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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 04, 1899, Image 2

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I I * HUt CD. PiMtaWi. '
(<*ry aluia.ion »»«<wl HMa]
X. 11,. « h.im, I K. r. nun:.
(Dims, f HNMI Miiiirr
Otte e*«i f*r eovr t »It cent* per weak,
er l»»«tv <-. ■ . p«r month dcllvtml
•t rattler*. Ha free i ,*i>ic*.
T*l*phane Mit<** ISO
■ "». .. N»! I lot • ■ Thlr.l .t»n»
li.i.r.i •• ta«*«*««■*• tl**atik> . \>_>hldf
loci a* •ev.ititl cli.i m*:i..f
The celebration In honor of the
Washington volunteers will be a
magnificent affair J The citizens
of Seattle have made up their
minds on that point. It only re
mains for Mayor Humes and
President Graves •* the Cham
ber of Commrr* to select the
members of the committee of
twenty called for in the resolu
tion passed by the City Council
and then the preliminary prepa
rations can be commenced.
It will take money, time and
effort to get up an appropriate
celebration. The committee will
have a bis undertaking on its
hands, hut will start out with the
cheering .certainty of success.
The people are ready to give the
money and to co-operate in every
way with the committee to make
the affair a' success.. Never
before was there such unanimity
of sentiment behind any move
ment for' a 'celebration in this
city. The feeling seems to be
growing that the event should be
given the dignity of a state re
ception to the volunteers. Seattle
is the metropolis of the North
west and U is proper and fitting
that the . reception to the First
Washington regiment should be
tendered in the name of the state,
There must be no half way
preparations, Time will be re
quired to get things in readiness.
The program should include some
one concluding feature of great
brilliancy. ' Possibly a reproduc
tion 01 the battle of Calumpit,
with the Washington volunteers
leading the charge, would make
•n effective spectacle. Again,
it might be the best idea to have
a grand night reproduction of the
naval battle of Manila upon the
Sound, using ships in the harbor
for the opposing squadrons and
fireworks .instead of cannon for
the pyrotechnics of battle. The
great amphitheater of hills would
afford unsurpassed opportunities
for the people to view the spec
tacle. The population -of the
entire state of Washington could
be invited to come and enjoy the
affair. .-;%,;
That the railroads will co-ope
rate and will contribute liberally
to the celebration fund is a fore
gone conclusion*. So will the
owners of boats plying upon
Puget Sound.' There will be no
lack of money to make the cele
bration the greatest event in the
history of the state of Wash
ington. ■
Th« news from Hpam today Indi
cates that there Is a t#rriblr row on
In the Cabinet «»«r th* question of
which minuter thill hare th* prlr>
lleite of tiling the tVi.nmt.tm j »t writ
wrer the waters bjj. Uncle Cam as a
Phlttppln* prenent. ' Th» MJnlmer of
War shakes h!« flnrtr, threatenlnitly
M th» Minister of Marln*. and t»ll»
him that,the Spanish army n««1«
tb« mon»y mii|, anil that it would
literally he throwing each to th* bow
wows to l»t th» navy hare any ot It.
TTi*r«ut>.»a the mtnl»lfr» •cowl
fiercely at each othtr and declar*
that they will "Ml th. klji«." Who
knowi but what that alluring twen
ty mllMona will jr»t lead M a rough
an<l tumbl* fight* In which wvrral
OMtllUn dukes will lorn al! at their
remaining hilr?
Mr. Oomp«r» says tlxit then la
nothing- »o beneficial for a labor or
ganisation •■ a irood defense fun I.
Wh»n provided with one, labor can
employ fine legal talent Itm-lf. and
take a fall out of constitutionality.
The navy rt>r>artm«nt h«« fill it
edviviltle to Inatruit Admiral Ktuti
not to l«t hl« leMer-wrltlnir hand
know what hla official hand la .loln«
The Anglo - American alliance
chatter Is not proceeding very en
couragingly along th« Canadian Urn-
b«r line.
General Otl* will please prolong the
■ fighting until Uncle Joe Wheeler run
get over there ami enjoy a battle or
New Uto for Hair.
: A venerable, white-haired elergy
•man recently preached in the pariah
of a f rltnd. H« had hardly rot bark
to th» v|rar*i{» from the church
when th* door bell ran*, nn<l a
rharmln« rlrl of elchteen asked to
■Me him. He received her. They
talked about the sermon and other
things, until finally she asked, dim
"Oh, won't you please rive me a
lock of your hair?"
"Certainly, my child." said the old
gentleman, nattered at the requaM.
"I'll send It to you tomorrow." And
he did.
On hi* return to hi* own home he
>•<! five more requests of the a«rn«
kind, and he proudly boaited to hi*
nit* that he waa i 1.,1 to *<■<• that he
hail not >••! leal hi* pourr la |<lea*K.
All VrMll ill until hi* wife ret-elvsd
thl* note:
••Hear Mr*. : Will you pirate
auk your husband ta nil m.. Just
a lilt!.. 1,.. tit In-, inn? We have
All been taking tenons In making
hair (lower*. Ho many of Hi.' girls
hs\e aaked him, und ho sent It to
them, that I thought I would i ith i
nsk you ii get II fur me. Won't .hi
please .1 • thla fir me? It I* *<• hard
to Kit white hair for lill<-» ■' the
Thla «>■ a Ifrill.l.- MOV, mi.l UM
.!. .in |o. ka of Imir In
ih.ii ..1.1 ■— Uaiaa'i <hr
iNtlrr Til lilt*.
