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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, April 22, 1899, Image 2

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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Every »It*ras»a <•>. ,-vi lut\d>y,
1. ii. w tuo. 1 1 rTii \>r.
UltOH- I MVIIMU M »m.- ■ •
Ca« f»8l |»t »f»i lit ••Ml fff **»ll
rt iweatyST* «»\» j»r t-.-i ««UY«r».l
fc\ tut On. i'.ikivi to •,!<»«««. >>• BN
»n,-U»». ,-.-. ■-■■■ . -
T*»l*>r>lT»r>*> r»l»«#» lt»O
•~«r»£jviTui>» "iM At ~.\ M>«i»
iMll<n<a HI tl» |*MulUr«> at l»«IU». W aaMnr-
No r.'slmi-ii! r\'cr rrflrrtnl mure
credit upon i(» m.il. Him the l-'u "I
i. cliii>-ni ha* ii-n. . t...| ti|H>n Hi.- •-!.»t■
of WanhUtKloii. The i-.-.ij.i, of
M ,i-h!nii(vn raaltM ibis, ami «hi »
thin rrnmriil Shall i. I urn th* l<iar
will cuarantro that it will <••! .-»•■
* «l"i i..v- ir.-fi>ti.iii by an ritllrrly
ap|>r*rlatlve pmipl*. Thl* >l,» » nut
iur«n thai all the people «h . I. Hi In
■ * ii time that ■-»•• <>i>tu>tk iirrrfaarlly
uphold th* policy that rmiulrm thr»*
1.1. 1.. . il|.itr In t.«lll. .Kallixl th*
Klllplnn pexiplr, but It dtira iil- in
lh«l W aahlnill'.ll I- •••pi'' i>- iii«. that
oi.r.li, n. .■ la th* oildlcr'a first duly
—that Ihry rceodttM Ih* fart that
In* rtral W.mninii' aoiulltnl ll
**lf with rv.'j.ti.Mi.il credit and Hun
fin limit th* reputation of twine
th. brav**t of th* brave. Thex*
boy» will return i>> ih.-ir homn re
*t>erted. honored and luvml. l.fi no
polltltlan •••••k la dim their luttrr.
Ijtl no mlxvi 1..1 (i i. nl pul a ►»!..(
U|«'n th* hri«hi |hm* th>-y have
.written for Wanhlniiton'* hlalory.
Th* eternal fact rrmalna that th*
•rrrtt-r* of the** boy* are appre
ciated by the people of Waihlniton,
and that Ik* peopl* will be quirk to
do i. "i honor at the very. Oral nf-
IHiriunity This la th« truth, and
those boy* »hu have v .|ltl<!<■•■ Ihrni.
»<■!!<■• »<> »i II have she rI«M la knuw
The «i". I*. i<- of Ju.lrt-» brine <"«m
--r»H to contribute thousand* »f dol
lars to rampalra funds,!* a m• •
thine to contemplate, i'mi «n>t> >■!%■
•how how Croker !» an "•>'•"'•"■
on \mti:l " Th* I.«tt«r >"!> J">
iti*n.| hi» PM.W. Crukrr make* >u<
million* out of the "spoil*."
guiv went up from th« prla^Mr'a
brnrh in a r»Bn»>l%»nl* caart |la
th» ."«*n«l» of the fnll«-1 Slate* ■•
th-u«h • bomh«h*ll ha I lif!e4 him,
It lint 'ifi-n thai men rl». ao rapid
ly in the world «a Mr V?>iar '!<>»»
without Ihr aid o( (lant f>t>l(Mlr#*.
Colamboa. ".- !•---- of Am*r
lea. «w th» ma of a. weaver.
• • •
TIM «m!ntnt French hurr.»rl»t.
rruicola Itabelai*. *v tka ann of
an «i|ioth*«arT,
• • •
Onrantra. the Uuctrlotti Apanlah
author. waa bom of an ancient but
reduced family He earlr enured
military aenrice and »»r»*J a* a
common »01-l>r.
• • •
Th* crest French .!r»m*ll«t. Mat
lere. waa til* ana of a tapmrjr mak
• • •
Terence. th» r*lH>ml»«t I' >m»n
dramatist, was at on* tim* a »lav»
• • •
Homer, moat Illuntrlona of poet*,
«aa at one time a b*c(ar
• • •
Tb* Oreek poet. Hetlod, waa a mo
of a farmer.
• • •
DenuMtben**, the rrl*brat<* ora
tor of •iniquity, >v a culler** son.
• • •
Th» treat Kniltah preacher. flat
VhltOeld. waa the Ma of an Inn
heep«r at GUraceater.
• • •
Thomaa ■)!»«•>-. the Rn«ll*h rard-
Inal and ttatesman, waa a butcher**
•- • •
Edmund Hall»y. an Rnctlah . a«-
Ironomer and mathematician, waa
Ui* aon of a aoap manufacturer.
■ 0 •
Dr. Thomas, bishop of Worceattr,
Iras a linen draper • aon.
a • a
[if Mountain, bishop of Durham,
•eras th» con of ■ becxar.
• • •
Joawph Hall. Illshop of Norwich,
an : theological writer, vu a farm
•r'a ton.
...» • •
Virarll, the creat t^tln epto t -'.
was th* son of a potter.
i •■■•-.•
Ilorac* waa a shnpkeeper'a son.
riautti*, one of the «r»ai»»t Ho
man comic po«t*. wa* in* ion of a
• • •
Th» Enirllfh lexicographer. Dr. C
Johnaon, wan the) ion of a book
• • •
Oliver Cromwell «■■ a brewer**
• • •
Robert Burn*. th« Scotrh poet, i
«ra* a plowman In Ayr»hlr*.
• • •
William rth.ike»;,e.ir«>. "th* chief
literary (lory of Ensland," wan a
yeoman* »'in.
a The celebrated American engineer, I
Robert Fulton, was at' nun Urn* a
|twlar*i apprentice.
. • •
Daniel Webster wan the ion of a
•mall farmer. '•
• • •
From the mml humhl* oiiitln
Thurlow Weed am* one of the
Jetdlnc pournall*!* of the United
fttate*. and a rr»»t political leader.'
