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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, March 21, 1899, Image 1

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T Weather (or Tomorrow v
NO 1.. I NO. 81,
inn. join siiuiu \)\:\\)
The Illustrious Statesman Expired at
While Enroute Home on the Steamship
WA»IIIXin»N -March a.— (Hut
li-tlit >-v dUpatcb J-.ist rvcrlvcd at
the win: !lt>u*c. announce* th*
death of Hon. John Bh«rman, Alt
of the Itaira on |M«NMM build
ln«a ore ordered at halt mait.
CAIUANKRA. Cuba, M«r h 'I -
The Part* arrived h«r« at 1* o'clock
l»!»v ««■! !r|»iriftl ihn death of
Hon. Jr.fan Sherman on th* roya**
from X !•!.:»(,..;i. Th ■ Part*. «ili-t
for Kantlaso an hour later. Wu«*n
the r«ri« '.ft Kingston '->«! ewn*
I-« shnni.tii w«i sinking, and non
dared h»r« that b« •■•m.l aurvlv* tb*
r! it Sit. The !....|y mil b* cmbatm<sl
and *<>nt hnm« on a cruiser. Mi
I Si.riitan xmtrai !••-! » fatal Illnraa
while limpfi tine . the battle scene*
Of the fpaiUth-Amerlran war.
John tthtrman wa* on* of th* moat
I p-niitfiit tij;ur«'« In American i^ ll
tli* for many year*. II- waa >ri>
In i l.im«< * Ohio, M» v It, IsXI,
]l> vat «dmltte«l In th* bar li ll<«.
anil vrjrtlr.-il with *«s Ma broth
Charles In Mtmflrlil. ci. until hi«
' ttevtlan to r«nsrr*> ll* wa* «
•U\. i,-.it<. to the \Mii« r»nv»ntl »n at
l'hil».|><tt*hl.% In IMS. which n.imln
*\- 1 Z*rr TaJ'lor lor ITeaSJeit.
<;ov. iiimiiy
15 TOW\
Comes Direct From
Governor John -. O. Erady, of '
Alaska, arrived tln «ta« city thl*
bi'irnlnc . direct from ! Washington
CUr. wticre he has been buoy with
tnattera pertatnlnc to the territory,
" 1 think that conareaa haa helped aa
rn—Hrrably." h« mM to a Blar re*
porter,,"and If It had not been ao
near tb* end of the ■eaason.' 1 have
no doubt aometWna' definite I eouM
hare been done r< Kan line the bound
ary r 4 uratkm."
"of course the point whit trouble
la llaM* to occur In In toe r.rr-i
--pine dlatrtct. I wanted to a Nun
• military fore* to bo r*tabltnh«<l
there to prevent ponslble Intruatona.
I do not want to be quotel an or
lot that trouble will orvnr. but If
the Canadlana encroach on the for
rupliM> territory, which haa *lw»y»
been conceded aa belonainc to the
rn»«l fttat**, •■ they did on 11m
it.-.-n and the jiim>i. nomelblns
In liable to happen. Th* A m<r<
can mloera In tha I'oreuplna wouM
not aubmlt to have what they firmly
twHeve la thclra taken from them.
The line baa been run. and let th«
thirty mile limit at in b* recognised.
"A« regarda tb« hleh llcimm Ik 0,
that mils I— a aplendld thin* for
'.Alaska. it will 'l.> away largely
with amuKSlinaY a* toe proflta wilt
le lost. I la I■' expect any troubU
to art«« over eelllng Miiur.r to lh» In
dian*. Whtn the treaty *»• (••'" 1-
M by Ruaala, ictvlnic Alaaka Into th«
pOMtnulon of the United But**, tn*
In Han* •!! I not, and no far bar*
not, com* under tba head of rltli«ns.
They are clamed a* unri\ l. nil
arc (nit.'l>rt<'l to th« law* <■' th»
United suif«, »hlrh arc from Urn*
to time resulat«d to ben*9t them.
%Vhcn the Indiana becoma clvUKml
1 have no doubt but that th«y « 111
be admitted aa cfUxena.
"1 have nothing ■ Islly to in
w.uaif, an all of my mall ha* »>■-«"■
forwarded to filtka and I will know
nothing until I reach th.i-
Oovernor Brady will remain in .<»«•
--attle several daya before returning
Search of Windsor Hotel Ru.
ins Pushed With Un
. abated Vigor.
NTDW TOItK, Marrh 21 — Tho
in-.irrh for b«<ltp» In the ruin* of th<»
Vlrtnrlst liot<-l conllnam with 'in
•bated vljcrir. I. il><m< In r>-l" v» of
MO. ar» working day and nil re
-I,'rivini- (he l>rii In Hi- li ajhaatly
•earth, fmementii if human bodlea
arc b"ln»; found, with l«r:,-- quantU
»ii« "f J--v.-i Iry. inurh (if tt In « part
ly melted condition.