X r s.-uii.. ,iii I \; :i■ ■ \ 1 night
and t\ I il rnln. aou
ly wlri.la.
1 Th* area or hitch pressure ha*
moved *>Aiitnartl Into Ka»tern Idaho,
ami th« liurnriuirr railing* along
ihr road have rtilm. The trm
, pvrature ha* continued to rl»«*
throughout th.. Partita atop*, the
highest temperatures report**! thla
morning i«-imr at Itoseburg, Or,, and
Ili-.l i ■■.<t Ci M. Th* I'liiMl
temperature «■■ 3D. at Idaho Kail*.
Light rain ha* fallen In the Bound
and sn lit region, i>nl along th* coast
I a* |M a* Kunkt, Cal,
Saved the Postage.
That make* m- think. speaking of
• tui'i.luy. of .1 dilemma a man 1
know mln inly because of hi* own
I •ll»cr*tlon and partly t»oj»>» of —
; well. Mmc trll >.«u. Til* man la
! married. an Ihe haa a wife ho un ■
<l*nland« perfectly how to niak him
lo« th* mark. Hi spend* all of hi*
lime. In me Mr, in that process o(
ii»ln« Now. th* *<<- treat away i
i la«l month to i;*nl a few ■ ka
with her mother In Cincinnati. Th*
hutband decided that Ma health Im
peratively demanded a trip to Fort
Monroe. Of course hr didn't want
, hi* wife It. I* worried about hi*
h*altb— hi* motive* were really no
ble—*o he arangrd to keep her In
Ignorance of the trip Accordingly
he wrote a number of. letter*—on*
for ear h day "I hi* absence—and In
-1 trusted them to hi* .'fn. • boy to mall.
They were lovely letter*—«U about
how lonely he was. how dreary hi*
evenings were, how hard hr »>•
;««rhln«. how early he went home
nights— you know th» kind of letter* ,
huiban t» writ* to their wive*. Now,
th* office boy I* * rre*ture of <•»■
tr*m* *»«at ity ll* waa not wholly
In kM employer* confidence. Th*
•mployer I* too »l*» for that . ll*
; merely mentioned, m I l^ntaaly thai .
th* letter* were to go one at a time. |
Th.' ofllc* boy I* economical. He
calculated that on* large letter i*
tea* expensive to po*l than (even
• mill one*. »■• h* put th* seven let- ■
ter* Into on* Urir* envelop* aril *«nt
them off. Th* wife ram» horn* un
expectedly. »o did th* husband
Hl* health Improved marvelouely
after a telegram hi* wlf* aent him. |
ll* I* toeing Ik* mark more carefully
than ever the** day*, but Ih* econ
! omical office boy l» in search of *m
ploymeot. £J
That finer PeUrs-onluma ar* dls
played thl* spring than ever before. '
• • •
That tb* imhii'i attraction
double-Dowered Ivy geranium* I*
known a* Mr*. Parker.
■ • •
I' known tm Mr* l'ark»r
. . .
That th* frsgrant-l*a»e.l roa* ge
ranium present* a novelty In th* hy
brid perpetual < la»«. which baa I tit* ,
and deep acarlet flower*.
• • •
That til* "apple bloesotn" variety
la •till considered th« ftneel among
Mexican prlmroM*.
• • •
That the moat unique ant beauti- .
ful of tti* foUac* beronlaa i* th*
heart-ahaped variety known a* be
gonla goensla.
• • •
That th* *howy lyrhla* piealssima '
I* known M • perpetual bloomer: It
rl.iw»r« *■> profusely, whether crown
In the window or open (round.
. ' • .
j Thiit scarlet nr*-fly an I yellow fir*
fly arc th* moat showy and rood
«atlnf*< t.f lantanaa.
• # •
That th» .lark. rich crlm»on carna
tion known a* winter cheer contin
',!.■• in hln..m throughout th* spring:
and that It I* now uncommon for a i
welldeveloped plant to ahow from »
to 10 bloom* at on* time.
Troubta In Baptist Church
OWENBBORO. Ky.. May «.—The
refa*al of «rv*ral youn*- members '
of the Macedonia f!*ptl*t church In
thla county to publicly apologise
and express repentanr* for appro
! priating neighbor*" h»n» and having
Chicken »tew In the wood*, ha*
cauaed a serious *pllt In th* congre- |
gallon. Th» nev. W. 11. Dawson ha*
resigned a* paator, and 41 :n»mVr«
have withdrawn with their r*mlll«*.
Th* young men privately apologized
and paid for th* poultry, and ih
•put In the church arose over th«
question a* to th* sufficiency of thl*
School for Blushing.
One of the lute novelties of Part*,
that elty of noveltlen. Is a school
where blushing I* taught. If there
111 any place where blushing ha* be
come a lost art, dm would certainly
think II was I'arU, but the I'ariMsn*.
on the other hand, declare that It Is
a result of Anglomania anil the In
riucnro of the American girl. The
young woman who plays golf or rl'le*
a bicycle In "rationale" In the freest
cnmaraiierle with her male friends I*
likely to acquire a self-pnlse which
will make the flush of embarrass
ment a stranger to her cheeks, and
the city where women are bicycling
on the boulevard with their hare
knees exposed has felt the necessity
of a reaction. The I Ib»«Ii grnce and
simplicity of the early years of the
century, with their accompanying
.lowncimt eye* and simpers, are now
In vogue again, and the maidens who
have forgotten how to blush «re go-
Ing to school to learn the primitive
[ art. They nay It In easy enough to
droop the eyes and affect li.iphfiil
' ti'-m. but to 'nil up a mantling color
[ I* ■■ illffli i« pulling eye-teeth.
