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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, April 03, 1899, Image 2

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li, mv« a.r..>it*tet.
tit * *fiers.H*a exeepl Bumliy.
t. U. MRUS. 1 ft. r. fllAßt,
i pit..* i iii tin** vUM.nga
Due cent per copyi >l» .•ems !*"» w»*k,
el t*enl»flv* cent, per meiilh ilctl.ered
It isinet.. alsat- la a.li.itiie bo free
~~T orsJ**- PlU* ISO __
noire* *ia Hot • • Third .......
Intend sill pn.ti>mr**t Seattle. Ws.hlllg
lon. s. second-els*. tusH**.
I'M''■•;. IVary evidently ha* a
soft snap, Judging from the dis
patches from Washington. Hi haSj
for nearly nine yean been drawing!
full pay from the government, while |
engaged m private Arctic ejtplors* ;■
Hon*, and In writing higb I- ■ I ar- j
tides tor magailnes and newspapers, j
other naval Sea.-. have been obllg* I
c.l to etlentl IS business on the high ;
leas and cam their salaries, but
l-cary. with a pull In th. Navy d*.
partno-nt. has had no irksome r.m
tine to endure.
J As in.- net result of all efforts
made by Peary In Co Arctic up '•
Ihe present time, (*** know lhal Ihere
sre tons upon tons of Ice In th*
northern part of lirrrnland. IVary
mskts no serious atlentpta to reach
Ihe Pole, bul engage* Is north
bound travel for the notoriety an!
the magnum- pay that cornea from
such work.
As alarming rumor romes from
New Turk SS th* effect that l-*m«
Fashion is considering the Introduc-
Hon of the Filipino *tv|e of head
gear among American ladles as a
spring novelty. . __
Just what the rlltpino ladies'
scheme of crania. ornamentation
may be. we are not fully informed.
but. Judging from the pictures of
summer costumes worn in itc Phll-
Ipplnr*. It is safe to assume that Ihe
American Imitation tor tv-eer
would cODitit merely of a pin feath
er and a post,*. stamp.
One of th* yellow journal* In New
Tork ha* been Investigating la lies
toed by school children In the pub
lic school*, and trace* moil of them
to By* reasons: II) To defend them
selves from punishment; ill To con
ceal something thee are ashamed of;
11) To amax* or amuse their play
males. (I) For pure BBSS, of the un
real; (51 To protect a Mm
As many of these children are per
mitted to read the yellow pel- of
the metropolis, it is not to be wond
ered at that they develop slang the
lines of No*. J. 3. and «.
- eas-ae*-— »»——_»_s—s*
Th* great . movement. It rather
rush, of th* time toward trusts sug
gests th* cautionary signal which
tto country merchant hoisted In hla'
window on on* occasion: "To trait!
Is to bust, no trust, no bast."
Th* American Hard Huhber com
pany baa Increased th* pries of 111
product 7 per cent. Thus sr* "ex
pen*** cut down" sod th* consume
greatly benefited.
It Is said that Aguinaldo may re
move his capital. That would not
be bard to do, as his capital seem*
to be wherever his hat 1* off.
If Spain will keep her eyes on Ihe
Philippines, she will **— how it la
Fat women always like to have
their picture* taken In miniature.
If you want to mak* a man happy
encourage him In the belief that he
can cook.
The tip-tilted hat Is the standby
of the woman whoa* hair doe* not
curl naturally.
There la no woman so ugly lhat
there hs* sot been some man who
considered her beautiful.
A rhlnestone liars and two roses
are called a bonnet. The bill for th*
same Is called all sort a of names by
the nun who has to pay Ist it
Th* poverty luncheon Is the latest
form of social entertaining. It I*
supposed to have originated with a!
hostess who let her dressmaker* bill]
run up so hlj,h thst she had nothing
left for the florist and nothing much
for the caterer.
Fgg pudding—Heat four egg* thor
oughly, add four tables-p-srinfula of
flour and stir until smooth, add a
pinch of salt, then slowly add one
pint of milk- Heat thoroughly and
turn Into a well l.utter.-d dish and
bake 20 minutes. Bass**- with a iaur*i
made of butter and sugar, beaten to
s cream and flavored with vanlla.
The rattle of cupi and aauceraand
the sound of laughter and talk met
my ears aa I was ushered Into th*
drawing room (ft my cousin, Mrs.
I>arr*ll Bruce, one afternoon early
in November.
I had not seen her for nearly six
year*, then she was Helen Graves,
and now, after many weary day*
and night. I had come back to my
native place.
I wondered dimly If Mil. would
recognize me; true, she saps. lme
some day soon, but I have changed.
Ms sooner had I entered the door,
before even Hi stately butler could
announce me, Helena gay* a little
cry of "Deri!" and rushed p.-ilm- II
into my arms.
Helena brought her husband, with
whom 1 used to have pitched battle*
occasionally, to me and told him that
I waa her own 'bur cousin.
TlruCß shook my band heartily.
Then out of the twilight then stnlti
a Blender figure In widow's weeds,
and ft sad. sweet, voice, sold;
"And do you remember me?"
Did I remember her? O, 10-1* . ns,
do I remember my*.-ir, my trouble),
my fighting wllh relentless fate In
th" hop* that my title strength
might perhaps prevent th* turning
of th* wheels of life? Do I remem
ber the endless pacing on my floor
night after night, or the dityg spent
|In seeking to target In pleasure and
"You .in* Mrs. I .udiunion," I said.
She held nut her hand lid 1 look
It In llns once inure. I felt Ihnt
fate, Indiifnllable fate, bad once morn
scire, me In 111 men 11.-* grasp.
