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¥ Twenly-Vv* Ctat* * Month < ■
ly-Avf C»at» * Month X
<■ Hi M*ll *r Ciiri.r ! !
' vol. i no. via.
War Inaugurated Between the Trans-
continental Lines.
Canadian Pacific Sells $12.50 Tickets
From St. Paul to Seattle.
Seattle Merchants Jubilant Over the Prospects
and Expect Great Prosperity.
The gigantic rate war between
ttio transcontinental rii!rtvu!s,
which has;been predicted (or
weeks past, has it last begun in
earnest. The clash CMC last
night, and today it promises to
assume.proportions never before
realized. For several weeks past
the Great Northern and North
ern Pacific have been selling
second-class tickets to the Pacific
Northwest for $25 to homeseek
crs. Late last night the Cana
dian Pacific and Soo line an
nounced a west-bound second
class rate from St. Paul to the
coast of $12,50, just one-half of
the rate charged by the, Ameri
can lines.
Dispatches received this morn 4
in.: indicate that the Great
Northern will not only meet this
cut, but will pa below It, per
liaps making a rate >>< #10. The
Northern Pacific will next have
to foUow in ; the reduction. The
War wiQ then begin in earnest,
for rumors say that the Canadian
Pacific win temporarily reduce
the rate to the nominal figure of
50 cents to the coast.
Where the sloshhig »ill end Is
a serious problem. The tide to
the Pacific Northwest has set in,
and the roads offering the lowest
rates will get the travel. Sev
eral conventions are slated for the
Pacific Coast, and there will be
an excitinji time in the railroad
world for the next U-w months to
Local Opinions.
Th* Siar | r-?«ent» this afternoon j
tb* view* of avreral prominent bus* ;
Inem m<rn »t tit* rlly on th* b*n*flla
11 be derived from th« railroad rai«
They Go to Alir^a Backed by
'HAS PHASCIfyy. Mar-h 13.—T»*
»rt»«Rwr Dora left San Fran<! -
Ata«ka In th«- Intermit '•! the Satuya
I(a> Cold P'.x-t Miiiinir (>any,
which •asm Lit. ly litf>ri «r;<ti»l with
a capital of tie.OOO.OOO. 'The illrep.
torn of th» rorfMiratlon *r* Demand
J. Htnhl nf New York, pre»ldent; M.
Itl&jtkowrr, . vlr*>pmldent; !..•'!
l/-»i*"!i. Irrasurcr; O. II Havaice,
••rrelary; I»r. narar J. Mayer, dlrec
fir. the last four n.iii,"i ixlns; all
rp»ld«nta nf thla rlty. <if in.- flrat
lanue of 100,000 ahareo, all hut 7000
have bj-fn lak<-n up. A nural*r of
ttt!rr» have been rerelvrd from par
tlca <lMilrln« to buy the proptr^
outrlKh. An ICncilxh «yn.).. »i- ■(•
fcred to purthaae &1 p. cent of the
«'■•<!<, and wanted an option for
niii' tv day*, but the company Anally
di-'ided t>> ri-fuxe nil off. ra and de-
Vet"i> »hi» prot»erty on Ma own re»
The ■■•■ii waa the ntllng out of
the «*xrn"litlon on ill" I». .r i. which
waa chartered from the Alaiika ' ' 'Ml
merrial crim'iany. Ftve i inu—n<
rtollara' vorlb of a;rr»rerle« 'alone
wrre purthafed, bealdfa » i.i-v"
quantity r>f other neceanorUfii puftl
elcnl for ni* month*. Thirty rrn-n
are In th<» party under contract to
work on the f«m[>nny'a mining; prop
ertlfn, th» auiwrlntendent belnir J.
Adam*. The uteamer nl»o look ■
lot of ri.it>)i.i.» mai hlriery, which '•»«
rnsde In thin ">• Bhe la eipected
to reach Hcuttln today.
The Hatuya bay property In prob
ably the l.iri». •! In Alaaka, lie|n«T
ten and a half rnlles In extent.
>!:i!!;f'<» hnve Bern brought nut
which nxwiyd i< in.'n kulilv hlKh -."'I
warrant! the putting In of *o large
» a cnpllfll. Mr. fftnhl, the prealdent,
' and nr.c cf the largMl «toekh'ililrra
In the concern, will mn to .«kH In
Jin.' or .in 1;' on a vixit of ln*t>«c*
A farmer near Nobl»»vil,c In.l.
fifty-two years of ;»/r(f, ;,,,, Mil '
* !.;id teeth, and all four or hi* iirwi
.rcn oro toothli.:.«., i
war. Ttiey r*e«gnli* tn* fan that
thousands of *a»t*rn i*«»i.i«> will
tin.l th*lr way to th* coast, anil as
all Mil l*ad to foattl*. thla will t»
th* «-iiv moat beneOtaxl. If , th*
hoiiw«f*kin go in oth*r part* at th*
»tal*. l*#alll* will MM remain thvlr
buslnva* iriilrt it •>m«- turn
'Ml, th»» will ran-y ha. a moat fav
..rahlr Iniprraslon* nf Ih* city and
atat*. «c I will b* walking » H«-r<l«?