• • •
William Cuilen Hry.int »■»« th*
■on of a phy»l"l»n.
Andrew .tacknon Ml h'.rn it the
rwiaam dettl*rnent. Hnuth Carolina.
TVhll* th. future prenldrnt wa* mill
« mere child hi* father died, and
th* family were left In reduced rlr
cum*t*nc«* on « half-cleared farm
In a nan *cttlem*.nt.
• « •
Abriinnn Lincoln mi the *an of
■ poor farmer.
• • a
Thomaa Jcfferr,cn, th» witter of
(he declaration r>f Independence,
«aa a planter* son.
Wllllnin I:. Oladaiono, "the irrand
nl.l nun" wit a m<-rch*nt'a ■"•
i Moving a City.
' Th« Japanese ofßrlaU In ' rtn.'M
- ii. .■!•!» -h .!\c I r«r« ruflllvf <«■
parity, Th* rltr «t J«iikchan »«i
in an unaanltary ron.lltlon. Vlru
lent «Tlilemlfi frequfnlly appeared,
Th» flituatliin pr#v«nt«'l » »004 »•»••
i er*jfi> lytUm.
Tt\* J»p*nf«» oflftt'i a*l«/t#l i
I tpat !n th» r< >!*^.ssrS»nrt (hit .v.u'.u
|ib» v ri; SrA!.»l, '■''■ »■-> -"■■■' pu4<
Ssj p!aoe» ««• laid eat upon It.
r>. Mi •».■ w*r( iteeitA >!-<i tti* er.<
- iir« j>"ru; »">'•' v* '"*■ viv of .1. hi.
' riuill. liumbf'.lui 411,000. 11 ■.!••» i ! to
! i n iipw hUp. Aii Hi-- l<ulldln(< v.en
• liklil v>.. . i ii mriiiliirr*. llm i-t« -•
' «.i« pmrlU'ablp. The facility (Mill
, »hl«"h Hi- MI.'V . Ill" I »v«a matlci In
.in v.I i 1.-.111.i5.1,. lv ■ In- J.M'.>i>'-"' <~n-
When l Woman Faints.
l-'ii-i .■! all |tl ■-■ m .'.II Ilklit
; Ihi H8 aroumt tho ne«k mil .lint. .111.11
■ ; ■ iii.v I*, unfiolrn hi. collar mul
un>lo id' rorself. Allow all tin
f" »h air i• '-•ii.i■■. tin ii.it crowd
n'uii.l. ii. ' i! In a rruvded plai'».
i-arry th.- i- ii>. vi mi. Hi. ■'.-• n air
>>i . 1..-I- la an"!'* n «iij.l ... A
r.iitniiiK i>. i».n nhouUl il«.i>.« 1"
lull) nil ui->h ihr bark, and II isr. >i
ly ahla m-oviry If the head ■ Hit ha
1'14i.'.l !>•«. r than Ihr hotly, »o Ihu
blood kH ' ui|-i>liv i«« 'ii. brain.
i' .1.1 ttl t »|.ilnklf I •>> M in. fur*,
or Ihe *• ii- ii.»iv nerv*« cxrllmt liy
th* application nt «m< :ilr.« «jlt« m
•<r«n» * nirg.ir la Ih* " ■** help* In
rr»tor* imm Iniwua* The fao*
inn)' at«o be «i-lillv faun. I In HI
• ■ilnnrv •••<• . .■ni<-l.ui»m-»« return*
in * ni.'nirni ar I"" The euntnm a{
siring i.i.ml» m other »i.iiii« I*
j quite unn«rMsr», All >» Ihe pa
tlrnt la mm.- '•• and Hi.it << I her
alowty drink a ■ m M of < ..It water.
A Troublesome Question is
Raised in Portland,
I'l'llTl AN!>. April tt-uia«
Si.irw'n ITS .!■.-«. «•> attain I l>
ME, Kan* on amxinl of • dre»»
m»k*r'» bill (or ll> illrf) due for
• ork fcrfmm»l no another garment,
in 1 there waa quite a ftr.-.-i> tlm* In
ron»<t|il'n(-<p i«.«!rrl«>- aflrrnova In
Juatlr* Krarm«r*a ■■••mi Th» "irl
IMM that th« <|r*«* *■■ • n-<»»
--ally. «n<l *x*ntpt tram ri* uti-*n (01
» .1-1.1. and plaint!."! ■ «ti..ni»> nir I
• hand to h..l ! ih» c*rnt*nl. ami
•all an app»»l to th* Matt • Iri vi!
court wotilij !>«• fii*d.
Alt»rn*y> l»«an and Wolf, for IH»
l»!m.|»Dl. MMMfi thai Ih* dr«*a
.■■mil not b* r*taln*<l on a bond after
h.Mn« b**n BOM >>» Ih* court, 1., hr
• trmpU ami will rr>um* Ih* baltl*
for lh» pn<»*Mlon of the property to
■l»r. Tit* plaintiff! i«un«-l. Mr.
A • ti. lntr«tuc*d t*»ttmenr In
• how thai th* fXoo* tadr «a» th«
rrou 1 poM*Mor of • number of flat
Irwwi. and thtr»f»r». th* an* a.li
•4 In Ihll •>:!! tru Ml • r.K«nllr,
•ucb »a th* •tatul* eont»mplat»».
and wu •üb)«-t to aai» for th* pa*
m«nt of (ha d*bt.
vm*n tb* mart could not b* mad*
to •** in (hat war. but tr,«t»« 1 mi».l
wtih tb* oth*r •! t». Ih* atlern*r
arnH *om*what wroth, and *a) 4
h# would *«• tb* thin* throu«h In
th* h:«h»r l#mpl« of juntr*.
A Happy Thought.
A Mlrh!r«n widow, who** «c» mar
hat* b*«n 10. wrnl Into busln*** a
ftw w««ka ■«•» Th* Br<t thitiic *v
to ctt a».«n palnttd. The ■»rvl<-»*
of an aril»t m »»<-ur-^ Wh»« ■>•
nnl•^- I hi* wotk b* put M hi» Im
print by painting hla Initial*. W. A.