How the crimsoning flow of red
blood to til* pnlll 1 check In accom
plished In thMe fin de slf-cle erhooli
«if deportment It In hard to Imagine,
unlea* II la Hint they have taken n
pace nut nf On Maurler's Jokn hook
.mil emulate the? society girl who aiir
jirlm-l her friend* by always blush-
Ing thn the right time. Row ran
you Ml 111 .*■■ It.?" a«k<vl Hi other
>viil envluuxly. "Oh, It la very e,a«y,"
thn expert hluiher r« I'll'"!. "I (Imp-
I ly think of something that make* <■■■
1.1 ush."
One Man Had Bought Her for
$3 and a New Hat.
PANVM.I.B, 111.. Way «.-Jeas*
Hulherland I* under arrest «■ the
slayer of Jo« Albright. Albright
purchased Mr*. Daisy Bb*pard tram
km husband. Chart** Khrpard, m
(len*va, lii.t , tail fall, fur 13 and a
new hat. Nhi|imil afterward r. irel
led the trad*, and gnlng In his form
er home, opened fire on 'hi Inmates.
Three bullets took iff. . i In Al
bright's body and one in Mrs. .-hi. i
parti's limb.
i.nm Christmas Albright ram* in
Cirap* Crerk. After .1 Hill' the l«o
iH-rnin- c*lranir*d and Alhrlght n»k
--•••I hi* friend. •atbm mi in Inter
cede. ll* did aa and lor a a—OTt
period Mr*. lh»pp*rd and Albright
iriiniiril Hi. i. L.i!. .tmlirv Hh '"-■
cam* weary, however., and agttln
Albright called .in Hmii> ii m I In
■lead t>r latvrcedlng hi- ik the wo
man to a danr« Tuoaday night, tin
the way horn* Albright MaylaLl
ihi-in. ll* attacked rtuili.'l in I nilh
• aton* an l it«««' i him from hi*
; buggy. Muthnl.n.l «■ ■ hi* knife
'■•lit and then. In th.- prrsenr* if the
woman. *n*u*il a If. and ricaiti
baltl*., Albright finally frit unn>n
■cluu* with ga*he* in hi* thrust,
dutherland *urrend»r*d. The mrun
rr'* Jury exonerated liuthrrland on
th* ground of a«lf-defrns*.
Shipbuilding Combine.
CUM I.I'IIIA. May «.-Th>
Kvrntnv Ttleiraph *a> • Nrgoti*'
lion* sr- pending; for it"- »acnoll»ll'
tlon of th* Cramp (thlDbuildtng muk
■•any and the Kngrltah firm ot Vtrk
era'Ken* A Maxim. It waa officially
■tat*<l today thai an offer looking ta
the amalgamation ••• intrrrda ml
been received from In* r'ngllah firm.
Th* capital of th* c»R*o!ldatlnn, It
waa dated, would not b* egeeMlve,
but would '•<• larg* *nough to i r...
»i■!• for a great *xt*n*lon or busl
nr»« Th* aulhorl**4 capital of the
Crampa la im-a>.««j
■■ ,
Washington Looking Forward
to Great Time*.
WAtHINOTO.V, May i — \«.«.h
Ington I* lookingl forward la grvat
times IMB month In eonnectlon with
th* National I'ear* jubilee. May U.
14 and n.
Th«y may da all the kllllnsT they
want to la th» Philippine*; they can j
•hoot and cut In Samoa, but official- j
ly there, will b* peace her* during
thn-e day*.
Th* commute* In charge experts
greater crowd* In to* Capital City
durliwr thai period than hay* ever j
gathered her* to atten I the Inaugur
ation <*l any l*rc*ldejit.
Th» feature* of the flret day will j
b* th* parade of the military and |
naval organliati.il* Weal Point and i
Annas*'!!* cadet* are expected. la I
th* evening there will be • public
reception by I'reai.lrnt MrlCinley.
Th* next day will tm another day ..ft
parades, several baring "i th* pro
gramme. Th* feature of the la*t
day will be the marnlftcent hlal
leal pajreant lllu»tra(ln*T Amprlra'a
l.hahnienta. The culminating
feature will be th« "Jubilee Itev
There are over l«.""« vllta-ea In
Hu*ala where no school exlsta.
. . .
The population of Queensland at
the end of ll»f waa estimated at
Mi *vi
■•;*„. .
The llriilah tobacco trad* em
ploy* today 151 women to every i■■•
• c *
Ia • *
The Florida Mason I* virtual!}
over. It ha* b««n a most pros
•Mß] on*.
• • «
CHI refining in western Blberta I*
making (ait progress and larg*
'luantltlea art sold abroad.
• ** *
Ti*c*lpts from th* aal* of tea farm
more than one-half of the whole ex
port trade of Porrnnaa.
• • a
The tint electric railway la the
world built in Ireland, from Duah
ml!l« to 'ilanl'a Causeway.
• • •
Natives of Ceylofi believe the
■roroanul Ire* will net grnw out of
reach of th* sound cf the human
•• . *
Th* shipyard* In Or»at Hrltaln.
all working- tngether, roul.t turn out
a hi- ate.amahlp every day of the
• • •
London's record of deaths by vio
lence was Ull last year. bring '-•
above the average of the preceding
ten years.
