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M »«* an
Evening Newspaper
I ..«iaim..i all of ih*
News "'•■• Worlfl
f\J ■ ■
IN »
■ *
Form, i
. ■ ■
AiLiptrJ to the needa of* busy
people. The average man or
woman always likes to swiftly
scan the moving panoranu of the
p\abe during the leisure half hour
that follows the evening meal, anJ
then turn attemi<w to other mat
ters. The publishers of the THE
STAR appreciate this fact and have
modeled the paper so that
Directness of Statement
■ ■ * i
Will be a notice feature. An {
interesting, breezy style of para
graphing finds increasing favor in
these days, as opposed to the old
time fashion of ponderous "write
ups" and editorial utterances.
THE Star will have

All of the Local
A* w?U a. IK*
TelegrapMc News
Don'tdoubt it for one minute. The
paper will not claim to be th. best
on earth with the "largest circula
tion"—that is, not yet awhile, but
the effort will be made to steadily
improve it. In the. meanwhile
please remember that news • ' aV ''
telephoned to the office (Pike 150) '
will be much appreciated; also
subscribers. It only costs
*TH""^k^ a) .
1 To secure The St?r for
one: MONTH
i, tT* * v * ' t
i-i.i \ i.i.vm. .. March 53.-W.
i. White, «liv haa bull! up .in nmr
muu* bttatlMM and I.ii nun- Ihrnuah
tin- iti.inur.il iiii liik and anlllnK uf
rhwwlna; mi m In iii », i ml. *ay» lh»t
ihr< attempt to orKnnl»« a eoawtns
kuiu II Hal Hill 1... -„, , . »«r,il II hi.
biH-n rerrntly i. !■ 11. ■! thai It bun
r.i11.-n ihr.niKh. Inn Mi Whit* any*
thai 111. . ombltin will . ..tialal 111 all
"f tii.- larit«*t romp i.i • - 111. 11l .i
the White and i.. mm |.i.mi« in thl*
city and th» Adam* Tun I Kruttl
prn|>lw In Hiu.iS.lmi, Th.. capital
■lock will b* |< iuki .mm. and Hi.
lie.i.l.mmL-ii la) l» r*tabll«h«d In
«'l.-»i-lmil. In fni-i. It la said that
Mr. White will 1.. ..rf.|...l .1 X. i >
l-i ->t!-.!nri!t pudllon ii tin- romblna>
An Industry With Which the
Law Oops Not Int. 1, ,■
Th. maklna of th« gold brlrk*
*r|th Which fi'lirldiMlrr Him r»li th*
«mr.K,-i ■■„.„,,. „M a ■• and .irn th*
■mart merrhanla and banker*, ha*
bec«im» an ratahlUhed la luati > It
I* ii .I • .Mm.- I.i make a sold in I. k
Th« crime only ornir* In when th*
■ |'nri..ui> article la void. The value of
the standard l"l. k nil.l I*- •kaMI
S&tO If i-ninpoai lof pur* n-.l 1 The
■ ."i la the purchaser « h. n Ihe artl>
cle la prepared for th* market varies
from 11.1 to 17$ a hrl. k according la
the value of the material ii«.-l. The
purrhaaer from th* factory make*
hi* term* with hi* lima
"You want to know nf the very
brat hr. k we turn out?" ml.l a
maker. "Well, the brick m«*t likely
to .Vvrlvr. la made from a enptwr
and sine mixture. It I* not the moat
rip*n*iTe. but II will Maul knock
! i« around for fly* >r»i« without
Inalni' tint m tone, and I tell you
ii a pretty near the real thin*. Half
ii dollar* worth of amid I* more than
enouch la do th* )->l- Our science I*
known a* water ciMlnc becauce th*
' laM touch we |iir ih* brick la I.
thill It in I • I water. We buy our
■c.li In !.im from the beater. The
leave* are placed In a cnirlbla with
mercury, seven t>arls of mercury to
one of mill. The mercury I* Drat
heated, anil, under the aril.m of a
furnace, the mlitur* I* made M-
hot Tfern Ii la allowed to cool down.
We «U'"i' the amalgam through
rhamola leather for th* purfone of
c)rctlng the ;'Ttinu« mercury, and
th«* r«tl. with twt«« it« weight «f
merrury. r.tntltn behind. It la then
a yeltowtah matter nf the r-.n«i«'«-n'-»
of butter, and with Ihla the metal U
' r...it.-t with a br'-»h Tbla la In*
flral »(»p In turning the brick Into
"After r^-<-i»ln« the Hr«« mil Ih*
brick la • v*>>••< I to a atrong heal
for the purpoa* of evaporating the
remaining MM - "r> It I* then In One
form, hut far from perfect. There
' will be mile Irregular!tie*, ami the**
«re trmoved with a. delicate bra««
, bru«h After the l.ru»hln« a la- of
true golden rotor la apparent, but
we hay« an ea*v rvmedr for this
We roat in" brtrk aver with a a-ild-1
inn wax. ntth h I* a preparation of
red orher, verdlgrt*. alum *n«1 bor
ax Then th* Met la again 'ipalnl
Is the action •>{ lice till the wax la
entirely burned away. It'a re*l gold
then, but we are bound ta make It
a few carat* finer, B our ruatomer*
I ran hay* no ■aiMa inmii'l for the
i queiKlonlng nt th" quality of their
treaauro. We da thla by covering II
' with a aallne rompnftltlon and again
! exposing ii i" a high temperature.