M . en th* lower i»f t- band r..rn»r of
. the »i«n v,h»n th« widow mrm» to
mtirue th« work. »h» qo*rl*<l:
"W|«| <><*>•• 'tV A. II ilanl ' -' "
"Oh, that m#an» W«nt»'i a hus
band." "
"Oh. I •-' *h» rniHM "It »a»
very thAUKhtful of y<w. and her* I*
a dollar extra."—Ohio «la!» Journal
History Reviled.
' <! ran lpo|>." he began, I urn Ins the
leare* of Mi hook, "did your hi*- :
tory <■•"• to **T thai th* Spaniard*
»»tilf 1 thl* rountry?"
"I baMoTO II did, my boy. 1*
"Well, the new one* won't cay
i that "
i "What will they »ay. Phillip?"
■ Thl* <-untry Mttled the (Span
Then irrandpop |iv# him a dime.
. —Brooklyn Life.
. _—
Safe Broken and Mail Pouch
Cut Open.
WAI.I.A WALLA, Wash., April 2J.
— Th» depot at Rurrka -linn, on
lh« W. * C. II 11.. wan broken Into
Ik! night, and the '«!*••■« naff an I
mall poach stolen. The «af» waa
I found half » mil* away II had beei
'broken open, but nothing; of value
wm t.ik'n. Th» mall p. i> h iru
found In the warehouse. »li>i. it ha.|
h>-»n rut "i"-ii an'l l>-tt.-r« atrewn
over th* floor. II contained no rej>».
i»r»'l matter.
A man entered th* ••■■.•lnn house a!
ISiver«M» station, <m th* W. * «■ 11.
It.. i<ti mil»« *«t at I'll" city, ye*.
lerday morning. "r; ' held up a la
borer named \v«.i II at th* point <>;
a \\ ln< h"<i'r. I!- I Inn rifled th«
hMHt, Mcurina; *om* Jewelry ami a
Disraeli Snubbed Thackeray.
| Mr John llolllnir«h«ad **nd* M
'the fallowing story concerning Dli
rurll and T)i iV« mv: Mr« Kltchle's
admlrahlr riliraphlcnl no*'* of h*r
lamlahlo and Immnrnl fathrr hard
ily ni-'-'l any little addition from m«,
but Hi' following fart may h* of In*
Itrnl ;i« ii Indicate* Th;wk»r.iv'i<
randor «nd Iruthfulnciia. In IM2 I
wm walklnat thrumrli th* Interna
tional exhibition with htm. wh'n
we rame «'To»!i r.'iilnrnln DtanaH.
They daw »■.'!' h other, hut »howed no
nl«n« "f recfiirnltlon, "II" hi! never
jdpuken to me," »'i i Thnckerny. »l
--| untarlly. "clnrn I wrote the Khnrt
parody of 'ConlnKuby' ('("oflllrmby")
j in Jiin<h."~lxindon Chronlcla.
; riOOTT * TIiKN'M Co., .04
I We«t \V»»hln«ton «ir>< ■ Dim r
Morton I! ink building, bar* th»
only Mnntype job prlntlnff mm nine
iln the entire. Northwcit. ('oulcikupb,
pamphlet*, "tp., tl «|..'lnlly low
price*. HAVI-; \Io.MKV by «lvln«
them in importunity to fl«-ir«.
1 i
, , n.mir», „,»iii „, w ■■ j, ,
: Held in Nicaragua Do
: spite Protest.
i ~
NKW "in.l .N*, l.a . April «.—
Th* »it iin»hi|i 1'..n.1.i, from Illuu-1
11, I'll, Mr.ir,mini, urilveti In ir lam j
j nlitht iihiiux niif of In i in. in .ii. .in !
i .vin. 'mi ii.iin. .I.i. Martin, Who]
I ni ,v I. -I. .1 by Torre* on 111. ,ii- I
i i.-k.-'I ri.'iiii'l thnt hg lw<k part lii
I tin- Iteye* "I. III.MI •
Tin- i iptatn |irnli •!<■ i asalnat th<> :
' arrrat, and the Norwe«lan i .-n-iil al
-.i . ni.'i .ii a |n .mi a* the Candor I
' •alia under Hi. NorweKlan ■'■•«- but
, Torre* paid little attention In Iheae
' iliH-uiiienta, llflnknl M.iiiln In tha
prl*on and thru- the man remain*.
Tin* emplie of Japaa rompriM'* i ■-
■lay about I'""' rocky Uland*,
, • -- • - • «
The <*oryr"h*e; Ve§i but he"* rlih
enouih (• be her .>!..,1 I.— I'll, II
•• • ■
Nearly J.'-o.1*" Oonjro walking
•tli'k* in Impart* Into the I n.i..l ,
Mali • »»-ery >»ar.
r*ath*r—Tommy, ■!•»(' Vl*l' 5"- that ,
rat* tall. Tommy—l'm not; I'm nnly ;
holdlns Ih* tall: the r«fl pullln* It." ,
• '•'*' .
Many poi Chine** aprnd from 20 '
lo ;j per rent, of their Income In I'lul
> t-hi|t. «li!' h j-rarth ally ran up I
their lapltat. i
... I
Ucneral N'eUon A. HUm •■■ In- i
ltlate<l lull the mi»trrl»> at Ifolf t.-- i
Mr*. John H Allen left lurtn« the
■»■ f»r Walla Walla wh»r« her
dau«ht*r* • will i"in her '*' to
•i»n l a few wreka at their country
home. . .
• >*. a
William F>a»*r. • **» ■•»»»
watchmaker of ihl* eMy, ha* too* to
S«a rtanctaeo, wbar* h* la to ' - mar-
I rU4 to MM* Nallt* «klpp*r Mr. *.!>■!
Mr* rrutr wilt maJM their futur*
bom* in tkl* etiy. altar tkalr bon*y
moon trip wound •««tb»m Cali
m •.*
Mr J. r> Uiwman I* at»ppln« tit
th* pr**rnt with Mr. and Mr*. C A.
■ • •.
Mr Ban\u*l P. Wrttoa I* •till via-
Hint In th* *a«l.
, • •. •
Mr*. flob«Tt It Wllaofi *nt*r!ali«
th» rr»ach club Ihl* w**k In h»r
apanmant* at ll*»» Marton «ire«t.
