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• TO' TO' TO ife
I—x » I
a Seattle §
! Star I.
2 Evening Newspaper o
. - /IN ■ 1..'. an Ik* _
« News "'-. World a
1 © Crisp* 5.
|— Condensed D"
v. Form, g
»- i) Adapted to the need* el busy «^|
<\^ r people. The average man or
--. ■ ■*• ■ woman i always likes to swiftly
• '!" | > scan the moving panorama of the —
;* globe during the leisure half hour 111
a^* that follow s the evening meal, and
(J then turn attention to other mat
"• ters.* .", The publishers at the TUB -^
0" • i STAR appreciate this fact »nd have fj
modeled the paper so that \f
" Directness of Statement -q
; __ Will be * noticeable feature. An %y ,
in Interesting, breezy style of para-
w Z graphinz finds Increasing favor in .
these days, as opposed to the old*
. time fashion of ponderous "write*
•-• ups" and editorial utterances. (1 ■
f\ The Star will have _J^
[■p All of lie Local _,
'.§ Telegraphic News |".
C Don't doubt it for one minute. The
paper will not claim to be the best » #v
on earth with the "largest circula- 111
tlon"— that Is, not yet awhile, but ** '
l^ the effort will be made to steadily m\
D improve it. In the meanwhile Vl/
please remember that news "tips" f\\
0 telephoned to the office (Pike 150) **'
fj will be much appreciated; also fjp
subscribers. It only costs > .
I l Two •
0 Bits J?
■7; 0)
(/) To secure The Star for -^
one: MONTH
— ■
i %lM
Whisky Barrels Are
Production of Dlitillarlo It *•
Striated In »K. a c. of ■
Booming Market*.
I'linvil.l.r. March »,—owin«
to peculiar caita. ■ Hi. v»hl>k> ,li»til
i I*™ or KrntiK-k) will have Hi. Ir pro
duction rr.lrl. In the f*M ..I ■
boutnlnc market. Mm kit am HMD
arvl demand I* better limn tor >r.»r«
• in! corn la r»«><>n*bly cheap, while
th* plant* hove a rapacity of >>.
i t09,00a «al|.>na y*aily. N»l» Ittiatund
ln« all the** favoring rlrrum*tan<**a
n*w dlatltUrtra, whoa* afMH ar*
anxloua to atari them up, rannot run
and old onea which have iVrn buay
ar* ahuttlnc down or *!*« running on
abort llmr.
Th* ■ tux or thla la found 1:1 th*
acarrlty of wblaky barrela and th*
i Inability of manufacturer* to aupply
them. rrlr«« hair advanced from
II a barrel 1.. II and ILM. but th*
cooprra .iinn.it ir*t aiavrt *nou«b to
mevt half tb* •Um.iuJ. A f*w ar*
working overllm*. but th* batanra
•i> au abort of mat-rial that half
of their rapacity la not mii».l
Th* whlaky barrvl la a mo4*l of
tb# rooper'a wr>rkman>ril|. Mai haa
to (>«• well mad* In every h-«h«-i.
Th* liquor la a.) volatile that the
leaat flaw In th* vcaael would mat"
It ua*l*a*. Th» atav*a art mad* from
actertfd and rartf ully *«a»anrd
tlmb*r and ar« th*n put toc»lber l.y
'he moat »i>ertenred workmen.
They ar* nl<*ly planed and Jointed
and ar* then bound thickly with
metal hoop* When onUh«4 lh*y
ar* rharred tnm! -. thla l«»na: re.
larded aa an **Hntlal *tet> In th*
rlpenlna* of tb* xli.akv Th* new
' IMJMM 'a thru i^urtil In. to remain
tor at Iraai f our year* and |-*rhapa
! el«ht or ten. Only ih« beat of tim
' ber and workman*hlp will answer
th« .requirement*, and berauae th*
whlakr mutt b* matured In Ml
barrel* *rtoiid-hand ene* ran never
b* ua*d. , ,
Th* abortac* of atav** la dv* to
th* l"» i.rlr* during th* y»»ra of
l*pr»««ltn In th* »hlaky trade. Th«
■tar** ar» rut ml aeanned in U»*
■prioa* «n! aumm»r. an I In th" fall
• n<l winter ar* shipped I* I»ul*vlll*.