.Mi" Helen . Hi'! h«* turned liT
h"U"'' lnsn.» l>1«co of refrshment
lor thu tlrpfl workmen, who am fed
nt her expense. The OouM holms
wjm <J;iin.ixi"l by the lira to tin- in
tent of JID.iiOO.
Two more bodies \trre found thin
fZjffriK. ivhl'-h makea the total
tiurKJer «f known dead, fifteen. ' in
wiik the ti'nly <>r a woman, and viu
finally M»ntlfWl n« that at Minn
Dors Hoffman, uf nnllltnnre. Moth
rornß""* wtre charred. Tho lens
}M ut mttxirte rcmatnx t'i '•' ilciil/
unchanged. Tlie polite hfllrvw that
Hi" total number of rl,- n ■ will reach
. ,i..
Airnln. In IKS}, h* «v » .vir*.n« to
ih» lUUlmar* convention wbU-rt
iitunlnairil Infli ' i Bcolt fur th»
ii-.1,1. n, j
Mi i man WU •Irctr.) tO th«
Thirty-fourth ronitrcU, anil ttmk hit
•rat I'miiiWr I. UU He aiii*. t
| i"l atirntlxu during th. 1.-l-»i>- on
the UlMmirl i<imi>roinla» ••> ■ th*
l>r«d H.'.-n MM In I*3l ha »a« •
Ui-ruMlcan caiutMat* for lh« •i«i>(
rrfll , of »h» lower houae it con*
inn Upon tit* resignation . 1 <ti\\
limn P. Omh from th* Mnatv,
Bb«rman «■»» rhown In take hi*
plaev on March I. I**l !l> «•• "•
rlr. '•-4 to th* (ten*t« (nm Übln in
l««T an<t UTS. IU »a» Hr« rrUry i>(
th* Trraaury undrr l'r*»:.l*m ll«»»
and »a» attrl • ftrrrctary of U:»
mat* und«r li • i mi McKtnlcy. !»#•
■I Im (win* a promln*nt candidate
for th* i-rr»iiirit. > during »«v«i I Ito ■ |
publican rttnv*ntien<i.
I It la Ufll*v*d that I'rr»tt-nt.*(.>-
Klnlrr will cut «li rt hi. couthcrn
trip on ••<•<.out of fh<Tmaii'< death.
A *tata fuii.-r.l . will - itrobably b«
Ilifti ito th* iiustniu!»hr.| iMIIIi
man It hi* family doe* not obj*«t.
Th«> r«maln< will b* brousht n
Florkl* and thro to Wa*hln«tnn.
and later wilt b* uken to M.nalUld).
i>, (or burial ,
Dynamite Bomb in
a Cathedral.
, HAVANA. M .rrh II - Th» Ondlnc
of a dynaralt* bomb la th« ratftairtl
1 her* baa mated a rrr»t acnaatlon.
1 llundrr-la of polk* 6f3c*ra «rr trr
-1 li.« to local* In* (wrpvtralur. Ex
' 1 i-lt»m«nt In «liy eaua*d by th« iij
1 mcroua browU it lncr*a*lQ«. Cul
' HIM ar* «fr»l I to NatM ■■<>■ after
> dark. The withdrawal of Am»r!
--i ran troopa from potfo* duty Is ciiWjf
I rtaponalbl* far tti* dlaord«r«
Mrs. Cullfoni on Trial.
' |tIUI«iRIH>KT. Conn.. March 11.-
Th« trial of Mrs, Nancy Oullfurd,
1 charged with th* murder of Emma
OUI. th* victim of th« Tallow Pond
- ' myaUry, h«(an today. Th* Indict
, mrnt acalnat Mr*. Oallford waa
' chanced to ax'ond dtarc* murder.
! Long Lost Boy Found.
i PAINHVII.I.K. O. March M.—
: Oerald I«i>ln<r. th* Chicago boy
> ! kidnapped laat May. waa founj h>-t■•»
I today In a hovel presided over by
| Anna. In«<raoll "'"1 John <'>tlln«.
i who were placed under arr.«' The
i mother Identiaed her lon* lost child.
i Filipino Central Dismissed.
\ . .MANIU, Mar ».—Oenornl An
tonio l^una. cotnrnander of th« r:ii|i
' Ino army, haa bean Jl«m'«•<■ I from
' i th* service, and General Ciarcla ap
' pointed In hla place. A quarrel with
' ' th* Filipino aecretarr of war iv>-r
' ' the Inuanc* of a manlfeato requlr*
' in* all fimUlWl to aid th ■ natives
' In their oprlalnaT on pain of ■.■»!>..
led to th* deposition of l.mn. All
la quiet alone \H* American lines to
day. One Colorado \olnniwr was
' wounded by a KUlplno ahnriishootrr
Dv>rlani< p»a«*nii<<r travel frr.m
ih- . ••! la lh« r«. in. roast >• In-
: n«in« dally, and the train* of all
th* ralli '!■!« runnlnc tx>twrrn Kt.