It la finally rht!!e<l In r«M water,
and It la beautiful to look on— per
fect «'il<l l.rl. k It la proof agajnut
time, molator* and weather of all
kind*, and will aland conatant hand
ling for year* without toxin tone or
lualer. i ;.»«!• mad* aj> I haw de.
arrll>ed «r- guaranteed for r.ve
■ • -
Another Woman Proaehor.
nF..VT»K!UM>N. Kr-. March M.—
Ilin.l>T» m niunty, >■ ■■ now i full
; fledged woman preacher. County
<*lerk J. 11. Hart am inuinl when
Mr*. Huaan Kmlth atepped in and
demanded th-- noresaary, paper* f,,r
the porpoae of aolemnlimg the
rtghta of matrimony. The ■pa peri
were quickly luwl. Mm Smith la
a comparatively y .unit woman. Kh.
nelonga to the beltevera In aanclin
Kliiiw MS how a man wear* hit
bat and I will tell y..u what manner
of a man he. la. Notice youmelf how
be wear* hl« hendgear. and >••>« ran
I make a fair ultimate of hla charac
Select the r-.n whom* hat aeema la
have been mad* for him. and which
he ha* »*t nquarely upon hi* hehd
;m It waa deatgned la do. with nary
a tilt to the right or left, nor fore
and art
11. la a m*lh>-I < man and a
romfurtabl" man, with a rare en
dowment of common *en«e. 11. I*
not given to fllghta of fancy. He
obeya the. Injunction .if the homely
phlU>i«ipher, who advliied all man
kind to keep Ita feet on the ground.
Men wh»a« hat* an- alwaya too
Pacific Coast Steamship Company
*W^^ For San Francisco
|w*^^% The company* ele
-3 BkaW 'aVI (Hill »teamahl|ia
]P*aaVr^B%\ . Ju ,.,, Walla Walla,
'•' and i m.ttllla leave
Heattle | a. m. via
Port T iv. ti«. and Victoria, March
B. 10, 15. M, M, April 4. ». M. 1., U.
2-t. May 4. and every fifth day lh«.i
after. Leave
San Francisco
rot Heattle 10 a. I" via Victoria and
fort Townaend. m ii. ii -. 7, IZ, 17, 12,
April I. t, H. 1«. 21. 21. May 1, and
every llfth day thereafter.
Tli elegant «i<-atN«hl|,« f'ottnga
City, nty of Topeka im,| Al-KI I. .iv ■
Heattle I) a. m. March I, •'.. 11, in, M,
it. April It 10. IS, 20, 2.-), 20. May 5,
and ivery fifth day thereafter.
For further Information ..iiiain
] Ttin company r<•-"i .« !'. right to
change, -mi. prevlou* notice,
Ktr-.-iniiTK, tailing date, and hour* nl
j. v. TitownitiiKii-;.
I'llget H.I Hll| , Ocean l>k. Hejilllc
Uptown ticket office, eld l'*lr»l ay.,
H> -jii ■ ;. , . , ..,.1 'ill. Ptrklnl & CO., Oen.
Agnnta, Han Krunclaco.
liu-Kf fur iln-ill 11. ,< rtfl«OllV« hub
ll*. Tin \ lilt. , en. I. hi, lit I XI.'I 1111..
ni-i given to 1u11.i.|..-i Hun Til. is
"■ |>hllu*<i|ihk'al an. l likely to full
■to nil of prMCCUpatlon. rii. nil
l|.| In ikiihik in. r.. ilrtalt*. CwtapU
.ii.hihlv uf ii.i. ■ l«af wn* Hi.- 1..t
--in. mi. ■ \l. .1,1.1-|. ii, iv 1i..-. li-<i
i.iliiik iii«,i\n »liu«i-.| ii ■.. mlilon
i.. ri-iii Ii hi* r.n ».
Xl I WllilH.. '■ .' ' ■.. lllnillM 1111
1 ■mall f..r Ihrm arc vain and nitlcnl.
Of Illl* t)|'i" mi- Hi" |.i Illy l.iiv • »• hn
...linn. iii. iii«i.|\i->, Nun-l««u«-llki-,
In *h»|t window*.
"Ilk- man who wrar* ■„ - li .1 drntvn
ov»r hi* tyr* may not l»» a "mink,"
lull In- I* iiini..iiiiii~iiv a "*'hi'rniT."
ll* pxrpl* In *lratrj?y, «hplh«-r hr
uai'a hi* elfi* In in army rain pain it
or iii a . ..n|. In Wall »ir.-.<i . Ho In
ii.ii . li, i-ifnl Hi- i*. In fact, Rlvc-n t»
ItlmlttlV in. In ill ..IK
Much niorv dix-ii Ih* man >vht» ha-
liltiMiiy «.■.!!■ hlii hat |.ii-.li< I .iff hi*
! furrhrait riijny Hi- ranfldvnr* «>f >.'»
i follow mr-ii. rr..- N.-.it who ueart hi*
[ ll.tl "ft hi* f.ilrllr.l.l l« <• «■>< ml 'I*
j trunk. M.' I* nilmlrml hy lii<>»« who
I itn not acr**o »lth any nf hi* view*
i fur hla •iruliihifi.i w«r-ln> '«. If na
urn M.i. not Kin. .1 him with a nini-
Im: v..|. - In- Whlfllr*.
Thn man who '....-• hi* hat "ii
urn- *|.t« I* tit.l. i.tii.l- ii Hi I* »• If ■
; .»". tiivf 11.- I* In < > UK- I uf •■••
--i iiin; 11. I .11- Mr I* I (port i-v
1 n.itmc, If nut by prartU'*.
Will She Call Him Up
A I itti.- \ .mil j.i.l it V..H.H- iilrl
| ho . ..i.m.i- it-.t thpinmilvvd . mtu-.-.l
> In marry 1.t.l -- trnnenduu* quarrel
inn* I.I) lot wr. k The . uk...-.m. m
| was n»l i>»riiruUil>- hard and fa*l
ant li-.th iniu« felt rwtlw ' ilsil
when It »ii« all off. At 1.--.»t they
Mill when hi «••'• inn I hi' ■■ ti
ol hi« >li*,i|'|H.iniiiiPht. ami id- fr. la
| ht-r rutUr.l temper am<>->th *« tin.
| Th.- parting van in*! .. !r irnolir
"I think. >llm flmlthkln*. >• v
■ mlrht have considered all the** •■!••
, J<< iitiii» l.< r.>r<- I mnil • ' tar a* In
j mit a house and buy a lot of fur
j nliure."
".Mil I think. Mr niufTkln*. you
are not srtln* in* i-art of a imilr.
m*« in inrnil»nln« Moll trivial af>
■ fair*. <!.-'.I evening."