t^aat »«-«r r'lc«« »»rr an tow that
Illtt* limber w »• rut and worked up
and when th* demand beiran in be
'fairly under war th* ahortaK* wa* i
qutekly ML Th* coopera am MBM
in« fancy prteea for th* timber, but
few unanld at>v-ka ar* to b» 1..11111
Th* bid eoop*r* of l..ulavlll* arc
th" on** r»w|x'na|i>i* fp "• • few
y»ara a*"> fwh diatltlfr* mad* Ha
own barrela. but th* rlly flrroa mw
th* Importance of the trad* and l>l 1
for It. Prl"a w«r* rut down rapid
ly under ■ in* rompoHUon. and at
last th» barrel* rot M cheap that
I atanratlno prlc** war* raid far th«
I «tav<-"
On il*lltl»r want all cwr I^>n'«
• »lll» thla mk offerlftt finer |>rl>
for barrel*, but could find non*. fto
wnfl'ld * Co.. hare a new dutiilerr
with a maahlnir rapacity of «00 bu*h
•-la Hi craln a day They «r» am
loua to atari II ill. but >• ">• > •*•
no proupMta of r'ttln* barrel* th<-y
rannot do an. Oth*r i'»ilM«r« are In
ih» aam* fix. Th* coop»r »hi>im In
l>>ulavlllr arc turntnc out 4DO bur
nt* a day «bfn thnuaaß<la at ««■<•.!
--•d for th» trad*.
014 Protests' R«tlf n%.
NEW lIAVRN, Conii., Mir' h ».—
Prof. Jam** M» r. lloppln, tax nl.l
--•»t profnanr In artlvr arrvlrr at
Talc, announr*d today hla r<-i-litna
tlon. t» tak* rffrrt at tb* rloa« of
I tha pr»a»nt arhool yaar, pWH 4
! ■■■!•! ait* ll* haa br«n a prnfr«aor at
Tal» for M yarn ll* «»« crvin.it
r.i In th* rlaaa of I*4o. and waa for
If yrara prr)f»«a>ir of hotnllrtli a an!
pa«toral thvulocy In tho divinity
Work of Burglars.
ri.MIKA. N. T. March JO-At 1
I o'clock Ihln mornlnK II rnnnkr.l men,
all rarr>ln« r*«olv*ra, broke Intn
tri<- powir bout* of In* *'«•• '!>' and
A than* trolley road at M'avorly. N.
T., and bound anil f.ißß' I thrr* en
iclnrera and firemen. Th* bur*t*r*
thru blew op*n the riimi'any'a aaf»
and »»<-iir»d IIM In inon*y Th*
thr** »mploy*a wrr* rrl<-A«-l after
one of thrm had work. l«>«<- from
the rop4*a which bound him.
II Haw President.
AMIIKIRfT, Mm., March 20.—
Iruat"** of Amhcr*t <"ll' «•> ar* c«-
I»c t>->l to mpet In Hprlngdrld tmm
to < li< t a UNMMf to l'r>-»!.I. tit
nal*n. who In Ml In Kiit<p" on a
lini v ■•f iili«- •• and Mrliniin i"»lKnn
linn tak*a place on April I. A mm
mltte* I* to report a Hut of randl
datpa with recommcndntlonß. in* l
namo that la known to havi» lie>-n
roncUlercd favorably by the trunlrea
la that nf Prrnldrnt William F. Hln
cum, a Krnilunt" of Amhirat 1 ■ill.c»
In 1*74. who la now at the hmd of
Colorado Collet*. Nt Colorado
RprlnK*. I'ri'xlileiit Hi to, "f Bow
doln. Tina aim b««n rnnnldpred, but
ax li<" la In lln« "f promotion to b*
the head of Harvard unlvrralty he
la not thoimlil to 1.. nvallabli>. Th"j
atili-rorniDi M- met here tndny. lulj
will hold OB* "ill. r meeting at '■ Man
1,, ten (InlKhlnK lt> report.
To Light the County.
If] M ft -UK". M 11. 20.— Th*
United <ln« Iniiiriivi-iiK'tit rompany
of !'hllad*lphla. which compnny iii
ready puntrola III* Tonkrra Kan
plant, aa well '•« Ran I'l.intx In HI
rltlea In th« country, iMlttdlM J'hll.
1. ipbl 1. propoMi to hrnnrh mit
further In Wi'«l h**l*d county. Th'o
We»tcheat*r Qm and Coki compnny
of Mount Vernon, which ir»« Incor
porated at Albany on Friday, with a
capital KOI l< Ol (200,000, It "UK MR
eertalned yeaterday, wu or«antied
- ": ... :-■ rts •
in th* im.-i. ki of the United Oai lin
1H..V.11H Hi rompnnv.
Thn new t-ompany ha* mi. ttlatu
I".ii,lint" for fi.iin 111-*» • li..in.uiur.ii
'in ■ »«» In M.iiiiii Vai ii'.n. New llu
•h. ii. , 11,I 1, iii,mi ami I'Hham Manor,
'It..- ...luiuuiy la ultimately In ii
rnnaolldalH.t with Hi. Vnnkor* KB*
plant under th* mil- of iba Writ
. lii-mli r !,Iklillhk i'nmp»liy.