Paul, Mlnnoapolla, and B<>*(tle am
alwaya loaded down whrn ih'y atari
It nil* announced thin morn. *t:
the ilri'Ht Northern offlc* thai <*">
extra train* had I"■• put on it-<;
lln- thim moral r».>ih leavlna 1 - |
Paul anil Minneapolis for Prattle,
Thin la only for the one trip and re- '•
turn. The flrnt train left *l. I'vil !
at » a. m . and the second at imm, '
The IraJna will b» due In feattl"
on W.lri«il«y. The Oreat North
ern line la In ■«..•!!. m condition,
and tralna are running regular.
Ohiiervpr Hniindiii>■ mi i thnt Rf?
attle will have cloudy weather r..
the next twenty-four hoiim It will
remain <•<.■'■!. with occasional rain*.
PfVW "|'.i,i;anm* \m., Marrh 21.
I'iisspnger* from llluellpldn. Nlenr
hbii/i, say i h.i i pea nml hatrmn'iy
prevail there. All American prUon
era hiv» been releoaed.
BBATTLB, \v ISRINGhTON, 'TUESDAY K\ i:\i\ii, MMMII l'l, is!»:>.
And Most Dextrous
When the Saloon Ordinance
Canto Up Last Night.
thin HUB him.ii nu;i;u:
And P»l»»d en (0 Conildcrstlon
of the Matter of Soon
Th* Htl ■ * • MMi lint t.rl'.n
•ttre «a the principal topic for di»
--ru»«lon at th* Hty eumirtl mi.-iWic
last m«iit. Hill m..v« I la mi■< is I
IN" lirllliUl!. f Ixirsiuix. an it »!■>•>!.
th* <>«■> Ll.n!.il m.h tt. 1 tally buildln«.
nn.l Uutter uulMlng. w i.iiM Im I. ft
not lit the s*w.im dlatrtru. • nil
strencty opposed 11m amendment,
an I »jUI It <im I),.- work ■■! "Mark
tmtliora." aiul «v i>»ing t>u( through
un.l. r the In'l ir n< •• of i:. \V. Way,
who ilrrti.l I>« rrvi-nuit from tlio
Chlnr*« Inlterka.',
l'i;i«-r «!■» i>l»i>.mr 1 |h« llml'lrt
•nd want- to know If tb* cuuncll
! w«a c<>tnx to I'.rmU la* "back
ittHMr" »,v.irti«. a motion •»• mad*
i > refer lbs or.llnaive* la a roinmlt
!>•'• >>f two, ami «*«iiin iirtwn Cricbton
nn-l Hill *■• t I Mtii!tiati-I.
Jj!.-../« !!>■ :i i ill. i iiili la tlßw tor
trying, ta "bro«be*t" the m*tnb*ni
<f tb« i-'>uih'll. l"r. •! !-nt Itliwbart
U|i|"l (ar or.l»t. ami th« motion la
| ft f«T th» HtnrniJnu tit Id a CutamlttO*
of to., was yaaa>it aii-t lupnrm*
»aTlfuln-«a r.:«n«d.
llh* following r.-m>liiH(t!>» Wer*
olv'i>i'-l: Tn r«n*)n»l a »•» on
Writer »tr.'.. 1 1 .Ml Maynard I.
I'is htli »*iriu.- south; Im runitrurt a
box s»wer ■>» Kli.t atrtvl »t.-l Fi«(h
av»nuo iHfuih, on the (Un «>f imnw
>'.!*(• t-arn.ru. !h- cool la be •••••««•
•4 In U»* n«S 1.-r.t*. J. 11. Wimllnn
I ««v»I permission to Mi«->«k Benin*! .
Dili lilt r'»'l:ill'in, but ■• ther*
would b> pMnty at tlm* for him if
he waited until n**l ii><- tin*. II »n
■J«-i.l<-.| that t>o mu»s defer hi« "■■ '
nuuM unin then.
'"!!> Jlns.nrrr TtkonpaDa ma<l» a
• fu'ru-iirnl In rrca.nl to the King »t.
*■ »«-r. niiJ »*l llt a* tmpoaaible to
Obtain a&ft.iltiir* from rc»l<l.nl«. nnl
that lh» nain* •'! the owner of bine »
SI MiiMfl'i a-Mltloii. «M •icn'-l
only by Ma mmt. J. A. Moor*.
Kavtn moved that Hi- «>!>«■ r >iv >A
X\m mi- «ilnn !•<• i»«-nl«'.| by ni «■>- |
-ni jilvi •In th« Mibjr. <J»I obj«*t
•d to rvfr»N-ly In th« Klrnt ward
•s -in*, ami »it.l lh*r« would b«
mi,|. Tim« when the «r<lllUMM* I
cam* up tor pa*****,
IIIIU |MuM»<t ir«N M folio**: Au-
Ihortcliis the board to rrpalr th«
pr«atnt w>»>-lon nntfull nt th<- »•■»<-.-
Crow Main to Day «tr#»i. !««» f»*l
In » «"■:■■ rlv direction: for : th«
rnr.*trucll«n ot a ».■«< r In H.-ri-nih
»v«t.' from J->»t Marlon I" V«l-r
I way f»r the construction nf a aawrr
on nr»tav*nu« north, bftwwn D»n
ny war and lUtiii-n atrr«t.
