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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, March 30, 1899, Image 2

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c,g,yam j cc.. ruiirtii* -
I»»»J «!lnnoiin BMMI lvii.l""
> « Vrtu IiTV. at »«.
.• | Hi •■-■•• Muiinsa
Cii ««n« !•♦! '•►•' •'• •■•«« I' «*•»,
:i Kith Null f*r BionUi ai-llTtr*«l
\r ••til»t«, •!»•)» la M"r«nir *>• '"•
f jatta
"r"lw>HorlM> ''I I'»" IQ
■ Ifl'rma •>.< no? ■ • liiii.i \>»ini«
--• i t.->fsl ■« thn |t-«ti'rtrf »l Seattle, « ••' Imk
'on si worn! ■»■!»>» matli *
In spit* of tit* l.iv* romm.s
■MM which I*o bet n employed by
the <><>>■»! iiinrnl 10 r<H>orl on Ih*
merit* of the two in.>»<•«! routes
for an lntt>r*oceanlc can*l, |II
wul.l «r#m that the aiUhorrMe* M*
as far from • decision aa ever l*n«.
It m >t.ttM that a number of \'nH*.|
flairs Senator* and represent*
;ioiv.i«» to miii the lalhmua to nee
for themselves what hat h**n •ii-r
--and what air the posalhllttlea for
the futur*. If thr«<- MMIM an.l
r ■prr«*nt»tt\r« wer« going at th»
•j-r-'im* "f (M g..v*fnm*nt or at
their own *»p*ns». thua evincing a
desire to b* full* Inform*'! on an ,
Important >uh)r.t before committing
the n«r*rnm>nt by !h*ir *otn. th*
pr | ■«. 1 ■ <;! wouM ■•' Itl lit !»•!«•
•nd probably productlra of treat
coo<t. Hut It MH that lh«r »r*
«.iinit aa th* i\i»«*» of th' Am»rl- ,
cunlirii Panama Canal company; MM
of th» partlf* >ilrrci!r lftt«r»«te<l In I
what*vcr action our national l»«>
Uton mar tak*; a company which
ha« kept a larr* and •xpvnotva lob.
bjr at Waahtnfton throuchout th*
lat» >ra»ton of concr«*a. It I* not
fair to th* prop!* of this eountrr
that auch a ]unk*t ahouM b« allow
»>r Moat of the avnatora anl rrprv
»*ntaiiv*a who to on thla trip h«v-»
no knowtada:* conrvrntnir th* rout*
■MM th* lathmua. MM that fum
lah*4 by r«v*rnn>*nt commlxlons.
which mar ** pr**um*4 to b* Im
partial and hon«at. Now tb«y pro
pot* to ro unl»r th* ru! I»nr# «n.l
at th* f»p»na» of an lntrr««t*4 com
rany. they will b« f*-1. cared for. ant
transported by U>l» company. Ihla
rofflpanr"* ait«n'» will furnUh th-m
th* Information th*r r*c*lv«. How.
*rer hon*at th* r»pr»»«ntatlv»a mar
b*. or may Intend to b«. tber^olli ,
Bnd It difficult thrr<-«ft«r to ]uit«'
fairly b*tw*cn* th* two roatta pro- |
po»»t. It may be. after all. that
th* Panama rout* <* th» mor* f*a»-
Ibl* and th* beat in every way. but
If that la ao.Ua claim* shauM be
ur«».l bonntlr and without prrjvi
dlr* Th* 9to»o*e<S trip, with Hi
accessories, Is tittle abort of J'.«
--t rarrful.
F«n without th* p««r* ro«f»r
enc« arran«*4 by th* Ciar or ItassM,
It if>mi that Mint ef the nations ar*
berlnnlnc t» r*alli* that a check j
roust b« (iv*n to th* International '
competlUon ■ as to who *hajl tp*rxl .
th* moat moner on th* army or
nary. In flr*at nrttain th* peopl*
ar* dubious rooccrnlna: the pr"(ram
of th* Admiralty, which provitvafor
a tare* lnfr«a*« In *xp*n4ltur*. ant
th«r»fore taxation; In Otrmanr th«
p*«p|* ha** voted acalnat the In
crease In th* army d**med neces
sary by the , Emperor, and *.>-*
Franc* ralaet a protest a«aln»t th!»
sort of expansion.
Distressing reports of starvation
come from certain provinces of Itu«
■la. hut somehow or other the coun
try manages to export a great deal
•f eraln.
Agulnatdo still threatens to Invade
»l«r.i,i within twenty days. Aguln
•ldo'a limited knowledge of the situ
ation I* one, of the,thing* that la
giving so much trouble.
A report come* from Republic
«'«' l that a (trike of » ten-Inch
streak of high grade ore ha* recently
been made< In the nhaft af th* Xl
Caliph mine. The shaft la linking
en .the well known -Morning niory
▼•la, where It run* Into the 1.l Ma
lipb. which bound* th* Mornln*
Glory on the east. The shaft I* 40
fret d*ep. The ttannd on the rlalm
I* In Z2S feet with about I*o feet la
run to catch therein. , , ; » ■
The Mabel mine of Republic I* ««!i1
to be doing well. There I* a ahafi on
th» property which I* SO feet deep.
The ledc* haa been stripped for
about 44 feet and at all places Is
about three fret w)d«. Borne r«-k re.
cently taken out wts mmv I at
about %*yx> p*r ton. A new shaft I*
being sunk and Is now about ten
feet d«ep- The iv»ri|> assays of
th« or* taken out Is 114 per ton
Work la about to *>»«ln on th* r>
P. and l'nl"n mines at Hepublk",
weal of th* flan Poll. ' Th* property
la owned by a Spokane corporation.
The Ban Jutn abaft, near neptib
!l<-. haa r«fh"l a, depth of M fe*t.