Tli* niuaullitateil tHimpany Will
l.ik.. In iii. following rlnlrlo HkIH
i ..ini- .n • l.'ii"! i'li.'kl.'l I :i.-t »tli
cumpany, a in. la "i" rating rler
ii i. llcht planta at M ■"<< Vrrnon,
New ltiK-hrllp, I,'aat ChMltr and I'*|.
hum. Port Cheater Klortrlo 1 iklit
rumpany, ..i .hiiiiik planta at Port
«'li. 11l i and |<v, . |.m. hill-nil i:i.t
trie ■ ..•ii|..iiiv, I'.'.riHiiiK i.lfliii» at
Lin hini.iit, Mit>iiiii..in-. i- and Now
li. ihi Hi and Hi.- M bit* I'laln* (la*
and IClwtrlr ctimpnny, . i - i iiiiik at
"SVhlt* I'laln*.
Another Weatrheater I.lKhlln*
••.•iiiiiumv »n« liu'tirporated at At
bany «n Friday vii.l. t Mi. till* of Hi.
New York Huhurban <!.»« company.
It i • i'l.m.'iilk a conaaltilatlon of five
\v.■»■■ ii.niir Kaa companlea now In
o|>eratliiii, and It la atated ta i.. en
tirely i. pi n.ii hi uf ii" mi' 'I Uaa
Improvement tumpanjr'a mterprt**.
-^ivnConvart Negroes.
NKJW VortK. March 10.—T» ir.iur*
It..iiiuii Oathollo Inl. " 'I In th* run
dltlon of the neertxa of th« »mjth
I* th* object of the lecture* which
i far two in nil,, the Iti-v. J. M. l.ii
..■> bat been ►!< liik 'if thla city and
llrouklyn. Kail r l.vi <-y. who la th*
rum.l. r and head at th« Colored In
duatrlal Inntltut* mil Catholic ml*>
■lon ..I fine Muff. Ark., the lurg-nl
Inntliiiii'.n for MgjNM In UM <"«th
• •li.- church, any* that of the 10.
--•M.eotl ri--«i ,- in the Huuth :. •■ than
soo.o. ■ ar* Human <*athollra. Th*
i'rateatant • hut. I" • hf My*, have
I "nit |ni«h*-il their varloua rr<-.-.u >
anioiii: the nerrnra, and II la mor*|
than tlm<- that Ihe Ituman Catholic
church lncrea»ed Ha work «in.in« a
rare which h* *>■-11«•»■••» to t>* an Im
portant r«' i r in M, future of lh*
nation. The Colored Industrial In
aliiut* ha* MO puptta who ar* bo
ms tauchl the ordinary branche*
ami ainri aewtnv. i.~.kln«. luuw
keeplnc and muatc. A movement '■
on t .xii to > m»|.u«h similar Inatltu
tk>n* In other part* of th* Houth.
Hospital for Consumptives.
AL.IIANT. March !«,—Th* atalf i
board of .harlll. • today authorised
firatlfnt Htewart tn'appolnl a com
mill" to Inform Ih* bnard aa to tha
adttaablllty -I eataullahtn* • atat*
hofpltal In the Adlrondacka far the
treatment of Incipient pulmonary
lu!«T. ulf.«l»
Th# i. «irnatl'.n nf Mr Jame* O
r»nnln« ■•( iln» • ll» Inepeclor of
rharttle*, waa rant***) and accepted
and th» office *boll*h«d. In tak* ef
fect April I. l«» nviina 1., th* lark
of fund* «he »*rvtre* «f ln»t» • —
Clarke ef Kocheeter and llrown and
Hannah* "f Kew York city went ■!!••
' pen*- ! wtth.
Wornberg In Luck.
NKW TOM, March Jerry A. '
Wernberg. th* well known Itrooktyn
lawyer, went to Mexico a couple of
weeks sg<> to look after his Interest
In a big copper mln*. an.l. arcor-llng
to report* receive* frmn him, bis '
i Mexican venture has netted him a'
. handa ime return. It Is said that
h- ha* -rived no lees than IKW.**).
for TO per r*nt. of bis holding* In
the mine and that he is also to ret
a substantial slice, of stork In th*
big company which I* to operate It. .
Father Ward's Will.
NEW YortK. Mar. W—Th* will
of the Itev. Thomas T. Ward, pastor
of the Unman Catholic church of HI.