, I'Viiowinc ar* th* ««pre»*lon* of
hu»ln*a*> m*n:
Jame* 8. i!,.Matniih Th* cut
rait a will brlrg many p*«pl* and
■mall manufatturera htr*i Just what
w» want."
, Isaac Cooper: "If th* hom»***k*r*
will com* and show a 4**ir« In en*
gar.* in legitimate bu»lo*>*. It will
b« a gr*at b*n*nl. In a morrment
of this kind <r* mini con*lder th*
fact that MM u"<l»»irahl» pampl*
will UD4oubt«dly com*."* .
John Hrhram ■ Th* , rat* war I*
a good thing for th* atat*. and a
rreat many who com* from Ih* ea«t
will stay, and the r<-niilt will l>* m-*at
favorable. A* Heattl* Is th* west*
*m t*rmmua. ah* will b* th* rlly
that will air* th* best Impreaalon.
art.l th* aettler* will start from her
door*, keeping h*r a* their *»n«»r
for busln***."
• B." M. Unrdoni "II will stlmaUl*
Immigration, and that la |u»t what
w* n*e<l~mar* t»e«i>l» In tli* *t*t<
H«.*ttl* will h* th* bu*lne*« center,
no matter wh«r* th* ne«c«m«r« set.
J. lte<l*Uh*lm*r: "I am afraid that
th«-r» will '-"m* to th* ■tat* a etas*
not wanted. With Inw rate*, every j
one foot loo** ran pick tip and turn i
I>»'l* to new neld« With high rat«a
l thn** who mm* must hay* a pur
poo* In «i*w b»f >re they (tart. t
bop* I am a r»«»imi«t. and that
*»*r»thln« will be for th* beat."
i:. V. IVnrardu*: If peopl* com*
her* to *«ttl*. th* aplendld climate
and advantag** of th* ptac* will
■p*«dlly b* recognlimi, and they will
•tart right In to grow up with th*
■tat*. ! All rtaaae* of p*opl* know-
Inn all aorta "' trade* wll r«m*.
and »hat w* want In th* stst* now
•r* people who will f^rk
W. J. Degg*: Th* cheap rate*
will help th* Mete, but how much I
would not be able to mini.',
Uessr*. Hpelger A llurlburt: "Th«
Influx of penpl* will adv*rti*r Wash*
Inirton, and "cattle In particular, as
nothing els* could do. Our Indua
trtes will Imprar* In all branches.
Tb* benefit will be Immense."
So H* Stole $1250 From His
KAN ri!AN< March II —
John T. Moron, it'll all Urn, C—l 4
not r»«in th« temptation to eteal
• IT-" from thf *Af* of hi* emi'loyir,
■ml la on hla way bark to New York"
Hi.it* to aland trial for (rand lar
* reny.
A week; *«o t..al Friday Chic/
cc* received a dl»palrh from the
' HhTirr •■? llerklmer county, N. T.
aaklna; him to arreat the hoy, «hi
»> h«a<Hn« for thla city, The
rhlaf detailed Detective* I>lnan and
Keynold* 'in the eaa«, and th*y as
certained that he «■> a «>ieat at the,
Palace, hotel. They kepi watch on
the hotel, and early th* following
Hunday morninn the: boy » m arrea'•
•■■l an he *■■ mine to hip rnnm. if,,
waa taken to th* City Prlaon and
I'm Ki'l up In th* tank*. Th* »herlfl
1 waa promptly n.'tlfir-d of the arrent,
i and he a*nl a r«ply that tttpuly
HI, riff Jtrnra Conkllng had Ml to
take th* boy hark.
When M"ran wa» learrhed, t7* r.
! wiia found In hl« pocketa, ll* had
|iir- iMUMai « til' >••»'■ for |ii, a aatchal
i for 111. and a pair of aho. • tar 11.
, Tli" article* had not been delivered,
and th« detective* a;nt the »ton>
[kcrprra to refund the money, making
j a total of 1140.
Moran arcount*d for th* loaa of
th* olhor mnnpy hy Mima that
while he oaa aalrrp In th* rallronl
drpot In CMc-ago, waltlnir for th
tnilii. -i. Ml" thlrf atole 1190 from hit
l«k»i. and In Dnttf h* jinr'tint it
a watch for IV). The r»«t of Hi.
money he ap*nt for railroad furs
... i iutkmiiml >><pi>niii-H. l)*pnty
Hh»rlff ''..riklln arrlvwd here Ratur
day, and on . ulllim upon Moran in
Hi City i'rlunn li»* laid he waa will.
In* to en back without any haM,
ll* waa attondlnt a'ho'il In Illon,
S. V . and In apar* oi.irri.iiln hel.i- ;
•"I John A illlilln. >• coal d«*al«r
there, to U**p hia books and run
niti aMMM**> M h*u aiked why
h» Mod III* ii.kiii'V. h« "mM tin -mm-
II In th* »pif.- with other iii.itirv nn.l
cuutd nut resist (he temptation of
Ukllllt 11, M 111. Hi., object el h.ivlnH
.1 good lime iiu.l n.'i-inii n little of
th* world. ii' I* it nlr« i.«ikii'(; liiiy
anil lii dressed In ">■ height "f
Tin. ■ new eleetrlo *tr*et railway
j cara for th* H<>«ttl* Traction com-
I'jio »iav* iiriiwt ■> ,in the wit
BVM Hi.- Ur.iii Northern. Th* curs
nir niiivl null ii.• Intuit ilpitrliul
appliance! Ii I* iui.i.-i»' - I ii, ,i
hi ' "ill run m iti.' k..t..ii,i «\vin,
--i ami N." Hi »• at Hi- line,
Cuban* Are Starving.
