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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, March 22, 1899, Image 1

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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Wnthir lot Toaorrow
\<<; . i no.
Strange Story From
Portland. .
Said to Humj Been TaTiperad
W-t+» by CSouts.
sin ;m\ i\m:\tiis
Doctors Hera Ref-.t* the Star*
- 5...1 : mi) Winttd th* Carpi.
for Oitttctiaa.
A *rn*«tlnnal •: ■ry cornea frur.i
Portland ImpllcatlnK ' eerrral wall
known »v«tt!<- |h>ii.-um in an at
ti-mptivi (rave robtwry at that placv.
Sunday aft*rnoon lti« INirlUnd |.->
--ll'v trjv-t'-S IClmn Call. ■; !•■>»■. ap>
|<ar«ntly half wtttan). »>n i hir •- ..(
it fti'i Una t:• r •!■ the grave of Mr*.
• irsrv f'thrl Trrvor. In 81. Mary's
itmclery," on the run aid*.
1 Mra. Tr**er dle<l In thla ■ t itjr
March IX af>*r a lon# »*•«. ai.J
Mr Trtvor, ■ w#U knovn t-i-.r .*.«.»!
--•■r, look th* remalna to Ponlaful f r
ln!rrm«!it, . Th<- I'.irtUnd •tnnr
cUtma thai lira. Tr. \ •;■ » ..» ail<-« > I
to hjvr a i-am-rr. but after an un
auceeasful «pvratk>n In S. . li., ah*
dkni, ami bo trace* of « run-, rr w«r*
found In the rrmaina. Thrn ih.«
• ■S-rrjlioc i.h>»l<l»ii» «»li.tl |*tmi«.
aloit i>f Mr. Ttvvor la rum|m> tha
body, but «er» rrfuavd. Mr. Trevor
irniAii:>-v) In l'.>nu>. I nevtral day*,
an I rrturn»<) to Seattle.
Ua»l Friday th# frl*nd« of th
dfrail woman ■•|!v«vm-l that hr.
rxtlnc pU<yf had i»-ii dunirlw.l,
»n>l on iiurtajr m»rnlntt II la »l
l«irr«l r»unn Call «aa »«*n tllcralmt
at 'h« |NTt Th- full!-* »fr<- .n
--forn«4. and if'M alaa taltl of th«
allreed fact Ifcjl Uir (■.'•>■■!. tan- had
b»-»n RtanU an '>!■!•' J U> la make
a farther ex ..-nin*tl.tn of lb« body.
Immediately ju»;|-«.! ■it the conciu
»i"i» that, tb«y * tr« Inttnt' upon a
; robbery. ;>£33SnMglfefi|s
' Dr. Ueenr* Vawlanda. who «i«w<l
th» death r-iilOc««e of Mrs. Trt-v.ir.
Hit* *t*n this rn<»rnln« by a Wir r<-
portrr. »nd «xprv*a«l him«»lf aa
very i^uru* 1." I uvcr th» avonatlnn
»l report, "Soeh a il.irif in with
out th* lH<t faandaitoa," h« «il
•■ln the Br*t pUe». Mr». Ttevor'a
•!>'ith wu not caused by an opera
tion fur ranter. I pert I ■■••'! aa
operation for another cauae, and Dr.
r. U. Conn «m:«H in.-. Th» Ide*
tb.tt »v ».ii;(.<l to A'»r< the body
for examination l» Ihe pureit klntl
of rot. I beard tl>» rumor and was
very raws «r»rprl**<l. Mr. Treror
Is very mm h a.T.-t- I hy It. Ills
trcutl« was en it enoush alrrady "
Frank - ' 'V«<m. **er*i*ry of th«
board of public work*. Is rr--tvln ;
Mien from (ilffrrvnt «•»•', m »<>n
trartor* asklnx fur information r»
*»:■!!nit tb« C»4*r rtv»r walrr «>s
tent. Contrattor* In f'hlo, Chwa^ >,
Ni-w V..ik. and Han Ftsuk-Uco, h*v«
Ruidir liii*" I*'*1 *'*

an.! cimirrmtu! i
lh<- | I
wMw ■ r any penalnarr who marrl<«
Hi. rural,
: ■
This will abolish on- Of the worst
abuxcw to wlii-1: the pension .•>«•■;,■»!
ban U— n tub)' i-I Toun* women
have not h»Mt n> >: to marry old and
decrepit veteran* In the sordid »«•
j.<•<■:,i>!' y ih■>! ;ii-if husband* would
noon rile, and leave them to draw
widow* pensions the rent of thulr
other » : i..v,» demanding enrollment
1 >• ir« UM

It ll

• t the

- .mil
ih.' 1.1.1 ■
■ th.
AMirgtrr.iioi'n. n. m. M/mh is.