Charles llorromeo. on Kidney place,
has been admitted to prnbat* by
Hurrogale Abbott of Ilrooklyn. The
estst* la valued at tino.SOO A". '
making provision far th) payment of
, hi* debt*. the testator leaves the
' real. of his estate to hi* executors
or to either of them »ho should
qualify, In trust for the Itoman
Catholle church, the money to be
disbursed under (he direction "f
Itlshop O'l>>nnell. Th» executors
named are Me Puffy of M Agnes' ,
church. Charles lloyt of IS IVtr»
pont street and John N.rih of •*«
Ma liiu-n street. Mo Puffy was th*
only one who qualified.
Exasperated Hebrews.
NBW'TOItIC M«rch !0.-Tw«-nty
nvr Hebrew I. .ya. who had been ar
rested on Sunday for throwing
stones, wer* committed t.i th- Cath- I
..ll' protectory In the r'«-« Market
p.il|. court '•> -r .lay «n falling to
pay the small fines Imposed on them
by Magistrate Wcntworth. The Jil
vend* asylum ha* l--.n .nmrranlln
ed Their relatives, when they
h«mrd of the commitments geatlcul
ai-1 wept snd tore their hair and
whukers. The nolle* at last dla
persed them.
A Check Forger.
M-\V VnllK. March M.-Frank
riretn. of Sl« W.»l Hi.iy-nlnlh afreet
' was held for elimination In SIOoOi
ball In the \V»»t Fifty-fourth atreel
police ■union y«»f.r.lnv afternoon
on a chariTi- of nwlndllnK Jeremiah
, Carney, a. limit of JTtt RWMMi
■treet, by menni .if a «..rllil..«« 110
check. IHtectlve Fonart,}', wh» am
n >1.-l Ilreen, «alil that ih.r.. w«r«
.!* nthrr complalnanta In llronklyn
mill MM t<> have the prlimner tried
on «lmll»r chanrca and that there
were two wnrrnnla nut for him. '
"Hreen llvea altocether on what
he ■-• t« nut of worthlc** check* for
»mall amountn." anld the .], i.i ilv.
"and ho h.i« r'»»i""d them all over
the town. l!« hlreg 11 furnl«hed;
ream aotnewhere, and K»ln« the con-!
ftdonce of Rome grocer In the neigh- |
borhood. and then ..T. the tcrocer!
n. bad check. 1 .Hiiiiv ho X.-i' ■end ,
money fur 1 tinriK.. Then he m.. »
and reiientK thi ■ |.. nilloii come
whi-re eliie."
■| 1,, prlHnner Kflld thai he wa* a
real ratal broker and n nephew of
, i-S. n.itnr Kli'i nun nt I'tl'M.
__ — •«,
A Clover Chinaman.
IskW VOUK, March ;n.—While A ;
«wcr (Ire **■ In |.i..Kr.«< In the luii'l
vrm illntrlct i>f RJdffewOod, N. J., ..11
flaturday nlfht, n Chinaman, \vho»e
In mii.lt f w.m In Ihn center tif the j
burning block, lout 11" tlmi' In Recur- ]
Im: new i|iinrti-r.«. Thi-ru wan lint
one viK'ntit nturo In the neighbor
hood, Th« ' mi.hi hunted in. the
landlord lid hired 'li. pUoa .hi the
upot, liln'llnn thn bariraln by pnylng
one- month' rent In ■< '■• ■'"' ■ Bj the
time th« trtUMACtton W ' |.i"i.-.i
i),,. tinmen ii ,1 nearly reached hi*
old Rtoro. Willing hand* aided the
1 'inn,. in in. and In a ihwl tlmo all
, hIR iii»"l* '■■• ■' traniferrml to hi*
new a ton*, aad ho nnnnunced that
( he. «iin ready fur builnci* again.
Chartered Company
Gives it Up.
is <m\t:i, BY THE GERMAN
• ff.lri a< th* Itl.na Will Raw ■•
adm.mttarad by Emperor
NSW TiiKK, March M.—Th« Ocr- '■
man New liulni-a company haa kiv
en up th* arduoua taak of inln«
ha laraa ton ion cvnnded i" II ami
Kin|.«rnr William* ».nrrnm.iil will
now admlnlaler th* afTalra of th*
country lla«lf. Th* New ilulnm
• "inpuny had • ii r< iirj am h control
over th* region aa the Kaat India
I rompany on. possessed over a large
part of India, .It has had trouble
with th* natives. it la now to be re
lieved of the res|M>nsltilllty of main
taining order and will devota Itself
to Its commercial Interests.
N-h Guinea la th* largest Island
In the world. Th* western half aj
11, aa far aa the meridian, 11l decrees
•ait bclengs to In* Initih. The
southern half of th* remainder Is
; liiiil.li New Guinea, and th* North
ern half i.<-!"ttjia la Oermany, and Is
known as Kaiser Wllhelm 1..n«1.