• • •
Th» production of '•» In Color
ado was M per rent, more In 1»1*
than In I'M. and of copper nearly 40
per cent. m re
• • •
1 Th* ll<i«ton aldermen whoa* onor
n ..u« Mil* for aarrlca hlro the
Masiachuietr* senate ha* tul i re
).■• tel have been appropriately dub
bed the "Hough Rider*."
An A««yrlnti ti'ilet In <he rellar .it
the Brttlet HHMM h»« on It n np.
r. «' ntatlon of the bunging gardr>n»
of llabylon according to Hnr iirunn
M"lmii<t. If he In-right, this I* the
first testlmonv to their existence
found among the cunelfnrn Inscrip
tion*.—New York Hun.
A while tlfter en ahM lately In
■ br)| i' li 'limrlfl of Atse.ni
' i; to the r*al' wtta Kncllahm in
11. ««■ nine feet lonn >al In th
prime of life The Calcuii/i tnxll. r
nilet who |f in i. ! rle 1.1 v
thnt In '!»htien yean hr hn'l i
er irnti nor him.l of tueh a thlnr
an a white tlg-er
Three Mti-ftrnßht[> lln<Hi plvl-i*? h*»-
Iween Atialralln tini Chfn.i md .l;ip
nn an- now rnlllnK rewul irlv :il ,h"
l.orl of M ml!.. l'hlll|ipiir I
The»e ari' th. Chine Mmin' nr
i.nllv. tii" KMtein * An nii i•,
M| .Mm, MM lh« Nippon
Taien Knlahn In Jn|..iti. - In, i
Knrh of thi o impaolee bai run < , ,
ly w>ol eteMMfii .
Thy M* C. It Curr-n'. i !'i
• tin mlnl«ter of Ciii n „ thill
i (plain* hix altitude '" Hi .
I i.. it v>it« . pii'h rniilt*r» .1
iiiii-n »i uk. <>ur fin*, ii'iiii" Ii iii
hritveii; ».■ am ulliMn .ml (orttifn*
rit In i< I ii. no iii.ii•• bualn»aa
tv Kit, a viilri! In ,11 111 . tn'in th in
I «ou|.| li.ivr to K<> 1(1 I.'U-.lihl "I"!
atlrni|it In i'H ih i|> Hi- 111 IlK'lr kov
. i mi., ii 11, .in ii lii my Ii him."
Thn following aimonn.^mi'M,
■ lihuliik how IJnullK't la n»>l<' n <»
• nil i 11l iik ii vi-tlmtliii li.iiii Hi-
Dlnrio .i, l.i Mai in i of iliivmn: "I'ur
a I-, nil.hi mud* by nevcral HpaKlanlt
« Ini tvnnta i" iiritrllcff In iii' l*!na-
Hull I.iiiiiii<u:>. and by m"vrrnl Ann-r-
It-ana « li.. wnnla do ■nine In Ih,
H|.."lil»li l.tliKU-iK" »•■ Drill pulil'r N'*W
York lelrgraina In both l.iiiju'«■<••"
The MrPhrrann (Kirn.) H«<i>iil»ll<-»n
•aya lh»l one '•Him" Wrlithi, who i»
1..■ -»ll>- M..1.-.I n» a mlchty tiiml.r, Ini
antonliihed all ili>' ■pOTUmM Iv In
venting* n new method <>/ KrtttnK up
|O wIM r.< ■•■"• 11° >' ■'» trained an
nM fciw «.. that -li- will allow him
1.. In.l. 1..-hln.| hi no cli.- approarlt
.■* the feeding VMM, The bird* do
ii..i taka frlitht .v ii ••.•». ami In la
Dun nbl« to nH'i'wli Hi, in at will.
llrwntly "Him" and hu cow ertpt
ill' on MM flixk ■"■' '■'"" kill' I
fniii M with l«ro ahula.
• • •
• A »r«»»h"i'l"-r «««!.-1 all the
fi.i«iy day» >•< winter In «ayly *kat-
I,,|| uVr tho friifrn lake, while •
prudent an! Improved wh gloomy
hour IV rultlii* l<« ami Mortal II
away. Whrn the MUMMf •*»< r«m«t
ami lh« ihcrmomcivr rtgtatWVd tw
i|.- ( riri-» In Ihi ahaul*. In* «r»»tli,irprr
,«!■!■»■■». h.l tit' ant for a loan or II
J»ul tb» ant. who loanad money only
on ».»•.» Mrurtly, Midi "What were
you .I.ilni: all U*l winlorT" "Hkat-
UK "Ah. «rrll! I'm h h»y n«w."
Hrt the hungry uraaahnpiwl w»nt tn
th» h.i> rii li. whrri- h« rtrnppvtl <1«-»«.
fr«>m ■» >vi:• <r..h.. »Lille the anl •■! '
on the »!m-i> dil* of hi* houw,
■ Irluklnn III! • ■■' i lrm<m»<t» «!»<) rt-a^i-
Irur rr»nch novt»l« Moral: Cut l<-«
in Ihr ilark, rold -!■>• >■•' nlnn-r. or
you will hay« tn make hay while
lh« •un »!i;ii. • -!.:fi-.
