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|t»»t 1 allcinomi »\.«i' Cus>l«r. *
'».' ii. »m> I I i ru
H>it»« I HiitxtM M»H**ta
<>ti»»rrni |*ci t«ryi »l» f«nu I** *«*»•
nt ihmii «>■• rrnU prl laomh U»U»""i
by rurnort, »l»»)i in «.i»«n.- No It**
i i'l'U«. ■ f
Telephone Plk* 180.
.■n.. >*. no', • • Ihlnl .l»einn»
lui.ir.l«(i jHrtit-m.* «Tf«tue. «»»hlng*j
leu in •<-< .u.i . laM m«ll«f, 1
Th* n.ivrrntiirtit evidently Intend*
to rnak* thorouch *xploratlona thla :
cur In her*tntor* nrulrrlnl put-
MM " Alaaka. Information from
Waahtniton. I', «".. la to th* effvet
that the War department haa itlrm-t- !
<->t Captain Abtrcromble to tnkr- a
military party to Cook'a Inlet and
Prince William*' aound. and to p*n
•trat* th* unknown r*clona around
Ih* Phuahltna. Kuakokwln. and
Matanuaka river*, ala.i rttabl|*hln«
military re**rvatlona at Valdea, C»p>
p*r Center, th* croMtnir of «hr I'pper
Copper, and Ih* Tanana. and at
Forty Ml)* cr»*k. II la also pro
propoa*4 to open a military road
through from Cook't Inlet to th*
Tanana and th* Yukon.' '
It la a aln«ular thins that up is
thr pr.»*nt unif Ih* (real Kunko
kwlm country •<( Aia«k» haa be*n
n*«leci«l,i both by th* «nv*rttm«nt
j> nd "; by j miner* | and ' pro*p«Klora.
Th«T«- ha« never born any military
party; on th* upper water* on the
Kuakokwim. •Ithmiuli every other
Important stream In Alaaka baa re
celvett attention. Th* Kuekokwini
I* prraumably about 1000 mll*a long,
and h*a4a *ome«ber« near the Tyn
ana dtvUi*. It <-omra out of a mtn
rral country, ml I* »aay of aat-rnt.
the enrTcnl not eie**dln« Bye mile*
per hour at a point «0» milt* from i
Its mouth. Hevrral parti** of rain-
Ins 1 men *urt*d, for to* * Kuiku
k«lm last )rrar. but so far tbty have
failed ■ to J report i any . thorough •* •
ploration of th* r*«lon.!
Captain iAb*rcroniM«'« dutUa will
Uk# him ' also : Into : th* j myateiiou*
Mount \V"r*n«rll diatrli-t. which la
one of th« moat Intrt»»tin« upon th«
North ■ American « contlocnt. » T1»*:
«l«»nll. volcano of Mount Wranf*ll
' Is located D«ar th* head of th* Cop- J
per river. In a l<>c«lUr/'lim>-ult of
penetration, 'and is presumably th*
highest peak upon th* North Ameri
can continent. It la surrounded by
chaotic maaaea of , mountains, piled ;
one upon another and pinnacled by '
Wrangell. vomiting from Its frott> j
■ rimmed ' summit ! smoky . rapora ■ to
mark the plar* , where j th* 1 Western
■ ll»«!i<ih«» ' appmarh*a nigh unto
th* heavfaa. .: There baa been a be
lief In Bom*qsarters that Mount M
Ellas la hl|thrr lljan any other moun
tain In Alaska. Tut th* observations,
of J several | «xplor*ra ' near •. Mount |
,Wrans-«U would Indicate otlMrwta*.
How*v*r. Captain Abert-roaabi* will
pcrchane* hava th* piivtlea* of set •
lUng this ' Interesting i «k>» rapbtra)
point. .^BBGES^BBbVhBMK
Seattle cannot afford to allow th*
•lectrle companies an extended limit
of time In which to plae* all wires
on I- rcr un 1. as baa been suggested
try certain Interested parties. Pro- j
crastination: Is one of the favorite |
schemes worked by corporations to '
defeat the will of the people. " It Is I
now said to h* ; thHr j intention to I
delay, the final date for, placing all.
wire* undaricround until IN*, on th*'
I lea that tb* cost Is nramJv*.*
From thr-e ta #>•• y*ar* Is ample,
time to allow t"t th* rajiiri-tami at I
this work, and tksn Ik* unalcmttr
poles , that ' : alatcor* . Ik* .»■ atreet*
can com* down. »■ Throughout th*
I'Bltcd BUtcsall cities of th* first
class are legislating against th*
overhead wlr» «v«t»rr,i. and are re
raorins the ; l>o!«a. ' ,
Tli* Hpanl*r<l» , vowed that they
would never, *no never — but the
queen atirned the peac* treaty. It '
la ever thoa with the Caatllllana.
Seventy Year* in the Service.
At St. Mary'a church, Charleaton,
th* funeral aervlcm of Oeorite M '•
Miller toook plan today Mr. Miller
died taat Bunda/ evening of pneu
monia. Hr »v »0 year* old. and for
70 years had been In the aerrtre of
the United Btatea. the laJt 10 of
which bava been spent ail messenger
In the commandant* office,' Chftrlea
town navy yard. Mr. Miller waa
born In Pennsylvania May S, »M. He
lived throuich four war* and served
In two. the Mexican and th* war of
the. rebellion. In the marine morpa.
On account of hi* lons and faithful
services In th- line of regular duty,
he wan 20 year* ago relieved and
aaalgned aa messenger. He waa sin- j
gle, and It Is atated that h* had not
communicated with any relatives for
thetast M yean.—Boston Kvenlng
Arrested am Firebug*.
