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Weather (or Tomorrow
VOL. I SO. I!'.
pin mil is mm
Many of Those injured in the New York
Hotel Fire Die in Hospitals.
The Proprietor. Warren Leland. Goes Insane
Over the Loss o! His Wife and Daughter,
Miss Helen.
NEW YORK. March 18.
--(Hulk-tin) i- "Firemen,i arc
Mill at Work tin:the t Whul
, »»»r hotel c ruins sc;irchhiK
for A bodic>; The list of
■] known,dead thin muruint;
will reach l.it^ii. The
latest , figures • place the
; number missing" at >» \ •
ent\-twi.. Kcports '-'frotn
i the \.iii<ii- In >> pi ta state
that fully titty of the in
jured are beyond• recovery.
The titleenth known death
V occurred this Vnorri i riit," the
victim hein«\Mnry, Chain
herlin. Warren l.chunl.
proprietor the hotel,''who
'• became temporarily insane
-last^evening,*in somewhat
better thisT mornimt. Fred
Misch; correjsp<t»ndent of the
[I Son * Francisco* Bulletin. I*
utill missing. s *"■'■•■'•" -
Ni:W YORK. .March 18
--<llulletin)^-Two hundred;
men were started to work
at 10'.o'clock"this morniiiit;
searching the debris hut mi
a few; moments the flames
■ ' broke out afresh and drove|
them away. The scorch for
bodies i r will **; be Z returned
f .' later] in^t he' day." A* rigid
• investigation into the cause
of^the di--.i-.ter will! at once
. be made to place the respon
• sibility for the frlßhtlul losh
of life. The commtHKioner
of buildings sayt that the
structure was unlit for ho
* tel purposes.4^*
j Chief thinner ascribe* the
; great ItMt of life to the fact
. that people hecume panic
stricken and made no intel
ligent effort to find the lire
I escapes/] and other wife
-. methods of caress.
' : *Aj corner section <>f the
-. hotel about S 'seventy, i feet
' high jis still '} standing and
the police have established
a new danger line.
All the firemen are sate.
It was/ at first feared th.-it
. some perished -while at
-1 tempting to rescue impel.
, iled people.
.Mr*. .Maurice Henry of
New York died at the
Roosevelt : hospital this
' morn i na. This Hrinßfl ,i he
• list of dead up "to 'sixteen.
. A man named Kane nan
arrested today on a charge
, of breaking into Mrs. An
' ncr McX in ley's ' room dur
irm the fire and stealing ten
thousand dollars worth of
jewels. ' ; <^HH
* NKW : YOKK, March M. — (Late
Hull*(lo.)—The cumber of thoM re
- |Hirti->l fniMlntc 'I* now, placed <at
forty Th* .irtntn of th* firm la
■till a myatery, but th* theory that j
a liarhi. .1 match was thrown agjtiniit
a curtain by a tart I-«» kih-«!. while
hurrying tn k« n,. pant 4«, U ac
cepted. Th« l'!»itilir of th- mat I
li.il not bi<-n U-iriiftl. Jlrn.rt.il
Hmlta flu»*rll, Vila of thi' r.irn»ll>in;
Km.- Korpylh. and J. ii !!'.«.•. IT. *l
dent of ih« baking powder truat, »bo
w*r« ' r*|x»rtmi mlmilnit. ore aaf«.
.They w«r* airay from tin- hot«l
when the fir* ••> <orr<-il. Tliv <■• in li
for bod Ira la Ml delayed, hut tnm
dreda of nan urn ri-ady in tiesin
wnrK aa "•■ t.-i m tin rDlna conl ..it.
Th<' nnrnhvr ut Injund ia now |>laerd
at flf'v Ii >■ '
Mm. H II iiiklnn, n*tin>i.' mother, :
Mr*. Kirk.-, wai ki;!<-il. m.it«-« that
aha and her mother li.il 1200,000
worth of J<-\vlry In ih-'lr room,
which l» probably burled, in ths
\i:\v YORK,'; March I*. — The
%Vlndn<ir hold horror Inrrraan m
Inveatlßiitlon pruerriiaca; Jimt how
many p«opl« loat tl.ir live* In th«
hot*-! may fwrhap* nt>vrr ho known.
It will >»• ■ comparatively en*y mat
t*r to trace all lh»*<* surxta of tlm
* hole) having t-i'Ji"';< •■•!. but It will
twit ID M #aay to k«fp tr.i< U of nil
th« prnpl'i of the h'iti-1. or of the
icueata <lro|i|iititr In for ths nfternmm
vlnltlriK or kavloK J>u»lne»* with a
;'r«(ular patron. Th* fire ifiart'l In
th« middle of tha afternoon, )u»t tut
'the Hi r.ii.-i' Vx dny faraile waa ,
I n««lniir. It waa mnrt'ii by the rare-
Ipaanfaa of a «u»fit;' who. wnlklns
nlnnr th# rnrKl"', li*hf«»'3 s 'tear and
j Inatnntly nil th*. filntay material In
'"" (rammlUte vicinity «*■* In
thmn. and within Un minute* th*
building was .l<-.m.-.1. with •< .ir« • of
pcopl* cut off from escap* 11l (h«
HI HT xnrlri.
' "- Many el Ih* (*"•'!• an the upper
floor* Ju:n| t-1 and m*t lain on lit*
•treet. «n-.l other*. >e*lns Ik* fat* "'
thitM oh.' Jun.|<-t. f. II; bark mi.,
th* flamn and »•- tmrn»«l. .. A»
"*in aa th* r.trwn cot I heir tuns
: la t.Urt al work, (ont» gallant im u
[ Ina of mm, voiwn,, and , children
I front the Uuilllns Aa » ih»h I and
I rh»rr»<l. by th* iT"»'li an ilmli.
iTh* IIM of At *•! up la data, a* far a*
> known, i* ** I •ii«»»; •
l.fUlld. Mr*. Klliatmlb, .', «lfr ,of
Warr*n \ L*land,' proprietor i -' th*
hotel, burn* on WJy; tiled at Flower
hospital. . ,
: l.< land. ll*l*D, daughter of \V«rr»i>
Ltland; jumped from wtmlaw; body j
IdMUMed at K*»t nfly-ftrst street
station. :.■■-'. . ;-,.