An <■! l h.-n. the Rutllary reildent
of a rixip In a little rear yard mar
Tenth ml lt«ll.l.rl.l«i »lr. .!• I* the
motherly head of an lnt»rr*tlnc fam
ily that ah* ha* adupud In ivu of
Ih* company of any feathered fowl*
of her awn kind. "Hpotiy," a* ahe
la called, ha* taken a maternal In
lerrct In a X'» k of aparrnw* that
ne»t In a lre« *rnwln« In th« yard,
and at all boura In Ih* day •!>■• ran
Im> ••-.■ll ». r.i!> hitiß the (ardvn. aur
roundrd by a company of little bird*,
which lndu*trlou»ty plrk up the
irraina of hi id "><■ thu* pr«»lde* for
th.m If ""potty" un#arth* a
worm and n.-ri* of her little
feathered Maa happen to ha near,
■h* . iui ■• at a «i^at rale until Ihey
fir down from the tree to *wuri> Uie
dainty moriwl, Th* old hen rannnt
porauade the *parr»w* 10 Lake *h*l
ler under h«r win**, like a brood of
rhtrka. lvi when tlrr«l of - ' •<■ hln«
for f •-I. *h* will *lt cnntplarenlly
for mintatra at a lime with a whol*
flock • f lh* little bird* aialla< about
her.—l-hlladclphla Iterord.
Clrl Only IS Voars Old Masque
rading In Male Attlr..
NT limit*. M<>. May 4 - Mary
■ nan* «ff I IV. of llrl Urion, v J ,
I* a prlHtnrr at the >ur Court* on
Ih* chart* of maium rulinu In niaU
• Mire. Bh* Mas arreatrd In a win*
room Ufa taat nla°ht. havlna- run
I ■» n from Alton, ill , to »e# th* clly
hy r**Mrht Pur tin month* ah"
nan r .am-I th- • >iiniry, vlaltlnir all
Important ritlm h»l«wn the Atlan
tic •■•n ami the Mi>«i««:i<i>i rivrr.
bra tin* h«-r war over railroad* and
working at varlnun thlnca. from an
lofllr* K»v to a laborer In eta** work*
| When arre*l«d ah.- »<i 1 It waa th*
only lime her dlicula* ha ' bwn de
I dh» aal-1 that «rh<>n her parenla
died all mnntha am. *h« derided to
no lh» world, i.ikitiit the h. r .ln<- of
a r.i.vr! »h.- ha<l read a* her model.
Oolna" '" I hi'4l.-l|.i:i.i ■>!.> *i-ut'-l
knkkerhoekrVa and In 1 I her |.-na!
hair rut llk« a boy*. It' turning (<>
N'rw Jermry oh*l got a ) l> a* i.fTVr
l»>r at Mlllvlll*. Finally ah. run
■ till. ; to travel »'»i.
A Slight Difference.
"Ye*." »ald Mr. Jone*. ■> hrn a rer
tain y'»ina: itirl'« name had been
mentioned. "I know ht-r to *p*ak to,
hut nnl liy nluhl "
"You tni-an." rut In th» prompt
rorrrrtor. "you nt»-tn " •■ ytiu know
h»r tiy rlcht. but not to iprak to."
"Do I?" a*krd Mr. Jtm»«. aniloua-
"f>f rtnir*" you tin. You hav<> a»*n
h»r >"> oft*n that you know who •>!.
l». but h»v» ri^vrr t**rn Introduced
lo h«r. I«n't thai It?"
"No, that ton I It. I nrvtr ut
her at all to know hi-r. but I >|mli
tn h»r nearly «<v<ry d»y."
"How ran that 1m>?"
"Khr- la tli" '• !• I'll 'in"- sir! at Ih*
Hchana;* 1!"
Cloudburst Wrought Havoc at
POM IM< •' i •< May 4 — During a
rlnudburat IhlK nflfrmiim nt I.uraa
villa*. li'ti mllm north of thla it>-.
Mlll*r'a run hmkit It* Ixink* and
flooded the town.
When the flood « !■ nt Il« lilcln^i.
Iliiliinliut utrilrk Hi'- r.-«|.|. nf
John Kli'f mi.l ( "'"I ■!■ . i burned
It. R«-\-ril tin nit.<■■« i.f the family
wrro rrnderfrt vi" "tin* l^iu*. iin>l
ih'ti renf-unr* had lo wade through
w,itr«r thrpr feet deep.
Th*» now ■lit I i iniiiiv brl<lff«» n*
pwt'pt off tht* I'lorn, find a l.irirt' m-r
--tlnn of th«i Norfolk a Wmtnrn mii
road trnrk, with n brldni'.'ln « i.li
r<\ nut, «I>-I.i\liii: Hi' tralni All I•-1• • -
ltrn|ih nml ti'lpphono rlrai ori» don n
Mull fall, i on ring the rround to a
daplh of >!>• r two Ibi ii- ■
At* Poisonous Meat.
rriKNr>ONIA, N V.. Miv 4.—
Heveral fnmlllfa have bfen poliioned
hrre by entlnti rn.nni<d mnnt pur
i-hawfi nt > liK'nl innrkct. Three or
four c.imb I I'll- ntar I- mi; fatal. .1.
O'Nell. nnc of Hi" Victim*, Mid thnl
ln«t i, i»■ 11' I" tuiil n ml •' I'll In hl»
pall nimli- from ■•■'ii of Hi. ttimt.
11.- nte a iiniiill pltci of It un I noon
l>«'lt«n to feel vi'ry «IH<. lit- lay down
on it btnch nml wok POOH IMI ii
■cioua. A phynlclnn \vn» rnlli>il in I
by hard worli of aw thn-o hmir»
i,, .1,,,; i l» bi Ing him around
mii.> mrmlifri of in" fnmlly iran
nfTiTl"!. "iii- famlllPß hnvo Iwon
miKle mnr« or tons sick f I ' in i-ullni?
tho mrat.