—'Tti»re wru ti'twnit 12<i unit 11
buffalo** t«-ft In fh» ITnllfd Htnlcii
lost autumn," mil John I). Dunham.
tarmTly l'nltf\ Winter* I,nn>l C.'om
mluldiirr In Wyoming, nn<J later
r4innp<rtff*l ulth th*" y*-tlov,vfr»n«* I'ark
frornmlsMioti, "iin'l the mortality
among tfiw narvlvlns IhmmU ban bfi-n
« r--.i''-r thl« winter than tvrr before
I M.iM. lii iimTTM>h «Il*il 111 ■ |T|T lilil—Hl iiiTUtllfltTiiWl *■ V< IS
during; ill. II captivity.. The T*lloW"
■ ton* ptirh llrl.i I ■ini't ilU'il 10)1 hi-.1.l
In IMS, but tl:'- temptation to *• • a
tmiT-iUi Kin. worth tiowadaya from
liMit» <::,i>, mil! * buffalo h.-.«.1.
which I* worth •■ muck more, haa
bwn to much for poacher*. !•*»•
pile ||M aevpre penalty for Mlllim
Hi.- l.l»: inlmali In the national park,
a dosen or more buftaloea have h-.-n
•lain up tli. i. every year, t«»i
yr.ii- the herd waa lMiu >'l to wirn
ty, and thla aeimou a • i m ..f In
-11 v. i- i h.i» 1i,1(>..l th.- Illegal .Im.'l
inn ti n.i' •• inr».iti* upon Hi. \.i.v
--' an l.iiff.ilu.'x, i 1..-H. \.- ilnn- can
not he in..i.- than Ofty of them left.
"I'nteta enngreaa »>m.i> doet enm»
thlm; iii.'-i.' will not he a ilo»m
bußuloea 1,-ft In tli. world v*. yran
J. E. Downey ii.m received the M
pointment .if -i. .-i.il police o(I1«r
for duty on th* bicycle path. Mr.
I >.•«!»■>• atate* that a pamphlet la
brine priiiUHl conuinUtß the Wryel*.
'•i --I't-iim■«• a* paaaed liy the tounett
an<l bleyrt«. rldera will «w rurntolwd
with th* um> upon application.
Transport Sherman Arrives
' MANILA. March a.-he transport
Fherinaii, having on board the
Thlra Infantry and four rompanUa
of th* l«e«enleetith. arrived b»r» —...
«tir." Tiw imu Irft New York
an l'V(iru»ry 1
Taken From the Windor Ho
tel Ruins.

N'RW TOItK. March tS.—Another
body was taken from ii, \VlndK»r
rutna ttila m.mine It a hrad
l< «« ami llmbltH trunk.
Agulnaldo Says H* Will Soon
Take Manila.
MANIUA. March ■ - A raplurr.|
Filipino »-!. li. r •>>« that Scninal4.>
will tak* pcnonal romm«n<l nf th.
r*»*TVw f..r • ■-« Hi *«ll..« nil h»»
aninmi».-«-'l tHat hr will tnarrh Into
Manila In twenty .Uv> * Th* Turn
ty-araml r«-«ular» with th* <>rr£,in
and Mini., •••t* voluntr*r«, hay«
h**n coiM-^ntrat»d un th«> beach to
await <■"!<•" for tran*t<ortatl«n
Mrs. Yon Shall Creates a'
Scene in Indianapolis.
■ ill 1) » v. n Shell waa •lrlode'J from
the Ran « hAU*« taat mrht for •!■•
rllnlnic '•> pay a bill, and was lat«r
■rmtnl b*caOM> ah» ra!a«d a <u«
--i turbanrr. Sh# mr« a*f brother la
ih* Catholte Archtilnhi'i- of Cali
Peter Miller Jailed at T*
coma for Killing a
TACOUA. March I! - Ftttr Mlll
fi. ■><re. I with the premeditated"
murder of ■man Mu'nt"n on
lh.> school section last iUturday aft
ernoon, tra* found nervously paring
hi* "-II In the rnunty iall this morn
ink', having Just closed a ronferenn
with his wife.
"Just wait till the trial." he de
clared. "I will show them there I* 1
not a sins;)* thins acalnat m*. I
am not ■ murderer. In here, (lap
ping hi* breast) I f««l that I am
not. It was all an accident; an
awful accident.
"Why," he added, "I had no morn
notion of killing that man than I
hare of klllinir you. there. I know
ih" case looks blH'-k against me,
I know It looks now a* if I walked
up and shot the .'nun on ptirpow,
but I didn't, and before the trial
imm h on the public ill know all
the farts and acquit me. Wall till
I get a lawyer, and id. n you shall
have all the facts—everything con
nected with Uit; rane.
"TJi.it man Hennott lied when he
swore I walked up and shot the man
without a word, and he know* ha
lied. There are tacts out there that
will be found anil prove he lied.
Th. are marks there they can't
ret around that wilt prove my side
of the case.