NK\v TORK. March ».'— "Th* eon
illtion of i'ui a is a t♦• i r- •>«« h tv ilio
Ani.rlr.ui |.. ..|,|,-," M |d will! t.n WIL
laitl llowsr.l. «. n. r.il limn* it of
th* Cuban Industrial lt.ll. f fund,
« h • arrlvnl (rum Cuba thin im< mii.v
tv |.tinliu*«> nci I. ultural liit|>lfin. nl".
"Th* Ki.K-nuiu-tit I* doing nothing
for lh» poor «f «*ub«, and evpcrlally
f»r Hi. 1 poor <•( the r..unity tllnlrli In,
• xrr|>t to .h«u i! >.••• army ration*.
They haw r..*itli. t mm, n«*i It ■ lUial
IMl||. lilt Ilia flu •!•■ | "
It was *tat<Ht at Ih* n(Tlr« nf th«
Alaska Hteamattlp company thia
m •nut « that ilif company Mill |>r»l>
ably vut a new rt<<.iiv-r an tho !•■■
nulo- Mi>»k« r»ui.\ tv .-I'.-t.itr in Hi-
I'iru,-.. ■" place. The rrculra of lh»l
<"'.'l will- ir.>t..o Ij Ijki- ihir« or
four months.
D K. Hatter, an old resident 4
fleattle. Jii I at hla hum* on YeaUr
way wet Fourth avenue *msth ye*.
imlii afternoon. Mr, Itnicr hn*
li.fii a (inttirrr frvm dropsy far over
A rut I!.- «.•• 1...M. at Hnwi
I Falls. N. V., la HH. Whtn th.- Call-
I fiM-nla gold -» ■■■. "i broke out,
:Ml ltait*r waa «n» of dir flrat la
i •«*k a fnrtun* Mm** In <«'.i h*
ram* i" Ho* I Up, «h|rh tv lli.-n but
■ a hamlrt, ami. llhlnf lh# natural .«•!•
• vantagra «R*r»<l liy I'tt. •'« . un.l. .
a.ttlr.l h*r»
It*. li-ii'i a wit* anil daurht>r,
Katharine BHIM «t».l ft>. l-n-ih-n
William, John. Samuel. Jn.'li. an^
An,trr-» lluler.
MHM i*i.\np. Uarrh It -a
eommlttrv, with <"•. Nmlth fr«-«l«I-
In*, it draflln* • ronatlmtlnn on
• imj>l» Hum plarlnv th» invrmmrnt i
In In* hand* of lite nallvva, *irr|.i.
tna* th* rualsma. |w«tal .1 -«r«
|.hi<- . arrvtr**. mtlltarr and pollr*
l»tl«T« an<t **urrnal polities-■■
T*l*.rram» from nlh»r portion* e(
I th* l*lan>t iMlnkrn frUndtr **otl< |
; men! Inward th» Am*rtrana. Ii I.
I likely that th-r«- will ho • i»«..ful
r»»utnptli.n af alt t.,1«1n
Cfiwr l*f«.«!. In* tin>*lil*nt of In*
natlv* guv«rnm«nt. A*»lr*n to r< tlr»
to VMM Ufa, In whlrh xranl Juan
i Aranvta, a prominent naflv* plant
[ er, will MM pr*»W»nt.
Th* nalivi- troop* »1:1 b*ram* *<-n
■ ilarmrri'.' at a n»p.t rat* of «•»••
ami with »f><-ri,»l ration* and >•«'
raeka Thi-r will hand over ihflr
Mauarr* and Itrmtnfftona and r*
rdv* Hprtn«(l*lil riflM for arm*.
• •■•I. Hmllh I* popular, ami I* dl*>
ptaylna* much tart in hta romlurt nf
affair*. Kvrr>thinir ih'-rr la tall*
Evangelist Crlttenton Will
Hold Sunday Meetings.
Th» CrttUnton m»»>tln«» at th*
First M ft. <-h'ir. rnntlru* In ir"m
In lnt»r«-*t, and h.r.ifiir will be
hold In the main au4Horlum Inntvuit
of th* l« mr* room. In ordrr to ar
rnmmudat* th* crowd.
At the mMllnc l««t nlrlit M •
MorTatl hi\i II ft ramp'
fire- with thrllllna- »rT. ■ t It I
|M I'ernlwii !»«■! th<- .■* liptur
aon. and l(e«> ■
'tn<r'i Mr «*rlti«nt.m deli>erei| a
'in Friday nlrhl there will he a
apectal aerviie for youn* people, an I
on Saturday afternoon one for th*
The fur-Inv afternoon and even-
Ing m""tin«a will be held In in-
Armory. Mr. Crlttentnn will clon
hla Übum "'i next Tuesday nIRhL
Forty-flve Guests of Windsor
Hotel Perished.