•Paddock, Mrs. Amelia. , Irvlrtcton,
N. V.: jumi».| fri.m window: died at
>!!•• tluulil • huu»<-; bujy •' Kill
Flfl> -fir»t •ir*»l atattan.
Kirk. f Nan. Ana (Mr*. James
Kirki, Chlratt>: li' lln IWl*vu». -
>" VWrte, Ur*. 11,, Maeen. Oa.; jump*
»•■! frvm ulivl >w: .11*4 at l» . Eaat
Fsrly-elxth street. „ £ . - ,
CI randy, Mlaa Utsrvll**, Ktlsabelh
City. ■N. C; Jumped from window;
body at East fi!lrHrii Mrcct ala
tlen. :{\' ■■ .. '•* . _ » ! I •-.;.■ ■/
Gibson. Mr* A.MI». a«r*J r.; shneh:
f»M from on* of upper storlmi; .|ii-*l i
it .Murrjy Hill hoi.l. „ . ;.
- f]oodmaa. Kl»an<>r Lmila* aard IT.!
frarttufl «kull, dt«l at Itollciru*. - .
:'i Connoity, r, John.' ■ hoist. empto?*!
buriia »n I Inlcrnai Injitrtaa. ill*4 at
Ftowrr htMiiltat."".
t'r.kii- « • >n>i m! 441« . af>!,
jiimtwd from,window, died at lltlett
OaaM'* r'«Ul*-ivi». , . -
t'nkn'>«n mum. b.»1) at Di!
ntly'ftrat »tr**t atatlon. '
' Unknown man.' TV mmmi lo Jump
from roof at r» »r Of tkotml: body not
r»eor»r«J. „'..»».-,. „. : , s • „ -
I'nkiiawn rhl!4. thrown from «ln
•lii* by m->lh»r; l»*.l}- net r*cowr*4.
ilUnknown wonuin. m"(h' of ihll!.
jumped from window, kvl» not rv
■ „>»r. 1 r^JBBBBIJBHHaI
• Tb* following tUt oX nlaalnc la r«
--« i**--1 at 11.30 a. m.
Thom['«.in. IIU l)r». 14, i iu«hi*r of |
Rxuttn* i Thompson, \V»«t «»v.nl>- !
ttr*t »trr»!. „: « „- «. : _
, tWtla,; ■ .-*«.) l#. daiuthttr tof John
tlcll*, \V*»l »»vtrstj--flr»l «lr«*t.
L'pham. An*tta, ilaujtbtrr nf •<•
Hrn»nr l'|h»m, «if Vrrmnnt. ,
. I" Cordonva. Urs. Alfrod, It* of
a •iackbrdktr h«\in* an t»(flc« In th*
hottl. • , .
llrxllry. Ml**. v..*J
Uterner. Mta*. New.Totk. -
Morgin, Mit, CatherltM, Ui Madl
•o*v ■ . . --^ *, .. -
(luina, Warr»n. rltttliit man at
hot»L , „, . , „ .. :
,Aus«*. Alia*. vUltlnx at hot*t
M'.Vulty. Ml«»
liu-ah.irn. M,-> 11. MtW York.
M'Carthy, Catherln*. dotn*atlc
Bhn, Kat». doin*allc.
i O'Connell, Katr.
Vrult. J titi.-«
i]lH Mi>ra»-h. Mi
liiMii.l. Mra. Jam**.
Kullrr, Minn Marcarcl. nice* .if A.
11. r'ullrr. i.f l'hila<|t-l|>hta.
Tr.»ii'». Ml»». •
Chapman,. Mr. William 11.
llurkUy, Mr».
- Worth, Him
Itlsloy, Minn J-nnl».
[Outf, Ellen P.
Kord, Charlva.
Wtlch. Wary. •
i..innitk. Mary.
. Rtokea, Mra. Jamta If.
Muller, Chrlatnpher.'^^p
, .M'Klmy, Mr., !S ycara "I'l llv».| at
111- hotel with hl« family.
, Jloftman. MIM Ii ..• and two
nlcM, Ualtlmore.
Kelly. i:ii*-i.
Clark, liary.
Armatrons, llrlilm-t.
h«-lli'i'«. I'r. K-nn. tf. B.
MurK'ift. <VII«a Annie Taylor.
Ix>r«, Harry W,
.\ri«>-llii.-, Mary.
M... ij. Mr- Frrdrrkk.
\r,.ri« th* vlitiiMH w*r«i Mr« tot*
and. wlf* of the proprietor of Hi'
hotel, ar.d thrlr . daughter, ll«lcn.
Mi- l^'lmiil »■»• carried from th*
burnlnc liuilillna uneonacloua from
irnron. whll* Helen Icarm! tn hnr
death In the lilaclnc court.
■ Abner M<'Klnl<-y. brother of the
J'reol.l. f I. with hl« family, occupied
room* .on tli' ••"■■■nil floor. All of
thi*m cacaped. ,
lu-twcon »<-v*nty-nv« and on* hun
dred poopln, inrludlnir (all firemen,
are In.lur—l. Hum* of Hi- Injured
will die. . * . .
Tha Pope's Condition.
li' iM j:, Vnri'h I*.—A minor ojujra
tlon waa performt"l on the Pope*
thlKh today. II- Buffered no 111
•ffecta. ■
i -.. _ ---- ■■ _ —- '■ , ■■•'•'.
Army Reorganized,
MA. 11. A. March II i;. n. 1..1 Otla
h»» cntlroly reorajanlvd bin forrea.
Th<»y will conalat hereafter of tun
dlvlilona of tMr' ■ brlirade earh, l.mv
lon ad Mar-Arthur brlnit plarnl In
command of tin- dlvldona. In Law
ton'a command will I"- California,
W»«hln«t«n. and North Dakota vol
A C»rl(»t Plot.