Afler my cousin had ascerlalnel
that i Intended Haying with tor fur
a week nr I wo, the Hilled away to
attend to her other guests, some nf
whom sen staying in the bouse,
and others who wer* merely caller*.
Sirs, i.tt.iinctott leaned back In her
chair and looked it me steadily. She
di I not look happier or younger
than when I saw her tail.
"Then I am frightful . Indeed."
And I laughed aloud at Ih* Idea.
"No," ihe laid. In a curluuily «iul*t
lone, "llandiume would be 100 weak
ia word to use In dearrlblnt you, I
should call you a hero, a martyr, a
{matchmaker, Cyrano d* lt*rg*rae.
;Chevalier Hayard. snd oh, atmv* all.
i|he destroyer of your own happiness
'and mine'"
j I looked ..! her In nmaiemeiit.
[Had trouble turned her brain ' Per
i hapa she » i. laughlnt ail nt". or did
[she really it. an It?
I "Tour Uitctittins were tooJ." she
I continued, ami her volco gr»w bitter,
"but there I* a certain place ...... I
i With rood Intention. I hue i .
• i doubt you thought you were doing
I[me * hind action. Tou wer*. Indeed.
; only Inalead of leading ma to whsr*
I Ihe roses would ll*. you pushed me
j further among the stone*. Ah. you
men. you Kiorioua rasasiS man,
how little you know, when alt li
told, of woman and woman'! nature'
When s girl laughs and talk! wl'h
, a man yoalonce Jump at l'l" con
clusion lhal sh* I* in love Silk blin.
Il never occur* to you lhal It I* tho
quiet on*, the man who thought he
|..ve,| her B» much that he wa* Hi-
Ing to 411 her Up to Insure her "*"
piness, thai »h* loved."
Her vole* rang loud and clear
. through the desert.-d room.
I r..*e h*aiil_y *»4 stood in front
".ZX'6if. 'si.'*'must know all. but who
fluid her? Nol he. sure!v. and not
">!adge." sal I. unconsciously
using the old nam*, "what do you
"I am st caking St the man who
deliberately save up the girl who
loved him ■»>>■! who thought he loved
her. to anoiher. and that a brut*,
who made her life a at- for four
Was Hit* woman Ihe girl I knew
long as*.' Th" girl ***** whom t
Hood on the old wooden '-ridge and
toil her a* the *un'e last gleams
shone on her bronss hair and lit up
her pal* face, that I was going
away to war, sad might never re
turn again?
Th* light* grew dimmer and dim
mer In the room, an l Here In the!
hour she told m* her story. How
she loved me and only m* fr" th*
beginning. II". *h* had laughed
and flirted with Oodfrey t.ullngt..n
because »he thought I SnaS indiffer
cat to her. and only married him st
laat because I had tone away and
he grew perttitenl.
And lh*n. mrt," ih* nrsed.
I "when Oeattrej was dying he con
fessed all. that hi had pleaded and
begged of you U» tans*' regiment*
with htm. and Sat! of a night of mis*
cry. out of your great b>v* for me.
you eerssented to do so Bert. I tot
ed my husband st that moment, dy
ing though he was After he died
I wandered th* wide world over In
search of pear*, and found It sot.
Then I cam* horn* asain. snd
I "And now—" I said.
•And now- ' I salt
You ar* safe." *h* replied.
"And you* holding her hands so
that eh* could not hid* her face.
"I am happy In the .bought that
you were nd eaten by the cannibal*,
'married to a squaw, kilted by wild
animals, .r c.ptur-1 by saves**.
"Ilut, tnstea... I have , .me home.
Ilk* a Christian, to marry the beat
girl in a" (h* world and live and
die happy ever after. Kb. -avdger
—Wavcrly Massiln*.
The smaSh of Starch was a busy
one for lit** fire department. II re
sponded to twenty-ons , ..lis One
death occurred, that of Engineer
flrabon. who was killed by the over
turning of ' toet reel on March t
Th* moil destructive fire was the
cumins- of Macre.l Heart church on
math and Hell streets Th« Kiss
by fir* th* past m.-nth Is estl
matid at 111.800. th' heaviest
... being on th- catholic church,
which was worth 111.000. The de
partment received severil esils on
Lake Union which resulted from In
cendlirlsm. ,
' Kx-Presldent Harrison Is a great
!newspaper reader It* subwrlbe* to
I at leaat on* paper of every leading
city of the country.
I Only three of the ** chairmen of
committee* have retired with this
s..««l»n of congress. These are: W.
V. Allen, forest reservation*: A I"
rjorman, private land, and He-urge
Oray, Ilevolutlonary claims.
it. .1 lent Harrison will leave
! for Paris on Slsy 17. and after argu
ing the Veii'-iuelan case before th*
board of arbitration, will give some
months to travel through Fur op*
and lb* Holy I—nd.
Por year* members of Ih* cabinet
have had "It porlralta of themselves
p.lintel, at a cost lo Ihe government
of from IMO .... tie left a*
roll.* In the departments. Becreiary
Wilson refused to ii|i|.rove the cus
tomary expenditure, but finally mm
promised on a crsyon portrait, ivlti-h
coat I" fr.irri. and all.
An odd memorial I" proposed for
Willi Btai It I" * life-waving
station bearing the novelist's name
to lie established on the west coast
of • otlutid
The lain Joseph Stedltl. of the Chi
cago Tribune, sn one of th* wealth
iest editors this country h»s ever
I known. Ten years ago the annual
earnings of the paper were IJ7S.OOU
a year; now Ihey are 1100,000.