The led(« I* three and a half feet
w|4> and I* laid to be quit* rich.
The Jubilee tunnel, noear Itepub
llr. ban been extended M feet. It la
•■tlmat>»l that the tunnel will have
to b» driven ? fo feet before reaching
the ledre. It lies between the Morn-
Ire <"ilory and the Trilby mlnea.
Tbe Admlmr Dewey mine near
Tlepuhtle la producing aome fin* ore
from the n<w, sh&ft whlrh h»« re
cently been ntsrted. There In «on*»
Iron and it fine norlnkllH^ of peacock
copper. .
Th» Ttep«fMle Victory Mlnliwr -■•«
>nny ha« been recently orsanlx-<1 at
Ilepuhllc. Tho property of the new
•yn*lrnte eonf!«t» of th« Victory
and Ill*^p?n'(ent fractlnn*. Th*
•talma 11* aouth of lfl>4 Ink*, and
mii|ii','"K tit thq Mountiln Linn
ITnu^cotlnr work la bolntr 4oa*
*« the Porcuplno creek near Vmir.
B. C On th« Silver Lake jcrotip Ot
rlalma enough dtv\oumrint wruk
hn« i.. - n Am to nbtaln ■ erowfl
frrant. A alx-font !■> I — traverses
th- rlalm. which prnducea or? an
rr vltm from 114 to J4O |nr ton.
On ".•« l'«M I' I*. miß^. mar
Vmlr. 11. C, ov*r M feet of work
ha* been don*. Ore tuk.-n from this
rnln* aniMiya $?• 00 per tun.
MMM niaiir on ore takrn fi.tn
111.- lil.i <ir .in I.' Illlllr ll.'Hl lull him
IK itl i>»r lorn This iropnly ad
joins t)M l'"i' >i|'H ■ iiilik'
The av*rac* returns from th*
Northport smelter for th* shipment
of about 110 ton* of or* taken from
(hr |il«ckcock mine, amount to Ml
I'i-r ton. rUmple* ' ■"•■ from Ih*
fac« of th* work In different pUcea
assured from til to tUI |»r 1011.
So TK«t tho City's Boundary
Could Be Detcf mmod.
! 1 M.1.1 FOM, Or., Mar. JO.-J.
M. lirnllry. a well known cltlstn of
tMa place, was a>ke<l by the city au»
. thortllea to allow himself to ti* ar
' r«tt*d, and jby thus a:*ttln« Into
court, allow th» brlnstnf up r! th*
elty boundary matt*r for final s*l
tltment. Consequently this forenoon
h* went across the river to hi* home
1 and began to cut th* water pipes,
whereupon h* was pin-*,I unit" ar
rasta and th* case to I rat th* char
ter was b*cun. It Is of th* moat
Intense Interest la the p*«pl* of th*
community, and its it >«"'•• will be.
, watched by all the restitonta. Mr
llentley llvta In the portion of th*
town that Has l*ft out by th* new
|ih«rlrr, ami hit acts, therefor*, may
not com* under the authority of th*
city. Messrs. Carter and Haley, at
torneyt, employed aa special counsel
for thm action, at once cot out the
papers in a habeas corpus proceed
Inc. which will be broucht up at
one* In th* circuit court.
Th. Yukon Exhibit.
NOW TOItK. March -An Im
portant corporatloa has lust hern
orcanlted un Irr Canadian and New
York auspice* to exploit to th* world
at th* Parts exposition a perfect re
presentation of th* life an.l work in
th* Yukon territory. Including, all th*
phase* of mining, by men direct
from th* Klondike An rsart conn
' lerparl «ill be built, representing a
portion of ih» main atnet In I>aw.
son. Thrre •II t>* Indian »i::.«.»
doer MM tMreth*r with movlnc
Pictures, th* latter to be the result
of an entirely new machine which
Thomas A Kdla*in Is now construct.
Ins. Arrangements havr hern mad*
with th* Canadian Ilank of Com
merce to ha\* an exhibition of fire
million dollars' worth of cold dust
and nutlets. Th* exhibit will »■#
styled the Klondike Exhibition mm
pany, and Its agent. Th'«m»s Cra
nan. of l>(««m. will sail for l**ris
tomorrow. Prominent person* con
necte<] with the company ar* Thom
as Rdl*«n. Ell \War» of Chl.-a#n.
and th* Alaska Commercial com*
Roosevelt ■• i Ranchman.
•'W hfn Oov llnwH'll MM ranch -
in« way out «♦•« although »• »■»•
not «ov«rnnr then, of court*— tola
r»n<-h )oln»<l on to •am* of lh* |MM
hmlodi of thai dynamlt* French
nobleman. th» Marqul* ■«• Mor»»,
who had th* reputation of n*»»r b»
--n« .«ll.fl-l with Mijrthlnc but th'
Mood of »r.r>»n* who hai don* him
•n Injury. r»«l or lm»«tn«rr. or af
fronted him" »l<t a ••ttUman who
llv»l out In thai "-"untrr at th» Urn*
"On* d»r n<x>«#»»U r*<-»l»»«* • I"'
i»r from th» Mar>jul« by th» hand*
ot a roounl#«l m»»»#B«»r. Hi con«
l#ni» w*r* flvrr* and thr»atrntn«
and d*ntmnd*4 of RMMNII an ex
planation of hi* r«nduet In rrvard
Ito in-!tin« dl*«ont*nt amonc <-»rtaln
tmplojrci of Ihr Frenchman with th»
lnt*nt to ln«luc« 'h»m to «nt«r th«
•rot.. of u«««»»*it. which. th«
l«tt*r »ald. had b»*n r»pr»»»nt»d to
tb» writer on «<wl authority.