NKW fOMI March 73—At laaat
forty I" ra.liK lent their llv<« In
the \Vlii'l«o!' hold nr*. «'''or,linn t.i
the fitful.-* inaii'-d by the |>ollc* ti>
, day. It la believed that .11 who -a
!' aped lmv« been mnorlrd. and that
' lion.' of tit. thirty-five tntflnlnK,
1 which 111 11l 'I'll.!. ..t Ifle I bodlea,
ea«il|H-d The vrnrhmen eziicrt to
teach the elevator ahafl to i iy, It
la |„,!..I i i.ii m,iy bodies will
1..- found there. fragment* of an
other 4mdy were'found thl* mornlnt.
It «■> Imponiilble to dttermlne th«
I^oula M"l..i, one of the flu. •■ in,
*«rlou«ly Injured In Tue«<loy nlKht'#
exploalon, will have hla Ira; ampu
tated tlila mi '.on l"t la thmiKht
that „ ■ Infl to hla low rondltlon h
will 1,,- mil!•■•• la live through the
Seised the Filibusters.
MANILA, March H. — (lunbont
Hcnnlnnton arrived thin morning,
tawhia tw» nmall atniimcra and a
brie whli'h worn *nli«d nt llornoicon
on außplclon of being fllllhusteri.
List of Casualties.
WAHIIIN»:r. in r». C, Ha li 1,1.-
--<!• m-riil (Mia thla mornlnii wired a
ll*t of the wounded and ktll«d ni»■«■
I March 1«. . " -.- .
111: beheld
m ¥M
And Swiftly Worked
His Camera.
mil wi:bsti:rm 111:11.1.1
01 Kitchenar't Attack an|th* Dar
• l»ha» and tha Resulting^
' Ml (M. M... U-lt. Valen
tine Webster, 1 iMiiiKittir |i«rl' uf
the <*»••!•■ ii4i|\i> T. '■ Harden* cum
l««ny of 11.I 1. |..nih.i, Ceylon, hka ar
rived hi IMa city. He wai with
• Irneral Kltrbeiter'a 1 .-• -ni l^in
■l-iii r«i Mil. II aa ,1 e|>wiator ant
1. nil.-....] 11,. t. m1.1.t battle with
the ]>crrl«he» at Atbar*. Kp«ak- 1
in« nf the battle, he ml I;
•'We left a pliue called iluttraa
at I i> m. and *»■• in man him.- nut
Into the •>.-«.'ti. I'erfert ailenr* had
I" be maintained, and no ll(hm w*r«
allowed, not even a pipe. At 4 a m.
Iwe ■(•pruarhwl the Dervlshea* m
eha. and then waited until day be-
Con In dawn. At 4 o'clrtrk the clow
of lh« rtilnir MM lienan to afwar mi
■he •lr*i-rt hurimn, and we could Juat
.li.-ii-rii a (onni'.M nujnbcr of tha
rnemy r«innin( la an4 fro on the
top «f their »!.« k.t-ie. evidently In
treat ««>ltement. Our flrltUh brig
ade numbered SKA" men. under li.-n
--erai <!»!i«rtr. ami the ptlan itlv '
litnn. und<n- i>*neral Hunter, atmui
.>m We afterward* found that the
enemy nun<bvr«l H.oo* At 1:11
i vi advanced to within lam yarda of
the aareba. It waa a beauttfnlly
rlrar nil.mini th* blue iky ever
head beta* without • Claud/ At *I!
we «|>|ir •irtii-1 to within •*• yard*, !
; when th« order wa» gt**n for lite
i liv|i'hi artillery la »pen fir*, and
then. Indeed, wa tM-fitn tit reallai
■ that the lonc-eipevte'l battle »a«
Imminent. The flrat ahell »«j>lo<lril
within the »»rrl>» It «a« wonder
ful ala-ht. At th* aame InaUutt the
l>.r»ulin dlaappearett from view III
;In their dug-out trenchea. K"r in
, h.Hir and twenty minutes the Ktryp
t it m artillery kepi up a trrmendoua
riMtr of eannnn. itiiK harainjc In thai
time Urns round*. At ISi the r«n
eral advanc« was asiund^d. the
buiilera besan la • -»11. the li»«il|"»
tv kraal «nd th» k»in» .Iruma It
beat, »n I lh" enemy *ii approach*
r-l In a nvwl liii • i ( order. Whet
within *'»' yard*. our Infantry i>|»-n
».l fir.- l'|. to Ihla few •noli » •.■
--fired by th« enemy, and none |o«k
effect; but Ik* moment our Infantry
kop«n'-'l tire, we were met with a hall
nf bulleta. which at lint Ml ill"
, chanted too hlch. hut In a few mtn
utef Wain to find their mark*, I*ll-
Ins heavily In our rank* aa we "I
vanced. The nrat man to fall al
' way* produce* a Ihrltllnc effect In
an encashment, an.l co It did here.
ii ttlwl the hrat of our llrltlth
blood, and lIM «l»aii.-- wa* <la«hln«
--ly made In Ihe #dee of the tareba.
which i.»nal*lr.t of a thick, thorny
hrdr». r"«r a moment »r wera
checked In maklna way lhro>i«h It
I but ■■ aaoaj a* thl* unit effected,
there wan a trrnvndmia d*»h m ».l
for ii,.- atmkatle. and « aaorlrlm
hand-to-hand fl«ht • ii'iirl The
rarnaae mi awful, aWvvral omcer*.