"The Commodore," as given at
the Third avenue theater will be on*
of ihe best scenic plays staged In
this city for a long lime. The drama
is bubbling over wllh patriotic Ma
That th* Hustler 'irocery I* the
cheapest placs to buy groceries,
810 Columbia, between Third and
I Fourth. 'Phono Main ill.
A. 0. Hewitt Tells of the Pol*
sorting of Samuel Perm.
.-nild.i.-i.ri.i 0 April «.—Al
len O. Hewitt, ***** ii prominent at
lorrtev. dle.l at tit. Subtler*' homa
today. the confess.''! murderer of I'
l'*nn, onolher young ' rney.
Home year* Baft I'eitu wa* mysterl*
• ui'iv poia.-ne.i. a large quantity sll
strychnin* having h«on plsred lit
medlcln* io. was taking
Hen lit was presumably hi* friend,
101 111 seemi hi /Isut mined la linn
der him, .I'd happ«aed Int.. th* of*
lice et th* doctor ]un is h* wna pre
paring wmi, io. d|, ins fnr l'enn. In
wlii. li. nliil* Ih* doctor was anient,
Hewitt place | th* poison. The mur
der) its* always been on* of ih*
deepest till slel it s of the county,
li, nut became a wreck In body snd
mind from remorse lot bit crime,
and finally died Si the home.
Th* Seattle HeneVoletil Borlety,
ha* been Incorporated for Ihe pur*
pn*e nf preaching th* B*s*t**l of Jesus
Chrlal to the poor, providing lodg*
I Ing and good meals, free medicines:
, and employment. The trust,-,, are
lloser V. Green. Alessn.l. li* BetoJ
Krank I), Mack. Alexander liecrs.
Amoa O. ii . j..-:' John W. Cowan
! and Course (1 llrlgtil.
fT JOHI.PII. M" April S. Trail- j
el dogs have been robbing the hen'
rooita on a wholesale leal In this
city for several ***** Th* closist
vlgUsnre tailed to prevent th. dep-j
reilallons. AI first It was supposed
that negro** wire making th. dep-J
relation, but the police were I,aril."!
In their attempts to capture the guil
ty parties.
A peculiarity of Ik) robberies thst
puiiie-l the pill* was th' number of
dead fowl often found near the coopsi
but that mystery wa* explained this!
morning, when Jam** is man, who!
»rs sroused by * not** In th* hen!
house, discovered two big bla, V, dogij
scampering away, each wllh a chirk:
In Its mouth.
It IB th* opinion of the police that
the animal* have been ran ■ I to:
rob th* roosts and that they carry
Ihe plunder It) their master,. who
wait near by. If It happen* thai th*
dog ha* killed th* fowl la '■'" work
th* trainer throwa It sway,
A Daring Robbery.
HAN FIIA.VCI.B.-. .. April S. —On*
of Ih* bold-it and most daring rob
beries In (he annals «' Ban Fran
cisco wss committed Httur lay In
front of Wells Fargo A Co.'s express
office, on Second street, when a sac*
containing txtt* In gold coin was
stolen from th* seat of sn express
wagon belonging '» Joseph N. 11.
Waters, while th* latter ass gag
ed in conversation by a "'rang.
Waters was carrying the coin from
th* Analn.California bank to Ih* ex
press Batata for shipment. Th* per
•on who accosted IVsleis asked him
th* location of th* Grand hotel Wa
tera was tying hi* horse at th* time.
but gsv* th* desired Information.
On turning again to his wscon he
■aw that lb* money hsd bees taken.
Waters has been engaged In carry
ing th* cola of th* Anglo-Callfornlx
and other lass** banking concern* for
more than »> yean, and no lusplclon
attach.* lo him.
■' " '
f*r*HANT>iN. t"a . A'.ll S—Six
men, with handkerchief* tied over
their faces, enured the power hois
of th* Carbondal* Tr* I los com
pany at I a. m. today, struck one
man senseless with * revolver, over
powered Ih* engineer and fired at
the the night clerg. William I*. firo
kemhlre, wounding him In Ihs an
kle. Then the atols a cash box con
taining ISO. Ily thla Urn* a number
of conductor* and motormen had be*
in* arouse! and op*ned Br* on the
burglars and scared them away.
At I so o'clock six men boaided Ihe
freight train of Conductor Huberts
In Carbondal*. climbed Inlo a box
car and Intimidated the conductor
with a revolver They were not dis
turbed until Aral* Summit, fourteen
miles above Carbondsle waa reach
ed. There tha train stopped snd the
conductor Informed William I^srh,
a hoteikseper. and J M. V'all*i of
what had occurred.
ies-ieh, an old sportsman, armed
himself with a repeating rifle and
starts! for th* train Th* burglars
saw him coming and fired st him.
at th* same time scrambling from
th* car lasts it-tun, the Are.
(in* burglar was shot through the
brain and Instantly killed, „ second
was wounded In the back and right
lung and a third was shot through
the arm. Th* others go! away.
The Tate of a Hunter.
MUfIRAT, Ky.. April S—While 8.
Dent wai engaged In 'tilting up a
large Ires he had failed Saturday
moon near th* M*r»hsl county
lln*. h» discovered In a cyst In lb*
tree n I'd 'if bones, whlrh were taken
to town and pronounced tn >*• hu
man bon»l by a phyilclnn.
portion* of a skull and hip lmn*a
' are very distinct. Old record show
lhat in IMS or 1170 * parly of coon
' hunter* start out one dark night lo
hunt the animals, snd on* of their
number, Itardnian by nam*, mys
teriously disappeared. II " i" be
lieved thai Hardmsn was drowned,
but It 1* Mi* believed lhat i* had
"lre*d" a coon and tli'-n l 111 it* '!■
' to get hi* gam* and waa suddenly
1 overcome and "ink Into Ihe Ml ray-
Ity In Ihe tree and was there gulto*
Murderer Confessed.