T»'!lr r*«d th« Utter. "No an
i..r *ald h* to th* m*««*Tir<-r. who
rod* away »urprt*»rl at th* appirrnt
j lndl(?»r»nc* of th* rn<lan«*r*d
ranchman. flu! n«o«*r»lt lmin».ll
l«t»ly inminlf«J hli horiw an.l ro.l» t»
th* !•« Mr" ranch, »rrlvln« Ihrr*
•■.on aft»r th* Fr»n<-hm»p.'« m*«»*n
t*r had r»ach»d horn* with hi* re
port of hl» »rrand • r*«ult. t">» Mo
rca, raatnf ot*r th* !»<•!!» of th«
American, wae n**«rl>»l*a« am»i*d
to h»«r Roo**r*ll announr*d. T»ddir
did n»t dillydally. H'.ldln« th« Ut
ter In hl» hand he tald:
•"A man wouldn't writ* a letter
•urh aa this units* he was looking
for something!'
•T>e More* stood *peechle«* for «
moment, then bowed politely and re
"'Ah! Tour explanation la all
rlcht and aatlnfactory. I am sure I
have been misinformed!"
"That ended the Interrlew and
Teddy remounted his horte and rode
home "
The Jury In the <••• of I.ouls T.ck
-rl vs. •Jlmmle" llolm»n. In Ju-Ire
Jacob's court, brought In ■ verdict
of MMM and battery lute yeaUr
day afternoon. Krkert It the Inter
bay farmer who waa rhar«e.| with
a deadly assault upon "Jlmmle" Itnl
man by shooting him In the hanl
with a rifle Th- verdict m.-»ri> that
th- Jury found Bekert had no lnt#n
tlon of MM 'he boy bodily harm
when h# flr*d th« »hot.
Lightning Kilted a Dog But
They Ware Not Hurt.
NABUVIM.R, 111.. March JO.—
D«rl>m » heavy thmnleratorKn yea
terrtey IlKktnlnr Hrwck the houae <if
rclrr Ixan, a f»rmw llvln« In Ik*
south part el !!>■■ romity.
1 The current (W«rm* <<i the ro4
eoaa'aetor on the outalrte of the
houao, entered I lower window In a
room where two children were aleep.
Inn In b*d no* I <•■ «nn llatplM
on the floor. The animal was In
aUntly kllle<i. 'I"'"' chlMren 414 not
receive the «ll«ht»«t «h .. k an<i th«
carpet *••" only worcheil where the
t\-T, lay.
I h ■■ liKlitnlnit imiwf>'l out over th*
•■mi roniluctor by il'H It (MM
_ . ... —o ■ ■——
That the Ttuntler Orocery |« the
rhefincn place '" buy trot* fl—,
310 Columbia, between Third and
i ■. ... . „ 'l';,/.n h Uiln tit
Causa of H«r Death May Re
main a Mystery.
I. ANNA.< CITY, Ma., .March M.-
Th* mystsry of th* Irian ibouli »l
Anna Mudrr. pi C*ntropolln, who
h«« been lost line* December I.' has
been solved. The iiiminrr of her ill"
app*&ranca will probably ntver b»
known. Her dead body ««« found
by Qimh Btltls and Mm lin Mump,
h»ir-liiibnlii»j In thtoulrk aanda ul
th* Missouri river. \\ In ili.r she
|piii>.-1 Into tht »atrr» of tha HIM
ilirr of h*r own accord or whether
ah* waa nmr<lri» I anil thrown In la
iirjrtm I I hi* moat aatula ■li-iei-tivf i,i
■Irirrmlnr. Thar* la no doubt that
i hrr body h«a brcn In th* water a
lone tint*, and th* undertaker says
probably •Into Ul* nlfbt of I>*c*m*
i bar IT, *»h»n th* «»ru»<- I h*ra*lf
from a company In th« parlor of her
faih<*r** hum* in Cantropolla ami left
tha houa* without hat or wrap.
> -r ■ir..-# Itlitt MM ••/Kin Kritl
MiiJrr haa ip«nl hi* tlma and his
. ii. Miry iaarchlni tot his mlaalnc
■lauahltr Kvtiy i>>»»lbl* theory of
her diaappearant* waa followed
withovi r*autt. T»»# Blur river, only
on* hundred yard* from th* Mu<l*r
horn*, waa dra|K*d •• a poMlMa
reatlnf |<la«* for iht body, but Ay
namlt* and rann. r\ *ll«-«l to brlnr
II to <h« curia" A we«k a«o Hatur
day two persona driving acraaa the
wacon krld|« at In* Itlu* notlrcd
what i»»n><-l In b« • body rtoallns
uti.l. r inn* driftwood. They follow*
wt it down stream until they ram* la
a party of fishermen near In* point
where lha lUu* flaws Into th* Mlaa
ourt river.
Th* body remained In mklatrram,
appearlns and dlsapp*arlna*. ■■> thai
It waa followe<l with dlffleulty. H-
for* th* nshrrmen realised It In*
body rushed out past the point and
«a» In in* Mlsourl river.
Insane Man Outwit* the Hos
pital Authorities.
i:.I.rNT"WN, fa.. March ».—
Rktll as a sketrh artlai enabled N.
Hplllberc ts r«i|<4 from the atat*
h^t'ital for lh» ln».r.» at Norria
town, to which Institution hr waa
sent aom* time a«« from Allentown.
after haMna" b«*n r () n*i< ir.l in th*
benign county court of attempted
felonious assault. RplUber* imuHd
Ih* attendant* at th* hospital by his
clever pencil sketch**. on on* or
al' n nolli-lna ih* key to his room
in Ih* handa of the k**per, be ««k • I
him to bald II ami. aa he want** !■>
n>ake a aketeh of it - It* seemed to
t>- particularly careful In rnaklna
ih* *k*l^li. and It waa a faithful re
production. Uke majiy other In
matea, Bptllb«rc has ha I occasional
Tlaiton, and on* mornlnc h* •*•
ml««-1, It la prttty certain that h
found m*ans of »«ndlna ">' ■■•-''
af the key I' friends, and that the
Utter had a key faahlnnr I after It
In metal. anl while vt»ltln« him
•urrv«4«4 In bandlnf him ■!)• key.
rr LOUIR. M". March ».-Harrr
ttoidman «ra» »ho« In th» *y nlna
y»ar» a«<v Th* bull*! •>•" eitratM
tail •♦•*. from hi* «h««i
If th* bullet had n«t.b«*n the<ke<l
In IM downward i^urt* It would
probably hay* r»ar|i»J « »n»l »pol
and cani*d hla death.