■ M I '
Th* ladie* of the Pr*abyt«rlan
rhurrh «a<H> a Mrd »>M«I In Alhtrti.
hall laat nlibt.
• -^ • • • -
Mr. Ad«tpl» Ilronatn ««• rl»H.n«
In Taroma Ijrlr.a IB* «**k
a • •
Th* Mta« etub will HÄ«« a ball In
Rank* kail Mar If ■'
• • a
Th* r»«iilar m»*tln« of llalnlar
Chapter. I>. A Mi. »a* held at th»
horn* of Mr*. O*9rg« 11. Ilaoon,
• • •
Tha ladle* of John T. Miller. W. It.
C *-*>«• an *nt*rt*lnm*nl and mapl*
. ,«.r aortal in Kaglaa' ball, Tuva
day evenlnc.
a • a
Th* •»1lln« of Mr Manly II
llaynea and Mia* Elaln* Ilanfonl.
will tak* rla<» Tu»a4a» *v*nln« at
th* realdene* of th* bride* father.
in lr» C 11. Stanford, at 1021 Madi
son atreet.
• • a
Invitation* hay* been leaned for
th* m*rrta«* of Ml** Charlolt* tan
Clrr* Phillip* and Mr. Frelerkk Ar
thur B««hnelder. W»<lne*rlay »venln«*.
Mr. and Mr* Bthneld«r will reald* at
Han Franclaro.
• a a L; .
; The n*»t me«tln« of the I,»U->i' j
Aid society of th* Preabylerlan
church, will i>' h*ld at th- re»ldenre
of Mr* F. Frailer on flerond avenue
next Wednesday afternoon.
• » •
Mr*. B*muel U Crawford, ho I*
In Han Franclaco >l*llln« her a..n.
rently. and ha« now b»cora» an ard
ent devotee to the cam*.
• . •
Th« viltr 'if th« Mil lake In Utah
la nil ttmea «a aalt aa that "' Ihe
or».»n It I* •»lim»t»'l Hint It con
tain* 700.000 tons of aalt.
• • •
The !<anc*t, In a statement of th«
number of dortora In < if*' Hrltnln
holdlnc Itrlilnh de«reea. rivea a to
ml of praotltlonera •■ 5094.
• . •
Chlcopee, Ma»«.. which had 14.000
population in !»«<>. la th« only city
111 that lUte which la without a,
nnw»pap«r. either w*»kly or dally.
. . .
Khartoum will b« rearhed by the
railroad l.v November next, barring
accidents. The r»llro«d la now M
miles south nf th» Atbar* river.
• • •
The Onrrlere dell* Hera of Milan
haa a -t'.ry of two peasants phlrh
caiixht la th«lr net* In two weeka
4J.200 -mull bird*, which they sold at
12 cents a dmen.
. . .
Among the sights of Tekln In the
autumn months are thousand* of
rameia. They come from the Inter
ior of Alia and taka hack the cara
van tea mo other freight.
. . •
More gtoiilK Hi-* rala*d for HiHr
; hair In California than eleewhere In
the country, and the experimenter*
In thla line of I■ 1 11 Ir>' are mepllng
with a fair degree of success. The
j Anf-ora (oat yields un 'an averaga
I'.lll | .Mti:,l;. tif 111..1 i til At H :-)!< Mlnu
Ihs |iriKluri .- 11 •«• - fur from 33 In 11
rent* it pound. ('. i- ll.illry. ..f hui
I. '.■■■. r..|-I |tii star a trlfla mon
iMm '•<"." worth of mohnlr from hl»
c • •
Y»«n« at* vxrlt*4 t>y ImproMr
acr4lliui of the b1.m.1, an.l ur« alitn
Jlo the un>"tin»i Iwun, tlrtd •'■'■■ '■ "■
»re evl.iiin.o nf mnnt«l f4U»ii<«. ontl
nsmcttmeii ar« »ympto:™.» or b.-aln
8l*»«»». •»■';,
♦ • *
"And '!..■! llien. ' *»l<l Alia \\ .<,•«
*i|hrully. imtllna .i lim puiwrit
from sshi. it f.'u- liini iict n uuiliiie of
Ihn rnnneit nuat runtiiivrrny, "l»
milit Hi. y niiun by fuiMT«l (»•■» tat."
— In:.
• • •
Tin* m:.■ of a IS-lti'li klin, nlili-li In
u». I In «unii> wamlilim. Ii i» '•>> »|ili
• I »:i.n.\i » linl'ti-. «hl'l) i-auM tilt
■hot i.i revolve ut n i.h- uf '"• tint*!
I*, (ct'iiiul an It rualii-a IllMMlKll (he
• • •
A fl»hfrini«n" inimluir H^l look
ill' recently, m-ur »'«rlUiHf"i'l l<"URh,
on hi. li i- ii iiiiil, a lot uf il'H uinrnt*
mla#li In li.-li iliitiiory Hill, M
lII'MIK ll IIIU. .I.mi I ih' r i|" 'i*
■ .ill I be read.
• • •
A heron"* RMi built nlnm«t rnllrr.
ly of »n.. Kuril n* I* ii-• ■ In adtM
• •Xl I' lllllli <il iiii|>lc nil-til* fur I.I" 111"; 1
.i, i>. «. «h<i«n at a "" ■ ■ ii-' •■' I
Hi- llrliinh oiiiiih.il.•.•!»■'<■ i.nil re-
I'rntly. 'In.- in •! ««■ Mo« ii mi of
» lire at Hti'k- fatk. N.ittn. Will!
the alt! • r a n.-l-l bli« II xi" <wn
Hi.ii Ih.-rf Ml In Hi- hircinry other
ii'«i« "f lilt- Ml >!.<!... l.i.