Th« board of |>üb!lc ■<«»•»«•
thorised to r. inir Uik l.rl.lKi- on lh«
Orand il**ard at ltilrrl»«y, at a
o.«t of |UO.
A eoromunlfatlnn *v r»>rclve.l
from Chief Itr*d, aj>kln« M p»r
mlaalon to pufrhniw two hor»«-a for
th» patrol waiton; referred.
The i^iltlon of lh* tk-attl* Kmn'l
club for a n*w j«?n«l waa r*forrt>sl »o
the commttt<-« on public bullJinsa
an! ground*.
Th pFllliijn of John I" Jnnca fnf
reduction of wner 1 • <>t on th« l'hl|>p
houH, waa i«f<-rr»d.
M,. C. rrolllclt •» allowed
(■talma of til for itut»ln« the »t»w»rl
A rraolutlon til Introdurcd for
d,. lmprov«"m*nt nf th« city hall
bulldlnit by an additlrm, >'• f«"t wltl«
and U f.i-i in length, •'■'- cost not
to rxrwd iijoo.
praajdanl lUn<>hart railed for an
Infiirmal Imllot ! far ir • itdatil
jamn wlth-lrcw hla nnm» In favor
of Iltnrharl. and movrd thai th«
clerk !■" Inatrtirlnd to r,nt thlrtrrn
vole* for liliirl.crt.
repairs' TO
A Large Force of Chinamen
at Work.
A l*r«<> forr# of Chilli "•■ Inbnrrri
or. .mi ii.ycl At pTIWIIt on the oW
i Holt I.hi" r.illr.'.id cant of I.uk«
\ WanliliiKl'in. Ttila r»nd la ownol by
I th« Nurlhrrn Tnclfle, nmi *»« orlx-
I ln»l!jr lnt*sd«d to ronn^rl Iho N. P.
I with Hi- l-il." Hhore * l^tXcin, but
f was never furthel than
i Klrklnnd nt ••n<> end, and Ilcntnn OH
! lh«- oth*r, l#avlnK a loriK »rni> In thn
rrnter. It hnii t>»cn reported that
ii. • r^Kuniptton of work linn '<!•'""■ il
■ IK'l'l' .iih ", but iMm null ilrnl*! I Ihln
ni'irnlm; by an nflirlnl of tho rii 1.
\ who -'i«. 1 that thny w»ri nvrrly
kM-pInK the r. n1 b< I In »h i|"
Mhnul<l th* I. 'I •• Wa»hiiir cininl
be I.ii 'I. wh'rrby tin- rnuntry rant
of tin- Inks would he put In dlrci-t
runnf<-llf>n with thla 'lly, thrt bolt
lino would un<loiil'lrdly bo romplet-
F.l ami put In artlvn operation,
A »tr*l tvs to b» uspd In Iho ser
vice of the povcrnmrtit In I'uirct
(Hiiin'l I* to be rniiiitrii>'t< <il nt NVnn
dolk, Mlih. It will b» ahlppsd to
fipßttlt- In dprtlorm, \vh«re It will b«
put toßi"thfr. Thß-tui.*lll be SI
f,.,.i ]„,, en fict boam. nnd II fetfl
deep. It will bo mipiilii-l wlilih ■
t iiinjiiuiii.l fx|.,iiinl<ni riislna 15 by :.">
li» ii. •* In 'ii. nil. li. by ■" Im hi *
•train of piston. Tim Hi* «iii aim
hay* a tk'otrh marine boiler, tin*
naluna of tali ii will be 10% hv
10 (net, hnvlnc .i steam pressure of
ISA t»»'»<ts of steam in th* siiunni
Inch. The run of the 111,, la .••Him
at«d at abuut MO,tM
The ri-riiiliiiik ■ifllriT for Ihr Unit
r-t Hiiiii-D army la now In full work-
In* order In thla city. A room ha*
Uroii ancured In l!i. 11. it. .i block,
ami Captain Juavptt 1". Ll'Nall will
hay* • liuifc-n 'in th* 'i ii'riiiliinit.
• "ail.iln ii Nt il managra two oßlrct,
on* in thin ■ ll* ami one at Tort
land. U. l«ft for th* Ull. | city
>«-»lrr»liy. but will I. nil ii Ii- H Hi-'
Initir part of ilila wrck. Ml* away
Hi.. I.Hal oßlr* will 1m In chart* of
Ma rink.
