iwn ini«rpornt»i| with a :
■NtplUl 01-o-N of |:JWi.n<«' divided Into
Mo,«as »h#r««. «leo. W. Uroßdon.
A. D, Hill. M. r. Hrenton. Mm
Rho»nb«r, 1. C. Oilman, and .1 M
Tompklnii «re the liMiM'pimton.
Th« principal omce of the company
will !>•■ In Hoatlle.
I. 1.. Mini, <' W 1 ■ ml. 1 in I and
7.. T. Hlrkmnn hay« filed article* In
pnrnoratlm the Metropolitan rrlnt-
InK iind Hlniilnit rnmnnny, with a
capital atock of 112,000, divided Into
I ,20 i>hMr«'X
r«anute m Vote Getters.
K<\.tml iwi'llOati'K, ri'«ll»ltiK thnl
li.|iil.l refreshment* «i'«" not Indulged
In l>v nil vnhTP. lniii<gurnterl the
novelty of MUtTIU about with thrill
in-Muni* and candy, with which »v
--#ry our they M«' "i lr.nl.''l. Spy
.i.il Indira wen- nlwcrvnl hillltTlliK
ml vote« for rumly anil |n-uiiut».—
ittM'ua I'rcH. _,__ „_-'- — . .....
1 Sub.erlptto.. to Z
L-.T ik<>4eo j
I'liKi; os i; < I'.nt
mm of
St. Patrick's Day Is
Quietly Observed.
What »•!•• f.o»l. W*ra-Tk«r«
WIN M a Slg Tim* Dent
Ft. Patrick'! day I* twin* irener
»lly otwerred In th» city, although in
» T*ry quirt m»nn»r. the wearing of
the green »n<l *nr»i humored hand
■ liAklnc and friendly greet Imr* eon
•tltutlnc the only rintem*nt. A
man en M**ond avenue / attracted
e»me attention Mr a shift time uy
rldlna; about on a rr»*n-lM^)<>cke<l
ltor««. Til* rMrr wan »tllr"1 In r. 1
« hi>~r». it« ■ Mah, «i"n h<»-. ami
a ahamrnrk bonnet Th» coatum*
was all rlchl, but She man looked
mor* Ilk* a, Frenchman than an
Irt«hraan. ••'• * * *
Ham* of lh<" ««rm-h'artr'l son* nt
i:tln will «h>mf'ick> ajld frv>-n rib
»»-n»i to their friend*, j W. D. II -
Carthy, th» ptrnini nunw»r of ■ W.
Ni-whal! A m.'i U( «mr«>rlum. hon
«rr<l a few of hi* more Intlmat*
friend* with green ttea an*l leaves of
ahamrork. -'• W. M Ituiwli, man
•err nf the Third arenue thoattr,
thouah hlm»<lf a f)wl»a and a lineal
deacendaM on hla father'a aid* of
the Helvetia, haa . bMrn i aportlntr
I arnuni all day with a yard of flaring
«i<-<-n He admit* h» Ik not Irian,
but aaya It la not his fault. Aaron
Culm, th" tailor,' la wcarlnar a tie
compoacd of, aa many rolora aa
Joaeph'a rait, red, icrevn. white,
nranltr. purple, Mack and blue In
danllnic cAnfualnn. It la quite the
m»at taking' thine that waa ever
put tocother.
"I have fiienda imnnt all nation
alltlea." *al<l he, "and m you *e« I
am trying to make a hit with all
of them. ■ It I* bualneaa."
Dr. A(>arllnff. the coroner, who on
•tinny flam alwayn wears a flaring
r»1 tl». 1* »c-h»»i! of hat Ing ap
peared In a rr»cn tie thla morning.
It la aald that ht put hla tie on In
the dark, and that aom* miscreant
awtlcbed Mai on him. The doctor's
aide of the story haa not been re
Ht Patrick'" day ha* n-rrr t»«-n
an occasion for parades or kindred
demonstrations In thia rtt*. but a
prominent Irlahmaa ai>l a good rlt
lien said this moraine that neit year
there will be such a «a' time h«r«
that the shade of hi. Patrick Itself
will be a-reatly moved. ___
Man Who Is Reconciled to
tha Conditions.
11. K. Smith.of thin city, who has
mlnlna" Interests in too Atltn <ll!<
--trtrt, arrived here Tuesday from
Alaaka. !!■■ has b««n looking over
hi> claims «ml preparlnis for spring
work. lie nays that AUIn rity la
lii-lnit killed by the exclusion law,
"The law Is unjust, ant ought
never to have paastil." mltl ha,
"Of course. Americana who h.ivu
claim* In that dlatrlct arc 1"( to ft
nrrn t rival of Inconvenience, and f«l
that the law la very harmful, both
to thcmcelvea unit th« AH'.n coun
try as a whole, atill they are roliik
to make the brat of the matter, ami
K.i <ti. .i 1 working claim*. wheneves
|mt mil till, In tha aprlnic."
•Thrra ytrra twelve feet at enorn
on th.' around whin Mr. .^mlth left
Atlln . itv. IHe mv« hut the itrlka
1 mi til.' While I"a mi * Yukon rail
road wai at 111 on when lit' lift. The
mm .are all In Skiixwnv. ha Ban,
and ire h«vln« « iray time. Mr.
smith la on hi» way to Portland.
ll.' will Mai to Atllu in four or
flvi' weeks.
The Brattle Ural"* ft Hell Foundry
company ha» been Incorporated for
Hi. purpose of miiklnit bra»« Roods
for watrr, Ran, and Itam work. al»o
making. « gcnfrHl lln« of machine
work and repairing. Thi< Incorpor
•tan ar« It. Kitsch, M. W, llynn
(the latter formerly proprietor of
Hi.- Baattla BrMa A. Ball foundry):
nnd O«0. Theayer. Capital mock.
$.1000. The, company will mak« a
vpeclalty of copper, brass, sine, and
aluminium earnings.
a*at 90m4 at Work.
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. March IT.—
The lircf liynil hi'KHii Its lnvr»tlKH
tlon of thi' Ktiirkyiirilii ami pnrklriß
houaai this mornlnß. The board will
.xiinilM.- wlliiontn tills urtniioun.

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