♦ • •
A itlrl with ,i! twprry clume went
into a ilruir atore. .ml •omfhow, ■>•->
frather rttucht ftrv ft«m tlifl iifn
lirtiltr flame, The »-• ' > fuuntitln
clerk ci .>!•>•> I us> a a»|taer i. .in.,
mi I a .ii. mi ..f «. iiiit m the .
hlailna hat. hit ih. *.-< 1 In ih. ■• i».
a man In ■'■• eye, dan 1 at Ihe
hat, ami ili'tti i |>vi out th* fire In i
■iiiif at nil hi* effort*.—New York '
•• • i
Henatur I'tatt. uf New Tnrk. tin*
alwaya h#en • rarrfyl h--. |.- - if •Ii
•rrap book. l'|wn the >!■-. vi «ii.iii of i
hi»in bet ween an4 the I
I'nUr.t Ittalea hi* rffiirtu ami lho«* i
of hi. ovrral *errelari<-a wer* re> i
riart»» Crawford, will return to mi*
city about Mar I.
• • •
Mi** Anna Knot, a rnarmlnc lady
af Olympla. la vtalting th* Mla**a
UasUy on (jitrrii Ann* bJU.
• • •
TTio Ladl**' atualcal club of »>•
attl* la •nttrtalalna* m*mb»ra of th*
Ttreraa Mualeal club «ht* aftarnnon
In Elk a hall Aft»r th* recital. Mr.
Maurtr* M<-Ml< k-n will entertain th* i
m*mb*r* at lun>-ii*on at h*r horn*.
• • •
A tare* numb*r of I-*-"!-!*- attendtd
th* northweat «■ if cnamplonablp at
Tirimii thla »«■»«. H»vrral »OClal
funrtlom w*r* «iv<-n at Tacoma In
honor of th* o»^>alon.
• ' * -/
Mr. and Mr*. J. P. tVllaon ar»
«en>.| In Ibclr new home at :::t
Vriirp »ay.
• • •
Mr. i: r. flwevnay I* vlalllnt In
San Franclara.
• i • *
Th» Terrier flub, mmpnae.l of *•*• :
eral nf Beat ll*'* Iradins ynun« men.
ha* moved from th* Mtane row on
Minor avenue, to th« Whlulntrt'm
h"iia». OB Minor aventt* and Henoca
• • a
Mr* llattle Itirhirdaon and Mra.
Vkkerman. ■<( Hartford Junrtlon,
ir. i lattllKi In the city.
• • •
Mr. Mai Ktater. a talented vmitu
vlollnlat of th* niy. ha* left f»r
ttruaaela, where he will complete hi*
roualral atudle*.
• * •
Mr. fend Mra Jame* IV>thwell have i
returned from a v:«;t In Southern |
• * ' * -
Mr (Tlarenr* It:. th. haa returned
from a *hort vlall In California.
• • •
Th* monthly prom, of th* 'lan
deomera club of th« rnivrr«sty will
»>» riven nnt Haturtlay rvpnlns at
th« Qu**n Anne rlubhouae.
• • «
Captain K. ■" fJlenn lim returned
from ■ brief trip to th* b/irrarka at
Vancouver, Waah.
• •; •
M. I. Cavenmiith. of (tnuth Se- I
attle, who haa li'fii vlaltln* In
California for hi* health, haa re-
I turned.
• • •
Mr. and Mra. 11. PhuMdt. of Chlr.
ten, have taken apartment* at the '
lint!, r hotel. .
- * « •
Mia* Taiiice Jane* and KIM Nell
Jon**, of Franklin, who have b>rn j
doubled, ani h* la now believed to
own one of 111.- I" "I contemporary
hUlertca of Hi. npantan war rxt/int.
'■■lint Herglua Tnlalol, the aecon.l
nun of Count I. ■■ T»latoi, who haa |
, thrown In hln lit with Hi" I khu. ,
| aortal, la now 1..« ,«f.-.» In Wlnnl|ie«,
where Mi.- mnat Important of tbt
aettlpmenla la altUAte<l. Th« count I
la looked ill'-. tin /i kind at Iriiitor, I
and h" haa a» far 1.-lll». '■ hla rule
aa to Ml III" f«lloW« .in M mi. of
hi,, imi ! ilnh i fortitude.
"I am anrry," anld the maimitln*
editor, coiirteouaty. "but we are not
,nnE any ahort atorlea BOW."
inn the arene of 'hie atory." aald
111. confident contributor. "l« 1.i1.l in
n place lhat nobody ever (nurd of,
and In wrltt<-n In I InrtKiiaKP Ihnt
lii. DM ' iii mil. i «' nil "Then why
didn't you any ».i before?" exclaimed
Hi. 111.11:1./ editor, aa he uraaped
It eagerly.— Ufa
Oulla percha la now at the hl«h««t
price In Ita hlatory, and a quratlon
haa trlai aa to ■hil •■ Hi' tuppljT
would ' DIM frnm In c:t«p_lt la ile
elded In build a cable acrnna the l'n
.in ocean from thla country In our
new poaaeaalnna In Hi.- Philippine
Inlanda. Hit ah.<rt la the tuppl] of
Mlll 1 p. r. h 1 that calilo paopli any
1 h.,i if thla cable Ik laid It "111 be tho
i,i«i on" Hint will 1.-- 1 ill until n
new liiaiiliitlnii ' ii dl«rov
ered thnt will take lhr> place of »jut
la percha.—Kcw York Time*.
Divorce Rends Parmley
Baptist Church.
ii i:-i 1 TITY. M J . April 2: —
Tii.- r<-nliinnll<in uf llvv, W. K. t'liul-
iiir-m mi I 1.1.1 «>f 111- I'armtt-y ll»i»
--l!«i rliurth ha* '.' II .1- ' • pit I *<¥ th#
■ onarriimlDti a* h ron»ei|uenre nf
ii'tttiit. ruUMnd !•>' mi** "f ''•'' nit lit
bt'lß iti.tllWuK It .llvil.nl minimi
Mr. Chalmrra ha* pnlttlva view*
>m Hi" illvorre . i "■"«' i""- an.l « ■'" ""'
• iii.|i. •«•■•! lit i . ntaa Hi' member aa
i nuiiniunli ant and he •• I forth hla
n|i|iiliina on (hi- divorce i|ii<i«ti-ni in
an earnest wrmiin three »ceka mt<i.
ill wlii. li Ik • >i>i'l> ••!•' I '<<■ MRUnM
"A m.in arhu man-leu a |.iii-u««y
«..in.m la RUllty Of Infidelity." Thl*
acrmun <.o».<l a, Mil. r factional
■ Irlff. ,|||<l ■•> n »l"ll' harmony,
the i'.i-i..r i>'»ui>"i.