Till 111. AVttxvn tiikatbh—
"WvMi-r an<l Hy."
itANKK'd IIAI.I. <lonl«ht) —
Quern Olty nramatle «nni|iany In
i ' ln*..in»i . alxt irainl hall,
■lay>—sum J«i Cinmb* In " Kl-ak
Miiiin)"; m benefit fur ' Mm mm
I «KATTI.K Til i:\TIH (Thura- ,
I — M.ilJ»4.
A lar(r h'.UK Ki.-r(r.l ih* arrond
i«-rf..nnati. •■ of "Hplder .■"I Kir" at
the Third avenue IkMM laat nlclit.
The iiiiiimiiiip I" Ml far MM r»maln-1
Air of ih* week.
The ann'>>inrriii< n> that Kouaa la
■oln* '■• a|>|K*ar at the Krattle thea
ter Inatead of the Armory, I* hull. ■!
with I. llrlil nm.mir ths tnualral pea
pi* of th* .llr Tlf lh.-at.-r I*
inii< l-ilfr aitaptr.) for MMI
pArformanc«a. All arata »-.i i yr«>
lerday will I"- exrhanKnl today | at
llin«< n"« Jewelry *4or* for ».alB at
16* theatrr.
"liiti'miir" will be> given at Hank*
hall tbla evenln* I* > well balanced
<-«•! After the performanc* a darn*
wtll follow,
Mi>» Jan* OMMi atirported •> a
ra*t of unuaual «trrn«lh. » ill aiv* a
rmasoa at ih« Keattl* theater
lomerrow *venlrut. appearlnc In
k*«'l "Itleak 11.-u«r ' The play
la given t:n!-r the «ll«lilrra .if th*
notlr* for thr lt«|i-'f fund.
Cam* th* Big Kinahlu Maru
Loads* With Good*.
The iii« Japan*** liner Klnshlu
Maru. «»r>t»ln Itrady. arrived In
port at T o'clock Uat even from
n- Orient via Victoria and fort
Ti.«na. ol Khe tied up at MM «'»
dnrk* of the <Str«l N'i-rlh»tn at I
l<mllb cove, an.l has the ftMtSOttM
of brlna* (he llrst ve«sel of the ha*l
ttriental liners |.lrlt>« between H— '
aitle and Japan I" aMtyf a berth at
Hilts' iKlimtlr hnatrlry.
The Klnshlu called at Honolulu Ml
her way over, havlnar had on boaid
£.17 Japanese passe-nirer* and IM MaM '
of (r.U-ht for that i->rl. Hhe left |
Toknnmma February :;. and had !
I r..u«h weather far several daya. On
1 February !< one of the Ja|>ane«e pas.
I «' ncera died from kidney trouble,
and was burled at era.
On arrlvin« at Honolulu. thr. Kln
shlu lay there twenty-four hours.
The voyace waa then continued tn'
flentlle. th* trip omipytn* el«ht and
otw-haif daya Th« Klnshlu dls
. harce.l at Victoria *« tons or
freliht »n.i slmteen in—n»ra.
twelve of whom were Chinese. The
rarco for H.aille consists of !*.<**>
package* of frelitht. am..n« which Is
* lai-K* shipment <>f silk. This will {
■• sent enst taday over the ''fat
Northern. Nine Japanese paseen- :
«era also landed at Hiattle The j
cargo contains rice, tea, tnattlnir.
alii curios.
The Klnshlu will take over a I.lk
r .r«.« for the orient. An Import- j
ant Item <>f the carco will I* MOO
bales of cotton.
Tv« MM Hale arrived this
morninn from Quartermaster harbor
with (he ateamer Ktrwlalur In tow.
The Eaicelslor Is coallna- at the south
bunkers. She, will leave shortly fir
«teani«r Newport, of the Parlflo
Ht-am Whallna- company, mil M I'
ably sail today for Inaln»ka nnd
i Bltka. fine MM out heavily load
ed with lumber in I freight for th«
company's canneries.
Whip Marlon ••lill<..u was expect
ed to beicln loading her freight car
ci t.Hl.iy for Manila. In alirnlni-
anre of this .\ent. the rla-Rlnit of
the ship's mUsen maul was linns:
with lumllne. whlrh MMM a
s;nrs;eous appearsnre.
The. steamer KMhu Thomson tM
enacted In arrive I.win from T»
nim. »h» will make two trips to
Ifonolutii. taking over the remain
der of the machinery for the poiK.ir
i.i).i. at Mini place, which ill
left In the lam trip of the (larnunn.
The T)i'>mdon •Pill probably "Hi
March 2* on her first trip. Rho is
chartered i.v the llrltlnh American
miii ini«hii> rompnny.
Residence of John Larsom
Completely Destroyed.
A house owned by John I.iimon,
situated mi the hill overlooking i. ■ »<••
Union, wan completely destroyed by
(Ire la«t filKht. The house wn« fur
nlslicil. Imt hn» I" •■■II I M i"' for Horn*
time. Til- fire wh discovered about
«:tn o'clock, and an 111 In M Mil 11
-. .1 In frnm box 124.