Hamburg Is th* headquarters of the
New Oulnea company, and th* prod
ii' la It has b**n raising, particular
ly Ni» Oulnra tobacco, have orten
been advertised In the.. Herman
press. The company ha* also dune
much to explore the coast mountain !
ranees, and haa ascended some ot
the rivers for « considerable dla- j
lance It «v th* Kalaerln Augueia '
river that Ha explorers reported the
natives aa bavin* splendidly devel- !
oped arm*, wbll* their lee* had rath
er leas than normal strength, and
they attributed this Ik th* fact that '
th* native war* almnat Incessantly
on th* water plying the paddl* In
their canoes, and thus giving their i
arms a area; deal aj exercise at the
expense of th'lr legs..
Home of the most important effort
of the company to develop the coun
try have been Centered at Astrolabe
bay. athlete Is on* of their chief ports
in that aoajKtfT' This bay will al
ways be historic aa th* pise* where
the rtuulan ethnologist, I'r. Mlklu- !
eho Msclay, waa put on shore from
a schooner about 11 years ago ">
study the native*. No whit* man
h>*d ever been there,' and he expect
ed <■• ll** them alone for a l»njr time.
Th* schooner sailed away In the i
darkne**. leaving him on the beach,
and when th* native*) taw him there ,
th* next moraine they thought the
■ trang*- object had dropped from the
aky. They nearly killed him in their
experiment* to determine whether
he waa a «nd They Imprisoned him
In a hut and watched him day and
night. They nearly starved him. be
cause a trod should not requlr* food. I
They tied him to a tres and shot ar- I
rows clom to his head and Berk, be-1
■MM If hr war* a god he should not
bo frightened. Two of the arrows
Inflicted sever* flesh wounds upon I
the helpless captive
Then they pressed their spears
sgalnst his teeth to make Kirn open
his mouth and In many other ssv
a** ways sorely tested hla temper,
courser* and strength. At last they
decided lie had dropped from th*
moon and that he was not a god be
cause his wounds bled and he needed
fn»l. but they voted him a good fel
low and grew dally more and more
fond of him because he was always
cheerful, hi wevrr much they an
noyed him. and many of their sick
soon recov*r*d under tils skilful
For two »'if» Dr. Marlay lived
inmni theiie Hvt|n. fMllnit amply
pnl • for all hla terrible aacrlfleea by
the wraith of Mitntlflc f*rt« he *v
•Mo to collect. Money could not
have tempted him la thu« jeopardise
lil" life and a-lve up every clvlllied
comfort, inn th» fact* h» g*tli<-r>~l
wrr* needed to cornjl- <•• hla, tonic
■hi IK • among the rare* of th« weal
em Pacific, Md, with the ardor of
the born devotee to aclene*. he wan
eager <■• make any aarrlQce that
would vl<ll him the knowledge he
•nUKht. ii« .s«, j j V
Woman Sneak Thief.
N):w Y-.IIK. March ».—Mr«. La*
1n i I.copoM. of SU Month Fourth
.it., i. Wllllamsbura-. found ■ young
woman tn her tin yc»tnrday when
I *he returned from a iHopplng trip.
Mi«. l<ropold »>'itf.| i « Intruder,
I but the latter broke away and ran
down (lain. Mr*, l^-opuld started
In NIMH and caught the fugitive.
A police man artealed the, woman,
11. .»l»o arrt«tnl a man who waa on
the opposite aide of the MMM The
prisoner »•>• taken I* the B*dl •'
nv.mi" I'lillt" atatlon, where the
woman gave her name, a* Klliabeth
1...|..it». Hlm declined to toll where
Mm lived. Th" man laid he- waa
John Krledman. 21 yearn old, of 71
Chryttle -tir.f Manhattan.
When the woman waa Marched
' two i nil. ll 1 rlnK» and a gold wad
\ and pin, valued at UN, were found
I In hat pocketa and twelve false, keya
!In her Hocking. Mm. baofjaM aald
i the Jewelry hi I been atolen from her
Hat. In the man'a MHMIM *•«
found a koUI watch 1111.1 chain, a
diamond horacuhoe pin, Mai ellrer
watch, 11 Knld pin, one marquUe dl«
--mnnd rlnit. and three inicketbooki.
The woman wa» locked up on a
%.nrp!i' of burglary. The man wan
held on •uiplclon of larceny.
On Farm Conditions.