■■flood evening. Ml** Hmlthkln*," |
h* ui'l. • ilfflv a* he mad* t»r hla
hat 41 the ».r he MMi •■ • ■ k to
re-mark "Kr—well. If you *h«utd
change your mind, yuu ran mil m*
up ovrr lh« '|h>.i>r. you know."
HAT <-|TV Mlch^ Mir ■- »—
Tin.- ii.. n. llalnri KMt< v Jr.. fic-l
fj-rkrll and <"h«il"» Tmmbl?y, w*r»
!•> iiy Injumd «i *.M o'clock *• a rr
' null -if M •■»;!».»!.■!> in 111" forgo
r>~>m ••! Cn •»• > Urn*. * <'■■ • ma- |
rhln* «orka. l«»»lirS nil Tmmb!*y,
»m|>!"><-« of th» t-«>m, »••!■■• >r>lnir
la unln<i«<-n a not «n th* *n>l «f •
l'!»l"fi h"« i •'a "'Mm aaw f'.-l
u«rl In aaw mill* For thla purpose
they phi "1 M In a fore* In >-r-i.-r to
burn away In* ru*t. when »uddenly
the il«!i>n hi-*,i rt|>|..|. I. throwing
the lire from the,forge to »'. nm
of the room, burning li<i!!-r. who
<•*• a •p«!iil'>r. . lifll «n ! Trr>m>
Wrr, and wiling fire In the build-
Inc. Tit* Ml wrr* tak- n to their
home*, whrr* they W»r» *lt<T. I- 1 by
• phyM'-l»n. while other men quick
ly e.itlngul*hed th"- nre In the build-
In*. T»>r flston head «•«» hollow.
II l» I- is.iv.-l and the fir* r'ii-r.it.-t
• *•■ or »l.»m. «hi. •am—ilt to
Murdered by Chicken Thief.
MMI >!■• I'.T March »,— li!alr |
Broil. the 11 y*ar • M aon of John
Hrott nf Camden. three mi!" from
this town,-waa »hot by a ihlrkrn
thief 'hn morning and will Ma, The
boy and bla father h-.n I a dlnturb
-uii * In the IMl*• " ' "'I ■•' l "tun
ed to lnv**tlgate. Toun« l»cott dl»
--. . fir I three mtil In thf art of pu(.
tin* ehlcliena In • t>a> Th I rr
tr*a" am] one of them ahi>t the i it
In th» a lid M
Marriage in Japan.
flhegetarn Marlkub" an!■!• <■!■!• »•• I
I Japaneee. lecturing before a .v m
I J*ranct»ro au"ll*m» ««i.l.
"r**w Japan**' remain Malta It
la th#lr nature •" marry. and they
ar* rareful In the ••!<■• il'n nf one
who to to be their partner for llf*.
iv.Mity. of r.,nr.r. la admired, but II
la not regarded •■ an element of
high quality or of goodne**.
Mil- it I* "i momtntou* event
jof lire, ami every rffort < . made t<»
j thwart ii union 1,., ii I ■ likely to
I prove unaucrenaffcl. Among the pre-
I llml"»r ••• nf an engagement I* an
•'»■ hnriK'- "f < nut lath ■ l.nur.n ih«
I par«>nta of •> • ntl i' tln« parll«a.
I which •onaUtai In ■■'"•• of nv»
--! barrel* of <• >>«• and flr* •;.■ ■ i.i of
i fluh. The brldo »h«ve« h»r r>«-l-rnm»
lan a Him thai h<>r heart In »n be (he
! property of her futuro hunhand f«r
--: ever. Kllcnre la nltpervMl at the mar
riaite feant. and nothing but the
j clinking of grtileta l.renkii th<- »lll).
jne«« for aomo time. Tho bride la nl-
Itlrnl In «vhltr. and porpl" l» |ir..hlh
} liori. being .'..■■ of a fnllnn
I i.wer and not reprewnllnK }><y und
| life. The rulw of absolute duhinl««lon
miiPt be observed r!nm>l>- by her.
"Dlvorre," anld Marlkubn, "l» fi>n
aldered by the Japan'fe •■. lie ill"
grareriil and deßraiilng. «»nre I 'nit -
cd. lni«!iiiii and wife *11l puffer n
great deal to pr»v«nl a disruption
of the bond* of matrliiony. Dlvom
\t* Ml4otn heard of In the lonntrv,
and generally nan >•••■« are happy
one*. Th» grounda on «»»>lrh « dla.
aotutlon may hi granted nre intii
the uniiie M lh« Ann-rl' mi law on
tha aubloct,"
Peck's Sun to Shine.
i,i. ..,,..-.... M. ]■„, i, nf
win. Mats, In golne lo enter tho
newapaper Trld ngnln. He will re
vive I ■<■• > Him .-in.l try to n, ik" 11
what It BUM « M. the nv.at Widaly
j , i,, ui.,i. -I humoroii* p.ipcr In i.-ii
jrountry. With him will 1., ataoclct- I
ed hit* two aona. and they will Imve
ofTlrea In the Milwaukee Kvenlng
• Wlarnnaln building. «a tiny htul l>f
f.ire the ■ iii ' MMd to Hhlne. When '■
Mr. Perk lieennie guvernnr hla ni>»».
l>»|wr suffered and a'mn fJli 'I h nn
tunil death, hut ho him BtrotiK h.i|im
Unit he will b» Hhle nRKIn t'> lnji< I
M intirh lift Into It M It lm<l In 111
palm] Say* and m ilti II hh lueoraa*
fill. For the l««t l«o «lnlcrn Mr.
Park hi been 'irnnmentlnir th* lec
ture I'lntform In the UV.t and the
Hciuth, and If 111" new fimmr. i-on
tulnx »* B')od ntorleit n* tlmxe lie telln
hi..mi hi rjpi'ileni <■» In Hi" Huuth
It will be Inlei cm IUX at taut i
tin m \i i i.b rtah.