•■ M.iiii.. March I*.— Thf pollrn
today avl<«d n quantity of h-Mlll'mim
ii;i|i<T!i ii'llnxii-il to N| • 111 ii aol
dli*m, Itifltlnif them tt» violence to
nectire arreara rtt pay. And red ram
Dr. l •! >■! ■

II • 'i .
MMU ..f Hi. Hhlllll -
lat .
i. ■

IH* <iii>«
a loui ;<•
Charl** N'ol.ui'l was nnr-1 I. and
costs, and aiv*n thtrty d»y* In jail
j thl» mornltM, far •(••.iiinir an over"
coat out of it dnwntonn hut*!. -
> l.t<<-ii«<j in mi « a* l*au*d v« •! ci -
day fi>t Win. Knamttt VrtHiman, a««
S3. of ttpuknn*, and Jrmila it'll-
McCain, ar* n, if dot fy-tiue*-
Th» fuiK-rui far K.i»in U Philips
w«a Mid frvm tlonnry * >t»»arl •
. h«|'.l this mornlrw at II a, ■ In
tsrracnt una tn«d* In Calvary rom<
■ Th* funeral «f William 11. li. ».r
was liri.i from ltonn*y A Hi'ijii')
< li«i»! today at f p. m. * Kra«.-r «•*
fui imrlt a rlrrk In th« tlun 34aiTtie.
T>>' fuii'-r.il of John Callahan was
held today at It a. n , In "m tjtAy
at Ooott H.: . church. - tttr. Vaiiur
V*. X. I'rvfuntaln «-nii mini
KM| i'aui«i'ii mi- Into t»oltr»
h**ilquart*r*. ihla m»rnlns and
rUlnird h» hi.l Wi-n cu'iir,' «' ITT
la room 19 of th* l.vi,-!l h»ua«. !>♦•
iwilif l*»w«r* lftve«UratiHt tb* eat*
and f'itiii.l h* had i :•'.••! 120 «n Or.
posit in th* Mint i«i hjii, «"i i *s>»ni
11,. r*st far win* an I l»»«r.
. Chart** T. •' i|>ml Srnat frock
•r. Arthur N. < Mayww.'and 11. C.
Ofrll ha»» ■ Ixwtt • | «iln!«.) sixvUU
IMllvltnrii by (%t*t of I*i.lU» V.r, 1,
for on* mouth
•* Hi» carload* of marhl»»ry for ih*
l*ort Orrhani natal *t»tioti arttred
from th* *aat vestrrdsy. : It. will
. b« u».-i fur bulMinit 1 urj-.>*.», Th*
(•••n«!aiim.iit \.HI l»- Uk«ti •<> !*»rt
Orrhard oa id* iMmrr lUj'M Tran-
[ Th» Vm\ Orthard t--mii*ti >t.
ault* will Im Mtiirl i< t'li- Circuit
iri-utt of »l■!■• i. •at Pan 1 r«n. t«.- >.
j la 4rnylß« mstlona for t»* If tali.
Ju<l' llaitf .r«t »*-t>tJ •» hv'il Shu
Inaemucb «' the <»•<■< ««ult! ?«• a|»
--| iwiiinl. th« apiavlal* ro«itt mljfht aa
». || pa»» upon ail ika rrr«i« it ilia
«,%i»rf tlmv.
' Mt» »» llrflbrtM, w.#JI known in
thl» «iir, ■!!—I at Pi»»M»ai» fcoa
pttal laat -• •r»nlnjr, at • «•'• t» k, •,!
in?l«r"!m»ti'n ..f th- k '»<•!• '
Story of ( a Battle
In Alaska.
„. > -
mi ... i.
i Tli* yellow fakir la again abroad In
the land, BBTi ■'...►- ■ fala* ■ alarrt*
Ihruach IV **n**i'onal nrw«oao«ra.
A wild and woolly atory waa rlrru
la>. < yenttrrriay t9 lha rfr. i 'i«t a
ba.lll* had taken pl(w*» bn w#t>n
Anvrtran mlm-ra and th* i*.m ill i i
imiunii .1 >">i" <■ !'■" "r <h■■ t (■alton
trail. In which four mm Imt lit Ir
!:»•■•. Th* tnvr* fart that tltla atnry
i • nan' ■ I from tils o'R'f of Ilia N •«■
: V irk arM waa aufllrttnt i > t ■> <■ <•
It nnd*r euaplclon, and t*!l*l>l* rih
lii*r» rvfuMd to handle It, | In-
VriHlc.lt t.m a! V.11.r-.iiv.r. 11. C,
wher# ln# tHnrf 1* BlVntWi to hay«
mari'-l. r«-vi :il« tli- fart thai It h il
no fnuiMintiori In fart. Th« .iii-x-.i
author .<'inl I.!iirnrii'rf-I'. *■• not ft
paw m;»T from* Ainrkn ui"-n •••■■
•tranur T. > ». mi altcwti. «» 1 no on*
ran !»■ fuuml whu cvrr h">r.l of
him. (".>"•••.« from w.ic««y who
arrived on th# Ti*» anil th» llum
bnldt. all «tat» th.it no fight took
li!»ir<- lxf.iM' ll.' V ll'fL
Steam Schooner Jeanle Will
Take the Machinery.
Tht unin (rhooncr Jeenl*, if th«
I'm 111" 1 Hi",-im Whaling rnnitiany. at
rKi'l In |"<it I i»t "'Vf.IiPK from Fan
francluro, Kho I* on !)"• way tn
IlrUtnl hay. In the llnhrtng B»a. ami
In ).. >■!■ .1 with a cai-RO of mm him ry
mi i "'"i j.l;. •• for a Urgo flih rannrry
which the company conlrmpliilmi
li.hi.Him »t that pine*. Khn alfo
h-m »nt». .;i r. I f..i ly-. iniil miti. Mont
of wh'ira nre rnrtiriilrrii nn.l mp
' li.iiili h, who ar« vrilng In rirlntol
hay to bullil the cuiinfry. Tho
Jcml" Mill K"> 1.. III" P l<■tvifii A I'i.rl
mill I'i'l-iy ;iri'l MH lilnaillnx n < rsi •:■■
.if liiiiilh'l- In be im il in tlio rou-
Klin.!!',ii of 111. rannrry.