In IIM <loiJm»n. who ••• then
I* yeara (44. w«» in charr* -if th«
lun It counter In • r»«t*urant In Ft
Worth. T*l. On* •v»nin« he waa
behind the counter, att»i> to hla
dnUe*. when » (rt«n4 of hi*, » rail
road man. entered In an ini-»»l>•»!»• l
rnndltton. BourUhlnt » M-callber
revolver, and. Uanlnc or»r the coun
ter. «r««l ■ shot In Ooldman'a face.
Th» bull*! enter** In* Inner cor
ner of Goldman's left eye. lie fell
to the floor and wmi unconaclaus for
three »#•«» ' i
When >en*lblltty returned he e«
peiienrcd iitfflrulty In awallowinar.
Th» aurt««na bad probed In vain tot
the liut'.et. ' •
lie vraduallr re<OTerft from th*
'•nmcdlatt eff«et«, but sometime af
terward an ab»ce»»' f»rnvd In hla
throat, lie wti tr«-«l*<J for thl« with- ,
out •• , ram* balnc made apparent. I
Durina th» nine years which haa
paaaed ha baa had five alueiMli,
each one lower down In hl» chest
than the precedln* one.
He went to a *«or« of hospltala, !
but the bullet waa n«vtr found an.l
the rause of the abs«eitea remained
a myit*ry.
A few weeks av<i Oaldman ram* tn
Bt. Loula. Shortly after Ma arrival
an eittrnal abscess farmed.
Ooldman had before lhl» come to
believe that th* bullit was causln«
all the trouble,-but th« doctors all
scoffM at'the Idea that th» bull»«
which enured at hit eye could be
settlnK up abscesses In his . h>-«t.
Two we«ks aao "loldmsn went to
*)t. Mary'a Inßrmary. Some atten
tion ■»• paid to his accusations
asalnst th* bullet there. An opera
tlon waa decided on. II «»« ■•*■
formed a. week a«o.« The bullet was
found In hla rl«ht breast, fully a foot
from where It entered.
Th- peregrinations of the bullet
were eipl»lned when It was t»k*n
out. It flattened out In coming In
rontart with a bane and a point had
been formed almost as fine aa that
of a needle. ,
The bullet had traveled throna-h.
the flesh precisely as needles have
often been known to do.
To Tell n Diamond
There are three ways In which an
amateur ran tell whether or not
a diamond l« real. Fir* boll the
mono la boractc a«-lil I* (weaerve the
polish on t*e surface of th* stoi»».
Heat th« Jewel In a **• flam, and
dip It In cold water whiu hot. It II
la a dlamend It will Stan* ll» te«t
dip It In cold water while hot. If It
a crystal. It will shatter aji'l crunible
Into little hall*.
Tnkn a cup of water (a black cup.
ifutta percha or any dark stone cup
, la bent) and drop two atones Into
the water, the one a dlaaiond, or a
mipi.i.><>il diamond, and the other
which Is known 10** ordinary crys.
tnl. The diamond, If ft true one. will
shine a clear white through the wa
i.i and will be clearly visible, while
tin- other atnne will lil*n'l with Ihi
.i.i In such a way a* to be al
most Imperceptible In tha water.
Take a surface of etrl»«a cloth or
paper— rrrt anrt white *lrl|>*a ar* th»
lu-iii in.l i-ii-« ■ I.' i i.in. (luwly over
Die Mirfi..- if 11. oalari nhow
throuvh i'<' il 'M< It la cryttal. A
■llninitnd ■ ill nut almw lli<> VarltttM
of rotor, but in look -iln» annin i.vn 1
tha red la nvar the white ■11 v •■«.
<T ruurae th*»n l. la are m .'. fur
til i i.ii i There nre numerou* tnttj
liy ■lnii.lr.il>' mini* u»e of liy expert
Idlatn ilostlrm, but th*a« rould
. not b« iifn-ii by arty one not an ex
pert on the aulijml.
Wat a Falso Report.
otale depurtment haa received ad
ti. from llunduraa aayinK that no
Americana had ■..-. in i.-. .1 .iii.l ii.
on* waii Ill'l .1 Illi- I A report hna
rearhml thia rountry that avven
Amerlran* had been arrealed In that
< 'Hinti
"JIM ii md.. Kan b
M—Raont altark* al th* mlnlitera
of Ihlarlty on gambler*, progreanlva
euchr* partle*. violation* at L«nl*n
rule* and kindred •>; -ut <•« agalnat
church rule*, haa timught about a
demand for an apolngy from Ih* pul>
pit. Two weeka •■■> the Itev. J. T.
n'N'eal. pattor of Ih* Wall atreet M.
E. church, referred to Frank Kogle'i
bowling ullry aa a "dive." Mr. !*■•
- («i» look exreptlon* and wrot* to th*
mlnlaler a warm letter. In whlrh h*
'■aid that If Mr O'Neal did not re
lr«. 1 hla remarka aa openly aa hr
ha.l made them, he would whip him
on . . ■■• Mr. O'Neal nut railed to
<*r«>»« I'lnlna, Illpley rounly, by th* I
Illne** of hi* mother, and he had no
opportunity to make th* correction
I la*t Bui»d»y.^.AXeß If hr tn •ir.-l
| l^iat niaht Foul* reiterated hla d*
termination to carry out hla threat
if In* a|>--|.-ir> wa* nut forthcoming.