NKW" YORK, 1 March I».—Tor more
than two month* the detectives of
th* Ralph avenue station, William
burg, have been endeavoring to ar
rest some flrebuta who have been
starting (Ires In the flat houses In
that section of the city. I*aat night
Detective* Decker and Mitchell saw
two'men ling suspiciously about
a big apartment house In Madison
street, near Howard avenue. They
arrested th* men, who said they
were Charles Oallagher, 14 years old,
of 14.'." fulton street, and James Mr-
Auley, 23 years old. MrAul*y refus
ed to give his address.
In fiallagher'a possession the po
ll, found a. alungshot. lie was
charged with vagrnney and carrying
concealed weapons. A charge of va
grancy waa also preferred against ,
II Mormon Matter.
KIIITI.ANIi. * <>.. March«!«.—The
Mormons of the' Bast closed their
annual convention la«t night. The
speeches run.l" denounced *om« tit
the practlcea of the Utah branch and
a resolution wun adopted denouncing
the attempt to "'••it Congressman
Roberta of Utah. The resolution
, "AsHtmbled "> we art. represent-
Inn the r««rt«ini«-l TOurch of Jrjue
<'hri«t .<• LA CM* lt«r Ma mI» In m.
i miilfllr f. Mi* ar i>i»i- rminii r. *<•!••
i.«*i«ih-r. it tins i«Mtiu from In*
• lr|«Mi.t<-lM<\ Mo, in the W»at. mi*
l*r»viti*n<>«, 11. I , in th* r:«»t. guiii
rir.r In Uix aM KlrtUml tempi*.
n<-.ir,i in .1114 by .'I mi 1.1 th« ill
tr. ii.m of Joaeph Hmllh. Hi.' »r»r.
•ml hrlli-viiiK in the unehamteabillty
at In* O»at«l and ln« u( Dim! »>
aivm (lirmiKli him, anil aec*pl»d by
Ih* rhurch up to th» HIM of hi*
death In tl4«i an.! ■ . ,-.
hrrrua. the atat* uf I'Uh I* re
-1M.r1.'.l I.' hair *lr- Ird a polyiramlal
|In it»- peraon of II II MMi la r»
prvwnt II In th* . .n«i.-aa of lha
: Untied Rial**,
llm.ihp.l That w* l«r«t>y earn
ratty pr«t*at K«aln»l any on* irullty
of ihr .rlinr of polygamy or plural
mirrUtri bolnit MM! and ift«lnr.l
aa ■> l"(itlat<<r In th» houu of r*pr»
aantatlvfi of tht United rUatta." '
Ufa In Death.
Ml not th« l»rll for Ih* a.ml thai haa
It* lan rarthty cry and haa (tint
with tha nl«hi. <
\V*ak*w|nrvd In a cat* ha* a aw**|
bird fluit*r*d
To at la*t fn-l th« Joy of a bound
lr»« fllKhl.
Th» plaint of th* aoul In Ita prlaon
»a» t*nd«r.
And lot* would hay» rhrrlahr.l Its
mualo for ayes |
Th* pip* of the i |<tla..nr,l
• ■•n««trr waa *l*nd*r t
But now It nun Ml IB the
hrl«ht» of lh« day.
sich low and lone, for th* anow.
flakra ar« falllnii
On th* rrav* »hrr» th* furm nt a
1..W.1 on* lira'
Hlnr hi«h In r*ply to a far vole*,
Abovr tb« dark MM! of d*allt'a
low akl*a.
A rait lir«t forlorn In a wrtath of
it.-»il Dower*.
And tit* dry leave* of autumn ahatl
. bury It d*«p;
Rut th* fr«* bird la Jubilant thrnuch
Ih* long hour*-
Thu* th* «oul ahall r*)o1r»; »
friend, do not «r»p'
-John r*n«rav*.
An lllin >la inventor hu patented
a dial for larc* .1 - k> wblcn tell*
th*: Urn* m.-rr readily ' than thoa* >
now In ua*. h«vln« an »i»etrtr lamp
on the back of each number, which
la »ut"m«u.-allr lighted aa th* hand
rrachH In* corresponding numb*r,
the other portion* of th* dial re
maining dark '-
' Potato bug* ml ether Insert* are
•a*llr caught'and destroyed by a
new !■■> ! - having two arms crossed
and pivoted, ana , carrying a ■ half
round basket to catch th» hoc* a*
th*jr ■» knocked from the »in»e. ■
while the other arm la need to strike
th* Tin* and crush the p**t* after
they are caught. :
ftteam engines ar* automatically
■topped when they attain too high a
•peed by a T*«a* msa's Invention,
having a curved arm mounted en a
■haft with a pivot at on* *nd and
a aprlnc at ih' »th«r. which allow*
In* arm to fly out from th* shaft
a* tb* m -»I limt*«m« till It clowo
an clMtrlo circuit .
In a n»w track ' far handling
rral«ht a tltllnc platform Is pUrvd
on th* abaft which.; rarrW* th*
whecla. ' with . sharp pro)«etlona on
cither aid* to lift th* parka** and
allow < th* platform to Hid* un4*r
and tn«*«* th* bottom, white an ad- *
justable honk crip* th* top and
hoMa the park*** wh*« tb« truck
I* tipped down.
A Rwlm baa d**tcn»d an oil raa
which cannot b« c«plad*d by the
•trratn of oil -atrblnf fir* at th*
••«!'. a '.■■■€ vai»« belnc pl« —1!
at IK* bottom of Ihe nnaal*. with si
ffeslble cord eonnertttse It with a'
tkaMb pl»-» «i th* lip. the fir* bar*- ,
In* in* •■, • < and cMtt It* va'v*
before tIM *•»'> " r»a«li lk« Utarler.
■alt Same m tk« Wlßf.