Plunder Stores and Open •
Dank Acconnt.
i-i'ii -.in i r*MI • Marat M.-A
tilo of ii'HM, id.- ui'imi or wham i<
13, n ho hnve i*<-n rarrying on lh«
i»S»lrm»tli. ruhln-rr ..f th« dvpnrt.
mrnt "iiTn «fre rnumlril up by l»e
--tntlvea I'rrnllfJ Wi.n.t and DAtUra
yMteriUy. l^tat nljht the younn
• tera ■•-.... I in having •" •'■ o IVKI
wiitth rv article* «f \ irloim klinlr,
Mnd with lh« pwriltill of thr> rubbery
eaih b>»y had atartrd a bunk if.
,i to their •■■■• >■ they «!ol»
I,n 11. I. » "| got them < \•Si i in. .1 Till
caiih. They would then a'lend I'lf
in.hi \ ■ ii.itin • a gnuil 11 mi-," and
whnt w«« left they would put In III"
With nne of th» aevi-rul phiilnßra
phlo carneru which thry itaW ut
w.ii' mi •!.-r the imi.- n.bli.T 0 '.
nut Into JunltW "ti.-i «nd trmk n
i-i- in., of v. hi mi,ii>.-r« delivery
wag<m« I- f..t ■ turning th* ramera
lnt« i ii-h In the more.
Th» l«'t« »»ve their namra an
• ■I. tli i Mi.ii.-iuK, Jnmra Jtrkxm
and ' ;■■■■:•■ Mrade, ami v.■•»- were Rt
• •ll.' time ■ i. -ii.iv —i at VVnnamakrr**
ri,./.- aa ■-'. hoy*. M. .i-l. i« aald tv
h*v* iM-en the Irndor. The robber
lea ...t.i a apace of thre* montha.
Among the article* taken were •
ii inn i .r uf valuable i.m •»■ •<■*.
\ glaaawarr, allverware and apurtirf;
j artlcloa. Th. la<la have all (a »■ h■•'. I
f-ir trial. \
; United States a World Power, i
If the I 'nil. .1 Rtatea l« golnr In »><■'
» great »..ii.| poWM In the next cen
lur) «■>» llrnjainln Kldd In the At-
I Linn. . II wnuld •.■•■m <•• <••• almoat!
j Impoaalbl* tv conceive that ii will I— j
I able In eM-ap« the i-ff,-. i ..f ii- con- j
ii.ii with what irr really worll.
prlnctplea. and iii.-n- world prlnH-1
|.l.« will Involve very Important r»
latlonahl|>a to the world In the f.i
ture. The drat matter with whk-h It
| will undoubtedly b# concerned la Ih.
trade «f the world, i
It la not •-.••iii.- to ronretv* Ih" '
North Amerlran continent mi» nrcu-j
lii -I !■» prrhapa :••> ™»> <«•' |- "i ■!•■ In j
the near future, without cnn«ld»rln« I
id- ••■ M.tm.il,ii.'i aa having Ih hiii.t
them 1 world trade. H.«.. «..n«
•■>™ • I think that a miry may
have <n expnrl trade »itii.ui an lift- 1
I-r! trade. It la «i. eronnmlr law!
that even that la Impoaolbtf*. Wlrn t
we i rln look at Ihe wnrld nf tilt;
present day. It may be ••■en at i»tn«;
| that in.of of the devrtopmenta that [
' have a""H'- i»n In the ««i have '•• --n
ih-.»- whlrh ha*" taken plac* In in •
tempeml* reglnna. " W» •■( the m<>r*
vlgnrmta rare* hava been nccuplet
durlnir ih" i*«* century or two with |
cnlonlslni. apreadlni nuraelvea nver
and taming the temperate region* ••»
th* wnrld. That era. It wnutd aeem.
will not i i«i much longer; It la alow
ly but aur*ly coming i ■ a clow. In
a tiro* whlrh many of v* will llv*
to ae*. the American continent will
i-- aettled up; It la very nearly »•■••
is- 1 up atrvady. In th" agrllcultural I
•-•!•<• Tii. ne*t era nf evpanalon, ■
• hi. h •# uro n'moa* In ih« mH«i :
"t if th* crest era '■♦■-,-.* |
I «ii»i..ii manttfartnring *tpan»lnn— 1
an era of • »|ii •!■■•> which will in
■l.'ii.•.•!■•■ bring ihf t'ntted Ktalea
Into velir f■>■ -■ rrin! relation* Wl'll
the '.rmt\' of th" world. The p~.pl■•
nf the t'nttrd rttatea will b* drtve-i
In -.. w Ih" '» III* at nnaHble outbid*)
I markef fur their Industrial produe- >
Dong; thoy mui>t '••■ able tn buy raw j
matrrlal* In nutnldo markrt*: but *
they will have behind them, a* i!i-v ',
will . .■!-.- to reallxe morr and mor*:
etefirlr. • great hlptory. for they wilt j
be the leading ret>r«-#entat!ve* ftf!
very definite prlnclplep In th* deveN I
' opment of the world.
_____— i
Peculiar Arrest of an Army!
A peculiar roue cf tnlPtaken Iden- i
tlty i—l ihit-i.iv lo th* arrept oft
■I in.• « I. Miller, nf l<V».M«an. M" . •
who ha» been a ■!• *<■. ri. r from the i
army for fuur year*. During that j
time he baa been a rover In eighteen j
• !.iti«. and »«■ pucceanful In evad- j
I Ing officer* of the taw until laM ;
(night. wh«n he fell Into hi* ..on
1.1"( Monday Miller «M arrepted
• ■ii flraypon »tre«t by one of the Li- ■
' ral detective*, the officer l."lii-vinr :
Miller w*« wanti-d In HlaaMtrl for I
violating the Intrrnul revenue law*. !