Strings Lava of a Woman
for a Young Girl.
CIIICAOO, May 4.— Mm Nalllo II
Miller, a irauii.l tnirup, tUrtl "v.
y-iir« «M, !• under km. »i fur »1i,..,l
III* Charl.-« I, HI. rt, ii real MUU
man, bw«ui« In married Iliii,.
I'lfiiHii >iar» mw>. while Un Mil
ler »■» atudylni for li. i »»|im,
aha »•«■ taken 111. anil ll.hii. l.<-on
ani, of Uir.iy.it.% Ind., mum 1 her
l>n -hikli Ik r llln<!H. Mm. Mill, took
Iho > •■unit woman away from ii. r
homo and lavUhml In i in- im,' ui»>n
In r. Tliry llvr-t tn«*thrr for four-
Iran year*. Mra Miller la « man
"Hho »n.ii. that ah- would kill hpr
»■ If and ii • m,. and any man llaltle
cvvr in mi- I " John I^onard, ■
brother nf ll«ttl», amid laat nlchl. "It
la a |H-fiiltnr ''•■*, and >■ a family,
*' did all we rould to i,i. ( k th» tx*
traordlnary bund of affertlun that
hound Mra. Miller tv my or, , ■
"I vii not altosHher »ur|,il..-.1."
aald Mra. Ulrtwrt, "to hear my hua
band had bern ««a«>ilir'l by Mr*.
Miller. "I li.n.. lived win, her four
teen year*, .in I havo 1,. . [, held la
her by hypnotic Influenr*. Hha fell
.!< «|.< r.iiriy In love with m*. i Irfl
h--r four different tlmra, and each
limp waa forced to go back to her
'■>■ tht iiiflia of ihi. hypnotlr
|x>wer ah« had ovrr me. I Mill not
able id explain It any further than
I tried to reaUt, but routd not."
• iiKAinso. Pa May 4 Hiram T
• Kaufman. th* furttlv* »niinit
1 lawyer, ha* l.«-m capture] la Itrty
' City, at th* h"m* of hi* molhrr-ln
' law, afl*r a ■ ha»r of ihr«> month*.
Kaufman la un.l. r aent*nrs of nln*
month*' lmprl*onm«nt for embetillnc
IMIIO a* K>l«r.!,«n of Jam** K. Hill.
i J.imm i: llulh hwalii' hi* amity
and ; all lli» money, f.ll.i»ln« It up
with a criminal pro»oruil»n for rm
-1 ■INbmMi
Kaufman >M appointed iruanllan
la ■•». » hrn h» mi •ui|.,»..| to If
a rli-h man. ll* »n a well known
momtwr of th* tWrks County I'ar.
and ha I br»n !>i.ir'. t Attorney,
wiirrt hia war. l b*cam« of ajf Kauf
man did not pay. ant on Kr|ii«nhrr
IT. I»M. th* (ran. I Jury found a MM
lull a«aln*t him. and In- «■> con»
vlct*4 and **nt*nr*<l Ml pay a On*
of Itw and unJerr" nin* month*'
imi - fitiminl. Thla waa followed by
an appeal to lh« auparrlor route,
with • nl.'n *saln*t him, and hr
then »i i< »l» I from th» *up*rlor to
Hi* *upr«m« court, and toil th*r*.
11. wa* •mirier I by Juilc Kndllch.
After th" auprrmi' rourt went
airaloat him. Kaufman dlaapp*arrd.
Huntldit I* rood fur rvrrythm< but
a • a
Away with hanainc* otther above
or l*iow the b«J.
• aj a ;r ■
!i. war* of a da*t/ mu*ty carpet;
belter a»«*tn<-»a and a, bare floor.
•• - •
Do not fall to provld* a.>m» mum
for vtnllUtlon ilunnic the niirht,
•• - •
Keep Ih* head cool while »l*eplnc,
bat not by a draft of cold air falling
upon It.
• • * '\
If a folding* bed mull be u«r| ron
trl»»- Mtnt wajr to keep It aired and
whi.l»*nm». #; t
• ■ •
L*-< th* pillow b* hl(l> rnnuch to
hiinaT th* bead 111 a natural BaattiMkl
no morr or l**a.
a • a
Thornuihly air the *te*pln« room
every ''>>■; plac* th* bed* and bed
■l.n« i>uta|.|» aa often aa poaalble.
• • a
A dark, out of th« way, unwhot**
a..mi- corner I* no more fitted for a
■leeplna; room than for a parlor.
• • •
A feather bed -which haa don* »t
--v|. tor a arn»ra.H"n or two la hard
ly a drilrabl* Inlsf upon »hi. to
Women and Jokes.
That (peclr* of humor aometlme*
I. ■rtiii—i a* "rolJlcklnit," whlrh men
nmiplaln that women rannnt ace, I
often more, or Ic** In the nature of
a practical joke: that I* to My, it lie*
In the matter rather than the man
ner. It appear*, for ln»tanre. In
murh (by no mean* all) of the humor
of "Plrkwtck," or In the. farcical
situation* on whlrh th* dramatlat*
of <h» reiteration rHy M lnnrHjr,
•iron* an th»y arc al»o In humor of
a different kind. Th* point. If we
rnunt my M, I" not unfrenuenlly **•
hil.iirl In • more or lew un dltrnlflrd
poaltlon. It may be freely ami nt
.'lire con.-f li-l that women are not
ntiiu«r.| by humor of thla clam.