«a well aa men. frit, but In flfteen
minute* the enemy waa In full I1I«M
aoroaa the Atbnra river, and at • »
a m UM re»M rtrlna «•■ aoundn<l.
"Thn«e th«u*snd fallen li.rvl»h"»
were rnunted wllhln the i*reba.anl
! in«« mure were * nitii-.i m taken
prltonrr*. Th- An«!. • K«yptla«i
furvea loet TOO In killed and
Mr. Wrbeter carried a camera and
took a larce r.iii.lM-r of map «hota,
ninny of th' m while th* enrairement
wa* under way, and othera later on,
•howlnt; the dead t>ervl*he* lylnir In
! the trfnrhe* '•>■ hundred*. He atao
tnok a map -Hot at Mahmoud. th*
khallfa'a ireneral. who wan captured
' by a Houdaneae reirlment.
horse killed
t.KINOTO.V, Ky., M .r. li ».—Han.
nv«r, tin- (I'll thoroughbred »tal.
lion, at cms Urn* valued at flM.orm,
wan chloroformed ihi« morning by
order of hi" (i»»»r. Th« home ha.!
ii.incr.-ni- 111 hi* fool, ami It »•> •!<.••
elded tn Mil him I" death and «n<l
hi* »ufferlni*.
Sherman Improve*.
H.VNTI.M'.n, March M.—John Phir
man i .>.■.■ I n k»»<I night. It* ibOWl
Btendy linprovriniint, nnd I* h^ttfr
liklhv than nl nny tlm» taring hli
llln<>*«. Up alfrpa • mnfMi t.ilily ami
I ha* II • 11*- or li" fain. A rnmplrtt
r«TrtV«*ry I* now undoubtedly aiaur
At lh» Hireling nf lh<- rhombrr of
( Mintn. i< ■■ \ ■ •i-f 'I m th« matter of
j ut'Kln*;. Mi- Initii'-illiiti' UM Of tin"
' 111..111 v i oprl ''■ 'i for ii dry dork
lot I'ort < Mill.ml wu ill-i iibki'.i.
j i'ii«ii.iii (Iruvp* mmii- ■ i'« >•■
mil 111 111 Which he Klnlf-il Ihnt ihn ,
witu no ri'iiKnn fur wlthholillns the
appropriation «f MM 000 r» »nilv pal
up for iii. work (if i amti in iii.ii.
inn- of the nllU'tal*, It >MtlH. I* o|i-
IHiHcd to Hi.- bulldlnt nf id.- dry
dork, and hni" h*r*tofor« pri>vrntrit
' thp i «|.. inlllnrr of tin mom ■. 'ii iMi.
rtlrrpllon; but inlimri ii tut other in
llu.iilliil p«rtU*i however, »r« not
Inclined to i|rH with him that Port
(.n.'mr.i iK.n.». h.r00.1. iiiice.
A commlttre romUtlnK of Judge
Thnmai Bui i"'. John 11. Allen, and
!•:. I). ilMi\r « krat .i|.|".n.i' in iuk»
charg* af th* matter, ami .ik on
hi. new dry i,I. ii » iii probably i"
. ..in ii ii 11. .<l without delay.
Ki-i r.tiiiv I'rosch r aad several
lettera regarding Alaskan affairs,
I among lh*m tiittuK on* from th.
■tat i rtiriiilve .1. j. irliiii-nl regard*
Ing th* claims for darpiir*ti by Am
erican minor* In th* Mill niuntry.
' Th* letter asked fnr IttfiirmHtlun
and prnmlsed prolertlon ■.. such of
..in i ltlt*tia as - ... wholly witliln
their rights In the. Mil country.
Thr** n*w namr* W9f*
Ih.- ll.il .if IIK'II'I.' m Of tk
..f . Itif; Olroil
Payn*, Z < man. and An* I
.. Ii.HI
li Helping the Filipino* In
M>.VTX>N, March 13.-Convincing
evidence that th* <tl|,l.iMi«t ' secret
■ervlrea of Hpaln at* plare<l at Ilia
dls|Mi*al of in* Killpltio*. was obtain
ed l".lav !...»,.. . and l<np«x, two
i "ilii.in.i envoys, had a long serru
rnnlin-nfi- nllh th* official legal ■■!•
vlaer of th* BpaiHah emhasiy. After
th* n<nfrr#nc« they «,il.l they » .nil.l
go lv I'arl* i.. in. •■• Agnnclllo.
Mara Trouble Ahead.
I.- in is. m.ii. N Th. rafaaaM
from Ihe northern part of teuton ar
rived her* today. They report that
the Il!i|.iti"» In porlh Manila arc In
symrwthy with th* Insurgents, and
art cultivating ii.• crops with a view
.if rurnlshlng tba rebels »lUi their
■ U|>|.ii. •
Th., Can B« Obtained in
This City.