No evidence i .ml I t>e adduced In the !
police court to ••il.«- >• 11 i'» the j
charge, and Miller, wh« at that time'
In I given ann"« "■•■■ I name, waa'
dl»mlp»«^l. . j
Ijipl BtUtl Miller ra-ne lo l|he Ten- |
I tral police pfjilnn and a««n4 la be
; «lvi ■>. ahfltrr for th» right;, f'apt. i
Cm MahT haii|»n-<1 to •*» In the
• ■..'|i ii «t the time Through force
\ of tn'iii. horn of *n »*!#«•'»•• kmo
[riaUon «ith rrtmtaaJ>\ M»hr b^aan ;
i rliwrlv* prrut;^l«lng TdttUt In nn en. '
deavor to d*l»rl It i»MiiM«nrt to ,
«.i..- one of the i.■ < . •■ nf facea In .
the rngii'*" tranrt'lf <a> «■> ».>me often- ;
tdrr of the law m'l\nm he hill known
In v»»r« r»«t.
No •xm-r 'il Miller 'i.l the
|«7va of the officer bent upitn him
h» i.-i- <r. In n«»H and nine toward
j fh» iliHir.
"Hold "n." Maher railed mil. "nny.
young m»n. why don't you Join Hi-
I army?"
"I dill l«etnng to the nrrnv once,"
■aid Mill**. "I ihould llki> to hi» In
It arts In."
"t>lil »"'>u serve your tlmf*" aiiked
fn'it. MnhiT, now tyvlns III" mnn
' qulfflcajly,
Mlllir h<-nlfatt'l. lonkeil hard igalnl
nl Malir-r. nnd th'-n told Of hiK iVur-r-
ItlOß. Mllli-r thmiKht h« n-imtnlxi-l \
in Maht-r n forfiwr ll«ut»fi«nl In hi«!
T . fin,, nl and firmly believing th«|
I Officer klltW of hlr pail ami wn»
only ii .i Inn him out, concluded to I
miiki. n < li'mii brfiipl.
t'ajit. Man - 'ml iii to Jail.-
Loulavllli ''"in.'i Journal,
Why Chinese Eat Rats.
The Liahnra (India) Tribune quol**]
n Chlnaninn'a explanation "f H"- u»»
•if .'« for food punmrn-* nn fol
|ow*j "What « carrot l« tn n horae^ij
coat ii rut In to human hnlr. With-!
cr fa'-l run M fxulilntil, hut t-vcry !
lint hi mull knows thai a ri'ulmi'ii of]
rarfotf v 111 maki* n uluil tmonth and I
loatrou* gg vHvt-t. ami tha (Thlnrae, I
eapaclully tha woman, know that i
mtp UMd M f I atop flic f.'illlnit (nit
<if hnlr ii ii make* tin- lock* toft)'
pllky anil 1..• n II i 111. ! Ii <.■ Man It
( tried nfany ii,' M."
1 . '
Startling Order Just
.- . -
TO A \\\\ YORK ('O.\(J!tE(;ATIO\
Phlladelphi* Clargiman Talk of
Following the lumplo
. Thus Sat.
I'lm.Mii.i-iil \ Marrh - Th
qUMtlon of whether women ahail or
•hall not take off their hata wtien at-1
II I,.111.1! divine aervlce „ the mii.J... t ;
Of ■■! -111. lahl,- ills. u>al.,li Jual now
amung the rhurch-gnlng ■ .immunity
111 till. city. It la of ,«|,,l|||| Inter
eat to Hi,- rlergynten, laymen and
uotnen who are attending the Ml Ii
odl»t i:|.i« ..(..it n.nr. t. ii. In Mann
yunk. at which aome clergymen re
[queued * number of young women
I to reniov* ttielr hata during ihe •'r-
I vlrea.
The hata wer« enormously Urg«
land the apeakera were obacurml
from the view of thoae anting be
hind thea« head covcrlnga of flow*
■i« anl .ithrr romblnatlona of lh»
iiilllln- i • art. Th»a* rvquxta w*r«
politely nm.lr and »»rc «« politely
1 «n.i ■■ »r »rl.»ii.!>- arr*d*<i to. No
murmur »f iliw.ni MM boaNL Hoi
Kir niKliirn change of i iiunl«mnr<
("il ll* own t« .• »n.l i-".Mi«>ri ■
dupprrurd iroim.. ;
Tii» Ihratrr manafri• have b**n
*imukMii« with Ih.- Hal •ti..n fat
wim lIM, but It r*maln*d %m In*
Cavalry Mnii<»ii»t i;|.i.«..|.,il rhurrh
of S. « York to tak« ilri|a|\r »l.|-a
an.l .1 I. r that all womrn "hull tall*
off Iholr h<tm « atl«-n<lln* illvm
«rvli*. J h<- •i'ir>ll.>ii Man ■!•-* l-l«-*l
j by Hi.- oftlclal board of that rburcb
i ■pp«l • la ll* own «all«fii
I fur with th<- ap|>roval of lt«v. It
j wiiii. I*. O'tH-11, il..- paMor, It tanunj
mil i-..»i.—i on Id* bulletin board In
j lln- . htlr. h vrvtlbul* thin notlr*:
: "All MIWM »nr«hu>iiic in Ihla
■ bun h urn r*<iu»l<»l to r*mov« ihrir
j h»a4-c»vrrlß*«."
DAKI.VSI. Marth Si. -HamiK-1
Hi. our! f..urt«-«n Mara «14. and
J»rk M>«*b*»n»jf. ■« vrar hta a»n|..r.
jar* not (At a*"-"1 lltlla »h.)» that
. ih'ir p«r*nii 'ami a< .juainlan. •■•
) ih<>u«ht Nearly lhr*« «»ki aco
j Hi. • ■ two ■■ h'^iltH.ya |*rt thrtr
[ hnmra, ami ennucti fact* u-rrr ilia-
I favored to ahnw- that Ihvlr auddvn
•lrpartiir<- «aa pr*mrttltal>Ht. Th»
j Uda w*r» of a romantic tarn of
; mind, and had bren wrtl t>r..ii«ht up.
Th» pollr* and Ih* Chlldrcn'a aorlrty
»«<■ notlflnd of the lad*' dtparturr,
I but war* unabl* t.i Irani anylhlnc
i until thia " '.rntnu. when a dlat>atrh
; from Woodland «tate»l thai MojCkai
: nvy i* In jail for atrallntr a ahotlrun.