■ W« bave never beard at an aerar
reace similar to the «na that hap
pened to Mr. John D*nton of I'"'i
Un and of lorn! fame aa aa expert
wine •hot. | Some dara ago while
•hooting and Immediately altar fir-
Ing his ran h* noticed • bird flying
directly for Mm. and m swiftly that
h* roaUied thai he hadn't lime to
reload, he thereupon used hi* run
as a baseball bat and th» quail «• a
ball with a» much precision aa th*
champion batter of the. National
Ir.nui-. Itt knocked » I'" fielder,
which hi captured and carried to
home •>»•<■ br th* PouUn (da.)
Sampson's Squadron.
WAIIHIVITOS. March ll.—near
Admiral Kinnmii h»« divided hit
squadron of four armored vessels,
coins with th* New York and ih»
Brooklyn to I'u»r«« Cortes. Hondur
as while the Indiana and Toxas will
proceed to Clenfucgoa on th« south
■ !•!<• of Cuba. All four phlpa left
Havana yesterday. Th» nary de- 1
! partment dora not know Admiral
Rampson's plan*, but It la suppoaed
that the four tfiwli will m"> at
Clenfuenoa or ftantlaco, or perhapa
at Ban Juan. Porto Illro. Th» New
1 Tork and Mr(K*lyn ha* gone to
Purrtu Cortei to eerve aa an object
leaaon to the llonduraa authorltle*.
who have been very clow In making
th"- redreaa demanded by the United
Htaten for the murder of an Ameri
ran citlten by a aoldler of that re
Called to Account By a Spook.
'Mi.- Mr of Krri.-nt Heinle Ml
cremated Saturday evenlnc at the
l,lnrt»nw>in<t Crematory under pecu
liar clrcutiKtancea. Heinle com
mitted lulcldo on January so. (»<•
--■ MM of deipondency, owlns to
' having been thrown out of employ
ment. Two wteka before he died
he expreaaed to hla (liter, Mr*.
Leuchner, the wlah that In the
event of hi* nemla* hi* remain*
might he crtmated. Mm. I^«uch
i ncr, however, had a, horror of ere-
I mation, and had hla body hurled.
One ntajht taat week, Mr*. leuchner
j »ay» her brother appeared to her In
I a dream and demanded why her
; promlM had not been fulfilled, and
Initialed that »he, even then, should
1 cause the body to be exhumed and
burned. ! Ho ImpreMed wa» Mr*.
I^euchner by the dream, that ahe
ordered the corpao la,ken up and
cremated.—Chicago Inter-Ocean. .
ttADYP !
Tacoma Y. M. C. A. |
Program. ;
■•-■•■ >''•■.'■ • ■ '''-'^ ■ i
ia.tlla Will ■• «ik*« to H.lp |
■Ik* Mtitmiiit Along Oth.r
" Oltlaa, Tit,' J
..'.-,. „_ .; <
TAIN >M A. March H-«»«-rriary I
I Day. of III* T. M. C. A. ha* wrltttn '
Air RlllnthouM, th* managrr of thr '
blcycl* i.rnlval at Han rramlaco. ]
asking what can be doll* to Mat j
Jimmy Michael, two or thrrr mot. | <
crack*, and a pacing machine, to T». '
coma. If It la poatlbl* nku auch
arrangement will h« eonelud*<l. and
a m .n.i-r racing marling held her*
under the autpic**' of the Y. M. ',
C. A. ;
••attlr hu been a»kn t» „p,r- •
at* In the matter an I'hv.i. »l In- 1,
•trurtor Onulhitt of th* H«attl* •• ,
•oclallon. will b* In Ttcamt tumor- ,
row to arrmn»» matttrt with ** ra ,
tan la» They w... lotp«cl th* ac- ■
romnx-taiinna »f th« Nun 1! Knd > ,
track and deullt'of th* rlana »ill ,
be arran»«4. 1 ijjUffttMiim 111 ,
A number of th* rrark ReatU* rl.l ,
era. mainly amattura have volun- I,
teered to *at*r la the race*. Th* ,
I'- a I repraaanutlv*, Lnreno Dow,
will der*nd Tac«ma a«alnal all out
alder* <>f th. amateur rank Mr. Dow
la authority for th» ttal*m*nt thai
Oeorg* rth«rlrk I* In p»rf#Ki chape
and will he. r*«dy la eompvt* a«*ln*t I
any of th* rrarka. " Khartrk haa mn I
atatad with tkla rare m**t In view. <
Hldrr* from* Portland and Vi. t.-rla 1 I
will also k* i-.- Invlitd. > prohably
I through Ih* T.i M. C. A. pr»baM|
Ihrouah ih» T M 0 A. u> •
tlon* of I ho** titles. Helng backed
by such a large and perfect organi
cation guarantee* a greater surceai
for th* show than could be obtained '•
under any «4h*r managemenl.
Th* local riders have | ttgnlfled
their willingness to eomptt* a* soon
aa th* wsath*r will permit riding
and tralnlst- Work haa already t>»
■tin on lIuT.M.CA. track and
•rounds, and It will soon be hard to
And a better track In th* Weft for a
quarter of a mile, It Is pr«babt* an
athietle | itrnfrimnr will. be added
to th* regular wheel races. I
If poaslbl*. Cottar, th* popular lo
cal flyer, will be brought back from
California 1 with hla mat*. Hardy
Downlnc. i^ ; i'. t •■ : ■ ' ; "
0l«o» ffO.OOOUChaHtlts.