IHiHTi Iff, April 3— I**lll P, Can
field, charged with the killing of bis
wife. Mr* 'it.o I Dane) Canftald, Fri
day night, was arraigned this morn
The sensational feature of tho
preliminary hearing v\u* the con
fession from the aged man's own
lips, when asked to answer to the
'It art* of murder of his wife on
U'overley street. North Ilrlghtnn,
Friday night, between 1:30 _ i »
.o'clock. The altitude ut the man
had I.e. .me nf I'""' '"' Iho
mono-tit ho was brought lot,. 111.
diurlriKim and placed In Ihe ''tub
prisoner* dock.
When his nam* was tailed Hi* de
fendant rciiuiined sealed Inside 111.
high railing of lot prisoners' thick.
Tit* clerk ar*ln repealed In «ten*
torus' limes, "r.-llx P. CanncLl.'
| Hut «tl!l Ihere wa* no response frytn
ihe pen, and Ihen Clerk Kennedy jn
• trutleil ('..nil. id lo Btatul up. Till*
h» did. rasllng llll'. i glanrea nbjul
Iho i...,'u tut Ihe second time.
When the reading of the complaint
had been finished Ih* prisoner heed
el not the «urry of the clerk, for li*
remained In the |>n*lilon whtidi he
I hid assumed a few minutes tiefur*.
It v a* Ihen, however, thai he mils
tried ButTli i' nt sirenclh and self-
I s.l "ti lo i il-" hla chin In hli
hands end, i- I'll..- absently a! Hie
clerk, io mumble ronirihliig which
scscely any of ihe spectators under
»i.'..d Hut t1,.,...- few word* were
raugh! by those nearby, and tiny I
were, "Il Is to! I did kill her!"
Robbed a Sluico Dot.
IIOMBIH'IHI. Or.. April 3,-lt 111
thought that the Ihlrf who robbed
one "f ,1 i. Middle's sluice boxes
nl lha Cracker Jack mini s ■ few day*
ago, secured from I' •" lo lion. A
.-s.-i.il -i»i. nf whal remained tn i 1... '
box yielded ITS. Only a few days .
before there waa a p.nil;.l clr«ti-U|i ,
of th. mini of fJHM, and Hits had Ihe
jrffeet of reducing Ihe Bpolla of lha
mid' . lit Ihlef. who ciulle likely has I
helped bint., if In iii* yellow metal I
at varloit* limes during the past i
season ,
Missing Ctrl Found.
l-.t1.T1. v. I' April S— Alice Cam- i
1.. II Hi. tl-year-old girl who ran .
away from her home on ih* Can*
yon mad Wednesday nlghl. waa ar
r, .ted hy iMtertlv* Welner on Ih*
H.mt .*•!!» ye. 1.-r toy and I* bow •!•■•'
! t,..i,-I at Ih* clly Jail. When uueß-j1
I Honed I.* the "'*lJ^oo, *c. '__.
| having seen James Aiken, of lon* J
loan. »'•' whom she waa said to '
have eloped. *lnce Wednrsdsy. andj'
declared lhal sh* lefl horn* *ol«ly||
because h*r parent* 111-lreaied her. '
!No Irsre of Aiken baa been found. ,'
Ho Was 77 Years Old and Was '
Convicted of Fraud. ,
l_\%X*Ac*Tlt!l. Pa.. April t—K- K.
Smith, age T7., ot Columbia, form- j
erly heal of the banking firm of K. i
K. Month * Co.. died last evening In '
th* Kailem .lentlary. I*hlladel- '
phis, where he was serving a term
of two years for embeixlemenl. Ilia '
firm failed In April. !»»!. and nearly j
Xi Indictments were found against '
him. He went In Ih* f*e nllentlary In
IStT. Had he survived In. senlence
other Indlclmenia would have been
pressed, aa rpini of hi* creditors
ronildrred him Insufficiently punish
ed, i
H Cabman Accused.
VI IV YOIIK. April I—Driven st '
a furious pace, I nt! daahed up '
llroadwsy Isle last night, followed
by s curious crowd, which waa at
tracted by the cries of I woman
within. "Ponce! Murder!" she
shrieked, but her male companion
held her fast. Finally a policeman
• topped th* team and the man and
woman were arre*t*4. They were
Mis. f,r*r* Wallace, twenty-three,
of itllaburg. and Edward nnynor.
th* owner of the r*b. Sites Wallace
accused Clamor of robbing her of
MX. flsynnr said Ihe woman had '
ridden aboul the city In hi* cab an I
thee rcfti»**t lo fiav the fare. ll*
was holding her while his coachman
drove to t police station, he " "'l
The Death Penalty.
Imprlaonmenl for life I* no effect*
He substitute for Ihe death pen* (
ally. Aa Or. Francis Wayland point
ed out In a moel convincing paper
at Baraloga In I all. al Auburn state
prison for So years prior to !««*. of
111 persona commlllrd til,'! 111 were
pardnnesl. over half, having served
an average sentence of »lx years and
six moatbi Of Ihe 211 life -■ stem *
from lilt lo IKS. over .it year*, up lo
Ills, only m hnd died In prison. OS*
Sixth served a 111 sentenre. All thS
rest escaped It In various ways-by
transfer, by escape or by pardon. In
M.i.s.i bus-'t-s one-half nf the life
prisoners sre psrdoned. Out of it
life sentences In Connecticut, from
1»M lo ISM. *l were pardoned Bfter .
visa an average of nine yea-s
and four months, eight died in prla*
on an I only ten were serving their
sentence In IMS.