■WASHINGTON. March 20.—The,
Indumrlal commlMlon nave a hear-
I InK • ...|.n- on farm conditlona, the
i principal witneM Ixliie AmilHtnnt
Hfcretnry Ilrl«h«m of the agricul
tural l.)'ii;iii.nl Mr. llrlKham
Raid that li" hnd own connectml
with Hi" Orange movement nearly
20 yearn, .in.) .in matter of Ihi Na
llnnal .;i hi«" for nine year* had
traveled over Hi. country ..iiril.-i
ably. Tho number of men employed
on farm* til nbotil the *nmi\ mi
■aid. n» N year* oito. Th" tendency
was, however, toward shorter houra
and lighter work, nn.l In general Hi"
condition and wim of the farm
w —
h.iniin had Improved. Thia wan, he
w.llil. IniK.lv .In.' I" llj- nui of urn
-1 hln.-iy hii'l Improved m iiiml>, and
nut organisation of labor. TIM *y»
--• •■II* or erep >imi III*. |M «»h, wn ill
■ IrualiiK. """I WOUld, tl<' thought,
inH'iy aupplnnt iii. of inriiiK man
(M iikio
Mr llrlKlmlti fnviiri-'l the ((••ciilnK
•it 111. .I. m. ntuiy Mill li'l.« Of ■•«•
Illlllllirn in III" miI. III- IH'h'Kll*. a*
u'.iimiik iii. lullnxi of I/., boya In
that branch wnul.l tend to k««p
Hi. n> on Ilia farm unit away frura
Hi* tltlra. 'i it. mi.', Invented In
r.u inn. farm Implement* and muck In
His United Mate* represented, ha
MM, .ilH.ill ii,Wi«,o«>,ihh>. I" ii 111 In
v.nliii.-ma i.iii.i IiIkI). r ratea of Inter
ml 40 year* unit than today. Horn*
mMM f,, the decreaae wu the
appreciation of Ijlli'l VHlllcH mil th*
lilkli.t ivuKin for lulw.r. Th. n< (
pronta of farming, taking an aver
! ana fur th* wlml.- rounlry, h* mid,
would not <«...-.l more than 1 or
1 per rent. Karmi-ra. ha aald, paid
tou drat a proportion of the tales,
on* MM being that their property
could ii 'I I"- concealed from th* II
HMfI aa can MM other claaeea of
An Incorrigible Girl
NKW YiiIIK March L'n 'Mm 8..
--l>lil> iii.»:in of M« Klghlh avenue,
I.ml nl«ht rauaed th* arreat of h«r
daughter Kiiiimu. II yeara old, aa In
corrigible. Th* ultra father died
about aeven montha a«o. He waa
a member of th* I.in ..I i lull and a
well known Tammany hall worker.
Hoon after her father* death the
mrl ran away to Coney laland, where
•he lln-l fur ihr-->- weeka with a
"atrons man" named • i..l'Ut»-ln. Hh.
returned home, but three months
mien acaln ran away and lived with
•: In. in and lived In Philadelphia,
«i, two w.-tkß aro when hi* came to
Skw York i.i accept an «n«-aicem*nl
In a liowery theater ah« cam* with
Th* (Irt returned horn*, but !>»r
action riu»"l i continual family
'luarrrla. Two nlfhta aco ah* took
her slater, who I* two year* youn«> r
than herself, out with bar, and they
1 remained away all nli-ht. Then Mra.
Ilretlln determined to call In th* po
ll. •• •
The wayward girl waa locked up
in th* Weal Thirtieth ilr<—< ■tatlon.
Prlneeten Oabatars.
ritlNCirro.N. N. J. March 19.—
1 Th* conteat to decld* MMIM 1!
repre«#ntallve* far th* ninth annual
1 debate with Harvard waa held Ihia
afternoon In Murray hall. and the
following men were chosen; Jam**
' Henry N"rlhru|>. 'W, Atlcuata. N J,;
NathanlM Smith Ileeves, '»*, Brook
' lyn, and Alfred Hewell Weiton. '*>.
West Mount Vrrn.m. Me. Th« de
bate with Harvard will be held In
Alexander hall at Princeton. April
I. l'rlnrrti.ii will hare the afflrma
live aide of the question: "It'-aolrrd
Thai a formal alliance between
Ores I IlrltaJn and the t'nlted Stain
for protection and advancement of
I common Interests la advisable."
Tha Pop* and Americanism.
M\V BRUNSWICK. .V. J . March
30 The Itrv. Archibald A Murphy,
paster of the Hecond Presbyterian
, church lof thin city, preached on
"Americanlam According to 1-**
Mil lait evening. H« began by
telling- of th« I'aullat Fathers.
"Ttier* la 'no question," said the
preach, r, thai they have done a
great work In holding an Immena*
auutene* of young women Iwice each
, day for a week, an audlenc* of mar
ried women the aame way the next
I «<■«■: an audlene* of married mm
! the third week and an audience of
i unmarried men th* third week. The
' doctrine of aln and aalvatlon were
• preached In a moil uncompromising
I manner, and heaven and hell were
•el before the people without mln
• lnl> matter*.