"I In- .1. ma.' l« v itaiimh vpnai'l ..r
1071 ' "iih «■■"". ami Hi net. Plic
■ wan formerly th« fuur-iinmlrl tin'll
(nir »rhi«»ri"f Jranlt* if the Tariflp
Htrnm Whallnir company, ami optr-
Rit-1 In the r.i'lulnu H< n nnd Arctic
o. I'iui r.n a triiii-T ami supply bnat
fur i "■■ whnli-ri. Bli« him lately
I" i ii trannfurmril Intu a utonni von
«<•(, having thr»e ma«l^ ami m li.inn. i
rlKßliiß. Afti i liiMillin; the men ami
■uppll nt Itrlntol bay, vh« will rn
turn to Hum I'i.ih wo by wny nf
Hi'.iiiliv Diirln,.; tho iiinimrr nhr
mny bo «»nt on a erulaa lit thn Ilphr
ln« H'ii iiinl Arctic QCMB with huh
piles for llw v.'hul'-rK . Tim Jasnnlo
l» ■ commaniinl liy Cnptnln M«»on.
Mr, Altrrlman,: who. was/.formerly
fourth /ifflrcr of thu it*»m«r t.'»r.»-
H!!n. In chief ofUccr of the Jeante, ' •
After Being Robbed
by Indians.
Perpetrated by Natives Near
Yakutat Bay.
wirn ViiiiTi: mm TO DIE
Th« IJttrf War* fawn* Lying Ua
eaniatout In th* Snow by a
P»j»inf Mlnleaary.
F*rani|* A. llo!l*rman. on* of th*
|i«m«ii«i who • nit. down on tha!
at*am*r l^«r«l*lor from Vald*», t«!l>
•if an outraf* perp*trat*d upon him
'and his party by Indian* In tb* All I
»< l| r . ■ ■
1 ' •■ fe«l' rai iiuth. -
i. a ii;i M" • ii It.mard.
Jain*a Mnrru. and An(ln Jmklnr,
ha.l •'—nr (MM montha upon th*
Altwtk and had finally l»<-«n drlvvn
i by hum*r to abandon pro«p*ctlnc
th-r. and «<• down 1.. Cry bar at
th« n> <H of list *tr*am. Th*lr
provision* »»r» r»h«uii'(l. wllh th»
«<r*ptmn of a scanty six day** *up
ply. and an arrana-rm*nt wa* finally
[■Mil. wtta Indians ll\ln« n*sr by
to auld* ih* narly ' > Takutat. about
Kfty milr* il.mii ih« ih«i, Th* na- I
nv< ». h-«»« vrr. ii,m|»llr.l th* whit*
<u< n la l»av« all of their i>«k»»»:>'
bvhlnd. whlrh ws* promptly appro
priated,, Th* tfunt«a then look th*
' part ■ snm* dUianc* down th« coast
! and i." l ltolt«rman that . b>* men
•h •!!) l s« i»ni« camu, whll* Ih* In-1
4lan> t»«rit forwuml to -ii That
was MM luimtr k«* a! th<>m.
Hollrfnun <i- tar* that Um> natlr**
!r,irt,.if I that < h« and hi* party I
should perish. ' TrY y maiutirvd. bow- !
•T*r. s»v»ral wiwks tatrr, to roach
a point not far fr<>m Takutat. whvr*
they wtrw i.tvntlally f ■mi In a
rompMtty nh»u<i"l rondlllon'by
R*r. Mr ll«nrt< a ml*Dl«nary
at Takuiat l«v, «h'n j>l«k*d up
Hoitvrtnan and hla son w*r* lying j
ttnronsrlnu* In th* «n..». and Mor- 1
: rl» ani J*nkln* *»t* d#Urlaus.
Wb»n Ih* party r**eh«tl Yakutal
1 tin- m)R«n> twain* »«-rv In l!<n«fit
•t tb« Indian*.'who had b**n euUly
of * th* etttrac* and i>r(aiiii> < a
lynehlnc r»nv. but th« :t ..ilrr-« had ,
iiuj|'i~-;ir«-.1. ami th* pursuit falt«l.
Governor for Ccbu.
MANILA. Marrh H.—tJ*ul»nant> l
Colorvl Utmtr, of th* First Idahn,
h*s i<»^n r>!,|*iiiii»-l military coy*
tmor of (\-bu. • '
A FlUplno prtanner rar>lur«<l Jr ..
{ I»fil *y In th* niht. mm that twnnty
li;«4ficiiS« »• ••■ killed. Th.- KM*
l(iB'« atuwhul McArthur"* MM
an 1 wort r»[.ula»d.
Oregon Arrives.
UMItNOTOW Mi ktt l>ow»y|
cabled thl» morning thai th" On*
{i.n anil Irln hail orrlvr.l at Manila. J
Boxing Bouts That Occurred
Last Evening.
- •
Horn* > U-\ t*r work with th* glove*
wa» wttnea*«d lax night in th» bo*>
In if 1.'.i11. Nt the IMMi AHilfllP
club. A rniii^r film crowd *>• In
attend inn but t)M tT'""nl en* j
J»v>'l ID* nmlnU Htiin/-n«<-Iv
" ih-nvrf K.I" Kmllh. ihn heavy
weight pugilist. n> i« |.i-i'»i->ii. Harry
fli'l". who Hi-' crowd nlckntmeil
"HjiliVr," battled "Indian Jn»."
*ptd«T m»d« a good aha* In* for it
while hut »li«n down with *urh
h.i-i.- In tit. third rnuntt that ha run.
«-!ni» «i h> hart hn'i enough.
Ik- IMwktna, th* colored |itlglll*t. !