The heavy apparatus .if the com
pany ,'ii.i not in- i ■ >111• iup the hill,
nini Hip ch»mlc»!i were employed in
»avln« the outbuilding*. A piano
uti'l lump with Mi. .ml) things saved
from the, liuui»fs
OF IMWIli!!!;
He Assaults His Lit
tle Niece.
111 l l:l<Hi|i|;\\ limn in|; i:«m\
rianduh* Act of Bartlatt Jaraaa
■ acalvaa Inadaquata Funlth
m«nt in Court
lUrtlett Jordan, 'a laborer, waa
fined I xi and ...Mil for rhlld-beatiiir
by .lull. i'ann thl* mornlnc. Ill*
slater I" Inn blind,' lnstru«t*d him tn
tak* chare* ft her little dent v«*r
old irlrl Mamie, ami whip Ml II an*
didn't mind." Tha rhllil mmmltted
some small offenc*, and her mother
stripped her of her clothe* and lull
her bl* brutal brother to whip hrr
until she told him In atop. ll* '.nok
a lame raw hide and I" it the child's
bark black and Moo, Th* whip was
stained with blood. ' f.itlee Matron
Taylor examined dM little Hrli
l*»l>, and ah* was then taken So
IteaKh tttneer H. K-<hnl. for Imp-- -
t ion. *Mi ltit9,HHt***V&
I' >> lluirhe*.. rlvll a«rvlr<- com-:
mlflonrr, volunteered hi* nervier* I
In thr llttl* «lrla a» half
JiiOic- Cann said "Tbl* la th* moat
brutal raa^ of l»ilti| 1 hay*
•v*r had to punUh." >
Rvir one Inth* court room «■
itf...l rvmtjulir for little Mantle,
anil a lawyer < »ul>! not I- I "ml
who would d*f*n4 hr unrle.
May Not Hay* to Be Vacated
After All.
i March M la th- dale art by the
board of health for v«raUn« Ulack
•■h-W*l- Th* lime waa e>trn<led
from the l'.ih la :«"> in order to
rive the residents opportunity to de
vie* the.means for .<in»iru< lln« <•
sewer, and thus Improve, the ht
Mary conditions of th district. The
advlstbUlty '•' ronstrurtlns such a
sewer cam* up before the clly coun
cil last nlitht, and «111 he derided at
the n*«t ms«tln«.\ "If the sewer .«
ordered . cenMrwted." said " Heatfi
Offlcer M'Keehnte today, "the matter
of evlntlnir rtsldents wilt real until
It la built, and if the residents d.» not
' then connect their buildlnts! «ilh
• the sewer, they will be compelled in
.••ale" „'.;.',;. ._ ■/. ■ ■ - .*, _
the mm
Says He Will Sue
Doctor Fenton.
rot \ n \« iiiv. sriDFR \\i» m
Thaatrlaal TroukU» 111 PortUnd
Find an Echo Mara I*
Th« "Spld«r and Fly." now playing
an rnra*rni*nt In Ihla city, came
wry n«-ar to brine chanrad Into a
play with th» nanw of "Th« Wrong
Mr. I^avltt." In I'nrtlund teat Bat
uriln)-. I'r. K-iil m. of Portland,
MMd M 11. Ueavltt. who HMumc*
the manairerUl care of Hi.- "Bpld»r
and Hr," for !«*'> on norount at
proftaalnna.l »«rvlr»a randcrnl to
UUMi Dolly tlaymond In J»«. whftl
Mr. |.-.i\'.n Ml on th« UMI with
hl« lmrl»«"iii'.
Mm U-nvlit. known on the lUca
nn ilporitla I'utni.in. rl«lni«'l that
oh- owned all '-"f th» t>ararh#rnnlla
Ih I..urine to th« M'uiv. an.l that
th- »c <irry ami MIMMI could not
\m nttnrhMl by th. Portland •h<>rln'
for the i»ym»nt of the '•■" '"r'" bill,
which Mr Lravtll Kunrnntr»il would
be paid Mveral y»ara •*" Tl'"
• tlfT i'l.>«! in Mi" I^avllfn
Tavor, and th« company «■'" allowc-tl
in riinUnu* on Ita routo.
Now I>r. ! .!..!! will have to an
swer to a suit for damages for !»,
--000, ncordtnft <« th« statement or M
11. lieavltt yesterday.
"I am ii"l Hi"' Ueavltt." ■ lid M. 11.