The matter baa become nolaed about I
and much feetlnc I* ahown. Rev*ral '
pemona r(|i..., I th* belief that if
Foci* aaaaulted the minuter It
would not I- well for th* aaaallant. :
(.-•lira which II would reault In ev
ery lalnon being cloaed during un
lawful hour*. Mr. O'Neal refuse* to
-lla< ii" th* probabilities Th* trnu.
Me originated over Fogle permitting
two bowling • lul>a to practice over
Ma alley, on Sunday.
rinUAPRMMUA. l-a . March M
—lUlph Oettlnc, a brlsht II Jim
old lad of Leeehbum. la mad* of the
•luff out of «h|. h hero** are fath
loned. ll* proved thla verr r..nilu
•lwly when at th* rink of hla own
, Uf* he anatrhrd • IHtl» rhlld from
Ih* We«t l>nnaylvanU railroad
j trafka )>■•■ In tlm* to m* It from
j •"■ln* 'Tu»h» I beneath th* whe«la of j
an «r|ir .»rhln« frelcht train.
1 Th* Incident, which baa won for ;
th* bray* lad much well-merited
pralte. occurred Juat on th* edc* of
KlaklmlnMaa lowa Tounc Oettln« '
»•» |*aa|t, a alone the track and had
noted that a heavy frelaht train
«v romlnc toward him. bound for
nollvar with a ahlpment of ■••••d» for
th* l'rnni)li>ii!» railroad. ll* waa
about to Ml from th* track whll*
; th* train paaaed when hr aaw, a
j ahort dletanr* In front of him, a
I baby (.laylna- »tth l.si. of ballaat
which It had leathered from between
th« tlea. -
I nettlna* ran f .rm «r I to a-et the lit
! tle one out of ■•■«• •' for It ■• ' evi
dently not readied that II waa In
'Idler Takln* Into cnnetderatlon
the difference In the rate "f locomo
| tion the lad aaw that It would re>
> t il!pr- every effort on hla part to
r»a<-h the rhlld befnr* the train did.
t The latter *•■ a double-headed and
on takinii every advantage ,t th»
level Rrade to make up time and at
the time wa* runnlnr M about «"
, mttea an hour. it la mM by trainmen
who were on It.
Oettlna* ran aa he had probablr
never run In hla life before to cover
• th* Intervcnln* hundred j-.wl«. ll*
reached th* child and. picking It up.
threw It with all hla atrenstth Into
the ditch he*tde th" rnal. The train
waa by thl« time alm.i»t Hi them,
and th* enclneer In th* cab ■ f ih*
front locomotive wai unabl* to
check the "I '■•■I deaplte hla "iv"!
effort to di> ao. The boy had turned
Id run from between the rail*, but in
; hla attempt tripped and fell In
. what aeemed a frightfully abort dl»
--ta- from the train, lie gathered
hlmnelf up. however, and fell again,
hut off th« roadway, and there lay
ga»plng for breath, while the It. In
mated paal him with n roar, v, h. n
| It had |„,»"1 •••■ took Dp the lial>y
In hla arm» and carried i! to the
nearby haMi. where Ita parent*
John McDonald Must Stand
Trial on the Charge.
r>U.l.\.-- Tex.. March Sn.—Tho
aherlff of Auatln County laal ninht
arrestrd Capl John McDonald. for
two yearn .i nnldcnl of thnt county,
on a. warrant charglnt; him with a
murder committed In Him I'atrlclo
county 4" year* ngn. Capl UcDooald
iterured hl« rclrane on « writ of hn
heaa corpua aflir hla arrrit for the
killing ol Jim M'.trt In !••'.'• Hi
- bond ".I" flxeii at IMCO. H« dlMp>
peared from iii w.ia toon loal
• Ight of In Hi, ■al between tho
■tad mil wn« not fully Identified
until yeaterdny a* III* man wnnted
under the old Indictment.
A Tiny Bicycle.
A watchmaker ii Hi I York li l|
mud" the nmnlU-nt Mcycle In tl\«
world lie ' ■"'!• t«o yenr« on thn
Job, anil. nltlviiiKli there I" M ii ui'.
for remuneration. In might ple.m
ed with the outcome. The liny
wheel linn all the attarhmrnta f>f nil
nrdln in blcyel*, him a lamp that
j will »h"Mi u«ht mi the accuitomad
brad and would. If aom lirownH
cnulil from iii- fnlry World 1>" tempi
ed up i ■ iii' It, "iin nl>out a lea
tnhle nt ft hummlnn Knit. It Itandl
nno inch In liflKht. haw wlwols one
Inch In ill mi. Li . With regular I'll' 'I ■
inn ll'- ItlbMi "i"l iportg n rcnl (ptini
for a « mIiIIc. The criinkn ore thri'e
elehtha of an ii" ii lone, hill i ii"
trenl In only one-fourth. Tin entlro
mnchlne. mn h«- depoallod In M i" ■ 'i
age atnmp cnae, and wi'lgha leu
than mi ounc*.
A Romantic Story Comes ,
From Pennsylvania. , ,
riTTunnna, r».. m.., »o.—For
livr long hour* yrtli'iilny a middle. ,
aged ..■.num. who bore every mink ,
«( ■ rr-. rnily Arrive l Immigrant, ».ii
"ii on* „f the \v.m,,|.-ii ii.-in'hi « ii, the ,
I'niiiii rial). .ii htr . > M glued to ih«
awlnglnK door* a* Hi. frunt entrunr* ,
••f 111* waiting room.