Mit i.nti lafiif I In til- ti«Ut with l»mi
«(">lfr.-v. »i«" ■■"'■ r> •' Th» latter
wan iitll<-r ml heavier, """'I waa In
i fine <•.!!!.littuii. About . th- l» »t
match of th* i-iriinu, although It
wan hnrJ to make a eholrt*, waa
i lii-ivii.n Imnny l»ean«t an<l "Kid"
Krrwln. l"-:ui did .11 thi- dentine
for five, round*, whtn Krrwln
I thought It wa* tlm*> he took a hand,
ami commenced in land blow* thrrwi
tn on*. Other Milan "Unit exhibi
tion* wire given l>r Kd. I'ln. v».
Turn Fraker. I'atiwr ■ .i i ..-..11 v*.
••Tnumt" Mil' 11, of lloalon,
Tiimmy tlultem v*. Patay < mil.
.!..•■ !,-••• vk Harry <>rll. ami <luy
mani.y v*. Prank I'hclan.
Mt'-niinT IlumlHitilt arrived limt
•■\i-niiiu from HKuKv*:r»- iin.l way
port*, Hhr hi-1 on l-.nt'l twrlv« |.hm
»' iu'.'-iw. Ttvn i»iKiiftiuji'i« from !>.«»■
d'-ii r.-inip iluwn on lll*' Utl llllll.lfll
nml «Il»«>mlji«rkf<l at Vlrtorlo. Tin
lliiinliolilt pnmie't inapt i il'm at \ii
I'Tl.i. niiil Will . "ill Inn'- I■■ • 'II at
Brit life poffta In UM future.
On the voynitn mmili, 11l 111111 l
1,.,|,|l . ..II .1 at Inn. HI mil (.Mini 111.
«ti','mi.-r Klrlrn Ivlnit Hi. i. Ar
•■.■(■■llrite tn tin- •iilli-iTH of the Hum
Imlili. tin- iliiiiiiii;<-ilihip to ii" Dlrlfto
la art, and will niH-paaltata ii-r
r .itir . .ii Id. Iwnch to If I ' iialif.l
lr r.ii-.' tnkfn In Imv I ■, the tun anil
bratißllt to B<<att!e, • Thren lurßn
!.'•]!•• nri( aald to hnvn '.II Mil'
tureit jit the vra«H'n bottom by ii"
nhnrp rnrka, ami Hi. | 'Him.* iii i oh*
llgcri to be krpt ■olnl night nml day
to proven! tiii" ateiuner from "ink
Inn, Tin' bottom.la alito "It.,
be badly dtruiigcd, mil can only b«
i in. nil
M (ha m v .1 ■■• » ihi ma
' ) Ik Mid to I"' kli". k>"t all
in if kttUr, and ua>'l«m.
PaastQfttra returning fi'mi Kl«a«- i
way "ii Ih" Hum.Ml rharartarla*
thf rr|M>rt*d s trcmitl* < b*tw<<*n th*
Am«rloarinitn*ra »«i'i lha Canadian I
mounted p..iii .< on th* Dal ton trail
to bs a fake They atalv that up to
th* Unix • lh»y "l*ft Bka«way, on
Man Ii M ii.. n«wa .if mil Ii an no
un, m'• j had , r«ach«d ' that |il»..
Tin* 1 lurnl aid I hi rrai ht dowrt Iw r..i ■
1..U1H11 |i>». tiK. i ■ M. ilul.liiilu.
John I'rfHin, m. Kiln. Mr*. A I.
Ostarnn. I". 11, lltiKiirn. \V. O. Will*
lama, Tlioma* Anden, 11. fells, John
Aim, ii N M:ir«»nt, J«m*a Heron,
ami «'. Kurlonr -•* * * '•
flt«am«r At Ki. Captain 'lasi*. ar
-1 rived In port at II o'clock In-' *v*n
' In* from Hkacway and Lynn canal
port*. Mhr had an uin-vmtful trip
|.> thr f>.iunl Captain Oiwirfs l< ■'•
ni», of th* wrecked ataMnM Pirlifn.
rain* down un th* Al-Kl (run
Junnau. > 11. was %»i> ill on tb* trip
down,* It* n.min to rtport th» con
dition of th* iiunur m hi* corn
|.«ny * ''" *•'■"•••■ ■ -
Th* AI-KI , brouchl ' dawn Mt
sacks of or* talon from th* Tr*ad
. well mm**. which aha will dlsehari*
at 1«. M ''" Hi* »iiirllrr. Hh*
alaii had an" board a Lump const*n
m*nt nf fish for tb* local markets.
Ki<lli.Hln« la a 'list of'p**a*n*«ra:
J. M. l>a\ia. M Kmi.nu-i. J. 11.
Holm*, M. iti'H.mrsri't, J. T. H«lfi.
V. A. Hanl*y,K»r,W.; 11. I John
ri»!i«, W. A. Hhrrnian. II J. in*
n*r*y. It A. KihmMl. J. K. l^rry,
Mis* O. Drlatour, Mi. it I. Or am,
Mrs. W M ■ Illndrlcksan, C Jar..l.».
O, ...1.1.1r1n II ft, .Wilson, «I,W,
l.lli.iii. W.'Mi oirllvi*. M rairrlilld.
\V. A. Hprail. 0., Taylor,' O*ora*
Itoberls, j and tw*nty«f J«r .In * I"'
•twra«». *.-, i t'-' ' ■ «>;-: :"\
■ - — ri :
Bitter attack of the
Seattle Review.
mum wm "to ''mni his
Man Who "**r*i*»ts taitara Cap
-I**l Ma* tan* Cast spi< Is «c
e«»*< of l*«»lnf CrtOtart.