"Why, let mr tell you »imii. -I llln«."
continued. Miller, excitedly, "for
fourteen year*—since UN I have
not rnrrn'rt a revolver -.1 owned a
■tun. and that shotgun I only bor
rowed » month »i- • to shoot squir
rels with. lam not used I" a •>>•■••
Kun, and that I* how It accidentally
went off. \, ■ me tell you some
lhti:i' else:
"That gun Is a in kiim«.- and the
nhell In It thai accidentally killed
the man win a I ' khh«" shell. How
do you account fur that? Is It any
wonder an accident happened with
au'-h a «h"ll In that run?
"I was almost wild when I .mil
what had occurred, and that the
man tut killed. I went home right
away and then came to town to
Klve myself up. The police will Buy
different, but I was on my way to
|h» ulierlff's office when the deteetlve
arrented me. When I reached the.
end of the Paclfln avenu* car line I
had to walk In. otherwise i would
liHVe reached th» sheriff* off|e« ho
fore II M ' police knew of It.
"I met ,i man—Hchofleld—find told
him 1 had shot ii mas. II" Him.
told me to enme and give myself up,
nnd I had reached the corner of
i:i> vrnili in,l Rail I Ml .-I - when
arrested. Imi not drunk. I" M
only excited-'
Sherman Not Dead
as Reported.
o\ Mil <«»M i:\ii\ liiMi'.MJD
Report of Nit Death Wat Believed
In W«thlAjton Until Core
BANTtAaVx' March Ji—(HulletlnJ
—llan, John fherman ipent v (alf-
ij .. — . —-
WAHIIIN"OT»>N. t>. Ci Marvh «.
~Mon. Jphn I*h*rm4n la not •!■ ■>•!.
but .ilu r. ml ib« a«t»nl*hmf nt her*
over the contraJKlury r»port» «f the
laat i»i«) ; ir huura la ahno*t ln>
dvacrtbablf. V> .(■ ■ <la> afternoon at
I o'clock 4 nv<: «r•• ram* < ■• the
jHlai' <l. |'i;Mi >'•••!, N\ -m'li.ie!' '". Ktat
in« that Kh- t!ii»n !■ . ! rl[.lri-.| at
•••n on tin- •:. Jin. r t'arla. Ttie word
)!• ■» thruuiih <»..■ rlty, and e»»n
•verybndy waa Ulklnf of th* vrn
tjli!» itateaiftsn'a demlov, ml pro
fu.p r \|-i <'••:.■!:■ of aympathy f»r tl>e
family *«• rward on every hant,
Conduleneva t-<-c«n to pour Into th«
• ■•II It <r • h. Mi. Un X «!l'rl In
the nwantlm*. the ir.-<« aeaurlatlona
i.irlii i i
lafiil. *l| <*f ill* aft«-rn<*<
Thr conlr* llPtUm of the Brut «>•
part did not crrire until « -> o'clock.
It ram* i> th* •itthnrlUrs hrr» In
til* .i "f j |1..-:|IIJ .l.lln I
fmm fanit-ijt". p>A.ir In the know
-1...1*. that the rtport of the •rnatnr'a
death had '■• •n < ir. »>?.» i- 1 THIS
dlnpatfh waa Immediately gtrvn aa
«i.if rtrrnlattan In th* rlty a< it
■U pi>e*ible for It to itfclv* at that
h.'tir, X.-1 1. t.-»r > Hay waa il •■ ■' In
|W1»«*-»JU.»!i of it copy of th* .!l h.
•a wan «t» > Mr. ifAirrTnan'a family!
"A moat muitiuii . in t:'i m of af
faint," remarked ih« «.i i-:-ir>-.
The n*«s of th* r»T*trl*d d^atb
of Mr. merman took miri i- • »..»>«.
rri'-i-t" and >•(*• i«. to ht* hum* on
X alrrct. ; Amona oth»r» who were
mr.tn>;tt«) lh*re were the tw*» fir
mer iriv.it.' (i.'.-r»lii!''« of r n.<!"r
HTiortnan. Mr. llnhrorli and Mr.
Vail*, v wait n» M-• Xi" « •:• - v.
it n;-'.-. an-l Jir». Opt Charles II >t.
«»>>.».- l.inlnii t n.i" a rn'iiiii »f
Senator s»h«-im#n. They an.l other*
present read with tremulous J«ijf the
dlspairh stating that Ih* acnator
wna »!.:) «llv#.
Mra. Phfrman (a th» on* p»r»on of
lh«> wnat«r*» hQ«»»h<>M wh" »«ffrr».l
n#ltti»r from ttw flr»< »m>o»i?w#itwol
m>r rrjolrwl over th» npc">n4. Hh»
«r«» nnt Infoftnpsl of •Ilbfr. Mr«.