. KRW TORK. Marrh ll—H»n]..
mm 11. Unwell, if M Smith Ninth
sir**!, i Wllllamtburc. the ' senior
m*mb«r of the Brm of a 11. llowell
: floa * Co.,* safar broker* rontrlh
; ul*d sM.tM t« Ihre* Wltllanwburg.
tnetttutlons today. To the Bastarn
District hospital he «a*« Ita.eoo; to!
th* Baattrn ■ District '•. Industrial
•Kbool s*»octatlon. IK.m. and to th*
Ti.un« M»n's ChrHtlan aMMKlatlon
|]*).aan Mr. Mowell la nearly M
• y*ar* old. and for many year* ha*
•en lnt*r*«la«) In rbarttal* worka In
Willlam»burg. (ton h« haa llv».1 far
! many year* Hl* wife la the presi
dent of the, board of general mint'
■*r* of th* l*)du«trl«l Schaol as*o>
c)«ilon. i ;-••;■ %■>
i Pareheto a>f the Corollnos.
itHHUK, M«r«k) It—ln tha reieh
•lac today H*7? to* Bu*t»». minis
t*r tt forelf* t<*«lra. reslrlns; • ■ th*
, aesasHß of *crt l«a|ll«*. ra* radical
! Isaoaf. fa* liiejnMww* I «*ar«rnlng
rumers of tk« •<>>»* at th* Car
[ otin* Islands by Oormany, said h*
had nothtnc poslttv* to plar* befor*
th* chamber. .• He believed, he Mid.
that a discussion had taken plac*
upon Ib* nueetlan whether th* ac
quisition of this or that Mouth H*a
Island would N deilrahlr If not use-
I fa' Th* mill", however. could on
ly b» ronsldcrtd after th* llpanUh
corte* ' ' nstderrd after psac* treaty.
rort** had a»rept»d th* paar* trraty
Herr Rlrbler declared thai the
purrhaar rsald only tak» plae* with
, th* ronwnt of the retchatac *r
sonally, ho said, he would protest
aialnat th* acqulalllon of th* worth
. lea* Carolina Islands In addition to
»i*rm»n- a prttenl worthl*aa colonial
pnsseaalons. ' „",
Croher Fire) Engine.
NBW TOHK. March It — Kir*
Commissioner ■' annell has flv*n an
order to Rlrhard Creker's auto-truck
company for th* ruction of an
■utn-ftr* engine of th« Aral Dim
i The price it not »t»IM It la »*
-l~< '"1 that (ha engine will b» com
pleted about the mid >!• of April,
• h»n II wilt be put Into iwrvlce ■«
an ►ii"-rlm»nt.
If 111 work prove* aatl*faetory. ac
cording In a ftatcment made at flr«
headquarter*, all the prrntnl •n«ln>-«
In the drpartmant I will hr «r»<lu.iilv
rcplarfd >>r auto-marhlncn. and th«
nr« department horaoa will b« a«nt
to Join thole of the old aurfao* cars,
Mr» Chief B«nner la > aom*whal
akrptlcal about the auecru of air ■■I
a motive power for fire engine*. ll*
Mid that In UT4 the cltr had four'
i machine* prspelled by ' steam, but
aft»r a thnrnu«h trial they were
abandoned a* Inferior to thoie now
drawn by hors«a.
Steward's, ••quatts .
NKW !<<>NIX)N. Murh 11— Tb<
will nt the late Herbert Rteward,
who«c ilrnlh occurrtNl at New York
a week aa-n, waa admitted to probate
here today. It la tatlmattd that It
dlepoae* ■■{ nearly 1100,006. Among
other bequeita Mr. Hteward g*ve to
the Amertaan BoelMy of Civil Kn*ln
»rr» tzooo, to be known an the "Haf
1,,., i Ht*war4 - Library Fund." To
th" Engineer'! club of the city of
New York he ctvet S.SOO toward a
building fund. To the Memorial hoe
pltal of New London he give* 11000.
A T.Uphono War.
I/>NI>'»N. March 1»--The gnvrrn
t!,rni »Mk«'d th*! houie of commnn*
thin werk to vote JE 1,000,000 to enable
the poatofflre department to begin
nctlve competition with the Natlonul
Telephone company, which ha* a
practical monopoly of the btmlnrae
and ha* carried It on ao bad that the j
ill I. si:\irj,|; mail
•xrvlrt In (hit country in th* wortt'
aii'l in""i ••»in imivi- in Ih* world,
Tho houi* "I i-iiitimmm hi, Hilly M|i- I
i.i..\i i iiir Bov«rnm*ni • '■ ■■•ihm.hi,
•linoit ih" I'm man imk-hU In
«|>|M>*llloii to It belns Sir Jami'i I-Vr
It Id ii rurlnua fad. how*l 'hat
llli K»vrnitti<'itl il. , 1*1..11 I* tiiki'li
«l» tlinl the ailvlrn of our own «•«-
I- ii« notably Mr. William llrnry
I'lfMT, <-i\Klii.-i-r-!ii-|if<iri< of Hi"
puatntnr*, »lm la now retiring, . in
y*ara l'«»i Mr l'i<•••••!• Kan Ik-i-ii mi ,
me th* rnvi<rniMriii to Inly tha Na*
tlitnat company out at the market
lii •■ nf II» ahiin■» Mr. Pllllll ill*
covrrrd hlMai II ihwnrii^l at every
linn by MM inmli'i inim Inilii' • «
anil fur vara (he director* at the
National company virtually boaneii
the |HiMntiu->.. i"iiirf a.mane lhft*e
who hi hi >l the company were Hlr
Jamea KrriiuaaDii, lirn In- wat i< hi
rn.i«irr (xneral, and Mi hit retire
ment from that ■ ■■■«! h« became •
director of the company.
Dog as a Boast of Burden.
LONDON, March R—The practlc*
cf maklnr the do* a bMMM of burden
la nowhere •■• common a* in 11. irium
and moan cruelty retult*. Tin Mm
ell of Antwerp ii.i» adnpted rtitula
tlona which make eurtmia ri'«,|ln«
No doc under one year or twenty
In- hi a (houlder helshl may be n->.l
for draudit purtwae*. The weight
of th* cart and conlrnta mutt be ad-
Juated tn th* atrrncth of th* animal.
No adult, egrept a cripple, may ba
drawn by dor*.
tnlarg.d $••■' Works.