Tilt Wxklir t ntrttw, • p«l>ll>h»4
«»<ur<i«*t M Ihl* <■!<>•. »rT'»f-l tbla
mornlmi *lih A rntumn and a half
artlrl* fonc*rn!iMt_Clu.rU>« W. Rlatvr,
r*r<r»«rnlau»p at John W. Th-mi
• in. i-f .-tins'.ii City, In which
It la fr.«i* lntlr,»ir-l that Mr. Hut
rr ■.. «ort» Uarlna; uiun-iiu.l «c
--i "unu that nay ri'> ■ i !•. m*t. Th»
Ittvltw'a, attack fon Mi. Itaur I*
»rry l.ltirr, and r*(«.» 1.. Mai ■■ a
|.i. .in. .t r r .who •»<•»• ««ni-Hi h"
haan'l got "to anolhrr w h■• tfertn'l
want II ' -Mr.. PUl< r • frl'ii.ln In
till* ■!') «m;<hnlk all) tloi> lli»l tie
la unliy of _ any ..D'lu' t In
hi« iiiminrn affair* k anil dxUr*
thi-ir i<li«-f that h« win (Ann return
an 1 'l»f)r hi* .Irtrnrtoro. th» attack
of th* n<-\t.i»- I* Montlim>l.' ln<l In
i p«ri mv» '"OtiarUa \V",'rtat»r,°'^i«
■ hanker broker. r»at r«f»f» 'man.
j «»|.»i*r puhtlahrr and frnTal ad
vla*r of John" W " Tn'>mii».>ti. of
Waahlnirtnn. Ii f . and latrly raptt
-1 allat, pollil<*Un, titwnall* boomer,
promoter of »tr<^t railway*, and a
arara of nth<-r tltlm nt f.'«ul>-. ha*
.kill c.l the rtty and la *up|M>a*d to
I— aomtwhrr* bttwretl thin « ii > anil
, th» Mat/ Not 11111.. th* d*ya of th«
Hu**lan i"«mnl I'r Mn»oorh'a" »|>
t'carnnt>•, h»« an Indlrldual rrrntr.l
■uch a »tlr In lh« flqanclal r\rr-\r» of
our Hr aa thlt younc'man "Inter
"Arrlvlnar h<r<- la>l mimmir Mr
' Rlatxr mad* hla debut In a hair
pn«» ■ rtlai'tnrltt In Ihe I' »T In
it ilierm'r. and' n* wait from that
mm- on a much Bought aft*r *•• h
tl 'man ll<- r.nno wr*t Ofttnalbly
to represent Juhn \V. Tnompaon, of
Wanhlnirton. l> C . owner of the Rill
tract of .land, and ,lnH««ntally to
build <!.!.!.% .-Irciilf, mill ttaam mil
way*, Ha at ftrat "Ihii.il a. »ni.iil
ftlliv In thn Mullpy 111... but l.ii.-i.
owlnir to lor sri'iil MaMM "' lm«l
--neaa Ii 'ii ollurn who had n.-tu'in***,
iiiuvi-d to ih« mill" •■' r.>.>m» numlx-r
--•••1 «-•:.. «2«. 42T, iit.l <;•< of the nun.
liiill'ilnn ll* furnlahsd 1 1-- ronmai
elaborately! paylna; n» hitch «• •'"'
for a •ItiKli' limit, In which h* r.
poaad whtn aatartaialM '"• callari
". . . ..Ill* n<-*i »i.■!• waa to
I »i» <• n bill of anil' on Mm-. Ii IS <••
<leorst A, In Ii of ..111. i- furniture,
fixture*, eto.. for a punatdaratlun ■•<
IIDOO. Th* property 111 ,-, i|ii. »ll.in.
' however, ' • i.M»» to ih- »-ii known
furnltur* denier*, fta4«rlrk, Kalaon
A Monrn, and thra* itenllemen will
l.(. ii.l ihilr rliht* In Iht matter.
Thi> agent of the llalley hllllillnc haa
a claim amtJnii! Mr. Slater for I*)
rent due. I" -i ISa l**t two or three
day*, morn have IxMn rhnalna;
to the I'Clim of thc.wmild 1>» rail
way in iitniiif. and the ili«. n. i of
that R«nll"nTnn la n ■mil of nn
ii'iywii'". 1 to'hli aaaoclatrf' and tha
.i. Illnni. *t,'■"■**
"... Hlnlir al\*ny» prldml
hliiiKi'lf on hi» UK*— whlln he l.i<ik'..i
every d«y of thirty, he «tated rm
phatlrnlty thiit ho wa» l"ii twenty
two: and mniK nIM r—fi «»r" w«a
iii Hi. real mtiilr bunlnpM In Waah-
Inaton, D «'. and about five, yenr*
i ii. i had rharreoorf r it dally paper
In thai illy, nnd tank'over finn.nnn
In th* enterprise. •
"Tin ofllrrr* known a* 'iimn W
Blnter, ri'pr«-a»ntln(r John W. Thomp
•on— iiiii Tlnot/'Offlceß of Heattla
I Tacuma Xli i Irk llv > '"" 'Flak A
I'lpc-r. ntterneya.'.wlll muni 1. de
clareil mii •■! by Hi.- .i«.mii of th*
Imilillntr, Hi.- , remaining i occupant*
will i aaaa t.i hold forth In Until, mm.l
all Hie 'aaatiai la the nil' will fall
with n dull iin I nil k n« thud— Au
revolr, riimevii \V. Mater."
Thn Havlew irfrm to Mi RUter'a
conncctfuns polltlrally, and thaji i!"
nhlM'i Br«im. »«• l<*. no* Ar. «r»*4 »'«ni. • ■•■ Iflr, now to.
hmiii-U. «n If «rnt lif, linw *>. VVir. l'i..llrr> »«r» *". li"W *-. <
flu i'Ulr., «rro 1 f..r »r. n»* I*. I1«>ln« I «»d«. Wrf« JV. Bow l*J. ,
Klanu, w«r« iiou. «c »o4 we, now l»c. «tfting 1 «i.i«i., ar«r« Jo, now *«.,
' 1215-1217 Second A»rnu»
___________^_^_—— — ■ ■
We have a large stock to choose from, and the price
is rljjht. It will pay you to call on us . „. • .