Hhffrnmn h«« i»»n n""* •>' fr«J»" *
P«r»!r«l'" »<tii k tnr K-v«-ral rnontha
and had n»v»r hi««n Infurmw!. »v.'n
, of »he ii*natrtr'a KcfloH** !!•«••*•• fjr
r, ir «f Ita •fffct upon ). m »..«
frit when thanrva . r M» .1. iin
came r»«lenJar. lh»» •' »»«I'' h»*»
to l>» tirokPii t™ hor.bul all h*»ltat» I
to m«k«» tht BnnnonVfmfnt. li *»*
il!tllim!'-lT dKI4H In fX>»lt>otl» lh»
aad duty unlit tirfay. Kb* *r»a thua
«.i\. I th* ahock.

A <ll»p«trh from H»ntla|io >U Cuba
■nnnuiirni that Mr. Pherman arrtv
ed thcr* on th« I'arl* aUt» and rp*t.
Ing «»slly. »nd th«t he nloo-l »om*
rhaiire of rwoir»ry. Hn VIII be
trannf*rr*d to ttn» United Hint.-*
cruiser ChlMiro tomorrow.
Rtrrnaou* effort* nri? l«-ln« m.nl"
to osfcrtaln *snrtly htw thr Brut
rrports of Sir. Bherman'a <li-»U> orl
WAHinKOTOH, MafCll 11. — "ttM
lhlr<l military <?*plorlnir e»pedill»n
Into Alaska under Captain Al"-r
--rrombte, will Mart from fientle with.
In a few day*. The Captain l» now
In Montana. securing park horse*
for hi* work.
Capt. H. V. Oleen. wtio «'««> tin*
been directed to nvika military r«-
onnolasanc* In Alaska, will follow
him in ii few day*.
l.nM numtniT Captain At.crcrnmbin
•Xptltrad the CopPM rlvrr vnlley for
thr> PUIIIUH "• ' »' <I'M ">i-"' "" -'II-
Amerlcan null* t» the Klondike
Capt. Olctii's Instruction* on a pre
vious trip were to begin liln Journey
at CBOk Inlet nnd to discover. If
|..i>«iliii'. the most direct nnd prac
ticable rnnlo from tide water In one
or mnrp rroimiiic* of th» TkHM
rlvrr In th» dlrwllon "f th» Vuhon
Ix-tw-nn Knrly-Mlln rrwii nnd <*lr
i1" City. II" >■•"" atan PXpcrlc'i to
dldriivir. If po*»lhla, a pAsaatra
IhrouKh Mil* \ln-k.i rnoiintitlnx,
south of Tiiniina. itnil MCOStally tn
rnvpr n« mwh trrrllory n* pnnnlhli
liptwwn tin' Totem, Tanfinti, Copper
1 rlv«-r, anil Hhunlilln.i rlvrrn. '''
Ihl* c'aptnln lilfiin nnd hi* n»«<irlHt,-s
did not tthnlly tun pert, nml In tln-lr
, „r|, :in,i h in carry out tb* ltutnia>
I llom pnniwd thrmiKh ninny trial*
and KH-ni HiifTiTliiß.
Htrnmnr fjnronn* l» taking? toll'
frciKlit »t th<- Arllnf!t»n doch pr«
ixirttt'iry to fiiitrr for Honolulu, a
liirpp uliliminnt of flour nnd frt-d ivn*
unit on hoard th«s vmiwl this mnrn-
Ing Mho will »!»'• Ink" nv«r part
of a larKo *hlpm"nt of rnacbllttry
for a »ujrar, refinery at Honolulu
The remainder of the machinery will
be lent on th* i in.ii Thorn
Th* •■ |. Marlon <'hlloolt li.-m lie-
till taking cargo for M .nil I Tho
Hist lifiii (lie la l.iiiillmr la a iblp
Illrnt Of (100,000 frPt «f .Ik-hm'il lum
ii.-r. Tnna nf freight, i-oiietmliig of
hay. feed, and auppll*<t. are iK-iim
piled In Ht • l>is warehnuae to •»•>
I. ik. n on Hi. t'hll. .11
. •. ■ i M t "f Hi. fn.ilfl'-
Kieam Whatlng rampnny. aallcd laat
cvunlng fur IteeiirriH'tlon bay. Hhe
hid un board nh.iut twenty paaaen
gcra, all (if whom . inn up on Ih*
iivnuir from Km Kranrlacn. Fh«
ulna waa Inailwd with about twenty*
ntr tun* af freight .in I 10,000 fc«t
of lumber.
Flahlng achooncra Kiln II ami Ad
miral Itvwey have left'on a Rihlng
crulae at Cat* Flattery. The form*
i-r waa originally the alonp Klia O,
and thi* la her Initial voyage a* a
erhonner. The ach<wner Hero,
nhlch hae !■■ • » tied up at Tat<oma
diirlitc the winter. l» e«pected to
«rrivi> here Imlay, prfparatnry to
Siting out fur a trip t» the <'ii«.