11l view "if the coining; of th,- Hn«
tnnlann la Hit- *•«!' ili.ai.-r May
1 In •;. H-..- following- from yrater
.!.■>'• < <i< n.iiii m will I." of Inlrrett:
"Thoao wlmcrrt who have pre
dicted Hi -1 I.iii •" I will tint ri «i 1
In • i-t. ,i mualcal attraction, have
i.. .-n fi.iiu.i-li- •• I by (he ».il. hi. II
preface* the . m»mii of Hi. Iloa
l.-til i»i« at ih' Mm Tin'" <:i ml Mil
nrrK. ami «ln>h waa uprne<l >•»■
trr'lay. All day lone Urn* iMi..»
«.r<- in <>ilrii -. and the ii •>«•
amount taken fur !h« tint! day waji
nrer !>■•• »■• much haa •;•• • l\
t"-< ii ««il an4 written tbout the ii..«.
Innlann t*at iii. remajn* In b*
.*■! W<\ Ti. i•■ j>-rt'-lrr announcvd In
in* «!>»•!• or mini Annie » 'inn, r*
turned bom* jr**trnlay.
• • •
Mr ml Mr* It. J. Oaua*«.n »r»
a«aln occupying their rmidenc* at
Ml Boren avtnu*.
• • • •;.'■',:
Mr (>■ '-- '< Ran* man la In th*
»v»i no law bualnea*.
. . .
A carl i arty ••» firm l»»t n!«hl
Iby Ml** Annla I.yoa, at h*r horn*
;on Qu*«n Ann* hill.
• • •
Ml«» Helen* n**ijr la eip#rt»l to
< arrlv* in this city from N*w Tart
Sh* mill remain with h»r alaters.
Mr* j«rVion. Mr* llerron and
Ml** Alfrr I* lloalr. Until her iroh
ahlf departure for tti* north during
th« MMMTi
• • •
Crv»r«! parti** have been riven at
lit* theater* during th* w**k.
• • •
H»v II II 'irtwm *i> In Port
land luring the week, and while
•h. r« cave a l»<tur» on "|v>«rntn*T "
Th<- l*rlur* wa* rtven at th* real
i. n>» of >!r» C. 11. I>*w|*, and tb*
Port) Oreronlan rowiltlM on
Mr. |«WWl'l lecture, *ald "H#ldom.
if nn. ha" a lecturer appeared In
Portland who unMe* em h scholarly
altalnmenta with *■• happy • faculty
for wlnnlna* th* enthusiastic atlan
lion "t cultured au4l*nc** *• Mr
• ; «.n With a k»»n rrll«h for
humnrou* i i •■'» and a lll»lll»— fund
of laughable atorlM with whirh to
barb an ar»um*nt and drive It homr,
hr >■«•! *nt«ra 1 " '«'ir. l;v and ravrr*
'■nil>- In! > th»* phlloaophr of Itrnwn.
In*; rlUna; on* porm aft«-r an>ih»-r
In Iliuatratp 'hl« In It* van mi» ih««
■■• j-......in« a r*markahl* mrm
nry aa w*ll aa unuvlial rlumry nf
«i»rrh. Mr. Cowrn hi-M hi* ll*t»n
■•in rnlhrall*>l for two hour*."
• • •
Mli* Maml* lloldrn *a» th* *ur*t
nf Mlaa liciil.ili How* durlnc th*
• • •
Mr. C. I. W»lib ban rMurnxl to
HrHtil<> aflrr an til.-.l trip to
• • •
Col. I«'iiel i« Whllr. who «avo two
wry oin ••i'«»*tl lecture* at the rV
attic theater, waa atopplno; at the
Heattl* hotel.
• • •
Th* Marrabera (are an enjoyable
entertainment In Hank" ball Thur*
'day ■ •ti 1 naT
previous comments upon thin attrae
(lnn In firmly niol In lh>- public
mind, mil the Hull" of «nl,>i« and
their rerorda are generally known.
It wnulil not he imliii I" *»>-. how-
ITtr, that annum the prominent hifik
■ ■ix who Hill !»■ hi-.inl la practical
rolea ar« William Hroderlck, the
<la*hlnK tin'"" rantanle. ihM virile
rolca and magnetic I'lvrmc la r*
| !><-< InUy attractive. \\ Illlim Lavln,
»'i. tenor Of this organisation, haa
never been heard here, and cornea
Indorsed by prominent rrltloa. Mr.
l.nvln received hla education from
the boat maatera In Italy nnd Prance,
.itvl poaai **'<* a lyric voice of irirjii
rnn»i> and purity. "In "Hoy Hoy"
nnil ■'Hiitiln Hood" he I" he.ird to
eapeolrti "-I" tataJM), an thr acore la
r. j.l.ir- with II naturata nnd C*.
An..ill. i- da«hlng (Inure la Jnaephlne
llnrtlftl, whore artistic character
work alwnya rccelvea the highest
commoniiatlrn from mualo-lovera."
Thratera In S#attli> hav<« In . ii null"
trtlv* diirlrm th» «»»k Juat rndlnit.
T!i' rnifacfmpnta 'i.iv .■ nil provrd
pi "M1.«t»1.-. Infi-rcatlntr and -ii live
nn account of the fart thai plnya
ncv#r before r>n<n 111 111.- rlty have
Im en Blvpn. At tht Third anua
iht*nlpr, M > [1« I'Vh \ 'T^l'in of "Pyr
nini .1. IliTKcrnc" received in irk< .if
ippi ii Inn Mi Scott, ■ rlalna
young actor, itave I itooil Interpret
•tlotl of the title rnle, nii-i hip pup*
port nan koikl.
I>oiiKlna White, nt the Hentt'p then,
1-1, kih i' two Manila lecture* under
Hi. -i.i-|.i' ■ i nt Ihi lvi.., which
«rr» (Irianrtal m.-ir-.n
7,«n night, in Hi' H»alll* thratir.
Huiari llnhinn. »-»i|ii '■ ' hy tClaVa
tr rtimpany, anp^yrni In !h* POfia
frty "Thß Mrddl»r»," ani mad" n nil.