STAR, PAINT CO. Thlrd -n<* F>IU"
talla ii tvht h* had with an ln«.r.
anr* man <i\> t an «ti<-ie««l drllnqarnt
|.r.mUiiii. Invlnuatloni •■re tr**iy
mini" Involving til" ehararttr, h<»n
--■ «t>', and builncu mrthod*.
I'i. <1> rii h. N*la >n * M'>nr<« an
nounced thli morning thai th* firm
wan not worrying a* a rmult of any
.i.«l!i,k« Mr. Kl.ii.-r baa had with
11..- hauae. . Whll* li")« Mr. Water
»v a ri"«l at in- lUlnl*r Oramt
hotal and Mi. iiwimirr of th» hotel
•aid thla* morning that lie had «l
wa>« |..iil 'u« bllU promptly • Th*
manager wld:
Mr Hlalrr waa rallH net hy a
ltr#r<m announcln* th» a'riou* ill
iuh of hi* father. ll* will b» bark
«<x>n. I know nil father la 111. mil
thai Ji«- >»■! ml In r**p<lnM M a
iti»s*a«« from horn*, far 1 Mir ill*
''I'Kratn that i ullcd him away."
tirorni- v, llurrh, to whom th* H»
vi»» allrcra Mr. Mialrr |»> 4 bill
of «fi» of lit* .!•{«■ (iiinliur.-, roul.l
mil n<* found tadaV at hi* <i(W.»- but
In vl«w of th* fail that Mr. Hlatrr'*
other fri. m!« ilwltr* nothing ir
r»r»lar li«» ir«n»i'ir«-l. II I* l*ll»"-l
mat Mr llurrh will not d<Ti"im -
iMr >!al*r'a n»ih»li Th- (act >••
malna, li<i»*v*r. that th* R*vl»«r'a
attltud* In th* matter will raua*
much 111<--lli:» ; and ' not a littl
wnr»l»fir.*nt. •" ''•
* C M."J««ki*,of I!u(T»|... N*w T..r».
la inl<l«H at th* S|f\<n«.
W. A. •n«b«rUn4 and P. \V. Mart.
of !).•>» «;>(i, and Mm <>•.. I. OranM,
of: l•■•ilk-ion, «rtf among , th*. ar
rival* frvm the north laol night re
gl»ter*d at tb*'Northern. .
11. J. Mliinrny, of Rampart City,
an I O*o. W. Kill. It. M I)., of Daw.
•on. in at the SoatU*. . , ■
'C,n. MrWilllami. Sf Sjrrafu**. N.
r.. I* r*gUt*r*4 at th* H'atil".
W. I>lr« Ounn. a |ir.-min»rt( min
ing man from Index, I* at th* Pillar.
A It. <'al<lrr. traveling |>a»M»n*»r
■ «*nt at Ta< >>ma. B. O. C<it\». <ti«
trl«M |*ia*<-rtKtT a«»nt. and ' Allan
Cami>r»n.*<ll»trU >t freight ««»nt of
I th* Canadian l'a<-tn> railroad at
\'nnn>iiv<T, «rr|v<«l In th* rllr la««
night ' and are r«gUlrr*d at th*
llalnl^r Orand.
W. Whit*'and J. W I^tdgat* w»r»
among th* arrival* from* Pawaon
City la*t nlaht. and are •ti>|>|.ina- at
tl>* Itutl*r. •• • »«;- -
* - " ■*■
Member »ef God's Regular
Army Fell From Gaace.
John Tfcottnely; a memh*r of ii..i •
Ite«ular Army, chara°ed with em*
I- -iil. ni, |.U«.|.-.| * iiill today,
and mm in. nr-ii |.i a year In th*
Home time ■*» Philip Hampton
placed IJW with Donnely to keep for
him) au|.|>.>«liiK that II would be jut
fe«tly aaf« in the hnmlii of one .if
Oud'a 1...-, few.; I><>nn<.ty. how
ever, took another view of It, and,
breaklna; away from all raatrMnt,
darted nut for a hlrh old time, lit
m»nn«i .1 In «et rid of tljn without
murh trouble, but UM balance la In
the handa of the rlerk of the court,
who haa Inatrurtlona la turn It over
In Mr Hampton.
Fli.i M, X Churrh—Tier. K. M
Itandall. iMat.ir * Morning, regular
■arvloaa; evening, lecture by Chaa.
.V. I'rll!. nl.it,
North Ttapllat — llev. l J. flaw.
}•>. |.n«inr. Mnrnlnir, "In ' Ilia
»i.-i'» . tvenlnir. "Kollow1n« ion,, ■■
liymouth ••■■ii«r.-«iiiloi>«l church—
Uev. V, 11. Temple. paator. Morn.
Inar. lecture i.. Oha*. N. Crittaatoa
evenlnir. •No other Ravlour."
rir.i Itaptlat Church—Rev. 8. B.
llnwerman. paatnr. ' Mornln*, "A
I'hrlminn or a alaelpla"; evening, "A
iti.Mi uf arlihni.'il'' "
Firm l'reahyteiian Church—riev.
A. ii. Hutchlaon, paatar. aTaiiian.
"My accountability"; evrnlnir,
'X'hrlpfii rejection at Nasareth."
Kitoiiil I'rrpli) i. fin I'hiiuh lt«>v.
W, A. Major, paatnr. MornlnK,
"HiK.liilut Hi.' child"; evening.
I .si,.. , of Jonah."
Trinity I'ailnh Church—ltev, 11. r
If it 11, iliim.ii, rector. Mornlna;,
"The Kolilen cnndloitlck"; evening,
< OBfll II" 'II arrvlcea. [;*,„,->.
• Chicago Markets.
CHICAGO,. March 11. — Cattle—
lliTVf*. M.wfi.YT.',; •tneUert, %Z.U>tt
iti; ten, tlttt.tO; T,'i«n», IS.IOO
Iliiga—Mixed, heavy fin. lower;
I!•>■<' llUCl*:<ii rough, «.ri,V,(J.«S;
iiikp". ii :..«i.i.m. ,
H>:;r|. S ,:im«. |.I|i4 SO. weirtern,
|a.*a#«7o. lamb* unchanged.