Th* rr'ldenre of C. 11. darland. I
af 1711 ..ItmAtmm.ellfrt, T-lli ii.Ui-±
•d laet nUht and IM In ra*h and
a cold watch waa takrn. Ovw ssse i
trnnit of Jewelry ««• lying on *
table, but thai waa not tourhrd.
The pollen or* of the twjllwf that wow
one familiar with the houa* com.
inltlml th* deed.
The Dupont Mills Ciploded
•.-.■•. N. J, March a.—A ter
rule vt|>liiai»n I"-'a plac# at U.->■!••
1.. n. N J-. thla aftrrnoan. Xlv«
of the |.iii»«iil powder hmiaea i.
cated at that point, were blown up.
Two men wrr* killed, another km
fatally Injured, and »pv<-r»l wound
ed.- ■
TtM rvmalna ••' P W .!«■ t.« will
. .ii Mr Ja. .'!<• !•■*». a a
i »n.| *aa a m>-mb»r
| .
II <n Ik*
M.i- . i >i«. »hll«- n•! <lan
. la •nil YTir lo«
An iii.nir.t will b* h. 1.1 tomorrow
aflernwiti on the bodic« of th* vir
Art !•■:■•• ■■?« ftl«d Ihli m..rnin» In
corporatlns th* • nliirr Mtnlns
company of Seattle. Th«- capital
mock la In l». Ifnmn Th* iri'nr
i-T-t,.|i ar« Ittnry Cum: • • ft. 1..
C*ulll>. V. It. It .. fc«. It Hothl. Itnxtr
M. <;r--. !■<■. and John w. frail.
Snow Blockade at
Skagway Broken.
■ringing th* Ijtsit Newt From
*lj*kj Htr P«*t*n(er
R(?am«hlp City of Torxk* arriv
ed In port this ni'.rnlnii from ftkajr
way or. I nay port* Hlir left Hk.iK
».iv kMI Friday evening, and
bruuKltt no late news. None of
her pajurngcrs were from the In
I'enplo rettirninit fmm Rkas-nay
on Ih'- Tnprka atittc thut Ihc author
lUM hnve |iermllled tho keepers of
oniiiona Ml re-ntwn their eslnbllnh
mcnls now that Hi- rlt Ik" hi» sub
nl'lfd, nnd tho men have all gone
bark t<> wnrk. > UlillK almut :
the town Is Mid to be quiet and
The White Pass A Tllk,,n fUllroad
company ■-.it-.! ?<X) men*st
work above Camp No. 9, shoveling
Hi,- now from ths traok. Hujx-rln-
Ipiidcnt Whlnii:: stated that trains
would i-i.iii.iMy !»' running 10 th»
mimmll iii.:i'ii hy Baturdny. 11.
sldrd the 2ixi mm ,■ Camp I there
«en- »nl<l In Ih» 137 nt work «t ' * mil,
X: nt Camp '•- »ml in nt Camp 11.
A urn named Kick Wilson mi
nllrmllnii attention nt Hkitenny
« hrn thn T.ijm V;,i left, by his it**t>r
ii.in ihnt ha Ml ir"lnir lo make v
trip i., Daw«on from Miarway on a
hlcyrle. Up claimed thnt he could
innke Ihe rip In ten days, and
intK'* sums of in.n.-v will probably
be net on the proposition.
The Topekn brought down forty
i two lintr-n nf -l iii, hi «•• I• li sho took
on ut WmriKel. and 2no tona of ore
from the Trend well mines. The ore
>h« will discharge (it T „ --'ill Th«
piiimniKi'r list «im iim follows: C K.
Mrn'llas, W. C. Kills, Mr* Johnson,
and .i_• .■--lit. t C. 11. I'Hlrlc-k, J. 11.
Klimny, l> I' I.I.I,:. II H.
liiinxli-y. j. <". Mil .1 ||. i Ml»s A.
itaymond, 11. ,1.-11 N. Htcwart,
•J. P. PfViton, ii 1". (lllberl, i..
Morrison, J. Abe. 1- 11. Clown, W.
It. Coti'Kon, 11. MoOeUt, J. T. Wai
i wall, T. H. Wllllmns. T. nitlaa, .1.
Hmllh. C. A. Hnney. I-' It. Hhrllln
err, J. 11. fnrdlll, .i a Ollson. 11.
Merflha, A. Hinnmi-rs, C. Hhcrmuiv,
and A. D, Hankctl
Bell Boy Saw Him
Fixing Beef.
mi-mi: mm: niii> b«\ki»
•II 000. to Oorroborata th. Sta
rla* of thi micjl Ciaarl-
etiicAao. Mar-h T»-» »-r!