The order waa founded by Father
Meeker, who died In It**. An ac
■ count of hi* life *v written and a
' carMnl translation wii made In Eu
■ rope. It I* thl» translation that hat
awakened th* controversy on th«
other aid* of the Atlantic. Bnme of
the attacks on th* l>aull»<« have
been of a matt scurrilous nature. I
hold, after careful consideration of
th* subject, that the letter of the
»-.,|,.. to Cardinal OMMM I* a nega
tlv* victory to the American part}'
In the, Id.man Catholic church. It
Is a very mild letter. So far aa 1
can see, aa an outsider, unfamiliar
with fuch a complicated organisa
j tion an the Reman Catholic church,
the >*aullst fathers are allowed by
the Pope to go on with their work.
Their enemies will not be allowed to
persecute them. If the experiment
I* a. success It will be followed up.
Americanism In »v to the tlmra
Protestants ought to rejoice In It
and encourage It as much as they
"Now I am not pleading for the
llnman Catholic church. I know that
church Is quite abla to take rare of
herself. And It Is not courtesy for
me to Interfere, for this Is really a
■ family matter. HUM »>«• new move
ment makes me hop* that In the
great future there, will be » coming
toother of all of Clod's children of
all parts of the world. We are near
1 enough at present to shake, hand*,
ami we are fraternising nil the time.
It will be a happy time when all
I branches of Christ's church unite."
Health Officer Indicts* 1.
Nnw OItLinANS, March SO—Dr.
Bdward Bouehon. it •"«|<J>-nt of th»
l»ulaana #tate board of health, ami
Dr. Quttman Kohnk.'. of MM New
Orleans board of health, were nr
reited hen- today on a bench war
rant baaed on an Indictment found
by the grand Jury of Kant F.-llvlanA
pariah, chanting th.m with man
slaunhter. Tin' Indictment la a con
•equence of the yellow fever ■pldiMn-
I. of liim rnimmir. Dra, Rourhon
anil Knhnkß are charßed with hay-
InK concealtxl the fact that yellow
fever prevailed In New Orlenn*. with
tin 1 r>'!«iill that the iiMMa ITM In
troduced In town* In Kant Fi'llclana
pariah. The grand Jury hold that
the reaultlng death* from tho dls-
Pl ui< were duo to tho failure of the
health offloer* of New Orlcana to
(tlvi- notlre of I" prevalence, and
Hi it tin-Hi" rtlli-liilK are thtrefore
Itulllv of tnnnalaiiKhter.
Tht< Indlrtmenta are the flmt of
the kind ever found In thla country.
They are tin- remilt of a n'»-i
war which led to the I'rliiKlnK of .i
RUlt Of libel <ik-iliml- It. Mi Xl '1111.11 l
l.v In Kohnke. It |H undemtoo<l
that I>r. Mi Kinn.iM went before the
Ki«»t FelU'lana i ram! Jury ami m>- i
cured the Indictment Of the two
in iiiti i'Mi.i'i-i Tlm mpmm court
him been »«ked to protect thi' ofn
,.■ win are UIWWIM 11-ibli" to lii-
Indicted II) all purta of !.illl«lril|:|
.ml Mlnnl*»lppl and i-urrli-d to fifty
different countlea If the view taken
of Hi.- matter l.v Hi.- Mml lellclana
I grand' Jury la followed.
List of Big Smelters
. .
Conoarnt Con»elld*ta Ropr.tent-
Ing a Capital Of Sl«ty-Fl»a
Million Dollar*.
NKW TOKK. March — These arm
the smelting concern* that th» HS.«
OOO.QOOrofnMn* propose* I" at.iK.rti:
I'nlt.-l Hlut.u Knii-lttiiK urvl lUfln-
Ins company, Unuht ,m.i Grant
■"m limit company, I'U'bu Sim-Inns;
ami nuliiK company, Colorado
Him muff mil In nr.lnn • company,
llanaurr Huwltmr work*. I'enmyN
vunl« Lead company, Pennsylvania
Km. 111 company. Glob* HmHUn*
nil tunning company, lilmetallto
•Smelting company, Chicago and Au
rora Htu-iuhk company, German!*
I*a<l werka, or In lieu thereof, all
the stock representing the«am«, an4
also a majority of nil toe atoctc of
I tba Con*olldat«d Kanaa* City SmeU
Inn and It*nnlne company.
Th» fnit.-tl Stale* Ca«t Iron l*1p«
and Foundry rcmpuiy will formally
uniiM control an I dlrecMon of all
ronatltutnt planta this *«k. Ha
' dlr»ctora are: ftamutl Thomaa, Col«
{ Bat* Iliyt «nil ijlfvfn rfproacnta
i tlvr« of the consolidated companies.