An important nnUflratlnn mi r»-!
n ivr.i at th* local po»UHBr* today
from th* <]'( arm ''til at Washington
to th* *fltrct that h*r*f>ft*r money
iir.trt* may t«» drawn on certain poat
omr*-* In Cuba, Th* tr* rlnrn.l
will b* th* urn* *» In th* I nli--l
*tat*«, <■«!■• (•»!!:* Ib* ftrtt f..i..«ei
country to which <iom«»tlc frt-i hay* )
appliwl. , ;
A Roller waa aim rt«*lv^l lhat hr :
(Inning April I. moijfy order* will
b* iHiir.l "'i th* colony "' Hrtf'ali
llomlura*. Central Anvrlia ,
THE l\(|li:ST.
Th* ln<JUf«l "XT |h* Vt«-ll!T,» fit
Tu**day nliht • **pl»*lon '• l--ln»
conducted thl* kfttrnoon by Cor
«M H|>arllnn at Ilonncy * Ulrw
• tin Ip «o the tlm» of rolng t«
prns thr«* wltn»a»«* had Iti ••«• I
«rnln».| . J»m»* I^-*. a. tt*am fltttr
waa th* third wltn***. ll* i"HM
that li» ntov«d tho i»>ll-r from lh« ;
■ ha»«n».nt to a plar* uhilt th* •!•• '
: walk on autaortty «lvrn by plumbvr
Conckllng. Concktlnc got hi* pgf<
rniMLin from th* Mr to mar* th*
Bring* Spotts Remains.
v \i.r\it ■ Chill. March 3-
Th« rnlt»l nt»t»« erul*rr, with the
! rvmaln* of Admiral H|»>tt« MM
l!-l in K*thian<l Utund In I - 1"-, has
»rflv»<l hrr*. Til* l««<l|r*r I* on her
•>• to Han Krmi.i* .i.
For th* Big Fight
KBW roliK. March tl. — Julian [
and Itrady mrt thla aft*rn" .n and j
finally d*cid*4 to accrpt th* offer of
lit* Coney taUiul Alhlrtlo club, la
; pull off Hi* lUM between Fltinlm
rnon* and MMm Th* light wit!
i tak» |.lir» on May Si. and lh» «i
HI »>» twmty-nv* round*. Hller li|
Ml «• t«f«ree. Th* pure* will b*
j for IJO.OOO, anil on*-lhlrd of th« pic
| tur* i-rl\lb»t» will (n (a rni-h
! fighter.
LONDON, March M —In th*
Hnu*« of Commons today th* Par.:
Unlit- Mlurv Foreign H.iTt-lnry «al<t
; th.- government w*r« *'»n*t<l«'rlnß '
'■ lh« itroiwMl mad* t>y th* I'nitet
■tatea for 111.will! Vivendi In th«
matter of the .Mn-knn boundary.
ol.nrvrr Ballabury pllll |>r< I> '■
nor*»lonal rain* for th* n**t twenty- '
four houra. Tomorrow It will b«
warmer, with couth la aouthwi«(
One-Fourth of (he 400 Invited
to the Falr-Vanderbilt
" Wedding.
NBW yoilK, March «. — Jnvltn
ll>i|i« I" thf Kiilr-Van<l*rblll wiml
rllnc. whlrh l.ik'H uliM .' April 11.
liiivi- I'irn limiifil. ' l.«»» than M
|M'im>ii» .11- liivllvil.
Thf> Aliukii npographlral klioclt*
linn will hold ii meeting next Tiii'X
■ i.■ v i 1 1 nine at Iho Plymouth Con
urcßiiii'miil rhurch, Dov. llrady
will ii. one of the iprukcm,
John W. Pi.ill will 1.-Hi 111- i.-
poi i (in ill rcr<Mll IrfcWnthv »'■■'- |
■ inn i.l 11"- next tllrctlne "rgfft?*}
rhambrr of riMlini.M.', "It wJMjjat
I have b»*n frail ft I'i'iiv. h»tg*f .y;
mnllrri) rrovonted.* KmSm
Cap! W, W. riohlnunn Jr. I'£S£M'\
Ini pi .■[■<!ntttiinn '■■] fltllnir '■H^rl
Alaska tapleratlon party whflWfi
ha urn! out by tho War dcp^H^r
in:!., command fit Curt. lwv>'!
Garden Tools
We Have Everything lor the Garden.
II(k:s ■ 2Sc, 35c
Hakes • • : -'Sw. Wlc
Hhovclft ami Spade* • • (>^
(iarden Trowels.. • So
'•..,!.' 1216-1217 Second Avenut
Pike Street ''Bargain Street
We are on THirt ant Pile, STAR rain-too.
l ln- I'ulit-ii Bin iff "my. One apeclnl
thin* In- "ill iwqtilrt will '"■ ■ team |
nf iv .• trained Mahlamuti> do**. 10
tin • •■•I In traveling" over (lacltra
anil l'*e AVlda.
Thomaa HMHW, ah-rlff of Mara
thon imintry, Win. arrived in lh«
city Ilila nvitnlliK He came a/M(
defaulter 11. i* e*-trea*urrr of Hi.'
i.lllllly. «I .. I* I IllllKi-'t With <■"!
heinllnf lion.urm H"tk wan found In
HIK-lfiii. wlirra tit has Iwn alnra
laat in i.,1,, r. Hherlff Valour will |
r. iurn eaal tomorrow with hi* prl»- j
Johnnie ftmltn. • fourteen year
mIiI •< hi"l l>">, haa lin-n arn«trd by
omrer <• A Trlpi. for burg-lary.