..■ --' ' •
Rear Admiral Carpenter Sui
cides While Demented.
in'**T*'N. April 3.—ltear-Admlral
C. C, Carpenter, «ho for the last
si. weeks has been an Initials of th"
Adams nervine asylum, committed
suicide yesterday In this city. At
the earnest 'i'" -i of the relatives,
Ihs details have been withheld, nl- j
though It Is known that he "hot j
himself In the head.
Admiral Carpenler b .d a brilliant |
wnr record, but mis retired from
active service years ngo. For th*
last year or *•• he has suffered sev
erely from nervous disorders, and It
was only a short time after he w.is
retired from service when he ami
placed In an asylum
The schedule of th" summer ex- ;
cursions of it" I'lielflc Coast rllenin
ship company* il*sm*n t" Aiii«ki,
hna been Issued. The firs! excur
sion sleamer to iv* for ill" north I
will he the t'oltnge Pity, sailing Miy
to, Hhe will alternate with the)
City of TOP. Until the .lose of
lite season, the Inst tourist trip lie-|
Ing ttind* August 21. The excursion
rout" will Include OltCltr hay, Ilka,
and the popular Alaskan icenlc
Janitor Was Arrested
MOSCOW, Idaho, April 3.—Janitor
Thomna I , i nil, of I In- Hliss.ll school
who Is accused of mistreating pupils
during Ihe school dlltli nil) of Feb
ruary I. vvns pIACSd tinder arrest
here yesterdny, having resigned hi*
position nn the tiny prey Inns. ■
___———„— s*'(- —
While l>r. Alberl *sf*|feorrrßt I* In
New York, his dent*, " '.ii tl< ,■ will be
alti .I'd i" by Albaf-n Smith, den
lists, liootii in, suliirt,!, in,,, k.
IIM'LE sirs
Examination of the
m SERVICE IV I hi: .km.
Molt of the Enllitid M*S Sspraii
• Hap* lb.l Th*y B* S*nt
to th* Shllpplnei.
I'm I.- BsSta Is making a lively can
vas for let iitita for Hi. regular
army, which Is to la* Increased to
1.i,000 men. Th* lor*l „iii, „ recently
e*lßt' I l under Ibe charge of Cap
tain J. I- O'Neal, I* securing a large j
number of first ids*' men, moat "f
Ihem being formerly miners or
Bailors. A drug rlcrk .misled as a
un,.ii lvi last week and wa* sent to
gether wllh !'■ olher men to tin
fresldlo al San Francisco, nut of
tS examined 11 Wet acct-ptcd and (
have already been sen! away to dlf
ferrst imn This percentage Is
vsry I ' foe In most rase* only one
la fo» a**w*ra lh*» requirement*,
We—. » *»** —.-> *_•**-■ - II Us
appttraHo* 1* Rl*d and. pending- an
■ i .•• .t- .1 int ■ his character, he
Is put .'.. i rob..*|..-n and kept il hi
government etpeni*. If everything
is ssllsfactory he undergoes a rigid
physicist examination.
The new instruction* applying to
applicants ...'.. by Ihe war de
partment on March I. ISSB are about
the .me as those which formerly
governed Ih* enlistment of recruits
except that l irtlon regarding Ihe
ag* limit, which was changed lo IS
lo SS year* It Is a most opportune
lime for sn ambitious young man to
enlist now, because of th* possibili
ties for advancement which did not
-list iM-f.-re th* llUpano-Amrrlran
It has lean slated I V reliable au
thority that fully so p,. r rem. of th.
appllrsnls throughout th t'nltej
•Hates ha*. expressed Ih* de*lr* l«
I-- sent to the Philippines snd lo go
wllh some company that 1* going
ihere, an." li Is a noticeable fact
that a good many of the recruits are
from the ranks uf th* volunteer ser
vie*. ;,","}
Silence of the Battle Field.
One ot th* moat peculiar Ihlng* In
time of battle, an on the road to
th* front I* th* silsn' * of wound<-d
men. says I^rsile'i SI »i* Hardly
s word I. spoken; cveryons seems
to be thinking very hard: you ran
almost hear ths men think. II I* so
apparent These bloodstained, dirty,
ratted and half-naked soldiers go'
along a* silent as specters, with nev
er a word mi In their companions
All with but . at Intent, to ret to the
hospital, bo that their wounds may
recelv* proper stlestlon. All suffer-
Ins, silently en keroli ally bearing
the lerrlb!* pain. Here and there
they stop to rest or In readjust a
bands** or SB wait white a pack
train passes, and the'i slowly start
on for the hospital. where Ihey must
wait their turn and In many case*
where their turn does not "me for
hours after their arrival. And they
lay there on the ground with nn
covering and accept their fat*.

Arrest of a Swindler.
N,-,W YOKK. April I.—A man giv
ing lb* nam* of Frederick King,
who say* he IB a local salesman 24
yean old. by representing himself
10 Ire Ihe iunlor partner of Olds A
King. of Portland, Or., is under ar
rest, charged with swindling many
dry goods merchant! In the whole
sale district. The plan was to place
bis orders with the firms he visited,
and. returning to change the orders,
get worthless checks cashed. N. O.