"..iiiiM- 1i i,,.| rmard hi am com* very
Interratlng tratlmony today. l>nvl.|
rielarhmah. th* balthoy at th* I, .i. |
Mtiri ifMiii, i..aiin«<l that he acram
panled a »v..at „f th* hotel to lh«
(tacking in..i.«-a •■.m.- tiro* «in. ami
»aw hi* companion burn MOM » .tl
of a roneoctlon In « •■» nlted
with army * beef. lie did not
know the etrang* man* name, hut
th* latter told him that h<- »i> ■>
n-rlmentlng with a meat pr**»rv».
tUc. It. Murdoch, of tb* I'lil. •
agu Health department, ir.un.-.l
that hr examined aome of th* b«ef,
In which he found rh«ml'ala
In th« damac* MM brought >■>
John I*. J..n«». »t »l. a«aln»l the
city. a motion for n«w trial *»•
at«il< I >•< fi>rr Jud#e H«-n».»n Ibla
mornln*. but »a» d.nl- I Aa a
mull of th« "Ull. John I" Joo«».
May Jonra, hia wife, and IkeaMM
Walklna will recover from tl>« city
th* aum of tS*M for damac-a to
their property on account of th* ro
cradlnn of rir.t |HDM laat fait
English Gunboat Awed Hoi
til* Filipinos.
MANILA. March ::.— Advi..» from
Cabu bay *tal«'that a llrltlth nun
bnat rr»<-ur-l Eimhahman Co«an,
who wa* held by the nili-lnia a* a
prl*oner. Thf.nallvei ahowe ni-hi
when Coitan **m taken on koai tba
«unl>..at. but *«-r* quieted by a
•how o( force.'. All I* quiet at <>'»v.
The native* on the ialan.l of Bamar j
are utttlng- u.lr an.l thr*atenlnK.
roretrner* there find Usetr |»m!ttnn
l-ri carum*. .
I> I. Kettham arrived en the
City of Top«ka ihla rr,«r«.n« from
Ketch*kan. and I* recUtered at th«
Northern. * Mr Kttch*m la well
known in lhl» dty, havtnit ••">! In I
the newspaper liualn^aa both here
■ and In t*pokane. He I* enlhuala*
tie ovtr the climate <tf Ata*ka.
I h'-nnl a »oo<l pi«M-o nf «H laat
n i hi mi thi- bn«t." mill he "if
Mi>>iK •ipl-l ahoul-l wrar Ml»-"»rti
J.-ncf. what wnul'l I>. I«
--warr' 1 And »hv ane«rr la 'Al-
Mka" (I'll a«k brn.
A at'-ry rnitin fiont ftkacway ta
th* effect that the Canadian mall
carrier* carrying Ihe mall from
■kaaTway I" I>a»»"n '.•fu*'- to carry
any mail matter bearing American
|iiilU|l II I* eald that many ton*
of Amerlran mall matter are no*
lying at Ilkacway. where It I. dr-
IHutited a* • •<>» a* II I* taken from
the ateamcr*.
C. O. tllrney has n>mmi"nc«l mil
In ih" superior r.mrt against tin-
North -\iiwfi. Transportation A
Trading company In recover I7M
il'iimiK'■«. II' 1 illritpn that In comma"
down from Im«*oh Insi minim, i on
nil* of the companies' boats, the ac
commodation* afforded him «< (<■ not
»m an he paid for, •■.»• 1 In conse-
ii.ii . hi* health suffcrnl Kr..itly,
Additional rule* governing; th<>
filing nf bankruptcy |..i|.rm. have
In .11 prepared In tin- office of the
clerk of Hi" Federal court.
Th» steamer Evangel, •at I*t>it«*
• „iin 1 fame, haa '••• ■ ••■'■l by th«
I Irll.l Mi!" mar«hal at public auc-
I Hon. to Cnpluln J. l! Thompson, of
the Hcatlle * Nrah Hay Transporta
tion company, for UOIO.
Th. funeral service* for Eugenia
M MrConaha were held I'll" after
noon at | p. m.. .il Hi, first Pres
i.vi. i lan rliurrh. Itev. A. I. Hutch
laon 111. Ikllhk The plonrora of
H. ,:,■ Bttendoil In I body. Thn
ml,nil. ««• In iMkr* View ram
Tlir new , ■„.-,ii Northern tirlrt«t«> rc
rniily l>ul't In rlnfJ" °f the "ii
which »•»« deKtroyed In the <'*»raile»
seeaplMl till! tj 'IX hour! ■■< work.
The l.i „!>•■ I* 1!"' f«Pt Inns.