; and Hawaii had mad* bia »>|«
j from Ih* . MMMMaV . "
; Thi> h«|.|>rn.d laat Hundar but th*
■mat » ■• Ml mad* till y*«t*rday,
| wbrn th* !«■>■• w»r* put off a fi*l»h»
I train at l>avl»\ll!# MrTh*an*r »■■
*ak< n bofMI the Juntle*. pl«ad<*<l
«ullty, and waa h«M to anawvr !«•
--' ft.- ih* auprrlnr ■ <><iri on a rhanrc
of burglary. Th* >>t*warl boy la
j »ui>tK»ed to be beating hi* way bark
j to ihn city.
1 TV two tail* after leaving home.
according to the Oavlavtll* ronata
j ble. atarted on a tour of crime, and
' when arrented were evidently |>r*>
! paring to arm themtelvr* for the
j purpoM of pelf-t-rntertliin. Home
i ammunition and provision* «rr«
j utolen from the farm of Charlea
'•iiftp. between Bacram«nlo an.
j !>avl*vllle. and they were beating
j their way toward Oakland on a.
I freight train when they were arreat
! cd. The Ht**wttrt boy got away from
ihr- conatable and hid,ln the wll- •
j lowa near the I'utah canal.
A Quarter Ton of Lion.
"What doe* a lion weigh?" Auk
I that nuaatluil of any acquaintance,!
I ami nee what he will nay Ttioa* j
! who know the look of tha king of j
i.i .lit* bent, and how final! hla lithe '
body really- I*, will probably come i
furthent from the truth. About 100 j
- to v.ii pound* la the inu.il e*tlmntc. !
Hut thin la below the mark. A |
full-grow n linn will tip the acalra at j
'no I- • • Hi in M pound*. Flf» him- j
ilrnl and forty pound* I* the record j
. fur an African lion. Ilia bone la aa !
: anlld and heavy >■ Ivory.
The ilifi-i runa f,he lion very clone.
'■ A llctigal tiger, klll.-il two year* ago,
!■>• an Kngll*h ullli cr. acitled r..'«i
pounds, A tiger of thl* nine him, j
however, . .npl'l'-rahly greater mv«- j
' i ular pti. iiHth than the Mffi il linn, i
■ X,» psopla know that n mlitly l«-ar j
i-an Klve point* to any other irn IV - j
•roll* In-art In point of atrt-nßth. A i
Krlxzly bear weighing Just four him >
i]r<-dwrlnht Illl" been HHl' ll' 'I enrry- '
(tiK t\ hflfvr of or* Ihnn Iwo-thlrdu i
Itn n«n Wright for two mllM up the j
moil :.'i •!■ ami rueged numntaln i
■ nlilr, mil thlt Without paualnf fur }
' oil,. In* tan I to rMt, I'll.' Xl I»T.I> bear |
la Hi.' |grg»il .'Hi.l PI'""I powerful of
; nil the in- " tribe, '"" hl> cotmln,
! 111. ' ll.llll'll '"'lll. run* him very
clime: ill.l the hill white I".I-II bear,
rthaupTti not i. all! «o dangerou* .i !
; i .i.iiii-i. I* rtpablt of performing !
' lha moat ■ ■xti.tniiiiM.il •• f. ■!» of
HiiiiiKlh. A :■■■!.!! I" ii lihm In it. |
Kfi'ii In rpoVI with hi« pa,* n bOUl*
ili'i- ,v iiii had with difficulty put
! in ...it ntl to Kuurd .i . .i. 1,, of '
I provlilonii
Cost of lrVr|a2in«»).
It neconvß* r-vt-ry year a more e«
--; pr-Hi*lvc ItiiHlru'M to linnt in bjnpnrl
i iit i.. i i. '. 11. .i i. Mid Mr. H.i in is nt l h
:at II" 1 l."ti'l"n Mail, nt tin- rfi'i-nt
| nnnunl meeting of the ha.l ■ I*. >I il •■?■■*
, <if in* ninipitny, thai It h.i.i i na| .in.
i hundred "i .mil iiniiar* to Intl..
I duel Hi" new llnrmnwnrth Much
tclm mill Kit out tin- firm four mini
flii'Mi. That" I ■ pretty good aum—
i 1100,000, and fuur number*, .even In
' .■ : ' ' * ! -
Iheawlflrat flight to mi I'm don'l
■ in v .i i. ■ 1..-1,. ■ mi very fur.
Vet thl* la übnut wlmt nny nn«
mum l» ■•.I to, |f hi ■ mild under
i-ik" tv fiiiiinl a new liiniilhly nr II
Vtckly, I'eople wh>> unclcrtak* !hr
ailvrnlurp Without kii'iHlnv wrll In
fornhanil what th<-y , >|.iii< „, n|it
tv make ll'. ■ niiNi,i|(.- at loalna
Unit mhtn Ihey haVM nrun.l mil,
wiih rwuonable rleverne«». thu cii>t
'' I lUI '111 a MlllKl. numtx-r. nnl
hs»i> in.i.i.. tiniii.ri.il (irovUlun fjr
pa) in*, iui ,i -urn it ill. require I
Inii-i i „!■'. ilin.iiKii i .. i i:iin tiTin, th<!
|.|.it Inl'in In it II i |>i>'.
I'Mitlni; mi much, 111. ... H't
inn. I, in.l .hi typeM-lllng. |irlnllnK.
l'H|..-r, t. i.-1 ■ ■.< , dlltribuUon and «•>
forth all ci much moral ">l* I* "
Cfiiiiimrallvply ... . num. It |pii»'( »
out ■■' . ill. i11,.1!,,i, Ihf CM! of »■• Ulli,;
your iiubllcatlon known; and lliut
la i • ih.ii>K Hi.- Urartu -' at all Ihr
pnihlcftiK, You ran iirudmr a *i*ar'»
i.uiiii.. i - (that lr>, twelve nttßlb*rf)
■if a vry good magailne. In rdltlnnn
Of pretty (ii.ml »if, fur imi.ihi'i ti
».'i """ llul there haa i.. hi ,■- mi., a
At 11,. larger of lh>r«e aurna, and <>t
ten innr*. «|i.-m by a -iiiki.- perlodl
cnl In ihr i ..til at of Mi i ■ in.hi I -
clmpty In advertlilng In other perl
ndlcala. Add 1., thla 111.- coat of < ir -
rulnra and regular and >i"'lil i.i
iii ■-<■, illxlrMiiili ■! for the moat part
through !h> mall, and MM what »
I' til rmull am the "n»t merely ».f
•riling ynur production
Th» ffroii k few year* ago to eon-
Jura with 11 familiar name and re
vive a periodical lone "ill-■•• defum't
la n.i1.l to h.i \ ■ • ..-I ■ ..< h of thra nr
four HHWlfl ii»i»-i« a (malt for
tune. Kvery penny of the large en
|."ti.lltui. « . i,t for naught, ami th«
attempt hail finally to d* abandoned.