Shipley, local repreientallv* of Old*
A King, complained to IB police,
with th* result that to was caught
yesterday at Wlnlerfleld A Co.'s. 11l
Fifth avenue, where he gave an or
der for 11100 and was trying to cash j
.i check for ISO.
Railway Accidents in 1898.
Accidents on the *learn road* of
Ihe country, according to th.. rail
road Uairtte, were much more Bu
meroui last year than In ISST, tot
the loss of life Bras much 1.-* Only
11 passenger* wer* killed, compared
with (12 IS 1*97, 1M In I***. SI In
ing Into account Ihe larger and In
creasing train mileage of IS* cou>
try, Ihe record Bhnws an even great
er Improvement than the figures in
dicate. rnpioye* Buffered more 111
1«»S than In 1X97. J2S being killed, ns
compared with 271 in the previous
year. UtiJ
_ .
For Monday morning Meat street
ivss quiet. There la no greenstuff
In the market. Salmon I* still
scarce. Bvsporsttd apple* have ad
vanced i" »V» cents. Tnlilo peara
have also advanced t" It, and sago
ii, I I ii lot ' Jumped to Ist cents.
Th.* following price* are being of
fered („ llle producer tV ih* local
dealers for delivery In round lota era
the dork or In th. car at Sentlle.
tlraln — O.its, |2T, barley, I?-,.
j when!, chicken . feed, |l»; bran.
! 115; shorts,- II I.
Miv — I'm i BOBS I, 17 per Inn;
j I'.nstcrn Washington timothy, 111,60
! tv 12: nlfnlf.'i, I*
I Kgga — Btrlctly fresh ranch. II
Hutter — Fresh ranch, I"" llt
creamery, 221.25e.
Poultry — Chickens, live, lie; live
turkeys., 12c.
l.lye Hlnck—Choiceliccf ' 'itlb-.eowi
4c; steers, IHOSoI good hogs. live.
4»ic; hogs, dressed, «He; calves,
dress, li Be: smnll, 9c; .It. t.
live. large, .' . -il'iill He.
Hides. Helta and Wool — Itenvy
sound salted steers, over St pounds,
He; medium sound, per pound, 7''c;
light sound, under M pounds, 7c;
."il*. sound, all weights, 7c; sti.gs,
bulls and oxen, IdtSe; -ill i kips,
70,- i allot' per pound, lc; green hides,
lc less thin salted; dry libit per
pound, r. dry tails one-third leu;
sui.iiii.r deer, per pound, UOS4OI
wlnler deer, dry, H«.lt»'S I iissry
deir, (Oi:ci dry elk*, bOIOci green
elk. lOSdl Sheep pell*. ttOSScl Blienr*
lings, Uf/Jfie; iiii-.iiiit Waahlnglou
wn.il. lc; Wralern wnsiiiii-ioii Wool,
ttc; dirty or limber burned, 10c; tal
low, -".'d.'lViC.
Jobbing Quotations.
The Jobbing quotations luduy were
>■ folios«
Hugnr (Jobbing)—Oolden ('. I" -*■*• ;
,*, c; exira C, In Id.l*. 4%e; laiwdercd,
S-*r; dry granulaled. *cV; cube. 5%c;
bcei, SH; Ipnt cash price*.
i lour, it- fjobhlngl—l'alent I.x- ;
reliant, IJ.SS; Nnvelly A, l!W: el»r j
(bakers'). IJ.7S: California brands, ;
4,10; "-I. meal, i.lts Sl.tO |>er 100;
lbs In in.II, »ark*: corn meal, while,.
fI.SS per 100 lb* In 10-lb lacks; buck-,
whsat flour, pure, ttM per 10 tin In
lib sacks cracked wheat, IMS peri
100 ii, In in lb sack*; farina, IMS I
per 100 lbs in in 11. sacks! farina, IS I
per 100 lb* In I Ih sacks; sleet-cut o*l
meal. II So per ! .11 lbs 111 10-lb racks;
graham flour. 11.75 per 100 lbs In 10-lb
anrka; hole wheal ,|-"" II M per)
100 lbs In I" lb sarks; ry« m*al. 1-lOj
per 100 lb* In I" lb «acki; ry» flour, |
13 M per 100 lb* In 10-lb Backs; split [
' peas 100-lb «ackl. MM: Split pea*, j
II per ISO lbs in tidb boxei; pearl j
barley, li - • per too lbs '" ssekt;)
wheal flakes, 71 lb SOSes, IT10;
wheat flskes. 12.W per cas* of St t-lbl
pkga; fancy rolled oali, IT** P*r|'
bale. In i-lb sacks; corn meal, yellow, j
12.50 per I.ld In M-lb sack*: corn I
meal while, I2.»0 per bbl In W lb
s«. ka; buckwheat flour, pure, IT.IO
per . M in 6S-11. Backs: crack*d
wheal. II per br.l in SO-lb **cks; *te*l
cut „r meal, M'-o i«-. lib! In M-lb
sacks: graham flour. X to per !>bl In
SO-lb sacks; whole wheat flour. IS per
ltd in to-lb sucks ry* meal. I-7S per
bbl In SOIL sacks rv- 11' ur. M l»*r
bbl; fancy rolled o*l*.l*o Ibi net bbl*.
IS.IS; fancy rolled ..all, So*lb sacks,
|SW. fsney lolled oats. |«r cur
VM _-_.— — "•■"'.
Cuffe* Ijobblnsl—Oreen — Mocl.a,
per lb. IStf Jlc: Java, tier lb. tIMJV;
Costa Itlcs, choice, per lb. HO lie.