.inlin cillrlfii, a well known Inmni
HiiiT'-r who ■ in," I" ■' ■ durlnc Ihn
Klondike rush, but »ho hna not
botn In the rlly for •■ i .iii months,
wna nrrested i\ Officer llnlilmr this
miirnlnjr nni) given Into (In hand*
of the United Bin tea marshal for
Tin' 1,.,.11.1 of public worka hM ac
cepted Hi.- certificate of completion
of Rail Jefferson atreet -mi Plrtt
, v , „,,. north, under ordinance 6tmo
and 6087, /
Accordlna; to Information received
in Chief Heed today. John Carlson,
ex-lrcmiureK of Mtlllll-.!! county,
1 Win., who l» accused of »mb»Mlln(i
113,000, h.i« been arrested by Sheriff
Ptß uni; an iivi; clnts oh all trains
Lawn Mowers
- / -
WINNER $2.70, $3 00, $3.50
Steams Hall Bearing, $8, $9
HOUSEHOLD HARDWARE. 1215-1217 Second Aven«a
Pike Street -Bargain Street
We are on Third and Pike, star paintco,
'1 V.iirthn. at Uaann '"'inly, »'
HI.. It. ii HhcrlfT MaJfHW. of W«u.
mm. Wla., hit* l.'-.-n >i..tltf"l. and »HI
ram* Htw hi MM and lak<- Itvrg
Mra Airl.a M Hmut »»» P»«l
a t».i (ni-h »»t.i mi..in mi Tartar
| i.i i;..i. i ►•!.. t I ■
.VO f.-. l i,..ti1l Hh>- HULK I" l-a>
■lair i f thi- • ■••t ..r i •■ii»tni. ii.in
|B)| t.. In- (|r.ill.-.l "ti h«T
• al*-r i.' I
Fred i.,,,, h ha* void hi* half In
terest in the Union block on Klr»l
avenue, to Frank Hal L, of New
York, for IX'»»> in caJh. Mr Hub
bell haa rreat faith In ■amttM and
aup|Kirtid hi* Iwllrf by Invratliig.
' • •hnrir-n Kevt* in fined »»■'■ «nd
given thirty day* this morning by
Judge <'mm far utt-allnic » box of
hardware from the lioneer Carriage
rmiipiny. |i.!.«!.\iii believe that
he la an old hand at th" MMM
and hia picture Ml taken and added
to the rogue 1 a gallery-■_.
A Heen*e to wed wu lamed II
to William Jaroe* l«uril«-it. ««i- It,
and ftarah Kmlly Bhaw, at* IS, both
of Hratlle.
Albert E. M l»myth». of Toronto.
Canada, official lecturer for th« In
tveraal Itrolherhood. will lecture on
"Th« pbllmwi'hy of life," In ihl« city
flunday evening.
Th« Pacific Truil company of He
attl» ha* been Incorporated with a
capital (tock of fin.om. dlvl 1-1 into
ion chart*. Mwird W. Andrews, ,
OrorKf M I'aachall. rMic.r Ame*. :
<-haa Wataon. M ■ lH>wn«. lUnW
Krlivher, and Th<.» B. Ilardln are
Hi. lruKir<-».
Th* bank clearance! today w»r»
1H4.171 ». and the balance* H«. ■
Kt* »ulta filed In tha (uperlor
court ihi" morning «r» ■■ fnllnwa:
1 Armour Parking company v*. Harry
Kruts; Frant Krtundt v». C'harl»«
. Ilitin and lirrih* llahn. Ma wife
Or Otis Will B« After You
With a Switch.
WASIIIN<ITt>.V. March M. — Tha i
i authnrltl*a rxpret <i»-nrral Otl» to
' h*gin an arei«*»»l*'» movrmrnt 'I<-»
-tlnwl to end the Philippine r»b-l
llon. Only a brief time will be al- i
lowed the follower* of Aculnal'l ■> M
accept the proixwlllon mad* In the
proclamation Ip»ui-<1 by the Philip
pine commlulon.
William Htcllt. travelln« m»nn»r
of the Canadian I'irltlr. with head
quarter* at Wlnnrp'ir. Manitoba, la
In th. city from. California, where
he haa been on a vacation. lie I*
accompanied by hi* If*-.
• • •
J»iii.k Brlnl. r. ticket nicent of I lie
Canadian Pacific atVancouver. re
turn™! thin mornlnf.
. . •
The extra |.m»< nitir train of the |
flreat Northern, loaded with a lar*.- |
crowd of Immigrant* which left Hi.
Paul .i noon ye*t>«rd«y for the Pa
.ill. norihwert, li ccheduled to ar
rive here Friday morning.
Mora Fighting in Africa.
Al»Ii:il8, March «.—Advice* re
ceived here frmn the Interior, nay
that .i band of Tnwrits atlACked n
! large l',i:l> if white men aouth of
I Altfrria. but were rrpul«cd with!
heavy lo*m>*. Th. w hll.x loal 100
I men. The party Of white men »1
(•uppoacd to be the Koureau-Lrfirney
I French expedition.
OMAHA, March ll.—The •■nu- of
the Sri laM nlßht that partial: de
stroyed the Putter*f>n block, la be
ing vl«orou»ly Investigated today by
the . in. i^f the fir. it ii■tin. in 11.
--bellevea Hint it a is of in.-.'Hillary
i.ilKln Two of the victim*, Mr*.