They think It silly. undlrnlfleiJ. and
often roar*e; and, •<> far a* the In nt
Indlrtment l» rnncern- I. the prae
tlral Joke« that amu«o « boy are
nften i-niniK'h, not only ronrne, but
rrufl, and It may very well be til it
a woman refrain* from Inuxhlnir at
them, not ao much btWM her per
ceptions are. dull In OM direction urn
brrauie. they are keen In another.
To pit a hum.in being made '» foul
of la too painful to he nmtmlnir.
Moreover, ahe often duels thnt the
Ik. cnn»t»ta ID dome, time-honored
uitiiiiKtu iiK.iliixr her own MX, «up
pol lil rather by olmi-rvatlon, and.
If «hp hna any aplrlt, nh.< naturally
reaent* It.
It I* I i-iirfiiim avtdMM* of tha
-ti.-nitth <1f ciiKtiiin. by thn bra, thla
nnlv*tti" with which women are »x-
I.i'ci.'.l to Join In Jnk>-» BKalnut lln in
M-lvrH "by men," at him been Ml)
■■aid In a. different ronncotlon, "In
rapnble of a deliberate Insult." Hut
became « woman dora not liiikli, it
iloea not alwaya follow that «he dne«
not *'■<■ what the. la t-i|»'i |.-.I t.i
Inutth at. A brother once, com
plained to hla ulster that aoha could
not pee a J.iki'. and the ' rltlrlum was,
of riiiirn.', duly conveyed to her.
"No. I don't »•• «ny ..It.-." «n» Hi,
rpply. 'Tin re lun't any Juki-. I m-i
--vthnt anilim him. but you don't
i illy expect m- to liuikli nt th.it '
— i • i nhlll.
After July 1 Iho I.ik- Front park
In chit nun » iii l>n oallad thn 11. H.
()r«nt pnrk. Tin 'hui la m:i.|i. by
ii m.ili- 1 I" . i ii.ii ti 'I «l Hit- li 11 in m of
tha O. A. It.
Still Continues His Free Consultations at the
Occidental Hotel, corner Third and Cherry
Street, from oa.m.to Bp. in. *
■& Jlav» t..-«n miv.-.l from ■ prMIUtUN ;-r:iv.- l.y rurinultlng
I*9 M«yn «!><• •'»» <li-v«jl.-i| >■■•.!» '■' "'■ li-M-11l ■■' 1.1,
Wf «ufTcrln« humanity. AM. I'ICttHONH wlw rrgrrt lli'lr
.^.J^a* f „,,,, , foHtc*. and iff. rin mind and !•-Iv fn.in ';. r
ffjfj^ft •It.ri., ahuuld runaull .•' once M*yi>. »li< h.» n-< f|U»l
■Nj^^R In tin- i« ritiuiiiiii cure of nil
-ilfT. r fniin f»IH»« !■■•"•' "' 'I'l"' ■
■ . ItllL: Wh.. Mlff-r fr..tn Ai...lh> IMifl
I.AIHI „r ,ii»^«»' ■ i>»cull»r 1.. women, run . nxull th« nure«»«n in
l*tt*rt c«nn.i*nc-». N» tMllm<>nl«l« tiublmhed.
11,.,|, I>I8KABE» rur«d In «h»»h<»rl«Mil »l>»rt. of time by \.-»•!•«•
It. rni-.il-. No lodine or r.,,.,-i, of M^rrury u»ed.
l'll.I» and all Hlim-iiw, of lh» 11.- turn permanently MHM by •
perfectly palnl'** operation. , ,
•• * »'/»»o IrDDI] wnbrac* many <)!•>■**>•* herrtoforr cm»ld»r»»l
.11 A IVI S l J .UIili3 hopclnw. N*r»oua ArT*rtl<>n» nf lh« Ili-art.
Rpl l,.« y hi VltiM 1 Dance. I'eraUUnt H.-adach*. Dlßli-ulty of llrrathln*.
|.V-!-|...«. <•'■*.' ■>.. etc. ar« completely and ptrmaneotly cured by
this *» lift-In benefactor.
Young Men Will Find Mayo Their Friend and Adviser.
DON'T UK UIHOrt'MAOKI' '■• matter how many <Jcx-tora ''1V» •
f«11.'.« 1..111. you. Thl« doctor will «rlv» you the benefit of hi. rli« ex.
perience. Mi tell you exactly what your dl»«a*o la. and if bU r.i.. t
will cur* you.
Jlinnotion nf Mm ■«■«■ —* —• «m —•— i
UluUQuUu Ul mri fr>m n*rvou< bi|t> tr-m •»*■
UIUUUUUU Ul lUUU hum whataovar. i.i.ilurinpt .Jix*i
i,..« toe* of memory mc>\ •neriry. tired, dlaoontenled f-.-lli.n. In.
Jlgr.tlon palpitation of the heart, urinary trouble* and many other
■«fBBIom« not neceaaary to mention here, *'„ nil no |..n«i-r delay In
IN<i ITU I^ABT BTAOK. and If you rontlnue to neglect It. the, tlrn«
mu*t come when you will '" I ■>•' human .il4.
i/trvitmr I tin nT»!\I ITI V Complaint*, painful, difficult, too fr».
KIDNEY AND DBINARi --•.■*«»*•«
fully treatai f£-£l ~~~~'
CoutltDtlonal 6r Acquire! Weakness of Both Seiei Treated Successfully
Woman's Relief Corps at the
Elk's Hall.