Hossted-Atbuchle'B. In I'd lb case*.
per cwl.. 111.71: s-l-lh eases, per cwl.
IU.SS; M-lb case*, per cwl, Hl.**.;
Java. It lb Una. per lb. «'•■ . sack. Ui:
Aden Mocha, l7He; Caracals. Sic;
fluitemala. He; ground coffee. I«»
JOe; Uon. lOSs, 111 TH. lie. Ill.SS; S«c. I
11l »5.
Istllf. Chun, Iff. and Poultry
Hitter — Ilanrh lMJite: txncy
dairy. in souarei. l''f|l> Washing*
lon creameries, I 10 prists, SlO-ftc. ' ,
eastern, lows and Klgtn. st***-
Chees* tjobblng) — NstlV* Wash
h-tston. I.",UIJV, Ks*lern. ItWO
Ksea f lobbing) — Birlrlly fresh
ranch. ISO lie.
Comb honey — California. ISc.
drained. 7c.
Poultry—Dressed chicken*. ISttltc;
llv* chicken*. He: ll** turkey*. !**»
lie: dressed see**. IJCIU-; dressed
turkeys, Ittrl."
W»lnuta per lb, sack*. Ilf/lic. j
Cistern black walnuts. IBs: pecan*.
ITOISc; miM-rts. 14' almonds, fancy,
soft *hell. U9**e; almonds. No. *.
IfCrlTc; peanut*. «8,7 c; pin*, tt-c:
hickory. ISc; castas Bats, per doxen.
Tie; popcorn. *<■ per lb.
Hi). Oral* *•* F**d.
Hay fjobblng) — Pugil Bound, per ,
ton. I"©»; MBS*SIS Waihlnston tim
othy. IU«I« alfalfa. HO.
Hat* (Jobbing! ■ I'er ton. t-sOSO
Harley llolled. !*:.»:«
Corn—Whole. W*. cracked. HI;
feed meal, per ton. 111.
Keed--Whe.it. t.-l •, -.'..11 cake meal.
tai- middlings. 1.-I«S* bran. 117:
shorts. 111. chopped feed. i:ifj*J.
dairy chopped feed 111.
Steal PrISBI.
FYesh Meat jobbing!— Cow beef,
Be per lb; steer beef. It's per lb;
mutton. wether. Be per lb; pork. *He
tier lb. veal, large. So per lb; small.
provlsloni (Jobbing)- Hams, large.
in'jc; bams, small. lie; breakfast j
baron. U*as*>i dry sailed sides. 7»4e.
I.j>rd (Jobbing)— Home-made, per I!'
'".<•: While Slar, Sc; Coin Special.
»'-><; lard, compound, tierces. tSgl
Hex S«4C.
fr. sh Fish (Jobbing)— Halibut. 4
| *x*tc; salmon. "©Sc; Bte*lbea-1 sal
' mon, seise: salmon trout, U**c;
Bounders. 304; soles. 4c; rock cod. Sc;
trout, HHsTISc; shrimps, 10c; sh*d.
«|7c; ■melt. 4CSc; ... fata river
smelt. •*•* . herring. SCTIc; turn cod.
lc; oysters. l ilyrrl'l.i.t S.SO per sat
IIA" l>r gallon: dam*. 11.-0 per
sack; luiiig-ii, gat .rubs. live, 11.10;
cooked. 11-10.
,t.*s (Jobbing) — While Illver
llurbanka. 117010; Island K.irly Rob*
|M; Island White. lUOID; Yakima
and in. iron. Il'i: native sti
ver akin StxVsaa, Iltffll per tun; o*l
I gon an.- Yakima silver skin, fancy,
li-ii.i per ton: been. 11 per sack;
rarrota *■'••* t"'r Back; rutabagas,
tie |-er nek. turnips. Sit per
lack; rabbage, -". parsnips. TScjjll
per sack; cauliflower. no,- per
doxen; green pea*, Sc; artichoke*,
SOc per il"«. garlic, Be; celery,
California niparagus Efjje per lb;
rhubarb, «*■ per lb; tomatoes. BJ . per
(Irren Fruit (Jobbing) — Oranges,
seedling, 151/*.U); navels. I ■.;:,.... :.n,
lemons, 1.-./ i. npplca. fancy, li ;,
(11 per box; rooking apples. '■. Hill
Iter bux: bananaa, ll.7Sttl.So per
bunch; California black tig*. St iii
boxes, II.Mi; Smyrna tins. !.'<• per lb;
new .i.ties, 7Hc; tarsal appls rider,
cartons. 11.SS; Sled, sweets, 12.160
: {.SO; tangarlnei. 11.
Lumbar and Build Malarial-
I.ogs—Buperlor Attain.**, BSf SI. N't
1 fir, *•:*'7; merchantable fir, 14 :.':,f
8.75; No. 1 cedar, 16©7; common, per
St. 1.1 MCI.".; spruce logs, 11.50; cedar
■ shingle bolts, 12.■••,'•! 5 r,.i.
Fir Lund., Hough. IS; thick fin
ish, surfaced, one or two sides, *.. 10
ond 13 Inches ii id.-. 11 j, -*'•. lengths
12 to 16 feet; IPS. lengths. Mi.- per
M extra; li" null finish. 11-,. It; nil
vertical grain. II per SI extra.