Til* woman* html wan a* !«•-■• v- ,
(IfUl M that if a ttatu* nf I Mann, ,
but bat fac* »n» i «ri"l ■!• •■[■ with i
wrinkle* of car* and «orrow.
l.'vfi/ lime th« pwlriKliiK teen <
w*r» i.ii»lir.i oprn. ihi drew hrraelt i
l'Htwttu> and h*r 'talk in« lit up ■
with on txprt'ilon ••> Intena* ••»
pectatlnn, tut each time ah« "link i
back Inertly ana the light faded i
from her ey*i. ,
without knowinr l< -ii- -hv.j t..-. \ ■
conja • center of attraction, liven |,
pnraon* who hurried through, thai)
waiting room. If the happened la ,
romt within their vi«lon. wer* i
(truck by th* woman* far*. ,
At la»! a <„|f,r«il man. whoa* duty i
It la to k*«p th* floor of th* waiting
room frrr from wait* imtKT and j
banana »fcln». atepp*d In front of th* ,
•■•mm and U«nln« on hi« broom. ,
••krd with a friendly *mll*. What ,
■if you uilitnn for, madam?" i
Th* woman look*4 up with tear* i
■l|at«nlnt In her »>• * ami ahook h«r .
h.-».l. :
A (rntl*man whn haM *ltnraa»'l ,
th* ac*n* approaehad and aiMrraa. ,
*d th* woman In Orrman. <
"I am waning far my hu>ban-I." ,
ah* r*pll*d Co th* Qu<**tion, "and M i
win n»v*r com*—l f**l »." With ,
that th* t»ar» cour»«d down tier ,
furrowed rh»*ka In a contlnunu* ,
MM* Farther queatlonlna* ellrlt- ,
ed th* fallowing farta; .
llrr nam* In Anno Marl* Ilium. ,
holt and *h* oil born and rala».l In i
a mil* \llUir> In th* Uavarlan Alt'* .
wher* h«r father »a a w*ll-to-do ,
dairy farmer. In 1«:« ■*<• waa *•• .
rretly married to tot iw">n<l Ml of i
a n«l«hb«rlnc farmer, to whom ahr |
had been encaged for over a yea*. ,
Th* father of th* clrl waa bitterly •
oppoivd to th* MM, !■■- «v». as ;
■rmn • ion. rounir Bu«»nh.H waa a* ,
poor a* a l,lr»l man. arrordln« to ,
th* lnh»rilanr* law of th« rauntrr, i
!v>ay» a-oln( to th» *1 -l«-»i IM on th* ,
fathtr** dtath. i
Th» m..rnln« »fl»r th» marHar* of ,
th« two youn« people th* *ldeat aon
was found i)'*"! at lh» bottom of a
rotkr hum Y'iun* Hu«»nholi pro
rlalmed till lnnor«nc». but rould llvn
no »at!"?a<-tT)» account of hla im r>
whtrtatiout* on th* afternoon and
evtntn* of the day twfor* th* «up- |
poaod mur-trr. Ai a matter at fact
Ih* had taken hla »»e«theart to a '
town mim thirty mll»a distant from '
th* rlllac* and ma.rrte-1 h»r there. '
M n'ha and y»ar» paa»»d. but An
r.a reeel*ed no word from her hu»
band. I<on« at« »h» had told her '
fath«r of her marrla»» and he had
forclven her. N"b.-t» In the Yll1a«* '
bvllertd any l<.n»»r that her hua- '
t.inl had killed hl» brother.
Had h* returned b* would ha»*
b*«n r»<-»l»»d with open arm* far all
th* t»o»-!e. Ann* tot **»eral ©ffer«
of m«rri»«». but a»i» r»fu» d all her
•ultori with lha word". "I "hall re- i
main tru» to my huahand. »■» *>*
dead or ally*."
Thr»* month* «r» Ann* r«*«ved
a l»H»r from America «««n.-d by »«u- ,
t»nho|i In II ha Ml' that he had '
•*tt!fJ In rittaburg. He gay* hla i
«l Ml •■ fountain «tre»t. and aald i
that he ilmplr wrot* to aaeertaln If ,
Anna HI •1111 allr* »nd unmarried. ,
Ilia wtf» -" U t» back that »h* would
com* to him if be wanted her.
To into »b# received th* 1-1 If that '
li* would m«l h»r at the rm.m ata
lion In I'lltibtirc If ah« would tele- ,
graph her arrival from New York. ,
Ho Anna packed up her belonirtnga .
and mi aall for America. From New
I York aaveral (Ml ago ahe tela
graph*! Ilugenholt. Hut •>>• did not I
nni him. Th» people living at th* | >
«.1lr»«a n«v«r bearl of »ny on* hy ,
(li- name of Ilugeahnla. Mo Aana, (
•ad and aorrowful. went to a lodg- ,
In* houte. and ta atltl aeeklr.g tar her ,
■ml In thli city.
A petition !« before the city coun- i
ell. elgned '•» ovar 10" r«>»ld*nt« of I
l*r—iont. a«kln« for th« condrmna- ■
lion of a Ira' of land on the «hor*» i
iof t*k# n..n, fur park par(imm. '
Th» land desired run» from th*
I boulevard back lo the first street on
I the hltl, and U bounded on the,
(north by the n. F. Pi Eldorado »d
--[dlttof! \n<\ on the toulh by Hunter 1*
i I 111108
Attorn»y Oharlea ■ !!• nip.or« Is
very mil' Interested In Ihr outcome
of tho scheme. »ml mM io « "tar re
porter lhl« morning "If "i* '">•
does nnt take hol«l of mm* of th«
land around Lake Union and ponvort
It Into a city nark. It will only b» a
few j-eara until th* shores are nil
occupied by manufacturer*. anJ
I,ak« Vnlon will be n cw>«pool. With
n park on ih- shorea It will be tlia
duty "f the city Ho !*'■■■'• un ill*.