Mr lloyt, It la stated, will rrpracaot
I the Itockcfelltn' larit" tiitrraata.
Money Making Elephants.
Thre« elephant* earn tIO.OOO a y»ar. '•
Thin la 12,000 more than to* salary *
of a member of the Precldent'a Cab- I
' ln<-l. and M.OOO leas than the In
com* of an admiral in the navy, ■ •
rank done away with because con
' •rreaa thmiirht the salary too fetch.
| ThMi<- elephants ar» at the London
7****. and they earn their money by
carrying on their back* th« patrons
■of th« itardrn*. llvc-ry 'Arry takes
his 'Arrlet and hie* him to the Zoo
on bank holldaya, and for five cental
they can Jon about tb« line on th«
' back of on* of the elephants. ■ )
The • i. |,h»nt» are stationed In <llf
ferent part* of the Zoo. and th«r*
acema to be ■. bit of professional
Jealousy between them. Apparently
they are on very good t<rms between
hours, but when business is liriik.
and the largest on* la coining money I
for he Is the favorite, the other two
try to laah >.:ni with their trunk*
an he pauses.
The larger elephant la a financial
record breaker. ll* la the aenlor
member, Mto apeak. On one holi
day he carried I*oo persona.
There are camels which are sought
after by tbos* who are left out In
th« scrambl.- for the elephant*, hut
the old patrons of the Zoo sar th*
uneven motion of ■ camel la only
appreciated by an oU aalt who >■
| most at home on *»i cxreddlnfly •
] rhuppy sea. The camels are to* ,
i ult atej a taste for the ordinary
| mortal.
Three camels earn about SUM •
year, but they coat less to keep than
their more successful brothers. Tha
flephants eat up most of their pro
fits. The rreateat number of vis-
lion to the Zoo In one day wu 44.
--000, and an average of W> pound* of
dainties were fed to the brothers nt
(the royal executioner of India.—-San
Francisco Oil.
Col. Kendall Defeated.
AUGUSTA. Me . March »—'Muni
cipal elections wera held today in
many Maine towns and cities. With
the exception of lUddeford, where
there was • lively contest, the vota
j was small. In Hlddefoi«d there *«
' a peculiar state of affair*. Col. I. H.
! Kendall, commander of the First
Maine regiment of Infantry In tha
recrnt war. was nominated by the
Republicans fur mayor and Indorsed
by the Democrat*, but he was beat
en, and the Cltlxens' nomine* won
by a good majority.
*J;.' A Family Bank.
Over In Tokyo there Is • banM
with a capltl of 15.000,000, and a re
serve fund of ».v:».ooo. which ad-
Tertlsea the following board of din
Baron It. Mitsui.
llrnnoauke Mitsui, K»<|. ■»."*.
Oenyemon Mitsui, Ksq, '" __ ,
Titkayanu Mitsui. Kaq. \
11-uhlrtvjln. Mitsui, Esq. ■»."*** L
Saburosuke Mltsut, I>'l- -. \L
Kukutaro Mitsui. Esq. * *---^8^
Morlnosuke Mitsui. Eaq.
Takenosuke Mitsui, Es<j. ■* .-
Tokuyemon Mltmil. ITsq.
The first named Is the father. an«
the others are his sons. Kvery
•hare of atock belonirs to tfi* family.
: and It Is announced that they •»
mime an unlimited responsibility for
the liabilities of the Chlcafq
Record. >■"}',, •
Sliding Scale Statesmen.
Representative-elect John I* Ihir*
nrtt, of the Srventh A' il>am» .lli
trlrl, who succeeds the Populist
member, M. W. Howard, has been
In the city several days and had tha
pleasure .if attending the expiring
hours of the FftT-flfth congress.
Mr. llurni'tt will be the shortest
member In utature perhaps that was
ever elected to Congrt'as. He weighs,
less perhaps than Alexander 11.
Stephens did.
It Is rather n coincidence that Ala
li.ima should have the honor of send*
InK tha I&rKCNt and •malleat mem
bers to the National T«Klsl.itiir».
Ilefnre the civil war a portion of th«
i district which semis Mr. Hurnett,
sent Dlxon 11. I<cwlß, ■ m.m who
welftheil nonrly 400 pounds, and for
whom a special chair ha.l to be mada
mi tin- floor of tha house.—Wunhlng-
Wn lost.
Ci«ess 28,000 to Charity
UiiS-IMV. March 20.—The will of
James Keoueh, who ill, .1 In Janu
ary, win ti1..1 today, liv Ha provi
sions »25.n00 la left to charitable In
stitutions. Keough was a coachman
In ill.- family of Martin tlrlmner,
! and made in;, money by real est&t*
I investments.

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