Hmllh and »■ Viral of hla companion*
■tr imi.iv) ill having" • unri-l an'
old I'iilMliik near the «Ir«ni Mreet
railway ami *tealln« MM onnwr
wire. Mnillh If »upi"»a«J to be the j
li f l<-i ..f tin- can*, and will have .1
preliminary h<-arlnK before Ju<la-» 1
' I'inii Ihla afternoon.
Th» remain* of D. W. Jarobe and
AHr«l Haltlrl. the two victim* of
Tueeday nlKht a eiplonlon. will be
• iiiciwl ra»t today. Jaeon'a body
»tll I- •< HI to Ilia houw at Quill-
Ml 111 anil the rrmalna of Ha HIT
■|vj«II*U >• <-»lt«H l«l«.) I" J»m»n«p
p|.. tm»t u*.'m»l ' ■•Ml i*fl*ll 011-'n*!
•"H'l.l I* -"'""I «t'l O\ |U*« "< 111*
la lo be rilxili from the Inaane
aaylum. Ithe wa* committed; M
March 10 by Judjre Jacobs In lh» »ij
pertor Kiurt, but la now aald tn hiv*
j fully re«»v<-r»4 hrr rt>a«>n. and will,
N- rr(urn»«l to hrr mothcr'a cart.
John 11 firl. n la In tha county Jail
on a «u<-nt of In< Ir Ham. Ha la
charted with having a borua «ov- .
eminent bond ■•" hla i»to»ii. Tha
j aMii»>rHim claim to havv a alrnn«
ran.' . -„~ , -
VI..U MrFall. th» well known pick
pocket, «a» arr*a««Ml by O|Br»r Ham
Hamilton, for .lla.ird*rly conduct
Urn nltht hr waa before th«
court* about two we*ka ar" on lha
chare* of f«vk>-llri|t ll»f <■*•*
i wu l<r<tuchi up for trial, hut the
' Jury dl»a4rr»*d. and ah* »a» »et free.
The ca»« ft Pavld K. fl»co. form
erly a*»l*tant-po*tmaater at Well
liicton. Kln« county, who la at
cuaed of approprtatlnir poetaje
•tampa amounting to f;:• 10. will oc
cupy the attention of the Federal
. ..urt ihl* afternoon. The nffen**
i. aali! la have been committed en
July 5. 1"»*. wtl»n Kla^o aharonirl
from the a<a»e. He waa arre«l*d
ii.l brnucbi here for trial.
Conway Thi>m|.».in ha* been ap
pointed *p«<-li«l policeman by Chief
Heed for the term of one month.
Hadle Wallace will appear before
Judc* '"ami thla afternoon on the
rhar«r of n>bliln« J. A I*ralr|r of
ill" In the ttnderloln ill»trlrt laat
The c«*e. of John OTtrten, • har»
with Intent to defraud the aa«ara>
• ment. havln« In hla po**e»»lon a
i|i'«u« ajovernment bond, will «>>ro*
up for hcarlnn before I'nltnl BtatM
Cranml**lonrr Kiifrr thia afternoon.
Olirl.n I* aal.l by the police to he
a «ur*-thln( man.
Willie Plum, a nchoolboy, wm ar.
i-i-aipil thla afternoon aa belna: prob
ablr connected with the theft ..f
pome copper wire hrlonirlnii to the
Grant mml Hallway rom|>any, and
which »aa at-l. yesterday.
Tti<- bank <U«ranrca todnr wer»
lin.tM.Tl, anil the balance* ««r*
HUN i S__-_j V-
C. 1' ftahro^li brouitht nult In Ih*
aiiprrlor pourt Ihla iimriilnr aßaln*t
Mr and M ri« W. A llarrlnton. Ii
rollwt w»«ra allrtcr.l to be due him
on a contract '" connect waler-pop*»
In a hou*e wllh th. »!!••••■! main.
Th* Jury rendered a verdict for <>•
K.l»«ril l»nhiTl» and wlf*. Mary
Roberta, an elderly coupl* who own
a larire ranch near Hi-' mouth of
Puwaml«h river. apponri'il thl»
mornlnß before. Juda* Held in 111*
«uperlor court, and a»ked perml»«lon
to adopt a little boy named Bdwin
. I.l.inn Illake, aaed iieven. who ».i»
hometea*. hla mother helna- In Jail
nt Tarnma. Mr. Uoberta picked th*
!,..> up .hi til- utroet.
A ltr.ni.i- to wed wa» Idfued today
for rmiii J. Oroi-n. age SI. of Ta
rorna. and l.llllan Lilian. aged twen
ty.alx, of HI l'«ul, Minn.
C I I'.ililv. HMHI niniit "f '■■
i-hi..ii-... HllwtakM, «nil 81 Paul.
la In UM ' llv fr"in r.irtlanil.
Mian Hniinlle de Wolf, at Thir
teenth avenue, who ««« reported In
Hi- Him i" I. ■!>• fallen on Third av
enue «everal dnya ago In an r|4l«pl!c
m I* not raßja< i to that dlnean«.
Her trouble " .i" merely ■'• temporary
t<iHim niM-11. The Star gladly
mnki.-* the correction.