Thomas Taylor ami Minn Anna
S. haul. I. have all.-,i.|v died, and
thorn .ii" ninny who ».-!•• In 1 ill • 1
who .ii ■ In a critical condition.
Alld* from the fatalltlon ami In
|urld to pemon*. the total losa will
not be over 150,000.
The cane of llobert Murphy, chnrß
.-I with imuenUnß liquor lntr> Al
ankii. .am.- up In Ihe Federal court.
After .i conmiltrtlon between 111.
--proaacutlnl attorney and the attor
ney for the defendant, It »M de
cided i,. acquit Murphy H the evi
dence win not IlifßoUßl to warrant
Hi,. liii|inii>-lliiK of a Jury to try the
co»e. Murphy had ■ former trlnl
on tin- tama < ham" In which ho
«an convicted.
Mrs. Place Buried.
NMVV HHINSW I<'K. N. .1 . March
22.—The funeral of Martha Place,
,1, ,n,i. in, il Monday, occurred to
day. !
*♦♦*♦«*♦« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
X Telephone Bubtorlptloitt to X
| Plko ISO |
Policemen Will Sue
a Preacher
■.«« Mr. Oleenay Tore, the Town
Will Open With "an »«dr*i»"
•■ Municipal Rascality.
, | i in
WPOKANB, Wanh.. M.-irrh «.—At, <
• •!•<-. ul meellmc of the iwtnlwra of i
the police department, »tepa were. ■
taken toward bringing an action for
HI..J against Mev. '• William Glb
oney, the i>a*ii>r of the Unit Pres
l.)l-rl«n rhunh There la murh ex
citement In the city over the mat
The ground for the altitude of the
pollremrn lii» In the paper read by
Her. Mr. fllboney before the ralnls- "•
>■ rial association. Th» pastor made
• scathing Indictment against the
entire rlly administration and par
ticularly against the, police depart
ment. ■ "-.*.
Th« pollremen demand that lt«-v.
Mr Olbonty aubsUntlate Ma <har(t-
M, Thy are Indlnnant at the ton«
of the addreu. am! » rommlttee of
two was appointed la confer with
a lawyer for the purpow> .if bringing
an action for libel a«aln»t the
Bald Chief Warren: "Rev, Mr. Olb
• •nrjr hail been talking rashly, and he
haa defamed the character of every
man In the department. I believe
thai the policemen of Bi>f>kan» are
an honorable men an are the preach
er*. It la an Intuit to make aweep-
Ing charge* nr«ln»t them after that
*tyle. * They Intend to rail upon
Ilev. Mr. <!ll>..i>< > for proof of the
wholesale aaiM*rttnna he h.i« made."
Itev. Mr cllboney when «■< In re
gard to the attitude of the police
department, declined to disci)** the
The address which Hun created so
much dlssenrton Is In part 'a fol
"Our city I* rur*<-d with open
shame; vice Is braxen. A ffw day*
ago 1 had a talk with ■ reformed
gambler. Ill* trntlmonv wan that
the police force'have their hand*
behind them continually: In fact,
protect and In lime refflve pay from
the mall. That the mayor to*dle*
to the gambling leadera. The ottl
cera of the. law are *worn to »us
taln and ■«■ Ml the law—to punish
lawltsaneas. And yet In snlte of
thl* fact It hn» become notorious
that those who are to eiertite the
law have consorte-i with the vlclou*
element an.l have given them ««ur;
ance* of security If they Will only
pay In »ome little pittance i- rev
enue. Thus the authorities become
Hi.- very agent* In subverting the
ends of the law. It is protection to
vice In the face of a direct oath to
execute the law. It amounts prac
tically to « criminal complicity with
vl.'e. Are we to have city official*
who take pride In Hi. saloons, gam
bling dena and houses of prostitu
tion, or In morality, purity, and
honor?" -
It wa* at the weekly session of
the ministerial association that the
paper was read. A general discus
slon'of the subject of "Municipal
Reform" followed the reading of th»
Largo Audience at the Crlt
tanton Meetings.
Kvsngellst Charles Crlttentnn
spoke to a large- audience In the
First M. I!, church Ins! night. The
subject of hl» evening's .|l»rour»«
was "Where art thou." Mrs. MoSatt
sang the "Judgment .1 iv ' Mr.
frlttenton hn* an Invitation from
l.i'lv Henry fcomersef. the great vv.
C. T. U. worker, to visit Rnclaad
and establish a "Kl.'i ■■in .■ l.'rllten
ton" mission nmonß the fallen
women of London.
At the chaml>er of commerce meet-
Ing being held thla afternoon, Oov.
llrmiy. of Alii»kn. will ad>lri.»» the
buflni'sa men on the various Alask
an queitlons, and controversies
which .in' now engaging Hi,, ntti-n- '
11 m Of Canada and the United
States. ■
The weather forecast for the. next
twenty-four hour* la occaalonul rain,
continuing cold. ■ - ■■--.'

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