■AMU—l'm. Pa.. March II —
Annoumrni'iit waa made to day of
enlargement «f the IVnneylvanla
fir. I worka at Hlrelton by the addi
tion of »li ne»* v>-ton furtutre* 1 <
the open heartti department ii. ad
ditional underground ' turnacea at
ilif btoumtnr n n T.'xtenalv* cram*
f.it th* hill <t rail* win be put
In Ih* yarda at th* ra I mi I Th
demand for I'M- 1 ■ »■■<! 'ini-tuni
■ Irrl nil never »■• hvavy. A n«rnb*f
nf 4*parlmenta ar* to be *ntant«<l
■horily. There were W^n ntm.a on
Ih* rebruary pay roll, a gain of Mo*|
ov*r Kebruary, lltT.
A Poor Old Queen.
When MM haa cited the common
tnd ordinary Kr»nrh monarchical
-ialmanu— thr OrlranliU aixl the
laglllaalil and tb* iw>nai>artl*ta—
an* h«a by M mrtni exhauated the
11*1 of lh«M dalmlnc by dlvln* rlcht
th» 'inron* of Kranc*." Th<- nrar
■at thine la a pauper*! (rave thai
►>an.* poneewes received the othrr
lay In* mortal remain* of Mm- d*
Uiitrimn. tin'ihrr of Ih* centleinan
who al(t» himself HJul*a 1.. Irnlil
matr kin« of Kr«n- <•." and who !■■>•■■
•ibly enjoy* a rl«ht to th* till*
Mm* d* llourbon marred MM fifty
year* ace a man who declared he
wa» th* l>ui- <rn»nl. aon «f i'h«rlra
X.. by an alllanc* contract*!] y*ara
befor* th« duk* Mali aa hla ronaort
It ii, Mi Carolln* of Naplea. During
Ih* los« period at eill* after Ih* rrv
Dlutlon. th* Mu. >i H-irl i" doubt
r«n»<il«-l hlm*elf with an ■« r«»;oti*l
marrtace., Ity on* aurb ceremony,
lull" correctly p*rform*d. h* becaro*
th* huaband <if a lady halllim from
Mai>lat,.nr. in Kent. England.
Though thl* lady tv repudiated a*
a legal «lf* when Chari** X I am»
to th* throne, her daughters were
received at court and mad* dlalln
iulahr.l untona. IT Mm*, d*
llourbon had no such lurk, and th*
bad, with her »on. now a man of
fifty, and a cripple, a hard struggle
for exlsunc*. Now. however, her
troubles ar* over, and perhaps "Jule*
I,** will tx> happier worklnit on In an i
architects ofoc* than h* would If b*
bad mounted that v*ry InaMur*
plere °of f urnltur*.', th* Ihrnn* , •<
rraak*. : .
To Copt th« Oregon.
t/INI«>N Man It.—Mr. Oo«hen
told th* houM of commons on
Thursday, when Introducing th* na
val *«tln.at*«. that tb* admiralty
had not y*t decided upon th* plan« ,
for two new battleship* which ar* to |
b* built durla* th* coming fear. .
Th*r* I* gond reason to bellev* that
both wtll be eia»l mplaa of t»» Or*- j
gun whom performance In the |BM)|
war grmtly lmpre»orl th* chief na
val constrvetor of the llrltlsh navy |
It I* stated that the admiralty has
th* ful! plan* of th* Oregon, pre
sumably *urpll»d by th* courtesy
of th* United Bt*l«* navy depart
ment. _^ .
She Had Objections.
ftnmehow on* does not easily Im
agine a noble French dowager In the
rol* of censor of theatrical morals, i
yet Ih- iKtwager l'»> h- •»» d lie* ha* 1
appeared with great success therein.
Ther* I* running at the Nauveautes
theater, Paris, a fare* entitled. "Th*
Lady from Maxlm's'-the Maxim's
being, of course, the American bar
of th* KM Iloyal, which has I
come one of the Institutions of the
wicked city. Th.- action of the piece I
I* precisely on th* line* of »i r*r
cent, of the French farces, and need
not b* described. Hut there occurs
one »cen* In which an abbe la made
1,, accompany "th* lady from Max-
in,',' on th* piano to a *ong, th*
meaning of which the good abb* ap
parently cannot divine. When thl*
acen* «v flral played It waa greet
ed with inim hla*ln«. being taken
• • a dl»re»peclful reference to the
clergy. Of in* hl**ln* th* author
took n,> notice. He «*» not. In hi*
own phraae, going to be bullied One
day however, he received » letter
from the l>ii.he«» d'tltea, who In a
plraaant faahlon pa—till exprcaaed
her regret at aeelng «'«h dl»re*pect
ful treatment of the priesthood from
a man of the author* "wonderful
talent!" What could the author do
after that? He iiurrcndered and al
tered th* play, leaving the abbe out
of It. _____________
War on Department Stores.
OIIICAOO, March !».—Judge Chet
lain, of the superior court, today
rendered an opinion In th* agreed
upon ■»!••• of the city of Chicago
against <?harlea Netcher, proprietor
of the finatoit store, finding that the
defendant wn« not guilty of vlolat-
In* any law In selling meat*, fruit*,
vegetable* and other provisions un
der the name roof with dry goods.
Jewelry and other merit-V -
The prosecution was based upon
an ordinance passed by tho city
council on July It, UtT, flnliiK any
person or corporation transacting a
provision and general merchandise
business under one roof, and It
practically contemplated an end to
"department stores." The court held
that the ordlnain - of Invalid.
Th* humble barnyard fowl may
•Hie best laid schemes of men
No trust can ever quit* control
The output of the hen.
—Chicago Tribune.
.'. t*ti».M ■- ii.-f^ftol*_a_*_ncr—— -
hi: WANTS!
nit; mm
Sues a Telephone
tits i\ a euro, hi;; $23.00 i
A Mattag* *nnounel«f th* Illnatl
• Hit Daujhiar Wat Ml«.