'lakes' appearance. atombort of th*
city council Inspected ">■• property
thoroughly about six weeks »«■"• ani
In spesklnit with City Knrclneer
Thonif-- " th« other ■'"' he toM "'*
; thai It would '"• belter for "■■■ ely
!to buy the land now at It! PMca,
HOW, than tn t.alt ■>'»'' pay a '» ''V
1 price I !'■ ' on."
i "The condemned Und would com*
' directly at the end of the proposed
I,nke Washington canal, and a ii!<-f>
park would Improve the appearance
Brcnlly. Th« Seattle Traction com
' puny la Improving the boulevard.
nd have promlied to expend HIM "
An Abandoned Maine Bird
Tried by Court Martial.
When Private ■:■■,■ Smith, of
jCompany I* Klr»t Main* volunteers.
' went to Auguntn Inft July to lie
' muaternl Into th« i»rvl of tho
Utlltfd Ktitti he took .il-mir n ynunß
crow. 'iii-- crow m hnrdly two
I nuinthß "''l a> 'he time. n. ■ iui \.
Nrratdy bird, with a *ri»t dMlra to
in.ivertlae hlm»elf, and in unrnn
! tnilliihle fon<lne»« for Klonllnit braai
j button*. lines, mid »llv»i .money
Aeeordltll tn a time-honored custom
iin Main*, tlx i '■"■< wb« named Jim.
I For Hwm or i"> he wan rnlled "ilr>«r
.Inn or Vaailcy Jim," 01 "dandy
Jim." | l| Tin: to the wny hl» c0n
..... i lmpr«'«Hed the eoldh'r who ad
(1re»»»d him. Later, when hli ilul
tonoui and thievish propen»ltli>n had
become prominent, hit Christian
name was made the centerrle.ee of
varloua profane worda, whlrh at
trinjitf-d to cunvey th» runttmiit In
which In* ■• riii" .ii held him. Aft'-r
bitlne In Camp Powera twn wi»irk».
Private Mn.Hii wur lulu » down U'llM
BMMtaj, arii) tvna Kent tv U*# h"*
pltal, whrreup'in Jlin, Inr<[ tmm nil
mnral rcmralnt, puraui>>l hln vtolOUl
courao »'. i 1,. 111»I r 1.. 11 •! . IhNt nwH]P
• very man In Ihe ■> rini'-iif had I
heavy I.ill of damimea aKolnat Hinltli
hy Ihv lime he hail rwiivered.
"I ciui't pay ii. lHiy«," he mild, f
he |....k I over the lon* Hat f>f ar
tlcl«a wblrk «he crow had alolrn.
"Wllat'a rnnre. I wouldn't \>av if I
cnuld. Catch Jim 111 clve him a
military trial, and If you find him
a-utlty, ahoot him."
The next day Jim wad tried 1)/
court martial, /ciund guilty ■■■ every
county, and centcne*"! to be ahot
In ih»- preiwnre of the reariment.
•11,. v i , MM Ml» wlii«« to hla ald n>.
hauled a Kinvf mi lii» h< ■■• I <<>
Win.ir. 11 him. and 11. -I I, » feet to
the. head of a cracker i"«i !■; « hi. h
• » placed twenty nxia d"wn the
Ili-I'l. Juit aa the detail *M march-
Inn out to ahoot him llilnii.lli i (MB*
eral Si■*> ..ml, «»u...i for a. half
hour'a delay, «ayln*t that the gov-
ii.., Intended to Krant a pardon. A
few inlnulea later the pardon arrlv.
Ed, and Jim »•• taken bark la camp
In triumph and corsed with hardtack
and in.,!«•••-» until he waa too heavy
t.i fly.
Private Km ih waa ••ill weak from
the »rvi (• or in"-*"!" when hla r»
rlment «ra« ordered <■■ ChlckimauKa,
no he iM Iriinafrici to ■■ company
of llcht artillery and a*nt to Fort
Popllam. near the mouth of the K*n
tu<hy river Whl'e atatloned here
Jim became »« Immeraed In the de
light* of rlntn <li«kliik Hi»! he f irc'.t
to uti-al. In December, when thi
company nap ordered to Havann.l'l,
its . Jim went alone, and l»l»»n
that time anil February, wh*n ih
mm were aent to Havana. hi« alo'n
enough to make up for ten y«-ara nt
rtghteoua I. h»v|.ir In Cuba h« atuli
« (old watch belonging lo a *ta!f
'■rrii-i-r. and «*■ (hot «ik! badly ]
wounded In the «ld» while Irylnic to
ic-t away with hi* plunder. Kv.-rv
'. Iv admlttnl that Ik* in: l»l.m»ni I
M |ti>l. but. aa II had not 1.-n
admlnl«»r*d In <lv» military form.
Jim waa placed In a ras* and put
to board with a rnlnr<»t family until
h* rero»»r»»l. lJit» In K"tbruary lh«
mrmbfra of th* llchl artll«-ry eotn
l.finy were ill»< h«rr<-il and •■■nt homo.
Knowlnt* Ihr depth of depravity
• huh Jim could .ll«H«> upon illshl
provocation. Hmlth refund to take
hi* crow hark i» Main, anil an •!,»
colored family had becom* attarhel
to lh«« bird, we very cladly Uft him |
with them.
Amelia Carlaon has b#»un mit In
the Superior court for a divorce from
her hunband Charle* A ratln'.n.
whom ah» rlwrim with cruel treat
ment. On MMtl tlmea durlnc her
nineteen yeara of married life »he j
aliecra h« ha« put her to *ham« be
fore her three children, by accualnit
her of wrontdotnc and catling !»-r
mm. Bhe asks the court In grant
ing th* illvnrre. In decree thai b«r
hti»t>»nd contributed to th» tujiport
.f the children.