"tlmt the doctor ought In li iv <•
brought suit against. la ISM •< man
klvliik his nsme as Harry I ' '> i'l
waa barn-storming "li Uib coniit.
anil when In Portland his wife was
, ,inii|..l to an asylum, after hav
in, bar treated by ii i'liy-1' I.hi The
doctor sup|Hised I was the. l.< »vlit.
and linliii'illMt.lv brought suit, with
out Investigating- the facts. Now I
in sue him for Mt.Ho*."
n*-Oovernor 11. mack. of Bpokano,
mineral I.IM'I Inspector for Idaho, Is
iii ill" city for a few days. He It
Interested In mining-, and said Iho
wealth of Bpokans Is rapidly iii
cniiKlim us th« development of Irlli
utnry mines Increase*. Mrokera nr«
making money lu.h.ihiik mining
, storks, and new buliain«s are beln«
C| r\r^jrc china AND
V^X^V/VjlvO gold bronze
It may surprise y<nj to learn that pretty as they are
they will keep time.
Prloo »2 00, 92.20, 92.80, »3 00. Alarm 080
\ lD£orsoll's Watches. Warranted for One Year. $1.00, $1.50, $2.01!
1216-1217 Second »v. ■<•
Pike Street Bargain Street
We arc on Third and Pike, star paintco.
(■•it up l.v capital earned from in!n-
H. O. Crlttenden, . |ii.-»l'J.-nt of
th» «"nilnil Ui 11 r'.." company <>(
N.i.iaaka. la In ili<- elty, on hi* flint
vlalt In Hi. northweal. li« my- th
rorn .li.ii. of NM.raaku arc In
i.-i.»lnil In W*ahln«lon'a «!••» Ih.
i a* their atat* furnluhe* a k«h«i 'It il
■if Ih* raw product which awi'i
her* to l.c ground Into meal «nO
other fooda.
O. A Tonne*en, of North Seattle. I
haa'Junt returned from th« orlmi
I!, -in .11 the ■«•!■« during th«
rnnttiwnt with th» ftpanlah at
Manila, and aaw MM pretty warm
n«htin*. .^ V, J.'vS
I). W. Ki-niiili-. ■■in of Iti- Klon
dike Suck-, la rttiatcrcd at th«
l(alnl«r <Jrand.
Dr. <•»!■«• B. Wlnaioir, or Ore*.
Alaaka, I* rr»Ulrrr<t at t»w r.ilnltr
John I<»-i«la. a mlnlnK promoter of
lode*. if at <h<- Dlller.
DavM Murray, of "Kllembur*, la .
rrg-intpr^l at the. Plller. Mr Mur
ray I* an old •■•hit In Ih'a Male, :
and ooa of the pioneer cillle tancb- '
Tyler 0 MKTleese, a ahlp carpen
ter llvlnc at Hullard. wan yeeterday
committed to the Inaane iiylum l/y
Judge Moor*. ll* »«• tried » year
«r». hut «*• adjudged a harmlen
lunatic. The ruardlan appointed at i
that tlm' haa «»k<-1 to hare hi*,
ward committed, aa hla malady has
uitinvd a violent turn
A daughter* waa born yesterday to
Mr. and Mra. James D. Hog* Jr.
Jamt-• H. In*alla, president of the
. eratlve brotherhood colony- at
i*i!atU, spoke U*t nlirht at Mt*«nl«
Temple, his «nl.Jr<-t brine. "Think or
•Urn." Mr Inaalla outlined th*
work of the brotherhood at olal'A.
and then spoke on the theme of
forming a combination of labor
again* orcanlied capital.
Henalor Charles K. Fairbanks, of
Indiana, a munN-r of the Joint high
. ofnmlaatnn. may com* to l«eattle
l|il> mimmrr and vl«it Alaska. In
order to gain by personal Inquiry,
knowledge of th- Iradu with th«
n.-rth. and of the proposed coneee
■MM of territory I" Canada. John
I\ Harfman. th- attorney, ha» Jua:
riK-«lvoil a letter from Senator Fair
banks to this ritrrt.
Mix ICo»all« de Wolf, who la a
• unVn-r from rpllfftlc Ola, *•• at
tacked la«t nl«ht by one at the
rornrr of Third a»«no» and <'.o>nn
bla tlrrrl ofnr<T Orant worked
o»»r her for fifteen minute before
■he revived.
The chamber of commerce will
hold a nuvllni tomorrow afternoon.
Charlca Beola. colored, wu arreat
ed by omcer Rteplcr thla mornln«.
Heloa la »u»p*r|ed of at.-allna: MMi
and other hardware. Ha had a
larc box of new rood* In hl« po»
--aeiulon when arreated.
John R. I'ayne tiled at his family
realdrnce. lit Fifth avenue north, of
Dr. W. A. Shannon la coins; to
build a (In* residence at the corner
of Madison street and Minor avenue,
and work will be commenced within
a few daya The property on which
the t.ulldtnit will be erected has for
ii'veral years been used as a tennis
(round by the Seattle Tennis dub.
Weens* to wed was Issued today
for Jnhn Andrew II.■«•!■•. axe H. of
Kverett. and Ada A. Randall. ait" »,
of lleatrlre. Mich.
T. A. Oet». of Kllensburr. arriv
ed In th» city yesterday, and Is stop
pins at th- iMMta. Mr. (IHI was
formerly principal of the Bllens
burg Normal school, but la now In
th,- Insurance business.