TACiiHA, Mann II —A ml>lak> In
• namr may coat |h* Hunaet Tele
phone and Tvlegraph company 111.
--000. J. is. Mellrld*. through hi* at
t..rnr> Frank fl. fair...l and tx-
Ju.lrr I'miih ,Mly:i I. ■• r>' mill In
th* »ui>n i • roun .'i. . ■ •' the com
'■ 1 «ny to recover i..• ■«< • • for injury
alleged I> „ \t r»»j',n-1 fro lone-da
llvi ry nf n rri" •««».
J. i! •.!•!>•■» ■• a prominent rral
'fliK Uml inlnlnii man. llvlnc at
Parkland nn flpMnawty !»k*. Th*
■ ••frv i ■: • m hi* fumpltlnl * an un- 1
umial *n<i fxithclto »-nr,
iJn'KepM'-Mrwiv-fa'i.h. t«OT. Mr. Me-j
! firM* va* (« Jcrmne, ArUnna, '-'I « (
>->,«* irir>'Vti«v|n* M» hf>m* and
~»i<ii' •" «ti»m* ff h'« >i»n, John 4.
l!rllrn>. on v. ; [■■til»t 2i thf tnt
•i f mill ID th* uflr* r>t Ih* !•!*• j
iiif,< ni ir'rmili company and '
.ifiivtrtd a rr -••»• tn th» orwrat^rl
'n 'i«rr< I »vrr th* r»-itiil«r tag for
in* irini7<ii'i n of the m**»a«r
Th* t»***ar* which <«"•<■ 1 all th*
'rouble I*ll* it* own •!«». It wit
••nl at th* Farkdal* ofllro and rr».J.
• follows: '- '
"J. <! MrlirM*. J*rorn*. Art*.—•
■»lh»f Martfie ,-' la < dying. H.-nd
<>n*y at enr*. Await >"«««"
*r. nr.iinr to th* - . •> i.lalnt. the
rtttr- by •oro* ml*l«kr of th* Ta
toil •*).» II la •!■#«<•■!. ora* wrong
y «<itrr..<M to JO t'lTlcht. and
•ailed to rea'h Its tru* destination.
hereby leaving Ih* plaintiff in «<'»n
"let* Ignorance of th* serious anil
mi»-rtant Information In th* mean
*g«. .11* was therefore unable to
reepond la th* call of hi* family In
their n*»d . : '.."'..
Though he hi In utter Ignorance
of th* whol* matter, hi* family hrl I
Mr. Mrlirl-le r*»poa*lbl* for new
irrif.J duly. ;j '..
Th* action will bo rigorously puah
ed and th* MM brought to trial a*
■oon a* poe»tW*. Bupt Kand« of th*
local branch of th* company, haa
mil* to aay In th* matter, except
that lh*r* la nothing In Ih* ease-.
Ultimate America.
That th* fnlt*d »*■••• will con-
Una* to expand, and that It will a*.
cur* additional territory on thl*
■ •ntlnent. la hljrhty'pmbabl*. An
nexation sentiment In Canada la, on
Ib* aurf«*« of affairs. non-*xlat*nt
at thr present Urn*, hut th« wtdrn
ins gap b*tw**n thai country and
th* Unli*d »ltai«« mum eventually
hrlnaj It* ptopl* to • reaJltfn* a*na*
; at th» a*c«aalty.'ot i>n|ltlral union
| with ua In th* c*a« of a Unt* and
ImporUnt *4*m*nt "f th* Canadian*,
annexation la taklnc • practical
. •hap* ***ry y*ar by their removal to
|ih!» atit* ofalh* boundary line. Tun
' drift mini eontlnu*, and It la likely
to Incrvaa* In volume rather than
<l<-<-r*«M. until . annexation take*
place. To Him of th* rountrlipa to
; th» aouihof ua d»*ilnr probably
ii- inta In th* Mint direction. For
. •urleloaical and political aa well ••
■H-onamlr reasona th* absorption of
lh* American country nt
•"•nada would be more aWalrabl*
than that of the Spanl»h-Am*rtcan
natloni. or any of them, but In their
■ nee. too. or In that of torn* of them,
union with th* great Amfrlfin re
publle I* one of the ultimate, prob
abilities In on* direction the mani
fest destiny Idea of the »o* ha* been
"■ir|.«<»<il by the actu*liiv of fifty
years Inter, for It did not Include th*
Philippine* Perhaps lon* before
the lOth oenlury end*, that earlier
aspiration In ll* continental* phase
will not fall far iihort of realisation.
Optimum In the natural mood for
.«.>.-minded American* In this mm»
of lh« world—«t. touts Globe-Dem-
I ocrat, j
Salvation Army Mayor.
WICHITA. Kan.. March I*.-Ja*.
W. T.ipp a rich merchant «nd lead
er of th* local Salvation Army, haa
been nominated by the Daaßaamla
a* their candidate, for mayor. Mr.
Tapp promises this reform If elect
Ten dollar* fin* for any girl wear
ing bloomer* on th* »treet. Any po
liceman heard swearing will be dla
charged (and all will be required to
carry Blblea. Religious services will
be held twice dally In the city build-•
In*. Ft** street car service will he
riven on Sunday morning to all the
churchgoers. Sunday thealeni and
baseball games will b« forbidden.
Erplttlng on th* alditwalki will b* a
nimble offence." ' -
Relief for Clark*
WAHHINOTON, March 18.—The
war department will hereafter •>••
cloned at 4 o'clock ln*tead of t. th*
hard work Incidental to the war
having materially decreased. Thl*
order on th* subject wu Issued to
day: ;
"Th* assistant lecretary of war.
recognUln. th* laborious and ex
citing nature of th* eervlcea per
formed by the employe* of thin de
partment .luring th* punt year, t.i
which they hay* generally devoted
many extra hour*, direct* that, un
til otherwli* ordered, the clerk* b*
not be detained for aervlca after
4 o'clock, p. m." ' -* "
Old Virginia's Opportunities.