Flooring, dressed and mntrhed, |I 7©
21; stock boards, K-lnrh. 59 i It; 10-
Inch. IB.&oi/lS; 12-Inch, HSffll. Feno
ing. No. 4 or 6-lnrh Roll 1,. It; No. 2,
|»; V or channel rustic or drop aid*
Ing. weight 8000 lbs, 111-.. 14 Fir tim
ber joists nnd scantlings, rough,
|v r.nci !•'.. 8 I H I B, 19 r.o-.i is; sim,
HIGH. ll.ix board*, I.' null and up,
>\ ishlngton Rid Cedar .umber —I
Rough, Ji'i'i bevel siding, weight 700
Hi*. I1401S.BO; celling, llelclllS NO*. 1,
2 and .t. '■. Inch, IBM lbs; Mas 1. !,
and 1, '« inch .'mi lbs. •*-,"***J,***.*»•>».#
--cotlng, 110011; i.,, _ . .„_. '
shingles. 11.25; •sir-Phone Red 1064
11.10; Inch nnlsl^r — -~~-~ "
I25«3I; thick fltVf 11 Vl*.
squares, 7, 8, » is., .JtJL-f ■* 1 ss.
pickets, 112. It
Klln-drleil, II '.it* natural eolat
. I teas .ii*,. at*. H
Mother of the Murderess Still
Working for Her.
LONDON, April I,—The stnlemenl
published In the I'lilted titut'-s that
llluruiiess I>e I(ui|nes ha* abandoned
her effort* to obtain the release of
lur daughter, lira. Klor.-nce Slay
| brick, now undergoing a ■.misses of
' imprisonment for life for poisoning
j: her husband, .ml ths! tho burliness
!Is no i-ndcavorlng to have Mr*.
jMaybilck transferred to a convent,
ns has been done with two ICngllxft
women prisoners, Is not correct. It]
i ' response to an Inquiry nn ihe subs
lljsct the bsroßsss wrote as folliwll
i "1 have mil slsindohed my effort a,
; j for her release or rjsrdofl, I w l*kj
I however, lv draw attention to th*
j manner In which other prisoner* ar*
li treated and sllr-vUti-d. When I be
llleve lhal any tmt Ml earth deserves
1 ulli-vl'illiiti and .-unßlderstlon It It
, I this doubly unfortunate American, I
;!bave In despair and grief, at th*
;!condition In which 1 lind her. felt
; j like any mother would, that almost
i lanything which could to ever so
.< ndii s ili.uic." nnl alleviation In
, [her surrounding* would perhaps
i keep her In life, from v.-hkh. In my
II eye*, eh.- la sui.lv sllppin*;. I am
i it.id she has no fatal chronic dlsvras*
I such as the rules require for her
i rcleasw lo die outside. 1 have, how.
' ever, thought lhal If Kngllsh women
i and Ihelr sentences ran be alleviated
'my most unfortunate American
' daughter might bo returned to her
' own country, to isasi the balance of
Ibe period which the I .•..■!.*i. su
thoiillt** consider the necessary pun-.....
lihtnent, roe.. •?.*•.. ■■'■■■ attempt.**
Faith Cure Didn't Work.
IMDI \NAi-t i ' April S.—For th*
prartlc* of faith t-ure on Ihelr 7-year
old daughter, who Is believed to be
dying from appendleltl*. John Har
rison snd his v If.- are under arrest.
The child wa* taken to Ih* city
hospital where an operation will be
Daniel Paul.*- Ilrownfleld. one **f
Ih* pioneer settlers of the state,
died at ths residence of hi* son .-Ins.
Ilrownfleld. In Denny park, yester
day afternoon.
Sir. Ilrownfleld .. „i born In August
count West Virginia. In April IK3.
In IMS congress organised tbe <- ' -
ritory of Oregon, and Sir. Hrown
fleld, accompanied by a detachment
of Federal riflemen, wen! there, ar
riving November IS. IK*, remaining
in the government acrvlce for some
Sir. Brownfletd represented Clark
county In the Oregon territorial
legislature, and In i IS3 moved Into
the newly-cstabllshed county 'it Jit
, 1 ferS'-n
i In ms he enlisted In a Port Tows
: send company and fought agalutt
th* Indians on Ibe Skagit and t*ti>
homlsh riv.rs.
Sir. Ilre-seiifleld leaves one son
only. Charles, employed at present
on the inagboat rikastt. as engineer.
How Interest Las*.
• -tll'lA. April ».—On June 11
nexl -111 jr.. Into effect the act pass
ed by the last legislature making
'. the legal rate at Interest In t bis
state t per rent, per annum on all
Interest-bearing documents, unless
a higher rat* Is specified In a written
contract, and then It cannot legally
exceed it per cent. The maximum
for state warrants la fixed at S per
tent, and that only In case a Irs*
rate Is not specified tn th* warrant-
I County, city, town anil school war-
I rants will draw « per cenl. unless a
!•-** rate Is Bpeclfled. It will be tin
ticed that all handlers of these ******
rants will have to accept them at
I whatever rate of Interest may he
specified on them aa long as th*
maximum i* not exceeded. Hut by
j f*r the mo*t arbitrary section Is the
IOS* which state. -It .'.ill b" th*
duty or every public officer Issuing
I public warranta to make monthly
I Investigation to ascertain the mar
ket value of the current warrants ll
sued by them, and he shall fix th*
rate of Interest on warrants Issued
by him during the coming month SB
that the par value (not exceeding
the maximum I***— prescribed)
shall In- th- market value thereof."
This practically places Ihe state
and county auditors In s poslllon
to dictate the amount of Interest
' i that warrants shall bear, which
' seemingly places vast powers In th*
' officials' hands.
Archhlhnp Ireland haa a collection
' of rare old ecclesiastical manuscript
; lo whlrh he will probably add during
' his sojourn abroad.
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