1 »n i!n .in i «a> crnwdrd. from ptl*<
-in- Hi- !■- *-.l!|. I ■. Whin Alien .-Hi
Thotna* wroie th« oonwdyi he »'»n
--/: I.- 1 i;:- !• i: .ii :'.'.<y 'it Mr ltot>
»'.ii. !>:» I" ■ nl'-f !'!< .< 4« to voter, KM>
tur* and «xpr«»t!en. An .■• re*uU.
. ii'tf* all ov«r th« country tv»«
, null that an F*r*ncla l.n. Mr. Hob
nun ha* a part thai m- him ntoir
a<Jnilral>ly than any ha baa *>iiayad
»ini>- iii.il of li.-i ii. 11l "Tli.' Ilin
il.ll.i 1..11.1 iilk-h' 11. auill<-iir».
had an ppM liiiiK » to vrrlfy '!.■■
■lal*mi ■ ' iii- cant «n|ipoitliiß
Mr, Hut. «<■ Hi. aame n* In N. .v
V-.ik Civ Mm. It-.ni .u«l.». llm
l.-.iiliiiß lady. K-a» favitrahly rwHv
fi. Tlml ..ii... members of in* roni-
I.Ill) I.' I*4 <•« "iily .i!ll"'l> fOUlll
! Till- nftrr iiiiiin "The Me-diilrr" In ttr
ln« lllvfii, ami In nl«ht Two Ilnguc*
■ml « Iliinmni* 1," Mr. lt«l>»on'» olh*r
„,. . . ... mil i.. tin- Mil
• • •
At lh>' Third inwi Hi. it. i «<■»!
»■■ k Manurr llunnfll annnumm
tin- rncain-mrnt of John I. Hulllvnn
.■ml hla i ■■rni-iiii> of ■!'■' iiir(> ir
11*1*. Th* fifrfurtnani'i" will !>«■ In
ikhlii-'iml hy John I. and .1..V Kll
rain In « boilng match. Th* mm
puny li.i« »|ii" .irr.l IM-fnr* anm* ut
Hi.- 1.. .1 111. .Hfi..il audlrmr* In III"
!.irk.- ■ lll**.
• • •
Prlmroai and !>ork*lad'r Mlnatrt-Ia
«HI a|i|»..ir at Ih<- S'-niii" thral^r for
lw« p»rnfrmanri-«. Th» rngtrrg*
lion of tilth rhlrf* of liurnt <-nrk will
■pptar In full rnlur and will >••■ <■•
• !>'■ ■! bjr a numlwr of arl*etrd »(>«•
--i 1111 v arlUla of Km |" .in r»n<iwn.
lni< k»i <i|> r haa nrvrr bo«n »< ■ R In
thl* "My. Mil hla rrpuiaii ha* |iro
... .1. .1 him. I'iiiiii.•!>■-. ■'• th» ktnK
ftii of Ihv old iniimlK'l <<>ni|-.iiiy.
l'tiitir«i»<' and Writ, haa app*arrd In
.-Mid— avrrral llni^B and 111 "ill
klnown a* an altrx-llv* rntrrtaln-:
•r. Charlc* Wllwtn. formrrty wn
«>.-. i• 1 wtill \Vn«ii> i'« band, at thin
i icy. in »llli th* i •itii|>uii)'.
i • • •
Th' MPIMMM 'if Mm* I'lanka
«nt hi i lion*. a* nit »*tra attrar
lion at th* Third av»nu* lh*at*r ihla
ink w*m • profitable move on th*
part of M«M«>r llusarll. Mm-
I'lanka la an lni*rntln« lady. Kit*
•ay» that »h<- •■»!■<•<■!» to l» killed In
th* raw. but the fa». I nation la ton i
emit to »lv* II up. Th«»* who hay*
• im»i.»..l Hi- |.rrf..ini.itM- know
H|>unr» «h* MM to b* th* m..»i
, f*rnrlnu«. but thla Mm* HOMM Mr.
• 1 Slim. I'lanka'a lift not lane act.
Tb* bla* lion attack"! h-r, and thr
otlur two l|.•!)•-•• »*«lna h*r down,
• plan* M th« altark. Mpltflre aaw
h»r mlttrrM* ii.will.in an! qulrkljr
•ank lifr 1.-ih in lh« »ho«iM»r ..( Ih*
Him. A n>rr« flcht *nau*4 tM-tw^n
lh* •nlmaU. 4urlnc «hlrh Mm*.
I'lank* waa drac(»l from th» dm. I
"Wh>n H|>ltltr» tH ! will Irav* th*
■l»n. for I would not ronal4»r my»»lf |
•«f» alon* with th» <>th'r*" anld
Mm*. I'lanka. "Th* r»»*"n Rpltfir*
la taJirn out of th* d<>n and put In
■ dirwrnl '■»#» wh*n th« !»1 r.i
Urn* iff"*' la b*raua« »h» »l
ways pr*clptut*« a n«ht. What
mlfht hay* b*»n a, ••rinua affair,
w»» narrowly pr*r*nt»d on th* *ta«T*
Ttiur»4»y nl«tit *>T th* k*rp*r or th*
I lion* TXrU French. th» III'Ip »<>o
of Mr. and Mr* It. B. rrtneh. ac
cidentally approach*4 th* <Vn. »nd
not ihinklnn. i*anrd up ajralntt th*
»>«r« Th* k*»p»r t»app»n*«l to took j
Ju«l In llm». and waa horr|fl»d to
■m llttl* IMck in hi« procartou* eon
dlti.>n. and all th* mm frt«ht*n*d
to «** a lien utralthlly apr"- .«rhln«
In* boy. With a y»!l and a quirk
crab llttl* Dick wai pulled out of
th* way whll* th* paw of th* linn
crabb«<] th* cold lr-.n of th* bar*.
I.ltcl* l>k-k ha* atat>»<l In tba front
■I th* houa* alnr* th«n.