Contests Will Civ* New Life
to All Harness Racing.
CHICAGO. Mar ».—One of th.
surest signs of the revival In trot*
tine and pa in*, which promlaea to
make the *e*aon of It** one of th«
moat eventful In harnef»-turf hl»
--lory, may b« found In the rich
prlie* hung up for free-for-all mil
lion ram. Track offtclala at N-»
York. t»ul*vllle. an 1 Dubuque have
already declared their Intention I I
offer IV" puraea for entire hnmcii.
The I'rovldrnce lit I) anaorlatlon
la conalderlnit • almllar proposition,
and It la almost • certainty that It
mill be made a prominent feature
of the (rand circuit meeting In that
illy An the seaaon advance*, an I
the value of thru. race* from a cat".
money standpoint I* demonatratetl,
other aipwlatlona will fall In I.n».
»nd the stallion fur-all will I.*
-come a leading event nn all the biff*
track*. It la a revival of a branch
of the (port that has been unwloely
neglected of late year*, to the finan
cial lo*» of track*, and the detriment
of the l-reat breeding Interests of
the country- Ha renuixitatlon aril]
be of Incalculable benefit to every
body lntere»ted In h«r*e» — owner*,
breeder*, race manager*, and •!■■->
--latnr*. We have had no vpeclal
atalllon race* of Importance fir.. .
IRtJ, when the Canadian hnrie, Al
vln (I 11). the pon of llrjihril- «.*n
the star of his claji* and r't away
with nearly all the first money*. In
cluding the rich 110,000 |.rl«c hint
up at <?rand Ilapld*. Today there
■re a doien or more h"r*e* In tit*
fr.-.- fur nil dlvUlon Hi i! could dl«
--tance Alvln under any condition*
and the cont«»t» promise la be pr >•
ductlve of fast mark*, and !:n-l,
game racing.
New* haa been received In th«
city of the untimely death of J. V.
linn-. || Jr.. at Columbua, C, which
Hal caiißrd by falling out of I tour
•tory window. La*t Mitimer Mr.
H.if»-11 rralded In thl* city for HV<
eral month*, stopping at tin- ill" r
club. 11. ii..i I- ninny fri.-ii 1». He
left here In April to accept the jh.»l-
Don of chief clerk of the nnvol >(i
--lion it Key Waal, but later went to]
Cuba a* i>ayma«l«"r'a clerk on the
l'nlte-3 Bute* *tcamer Wllmlnßton.
We Fill Your
Cup of Value.
SOME only say so.
WE always do so.
The most complete stock of
Business and Dress Suits
In the State of Washington to be found here. All
cuts and fabrics. Every new pattern for BUSI-
$10, $12.50, $1:1.50, $15. $10.50. $18, $25.
Strongest Top Coot. Hou»o in the Stote.
800-SO2 First Avc, Cor. Columbia.
: ■ -■ _
- '9 - .
Till. t ARMER Sells
Wheat— good
* wheat, when he
inn i, despite existing
prices; dry goods mer
chants do the same.
Our new More, <»>•
dered and promised
ready by 4PRIL the
I'l is—well, you can
see the building; it ad
joins our present loca
tion, and just at present
consists of three walls,
part of a Moor and a
I cover hardly worth call
ing a roof, since the sun
•shines through the crev
ices. Counters, windows
and shelves are as tttv
away as the poles are
And this is the :.<Mh
of March!
We ordered go«xls in»
January for our addi
tion—last week we paid
freight charges on forty
tons at new merchan
By Actual Count
At 3:30 p. m. Wednesday
there were on our file?, two
hundred and .sixty invoices
for goods now on the ay
from .New York City. .More
than double that number
have already been checked
shelf in groaning beneath
piles upon piles of «o<hls.
The basement is full al
ready, and still they're
pouring in upon us.
You can now see our po
sition. The only way out
of the dilemma is to sell the
ptods quickly. Please un
derstand this is NOT an ex
cuse to .sell goods cheap—
we have been selling goods
cheap lor the past ten years
and never found it neces*
vary to apologize fordoing
it either; To cut prices and
sell cheap appears to us a
sensible a method as we
know of. What do YOU
think of it ?
Once More
The farmer sells wheat,
good wheat, hen lie must.
despite existing prices. So
do dry Kooits merchants.
It begins Monday.
BPOKA.VE, March 30.—< A mysttry
that fii'iim no nearer solution than
when It happened last Saturday
i:Tk!i!. In taking the attention of th«
police ilrj .ir!tii> nt.
About 10.30 o'clock on thatjnla-ht,
RUI ■'. h:j'i>ie. i switchman working
In the Northern Pacific yard*. waa
running a airing of cabooses down
the vide ir.uk near the eanhops at
the east end of the yard*. Above
th» rumble ■■'• the » hvi i« he thought
that he li. .\r 1 tnmt one calling for
hill', but ha put It down for Imag
ination until the rani mm to a
atan<l*tni and hi- at< i ;■• I to~*tho
xround. Th- ri he heard distinctly the
voice of a man pcrhapa 100 yards
away in thi- '!arkni-n«.
"Murder, murder." shrieked the
I stranger in the pc I "tin
The switchman waited for ■ m.i
ment, but beard nothln* more. Call
inK to his partner. Ous Downing, ha
mounted an engine that « ,i« close at
hand, and the lwo switchmen rode
down through tin* >.irj« In the di
rection whence the found had com*.
A man was runnliiK away towards
the east across the hills nt that point
l>ut althotiKh they ncarched carefully
for a pnaiUble victim, the quoat w.i»
wini'ii'..> Is poaltlve that the volca
wan callinß murder, and that fact,
tnitpther with ih" npclr.g figure that
«a* seen going .iv. TiM liillk, clvea
color to the ballet ' 'I .1 foul play If
not nrcympllshed was at least In
[ten I

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