II will Interest our peopl* of the,
writ who ,ii- bidding for Imltngrn
tl,.n. la know that the "Old South"
I* In th* field an a lively competitor.
The following la from a paper pub
llahed at Honnnk*. Va.:
Mont aapM know that Virgin*,
him at Norfolk th* finest harbor In
the United tttita.l ami the t>e>aUb
war has Just empha»laod the fact
iii.it ah* produce* it"' bail coal In
the world—the Pocahontaa smokeless
coal I* th* fuel with which all great
eat ipeed record* of recent year*
have been made, but ftv are aware
■ .■ .;■,■. , ■; ■■■. ?'■' :■ . ■ ■■■ .^•.. .
of htr it. 1.,. ri>l<m« mmIMIIIIi ■ for
manufacturing, rriilt(i'iw|i>K sn<l
■KickralHlnK. *
Why, th* «r»al valley of VlrKlma
—farnml for rentuiira for erabliift
and ■(! i- iii.i. Inn •till ona-fourth
Of tilt aurfajM iovrri'l by lor* >»f
oak, hli kni i' a, and oth»r hardwuol
, iri'»». What an opportunity for (h«
manufacturer »f farm mplfinanla
mi'! furniture! What Man I" ih< r>-
In aJiipplaa) iimiiiT to Hi. North or
H,i W»»l, 1., be mad* Into pood*
that are r»naume<J rlKli' on the "■'
from which th» timber in i ut '
Kvt-ry variety of fruit which v'll
grow In the temperate snne r- vm
perfection In Virginia. The I'l-d
--iiMint ii »'i,.ii la deailned to b«
rom* the |i i-iiiik fruit and wine !<•
clnn of the Union. Why, Vlrclnla
lippln applea arc (•Hint* now, and
hay« told for >--if«. for from 1" to
t$ per barrel more than price* i aid
for the hoi apple* ralaeH In other
In Hi. production of wine, Virginia
I* deatlned aoon to rival the famou*
«i»l.i- dlatrlcl* of (Jermany and
I'ru-nr Thn flneat fruit land In
the atate, now covered with valuable
timber, can be. bought today for M
to 110 per acre. What an oppor
tunity for frullirrower*)
Cantus Curttu'i Force.
WAHIIINOTiiN, March ll.—Dlr*«>
tor Mrrriam. of th* rruaua bureau,
announced today before leavlnc for
Mlnrt«>aiiia that he would make i,,,
further appointment*; for at Irani
a month, and that In* offlre fnrc* »f
*"•» clerk* would not be needed until
July, I" 4"", when th* return* ■■' tv
enumerator* will com* In. The mo
• ■■f>»rvlai.i> r however, would >•• <"•■
lected hv Pert mber ne«t »nd th*lr
names »rnt to the aenate for appro
»-al. 1>e«o aupervlaor* will have th*
*r>r>nlntment of 40'i<v> enumerator*,
who will do th* actual work of tak
Inr the cen*u* In th* varlotia atatra
and terrltorle*. Inr f*w ttaff and
clerical a|>|K>lntm»nta to be mad* be
fore ronrreaa meet* will comprl**
only th* akrleton fore* neceaaary to,
perform the preliminary wn'k Thla!
will be no ea*y task, however, say* (
th* director.
AMumln« the population of the
United "tate* at thla tint* to he In
round numbers M.000.00t people,
there muat be 400,000 AM luued
for the population schedule* alone.
Addlnc to these th* other schedules,
there will have, to )>e In th* accre-
isle not Irss than Um.QOO such latoata
In |>rlnled form used^ All this m.<»«
of naiper will have to be manufac.
tired and printed without delay In
counting the population, every lndl-|
vldual will be represented l.v a aep-'
arate rard. and there will have to i
be manufactured and printed not ,
lesa than Km mn.ono of the** cards
Th* probability I* that there will be
a ayaiem of machine counting,
which admit* of counting facts in
combination and which worked ao
well in the last census, will be adopt-
Ed for (hat of IMO. Th» office will I
have to select from the various de-!
vices the one moat satisfactory, and
a sufficient number to do the work
must then be manufactured. The
work will be pushed with all pos
sible epa>ed consistent with accuracy
and every effort made to avoid drag
ging the work along unnecessarily.
No Promincuou. Vaccination.
. Vim Laura Watklns. employed at
a store at Kit Kast Pratt street, waa
before Justice l/eecn at the Eastern
police station yesterday chanced
with refusing to he vaccinated. She
declined to show her arm to Dra. J.
W. Lubehausky and Oilman S.
Evans nt the Health department.
tlefore the magistrate she stated
that she objected to baring her arm
to any one who might call «nd re
present himself ,as a physician.
<<he said she was willing to be vac
cinated, but It must be done by her
family physician. Dr. rrank C.
Dressier. *
As the law require* persons to
submit te. vaccination when health
nfflceds call. Miss Watktn* waa fined
ll* flhe wa* placed in charge of
the station house matron, as she
did not have the money with her.
»h» still refused to be varctnated by
i the Health department | physicians,
stating that she would rather go to
Jan and stay there Afrlend sent
for her physician. Dr. Bressler. an.l
her vaccinated the lady In the sta
tion house. Dr. Dressier offered to
give Dr. Bvans a certificate of vac
rlnstlon. but Dr. Bvans refused It.
1 At this Juncture Dr. Ilressler became
Indignant, and demanded to know
from Dr. Evans why he would not
: accept the certificate. Dr. Rvans
only replied that he would not re
ceive the paper. Dr. Breesler then
said he would make Dr. Kvans or
Health Commissioner C. lUmpson
acknowledge the paper, but Justice
I*erh settled the argument by say-
Ing that he would accept the cer
tificate and dismiss the lady.