i:«<".thfrr»p"mnn Jerry Hlmpaon
la writing ii book on Washington
Quern Margherlta, of Italy, apeaka
Herman with aa much fluency as ahe
doea her native tongue.
l«»r.i rUllibtiry nan had a • [.♦<!•!
liii )i I* I.mil for hi* own ii"- after a
.!".!« n eubmltted by hlmaWf.
Hln>" Rrnator Alllann became, •
widower, over II yrtn **■•. Ma
wtfe'a mother ha* been the manager
of hla li'itiiu-hoM.
Cant. C. Koth, who hal charge of
the eiwutlon of th» four I.lnrnln
raniiplratora In 1««*. la at present ■
railway po'tal clerk at Jackaon,
! Tli.- table of th. household of nu»
--; aril Hage la »al<l to be on* of the beat
1 furnl«h*d in New York, both an to
mr«l« and th« manner In which they
arc ••■r»i-1.
Th* preMdent of the Harvard Re
pubNcan Hub haa received a tele
rram from Oen. Mll<« accepting an
Invitation to addrena a atudrnta'
in.riinr: In Sander*' hall on March
Th« promotera of the Admiral ,
Ix>wey cold mine on I'U(t<-t sound
hare aenl a certificate for WOO aharea '
i.i "Mr*. 1>.».y." apparently Ignor
ant that the admiral has been a
widower for » year*.
•Peppermint"' Ti*<d. th». fuahlon
congrenaman from the Third Il«trlit
of Ml'htcan cot hla nickname be
r«u»' hr made a (arc* fortune by
the manufacture of peppermint ei
tract. He owna Urre fur tin where
on nothing but mint growa.
RP«iKA\r. March »-A rut off
from eight to ten mllea In length la
la be constructed on the Ore«t
Northern railway, changing the ap
proach of that line to th* Columbia
from the MM Work la anon <■• be
i ■larled by Koley Ilroa. * I,ar*>.n. lh»
contractor*, who harp been award
i-d th" rontrari (or the work. liana
• ill detail* are now being complet
ed by th* engineering department.
Th<- cut oft will atari from a point
nnr Qulncr atatl.m. and will iHrik
th* pr***nt main Una at a point
•everal mile* writ of Trinidad.
■Ml high bridge* arrnmi dry
coulee* will M avoided by the cut oft
ami a better grade will be given.
There la "aid to be conplderable rock
work In thai construction, and It will
1., l.v no mean* ■ cheap undertake
' Ing. The advantage '• In the avoid*
| inn-., of the ao-called dry coulee*
which In winter become raging tor
r. Nt and have a habit of sweeping
out bridge*. V*
,——_________ —
The Story of a Kiss.
! The Isindnn I'-illv Mall tell* thin
I pretty *tory of a kl*a *"M nt auc-
I tlon: a fanelnatlng fin. whoae name
| need not be mentioned, twin* mix-
I loll* to bpplpl ii certain charity In
I the province*, offered a klua to be
I put up at auction. The bidding «a»
I lirluk and had advanced In tin..
i leap* from t«" irulneaa to thirty.
j when without further parley the
! round ram of MM *«■ offered.
i There '■■'■■a- no hlfli. r bid the Mm
,la a aim In one of our line rciti
. ment", who came forward to meet
iho blimhlnr younir l.ily.
Hut to the surprise of nil present
was knot k. ,1 down by the mil ilniti-.-r
j the colon* 1! Introduced a dear little |
! fulrtniii ■ ■! boy. explained that It was ■
hli grandson's fifth birthday, Mid
'that ho hud acquired the kls« a* a]
: blrthilny Rift f..i him. WhertDpon :
| .Minn took tiM child In her urnu ;
! urn! dl«charf«l hfr dtbl vlth Intrr
!. «i Th. rhnrlly. a local one. In
j « hi' the l"i" I took I kr«-n in!, i
! Mt, wan th« !.''■■• by tIM for the
grnn<la<rii 111 ■MU whim.
inn the little bird " hKiff.-.i af
tfrwuril iii.ii at tho oolnnel'n .Htm. i
pal t v that tnkli' hr hail on alßu on
the mrlrt g. T."
Fire win dilCOVtnd In the Boston
: Clothing boom at '!"• corner of
j B«'ond nvi-nue anil I'ik.' street abmit
.•, >i o'clock l«»t nllht. Tin lit.
ruuKhl from -i gnu clove iik.-iI in
ii.-.iiihr ir.in« In the tailor id ... in
the rear ol ih.' store. The Ri ile
i'.illlii.-ii i extinguished thp bluxe be
fore ii fain urn. ii headway. The
ilumiiKe whs slight.
o ' ■»■
lin «I VH PI BI.I*HHR* i.iiil.'ii.l
it.ii tiilo p»i|"i v a in**) .iil»-i i i-iiu' ttifHhiun:
in i.i,.1 „i.i II It In. »■• «vi gtvfi --ir. i-i'.ii
< I',\T i..| nil l.ila of IMIIN I IM. 1,,,.,,,.|,i
in ...ir .Hi..- mi.ii In l|Hil 1. I'IUOTT A
I. i:\ iII I O.i 101 "ml »4.liii>i..n. Dei.
ki>ni i pivot r f
i ill m it 111., vi« «,.i Kaahii (i „ 11, v
IN Hi.H. lUttli Hiiililinii.