lllchard VMM this morning fllej
a rlnlm In superior court on the
Judgment a(t»lnnl I/ou Van Alstlne
and Kmma Norton. This claim Is
for tV«> for service* rendered In fa
vor of Con Van AUtlne. when actinic
as the latter* attorney.
Otis Movement*.
WASIIINIiTi'N <'ITY. March 21.
Th. following dispatch wns receiv
ed from "Hl* today: 'Transports
Ohio nnd i,.'i.v left on the KHh.
The grant Is delayed fur necesnary
repairs. It starts on the rsth and
carries all <Hik and wounded whom
It Is necessary to ship. Tin' Bh«-r
--man Is expected tonight.
"»?annot commence the shipment
of volunteers at present. llopo to
do an soon. Will BMP additional
battalion of California regiment ta
Nrgros thla afternoon.
Dave llrock was arrested yester
day by l>oteetlve Corbett on a charge
of running his wife out of Hi. l#us*
with ii knit.' In making his state
ment i.i the court, Broad said: "Her
and "'•' are always quarreling, at.il
she ntiirtiMl I.i iil.ii",- mo. It nmd«
me take to drink. Sli<- tantn'l*ea
ii' and get's mo mad so I will go
to Jail." Judge Cum will tuk« up
Hi.- MM this aft' 'ii. ,
< »♦♦♦»♦«♦♦■»♦♦♦♦»» >
X TelephoM 8u(mrlp1l(»n» to . >
X ' Rika 180 \\
t W*
PttlCE ON i: < BNT
Pacific Coast Steamship Company
W^^ Fir San I i ;iiki M.D
The company* ela-
BaSKsi K»■> l »lrameh!pa
H%inl (Jm-en. Walla Walla.
, and I'malllla leave
luS *««lU* » a. m. via
I'ort n»<ni| and Victoria, Marrh
li. in. K. V. »). a mil «. '.'. I*. i*. :*.
1 1%. May 4. mil cw>> unit day there
after. l.«-m>
Son Francisco
For Heattle 10 a. in . via Vl' t.rla and
Part Tuwiuwnd. March X. 7, 12. 17. ti.
l .11. *. 11. IS. XI, » May 1, and
every fifth day thereafter,
'Th* elegant atram>hli>a Cottaf*
City, City at T.>i» and Al-Kl leav*
: iW-alMr » a m. Mar.-h I. €. It. l«. 2«.
ill. April *. 10. IS. V). 2-.. to. May 5.
and every tilth day tberrafter.
For (i.' .ii. i liifnriTiilon obtain
Th* rompany rerervea the right io
chance, »l«h..ui prevlnua notice,
ateamera, aalllns dale, and boura of
' I'tiirl M Hupt.. Or. on I "k. «'-«tel».
Uptown tlrket ome*. til Kirat *»,
Heatlle; ..lall, Perkins * Co.. lira.
I Acenta. Han Kran-i.. .
Acme Publishing Co.
P.O. Alloy. Telephone rUd 1064
tnintKl to it« iMiurml rotor
■M r-ik> M-. »*l»e<ii Thirl »li'l t.iurlh '
San Fruit Co.
•IS f»lt<s Strest
Lamest Slock of Frail and Nuts
. •CC ;TH — • ' — •
m ftu !m ti i Ijikuki run.
The Kamakcr Music Co.
i>ik<- Mil nith MNi -
Crittenton Pays No
Car Fare.
. _
Tha S«r«icei B«ing Held at th«
M. C. Church Inoraa** in ,
The First M. l:. church was trnln
filled U*t night to hear Charles N.
Crlltenton. - III" lectures are (rain*
Inn In popularity every day. Ill*
nulijcrt this afternoon was "Assur
ance," and for this evening will l>«
"\Vhrr« art thouT"
Mr. Crtttenton «ald yesterday to •
Blur representative. "A great deal of
surprise Is expressed that I travel
In my special MR. The reason for
doing no Is not fur to seek. It
would take considerable money for
traveling expenne* If I did not uu
my car "Oood News." The differ
ent raltroad companies furnish me,
with free transportation for Ihu car
In appreciation of my work."
Joe Ituckley, a notorious petty lar
ceny thief, was fined $:>■■ and costs,
mid Blvcn thirty days In the county
Jail, for stealing a suit of clothes.
Judfra ('nun MM he wlahed that ha
could give Jiui-klcy flvo years In
Jail. '
Gibbons for Pope.
nui'ssi-:i.s MiT.iiii Petit Itleu
puhllahes an article today booming
Cardinal i!llilx>ni« for the Papacy.
It says his election would lead to
the conversion of many American*,
and would revive the collection of
I'etera Pence.
Funeral of Lord Herschel.
L.i '•■ i' Hi, March ll.—The funeral
of 1.0r.1 Mi hill was li<-ld 'I"
afternoon. Ambassador Choat* was
t one of the pallbearer*.

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