The lil'iiiii frrlichter Banlß frui.
of the I'acllle Const Btenm»hlp com
pnny, arrived In port today from
'si. it".iv «nd way ports, sii.
ri-li.lirhl BO pannenßera and no l*t«
new*, having left HU|Wt| laKt Fri
Hteamer Clly of ScnlMi' will nail
at 10 o'ejock tonight for Bkagway.
■hi will tak» out a big crowd.of pa I
aviiE<T>. and a Uigi' l«ht cargo.
< •♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦;;
X Telephone Bubnurlptlon* It 2
\ RlUo ISO «j
♦♦♦♦♦«« <»*»*»o ♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦¥
Suits Will Follow the
City May ■• LlikU, M Th«r» Is
Ma loilit Inspector In
This City.
The liollrr txplodon Of Turaday
nlirfit I* creating quite a- stir ..im/iiK
the different illy officers. Umt ->f
ihfin far ■ hlr suit for daiiu|i'i>
Th» «Uy ihnrlir ' provide* tar I
<-lty b«tl»r ln<i«mr, but dora ii"(
pfivl<l» (or lil» remun«ra.tlon. fi
• I—(ihlriK o( th* «i(>lo«lon today. !>*■•
HB>l»t Po**r> aaH: "ThU In not th«
flrvl ulirvalk rxpiealon that haa
' happ*nr<l In RMtlti ' TIM bollrr
underneath *ht itdrwalk In front
of th* C"l«-m«n butldlnc MM up
about sevrn >»«• mgo, and It
th" accldrnt had not kaNMMI at an
•arly morning hour, Mreral lt\. •
would hay* bffn l"»t." •
Thr hollar u»i~l la hr«iinr th« po-
Mm nation I* irfy danartroua ■■' ae
rordlnc to an ofßrrr'a >l«lrm«lt !hl»
mnmlnir. ll* hM \V» hay* a
janHor to walrli II In th- daytlm*.
hut it nlfht thf Jall«T Is suppoac<}
to tako rare of It If hr has a
hospital call. the l»-"ll« r I* left alone
for two or three hoars. It Is Mtu
atMl noar th* aldrwalk. and wont,
4*al drath on all Ulrica if It ihouM
TACOMA. March 21.—Ju-ic« J. W.
Rnliinxm. Of OiymptH. Is nvi r from
thr capital illy today nn l»rnl bu*l
tiMW connected with the closing up
of th» affairs o( (hi- Tnroma l.*nd
Ill* clients, who already are- large
ly Interested in thU part of the,
country. pro(>oi« to bid on the Ta
coma, ljui'l company property If It
MM up for »a!e In such a manner
I an to rive a fair opportunity for the
outside Wi!«l<Tii.
Ju>lk<* lli'l'ln».>n was formerly at
torney In this •tat*- for the Union
Paclflo Ilallroad company, and has
recently returned fro mine Kast.
«h«n he baa been for several years.
■'Olymi>ia. In common with the en
tire state of Wniihlt.rton," aald he.
"la about to enter upon a aeaaon of \
•olid |iro«i>«-rlty. The ralroad from
Tort Tswnwnd and l'"rt Aiifi IK
will aurely be bid down by Hood's
canal and la <>!vmrln. «nd thenre on
to Portland, flvlnc Olympla two
railroad*. ITnllke Tacoma, our town
hae outcrown I In' notion that It Is
th» favorite child of the Northern
radflo railway, and lOM not longer
car* to remain bottled up, with only
one railroad.
"With the railroad completed a
f«»t uteamrr iiervlce will be put on
down ili» Bound, «lvitiß through
paacencers from the east, north an 1
Kimtli .1 choice of 1 'till I between the
city of Portland and down Sound
rltlca and llrltlnh Columbia, either
upon the railroad at the foot of th« i
Olympics or by Hound ateamcr, from '
Trad* With Ladronas.
Indlcatlona of I hi" actual trade of
the I>u<ti liland*, whose commer
cial (tatti* han b?tn lost slicht of In
published Kiallmlrs about the Kant.
Is civen In ftiriires Included In a re
cent report of Chief Frank II llltch
enck, «f the fnrwlftn market, section
of the agricultural department, on
the trade of the Philippine*. The.
figures, fragmentary nt best,, are
mostly combined with other Island*.
It ahowa that the Imports Into the
United Stale* from the i..iirono»
and the Caroline Inlands combln«t in
18»7 had a value of HMT; In IKS 7, ten
years previously, of |.tS2K. The only
available flirures on to exports from
the United bt*taa Into the i^tdraiMi
and the Carolines footed up |S*BS.
What trade the I,adrones have (■
nntnnilly mostly with the other Pa
cino Islands.
——————— «
More Going to Australia.
1.1 •Vt HIN March 13.—Emigration
from the Hiillnh Isles to Australia la '
Increasing, but to the United Htates
la decreasing. Official Veturns for
February show that WN persons
emigrated In the United Htates, an
axalnst 3477 for the same month of
last l<nr, KuiiKi.uioii to Canada
show no nil.ik..l ciiangti. It'll ad
mltted,'however,' that .1 considerable I
part .of the emigrant* to Canada, In
the ."end. * brine •> up; In , th« . % Vn}t«<l i-
BUUes. ■--»-■: 1 1*-**»"!rf>'', 1

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