• • •
N»«t W*dn»»day *r*n<nit. at th*
K*altl* th*ater. Lan »!«■ lar»n. >>»!
ter known. p*rhapa to many a* th*
Hot John Wataon. D >>. »IM mi'
a r*adlnc. T. th* r. n llw public
Ma<'latrn I* known ■■ th* author of
"ttrtldta th* Ilonnl* flrirr Buiih."
and oth»r talea of th* llf* of th*
rtcotch peopl*. lilt flrat Amrrlcan
tour <* -«• mad* In IKM, an-! waa a
triumph trip throurh th* ITnltrd
•UUM Thia year hla »v. ■<■•• ha*
hen doubled, and !arir<- audl*nr*a
hay* hrard him In all at tb* l»r«.-
Attempted to Burn Building
at Ambler, Pa.
AMBLER. Pa.. April 21.—A flre
buif who operated here last nlsht, j
failed to accomplish the destruction •
he Intended. He first put a match to
Dr. II V Mattl»<in> stable, near the
public school house, but the blase
wan quickly r«iln«ul«liril Then he
started a fire with shavings, kero
sene and Inthes between twn big '
; pile* of boards at J. \V (?raft's lum
ber yard. This flared up brightly, '
but the fire company soon had It
J under control. It Is said the guilty
party Is known.
Set Herself on Fir*.
CKM MHO, Mich., April 22.—
Mr. M. It. Keith wrapped a shawl |
sutursted with kerosene about her,
went .nit Into a field and set fire to |
It. Hhe was soon discovered, hut
wns burned *<> badly that she died a
few hours later. Mrs. Keith had for
year* showed signs of InnAnlty.
There are now only two admirals
with their flags afloat—4Jeorire D*W«
ey and Sir John 0 Hopkins (IlrltUh. '
A Dollar's Worth
For Every Dollar
Yon Leave Here.
It follOWl tint Rood etothti ran only b* f.nin.l lit x (too.l »tnr*.
We never hamtlp trnnh. We lma*t that 111.- tir> BUSINESS BI'IT
we •■ v «lvi ■ you 111 worth of wear. At thin price you run fftt
• choice of CIIKVIOT. WtIIISTKH, r vssi mkki IBRQB We.
Doubl* or ulnKle-brpimtea. All gnrnu-nta flltpd to your wrion
frre of turn
tOMO9 First Avc, Cor. Columbia.
j:: v/ioicuic Hi Retail tt;& nrocer. <!
II *•. 511 t*r«M *>«nu«. ...... < '
;; fiiitr *»< Jim** j;
I Mil. and "**':
Parochial cs^t
School ,«j^
l'upils -3
Helped o- -,
To Make i- g
I Advanced #£? <%
Grades. £4>
,2 gArfcno
<^£* O Greater ;;1
♦t<**> «x" Favor of
£* Prospective
0% I'atnms
«'*«■* Than That
j^ They Visit
ri Our School
tei!:uQecL ruuUiuii
t • • ■- ■' • -^ii
* „..«« T0.... <
* Sparkman • .McLean *
/ roll timittx* »* '
j i 1,..!.- 11.-1 i;*«. «••■ 8.11.J Ill'l. |!
— !
> «• O"T llril, >l* rww li»n>«, ,1
/ •ulxlanlUtlr I •oil. IB »■«••! nri«h- 1 i
> i-'IUk-I. i"i "-t■»■. ■wtl r••'"•ml i'
/ .:..-i., i. -i.<« In |.«>iu'ut» UHll >
H.i maker
His ■
Removed to
Second Aye.
Pike and
ll'il »stat« transfer* filed y»«t«T
lay MM
!.*k« View Cemetery association
la MM 1. II Koy, »1 ■«>, lot »2. Lak»
View cemetery.
Henry A. llru«fn to CTarrl* 11.
Shears. 110. lot 4 blk *». Salmon Dar
park odd.
1. It, Foster an! wife to E. R.
OWIH SI. lot* 11. 12. 11. It. It, If,
17 ami 1* blk JO. Y« *:« rs second all.
; Henrietta Reynolds to Leopold
lit rmnn and wlf». KM, ■ 40 reel lot
» blk t. Terry 1* Firth ad.l.
t'roli rl. k <;»»rh and wife la 1!, 11.
Young. 11. SB of lot I and »:4 of lot
1 In blk Hi.
C. W. Corliss to J. W. Illcka, 11.
t»t » blk :.'. AI"Tf. :.lv . nl.ite add.,
and lot» r. < and 7 blk T. Northern
Pacific add.
I ■gin V. V. ling and wife to O»o.
Italwh. lim. lot 10 blk 4. Hick* add.
«', O. Brads*) and wlf« to Anias*
W V «irik »JOO. lou 4, 8. « .m.l 7
>. ; k it, Northern add.
Mil* Clrrlcun and wlf* to N. !1. 1
•I'-n. »l. II 7 •■ 'i 1 S llk :ii . • my ft
Hojrt « n.l I
Kherlff Van Dp Vantfr to Isaac L.
HeUrr. ISOO. lot* S and t. blk i. »nl
lot* «.«.«, I and * blk X ll.intrr*
i,.k. l'nl"n .i i.i
HuvannaJi llrunn t« .1 n. Acrn,
t^i.ooo, lot II blk i: and lot II blk J.
A. A. i >. iit-i plat, otherwise <U»*crlb>
pd a* lot IS i.a. K. fa « blk ITT, lot It
( blk IT*, mail of R»attl« (Ida land*.
rxcvpt th.- rlnht of v.ny for railroad
piirtwsvs arross the «e*!<>rly portion
•>f the lot « blk 1". Alan t>tK nnln« at
■« fKtlnt In lnnrr harbor line of tld»
land*, a ;r. drgrrr* 4* mln. • ■ .1i«
--tance of so«3i^ feet from ■ point
I marked » replat of Beattlf tide lands
in. ii. .■ a ;& der. 4S mm. <■ alone lu
ll, r harbor line ■ distance of 42.0H
feet, Ihenre c to westerly line of
I Hailrond avenue, thence n 31 dec 45
I mln. 10 ser. »• nlnns »■ line Railroad
nvenu* to point i: from petal of b«-
Klnnlnit. thence »■ to Inner harbor
line; alas Int 1! blk ITS tide i utdai
aim rlirht title and Interest la cer-
I tain lease of mII harbor n.i num.
hered Id, term of 30 >ear» from May
I.'. b«

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