A I, > who** name ..mill not be
learned, fill In tin- buy at M.ir«n'»
•hlpyard thl* afternnon and »n>
drowned, Hl* bmly him not h.-i n re
."in ' ' ii' wa» nil. m t nine year*
. i.i.
X Telephone Subscription! to I
t «<> pikoißo ♦
i +♦♦♦+♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»»»♦♦*
Columbia Hall
" t k. >Mill. Am.mil < oluM. M.
Next Saturday, March
ma lirjierMi in CM M
t»n. «.li i r|<« fnr l"t mi ■•■■ ■ lit!'
■)*a i>»llr»»». Vilkthlr [rl«<-. I'.r U.I r-[.
rnrDUIIw rmtumM. »«>«l« tut «|ierl»tor«
iii.M man h«i » |>. m. .»<lml"i»n MM
A ''Jack the Ripper"
Is in Town.
•■-■'•'•'•; .':.:.'.. v';: =
Unknavn M*« $p«rt , th« Right .
. With H»r •«* Then «U«m»U«
H*r III* Her »t*rf.
An unknown man Is In th» elt>
foltawit^i In the f ■■H»ui » "f "Juk
the fllpr>«r.". K«r!y ihi« morning
hi- *l««»v-<l lh» throat- and hand ■■<
Hot* < 7.i-Hitr, • n«lartou» | wr.i««n.
«ml *•• only k'ld from •u<v-m]triic
In| Ukln« i thi> ; llf» of hi. victim by D
th« ilnt»rf*r«nr« |of Harry ; /.. illi-r,
who , prof***** lob* the • woman's .
hu«b«nd ,!: it. K% \ '«,-•*> .-;* ■"
• Th* ■ •••»il»n« I* nt-il «•.:«.'
eomparatltrty < roant' man. » Her
man. «h«rt. and heavy ■><■(, anil w#»r«
a Mom**' mntialiK-hr fl# wan In :
rntnp«ny • in th* t>tll*r woman all
nl«ht." ■ At • •'clock; this mornlna'
h«,a«k*<l th» woman why »h» wore'
a bania#p nmunl hir mrk, anil
aakrd ■■ thai «h^ rrmove It. .. Th«
woman' r<im:ol.-.1 with ' the r»au»M.
and In an ln»(»nt th* man.luncM
at : h»r with >«• knife, •'inn» h*r
throat, mahlnar a wound (mm which
; In* blood flowed freely. II» »)a#h
"ll at her araln. but 1 th« . woman |
ralaed her arm. and the blade waa
hiiMfi In her hand
, Th» mini »' • frantic ac ream*
rou»e« her "man," who waa *aterp .
In !h>- nnt room. li» waned Into
the roiin\ , armed, with • revolver
, A Woody ulifhl mrt hi* >ye<«. The
heddln« " »ti.l Walla «-rr» | *pr!nVl»<l
! with Mood. * and *-« * Oerman half
derived and with bloody handa and
I anna a* « hnnlnir the woman around
tb« bed. I Marry Zettler r»!»<-1 hi* re
volved I" ' (hoot, but th<- woman
threw hervclf ur>"n him. »r«t.h. I
ih<- weapon and rr(> I
' "Don't kill him.* Harry. ITeVatl
rl«hi" ' ■ ■ ' f.'H . -
Tl»» mrnntmt'* lnt»rf»r»ni» **r*&
the man | fr*»ni being* ahot, and In
another Inatant hr had »|"-»nir from
a window 11■ tnj' "tn-n. flftrvn fin-t
below, and. ciwann! Into th* nttrht
li'nvinK mom of hi* flothlnc -hind
The woman will llrr, hut I" ixln
fully wmin-'i^V .-8h« MM 'hut aha
did not want •>.■!■ huvband to kill
the man. fur the p*oplt> would then
think that they had r«li!«M him first
and Klllnl him afterward. Ivt*c
tlv*a I'owera and Oorliett are work-
I nit on th» mm-, hut hay* not > <••
loriii»-(1 the knl'>' wl»iilrr .
lion* pettier I* <n<mn to the police
of aeveral tnwrvi on the roam, and
m.ik a record a* ■ th|*f. It ha» only
MM » few month* "In"-!' ah>- wan
relraaeil from (he alnli- penitentiary
at Walla W'niln, whrre ahe nerved • j
two'yeara'i aenteno* for rolibinn a.
Klondlkerln Taroma of »?::.. At
, that tlma aha I ann aiiprehemled by
th«f urnr ileteetlvea, • who nre now
mAmi atrenuoH* effort* la locate
the tliml who ■tlemplecl her life. .
The Zettlera llv* on Fifth avenue,
near Klna* •»tre»t. and ihf family
roimmiK of th« man ami woman find
•null boy.'' Th' boy they claim a*
their ehlM.*. Althoujh Zettler r«
fera Id the womnn. *• hi* wife, they
are about «* totally drpraved a* any
rlii«K the pollr* come In contact with.
The man InolM upon hla wlfe'a meth
oil* of mnkltia* nmni-y :ik "bUHIneKH."
anil think* It la all rlirht. They
have a candy «l,r. at the addreM
named, »n<! their living rooma are
overhead. ","
I>l»lrlct Attorney Clay leavei for
\Vn»lilnutnn today, where he will
examine the record* of the Interior
department for evidence, and con
aull Attorney - General ilrlirK* re
, cardlnir the trial of elsht land *uli*
which hava MM pending for year*.
Many aettlera on disputed govern
ment land In till* *Ute are. Inter
ested In hi* ni(B»I..Ti Nearly "Mi.oot
acre* In thl* flute, mont of which I*
In Clnrka county, I* Involved, and
the title to thl* land 1* *•>■ n to M
conteited In tho federal court by th«
Northern raflfle railroad.
Attend the maiiquerada ne*t Sat
urday, Seventh and Columbia.
Trite wattitna: next Baturdav, S«v->
ruth ana Columbia, ...

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