The Women's Ilell«f Corps will
hold th» annual meeting In Klka hall
June 11. At Iraat **> delc*alea of
that orranlsatlon will be present,
and over (00 vlsltlnc brethren are
There are forty eorpe west of the
mountain*, and their membership
ran«»» from X «■> 70 In each corps,
K<Hkltlr has been the headquarters of
the c.ri • tor the I"»»t year, and Mrs.
Taylor, the department president,
•nd her staff of omcers are now at
work arraoainc lh«-ir official work.
They expect to have the largest
Catherine of that organisation ever
MM In the state.
II Bogus Official.
1:1 VJ.IVii. Pa.. May 4.—Several
<-lit»r dealers In thin city have been
visited the past couple of days by a
man who represented himself to be
a revenue officer, and attempted to
confiscate clients which he declared
bore counterfeit stamps. When rhal
lenired to show his authority. he ex
cused himself. »o far aa Is known
the impostor failed to rather In any
mouse of red silk with whit* spots.
This Is made with both tuck* and
box plaits.
• • *
The yoke and tbs shoulder raps
are cut in points.
. . .
The sleeve hi finished at the wrist
with a plain turn-over cuff.
a • •
Cravat of black satin.—L* Costume
Ed'awnt. ...
• • •
mouse of dark blue silk spotted
with white. The blnune Is turked
tenirthwlse and diagonally, the dla*
onal tucks appearing to continue on
to the sleeves.
• • •
The. plastron Is made of plaited
white mmisseltne de »..|e. an.l the
rravat Is of white silk r.lee.l with
lace.—l* Costume Kl.-isiint.
• • •
l'r<tly McMI of old rose foulard,
trimmed with bands of the same,
silk embroidered In Mark.
a • a
The yoke snd the top of the sleeves
nro at white silk, arranged In hori
zontal and crossway folds.
• • •
Turnover r,illi\r and ruffs and
MM) clravat of black satin.—t* Cos
tume Kleitant.
Blew Open the Safe.
tNOTOM, 111.. M»y 4.—The
private hank of C. V. shinki.- In '
Kllsworth. this county, was rubbed
last nlßht. The safe was Mewa open
with dynamite and $1000 ki-.ui I
Five iii.ii were concerned and have
been traced to timber cast of ttlll ,
city. There «re hopes of capturing
them. This Is believed to be the ■ mi.
vans; that him successfully looted a
half a doxen banks In Central Il
linois during the past year.
Presldant Deblois Reiigns
Al.TiiN, 111, M.iv 4.—Austen K.
I .. lil.'lh. for five years president of
Khurtllff r.>llrni\ riKlKii.il the presi
dency this afternoon to in ■ aim the
pastor of the Krst Baptist church it
Bl(lll. Tin- resit-nation was tender
•.l at till' meeting: of the board of
trustees ii ii I ■ aj accepted.
It l« UM<l>T«t,.,i ( | thil Dr. A. V
k' ti'lrlrk will I"- iv, ill,■,| |o Hi.
Hhurtl.iT pr—ldiocy R« i* non ti..
paator „r Urn si Loali tram tnl< i
I 111 |>t tX t "1111 l ill. 1111,1 « I !l|. ||
,11 ii.. |i, ,li-cr»»or vt I'll null in D
A Difficult Problem Salved in
Lebanon, Ind.
CIHCAOO. Mar 4 — Wanted—ll.
t<lh« of an elaplnir couple, nerd tit
•ad £2 yearn respectively. They an
William K. HI. k.' r I and Mr. Wck«
ford. formerly Mr*. Amanda Wan*
irk. of Lebanon, lml. Th->- have la
their possession the proceeds of the
sale of a 40-nrr>- farm. Address all
Information to Capt. Cot I<* ran. chief
of detectives, Chicago, or to son of
missing woman.
This irld-ly young pair were matol
a wei it ago. It was an odd match,
for Mr. Idckford. when, far hi*
eountry*a sake. In the civil war. ha
took up arms, he lost one of them,
•nl ill* bride la minus h<r lower
limb*. The (kr"pla of Lebanon when
they heard <> fth* match, did a, lit*
tie problem In arithmetic. Th. >■ flit«
tired Mr. Ml* fill < a* seven-eighths
of a man ami hit brr r half aa hall
a woman or naif a half of the couple
mad* on".
This wan rather confusing, but
thry work. .1 It out thl* way. If ono
man plan on« woman m-ikr-ii one
wedded pair, then ••■vuwltrhths <<t
a man |>lv* half • woman <i|u>iH
. l.\rn-al»tf*nth» o( a married cou«
No Youngsters Need Apply.
An Alabama newspaper has th!»
•To the Ladle*— Jim a widower*
ninety-seven years old. and I
am tonkins around for a smart wlfi
of about cliche year*; on« «hi
j knows how to work and would In
| willing to help manner the farm.
No younic girls nerd apply. I want a
woman who has bad at least sixty
or seventy years' experience, and 1
promise to make such a one happy,
for the rest of lit.-
The Pant Buyer
Does well in this store.
First, he always finds just
what he is looking tor, and
that, nine times out of ten, ii
Pattern and Price
Quality and Style
Without the asking. That
is the reason
The Pant Buyer
Comes here. Such pants
with such features at
to $5.00
Slrongol lop Coal Hmilo In the SUM.
First Avc, car. Cplunbla St.i

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