Dr. Hressler Iritlmated that some
physicians who are vaccinating are
over-Interested In women's arms.
Dr. Evans replied that he thought
Dr. Brensler was a gentleman of too
much Intelligence to make such re
mark. Justice Leech asked the
gentlemen "to stop the controversy.
and Miss Watklna left the station
house In a pleasant humor.
While Miss Watklns was In charge
of the matron. Dr. Kvans said he
would wait to nee whether she paid
the 11(1. and he Intended to follow up
he -BaJUmor* American.
Boohmaking Suppressed.
PAIUB. March 1* The govern
ment has suppressed bookmaktng on
race course* and the betting hence
forth must be done In the Paris mu
tuels. The reason of this Is said
1,. be that the Assistance Puhlliiue
draws one half per cent, of the
moneys paid In the Tarts mutuel*
and the wealthy sportsmen have
preferred booking bets.
These are Hie Fabrics for Spring of '99
Ben's Business or Dim Garments .
Hrrring Bone Pinhead Stripes
Silver Hair Lines Broken Chocks
Rough EnglUh Homespuns Fancy Mottled Chevoits
Stone Tweeds ,• *: Double Breasted Coverts
Blue Serges .■ Pepper and Salt
In Singlo or Double Breasted Stylos
rnff«slO to $2O& Bffi' s lt FS
Strongait Top Coat House in the State.
First Avonuo and Columbia Stroot .
Adjt.-Gen. Fox So
. Declares.
Comp»nl«» •*«» Be Outfitted, How
•»er, ••fora the Fourth of
•j V
TACOMA. ilnrrli I*.—Adjutant
liinnnl Vox I* In Tufunm on ij»l
neaa connected with th* state rml-
Itla When aakad ci)i,r.-rnl;iK uril
form* for the guard he MM '<'•>. A
!» the only one In the wale which
liii« »run and uniform*. I have ;u»t
received • Ictttr concerning (ha
n*ttrr from the quartermaster ireri.
•*»•, but h* flvi-B no definite atate
ih»i concerning the time' when tb«
uniforms will arttv*. ' *
"According; to a recent decision of
the aaalatant attorney ajeru-ral th«
ordnance, of th« rallltla ar* simply
loaned by the United States and can
l»- ordered rtturned back without
payment. This tees' not iud* -
unJfonna, and, anyway, the eiil*
paid cash for the overcoat* furnish
ed to the volunteers. When th* r«
turn was mad* to th« government
for the uniforms furnished by th*
■tate It almply cave the number of
uniform*, without mentioning their
condition. ' ■ '->>
"There Is an army regulation that
when a receipt for any arm or equip
ment Is made out and doe« not state I
th» condition of the article It la pr<-_
• iiinril It wan a first-class new one.
If till* obtains In regard to'the uni
forms ><• are entitled to a* many '
new uniforms » were turned over
to the volunteer*. The record of
how | much each man wan charged
for his uniform Is now with the re
giment at Manila, s I think there Is
little chance of, ever getting cash
payment for the equipments and re
ally all the state want« la uniforms
for the. new guard If the govern
ment furnishes them we will be sat-
MM .'•■ ■ -• "•■ - . '■-':■ ;* • t ■ "■-■ :
."^California, had the-, same delay ,
over red tape, which was finally end
ed by the adjutant general finally
Kolr.it to Washington and settling up
everything all at once. I think It
will be a saving In money and time
to the state if I should go to Wash
ington and end the matter In a few
day*. There seems to be no limit.
to the"correspondence which will be
necessary to arrange matters.' If 1"
go eaat It will be within • a monte I
or so. * I will make every, effort U.
have the uniforms,delivered to all,
lbs companies of the guard some ■ 1
time before the Fourth of July. It',
will enable them to take part In th«
military demonstrations on that day.
I I believe nearly all the companies r
' will be, anxious to Join In the cele-'
bration at Tacoma.
1 "I have heard *of the proposed
Fourth of July military parade and
. I think It Is a very good Idea. I,
11l be willing lo do what I can to .
help It alone ant I think all tha
guard will co-opera** In the mat
"If the volunteers who are In the ■•■:
army only for th« war with Spain #
•nd some of the regulars leave the
•ervlce. I think there will be another
Ml for troop* to fill up the regular.'
army to the U.OOO limit. This mar
irlve aom* of us in Washington an
opportunity and I hope to be amonc
those, selected If such action be
taken." ' :; "
Morality vi. Stocking*.
A historian of i down centuries
h*nce mlitht come to Home odd con
clusions respecting the virtues of
two of the most noted women In
French history If all he had to go
i.v were two autographic sertp* that ■
turned up In Parl» a few years ait".
Among the letters of Mme. de Stael.
Mme. Itoland and even the great
Napoleon which were • MM were !
fr«»mrnl« from billets of Mme. de "
Pompadour and the Bmpress Jose- ;
phlne. The former assures the re
cipient Of her confidence t*»t she
will be very Blad to retain In her
service certain domestics ">.> Ions; as
their conduct should tie above re
proach." Fancy the austere prud-
MMMI that dictated that blameless*
sentiment! And then think of the
frivolous extravagance of the wo
man who wrote, as we have It hera i
In Josephine's own hand. "I have ,
Juiit thrown mway Jl4 pairs of ribbed
silk mocking* quite new:" •
Horn* Improvement Club.
AI.HANT, March 18.—The Wo
men* Home Improvement club, of
New York city, was Incorporated to
day for "the education and Instruc
tion of married women In the art of
making their homes comfortable and
happy, to the end that they, the
said homes, -may be attractive to
tbelr husbands and conducive to the
health and future proapaeta of their
children." The headquarters of the . .
club are In New York city. The dl- -
rectors are Mary Houston, Kill*
Kelnhardt. Mary Murphy. Margaret
Weli-h and F.lir. th Lauterborn, all
of New York city.

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