- ;

Recently Caught by
A Klondiker.
\ Niuftn mimu stoii
The Monttir Would Have Cautatf
Old Nick Hmiill to
"If any one requlr>» a daiih of .■«.
eltement I ran recommend lha n»b-
UiK of Alaska," am.) a returned
Klondike. •'! had 1,..,, fishing
above Hllka Wbaa "ii- day I fount!
myself near a ramp nf Indian*. A*
1 liit'l some game I divided with
tham, ami forthwith rt.m Invited la
m fea»t of their own provtdlnr. Wa
•at around a Ms wooden di«h. In
which ■»»« something that looked
Ilk* frog.' |r. X but froim no c'r»n-
Uc that I knew It waa »omethln«
«•!»*. It required MM course* to
•nit thin <!l»h. but buncer aivea a
man atamlna of a certain kind. M
1 shut my eyea anil l».-ic.iii the f<-a«t.
The article waa not no bad aa It ap
twared. It taated like crab, and
•om* of It had thp con*l*tency of
rubber rln*« which bablaa chew on
Al'..k.-Ui»i It >v not to b<- >t->(iino<! a
. ..ruhlnln* food with exercise.
'-'It was «■ a aiiidrr. »•> the natives
told me. it number of the >-uttli>fl*h.
family. A* they wer* (nine out on
th* following mornlna* to fl»h for
more I persuade them to tak* me
with them. W» drapped anchor In
the lee of a little point of rocka and
lii-rin fishing. It la a famous coun
try for fish and It was nothinc but
pull In for the natives, while I did
not have a bite. >
"My time waa romln«. however. I
had on a heavy elnker, ■» that every
time the boat lifted I felt a sharp
jerk, which deceived ma. Hut once,
when the boat rt»e on a bis; wave,
my line did not itlve. and I shouted
to the Indian* nest to me that I
wan (Ml He took the line, nave a
tremendous Jerk, and received one In
return; then. bractnjr himself back.
he 1- ran to pull and scream; then
•1! hand* screamed, and I under
stood that a sea spider had the Una
and also the bottom.' I expected ev
ery minute to •>•• the canoe go over,
•» the men went from aid* to aide,
ngw forcing the rait down »o that
th* water poured In. now lifting with
a infjrhty yell, then slackening oil n>
suddenly that they (Ml in a heap.
"One man armed hlmaetf with a
knife, while a companion held a
short-handled cane knife between his
teeth—movements suggestive, of th«
romlnut of an enemy Suddenly a
member of the crew n<-it<-<! a aharp
boat hook, whlrh. after another look,
he Jabbed Into the unknown an.l In
visible. In rxixinw a lunfr. (lender
tentarle shot Into th» air and form
ed a wlerd Interrogation point, then
II rraoped the pike, then thri-e mor*
appeared, rrerplnK Inolduouftlr over
Ih- e<ta:e of the ranoe at whlrh th«
natives struck wildly. some rhoutlr.g
to slack the line, others to haul In.
"In the mld»t of the confusion th«
sea spider concluded to come aboard.
Torn from the bottom. It had coma
up easily: then, "eWnir the canoe,
and possibly thlnklna; II a vantage
around. It icrasped It and slid over
the side, a mass of living, slimy, red
di*h-brokn snakes. When they rear
ed up I cnutd see rows of suckera.
each of which via a veritable air
pump, and as therv «v seemlncly
thouatnda of them, the sucking pow
er of this spider of the sea wan ap
parent. Illo«-« «ere aimed at It
whenever opportunity offered. but
the weird animal fairly slid over th«
rail, winding one. of Its arms around
an oar. II» head or body hung on
the rail—• brown mass the «'.»•• of a
man's head —from which gleamed
two greenl»h-yellow eyes. The ani
mal changed color like a rhamelon;
rushes of red, brown, and gray fol
lowed one another over It. while
from It* lower portion ooied a
stream of Ink which aplashed In our
(MM aa the tentaclea flew about. It
.., ,» fifteen mlnntea before they had
Ike life hammered out of the frlttht
ful creature, ami then It wa* a quei
tlnn ho had won.
"The canoe wan now half full of
water, an a hole had been knocked
In the aide, which *«• finally atop
pod with .i ii. I of nkln. It was fly»
I 111 If to camp, but 1 preferred walk-
Ins, am! M the men put me on
shore. I not to the camp In time to
meet them and see the wea spider
taken out. It had I apread of ne»r
]!y '. fret. mea«urlnn from the tip*
I of the. outitretched tentacles." •
| A Sequel to the Tragedy of
February 12th.
Nlcl MlMg brouarht milt at-alnst
'the administrator of Andrew \r,n*tt.
I In the «iii>»'rior rourt. to r*'C-.\fr th«
! itl. ■■• of 1...1T.1 and lodßlnfr alleired
[ to have n«-n furnlßlieil to the irtiiyer
\of hi» Hon. The evidence several
i llmew referred Indirectly to the,
traßcdy of February U. IWS, when
11, O. Ikillong wan killed by Andrew
Annnn, who orterwards committed
aulclde. Bollona aued to i.'ii.Tt
from 11. A. ]>.<'• admlnlitrator nt
Annnn'ii entate. the nun of ll50».«,f , . '
on .m ... .-..11111 for board dating li.i.-H
to N'..\. iiiL.-r It. IWt. The admin
iHintor at-t up in defence a counter
Claim for HIM, HlleKlnß that the
hou»e (xcuplej by the UollonK'a stood
upon tl.lo land*. In which Ann. had
a ilt Int. i. II
The Jury brought In a verdict for
11149.25 for Bolli
Cuatomir .i' -mi' counter) —
I llere'n .i ahlrt 1 bought of you th«
' ..Hi. i day. H'k too Htnnll for m«.
i tor* II trying to put It on.
Siilemnnn — That's 1.... bad, but
you've upollt'd It 10 vva r.in'i take It
back. I'll tell yon what you can .In,
thou.th. Go over to the .Ii hi: de
part incut and you can Ret a amall
bottle of .i nt i :.it l"i II crnta.—
Ch.c.,o Tribune,

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